Tokyo Revengers (2021) - full transcript

Takemichi Hanagaki leads an awful working adult life: he lives in a crappy apartment with thin walls, he's a virgin, and his six-years-younger boss treats him like an idiot. And then he learns that his former school girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, the only girl he ever loved, has been killed by a street gang. Suddenly, he travels in time back to his middle school days. To save Hinata, and to change the life he spent running away, hopeless Takemichi must aim for the top of the Kanto region's most sinister delinquent gang.

You punk...

Think you can pick a fight with yakuza

and get away with it?

As of today

this is Tokyo Manji Gang's territory

Got it?



[ Alarm ]

Yo! Get up!

Get up!

- Sorry... - Shut the alarm!

- Sorry! - Turn it off!

OK, it's off. Sorry

Don't rely on me to get you up!



This is still edible

Don't hesitate, Takemichi

Just do it

A dumptruck rode up onto

the sidewalk

in Shibuya yesterday

killing two pedestrians

The victims were Hinata Tachibana, age 27

and Naoto Tachibana, age 25

Both were pronounced dead

at the hospital



The only girlfriend I ever had is dead...

The victims were Hinata Tachibana, age 27

and Naoto Tachibana, age 25

Police believe an escalating turf war

between Tokyo Manji Gang known as "Toman"

and yakuza are behind the...


Good morning, Manager!

I told you

no smartphone during work

Porn, right?

- No... - You can go now

Go to a club and get laid

No girlfriend at your age?

And still a virgin?

Trying to set a record?

Are you mad?

Like, "If I was still in high school

I'd kick you hard"?

Guys like you glorify the past

You peaked in high school

Am I right?


That's all you ever say

I bet you've gotten away with

apologizing your whole life



Darn guy needs to shave

I hate guys with stubble

So what if I'm a virgin?

I'll set a world record!

I did have a girlfriend

even though she was my one and only...

Was that my peak?

Where did I go wrong?

This crappy life...


What the hell, Takemichi?

- Did I just die? - Huh?


- Is it you?! - What, dude?

Yamagishi! Oh my god!

- What's wrong with you? - What's up?


Still scratching your crotch


- What? - What's with you?

We're the Mizo High 5, right?

Wait a minute... What?

You're so obsessed with Tachibana

you can't even think straight

Why is Hinata Tachibana dating you?

I get it!

This is a flashback

What's a flashback?

You know!

When you see your life flash before you

right before you die?

You're really funny

Let's go

What the hell?

Who is this lame punk?

Oh my god, I remember now

This was me, back in the day!

Enough already!

Get serious!

We need to get into fight-mode


With who?

Shibuya High sophs

Make way for the future hair stylist

Takemichi, call Masaru again


Masaru at Shibuya High

Your mad dog cousin

He'll keep the seniors away, right?

Oh, yeah... I remember now

Where's your phone, Takemichi?

Whoa! Flip phone!

What? Flip phone?

July 2nd... 2010?


I'll take on the boss

You take his #2

Hold on...

Can I get something straight?

It seems we're going to fight

Seems? We are

But why?

They treat us like wimps!


who cares?

You're gonna whack 'em

with your backhand, right?

I'm counting on you

I was cool...

I was so cool back then!

- So cool - Yeah, cool

Yo, Shibuya High soph!

- Come down here! - Running away?



Was that cool?

- Yeah, perfect - Yeah, Takemichi

That's good


So you're the ones

messing with our sophomores

It's the seniors!

For real...

That's... Kiyomasa

Mr. Kiyomasa to you

Mr. Kiyomasa of Tokyo Manji Gang...

Tokyo Manji Gang...

Shit, Takemichi!

Call Masaru, quick!


That's Masaru right there...

They were out of cream puffs

so I bought an éclair

Cream puffs and eclairs

are totally different

Yes. Total opposites...

Masaru, the mad dog?

Loyal dog, more like!

Go buy me some cream puffs!

We came to fight!

Where's the punchline?

There isn't one

Akkun, no!

- I can't turn back now - You have to!

He'll will thrash us

and make us slaves for life!

