Tokyo Rampage (1998) - full transcript

The psychopath Arano arrives in Tokyo with a bag full of knives with the intention of killing Yakuza. He gets close to the smalltime gangster Kamijo, who was assigned by the old Yakuza Boss to kill the gangster Matsunaga, but he is not a killer. When Arano kill two American drug dealers, Kamijo steals the boom box with drugs. But the young prostitute Alice convinces Arano to rob the drugs and travel with her to Fiji. When she disappears with the drugs, Arano begins his rampage against Yakuza.

Little More

1998 Little More Presents

Watch where the fuck you're going!

- Sorry!
- You're looking for trouble?

Let me go!

Why are you hanging with the Matsunagas?

- It's work.
- Work?

Then where's the money?

Getting paid is part of the job!

We're in business.
This isn't a charity.

- But...
- "But" nothing.

The Matsunagas are shit.

My father's last words to me
were not to do anything dirty.

So don't force me to.

Kamijo, we're late!
The old man'll complain.

Yeah, yeah!

Do your job.

Hey! You blind or what?

Looking for trouble, pal?

C'mon, let's go, Kamijo!
Forget that jerk!

You gonna
end up as a yakuza too, idiot!

Who wants concert tickets?

Concert tickets!
Good seats, right up front!

Anyone got tickets for sale?

Tickets! Good seats!

You got a ticket?
Right up front...

- I don't need one.
- Oh ... I see.

We buy and sell!

Not needed.

You're a Yakuza, right?

Hey...come here.

Come on, move!

- Hello!
- Hello!

Have a drink!
There's some food, too.

Don't wait for me.

Beer's OK?

Tatsuo...bring some wine...


I'm sorry I couldn't help.

It'd be easier if you took the cup
and signed on with me full-time.

I can't,
my mum's still alive! offense meant.

Look at this...

the real thing.

I'd like to try it out.

Go find me a cat or something.

No...get me Matsunaga instead.

He's fucking with my foreigners.

- He's a problem.
- Yes.

Do you like sweets?

No, not really.

I do.

Ah. You do...

Yes. What is it?

For the foreigners it's "Sugar".

Hard to digest, but...

kill Matsunaga for me.

I can't do that.
I've still got things to do alone.

You can't make money alone.

It's relationships that mark off a man.

It's who his friends are.

Have you got friends?

These guys?

Where did you come from?

You're a fucking weirdo!

Answer the man!
You don't fuck with the yakuza!

I could kill you in
two seconds, so talk!

He's nothing
but a damn fool.

Some people don't smarten up
even if you kill them.

I fought a yakuza when I was a kid.

They thought that was brave,
so they drafted me.

But it's all uphill. There's
nowhere to lie down. Don't do it, kid.

I'm not a yakuza by choice.

- You're not?
- Not really.

Say something.


Book Coupons

Who are you?

This cuts, you know.

You want to die?

Tatsuo! Tatsuo!

Yakuza aren't needed.

Yakuza aren't needed.

The whole town would seize up with rust...

...if we weren't on the job.

Some fools don't understand that.

That's mine!

Get rid of that little son of a bitch!

Matsunaga, too.

Are we really going to kill him?

This is fucked, you know.

The old bastard was serious.
He wasn't kidding.

I guess we have to, Kamijo.

Shut up!

Let's do it tomorrow.

No way! Today!

He'll stink if we leave him here.

OK. You guys handle it.

I've got an appointment.

They're waiting for for me...

- A threesome.
- Get lost!

This is no time for women!

What can I do?
It's a threesome!

Are you really going to
shoot Matsunaga?

So, we're in a good mood, Mr. Okuma?


What, it's you, Mum?

About Dad's memorial service?
I'm busy. I'll give you a call.

You're lucky. It's a miracle.

You're alive?

I'm no yakuza.

What are you, then?

No, what are you?


- There you go.
- Yosuke, for me too.

- Two!
- Three! - Four!

Kamijo, what if the old man finds
out we didn't kill him?

Are you some yakuza's poodle?

Why aren't yakuza needed?

You tell me?

If you don't know,
how should I know.

So then if I know, then you do?

What do you know?

Do you know about epitaphs?


