Tokyo Shaking (2021) - full transcript

As a tsunami threatens Fukushima's power plant in Japan, a French bank employee is torn between following the company's directions and protecting her relatives, and is compelled, almost unwillingly, to defend a certain virtue of honor.

Hello? Hello, James!
What news to report?

For two weeks
I've been on the roam

Pray tell, pray tell,
but keep it short:

What will I find when I get home?

Everything's just fine, My Lady dear

Everything's fine and dandy here

Though there's a trifle you must hear

There has occurred a minor affair

A small incident, I fear:

The death of your gray mare

Aside from that, My Lady dear

Everything's fine and dandy here

Hello, Martin!
What's that you say?

My gray mare bit the dust today?

Loyal coachman, pray tell, pray tell

What mishap to her befell?

It's nothing, My Lady dear

Things are fine and dandy here

Though there's a trifle you must hear

There has occurred a minor affair

Your stables became a pyre

As the château flared in an awful fire

Aside from that, My Lady dear

Everything's fine and dandy here

Your husband's body hit the ground
Bringing candles tumbling down

Setting the chateau ablaze
To the ground it is now razed

Then the wind fanned the flames
Of the stables nothing remains

And that how it came to be
Your gray mare met her end, you see

Aside from that, My Lady dear

Everything's fine and dandy here

Ok, Kimiko?

Fine, Alexandra. You?
- Fine, thanks.

Won't you join the choir?

With moving, I've been so busy.
- Make time.

Singing is like yoga, a great detox.

Kimiko has made amazing progress.

She has a fine voice.
See you later.

Have a good day.

Hi, Amani. I have the file.
Let's go.

That document hasn't come yet.

It's too late to update our opinion.

Not a word until we have proof, ok?

It's worth a try.
I'll come back for it.

I'll try another tack.

Sorry, their business plan is shaky
and their repayment ability

is too weak.

The transaction is difficult,
and a big risk.

Banks are wooing this client.

It could mean big future transactions.

The company has a high debt ratio,

and its results
are inexplicably below projections.

Projections are projections,

that must be adjusted
for changing circumstances.

With no explanation,

we're flying blind.

The business plan is too flimsy.

Paris won't agree.
We'll look like fools.

It could earn us 4 million!

Or lose us 200 million!


you decide if we forward it to Paris,

but I won't back the request.

Before the crisis
it was "Profits, profits!"

Now risk scares them stiff!

We have objectives to meet.

Since the crash,
we've been in the red.

Granting this loan
would improve our fiscal year.

We'll forward it to Paris and see.

Nihon Bank rejected their loan request
in December

owing to false financial statements.

Where'd you get this?

A friend works there.

Don't ever leak our documents!

Ok, that settles the matter.

Thanks, Amani.

Your internship isn't over yet,

but if you want to stay, you're hired.

Thank you!
I'll go all out for you.

You won't regret it.

Alexandra, what kind of mood is Besse in?

Unpredictable, as always.

I guess I'll risk it.

He's haggling over 50 helmets,
yet foisted the safety commission on me!

We'll want them when the Big One hits!

Your daughter called.

They lost the customs release
for your dog.

Ok, I see. I'll call her.

I suggested she ask your husband
to fax one.

You told me he was a vet.

Yes, that's correct.

You did the right thing.

Yes, Kimiko?

It's for good luck.

A wild boar?
- Yes.

For audacity and strength.

It charges and fights to the death.
Like you.


I'm not sure if "to the death"
is really me, but thanks.

Anyway, I love working with you.
I'm even proud to!

Thank you.

- How are you, sweetie?

And how's my Blacky?

How'd it go at the airport?

We waited ages!
Quarantine is horrible!

He was in a cramped cage.

What matters is he's here now.

Ok, fine...

I'll carry him then.

I've got the bags.
- He's so cute!

Don't get him all excited...

Stop that!

It's a pee spray.

A pee spray?
- To wash off Blacky's pee outside.

Customs told us so.
Or we get jailed.

Go set the table.
It's not Beng's job.

Where's Camille?
- Talking to Dad.

He's back already?
- Yes.

Now, what could this be?

No way! That's mine.

Bring them this weekend.

I can't.
I'm closing on my practice.

You'll have them next weekend.

That's not cool.

Did you tell your classmates
about Saturday?

Some of them,
but I don't know them well.

It's pointless.
- It's your birthday!

A chance to make new friends.

