Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988) - full transcript

A demonic reincarnation of a Japanese general from the 10th century appears in the early 20th century Tokyo with a mission to destroy the blooming city.

Tokyo, Japan's Largest graveyard, where
Masakado Taira was branded a traitor
nearly a thousand years ago.

His dream of building an independent
nation in the center of Japan failed,
and he died full of malice.

Today Masakado Taira is worshipped as
a guardian of Tokyo, and he sleeps in silence.

His spirit, however, still longs for vengeance.

Each time someone has attempted to move the grave
where his head is said to be buried, something terrible
has happened, causing fear throughout the ages.

His grave, therefore, has quietly remained untouched
among the office buildings in Ōtemachi, Tokyo.

In 1912, the 45th year of Meiji era,
that site was located in the Ministry of Finance.

Meiji Era - 45th Year


Oh, Mr. Shibusawa, it's my
pleasure to welcome you.

Well, would you come this way please?

An underground energy vein.

The Chinese stratum physiography
term is "subterranean dragon",

referring to the earth's stream
of psychic energy.

The megalopolis, Tokyo, is a vast
expanse of consecrated ground

which has been haunted since the Edo era.

Are you saying that what we've just
seen was caused by a ghost?


However, that spirit was
a relatively weak one.

All of the underground energy streams
beneath this megalopolis

have culminated at one precise location...

The grave of Masakado's head!


When Masakado's spirit awakes
after a thousand years sleep,

Tokyo will become a gigantic graveyard.

At this very moment, there is someone
who wishes to wake Masakado

and cause the destruction
of this megalopolis!

So what do you want me to do?

Mr. Shibusawa, I've heard that the
Tokyo Improvement Project,

which you have been planning in secret,

is about to begin.

I humbly beg you to allow my
Tsuchimikado clan to join your project.

Without including psychic improvement
in your plans,

a true betterment of Tokyo
cannot be achieved.

Psychic improvement...

The Last Megalopolis

The cherry blossoms were very
poor this year, weren't they?


But there are still some cherry trees
blooming in May.

This Meiji era is very strange.

I heard there were lightning bolts
at the grave of Masakado's head.

Lightning bolts? How big were they?

This big!

Are you an idiot?

We're not talking about some
snack cake, you moron!

I wonder if something terrible
is going to happen...

Yeah, me too.

Every one come and see our panorama!
Why not give it a try?!

It's starting soon, so form a line.
Hurry up! It's about to begin!

Rohan, this thing certainly outperforms your
novel, The Capital of a Country, does it not?

I see. The future megalopolis...

"Here we go. Boom, boom, boom.
High in the sky, the cannon,

celebrating cannon, resounding
throughout the sky..."

Both Mr. Koda and Dr. Mori should be here,

but we've missed them,
because you were late.

Are you that busy at the
Ministry of Finance?

I'm being assigned to
some sort of project

apart from the Ministry of
Finance next week.

I haven't been informed yet
what kind of project it is,

but I was told to give up my weekends.

Unlike me, you're the kind of man
who dedicates his life to his work.

But remember, your sister is
the only relative you have.

Take good care of her no matter
how busy you get.

Tsuna Watanabe stands and removes
his hand from his sword.

He is about to depart, when the sky
is suddenly engulfed in darkness.

Earthquakes and thunder shake the ground!

It begins!

Evil is coming!



Ms. Yukari...

How do you do, Mr. Narutaki?

Shall we go?


Well, Brother, let us pray to our ancestors.

Kato is coming!

Kato is coming!

Kato is coming!

Kato is coming!

What's wrong?

Kato has returned the Shikigami
we sent against him

with a Shikigami attack of his own.

This means we can no longer prevent Kato
from invoking his own Shiki against us.

Kato is really coming, isn't he?

Yes, he is.

Who are you?!

It's Kato's evil sign, the "Doman Seiman"!

Send our Shiki! Send our Shiki!

Send our Shiki!

Send our Shiki!

I made a grave error. I was fooled
by Kato's evil sorcery!

Yasunori Kato!

Hell's own evil!


Before I allow your desecration at such
evil hands to awaken Lord Masakado,

you will die right here with me!

Have you lost your mind, Tatsumiya!?


That won't be necessary.

I shall gratify the resentment that has been passed
down in your family from generation to generation.

Kato! Wait!


I'm so sorry, Mr. Tatsumiya. I promise
we'll bring Yukari back to...

