Tokyo Raiders (2000) - full transcript

Is anyone who he says he is in this caper that moves from Hong Kong and Las Vegas to Tokyo? Ken doesn't show up in Vegas for his wedding; his disconsolate bride, Macy, heads home for Hong Kong and finds John, an interior decorator, waiving a check of Ken's that has bounced. She leaves immediately for Tokyo to find her businessman boyfriend, and John tags along. Ken's flat is teeming with members of the Ito gang, who are also looking for Ken. John and Macy escape, with the help of a crew of look-alike cuties who work for Lin, who claims to be a private investigator. He too is looking for Ken. Where is Ken, why has he disappeared, and who will find him first?

Can l help you?

Come with us.



Fighting is OK.

Don't mess up my hair.


-Too short.
-ls it?



-Are we best friends?
-Of course.

Then can l be honest?

l have a bad feeling about this.

Daddy will stop the wedding?

How would he find out?

Why does daddy dislike him?

But l'm marrying him anyway.

Forget about your father.

Where's your groom?

We spoke on the phone few nights ago.

He asked if l liked his gift.

He has to fix up our new home
in Hong Kong.

Before a big event like this...

...and you haven't called him in days?

But l did.

l only got his voicemail.


Why? He decided the date and time.

So? The flight is late.

Macy, l checked with the airline,
couldn't find his name.

Maybe he took another flight.

l've checked with all airlines.

Maybe he got sick of flying.

The chapel can't wait any more.

Cancel it.

Thank you.



Chief Score Referee



What is the date today?


Hey, who are you?
How did you get the key?

l installed your lock.

l was your interior designer.

You're Mr. Yung, the decorator man.

Your work is finished, why are you here?

Good question.

What do you want? Hold it.

Answer me.

Where's your husband?

l'm not married.

-Your beau then.
-Stay right there.

Fine, l'll sit here.

Where is he?

Why should l tell you?

You're trespassing, l'll call the cops.

Go ahead. Let's see who's the crook.

l received my final payment cheque:

HKD 2,837,695.

-Your beau signed it.
-That's weird.

lt bounced like mad.

-Time to pay up.

No more tricks.

Maybe you're conning me.

You two make a great couple.

-One vanished, the other--
-Leave me alone.

Air ticket! Honeymoon?

But you won't pay up.

So irresponsible!

-You're so damn selfish.

-Lucky you're not a man.

l'd knock you down with one punch,
and kick you in the air.

lf you fight so well... a hitman, not a decorator.

That's none of your business.
Give me back my cheque.

A gentleman like me...

...never argues with mean women.

Thank you.

-We're together.

Your passports and boarding passes.

-You may board now.
-Thank you.

-We are not together.
-She's joking.

Give them back.

Why are you following me?

Going to Japan to find your husband?


What do you want?

To get paid.

Narita Terminal 1

Out of order. Bad luck never comes alone.

The lift is not working.

Let me.

This is so heavy.

You're moving here?

lf so, one suitcase won't do.

Green doesn't suit you.

You like green?

A handle!

Now that's much better.


Why don't you shut up?

Not a bad idea.

That's it. Takahashi Yuji.


Please be polite when you see him.

Don't worry.

Come out and pay me!

ls this the right place? lt's empty.

He even moved.

He's your husband. You should know.

l don't. He didn't come to our wedding.



Do you know them?

l don't.

Get them!

-What did he say?
-''Get us!''

Tell them they're mistaken.

You got it wrong.

Are you after him?

-Didn't you tell them to stop?
-l did.

-So stop it.
-Did too!

Thank you.

You are welcome, Macy.

You know me?

Did Takahashi send you? Where is he?

You'll find out.

You know her?

Good thing she showed up.

Those men know kung-fu.

And they're good.

Thank her for me.

He's very annoying.


She said, ''Shut up.''

She didn't even move her lips.

l'll talk to her.

You're beautiful.

Shut up.

Sit tight, here they come.


Come with me.

Macy, welcome to Tokyo.