They're in Hong Kong.
- School's taking us to the bay!

Wait a sec!

My turn!
We'll visit the harbor.

- No, you stop!

Set the table while I talk to Dad.

- It's your fault.

You get us in trouble.

Hi, honey.

How's it going?

Is the deal on for Saturday?
- Yup.

I told the buyer to come
even if I hadn't left.

He handles the animals.
I deal with the rest.

I have to go. Call you later?

Would you two stop it!


I met the CEO of Yamito this morning.

They have a great project.
I'll tell you later.

Come in. Close the door.

Did you visit Hokoku-Ji?

We're still very busy moving in.

You've been here a month!

Careful, Alexandra.

You'll end up like those expats

stuck between the French school
and the gym.

Your children will love
drinking green tea at the temple

amid the bamboos.
- You wanted to see me?

Paris wants more staff cuts.

I made a list.
- Again?

Was I hired to fire people?
That's all I do.

Let's not exaggerate. Sit down.

Two per department.

Paris wants it done before year's end.

And Amani's contract?

We can't rob Peter to pay Paul.

I need an assistant!
- An internal recruit.

Amani's here, and he's brilliant!

And new hires cost less.

If Paris scales back here,
no labor disputes there.

If he were French...
But he's Congolese. I can't help.

At least you don't get the axe.

You headhunted me!

HQ is firing.

I'd rather let Amani go than you.

What do I tell him?

The truth.
He's young, no dependents.

With his résumé he'll land a job
in NY or London,

in a bank more seaworthy
than this old ship.

Don't fret for him.

I'm not a monster.

I know what I'm doing.

You haven't eaten a bite.

I'm not very hungry.

I'll leave it then.
- No, take it.

I'll put it here.

Your appetite may return.

And it's very good cold, too.

Why are you proud to work with me?

Here, when we have kids,
we have to stay home.

But you know how to say no,

and put your work before your kids.

That's not quite it.

I try to balance the two.

That's it, you balance them.

Like the women in French movies I see.

If I have children, I won't be shackled.

No husband will make me stay home.

I don't want to be an... object!

I'll run off to France if I must!

- Come to my office, please.

Right away.

Come in. Close the door.


when I took you as an intern,

I'd never have imagined
how mature you were.

You have an eye
for this business.

You're proactive, smart, qualified,

competent, open-minded, conscientious,

hard-working, honest,
resolute and talented.

You have what it takes
for an outstanding career.


There are no "buts".

But I was wondering

if it's in your interest
to work for our bank.

The subprime crisis crippled us,

and we're a fossilized institution.

I do more layoffs than risk analysis.

I'm not sure it's a favor to hire you.

The job's off?
- No,

no, it's just that...

you'd be better off in New York.

We'd recommend you.

Working in Japan was my dream.

I like working with you.

You have a lot to teach me.
New York? Maybe later.

Look, I'm really sorry,

but Paris wants more layoffs.

It's no time to hire someone.

There has to be a way.

The order comes from HQ.
I'm powerless.

You never are!

My grandpa says
we always have a part to play.

What's my part here?

Keeping your word.

I'm doing my part

by speaking frankly

so you can land on your feet.

You need me!
- I know.

Paris wants someone in-house.

you'll easily find a position...

It's stronger than usual.

This is for real!

Amani, under the desk!

I said we needed helmets!

Amani, get under the desk!

Under the desk!

Béatrice, what now?
Do we go downstairs?

Don't take the elevators!
- Amani, honestly.

What are you up to?

Is that Cosmo Oil burning?

Brice, take a look. Quick!

Is that Cosmo Oil?
- Yes, it's the refinery.

Glad we don't insure them!

We'll see how many customers got hit.

Ok, Alexandra?

My daughter might be on the subway.

Don't worry. It's rock solid.
Probably less risky.

Ok, let's starting cleaning up.

Are you just going to sit there?

Get to work.

What's going on?
- A tsunami alert.

They predict 20-foot waves.

It'll hit Tokyo.

- They're evacuating the coast.

My son's at the harbor!

It's working!

I can't do it!

Hello, the French School?

I don't speak Japanese!

No news, but we can call back.

I'm going to find my kids.
- You can't.

It's not wise.

There could be another tremor.

I live by the sea, with my parents.
I have no news either.

Your children will be ok,

but you're better off here.

I got the school.
Your daughter's there.

And the tsunami alert
has been lifted for Tokyo.

Are you sure?