I must put an end to the tribulations

brought on by my family's curse.


Oh Spirit...

Spirit of an ancient age...

I have chosen your most superior
descendant to be a Yoriwara medium.

Are you Masakado?

Is yours the legendary vengeful spirit?

Oh great spirit, Masakado...


Who... who is calling me?

I am Yasunori Kato,

descendant of ancient psychics
Enno Uzumu and Seimei Abe.

I must know, are you Masakado?

I am Masakado.

I am he who obeys your will,

and who intends to restore this filthy
city, built by fools, to holy ground.

Awaken, Masakado.

Arise and destroy this hateful
megalopolis with me!

Do not awaken me. Do not...

Deify me!

Do not touch my grave!

Damn Hirai! He found this place
by sending his Shiki.

Let's go!

She is under the power of
Enno's magic. Leave her.

I had a dream last night, Keiko.

As did you, I believe.

Our shrine venerates the
family God of the Soma,

god to all Soma families
in the Kanto region,

and Lord Masakado is our ancestor.

One day, Keiko, you will be summoned.

Until then you must devote yourself
to the study of your faith.

Such insolence!

For the past eight hundred years,
the Tsuchimikado family

has maintained the study of calendar
numerology and divined the fortune of Japan.

This is an unacceptable
insult to our family!


Forget psychics! Forget vengeful spirits!

Don't you realize that you are now a relic?!


Mr. Kudo, this is not the army's
general staff office.

We are not soldiers here.

It's my life's dream to make Tokyo
the biggest commercial city in Asia.

I believe that the capital must be
improved to include the conveniences

and services worthy of our nation's
center and the respect of the world.

However, a city that has only conveniences
and services cannot be called perfect,

because a city, like a human being,
needs to have virtue.

After considering ground and
direction numerology carefully,

only a city with luck and virtue
can be called perfect,

a megalopolis blessed by God and nature.

Since the Edo era, Tokyo has been the capital
and the largest consecrated area in our nation.

We have caused this consecrated place to become
lucky through ground and direction numerology.

That is why this place has prospered.

Indiscriminate expansion and the destruction
of roads have destroyed this lucky condition.

If we continue in this way, we might
awaken the vengeful spirit

which has slept so long beneath
this megalopolis.

Superstitious drivel!

Mr. Shibusawa, please allow me to
explain the Tokyo Improvement Project

from a realistic point of view
and a military perspective.

I perfectly understood your opinion,
Baron Shibusawa.

However, I would like you to understand

that there is an urgent need to improve
our capital from a military perspective,

since our country has become
the world's strongest.

To put a priority on Tokyo's protection,

it would not be a good idea to expand
our border without extensive planning.

Basically, we will maintain the area
known in the Edo era as "Shubiki",

which means Shinjuku through
Shinagawa in the East,

Toshima through Hongo and
Komagome in the North.

My plan is to build strong brick
high-rises along the border,

which will also serve as
fire prevention walls.

All the buildings in the city will be brick.

In addition, the army will build its barracks
and batteries on the high-rise rooftops.

Considering its increased military protection,
the megalopolis will then be perfect.

Excuse me...

I oppose the high-rise city project

from a scientific point of view.


Tokyo's foundation is very weak
against an earthquake.

It would be like building a tower on tofu.

All buildings taller than four stories
will collapse as soon as an earthquake hits.


If we can build a city better
than this high-rise one,

I would like your opinion as
to how this could be done.

I will answer your question and be
prepared to acknowledge your surprise.

It would be an earthquake-resistant
underground city!


What an idea!


Water, please.

What the hell is that?!

A worm from inside her belly.

That is the toxin Kato used to infect Yukari.

Dr. Mori, the mother's safety is now confirmed.

We will perform an abortion
first thing tomorrow morning.

Mr. Hirai, what was Kato trying
to do to Ms. Yukari?

Yukari is a descendant of Masakado,
which makes her an ideal medium.

Kato wanted to use her to awaken
Masakado's vengeful spirit,

and quite probably, he intends to
destroy the entire megalopolis.

Destroy the entire megalopolis?!

Kato is very strong.

Some incredible power must be
supporting him.

I may not be able to win against
such an evil man,

but I will put forth every effort using all of
the secret methods of the Tsuchimikado family.

Hey, Terada, you're gonna catch cold.

Ah, geniuses of every era have been
misunderstood by the world.