Watch those men for me.

Yes, sir.

We'll talk upstairs.

Please sit.

All of you can speak Chinese.

Who are you?

They learned to speak Chinese...

...because they fancy the boss.

So did you.

Go now.

Yes, sir.

l'm Len. l'm Chinese.

That's Arisa and Sayuri.
Naomi rescued you earlier.

They're my assistants. All Japanese.

So is Lady Owner here.

We're the good guys.

This is my name card.

You're a private detective?

Listen up.

Your attackers work for
Kobe gang leader, lto.

Their motive involves
your fiancee, Takahashi.

You are in great danger.

Should we believe you?

That's up to you.

They were going to Hong Kong
to look for Macy.


How do you know so much?

l know more than you think.

-l also know you fight well.

Why do they want me?

Why are you spying on us?

Both questions have the same answer.

To find Takahashi through you.

ls he in trouble?

-Lady Owner.

The story began two weeks ago.

Game over.

lt's my turn now.

l get five more tries.

Stop that!

Answer the door. lt's business, hurry!

-What a cheat!

What's the big rush?

Wait a minute!

Well, do you know who l am?

l can't see.

Boss of the Kobe Gang, Japan's biggest.

lto Takeshi.

Mr. lto to you.


A private eye who speaks bad Japanese.

But l like him.

What one needs is brains.

Exactly why l'm here.

Check up on this woman.

lt's top secret.

Why would a gang leader ask for my help?

But it made perfect sense.

His woman was unfaithful.

How embarrassing if his men knew.

Using a Chinese who speaks bad Japanese.

Even if word got out,
no one would believe me.



l love you.

-Get these developed now.


May l see the work you've done today?


I soon found out...

...Takahashi heads a US investment firm...

...and commutes across Asia.

Many Japanese gang bosses
are his clients.

Including Ito and Miyuki.

Great work.

Let's have fun tonight.

Thank you.

I'm a private eye.

I'm very flexible, and greedy too.

Life is too short.

-First time here?

May l present
Chinatown's best private eye...

...and my partner.

lndulge him.

-He's handsome.
-Cute too.

He's my buddy.

Drink up. Let's get drunk.


lt was weird.

He told people l was his buddy.

And his partner.

Two days later, Ito came.

I planned to sell the photos again.

Why are you so late?

My woman eloped with Takahashi.

You saw him last.

l heard you're his buddy.

Where did they go?

-l don't know.
-You don't know?

You don't know?


l finally found out.

lto loves this woman, Miyuki, dearly.

She managed the gang's finances... she knows everything.

She eloped with a lot of money.

And something important to the gang.

l haven't found out what it is.

They're gone, and l'm in trouble.

Everyone is looking for them.

And their pals.

We're in trouble until Takahashi shows up.

So call the police.

-Who are you?
-l am Yung, an interior designer.

No wonder you're naive.

l called the police long ago.

But it's no major crime.

They did squat.

What's your plan then?

Macy, find Takahashi for us.

Why should l believe you?

You decide.

That's horrible.

Such poor taste.

Macy's far better.

Lucky you didn't marry him.

You're out of line.

l'm comforting her.

Shut up.

Let's find you a safe place to rest.

Takahashi, Japanese.

Raised in the USA.

l know all this.
What does his company do?

l don't know.

l met him in Tokyo.

He's very secretive.

What about family and friends?

He has few friends.

And no family here.

He earned everything by himself.

Did he mention any problems lately?

A capable man like him
can take care of his problems.

Come off this adoration.

What do you talk about?

That's none of your business.

But he is never rude.

You know so little of him.

How can you marry him?

None of your business.

So you don't know he deals with gangs...

...much less his affair with Miyuki.

Of course not.

Perhaps his taste changed.

All right, l'm after his money.

You like that answer?

l'll go home tomorrow...

...and forget about him.

Sorry, l can't help you.

Big mouth.

l'm trying to help you.

Your methods stink.

And yours hurt.

Sir. Yes, sir.

l'll settle my debt.