Yes, it's going to hit the Northeast.

Thank you.

Hi, Mom.
- You got home ok?

Yes, Tristan's dad is cool.

- No damage here.

Stay inside and don't move.

Ok. When will you be home?
- I'm leaving now.

We'll be waiting.
I called Dad to reassure him.

Great, we'll call him later.

See you in a bit.
- Love you.

Me too.

Your kids?
- A neighbor brought them home.

They're fine.
- And your staff?

Masami hasn't heard from her family
in Sendai,

nor has Kimiko.

The others are ok.

What about yours?
- They're ok.

That was scary.

And in trading?

My guys have no family here.
The market was closing.

We were lucky.

What did Besse say?
- That we'd see Monday. He left.

He left?

Yes, his wife was worried.

I'm off. It's chaos out there.

See you Monday.

See you Monday.

- I spoke to my family. They're fine.

The tsunami didn't hit our city.

Not going home?
- I live too far away.

There's no mass transit,
the power's out,

so they're asking people to stay put.

Want to come to my place?

That's kind, but I'll be fine.

There's a bed in the infirmary.

You can use my office.
It'll be more comfortable.

Amani, not going home either?

It's too far.
I'll go tomorrow.

Well, then...

I'm off. My kids are waiting.


See you Monday?
- Yes, Monday.

We could arrange them by author.

Alphabetically, ok?


There you are!

I'm Annette.
My husband fetched your kids.

So kind.

Our boys are in the French school.

I had them unpack boxes,
to take their minds off it all.

Camille said you hadn't found the time.

That'll be my husband.

Alexandra? Michel.

I brought your kids home.
- Thanks so much.

Where's this go?

That was for H1N1!
A friend in Hong Kong had one.

Where do I put it?
- Later.

How'd you get home?

I walked.
Two and half hours from Shiodome.

The towers near the park?
Amazing! Rooted in the ground.

Like their nuclear plants:
connected to sensors.

They shut down at the first tremor.

The country's a wreck,
the plants are intact.

Onagawa even served as a shelter.

I work for an Areva subsidiary.

I had a team out there.

Everything's under control now.

Can I offer you something to drink?

No, I just came to get them.

Since Annette was dawdling,
I came up.

Come on, boys.

We'll get together soon.
- Sure. Sorry.

I haven't had time
- Settle in, then we'll do it.

Don't worry.
- Ok, let's go.

- So long, kids.

See you soon.
- Thanks again.

Thanks so much.

Call your mother.
I can't get her off my back.

I emailed her, but I'm beat.
I'll call tomorrow.

Come to Hong Kong this weekend.

Celebrate Camille's birthday here.

She's invited friends over.

You're having a party?

Just a few friends, but it's important.
She needs to mix.

And we're safe here.

The worst is over. We'll stay put.

I feel useless, so far away.

I don't like you being alone.

I'm not alone. Look.

Good night.

Phone service is back.

39 new messages.

It's Mom. I'm so worried.
Why won't you call...

It's Mom. Call me back, pl...

It's Mom. Where are you?

Hi Kimiko, it's Alexandra.
How's it going?

Fine. I'm on my way home.

Did you get some rest?

Yes, thank you.
- Did everyone else get home?

Yes, everyone's gone.

At 6:30 AM,
the Prime Minister declared

that the evacuation order was extended
from 2 to 6 miles.

Confined residents are urged
to leave the area.

Let's go.

A nuclear leak!
Back to Hong Kong!

Easy. What's up?

I heard a plant will explode.
Dad says we have to get out.

You called him?
He'll panic, as usual.

With swine flu, we left for nothing.
- It isn't nothing!

Let me find out what's going on.

Sure, you miss Hong Kong, but...

I'm your neighbor.
We haven't met yet,

but we're going back to France.

Our Gloria will stay for the cat.

We said you'd help if needed.
She and Beng are friends.

We're off. The taxi's waiting.

Thanks and good luck.

Come with me.

Come on.

Sorry, but as you're with Areva,

my daughter says
a plant might explode.

Luckily it hasn't.

So you heard?
- Of course.

But it's 150 miles north,
in Fukushima.

The cooling system was damaged,
but not the core.

They're on it.
- Aren't you worried?

With that wave, I'm amazed
it's the only incident.

Only one reactor got hit.
Let them do their job.

But people are leaving.

Expats always freak out.

If it were dangerous,
would I put my family at risk?

If things go south,
you'll be the first to know.

