Tokyo Rendezvous (2008) - full transcript

Hidetoshi Nishijima

Ryo Kase

Azusa Takehana

Sansei Shiomi

Masaya Takahashi

Kyôko Kagawa

"Tokyo Rendezvous"

This apartment isn't my grandfather's.

The building itself has no value.

İt's really old-fashioned.

Your grandfather owns good land.

It' s locked.

I couldn't find the key.

I've seen enough.

We'll pay the owner enough compensation.

İt's definitely better
to sell it.

I'll talk to the owner.

Humans are evolving.

Humans have adapted to
the environment...

...and have attained civilization.

Humans emerged about
6 million years ago...

“Standing on two legs
for the first time.”

What's the point of
looking at these?


I'm bored. Let's get out.


Huh? What' s this?

Oh no... What?

'Matchmaking service”

Ms. Ryoko Toyoshima!


Yes. Oh, hello...

I'm sorry... Um, hello.

Sorry. I got lost.

Uh, Mr. Nogami?

Yes, I am.

Nice to meet you.

Excuse me. My feet hurt.

Do you want to take a rest?


I'm not used to wearing a Kimono.

But... you look nice.

This type of Kimono is for
unmarried girls, and I'm nearly 30!

I got this when I was 20.

But I don't have much chance
to wear it.


So you're wearing it.

Is this your first blind date?


Me, too-
I've been feeling uncomfortable.

Yeah--- Me, too-

Honestly, I don't really want
to get married...

I just wanted to escape from reality.

Or looking for an easy way out...

Good reason to use
the match making service, huh?


Oh. Sorry.

Would you like to start over sometime?

What? Um, are you sure?


Oh.-. Yeah---

That' s our boss.

Yeah, Mr. Nogami...
I heard he's quitting soon.

Quitting the company?

Hey! isn't that a blind date?

No way.

Jobless person wouldn't
want to get married.

He's quitting...

Tetsu, your phone's ringing.

Yeah, it's from office.
Who cares? it's my day off.

I' m bored.

Let' s go back.


Good morning.

İt's quite cold this morning.

Excuse me.



I need to talk to you...

About what?

Can you make some time?

Then come to my bar tonight.

Um, somewhere else... Maybe...

Why not? You've never come to my bar.

The director accepts your resignation.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Take care of yourself and...

Excuse me.

And good luck with your future.

So long.

I'm sorry! It has a wire inside
to keep it straight.

Food and women should be gorgeous.

Appearance is everything.

Yes-.. I see.

Wouldn't you pay for
the renewal fee for my room?

Why don't you just pack up
and come back?

Living in Tokyo all alone...

What if I get married?

You have someone?

I don't have to go back, if I do?

So you really have someone?


I do. So don't worry.



Hey, wait! What do you mean?

Why are you doing this?
I said wait!

I've made up my mind.


If you're quitting, move out!

This is Misaki of Mitsuba Transport.
I'm returning your call...

No, that's not what I...

Um, I already said there's
nothing I can do about that...



Um, I've just quit my job.
I took responsibility.

Please just leave me alone.

Thanks for waiting.

No problem.

So, everyone is working there.

Don't you need to answer your phone?

İt's all right. it's from
my girlfriend or from Toyo Plating.

Anything wrong?

They won't accept the termination
of the contract.

Of course not. it's a matter of
life and death for them.

Why should I have to tell them?
It wasn't my fault...

Bar 'Fumito”

You' re in a good mood tonight, Roku.

Did you know that gorillas can hum?

A record company
went to Africa to record it.

What does it sound like?

They couldn't record it.

Gorillas only hum
when they feel really lonely.

So no one can ever hear it.

Oh really...

About what I said before...

One more, please.

Just a moment.

Do you come here often?

No, I've just moved in around here.



Is there any vacancy there?

I don't have a job, though...

She is the owner of the apartment,

I'm Misaki.
I quit the company with Nogami.

I need a place to live from tomorrow.


Good evening.

Thanks for seeing me.

İt's OK.
I am sorry I didn't call you.

Here you are.

Oh, please.

Ah, thank you.


Here you are.

Thank you.

So, do you have any vacancies?

Um... Gould I move in tomorrow?

İt's been vacant for a long time.
it's in disrepair.

That's all right. I don't mind.


İt's old, I won't ask a deposit.

Oh... Thank you!

No deposit?

She owns the apartment Nogami lives in.


Um, can I move in, too?

You're leaving your parents' home?

I don't live with my family.

I can't afford the renewal fee
due this month.

That's all right with me.

Oh, great! Thank you very much!

I'm so relieved. Thank you so much.

Well, cheers.

One more beer, please.

İt's nothing like
what you'd expect.

Let's just have a look.

I heard bad fortune doesn't stay
on the riverside.

İt's supposed to be good Feng Shui.

Hey, this is the place.

Ryoko, Ryoko, we are here.


Oh, sorry-..

I can't believe it.

İt's not fair you didn't
tell me you are jobless.

Ugh, this sucks.
I'm so disappointed.


It says you live in a house
with a yard.

Ah, that's not true.

