Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue (2017) - full transcript

Newcomer Shizuka Ishibashi throws herself into the role of Mika, a nurse by day, a 'girlie bar' hostess by night, subject to feelings of anxiety and isolation, and unable to reach through a hard outer shell that stops her from expressing tenderness to anyone else. Sosuke Ikematsu, one of Japan's most important young actors, stars as Shinji, who struggles as a day-hire construction worker with a sense of impending doom, but who still tries to find the source of an unnamable hope he feels inside. The setting is Tokyo in 2017, where empty words, a sense of doom, and feelings of isolation co-exist with hope, trust, and love. In the sense of real life conjured up in these two people is a new kind of film: the densest kind of love story.


Nudists probably don't go jogging.

But here, lots of people do.

An airship flies past,
even though no one's watching.

Excuse me.

She was only 37!

And with two little children.

What a pity!

Don't worry.

Soon you'll forget.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for everything.


The moment you love the big city,
it's like you've killed yourself.

You search inside for your nail color,
but you don't find it.

The night sky is always
the densest shade of blue.

While no one loves the you
you think is pitiful...

...feel free to hate the world.

It is for that reason alone
love does not exist on this planet.

Here you are.

You dance, too.

No, thanks.

I'm tired.



Hurry up with that!

Where should we go after this?


Great idea!

Take that, too.


While no one loves the you
you think is pitiful...

...feel free to hate the world.

It is for that reason alone
love does not exist on this planet.

What are you doing?!
Hurry it up, grandpa!

You're useless!

It's okay. I got it.

My damn fly won't pull up.

Hell, it can stay down.

You're not going to the next job?

It sounds pretty easy.

No one'll care, Iwashita.
They'll be impressed how big you are.

Or you could sue the zipper company.
I'll call them up for you and...

Shut up, will you?

Are you going?

Andres has to go.
He's an overseas trainee.

The Filipino's full-time,
and we're day-hire.

Who cares.

What are Philippine zippers like?

Are cheap ones easier to pull up?

It's a question of friction.
The smoother the better.

They go up and down easier.

If they're easier to pull down...

Shut the fuck up!

Just shut up.

Who's on for the next job?

I'm going to a girlie bar.

Go all the way to the back,

Can't make it?

Sign here, then.

Okay, thanks.

A girlie bar...

A girlie bar...

Do you have a feeling?

I've got a bad feeling.

Hey...'re weird.


Is that normal?


She isn't drinking! Come on!

You okay?


Going to the washroom.

You know where it is?


So where's the next earthquake?

Japan's over!

I wanna punch someone!

I want to quit my job!

Hey hey hey hey hey!

She's asleep!

I bet this one'll go, though.

But that 'Mika'...

...she's tight-assed.

She'd be easier!

Then you do her.


I'm not that easy, you know.

I'll bet Mika's easier.

Will I do it or not?
That's all that matters.

What do you expect? It's Tokyo.

Welcome back!

Hey, Shinji! Come in!

You're late.

There's always a party here.

These poor guys.

They got shafted coming here.

They had to borrow a million yen.

That's hell to pay back.

What's wrong? You're not talking.

I prefer that.

Go, Tomoyuki!

Hey, hey, hey!

What's that? A scar?

Where'd you get it?

It's nothing. I got it in school.

An operation?

No, a fight.

It won't fade?

It's permanent. Cool, huh?

Whoa, wait! What happened?

Bugger off!


What are you kicking?


I'm hung over.

But those guys were cool, right?

My back's wrecked.

If I can't work any more,
all that's left is to die.

Even you guys,
once the Tokyo Olympics are over...'ll be out of work, too.

Did you go to a girlie bar?

Those girlie bars...

...cost ¥5,000.

One or two more
if you buy the girl a drink.

You know?

I read the signs.

So ¥7,000 if you stay an hour.

Almost what we make in a day.

¥3,000 a month for gas,

two for water, three for electricity.

Then phone, pension...

I don't pay that, but anyway...

I see my bills and I freak.
I'm afraid to open my mail...

Shut up.

You never make sense.

No, listen...

Shut up.

You can't hold their hands, right?

So what?

The girls in places like that
just think guys like us are idiots.

Back to work.

Even if I don't see you, that's okay.
You're out there somewhere.

It makes everyone feel easier.

Like water, like spring,
your eyes are out there somewhere.

Even if I don't see you,
you're somewhere, breathing...

...heart beating with hope, with love.

Thanks again.


Not dying, sleeping...

...sometimes waking,
putting on a face, gazing at TV...

...sitting down, standing up...

I really like this book you lent me.

Beginning Karate


Whether you're crying, despairing... doesn't matter.