You mean what they write
about someone on a grave?

What do they write?

Who knows?

What the fuck are you talking about?

- Yusuke! Where's the food?
- I'm sorry! Just a second!

He forgot about the food!

That's beautiful!

Don't be shy!

You can show me.
I'm paying you.

What's the matter?
Don't worry, I'll pay.

Come on!

That's great!

Two beers!


What's your problem?

No problem.

Get the fuck out of here!

What's the umbrella for?
It's not raining!

You date my...

Speak up! I can't hear you!

You date my girls, you pay my date club.
That's the rules.

Shut up!
Do you know who you're talking to?


Who the fuck are you?

Take it. Go ahead, try!

No? Go on. Just take it.

Take it, I said!

Take it and go home.

Go to sleep.
And don't bother waking up!

You've got no friends,
no influence...


If Mr Matsunaga says eat flies
or swallow snakes, I will.

No one needs you!

Shut the fuck up!
We're sorry! Come on!

That's the yakuza you hate so much.

What are you going to do?

The foreign dealers
want to talk to you.

Let's go.

No dice, huh?

Why so stingy?

I thought of something funny, too.

This is funny.

This is called "funny".
This is called "funny".

Understand? This is funny.
This is funny, not that.

Like, you don't realize till
just before you die...

...that this is what's funny.

But in the next second... say, "that's it!"..."That's it!"

"That's it!"
"That's it!"

Not these guys.
Don't shoot.

Shall I put on some tea?


- This isn't funny!
- What's wrong with you?


Don't pull my hair! That hurts!

Shit happens!
It's too late.

"Too late"?
We're not killers!

That sucks! That really sucks!

I'll do what Kamijo says.

What are you babbling about?
That fool did it, not us!

He's not a fool, he's nuts!

He'S a psycho!

They're everywhere these days.

This is all your fault, Kamijo.

You let him live,
and now we're fucked.

That's killing, too.

What if the cops find us
with the gun?

Matsunaga, too.

He's got a gang, we've got a gang.
That's what gangs are for.

That old man won't help us.

You want to kill, don't you.

You don't care who!

Well, that's great.

Kill Matsunaga, then!

- I'll draw you a map.
- Shut up!

Well done!

The guy did good.

Let's have a party.

Get some girls.

This should be interesting.

Get over here and have a drink!

Two dead barbarians?

Tatsuo! Go upstairs...upstairs!

Happy birthday, Tatsuo!

Today's your birthday.

Don't cry!

We'll tell you how you make
a real man.


You go first.

You want me to start? - How you become a real man.

Make a lot of women come.
That's the normal way...

Do you know about the
"Grand Summer of Love"?

In the summer of '99 there'll
be raves all over the world.

Spiritual raves.

And then on New Year's Eve
on the beach in Fiji...

...everyone's going to see the sunrise.
Won't that be cool!


Hi, Mum.

I'll be busy. I can't come back
just for that.

I want to ask you something.

Do you know about epitaphs?


What's written on Dad's grave?


OK. I'll call you.

Wouldn't you like to come to a
southern island with me?


Watch out!
You'll burn the place down!

Burn yourself if you want,
but don't burn me.

The toilet's next door!

Why don't you kill him?

Flush your own shit.

Fuck you!
Now don't get playful!

Who got us into this shit?

Whose fault is it?
I'll flush you!

Are you guys here again?

Shut up.

What's up?

Not needed.

What are you talking about?

You know who I am?

I'm Kamijo!

Everyone in Shibuya knows me!

Now what have you got to say?

I know Kamijo!

I know him.

- What the fuck are you doing?! - Shut up.

Go home!

Looks like it's closed.

They're all looking for you.

Why don't you take off somewhere?

If you want to disappear,
Okinawa's good.

Are you OK?

Hey, little bugger!
Look what you did to my suit!

Are you listening to me?
I'm trying to help!

I'll teach you a lesson!
I'll bust your balls, kid!

Well, does it hurt?

You're hunting down suits?

That looked great!

Nice bail, Bro!

Oh! He slammed!

Nothing happened!

But that gotta hurt!

Now he'll do it!

You're too stiff!

You try it.

Ride with me.

Let's take that acid
and the two of us split.