I wouldn't be here if I had one.


I've made up my mind.
I don't need a man.

I' ll work hard and buy my own condo.

And have a cat.

This place might be demolished soon.

No problem!

İt's just until I find another place.

Same for me!

Why did you choose to see her?

Unlike you two,
I wanted to leave this place.

And now, look.

I've never had good luck..

Well, both are to blame.

You can't sleep?

Yeah... I'm wide awake...


Oh, good morning...

We stayed in his room last night.

Oh, good.
I'm on my way there.

Oh, you are.

Thank you for taking us in.

My pleasure.

See you later--.

Hey, Grandpa?

About the apartment...
I didn't want any new tenants.

And I haven't talked to Fujiko, yet.

It is OK to sell the land, right?


I can demolish the place, right?

This is the only way out.

'How to quit a job effectively”


I'm moving in.

Fujino women's apartment...


This is your room, Misaki.
And Ryoko is in 202.


Oh, thank you.


Who are these bizarre people, Nogami?


Very funny.


“Insert your wish list here.
- It really works!”

Can you see anything?

The room next door is vacant, right?

Yes, but--.

Do you have anything to write with?

Hurry, hurry! A pen!

Thanks for waiting.

This is delicious!

Fujiko made them for us.

Looks tasty.

They' re really good.


What is this? Salt?

Let me try.

Mmm !

Isn't it great?


Fujiko takes care of
your grandfather?

You mean she's his girlfriend?




And my notebook.

Good morning.

201 is vacant, right?

Something wrong?

No, never mind...

it's one of those forbidden rooms.

Well, I'm leaving.

See you later-

Sorry, can you do the rest?

Thank you for coming.

I'd like to settle our deal.

Hello! Your grandson is in trouble.

He's burdened with your son's debt.

He really can't hear me?

I don't think so...

You might have been a guarantor,
you know.

This isn't someone else's problem.

This land can't be sold
without your consent.

Why accumulate the interest?
Pay off now!

I know you can hear me. Come on!



Can you give us some time?

Were you talking about
demolishing the building?


I' ll help you find a new place.

That's not what I mean.

Don't you care for your grandpa?

There's nothing I can do.

What do you mean?

You didn't want to hurt others
for the company's sake.

So you quit, right?

That' s you.

I didn't quit because of the company.

Then why did you quit?

Why did you quit?

I don't understand you at all.

İt's easy to
blame the company for everything.

What do you mean?

Just escaping from responsibilities.

After all,
you want to protect yourself.

So do you.

What a waste, after all that cooking.

Some idol said
“I don't like chicken."

No one told me that.

Everyone went quiet,
so I had to apologize.

İt's like they cancelled the shooting
because of me.

Argh, I'm so mad! I hate this!

You work freelance.
Just choose a better job.

As if I had a choice.

If I were picky,
I couldn't have survived.

You' re a woman.
Just get married then.

You make it sound so easy.
I don't like that.


Burn, burn. - -

Burn, fire...

Flames rise up

And scoorch the heavens

Burn, burn. - -

Burn, fire...

I didn't know
Nogami was in debt.

Still, there are things
you shouldn’t do-

Don't you think so?

Everyone has their own reasons.

But I'm saying the right thing?

Oh, what my future's going to be. ..?

Where's this smoke coming from?

Oh, no!

Hey, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Shut up. What's your problem?


What' s your problem?

What are you doing? Hey!


Who do you think you are?

What are you doing?

This is from me.
Be good friends again.

Go ahead.



I'm sorry.

Thanks for the sake.



Would you like to go on a trip?

Uh huh...

Pi is...




I can't reach it.



Can I ask you a favor.


Do they fit you?


I'm not sure I can manage.

There's nothing difficult.

Well, Misaki and Nogami are helping me...



When I get back,
I think I' ll close this bar.

I've kept it long enough.

I started this bar 40 years ago.

Time really does fly.

I've had enough of this.

You have to decide, Grandpa.
it's your land.

I can't make the decision.

Are you senile or not? Answer me!

You're responsible for
what Dad did.

Why is it only me...

Can I talk to you?

I've been thinking...

You can demolish...

You were listening?

I can sense this sort of thing.

You're a lot like Tomo.

Well, I' ll be on my way.

How' s the K i mono?

I feel comfortable.


What about the cooking?

Never mind me.

You're really selling the place?

I'm not sure.

About what?

Why are you so irritated?

Why should you care anyway?

What? Of course I care.

I live there now,
and I know Fujiko...

What do you want me to do, then?

What do I want?
That's not what it is.

İt's about what you want,


I know that.

What's with everyone?
it's easy to say.

I'm the one to make the decision.

Try repaying someone else's debt
every month!

What's wrong with
quitting and running away?

What's wrong with selling the land?

Why am I the only one to blame?




Hey, wait!

Yes, we got here safely.



Oh, really?

I' ll leave that up to you, Ryoko.

All right then, take care.

Fish were the first to have
vertebrae on the planet.

You really know things like that.

İt's a common sense.



You're demolishing the apartment?

My parents' home and
savings have been taken as collateral-

That place is all that's left.