You are somewhere.
Your heart is beating.

Just knowing you're okay
makes everyone feel easier.

Are you okay? Are you alive?

Are you okay? Are you alive?

Your back's wrecked, right?
You can't handle the next site.

Are you okay for money?

You can't live
if you're afraid of dying.


What I said.

But what do you mean?

Don't get any ideas...

...about suicide or anything.

Hell, I'm weird
and I still manage somehow.

Huh? I'm not going to kill myself.

Let's go to that girlie bar later.

You pay?


I will.

Whatever. I'll pay.


You come, too.

No. I've got a wife and kid.

Conscious of the sweat
from my armpits.

Still, I'm alive.

Looking away, with the same...

...fixed smile on my face

We're all the same, right?
This is Tokyo.

But go for it.

'Go for it'

I'm Mika. How do you do.

You can't drink.
It costs us ¥1,000.


Sometimes it's two.

Whisky or beer's a thousand.

A cocktail's two.

Or even two-five.

Every 20 minutes
a new girl comes, and...

Tonight...shut up.

You don't give out your phone number?

No! They just told another guy to go
to a hostess bar if he wants that.

I mean it.

If I only had one eye,
I'd shut up.


Your attention, please. We have had
a personal-injury accident.

Service is suspended on this line.

We will provide new information
as it comes in.

Excuse me.


Do you like Shibuya?

I hate it.

Or not 'hate', more like, uh...

I hate it.

But I wonder why we keep
running into each other.

There's 10 million people in Tokyo.

A meaningless miracle.


There was a personal-injury accident.
The trains were down, so I walked.

Another one dead.

What's with your eye?

This one.

Tomoyuki's a good guy.

You gave him your number.

A phone number, I mean, that's...

They charge you ¥10,000 a month

whether you're rich or poor.

It wasn't like that before. It was...

You like to talk?

No, I hate it.

Not 'hate'.

It's kind of like...

You get nervous if no one talks.

I'm weird, anyway.


Then you're like me.


Is the moon always blue like that,
or is it just Tokyo?

Nobody seems to notice.

I have a bad feeling.

Me, too.

Anyway, goodbye.


It's almost October,
but it's still hot.

It's only in this tank
that the temperature is controlled.

30 degrees during the day,
27 at night.

Good morning.
Let's go out again.



So how does it look
with the girlie bar girl?

She says we can go out again.

I've fallen for a girl who clerks
in my local convenience store.


I go in there every night.

She's college age, really nice.

Those stores are really convenient.
24-hour cigarettes, and love, too.

Have you really thought about
what it means to live in Tokyo?

Let's get back to work.
The boss'll get mad again.

Life is worth living!

I like this girl.

Her name's 'Mika'.


Written 'beautiful scent'?
A nice classic name.

Damn right.

It's classic, right?

Do you approve or not?

No reason not to.

You approve?

We're friends.


Hey! Stop screwing around
and let's get to work.


Put your hands together,
then take the incense.

Touch it here, then crumble it.

Then do this again.


Do this first.

Thanks for sitting in for the family.

Get everyone something to eat.

And, uh...

...tell them not to drop dead at work.

Funny, huh?

You get stuck being Chief Mourner.


If you died would it be like this?
No family there either?

Did you know about the scar?

They say sometimes you see that
in stroke cases.

Even with young people.

There's pressure in the artery.

That's all it takes. Amazing, huh?

It's amazing.

Not talking today?

Conscious of the sweat
from my armpits.

Still, I'm alive.

Looking away, with the same...

...fixed smile on my face.

We're all the same, right?
This is Tokyo.

But go for it.

'Go for it'

If there's anything I can do for you,
let me know.

You could just die.

Just by saying 'Die!'
I achieved isolation.


Pull your hand out.

You okay?

What are you doing?

I can't wait to see that clerk again.

My wife and kid.

That's nice.

Do you have anyone, Shinji?

Don't worry about it.

I'm sick of this!

Stay here. I'll get the boss.



All you can say is 'huh'?

I'm going back to work.

I can't see much out of my left eye.

So I have to stand on this side.


So that's it...


Can I see you again?


To do something for me?

Is that it?

I guess I could let you text me.


I could cry.

He loved lesbian porn.

I feel like crying.


Oh, okay.

That's good.

One more.



That looks good.

Bless this food.

That guy you saw was
my new boyfriend.

We're thinking of visiting Tokyo.
Let us stay with you, okay?

To do what?

Shopping, going up the Skytree...


We both want to get into
Tokyo universities.

You hear that?

I'll support her through university.

A woman in love is ugly, you know.

What are you talking about?

A lion at the zoo
paces around in its cage.

It does that to keep its sanity,
so it won't go crazy.