What are you talking about?

Let's run!


Hold it!

No one gets away

This was the start of my lifetime of apologies

Ready? Bark!

Let me hear you bark

We got beaten up every day

I dropped out of school to escape

Nothing went right after that

- Sorry! - You piece of crap!

Notthing goes well

You're in the way



after apology...


My life went off track

because of him...

I'm sorryyyyy!


Head on the ground

From today

you're property of Toman


Yes! Please!

50-page essay on the difference

between cream puffs and éclairs

You're too easy on them!

These punks can't write

Neither can you!

You have 'til tomorrow

That really hurt...

Don't tell anyone I cried...

You alive, Akkun?

How about you guys?

Is everyone OK?


Where's my glasses?

Your date with Tachibana...

Sorry you missed it

Shut up!

Is your leg asleep?


This flashback sucks

I thought I escaped all this

Why am I reliving it?

Where you going, Takemichi?

This ain't no joke!

This isn't how it should end!

I know my life sucks

I know my life sucks!

Hinata Tachibana...

What did she look like?


You always appear out of nowhere


Did you fight again?

I'll fix you up

I have some bandages

Does it hurt?

What the...

- Sorry - Does it hurt that much?

Why do you keep fighting

when you always get hurt?

Aren't you tired of it?

I was. 10 years ago

10 years ago?


Anyway, I'm glad I met you


I saw you yesterday and today

and I'll see you tomorrow

Actually, I'll be dead 10 years from now

This is a just flashback...


You won't die

Why not?

Why not?

Because you're tough

Who, me?

Let's just say you die 10 years from now

But you're still with me

10 years from now, right?


I'll be even more worthless then

Then be a man

And be with me 10 years from now

Why did you decide to go out with me?

I'm going home

See you tomorrow


You're tall for a middle schooler

How tall are you?

Sit down

Sit down!

I bet you drink milk every day

That's Tachibana's brother...

- Where's your money? - Found it

I'll buy you a roll

Why are you messing with a middle school kid?

Who are you?

Get lost, punk

- Punk? - He's so cool!

I'm emotionally unstable right now

I'll kill you!



Don't tell your sister

It ain't cool

OK. I won't tell her

You're so big

You should learn how to defend yourself

I don't like fighting

The victims were Hinata Tachibana

and Naoto Tachibana

What's wrong?

I know...

You protect her!

You protect Tachibana!

What are you...

This sounds crazy but listen!

I die 10 years from now

then time travel back to my high school days

It sounds unreal

but you and Hinata

are gonna die on July 1, 2020

In a truck accident

involving the street gang called Tokyo Manji Gang

- Street gang? - Listen!

You protect Tachibana!


I just see it on the news

Pitiful, huh?

What am I talking about?

This is a flashback...

I'm in love with your sister

I'm crazy about her

I remember now

She really sees me

A poor loser like me

What are you saying?

Just remember!

10 years from now on July 1

I'm off to my next flashback now

I'm counting on you

Are you OK?

He's awake

- Did I die? - You're alive

I'm alive?

I survived?

And died?

- I'm alive! - Yes!

This detective rescued you

just in time

Long time no see, Takemichi


Why are you wearing a suit?

Is this a flashback?

What year is this? Where am I?

July 2, 2020

You wet yourself a little, that's all

No way...

But why are you alive, Naoto?

I knew it

In the world you know

I'm supposed to be dead

"In the world I know"?

What the hell is that?

On July 2, 2010

you appeared and prophesied that

my sister and I would die 10 years later

Wasn't that a flashback?

You travelled back in time

Somehow I survived

and was able to rescue you

Time travel?

I should've died yesterday

Yeah. I saw it on the news

But you warned me

and here I am

You changed my destiny

I believed you that day

and became a detective

To protect my sister Tachibana alive too?

She died

I couldn't change that

How did you survive then?


I warned her many times

but she wouldn't believe me!

I don't blame her

She knew nothing about Toman!

Ow, that hurts...

It's going to hurt a lot more

What do you mean?

Did you forget what you said?

Toman is responsible for my sister's death!