One day the world will catch up with me.

Until then I'll just rest.

Kill me...

Make sure next time.


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Extra! Extra!

I've been asking you about magic and
psychic powers to satisfy my own curiosity,

but, honestly speaking,

I had never imagined how remarkable those forces
could be until I actually experienced them.

Mr. Koda,

the most dreadful things have
not happened... yet.

Apocalyptic Guidance, Protective
Barriers, The Chart of Eight Formation?

That is one of the mystical books

passed down through the
Tsuchimikado family.

Other than that...

The Onmyo technique and
the Bokuzei form...

Generations to come will no longer
need these sacred arts.

Ironically, that man Kato will probably
be the last survivor of our kind.

Mr. Hirai, are you...

Mr. Koda, please promise to come to
my training hall tomorrow morning.

I will have news foryou then.

I, Yasumasa Hirai, head of
the Tsuchimikado clan,

have a request that I will risk
my life to have fulfilled.

Please reveal when Tokyo's
destruction will be.

The destruction of the megalopolis
will occur in the year of the dog.

I must go to the Great Emperor of Meiji.

Who's there?


Can't the Tsuchimikado family
divine any better than that?

Especially when you have wagered
your life for the answer?

I will show you the year when the destruction
of the megalopolis will actually occur.

Your time is up.

I shall leave you now for Dalian...

That I may summon the underground dragon.

Abominable monster, Yasunori Kato...

I'm afraid we've failed.



Mr. Tatsumiya!

I understand that you haven't
come home recently

because you've devoted yourself completely
to the Tokyo Improvement Project, correct?

Hirai's predicted, through his sacrifice,
that the date of Tokyo's destruction

would be the year of the wild boar,
the month of the wild boar, the day
of the wild boar; September 1, 1923.

At one time you told me you would prevent
this devastation all by yourself, remember?

Please help me, Tatsumiya!

Fight with me against Kato!

I can't fight.

Mr. Tatsumiya!

Excuse me...

Mr. Hirai, the year of the wild boar
has finally arrived.

If you can hear me, please protect us.

Taisho Era - 12th Year

I see, you have erected a statue of a
griffin here at the new Nihon-Bashi bridge.

A holy animal to protect this
deathgate, am I right?

Allow me to introduce myself.
Shigemaru Kuroda, a feng shui master.

Feng shui master?

Precisely. "feng shui" is a Chinese term
referring to the underground energy veins.

In simpler terms, I am a physiographer.

You're Mr. Tatsumiya, right?

The one who has been erecting protective statues
of holy animals at all of Tokyo's ominous crossroads.

I don't know what you're talking about.

From whom do you intend to protect
Tokyo at this death gate?

Well, I've been feeling unusual movements
of the underground energy recently.

I thought you might know something about it.

Excuse me...

Hurry up.

Here you are, professor.

Yes, thank you.

Oh! See there, I knew it!

We recorded a localized
tremor in Tokyo today.

It looks like twelve is Tokyo's unlucky number.

Yes, the cycle is repeated every twelve days.

Wild Boar. Twelve-day cycles mean that
every day we've experienced an earthquake

was the day of the wild boar.

September first, the day of the wild boar.

I can think of no explanation
but that it must be artificial.


But, is it possible to cause
an earthquake artificially?

Earthquake resonance phenomenon.

Earthquake resonance phenomenon?

How did you ever graduate?!

I will be your teacher.

It's the same as the tuning fork
experiment in elementary school, isn't it?

When you strike one fork, the other
vibrates, resonating with the first one.

If you keep striking the first
in precise intervals,

the other's oscillation will increase to
two or three times that of the first.

Thank you very much.

My question was certainly worthwhile.

If this tuning fork were Tokyo,
where would the other place be?

If this one is Tokyo,
the other is obviously Dalian!



Release the underground energy vein!

The energy level is now full.

Underground Dragon, release your
hate toward distant Tokyo,

and choke the head of Masakado!

Little girl, it's an evil wind!

What a mysterious little girl!




The evil... has returned!

He thinks this place is Tokyo's
death gate, doesn't he?

The year, the month, the day of the
wild boar, Kato is definitely coming.

Protective barriers,
The Chart of Eight Formation...


Go, evil Shikigami!

Mr. Koda...

I'm no longer afraid of anything.

However, I am curious about something.

Would you please tell me what
became of Ms. Yukari?