Yes, l know.

l'll pay you back, honest.

l was conned. No lies.

Don't shout at me.

That girl is helpless, too.

Good morning.

You changed. Found your suitcase?

l'm fine now.

l bought these this morning.


l'll buy you breakfast.


Are you feeling your grief?

You should go to the airport now.

l'll take a later flight.

l can't leave you alone.

l've already decided.

Don't worry. l'm fine.

lt's your life.

Why should l be worried?

-For the bill?
-lt's for you.

-For me?
-The code is 332335.

l have about HKD 200,000 in my account.

What's this?
Are you paying for Takahashi?

You're an innocent victim.

Take it as partial payment.

Take it as if he were paying you.

l don't have the rest.

l'll call you if l find him.


That's 33, 23, 35.

-Nice figure.
-You're so annoying.

The hips need work.

Anyway, thanks.

-You have cash?

-Narita Airport.

l've sent him away. Now what?


Can't fool me.



-Mr. Akagawa has been waiting.

Can l help you?

Just looking around.

No visitors. Please leave.

-Macy, my dear.

-You may go home.

Have a seat.

Takahashi said you can help me.

What happened to him?

l don't know.

He missed his own wedding.

l came to Japan for him.

l'm worried about where he went.

He'll be fine.

Did he leave anything special... your care recently?

-Thank you.

Nothing special.

Think carefully.

A key to a safe?

A disk or a notebook?

-Hey, you. Please leave.
-Okay, sorry.



-You want some coffee?

What are you doing?


Answer my questions now, understand?


-You drugged her.
-Who are you?


Seventh floor. They both went up.

Akagawa, lnc.

You're good.

-Hang in there.
-Yes, sir!

l'm Mr. Akagawa's friend.

She didn't take the lift.

Must have used the stairs.

Over here.

You know me?

Get in.

You rescued Macy?


You were too busy fighting.

You didn't see me.

Why didn't you help me?

You didn't need help.

You had the easy job.

l'm the hero.

The hero always saves the beauty.


The crook gave her something to drink.

Are you Macy?


Why are you looking for Takahashi?

He promised to marry me.

She sounds like she's been hypnotised.

She must have taken T.T.T.T.T.

T.T.T.T.T.? What's that?

''Till They Tell The Truth.''

A drug?

Until till. Yes.

Till-They-Tell-The-Truth, it's the ClA's.

lt's hypnotic drug.

lt reduces your will power.

Very effective on normal people.

But for trained spies...

...or those with strong will power...'s useless.

Did Takahashi give you anything?

Yes, many things.

Wedding gown designs...

...weight-loss menus... AlDS self-test.
-She's babbling and sweating.

She won't know where he stashes things.

lt wouldn't be in a bank.

Does he have any lockers?

Yes, at a club.


l don't know.


l forgot.

That's no help.

l can go.


l remember the way.

Then you can lead us there.

Macy, wake up.

Stop manhandling her.

She won't talk after the drug wears off.

Are you after Takahashi's debt...

...or his girlfriend?

Don't you want the truth?

Of course l do.

But she's in pain.

You're too nice.

Now she's fainted.

l can't stand you.

l want to beat you up.

Really? Using your spinning kicks?

No, fists will do.

-You're dead meat.
-l am?

-l'll smash your face.
-Let's find a place.

Shut up.


-How did l get here?
-You can't remember anything?

Akagawa gave me some coffee.

Then asked many questions.

-Let go.

She's so ungrateful.

Akagawa drugged you, we didn't.

We saved you.

Whatever Takahashi has on the gang...

...l thought he might have given it to you... he can bargain if they catch him.

Not the things you mentioned, though.

Maybe it's in his locker at the club.

Macy, wise up.

Enough mystery cracking.

lt's getting dangerous.

We'll return to Hong Kong.

Think you'll be safe there?

That thing is important
to Akagawa and lto.

They'll find Macy in Hong Kong.

Let her decide.

The club.

We'll go tomorrow.