It's the same. People go crazy
if they're not in love.

It's stupid.

What happened?

There's always something happening.

Your new boyfriend
could just fall over dead.

You're really depressing.

You've never been in love.
How boring!

Stop it.

Dad... did Mom die?

She was sick.
I keep telling you that.

If she killed herself,
I'd feel better if you told me.

I'd feel better...

...being sure I'd been abandoned.

Come on, Mika.

Can you spin?

Don't worry.
Soon you'll forget.

Cell phone ¥9,700.

Gas ¥3,261.

Electricity ¥2,386.

Water three thousand...

Rent ¥65,000.

Syria, terrorism.

Food ¥25,000.

Girlie bar ¥18,000.

Tomoyuki died.

56 dead in Iraq.
Aids lawsuit.

Deodorant ¥750.

New security law.
Aging society.

I want to see you.

'I want to see you.'

I want to see you.

Could I talk to you?


I'm happy that you send money,
but doesn't that leave you short?

Then get a job,
and quit playing pachinko.

I've got things to deal with, too.



You talked. That's a good sign.

Talk today, will you?
You make me nervous.

Do you like Shinjuku?


But it makes me want to act cute.
I get with the vibe. I'm a girl.


So where to?

I don't care.

You invited me.

She'll never make it.

No one's listening.

What do you think love is?

Someone's ex-boyfriend gets together
with someone's ex-girlfriend...

...then they break up
and do it all again.

There's love everywhere.
It's stupid.

Then it ends and they all say
how empty they feel.

What a drag, huh?

I say that, but I'm probably
the worst that way.

Don't they know
they're just going to be abandoned.



...I'm talking because you aren't.

'That vibrating in my hand
became a little bit of courage'

'I'm not much for emoticons,
but from you they excite me'

'People say I shouldn't answer right away...'

Why this song?

It's from when I was a kid.

You'll never make it.

'I've fallen in love,
but probably...'

' don't realize'


I do karate.


Is it true that love makes
everyone boring?

I don't know.

You don't know much, do you.

You'll die not knowing.

Maybe. Quit talking about dying.


I hate it.

Me, too. That's why I say it.

We all die.

My Mom died.

When I ask why, everyone says
something different.

'Sick,' or whatever.

But it wasn't that.

I understand how she might have felt.

It pisses me off that I do.


...why do you think
we were laughing that time?

After the wake.

I don't know.

How much radiation is leaking?

I don't know!

It's probably lots,
and no one will tell us.

Or maybe no one knows.

All we can do is
pretend nothing's wrong.

But that scares us.

It scares us when there are things

we can't look up on our phones.

So all you can do is laugh.
Do you want to try that again?

No, thanks.

If he gets picked up,
he'll go to the shelter and die.

Stop talking about dying, I said.

He doesn't really want to die,
but maybe he just feels like it.

Tomoyuki liked to dance.

I'm tired of talking.

I still love you.

Your door's open.

Oh, it's you.

Hot, isn't it.

It's fall already,
but it was 35 today.

I wonder if that's global warming.

I can't afford to run
the air conditioner.

Have some.

I finished the book.

I'll lend you another one.

Wait here.

Why are you so sulky?
You didn't used to be.

'I still love you.'
What's that all about?

Just what it says.

When you use the word 'love',
does your mouth smell of blood?

Why would it?

Because love has killed so many... smells of blood.

I loved you.




I've been looking for you!

I had to ask someone from school.

You're in New York?

I passed the bar exam
and I'm back for a visit.

The bar exam?

It's great you can find
old schoolmates right away now.

I'm starving! Let's go eat.

I've been away. Take me somewhere.



Then this.

No chicken.

Okay, this.

Mapo tofu.

Oh yeah?

They're not very nice.
What's wrong with them?


Your text said 'I loved you'.

Yep. In high school.
All the way through.

I was in love with you.



Did we ever talk?

That doesn't matter.

And I'm weird.

Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying.

Don't be rude.

How much do you make?

Per year.

Two million or so.


But you were always so smart.

What do you do?

I work on construction.

I don't know much about it.
Why are you doing that?

That's about my level.


...I always knew about your eye.

You always acted all smiling and happy
so you could hide it.

I thought that was cute.

That's a nice breeze.

'I still love you,' he says.

Don't puke on the floor!

'I loved you,' she says.

Anything wrong?


Why do they suspend comedy shows
when there's a big earthquake?

They don't if one kills
a hundred people in Pakistan.

They probably would
if it was in Los Angeles.

I wonder why.

You're suddenly talking.

It's discrimination.

People die everywhere all the time
and no one cares.

Some people get ignored
and some people don't.

I'm probably one of the ones
they'd ignore.