You can't even kill one lousy person

You haven't progressed at all in 10 years

That's her pet goldfish from 10 years ago

She won it at the festival you both went to

I adopted it

Back then, Toman was just a street gang

Now they're a powerful

crime organization

They developed drug routes

and are behind many

unexplained deaths in recent years

Even the police can't pin them down

This is insane...

Who's this?

Manjiro Sano

Tokyo Manji Gang's leader and...

Tetta Kisaki

another key player

Manji wouldn't be what it is today

if these two had never met

I called you because I want you

to travel back in time again

Are you crazy?

Shaking hands with me seems to be the key

Remember our handshake 10 years ago?

At that moment, your essence disappeared

No way...

Your mission is to return to high school

and stop Sano and Kisaki from meeting

They met in July 2010

I'm going home


I can't do it!

I can't!

What do you expect from a loser like me?

I believed in you 10 years ago!

It's your turn to trust me!

The next time you return

I believe my sister will be alive

Hinata Tachibana...


Once you complete your mission

shake my hand and come back

I'm telling you, I don't think I can do it

- Not a loser like me - Takemichi

You can change destiny

What day is it?

You OK, Takemichi?

Akkun, Makoto, Takuya, Yamagishi

So I'm really here

Of course you are

We have no right to refuse


It's a gladiator match sponsored by Toman

That's right!

I remember now

Kiyomasa forced us to fight...

Next match!

From Mizo High, Takuya!

From Shibuya High


Can you fight, Takuya?

You're kind of sickly, right?

I'll avenge you

- Buy me a beef bowl later... - Let's go!


I wanna fight in his place

But if we defy Kiyomasa, we're dead

I have to do this

Do what, Akkun?

Look at that

Akkun stabbed Kiyomasa on July 7

We'll never laugh again

as long as you're alive...

What day is it?

The 7th

We should be at the fireworks festival

Akkun, don't do it...


How did you know?

Go back

I'll take care of this

Stop this match!

What do you think you're doing?

These matches are getting boring

Kiyomasa! King versus slave

Fight me

You talking to me?

I don't see any other lame kings around here!



Has he lost his mind?

Kiyomasa, you belong to Toman, right?

If I win

introduce me to Manjiro Sano

You punk!

How dare you call his name?

You die. Right now


You can run and beg forgiveness

all your life

but you'll still be

a worthless piece of shit

Then be a man

And be with me 10 years from now

Takemichi! Enough!

Mr. Kiyomasa! I'll fight!

- Takemichi! - Don't do it

You guys need to shut up

For the first time in my life

I ain't running away

Shut up, all of you!

If I win...

I wanna meet Manjiro Sano


Someone! Bring me a bat!

Stop, Takemichi!

- Takemichi! - You'll die!

Enough! Give it up!

I can't!

I can't give up now!

There's a reason

why I can never give up

Give me the bat!


You'll have to kill me to win

Yo, Kiyomasa

You lost your audience

It's him!

It's the boss!

The big boss?

No, that's Draken, the #2

The small one's the boss. Mikey

The leader of Toman?

Remember this angle when you bow to the boss

Yes, sir...

Your head's right in the strike zone

Wanna see what happens

if I use this?

My apologies!

Your name?


I see



From today, we're buddies!


What Mikey says goes

Right Takemitchy?

So who's in charge here?

Gladiator matches are stupid

Don't disgrace Toman's name!

We're sorry!

What, Boss?

Kenchin, I dropped my bean bun

- It's still good! - The 3 second rule!

- Pick it up! Hurry! - Go buy a new one!

Don't call me Kenchin

See ya, Takemitchy

That's Manjiro Sano...

Is our life of slavery over?

It's over!

Lie down here. Just do it

From today, you're Takemitchy

What Mikey says goes. Right?

- It wasn't like that - Stupid


I wet my pants a bit, though

You were so cool


You were so cool


- Nothing - Were you copying me?

I wasn't copying you

This fight was too much

Nah, he just bashed my head

into the railing, that's all


Why do you have to fight day after day?

I'd like to live in peace, too

She's so cute!!