Macy's gone!

l checked on her every 10 minutes.

You were showering.

You sure took your time.

She's waiting for us at the bar.



You've had enough.

No problem.

Three more, please.

Yes, miss.

She's drunk.

-How come?
-She's heartbroken.

Come drink with me.

Go drink with her.

Aren't you crazy about her?

-That's enough.


She's classy...

...beautiful and nice.

You fancy her?

No, just stating facts.

Men are disposable.

Like this can of grass.

After use, toss it.

Don't be silly.

Yes, don't be sad.

He's not worth it.

You've lost a man, that's all.

l know, l've lost a man...

...but not only that.

l've lost my self-respect, but...

...l've gained one thing:

A promise that can't be fulfilled.

lt's not fair.

lt's not.

l turned against my dad... order to marry him.

You think l want his money?

l really love him.

Was l drunk last night?

-We should turn right.
-How would you know?

Trust me.

Did l embarrass myself?

-Take a right turn.
-Cut it out.

Only Macy knows. Left or right, Macy?


Left. l told you.

-Left's what l meant.
-You moron.

lt's upstairs.

-You overacted.

l told you to turn left, not right.

-l tried.
-Not good enough.

Welcome. This way, please.


Member's name?

Takahashi Yuji.

Pass-code, please.

This way.

He uses this code a lot.

Saori, check this club for me.

Yes, sir.

Takahashi brought me here twice.


Wait, on second thought...

...if the thing is here...

...our fate may worsen.

You leave then.

But everyone knows we're together.

lt's empty.

The club is owned by Ito.

Let's go.

Welcome to my club.

l am lto.

These two have met my men.

Who are you?

Well, that's not that important.

You opened the locker... you know a lot about Takahashi.

l can't let any of you leave.

l'll see Senator Aoshima off.

Capture them.


My purse and passport.

Get the car!

What did he say?

l couldn't hear him.

Let's pick him up ahead.

Wait for me!

He's ahead.

Sit tight.


What are you doing?

You dare to follow.

You were so cool when you held a gun.

Let me see your gun.

-This one?

-No way.
-Why not?

What's that for?

Guns are scarce in Japan.

You've got one.

Who are you?

Stop it. lt may backfire.

You said lto hired you.

But he didn't recognise you.

You made things up.

The photos are fake?

l can't tell you.

Then get out.

Believe me, you can't handle this.

He's a liar.

Get out.


Everything you said is false?

The photos are real.

So is Takahashi's eloping.

Get out!

Let's quit investigating.

We should return to Hong Kong.

We've got friends there.

l'm staying.

Takahashi's missing.

l'm going to the cops.

Didn't he tell you? lt's useless.

The cops won't do anything.

Len's a liar.

Take me to the cops.



Look over there.

6,920 yen, thank you.

And a telephone card.

Boss, it's me.

l've done what you asked.

Now? Near the airport.

l'll get her back...

...safely to Hong Kong.

Call you later.

You're alone?

Are you lost?

Where is Macy?

You know me?

Come with me anyway.

You fight well.

-But l'm not coming.

Mr. Yung.

My boss knew you'd go to the airport.

This is the only route.

Len again.

-Well done.
-Thank you.

How's he doing?

Ask him.

You okay?

Great figures. Porno actresses?


Don't be so mean.

Shut up.

-Are you Japanese?
-Shut up!

You're no private eye. Who are you?

Find out yourself...

...Private Eye Yung.

Yung, Hong Kong resident, age 29.

Fascinated with martial arts.

Attended the Academy of Martial Arts
at 17.

Champion four years in a row.

Wrong file?


Turned private eye and bodyguard...

...back in 1994.

-You're good.
-Of course.

We're not done yet.

Three months ago,
Tai Lee Bank's chairman hired you... pose as an interior designer... research Takahashi's motive
for pursuing...

...his daughter, Macy.

But you found nothing.

Then you ran into this mess.

Now you lost Macy.

ls she correct?

How did you find out?

My assistants are good.

They bribed your employees.