Just a sec.

Hi, honey.
- Finally! I couldn't reach you.

Seen the news? The plant might blow.
Come back now.

I'm with our neighbor
who works for Areva.

He says everything's fine.
And the embassy says Tokyo is safe.

Like Chernobyl,
when the cloud avoided France!

The embassy's behind!
The Germans and Thomson are evacuating.

They also left first with the swine flu.

Remember the traffic jams,
the airport chaos?

Because you panicked for no reason.

This is different.
- No, it's not.

I know you're worried,
but it's too soon.

Trust me.
Camille's guests are coming soon.

Call you later.
- Camille's guests?

Celia's parents won't let her out.

Germain's leaving. Zoé too.
No one's coming!

Relax, the others...

I wanted a party in Hong Kong,
with my real friends!

I'm sick of moving,
following you around!

Are you busy this afternoon?

The power plant blew up!

The plant went boom!

It exploded!

The power plant exploded!

Ok. Alright.

The blowout panel went.
- The what?

The roof. It's a safety mechanism.

When hydrogen pressure is too high,
they blow off the roof

to protect
the containment building.

Like a pressure cooker.
A chemical explosion,

not a nuclear one.
The core's intact.

It's not dangerous?

No, there's no more hydrogen.

They blew up the plant
so the plant wouldn't blow.

In fact, since Chernobyl,

reactors are protected
by a containment wall.

Alexandra, conference call!

It's my husband.

Could you reassure him?
He's a worrywart.

Hi, this is Michel, your neighbor.

No, everything's fine.

We're about to get socked
with an insurance tsunami.

Did we finance that plant?

Not that one.
- Good.

Thomson's evacuating. And us?

First the perimeter was 2 miles,
then 6, and now 12.

It's a mess.

If the core blows,
the cloud'll be here fast.

If we evacuate for nothing,
the bank looks bad.

Later, it'll be chaos.

We can't close
if the stock exchange doesn't.

Alexandra, what do you say?


My neighbor, who's with Areva, says

it's a chemical,
not a nuclear explosion.

The plant blew up
so the plant wouldn't blow.

The roof blew off,
like a pressure cooker.

And the embassy?

They say the Japanese government
has everything under control.

Of course they do.

France has as many nuclear plants.
They fear panic.

Your husband.

He's going on about swine flu.
I don't get it.

Thanks anyway.

- He's a sicko!

What planet is he on?

He's a specialist.
Look, I'm on a call.

I don't care! Fly out now!

Back in 5.

So, Alexandra?
- Uh, yes.

Yes to what? Why?
- It's early yet, maybe.

Or maybe not.
Maybe it's already too late.

In '95, the markets closed...
- Get tickets!

This isn't the time.

Get tickets now!
Or I'm coming there!

Stay in Hong Kong, don't come.
I'll look into tickets!

You're looking into tickets?

Yes, I'm looking at tickets.

Just in case. For the staff.

Let us decide. I'll check
with HQ about cost, and insurance.

Of course.

So we wait and see
how things develop,

and if the stock exchange opens.

Till Monday, try to relax.

The coming days are liable to be busy!

Hundreds, maybe thousands

are at Tokyo Haneda Airport
trying to leave.

More than new tremors,

they are fleeing in fear
of a nuclear disaster.

Come on!

The bank is chartering a plane
to fly everyone home.

Did the plant explode?

No, but HQ is playing it safe.
They're flying everyone home for a week.

Better than a lawsuit.

Get the names of all who want to leave.
At-risk personnel first:

women, children, aid workers.
French, Japanese, other foreigners.

We don't abandon our staff.

Do you have a staff roster?
- Put your suit on!

Sure the plant didn't blow?
- Yes, the situation is stable.

Do you have a personnel roster?
- I don't know.

Maybe Kimiko does.
Ask Beatrice, she's head of HR.

Béatrice flew out this morning.

- Job desertion. She'll pay for it.

Paris wants that list today.
Since you're the closest...

But I'm alone with my kids.

Kimiko has none.
Call her in.

She lives too far out.

Alright, I'll handle it.

As you like.

Thanks. Call me when it's done.
- Ok.

No, don't open, don't open.


It's not nuclear, it's pollen!

Kimiko, sorry to bother you.

The bank is chartering a plane
for our staff.

I think you have a list
of our colleagues.

Yes, it's in the "France" folder,

then in "life", then "work",

then "company", then "organization",
then "staff".