Life was good 10 years ago!

Why don't I just stay here?

She's my girlfriend...

I wish I was a guy


Then I could protect you

No, I'll protect you, Hina

I can't imagine a world without you

So I'll protect you

You called me Hina...

Yeah. First-name basis


was a real loser until now

I ran away from trouble

and apologized whenever

But I...



You came back

I didn't mean to shake your hand

So my theory was correct

What date and time did you return to?

July 7th. Around 5 pm

And you shook my hand...

Around 8 pm?

What's going on over here?

I knew it. It all makes sense

So what happened to me?

When you went back in time

you were fast asleep, like in a coma

Suspended animation

It seems you can travel back

to the same day and time as now

So if you travel back in time today

it'll be 10 years ago today

If you stay a week

you'll return to this world a week later too

I'll be fired from my job

Who cares?

My sister's life is on the line

What about your mission?

I met Mikey

- Mikey? - Manjiro Sano, head of Toman

That was fast...

But I haven't met Kisaki yet

Forget Kisaki

But he can't meet Sano, right?

Kill Sano

If Manjiro Sano dies

they'll never meet

Then my sister will live

It's simple

But I can't...

How much damage have they done?

The head of Manji killed my sister

Does he deserve to live?

Kill Mikey?

How am I supposed to do that?

Think outsiders can just

walk in here and leave alive?


There you are, Takemitchy!

Hey. Watch your back

Let's go, Mikey

I'm bored, Takemitchy

Let's go play

Out of our way, trash

They're carpet, Kenchin

Congratulations! You've just been promoted

Line up...

In a row!

- That's it - Closer together

The other way around


- How's that, Mikey? - Perfect




The guy's a demon

How can I kill him?

What do you wanna eat?


Just getting my shoes on

Hurry up

Wait a minute!


Who are you?

What was that for...?

Why are you taking him?

He's not going with you

Let's go

- Hina, this is... - It's OK

I'll protect you

Slap him and walk away?

Are you kidding me?

I'm dead serious

I'm 100% serious about Takemichi

Your hand...

Please let her go

Can't hear you

Hina's shaking

Let her go, idiot

You're shaking too

So what?

I promised to protect her!

I won't give up

Not this time

I see

I thought we could be buddies

So? How do you wanna die?

Promise me one thing

Don't lay a finger on Hina


Says who?

Faked you out!


You think I'd beat up a girl?

"I won't give up!"

Who says that over a girl nowadays?

Old school guy, huh?

I didn't say that!

- You did - No, I didn't

You were cool



You're Takemichi's friends?

Sorry! I misunderstood!

Maybe you did

Can we borrow him for a minute?

Please do

I'm going back to class

- Bye - What about me?

- You come with us - No...

She slapped Mikey

thinking we were abducting you

She's a freak!

I'm really sorry...

She's a good girl. A real gem

But you'd better protect her

when she "misunderstands"

Yes, sir


Why are you bothering with a guy like me?

Stupid question

We live in different worlds, so to speak

We breathe the same air

I have a brother, 10 years older

He died, though

He was weak

but reckless too

A weakling who's gutsy enough

to pick a fight with someone tougher

You remind me of him

He's way better looking, though


Thugs aren't cool anymore

But back in my brother's day, they were big and cool

picking fights

They took care of their own shit

What's so uncool about that?

Why can't guys like us

have a place to live how we want?

I'm going to make our own era...

Toman is a team

Each member is ready to die for each other

Die for each other...

We'll take it as far as we can

Come with us, Takemichi Hanagaki

I like you

Tough guys are a dime a dozen

But you'll take on anyone

to protect something you care about

That's rare nowadays

Wanna come to our meeting?


I don't think I should...

It'll be fine


Hey, you!

Who said you could enter my line of sight?

I'm sorry!

- Get lost - I'm sorry!

I knew it

I knew this would happen

Hey, Hanagaki


The past is water under the bridge, OK?


- Water under the bridge? - That's the past

I didn't say anything about the future

Evening, Boss!


How dare you show your face around here

Take off the uniform

You're out for good

Start the meeting!