I haven't been allowed to
see her since that day.

A trick gate...

The view in front of me is a mirage.
If I don't see it, it doesn't exist.

The place to go is Seimeihan.

When Kato kidnapped Yukari ten years ago,

she was impregnated by him.

Mr. Narutaki, Dr. Ogai Mori
and I did our best.

However, our efforts were unsuccessful,

and Ms. Yukari gave birth to a daughter...


Kato's child...

Yukari impregnated...

Kato's getting closer!

Doman Seiman.


The Chart of Eight Formation,
that was your doing!

I won't let you get away this time.
I've neverwanted to hurt anyone,

but you're the exception...
the only exception!

Hold, hold on!

Kato, you bastard!

The dragon is awake!

The underground vein has begun to move.

We have won!

Dragon, begin your rampage!

Wake Masakado from his long slumber!

Tokyo will be transformed into
a magnificent graveyard!

Koda, I will let you have the
first pass to the grave.

Do not invade my grave!


Why the hell didn't Masakado wake?!

This white horse is Lord
Masakado's messenger.

Keiko, you have been summoned
by Lord Masakado.

Carry out the Kakai ceremony tonight.

Determine who it is that intends to
disturb Lord Masakado's rest,

and whom you should protect
on Lord Masakado's behalf.

Listen to the voice of God!


Your mission is to see that Lord
Masakado does not awaken.

Don't forget that!

The person I should protect...

Is a descendant of Lord Masakado!?

My loathsome enemy...


Keiko Mekata, daughter of the priest
of the Omokage Shrine.

You performed the Kakai ceremony
intending to find me.

I found you instead.

Who are you?

I will tell you.
My name is Yasunori Kato.

Yasunori Kato...

Someday, you will be my wife.

The man destined to be my husband
is a descendant of Lord Masakado.

I am he who obeys Masakado's true will,
he who is truly vexed by this megalopolis.

That's a lie!

You are my most hated enemy, Yasunori Kato.

The most dangerous things will be the fire
and burning winds that come with the earthquake.

The fire-heated bricks will transform
the city into an enormous oven.

We must transform Tokyo into a disaster proof
city that will withstand any catastrophe.

Are you Dr. Torahiko Terada of the Imperial
University, Experimental Physics Department?

Yes, I am. But who are you?

I am Noritsugu Hayakawa of the
Tokyo Underground Railway.

What? What was that!?

The Tokyo Underground Railway.

Did you say underground railway,
like the subway in London?

Yes. I'm trying to build an underground railway
here in Tokyo for the city's future transportation.

Oh, what a coincidence!
I agree with you completely!

To tell you the truth, I firmly believe
that the development of Tokyo's underground

should be central to the city's
future planning. Look!

Yes, I know. That's why
I came to see you.

I wanted to get your views concerning
the underground railway.

Well, Mr. Terada, it's been a while.

You have finally changed your mind
and want to consider to my evidence?!

Well, Tokyo was virtually destroyed by this
earthquake, one could almost say perfectly.

I wonder if some people might be
glad that they won't need

to waste time destroying Tokyo in
order to construct a new megalopolis.



Mr. Koda.

It's you...

I couldn't win.

It was too fast.

Times change too quickly.

And too many things have happened.

Mr. Tatsumiya, do you think Kato's dream
of the destruction of Tokyo is now over?

So many people lost their lives,

and this earthquake destroyed most of
the buildings, but some did survive.

The new megalopolis will be more modern
than ever, built by those who remain.

But whom will it be for?

As time goes by, I wonder if the city
might smother the Japanese people.

I was thinking just now about
what Mr. Hirai told me.

The colossal power that sustains Kato
might be the tormented thoughts

of people who have al ready
suffocated, just like me.

Tatsumiya, Kato will return.
And when he does...

You're the only one I can trust,
Mr. Tatsumiya.

Showa Era - 2nd Year

Dr. Terada.

Oh, Hayakawa, how's construction coming?

By the look on your face,
it must be pretty good.

No, it's not. Actually, something
dreadful has happened out there.

I heard you were here,
so I rushed right over.

I see, something dreadful.

Yes, sir!

So, what is it?

Well, it is too ridiculous, and I'm afraid
you won't believe me even if I describe it.


I know you're quite busy, but would you
please come down to the construction site?

I have a class at the university tomorrow...

Oh my God, five points!

It sounds really awful. I understand.

I'll be there.