-Saori, find Macy.
-Yes, sir!


l've researched you. You're no private eye.

You came to Japan at 12.

You were educated here.

The rest is classified.

How strange.

Are you an undercover cop?

Why should l tell you?

That's true.

We are friends now.

l don't want to see you helpless.

This thing's too complicated.

You're out of your league.

Go back to Hong Kong. l'll find Macy.

l was going to the airport.

-We shouldn't have brought you back.

We screwed up.

We'll take you to the airport.

No tricks now.

Relax, l've had enough.

But please tell me who you are.

Don't be nosy.


lt's good to be free.

l've had it with you! l'll beat you up!

Be my guest, you ungrateful bastard!
Who's afraid of you?

Damn, you tricked me.

l'll shock you, too.

Don't use it.

Fine, l'll use something else.

My fist.

l'll break your nose, then poke your eyes.

You talk too much.

l'll break your throat.

l'll talk.

Spare my face.

Such vanity.

Get up.


No, l'm half-Japanese,
a Defence Ministry staffer.

lnternal Affairs, External Division.

Let me make this short.


l'm a spy.

No wonder it's classified.

-Your lD?
-Right here. Take a good look.

A real spy.

What do you want to know?

Here's the first question:

Who is Takahashi?

Akagawa drugged Macy.

He and Takahashi are ClA agents.

Their investment firm is a front.

They used Ito and his gang... circulate counterfeit yen... order to devalue the currency.

The ClA sent Takahashi to marry Macy... get to her dad.

But he fell for lto's woman.

He kept evidence on ClA's dealings...

...with the gang and the senator
as protection... case lto found out about him
and Miyuki.

Ten days ago, lto discovered the affair... they eloped with the evidence.

The ClA and the gang couldn't find them.

Their only clue was Macy.

Last night,
the ClA transferred Akagawa out.

Now you know.

-Macy's in great danger.

-Then l can't leave.
-l have to find her.

Let me help you.

How can l refuse?

You might beat me up.

She needs help.


Come over.

You too, Suzuki.

Excuse me.

Senator Aoshima reported an assault... two men and a woman
at Club A today.

Their images...

...are being faxed over.

Yes, sir.

Miss, do you want a job...

-...posing for a video?

But it pays well.

You can be a star!

Wait! Listen!

We missed her.

May l borrow 10 yen?

'Bye, lady.

Can you hear me? This is Macy.

l lost everything.

Send someone for me.

Caution! Railroad Crossing

What do you want?

My bodyguard is coming.

He's very tough.

And big.

A savage man.



...a gorilla.

He'll beat you up.

You'd better go.

My dear Macy...'re the one who sent for me.

l did not.

You called your dad. He sent me.

l'm that hairy bodyguard of yours.

He's the private eye your dad hired.

l don't believe you.

Now what?

Shut up, or l'll kill you.


l'll strip you naked.


l'll beat you up.

Quiet, or l'll...

...ruin your face.

That worked.

Like it worked on you.

l'm going home.

You should.

You don't know anything.

Hope they won't follow you... Hong Kong.

Relax. l'll be her bodyguard.

Thanks, gorilla.

Your lips are greasy.

They're fine.

Where did you get these?

They give them away.

Here, take a pack.


l brought our luggage.

Put on your coat.

-You're welcome.



Freeze or l'll shoot!

How did you find us?

You took the tissues...

...before entering the noodle shop.

We control the tissue-givers... this area.

-lt's all your fault.

His men gave out the tissues.

Where's Takahashi?

Spit it out...

...or you will die.

Don't kill me.

l can lead you to Takahashi.

l agreed to be his smoke screen.

Macy? What's she saying?

She's Takahashi's smoke screen... distract the ClA and lto.

We're meeting at 3:00 PM tomorrow.

They'll meet at the Rainbow Club.

-She conned us.
-Vice versa.


lf you let me stay alive...

...l can lure him out for you.



The deal is made.

Get them in the car.

Let them have a good rest tonight.


They'll kill you once they get him.