Got it. Thanks.

Shall I come in?
- No, you live too far away.

But I'll need your passport number.

Are you still there?
- Yes, but I can't leave.

Are you sure?

My parents are here.

Spouses are allowed.
Maybe they are, too.

Are you alright, Alexandra?
- Yes, fine.

Shall we try to get your parents on?

There's also Granny, my brother,
his wife, their baby, you see?

I see.

Think it over. I'll get started.
Thanks, Kimiko.

You scared the wits out of me.

Sorry, I...

Didn't you go home?

I did, but I live in a tiny house.

It was cracking all over,
like thousands of insects.

I didn't feel safe, so I came back.

Silly, isn't it?
I only feel safe

in the place that kicked me out.

I'm sorry.

Earthquakes aren't your fault.

About your contract.

I really wanted to keep you.

I know.

I'll go...


So, Natthakarn Saisaymar.

Your daughter's done.

Now your son.
- His name is...

The kids will want the dog.
- True...

I agreed to a pet to ease the move,
but regret it now.

Of course.

Toyota won't evacuate my sister-in-law.
Can she come?

I told her it should work
as we're close.

Our kids are the same age.
Could you help her?

I'm not really sure...

I'd rather join my family in Bayonne.

I'm asking you
if you can approve that now.

I can't approve anything,
but I'll flag it.

Do you still want to fly to Paris?

Of course! It'll be deducted
from vacation time, right?

You'll see. Thank you.


Firing and logistics
weren't in the job description.

I'd have sent them packing.

It's odd. Kimiko, Masami, Bunji...
The Japanese don't want to leave.

No surprise there.

The bushido spirit.

The samurai code.

The group, self-control,
ritual suicide...

How do you know that?
- From mangas.

I devoured them as a kid.

They inspired me to come.

Then I discovered Japan for myself.

If Besse had known,
he'd have kept you on.

Let's share the list.

You don't have to.

I can't miss
our last chance to work together.

I'll send the list.

Shall I put you on it?

Why not?

A trip to Paris
isn't a bad severance bonus.

Got a visa?
- No.

We'll request one.

- Ok, the list...

Hold on, let me explain.

Last name, first name, nationality,

relationship and passport number.

It's the French embassy.

"Do not give in to panic.

The Japanese authorities,
whom we trust,

say that Tokyo is not subject
to radioactive fallout

even if you can obtain
iodine tablets, etc..."

It seems the day they recommend leaving,
it'll be too late.

Do we have iodine tablets?
- No idea.

Honey, I was about to call you.

The kids told me you're at work.
Got the tickets?

Yes. Well, no...

The bank's chartering a flight.
I'm doing the staff list.

And your tickets?

The flights were full.

The bank's charter is the best solution.

When does it leave?
- No idea.

They're just setting it up now.

Leave before it's too late.

It's already chaos at the airport.

The bank's flight is safer.

You've left our kids alone
to go to work!

Risk management is my job.

The kids are safe, don't freak out.

- You always worry.

It doesn't help.
You weren't against Tokyo.

I've followed you for 15 years!

Tokyo, Hong Kong, London,
even Orléans!

I start over each time you move.
And I'm scared?

I take the risks!

I'm scared for my kids, ok.
It's going to blow up.

It's a nuclear disaster.
Stay with your staff,

but I want my kids here!

They're mine too!
They're safe.

The bank's plane is better.

Then we'll come to you and...


Alexandra Pacquart, Crédit de France.

The bank is chartering
a flight to Paris.

Excuse me, I'll call you back.

My husband's angry
we haven't left.

He says I'm endangering our kids.

Do you think I'm irresponsible?

It's chaos at the airport.

It's wiser to take this flight, right?
It's better.

Yes, I think so.

My daughter is sick of moving.

Even my husband
is tired of backing me up.

We didn't plan to move again so soon.

We were to stay in Hong Kong a while.

Tokyo wasn't in the cards.

But how could I refuse?
It was one hell of a promotion.

And, believe me,
even more so for a woman.

So, tell me...

Why did you refuse New York?

Honestly, a post there
is a real promotion.

For a woman or a man.

How do you know that?

You know me. I checked up.

I heard good things about you.

But I don't get why you refused New York
after the crisis.

It's a Mecca
where all decisions are made.

After the subprimes,
everything fell apart.

We'd warned them
people could never repay the loans,

but the profits were huge.

The banks were in cahoots.

When it all collapsed,
they offered me New York.