I appreciate your consideration.

Three points.

Oh, Mr. Hayakawa.


There's someone I want you to meet.


- Cigarette?
- Thanks.

Hey, Kon! Hello!

Oh, Doctor Terada, are you playing
again even though you stink at it?

This is incredible!

But will you really let me borrow the
important results of this investigation

for us to use in the Tokyo
Underground Railway?

According to my investigation,

the electric trains grow more crowded
every year while speeds get slower.

If my sociological study can be useful
in developing the subterranean railroad

as the next generation's transportation
method, on which Tokyo will depend,

please use the data in
whatever way you can.

Sociology is a new field that investigates
trend phenomena by measuring the city's culture.

Right, Kon?

Mr. Kon?!

Well, I guess so, to put it simply.

The science of customs is known as sociology.

Pardon me.

Excuse me, but...


Forgive me, but I felt such strong
energy when you passed by just now.

You're one of Kato's spies, aren't you?!

No, no! Nothing like that.
I'm Shigemaru Kuroda, a feng shui master.

I study physiography, the face of nature.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

Please, wait a moment.

What do you want?

I've been sensing an evil movement
in the underground energy,

which causes me to believe that someone is
trying to manipulate the subterranean dragon.

Therefore, I am going to block the
subterranean dragon with this key stone figure.

of the famous Kinjiro Ninomiya, so that
I can trace the underground energy flow

and find the one who is interfering
with the laws of nature.

If that person is one of Kato's
followers, to whom shall I report?

To the Tatsumiya residence by
the Kanda Myojin Shrine.


By any chance, are you
Mr. Yoichiro Tatsumiya's...

You know my husband?

When I met him, he was trying to
protect this city from someone

by secretly placing a statue of a holy
animal at Tokyo's deathgate.

I see. I'm his wife, Keiko.

Mr. Kuroda, if this someone
is Kato, please be careful.

He uses frightening, evil sorcery.

Thank you foryour advice.

All gunmen...



No, Doctor and Mr. Hayakawa,
please stay here.

No, I'm coming, too.

It will be extremely dangerous
from this point on.

As the supervisor of this area,
please listen to me.

There it is!


Over there!


What the hell?!

We had almost completed construction
after penetrating this point.

I just can't believe we were
interrupted by demons!

Nobody in this new Showa era would
believe me if I said there were demons.

These wounds were made by men
clawing one another, weren't they?

I believe it was mass hysteria.

Mass hysteria? Impossible!

Dozens of construction workers
saw those demons!

In addition, our gunmen
killed several of them.

You saw them yourself, didn't you?

Things you see do not always exist.


Let me ask you something. Are there
anybodies of dead demons?

Well, whether by hysteria, our progress
is certainly being impeded.

Have you got any ideas?

I don't think we'll be able
to complete construction before

the scheduled opening at the end of this year.

Because we're only humans, we sometimes see
illusions or think we've been attacked by demons.

Therefore, why not use a human being
that's not really human?!

A human being who's not really human?!

An artificial human being.

Artificial human?!

Ah, ah, young lady there, excuse me.
Excuse me, please.

Sir, are you a fortuneteller?

Well, I could say yes... and no.

However, it is my hobby to read other
people's fortunes, you see.

Oh my...

You have a very strong power of
Guanyin, the Goddess of mercy.

Power of Guanyin?

It's one of the world's most
extraordinary supernatural powers.

There is a terrible evil power, and there is also
the power of Guanyin, a strong power of protection.

Ordinary human beings are not strong
enough to use either one of them.

I can see the power of Guanyin in you.

You will soon encounter evil.


It looks like the evil you will
confront is unbelievably strong.

You know this evil, don't you?

I guess it's useless for me
to hide the facts from you.

The evil I have not yet seen is something I will
have to confront one day, even if I must die.

Ma'am, you really shouldn't
hate him too much.

You see, hating someone means you
become very emotional, right?

When you get emotional, your decisions become
clouded, and evil is able to eat your mind.

This thought makes me a
little worried about you.



I will definitely keep your advice in mind.

Darling, Yukari told me she'd like to take
Yukiko to Ginza on Sunday, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Yukiko's birthday.

She would like you to go with them.

I've got to work tomorrow, as usual.

I also have to go see Narutaki
off at Tokyo station.

It looks like he's moving
back to his hometown.

He wrote me a letter saying that he wants to
escape from all the bad memories here in Tokyo.