The mood changed...

We're here today to discuss "Moebius"

It's going to be an all-out war

Some of you may have heard

that Pah's buddy got into it with Moebius' boss

Can we go home now?

I'm not done with you!

He'll hurt anyone

even a woman

That's not how we fight!

So what's it gonna be, Pah?

Moebius is big

We'll suffer casualties

I don't wanna cause trouble

That's not what I asked

Wanna fight or not?

I wanna fight

I wanna kill them!

Of course you do


Anybody here gonna feel troubled

if we avenge Pah's buddy?

Anybody here

wanna make peace with Moebius?

Nobody, right?

It's decided

We crush Moebius!

July 13

Showdown at Musashi Festival


So this is Toman's boss...

What, punk?

Mikey may be a good guy after all

Sano, a good guy?

Are you kidding?

He's the head of Tokyo Manji Gang

I know that's bad

- But he's not really evil... - What are you saying?

Forgive Sano for killing my sister?


I wish I could kill him!

I swear, he's not like that!

When Hina slapped him

he just laughed and forgave her

He's capable of laughing!

The Tokyo Manji Gang of today

isn't what Mikey envisioned

So I want to talk to him in person

Ask him why Toman changed

I don't care

Just go back in time, kill Sano

and destroy Toman

It's the only way to save my sister!

Nobody can see him now anyway

Unless you know someone in their executive ranks

Do I?

That's Akkun!

Atsushi Sendo isn't a member

He was arrested for stabbing Kiyomasa

I stopped him

I stopped him, didn't I?

I did...

Things are a little off

What do you mean?


Even if you meet Sendo, don't say anything

Aren't you coming?

They're Toman. I'm a cop


Good evening

Any preferences?


You must be Mr. Hanagaki, the owner's friend

He's in the VIP Room


Long time, no see, Takemichi

Long time...


was waiting for you


You're lucky, Takemichi

You haven't changed at all

I wish I had, but...

You stay the way you are

So you own this huge club

We live in different worlds

But my world is empty

The guy with you was a cop, right?

Uh, no...

Naoto Tachibana

Hinata's brother

He saved you on the train tracks that day

How'd you know?

Because it was me...

That day

I pushed you off the platform

It was me

It can't be...

It's true

- I tried to kill you - Stop it!

It's not even funny!


You would never...

You were gonna stab Kiyomasa

to save Takuya

You're tough, but kind-hearted...


consider you my best friend!

It's been 10 years

but that...

has never changed!

That's nice to hear

But I still tried to kill you

I'm Kisaki's slave now

I'm terrified of him

You haven't progressed at all in 10 years

How did it come to this?

Toman wasn't like this 10 years ago

Once Draken died

Mikey changed



He shouldn't have died


You can travel through time, right?

That's the only way certain things make sense

How did you know that I tried

to stab Kiyomasa?

How did Naoto Tachibana know

you were going to fall on the tracks?


I wish we could stay innocent

like we were back then

Ow! That hurts!

- Does it? - Yeah!

Wait. My nose is running


I don't really understand

but I know you're trying

Akkun, be careful

I kinda admired you back then

Crying, but never giving up

Akkun, watch out!


you can really go back...

save everyone, will ya?

Crybaby hero





No! Akkun!


Are you OK?

They want to question me

I'll go

It's fine

I filled them in

Please rest for a while


Find out about the day...

Draken...Ken Ryuguji, died

You should calm down...

Just do it!

Akkun said...

Mikey changed when Draken died

If Draken didn't die

Toman wouldn't be like this

Ryuguji was stabbed to death

by a fellow gang member

They were still minors

so their names aren't disclosed

I'll find out

I had my doubts

if I could save Hina

If I could change anything

But it's not a matter of "if"

I just have to do it

You've changed, Takemichi

Who cares if I've changed?

Destiny has to be changed


You don't know anything yet!

Why'd you shake my hand, you idiot!

Makoto's crotch turned black

from all that scratching

Hilarious, huh?


- It's Akkun! - Huh?

- Akkun! It's you! - What the hell, dude?