They wanted me to pick up the pieces
and sort things out.

Risk prevention was suddenly vital.

Before, we were the killjoys
limiting profits.

I was sick of it all,
so I refused New York.

I chose Asia.
They had screwed up less here.

In New York,
you could have imposed ethics.

- Of course.

You're an idealist.

So are you.
- Me. No way.

Working in risk
means preventing them from bungling.

I didn't choose, it just happened.

I was a good student
so took the high road.

Know why I chose finance?
To travel.

After school, to see the world,
you chose oil or finance.

The desert wasn't my thing,
so I chose finance.

But I worked so hard,
I never saw the countries.

Say what you like.

The one here helping people

is you.

Here's the list.
- Thanks.

Dominique, where are you?
The list's done.

Call me back with the flight time
so we can get organized.

What's going on?

Reactors 1 and 3 might be melting down.

The embassy again?
- Yes.

"Anyone with no valid reason
to stay in Tokyo

should leave for a few days."

You too?

They're off to Kyoto.
Areva wants families safe.

I'll stay.
- Not leaving?

The bank's chartering a flight.

The train's less risky than flying.
Come, we'll squeeze up.

Stop scaring her...
- Shut up!

You keep saying it's fine!

It is.
- Stop it!

Join us with the kids.
Let's go!

Pack, we're leaving with Annette.

Victor, hurry up!
- I'm coming.

Dad found us a flight.
- How?

Ask him. The shuttle's waiting.

No, I just saw Michel and Annette.

The train to Kyoto is simpler.

No, I prefer Hong Kong.

What about Blacky?

We can take him with us by train.

Dad will quarantine him
in Hong Kong.

Just a week, and he'll be safe.

Dominique, finally!

With fresh funds,
the stock market reopens tomorrow.

Everyone's leaving.
On the embassy's advice.

Absurd. If the stock market opens,
the banks have to follow.

I have to take my kids to Kyoto.

Deserting your job?

No, it's just a round trip.

A captain doesn't abandon ship.

Such crises
make our commitment meaningful.

- I fought to get you appointed.

They didn't want a woman and mother.

Don't prove them right.

I'll work it out.

I'll see you tomorrow at 9.

Hold on,
what do we do about the plane?

Finalize if need be
and get everyone teleworking.

I'm counting on you.

I'm sending you the kids

What about you?


Text me from the airport,
the plane and Hong Kong.

You're like Dad. We'll be fine.

When'll you come?

As soon as I can.
- So never.

Of course I'll come.

It's my job,
but if things take a bad turn,

I'll be on the first flight.

The job won't kill me.

He won't get in his cage.

Poor little Blacky.

You don't want to leave me.

Want to keep him?

So you won't be alone.

What're you doing?

Coffee in a can.
No water in stores.

Better than nothing.
You never know.

Isn't it under control?

They're finding it tough.

We're ok if the containment wall holds.

We try to predict risk,

but there are surprises.

That's funny.

My bosses said that
in the stock market crash.

I guess we do the same job.

They really snookered us.

"It's under control." Like hell.

We're good little soldiers.

Hello, Amani.
- Hello.

You didn't have to stay, you know.

I'll take the bank's plane.

Good idea. We're ready now.

We have 10 more people.

Is Besse here?
- Not yet.

What's he up to?

Hello, Greg. No news of the flight yet.
Mr. Besse has to call me.

It's urgent.
- I understand.

We can't keep waiting.

I'll call you later.
- Ok, but hurry.

No, Gustavo, no news of the flight yet.

It's a matter of minutes.

Really, a matter of minutes.
I'll call you back.

everyone wants the flight time.

People are worried.
Call me.

Dominique! Where are you?

I'm still at home.

I keep calling Paris,
but it's night there.

Yes! I'm coming, honey.


My wife wants to leave.

She's worried.
- Do I add her?


Are you there?
- Alexandra...

There'll be no flight.

The Japanese refused, to avoid panic.

The embassy made enough mess.

Everything's ready.

Ok, but not exactly ready.

The list's ready,
with all the information needed.

There's no flight.
We didn't book one.

It was a working hypothesis.

A working hypothesis?

We'd charter a plane

without Japan's ok?
- There was no plane?

There'd have been one
if we'd had the green light.


You'll be on the flight.

It cost too much
and our insurers won't pay.

They don't cover nuclear disasters.

What do we cover?

Surely the bank can pay.
We have 185 people counting on us!