Oh, no! It crosses the underground
energy flow!

One bicycle, one woman...

Stop that!

An interesting looking hand fan...
I said stop that!

One walking stick, an umbrella
with a floral pattern...

Who the hell is that?




You're Mrs. Tatsumiya, right?

Yes, my name is Keiko.

Narutaki, it's not very comfortable
standing here talking.

Why don't we all go somewhere
and have some tea?

No, thank you. I'm leaving from here
to go back to my hometown.

Don't you want to see Yukari?

Tatsumiya, please take
good care of Yukari.

I wish I could protect her myself,
but I am not able to.

You're the only one who can protect
her, Tatsumiya. Don't forget that.

Well then, if you'll excuse me.

Oh, no!



Keiko, don't follow him!

My child...

You are Keiko Mekata.

Let Yukiko go.


Yukiko has come back to herfather.

My child will awaken Lord Masakado
by calling upon his anger.

If an enraged Masakado awakes,
your life will evaporate.

Just as all the other lives
in this megalopolis.

Why do you hate Tokyo?

The earth is about to die, because you foolish
people have robbed and contaminated it!

I will release this holy world
from all of you.

All by yourself?

The sacrifice will be the night
of the next full moon.

Stop me if you think you can, Keiko!


Yukiko, no!

If you will not allow Yukiko's hand to remove
the seal, she will have a horrible scar.


You hate me, don't you?

Keiko, hate me...

Hate me... Hate me!

Gakutensoku's face was made by synthesizing the
features of the five great races of the world.

First, from the forehead to the eyes,
he's European.

The lips and nose are African.
The cheeks and ears are Asian.

The lips and nose are African.
The cheeks and ears are Asian.

The red dot on the forehead
is from India...

He looks like this woman the most.

Yeah, really. He looks just like her!

Oh, Mr. Terada, thank you for
visiting Osaka from so far away.

Congratulations, Dr. Nishimura, upon
the completion of your work!

Oh, thank you very much.

I can't believe this thing
moves so smoothly.

I used air pressure.

I applied the organic functions and
principles I have studied for so long.

I applied the organic functions and
principles I have studied for so long.
Didn't I say DO NOT TOUCH?

I applied the organic functions and
principles I have studied for so long.
Gakutensoku is mad.

Gakutensoku is mad.

Learning from the natural rules,
namely, Gakutensoku.

Learning from the natural rules,
namely, Gakutensoku.


I see, that's the meaning of Gakutensoku.

Sorry, I haven't introduced you.

This is Mr. Noritsugu Hayakawa. I told
you about him the other day.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Makoto Nishimura. I've
been looking forward to meeting you.

I don't mean to rush you, but regarding
the request I wrote you the other day...

It's my pleasure to accept your petition.

That is what Gakutensoku is saying.

Oh, thank you very much.

Yukari, I must go now.

Please, succeed.

I'll be waiting for you until
you come back.

The energy level is so high, I can't
decide which way to go.

I know it's around here somewhere.

Oh, no! I hope I'm not too late!

What a reaction!

Oh, the firmament dragon is answering
the subterranean dragon.

This is it. Considering the movement
of the compass,

there must be someone manipulating
the underground energy!

You've been fighting by yourself
all this time, haven't you?

What do you mean I've been fighting?

I'm a wimp who's never
stood up for anything.

I didn't defend Yukiko, just like
I didn't defend Yukari.

That may work on others, but not
on me, so don't try to hide it.

The reason you won't fight Kato is
because you have enough power

to awaken Lord Masakado all by yourself.


I have to leave for a while.

Wait... I'll go with you.

If you become a medium for Kato,

who else would be able to
pacify Lord Masakado?


Please survive.

If Lord Masakado is awakened by Kato,
at that time... you...

Darling, when we have destroyed our longtime
enemy Kato, will you accept me as a real wife?


I promise I'll come back.



Yu-ki... ko...

Yukiko, my child...

A descendant of Masakado, and
the child ofYukari Tatsumiya

and of Yasunori Kato... the evil king
who will destroy the megalopolis...

Listen to me.

You will awaken Masakado
using your own blood!

Your father will stimulate the underground
dragon and awaken Lord Masakado.

Goho-Doji, descend from
the firmament dragon!

Please, please let me make it in time!

Yukiko, follow the underground
energy to Masakado's grave.