Shut up.

Say your prayers.


You called?


To escort you to the airport.

-Are you all right?
-What took you so long?

We came as soon as you called.

-What now?

-Should we come?

Take a look.

Takahashi? You've got him.

Why are they monkeying around with us?

lt's a long story.

Eight days ago,
his car crashed in Hokkaido.

He went into a coma. Miyuki died.

Local police traced his fingerprints.

Discovered he's wanted by us.

My boss and l
went to Hokkaido to take over.

It's Macy.

I've called many times.

I'm in Vegas. Two more days... our wedding. 'Bye.

I'm coming over to Japan.

Takahashi's fiancee is Chinese.

Get near her, see if Takahashi left
the evidence with her.

And capture them all!

Yes, sir!

He woke up yesterday. We flew him here.

But he says nothing.

The ClA found out.

Either we turn him in within 24 hours...

...or it becomes a diplomatic conflict.

So Macy was innocent.

She was stalling.

We revealed our identities.
She knew we could save her.

Use that T.T.T.T.T. on him.

He's a trained ClA agent.

lt won't work.

Why didn't you tell us?

We wanted you to leave.

lt's getting dangerous for you two.

-What's next?
-l have a plan.

Tell me.

Where are you taking me?

The American Embassy.

Wise up.

The ClA will punish you.

You hand us the evidence...

...we'll protect you for life.

No, thanks.

l am your prisoner.

You're so cool...

...and so stupid!

Get out.

The embassy people?


Uncuff yourself.


You did come.

Run! lto's here.

l'll kill you now.

You'll disappear with the evidence.


l've left copies with friends.

lf l don't call every 10 days...

...they'll send their copies to the media
and the Japanese police.

You'd better wish me a long life.

Macy's in danger.

But this may incriminate them.

Drop your guns!

Help me leave. We'll bargain later.

That's a deal.

Our wedding.

You couldn't come, or didn't want to?

l couldn't.


-Grab me.


For our sake, destroy those copies.

l won't.

They guarantee my safety.

They stay.

Where's Miyuki?

Killed in a car crash.

The crash kept you from our wedding?


All boats, stop nowI

Don't shoot! They're my friends.

Send the speedboats!

Speed up!

We're in the same boat.

lf we escape, the copies are yours.

Jump off. l'll save you.


l can't swim.

Not there! Over here!



That's for Miyuki.

We're in the river. Targets ahead.

Mr. lto!

Jump over!

Thank you.


This is especially for you.

Looks great.

Without evidence,
we couldn't nail them all.

Don't spoil this farewell party
for Macy and Yung.

You tried your best...

...and made two new friends.

So cheer up.



l can arrange for you to visit Takahashi.

l won't go now.


He's gone from my mind.

No way.

Try T.T.T.T.T. on her.

Booze will do fine.

l'm serious.

l can even give up this wedding ring.


l'll throw it away now.

You mean it? Do it.

-Or l'll do it for you.
-Let me.

Be ruthless.


l threw it.

The chip was insideI

lt contains the evidence?

Right you are.

Special news report.

The police have charged...

...gang boss Ito...

...and businessman Takahashi...

...with dealing in counterfeityen.

Three senators were also involved.

l'm off to the Caribbean.

l'm still your bodyguard.

You're in our protection program.

You're safe with Yung.

Where are your assistants?

lt's their day off.

l gave them all bonuses.

They're busy shopping.

-Good for you.
-Don't lose Macy.

She's over there.


Don't touch that lady.

What? What do you want?

What did you say?

Listen. Look at you.

You look so horny.

l'm warning you, l know kung-fu.

l can rip you apart.

He doesn't understand.

Then you translate!

Stay away from her.

Or we'll rip you apart!

What? You'll rip me apart?

Who are you?

So, you speak Mandarin.

l'm her guardian. You know?

l'm her cousin.

l live in Taiwan.

What do you want?

Nothing. Sorry.

lt's your fault.

Hello, cousin.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

So, you have a cousin.