Forget Okinawa.
Let's go to Fiji.

We'll be there for the
"Grand Summer of Love."

We'll be first to see the year 2000.

You're unique.
You'll meet a lot of people.

Shut up!


Stupid, all of them! Totally stupid!

This town's full of idiots!


Don't just sit around!

Say something!

Doesn't all this noise bother you?
Don't you have ears?

Cut them off.


What's in there?

An instrument?

Come on!

Something went "bang" when I first saw you.


Yeah. "Bang."

What do you mean, "bang"?

"Bang!" You know..."bang, bang, bang!"

Don't do that!
What a waste!

I'll go sell this stuff.
Wait here.

We'll go to Fiji.

We need money!

Trust me!
I won't cheat you.

I don't like being alone, either.

Trust me?

I don't know.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Kamijo won't do anything.

You keep watch.

If I don't come back, call the police.

Stay calm!

This can't go on forever.

Shit! Wrong floor!

Matsunaga will know all about this!

He'll come after you, now!

I don't know you, man!
I've never seen you before!

And you!
Where's the 'cids??!

You know who took them!
So go out and find them!

They got Yusuke.


Who? The Matsunagas?!

Happens all the time.

It's not my funeral yet.

If you don't get lost, you won't have
anything left to do threesomes with.

Even if you're still alive.

Do what you like.
You're on your own.

I didn't do anything!
You're imagining things!

Let me go, Mr. Matsunaga!

"Dr Matsunaga" to you!

- It's huge, you know...
- What is?

- It's open!
- Stop it!

There's five pearls in there!

You're lying!

Let's go for a drive.

I'll give you pearls!

Stay here!
We're going to Enoshima!

Stop fucking around!
I'll kill you!

Stop it!

You are you?

Who sent you?

No one needs you!

What the fuck are you talking about?

What is this?!

Not needed.

The world doesn't need you.

Let me go I said!

C'mon, get up!
- Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Kamijo, we're going to kill you!

Come with me.

You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!

Where's the shit,
you son of a bitch?!

I killed him!

Killed who?

You're lucky!

It's a miracle.

You killed him?

You killed Matsunaga?

What's my epitaph?

You dumb bitch!

Found it!

The old man'll love this!

Hello? Ginji calling.

I got it.

This'll pull the old man off
his high horse.

Man, that was close!

Good thing you've got someone
who can work things like me!

Yeah, "indirect".

"Don't let your right hand know
what your left hand's doing."

So you got the shit back, huh?

Great. I'll go over there now.

Don't forget to bring it.
See you.

Hang out here tonight.

- Hey...
- What?

What am I to you?

Without you, I'd be dead.


...will you work for me?

Why the sunglasses?
It's rude.

Old man, if the Emperor wanted to meet me,
I'd still wear them.

Oh, yeah?

I heard about Matsunaga.
Good work.

- Let's have a drink.
- No, thanks.

There's more news.
We got the shit.

We're thinking of going
into business.

That's a lie.

Where did you come from?
Did you join the gang?

You're full of shit.

I'm not lying. I got it back.

It'll be here soon.
Big brother!

So I pretend you're my equal?

Well, old man...
let's take a little walk.

The scenery's changed.

You were right. You can do a
lot if you put your mind to it.

The sunrise... so beautiful... Fiji...

Hey! Watch where you're going!
Open your eyes! - Sorry!

A "Sorry" won't help!

Excuse me.

Oh, man, not again!

You OK?

Quit flashing that knife around!

Punks do that, not yakuza!

Kamijo says, "Don't use a knife,
use your head."

"lf they swing first,
you get money later."

You are yakuza?

"The Yakuza Youth".

Summer of Love 1999

So I want that for myself.


Matsunaga's business.

I want something of my own
while I'm still young.

His punks are rough.

They use hot water, electric shock...
Keep you alive for a month.

That's supposed to be good
for the back, old man.


Another sad young man...

So what?


Let's go!

...shall we go?

To that place.

This place is a drag.
What are you talking about?

There's nothing here.

Yeah, sure!


Wait a minute...

I'm not needed, either?

Not here.

It's you that's not needed!

You aren't, either.

Damned if I'm going to die now!