Stop it, you idiot

What's your problem, Takemichi?

You're alive...

You're alive...

Sorry, Akkun

I have to go to see Naoto!

That idiot shook my hand

before telling me anything!

What's with him?


Your dream of becoming a hair stylist!

You will be!

I know it!

Of course I will!

See you at school!


That idiot!

On a school trip. Why?


I'm off to Hawaii!

Are we still on for tomorrow?


On for what?

You promised we'd go to the Musashi Festival

Crush Moebius!

Ryuguji was stabbed in the stomach by a fellow gang member

July 13

Showdown at Musashi Festival

- Showdown at Musashi Festival! - Showdown?


stabbed Draken

- What day is it? - The 12th


I just remembered something

You always appear out of nowhere

I have to stop the fight with Moebius!

Or else Draken, Akkun and Hina will die!


That's Pah's best friend's girl

Head crushed, left retina detached

Bruised all over

Scars on her face may never heal


Who the hell are you?

You did this to my daughter?

Go home, trash!

- Dad! - Go home, trash!

We didn't touch her

We're sorry

Why are you bowing your head?

- What the...? - Just do it!

It's our responsibility

We are very sorry

Does bowing your heads

help my daughter heal?

You worthless shits!


Dad, please...


Why would you do that to her?

Bring her back!

Bring my daughter back!

Toman members

have families too

People we love

We can't hurt innocent people

Or make them cry

We have to settle...

our feuds amongst ourselves

You don't have to bow your head

but have a heart

You're so nice, Kenchin

Sorry, Kenchin

I'm glad you're the one by my side

I knew it!

Draken is Mikey's conscience

As long as he's alive

Toman won't change!


Takemitchy. What's up?

The feud with Moebius

Do you have to go?

What the hell?

You're out of line, punk!


I have a bad feeling about it

If you go on with it

someone may die

I've heard enough! Get lost!

I can't do that. I've...

I already decided

to go head to head with Moebius


Give it up!


What did you say?

Who's gonna die?

I can't...

You may have your reasons

but it's too late now


Moebius is here

Moebius! It's starting already

We heard you wanted to fight

so here we are

We'll bill you for expenses!

No! Don't fight!

That girl the other day was tougher than you

Osanai, you're a piece of shit

Just like I thought...

I'll kill him

He's mine

No, Pah!

You can't fight Moebius

Who're you?

A boxer, huh?

Bring it!

Come on, bring it!


Shut up and watch

It's his fight

He's unconscious

Mikey! Stop them!

Why? He hasn't given up yet

It's gone too far

Too far, Mikey!

Stand there

and I'll show you what my Moebius hook looks like


I'm not worthy


You haven't lost

What is he talking about?

How hasn't he lost?

On your knees!

Gonna fight, Mikey?

I'll kill you in 10 seconds

Whoever thinks Pah lost

step forward

I'll kill you

Toman is mine

As long as I'm the boss

no one loses

You're all property of Mikey now

From today, Moebius

belongs to Toman

Is it over?

Watch out, Mikey!

I couldn't... stop it

Wanna know why you lost?

Because you're trash

That's why my hand hurts!

He can't hear you anymore

You're right

Thanks Takemitchy

You saved us

Draken didn't die!

The feud with Moebius is over!

Hinata is alive!

Akkun too!

Mission accomplished!

It was exactly

10 years ago today

Draken is alive right here

That will never disappear

Takemichi is there

10 years ago today

The victim was Hinata Tachibana

age 27...

Which one should we go for?

This one

- I did it! - Wow!

Darn Takemichi, at the festival with Hina

Should we go tease them?

Grow up

So you're OK with Takemichi

losing his cherry today?

Of course not! Never!

The seeds have been planted

Let's take one each

I don't have a goldfish bowl

You can have this one


Sorry, Hina


Wait right here

I'm really sorry!

Mikey's late

Kenchin's late

Why is Moebius here?


Draken kicked me out of Toman

I lost everything

But he's a monster

You can't take him head on

So stab him when he's down

Our feud's not over yet

The feud...

isn't over yet

Destiny hasn't been changed!