Alexandra, don't be so dramatic.

HQ will buy individual tickets
for those who want to leave.

It'll cost less.

There'll never be enough room
for everyone!

Prioritize the French.

Prioritize the French
and abandon the others?

We won't abandon anyone,
but first things first.

We'll refund anyone
who buys their own ticket.

They can call their embassies
for assistance.

Don't we assist all employees
of every origin?

Yes, of course, but...

What's wrong?

What is it?

Call the agency.
I'll be there soon.

Reactor 3. We have to go.

What did Besse say?
- No flight.

The authorities want to avoid panic.

So what now?

Individual tickets.

The flights are full!

Listen, one thing at a time.

We'll decide after I call the agency.

Tell people to be patient for now.

Hurry to the embassy for your visa.

What about the others?

I'll see to them. Say you work for us
and that it's urgent.

Take my bicycle to save time.


Why're you here?
- We're working.

The stock market is going wild.

But a reactor blew up!

The core is intact.

Or so you heard.

Who can you believe?

The profits beat the risk.

A cloud would take 5 hours to reach us,
so we got bikes.

To avoid traffic jams.

There's a bus at Komae, no worries.

What about them?

Did they choose?

They're raking it in.

They're at the local 5-star.
No transport issues.

The adrenalin buzz is terrific!

We can't leave now, ok.

- It's Amani.

- I can't get a visa.

Why not?
- They're closed.


Not enough staff. It's chaos.

Stay there. I'm on my way.

What's going on?
- The office is closed.

Sorry, excuse me...

I'm here for a visa,
not the same thing as you.

I work at the Crédit de France.

My colleague
has a flight to Paris tonight.

He's a Congolese employee.
- He needs a visa.

That's why we came.

The office is closed.
I'm on the emergency.

Try your embassy.

He has a flight and I vouch for him.

Sorry, I can't help you.

Everything's exploding!
Are you stupid?

I haven't slept for days.
I don't need you yelling at me!

I'm not yelling, I just want a visa.

Quarantine him in Paris,
but let him leave!

It's ok, Alexandra.

What do you care anyway?

It's not ok!
- Really, it is.

It's wrong.
How can she treat you like that?

She's doing her best.
- Listen.

Fight or you'll get crushed.

Guys like Besse are merciless.

Why say that?

There was no flight.

It was a working hypothesis
but cost too much.

Like the ticket to Paris?

No... Well, yes.

The French go first.
The others contact their embassies.

Why do I have a flight?
- I added your name.

What do I do
about the others stuck here?

It's too late now.

They're stuck cos of us,
cos of you!

Amani, take the flight, please!

I'll see to the others.

Give someone my ticket,
I don't want your help.

Kimiko, it's Alexandra.

Hello. Is everything ok?

Yes, but no plane has been chartered.

The agency has a few tickets,

but I need help letting people know.

Shall I come?
- No, do it from home.

I'll send half the list.

They can leave
and the bank will refund them.

Or they call their embassies.

I really can come over.
- No, it's urgent.

It's better if I send the list.

I celebrated with my friends.
It had been so long.

It was great.

I wore it when I saw them.
It's really pretty.

Hi there! I got...

Can't you ever wait?

I got these great headphones.

I was talking to her!

Can't I get a little privacy?

At 6:15 AM, reactor 4 exploded,

destroying the reactor 2 wall

and releasing radioactive matter.

Hurry, turn off the AC
and block the air vents.

I brought the Filipinas.

We can't seal everywhere,
so stay together.

What's wrong?

Another explosion.
There's a meltdown underway.

The winds can bring the radiation
in 4 or 5 hours.


It's best to seal everything.

Let's join Annette in Kyoto.

She left. They're in France.

Areva evacuated everyone.

They landed discreetly in Nice.

You're all totally mad.

Rain is forecast too.

Just do as I say.

Wait for the cloud to pass,
then leave.

I have to go.
- Where?

I'm going to Sendai
with a French civil security unit.

I can be useful there.


I'm sorry.

This shouldn't have happened.

Hi, leave a message.

Camille, it's Mom.

We're off to Kyoto to try
to fly from there.

I have to get my passport
from the office.

I love you all.

Blacky, I won't be long.

Got your message.
Waiting for you

Leave, Amani.
A radioactive cloud's coming.

I know.
I came for my things.

What are you doing here?

You're not teleworking?

We couldn't leave you.
You've been alone since Sunday.