From an evolutionary perspective...

“Man”and“Fish”are like relatives.

İt's man who categorize them

Fish don't care about that.

What's important to me
and what's important to you...

...are probably different, right?

That's why people have conflicts
or don't get along.

But even if you can't understand
each other-..

Try learning about others.
Trying to understand.

That' s what' s important.

Your phone' s ringing.

İt's OK. I'm at work.

Go ahead. Answer it.


What do you mean, “What” ?


You're really not coming back?

I'm at work right now.

You got a job?

Just a part time job.


You know What?

My father's company is
recruiting new staff.

Are you interested?

Huh. Is that so?


Sorry, I have to go.

Thank you very much!
Please come again soon!

Kid, you're not a businessman anymore.

No one will protect you.
You have to be responsible for yourself.

Uh, right.

I can't expect much of
unemployment allowance-

I mean---

Think over the reasons...

...why you quit your company.


I' ll do that.


What' s the matter?

The wind is picking up.

I heard a typhoon is coming.

I' ll go get supplies.

I'm going, too.

Oh. Hello, Roku.


Straw mats smell good.

Typhoons excite me.

I can hardly concentrate on work.

Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus,
Homo Sapiens...

You like that stuff?

Yes, I do.

So do I.

A long time ago,
I went to Africa to see gorillas.


But I had to take over the business,
and then got married.

I couldn't do whatever I wanted.

Hey, you're home.


I thought you had a club meeting today.

İt's been cancelled due to typhoon.



Friends of yours, Dad?

Yeah, kind of.-.

They' re cute.

Don't talk like a grown-up.

We had her late, so she's spoiled.

She' s pretty.

You think so?

We better watch out.

If the wind gets harder,
we' ll be in trouble.



I tried to stop her. Right, Ryoko?

I said it's all right.

How' s it going?

Hold on.

I made it.

What a girl...

Nogami! What's going on?

Oh, it' s backwards.

'Showa year 19, May 17th,
To Fujiko, from Mitsuo”

Showa year 19...

Add 25...


Was that during the war?

Who's Mitsuo?

My grandfather's brother.
He died in the war.

Fujiko's fiance.

"To Tomojiro"

It' s sunny.


You can see from here.

She had been watching all the time.

Fujiko was like family to
Tomo and his wife.

When Tome's wife died,
Fujiko started taking care of him.

It was completely natural.

So that's what happened.

Fujiko used to live here
a long time ago.

But when Tome's wife died...

She moved out to “Fumito. ”

And closed up her apartment.


...blamed it on her age.

Just nail a board onto the ceiling?

Idiot! it's not that simple.

What if I use straw mats, then?

I'm just joking!

A long time ago...

Tomo gave this to me.

Pass me that.

I forgot about this.

What' s that?

A Cat.

Aw... I kind of believed in it...

Why not keep believing?

'Shell land, repay debt. ”

'Repay debt. ”

I'm keeping the apartment.


about what you said on the phone.

You're going for monthly payments?

You're not trying to
go bankrupt, are you?

I've already processed this
as full repayment.



Are you sure about this?


Long-term repayment means more interest.

I've made up my mind.

That's easy for you to say.

But I' ll have a problem at work.

I understand.

What can you understand?
You ran away from work.

I went too far. I' ll come back later.

Mr. Suzuki !

I'm sorry.

You quit without plans?

I heard Nogami was quitting.

So I thought, “Hey, I could do that. ”

Monkey see, monkey do, huh?

And so your girlfriend kicked you out.

Then again, mimicking isn't
very easy for monkeys.

But humans can do it with ease.

So give it a try even if
it' s just copying.

You are human.
it's OK to be confused.

I' ll try to make it on my own.

You' re sure?


Hmm. So you've made up your mind.

By the way---

Why didn't you tell me about quitting?


What do you mean, “sorry”?

What was the point of us being together?

There was a point.

I think there was.

There definitely was.

Even if it was just staying together.

Well, good luck.

But there's no way
you can make it.


I'm not selling this land.

This place means so much to Fujiko.

And also to you.


I'm hungry.
Can you make something, Ryoko?

Why don't you cook by yourself?


I thought southeast corner room
doesn't get sun from the west.

'Apartment for Rent”

This should do.


Women's apartment.
it's like a harem, isn't it?

You idiot.

What's yummy in Africa?

I don't know. That's why I'm going.

You haven't read a guidebook?

No, I don't need to.

All the answers are in Africa.

So you've “evolved” a little.

This is Misaki from Mitsuba Transport.
Sorry for my rudeness.


I' m very sorry.

I've quit the company, but...

I want to pay a visit of apology.

Don't smoke too much.

I'm going.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Can I walk to the station with you?

I can wait 10 seconds.

Make it 20.

19, 18...


My purse... and camera...




Hidetoshi Nishijima

Ryo Kase

Azusa Takehana

Sansei Shiomi

Masaya Takahashi

Kyôko Kagawa

“Tokyo Rendezvous"

Michiko Ohishi

Masaki Tamura

Hiroyuki Nagashima

Directed by
Chihiro Ikeda