Draken will be stabbed

by Kiyomasa!

Kiyomasa! Found a live one

What's up, Draken?

Thought it was over?

Crush 'em one at a time!

Moebius is late

They're under us, right?

We have to make that clear!

Who said they were coming here?

Osanai. Unit 3 got the message

Not me. Must've been Unit 2

It wasn't you?

We've been duped...

- Out of my way - Hey, Mikey!

Someone may die

Who the hell are you?

Draken shouldn't be by your side

It should be me

What are you looking at?

Bring it on!

You monster

You think hanging with Mikey

made you tough?


You stink, slave

Anything to say?

I'm sorry

He's saying something


I'm sorry



Are you OK?

- Hina - I'll take these off

Leave me alone

Leave me alone!

If I were...


Or Mikey...

This would be nothing


I can't do anything

I'm just a piece of trash!

No matter how hard I try

I can't change anything

I can't save anyone

I told you

You're strong

Remember when we first met?

- Let's go - I can't

I'm not asking. Come with me

Wanna be crushed?

Punk? Talking to me?

I can't stand it anymore

I'll crush you!

How does it feel?

Who're you talking to?

Wipe it up!

The floor's a mess

Yes, sir!

What? You next?

I'll shred you, punk!

Please stop!

I don't want to be shredded or crushed!

Girl, call the police!

- This guy's crazy! - Fly away, birdie!



I couldn't think of any other way...

You say, "I can't do it"

"I'm shaking in my pants"

But you always try your best

You're not Draken

Or Mikey...

You sob out loud for others

You grit your teeth

Even if that's all you can do

that's you, Takemichi

The guy

I love

Are you OK?


No! This is me!

I may be pitiful

but I'm gonna protect you

I'll make it up to you,10 years from now

I'll come to see you

You can do it!

I'm really outnumbered here...

Give up now

You gonna take them all on?

I knew you were stupid

but are you deaf, too?

I'm not alone

That's Mikey's motorbike

Hey, big boy

What's your name again?


Osanai! Whose hair are you pulling?

Mitsuya, Unit 2...

He's tough

How many of them are there?

Don't bother counting

You made us wait so you could attack Kenchin

So what if we did?

Whose plan is this?

You don't need to know

'cause I'm gonna kill you anyway

Still alive, Kenchin?

It's festival day!

I'm ready to party!

Stop blabbering!

Kill 'em!

Crush 'em!

I'm getting tired

The end of peace for Toman

The war's started



Right to the liver

It's over


Draken... been stabbed!




Worry about yourself!

He's alive!

He's alive!

Draken's still alive!

Takemitchy! Take care of him

Who, me?


You're all he's got!

I won't...

...let anyone die!

Sorry, no passage


Go Takemichi!

We owe them!

Takemichi! You're still a virgin, right?

I called the ambulance

Just a little...


You should've minded your own business



I'm heavy, huh?

I'll take care of my own shit

Let me down

I'll fight him


Think I'd run away?

Be scared shitless?

Who do you think I am?

Shut up and rest

This is my fight!

This is my life...

My revenge!

What are you talking about?

Let's settle this

Gladiator style!

Then I'll...

bet a 100 million on Takemitchy

Wanna die?

No one wants to die, you idiot!


always blamed you

Get up

I thought it was your fault

my life was screwed up

But that's bullshit!

Persistent idiot!


...don't deserve to change my life!

I'll take you down now

and change my own destiny!

Don't bite me, you lame piece of shit!

So what if I'm lame? Or pitiful?

That's me...

Takemichi Hanagaki!

Mitsuya, Pah

You alive?

I got some juice left

What about Draken?


- Yo - You're late, Mikey!

Where were you?

Shut up


Eat this

This is no time for a snack!

Never mind. Here

You guys eat, too

Kenchin would never

break a promise

He wouldn't die on us

He promised we'd go as far as we could

So just trust him

He's going to live

The surgery was a success



Don't ever do that again


- See ya. Thanks - Thank you


Naoto! Where's your sister?

Where 's Hina?

You always appear out of nowhere