It has been your dream to make Gakutensoku a robot
for practical usage, to benefit mankind, right?

I'm sure Gakutensoku will meet
every one's expectations.


Sorry to have kept you waiting.


Dynamite, please.


Azusa, operate him as you normally do.


This is the number three construction
site. Gakutensoku has just departed.

Mr. Tatsumiya!


Someone is trying to invade my grave.

It is I, Yasunori Kato, who violates
your grave once more.

Masakado, you may curse me.

I won't forget your kindness.

Now I must go.

Even though it is your destiny passed
down from Lord Masakado...

Mr. Kuroda, the reason I'm going to
fight now isn't only for Lord Masakado.

Then, for whom?

For the people I love that
Lord Masakado protects...

and also for myself.

You said for yourself.
I'm impressed, really.

I can't forgive the one who manipulates
the underground energy as if he owned it.

I will go with you for myself,
as a feng shui master.

Koda, Lord Masakado is awakening
because of Yukiko.

I must go to Masakado's grave immediately.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to calm his soul with my blood.

It is inspiring of you to say that.
I'll watch Yukari foryou.

Brother, please, please take me to Yukiko.

Dr. Nishimura, demons! Demons
are attacking Gakutensoku!

It's less than one kilometer to
the explosion site from here.

Please hold on!

Do not wake me.

Keiko, I will handle this somehow.
Please go to the main temple!


You beast!

No one is allowed to disturb me!



Oh, no! The wheel's not moving!

What'll we do?

Set off the dynamite.

No, if we set it off now,
Gakutensoku will be destroyed.

We have no choice.

No, we can't do it. Dr. Nishimura,
isn't there another way?

Not now!

Welcome, maiden of Masakado.

Oh, no! The primer's been cut!

There's no choice.

I installed a self-destruct device,

just for a case like this.

I'll come with you.

Please, allow me to witness
Gakutensoku's last moments.


Masakado is awake, and he's trying
to return everything to the earth.

Keiko, it's too late. Masakado has been
awakened by my child, Yukiko.

You're lying. Lord Masakado's soul
is not yet completely awake.

You're the one who knows the
most about it, aren't you?

What the...

You can't manipulate Yukiko.



Azusa! Azusa!


It's okay now. Now you can rest.

Do it, Azusa!

Doctor, please hurry! Hurry up!

Doctor, please hurry! Hurry up!

Hurry! Hurry, hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

What are you afraid of?

What do I need to be afraid of?

If you cannot say it yourself,
then I will tell you.

Yukiko is not your child.

Yukiko was conceived, because I
used Enno's evil magic on Yukari!

No, she is the child of someone who
has a much more powerful spirit.

Koda, please take care of Yukari.



Until my blood dries up...

Are you all right?

It's gonna blow!

Get down!

A blessing from heaven...

The underground energy flow
has been cut, hasn't it?

If Goho won't help me, I will stimulate
the underground dragon myself!

Masakado, if you wish to awake, use me!


Sleep, Masakado!




We did it! We did it, Dr. Nishimura!
We did it!

Thank God! We did it!

We finally did it! We did it!

The unwavering will of Tokyo's
citizens has been fulfilled.


Hate me! Hate me!

Yes, that's it, the hate.

People's hate makes me move.

Hate me, hate me, all of the people...

And my woman...

Mother! Father!

Listen to me, Tatsumiya. Keiko has
won. She most certainly has won.

Keiko released Kato's evil by
sacrificing her own life.

She is probably...

Our savior.

I must say good bye.

Excuse me, but what are
you going to do now?

I'm going back to my
hometown to study Fusui.

Besides, not only is there a vengeful spirit,
but something fearful also lives in Tokyo.

Well, take care.

You, too.

It will probably snow all day today.

Metropolitan improvement...

Do you want to start all over again?

Who could've imagined that Tokyo
would recover like this?

About twenty years ago,

I saw a peephole show called the
Megalopolis Future Panorama

at the Kanda-Myojin shrine festival
with the late Mr. Ogai Mori.

However, that show cannot compete
with our present reality.

The city's development knows no end.

Both destruction and growth repeat
endlessly by devouring people's lives.

Even so, people flock to the city.
Nobody can stop them.

Where is Japan going?

Are you looking for someone?

Oh, power of Guanyin, goddess of mercy...

I'm sure Keiko will be back someday.


Shall we go home?

Dr. Kyoka! Doctor! Doctor!