It's too dangerous here.

Most foreigners flee.

We're touched you stayed.

The reactors exploded.
A radioactive cloud

is heading this way.
You must leave!

Amani, tell them.

Follow me.

The taxis are gone?

I think we need to seal all exits

and turn off the AC to keep the air out.

Seal all vents.
- We need thick tape.

Got your message.
Waiting for you

Alright then...

My grandfather.


Not on the plane?

Camille said you were on your way.

You're at work? You're crazy!

Two reactors are melting down.

We sealed everything.

Sealed everything?

It's safer indoors, see.

What the hell are you doing?

They came for me.
What could I do?

The Japanese arrived
just as I came for my passport.

They wanted to help me.

What could I do? Abandon them?

You should've come as promised.
I don't understand.

Don't try to understand.
Back me up.

I'll stay to settle things,
then I'll come.

Explain to the kids.

You can do it better than me.

No, I can't.

Explain their mother
is risking her life for her staff?


Yes, I'll stop.

You tell them for once.

Camille! Victor!

Mom has something to say.


Alexandra, fly out as soon as you can.

Where are you?
- In Paris.

Come back fast.

Why're you in Paris?
We all need you here!

I know. My wife panicked.
I had to go with her.

HQ won't let me leave again.
The priority is you.

You must leave Tokyo.

My contacts will find a flight.

We're all here. Only you are missing.
- It's not about me!

HQ wants you safe in Paris.

Imagine the mess, a mother hurt!

And the others?
- Who?

Kimiko, Amani,

Isao, Hiroto and so on.

The bank won't let them down.

Come back, we're waiting.

I'm staying with my team.
Your team!

A captain doesn't desert his ship,

A refusal
amounts to job desertion.

Staying here means deserting my post?

You deserted us!

Calm down. You're exhausted.

No, I won't calm down!

How's your bushido?
Not too withered?

Revive it fast, because I'm through.
I resign!

Yes? Do you need something?

We couldn't tell you earlier,

but the wind is heading to the ocean.

We're safe this time.

If I were you, I wouldn't risk it.

No one knows how the meltdown
will evolve.

I came to say goodbye.

I have a train to Osaka,

and a flight home from there.

My family's worried.

Thank you, Amani.

Goodbye then.


Your daughter called.

You weren't answering Skype,
so she called the office.

She thought you were on a plane.

You didn't put her through?
- She refused.

She didn't want me to say she'd called.

You're very brave,

but you should have left.

No, I'm not brave at all.

I came for my passport

when you all arrived for me

and so...

I couldn't leave.
I was too ashamed.

You're the brave ones.

You aren't afraid.

I didn't stay out of bravery,

but out of shame.

Seen the embassy email?

France has a flight for the French.
It leaves tomorrow.

But... I can't leave Blacky.
They'll never let him on.


I'm going home.

You should too.

I don't really want to.

My father...

My brother...

Alexandra... His wife...

My mother...

And my cousin.

She says I talk about you a lot.

My grandmother.
You saw her earlier.

She says she loves France, like me.

The Eiffel Tower.



What did you tell them?

How you destroyed Besse's office.

You were wrong earlier.

We are afraid.

But we can't say so.

If we do, we'll be called cowards.

That's what scares us the most.

See, I'm the opposite.

If I had been brave,
I'd have left long ago.

Camille, it's Mom.

Mom? What's up?

I'm just calling to say I'm ok.

I won't be able
to fly out today after all.

Dad told us
you had to stay with the Japanese

because everyone else
had abandoned them.

He really said that?

How do you get him
to keep defending you?

What's that noise?
Where are you?

At my assistant's parents' restaurant.

Is it nice?

Yes, very.

It's on a street of tiny houses.

Will you send photos?

Yes, alright.

How's Blacky?
- He's fine.

He's gorging on yakitori.

Having him here helped.

I'm not surprised.

I'll come soon,
but I still have things to sort out...

Do what you have to do.

Gotta go, they're waiting.
Lots of love.

Lots of love.

What's going on?

It was the emperor.

There are more casualties each day.

The numbers keep rising.
He prays for them and for Japan.

He hopes the worst can be avoided,

even with things so unpredictable.

You'll have to leave.

Take tomorrow's flight.

I can't leave you.
I have to help you.

If you want to help, leave!

We'll look after him.


Your taxi's here.

I'll take your suitcase.

Subtitles: Ian Burley & Cynthia Schoch