And why not?

It's just me, I guess.

You're talking a lot tonight.

I'm glad.

You talk a lot more
when you're relaxed.


He wasn't close enough
to be a real 'friend', was he?


The guy who died.

You've got to let it end sometime.

If you don't, the world just stops
where it was.

I was lying about living in New York.

I'm going there.

To live.

There's nothing good happening
for me here.


Go for it.

Go for it.

Now I know for sure
I can leave Japan behind.

Thank you. Goodbye.



Like, uh...


Are you free tonight?


It smells awful in my place.

Something's wrong.

You think so?

Do you know the man
who lives in there?

Could you check on him?
Something smells really bad.

He's a bit weird, isn't he.

It's a good thing we have
a young man here.

Is he home?


We'll get the landlord instead.

I knew it!

Let's have another beer.


He'd been dead two days.

His insides were still
nearly 40 degrees.


Wait wait wait!
So where's the next earthquake?

Japan's over!

I wanna punch someone!

I want to quit my job!


...for better or for worse, I'm alive.
And so are you.

Poor, but alive.

In love.

I'm in love.

Deal with it.

What can I get you?

Two beers, please.

Two drafts. Thank you.

Deal with it, I told you.

That girl was cute.


I'm laying all this on you.

That's okay.

I hate to ask, but you could
get the check for this?

I've got a date with that clerk.

It looks good.

I'll see you.


You're running?

I want to see her!

Where are you?

I'm going to run there.

'Go for it.'

She means me. Go for it!

It's a women's dorm. No men.

You can only see half?


Only half the world.

Yeah. Weird, huh?

But... least you can see half.

Most people can't see that much.

Girlie bar...

Girlie bar...

Girlie bar...

Girlie bar...


...that girlie...

Is it, like, you work there
because you're insecure?

What's behind that?
Is it money, or...wait...


No, wait...


No, wait...



You like me...

...because you pity me.

I never said I liked you.

No, wait...

So the girlie bar...

I need the money.

Nursing doesn't pay.

No, wait, uh...

But I quit.


Ages ago.

See that?


It's a good sign.

Maybe something really good
is going to happen.

The last one.

I'm beat.


I got it.

Here we go!

We're done.

It's raining. Damn it.

Shinji... look happy.

Andres, let's go for a drink.


You pay, though. You're full-time.

See you tomorrow.

What's that?

When I passed here earlier,
I thought it would suit you.


Because it's 1200 yen?

I'll take this.

It doesn't suit me,
but thank you.

Thank you.

You don't have to say it twice.
It only cost 1200 yen.

No, I mean it. Thank you.

I never would have thought
turtles needed vitamins.

Born in India, brought to Tokyo...
that must have been hard.

Turtles have it rough.


Do you still have a bad feeling?

I still do. The feeling that
anything could happen.

If anything could happen... might be something
really, really good.


Earthquake Alert


Thank you for everything.


My back's gone,
and the clerk dumped me.

Don't look like that. You'll make me
start thinking there's no hope.

What will you do for work?

I'll live until I die.

Deal with it.

His fly...

...was down again today.

Shinji, I'm going home.

To the Philippines.

Hey, wait!

You haven't made back
the million yen you borrowed.

Yeah, but working here
isn't worth it.

I still love you.

I want to start over and marry you.

You abandoned me once.

Ms. Kimura.

This is great work.

Thank you!

Don't you have any dreams?

Yes, but none I can think of now.

A baseball player younger than you
just went to the U.S.


But you don't care because
you're getting married to Shinji?

Take good care of Mika, all right?

It's really dark out here.

There's no real black in Tokyo.

The color?


I see.

Let's head back.

My mother killed herself.


She abandoned me.


Give it to me.


The bad stuff.
I'll take half of it.

I've just started thinking
I'm lucky I was born with this eye.


...I'm a bigger train wreck
than you know.


Then you're just like me.

You know...


Falling in love with someone... like killing them very softly.


Did anybody teach you how to love?

Like in school?

But still,
there's love all over the place.

It's crazy.

Is it fun? Is there any point?

I don't know if there's any point...

...but my heart's pounding.

It'll make you boring.

I'm good with that.

With you.

There. I said it.

Will we really be happy?

Whatever that means.

I don't know.

You'll abandon me.

It'll end, one of these days.

That we don't know.

And now 12 medals,
all piled on each other!


And there's more!
Now we'll use the extension.

Maybe... morning there'll be
a news flash.


An earthquake, an explosion...

Someone'll die.

Then what?

For now...

...I'll donate money.


Let's do that.

We'll wake up and say 'good morning'.

Give thanks for the food
before we eat.

That's enough.

Thank you.