Tokyo Newcomer (2013) - full transcript

The experiences of a young Chinese go champion living in Japan.


Have a look, 1,000 yen for a tuna!

Great bargain. Buy one, sir.

Have a look.
One thousand yen is cheap.

How about another box?

Boss, that kid is here.


Stop! Don't run!

Let me go!

Hello, buddy.

What happened? Why did you run?

It's better to be careful.

It's a no.

The boss said
you smiled like a child.

Was I smiling?

It was just an excuse.

You should thank him
for rejecting you.

If you got this job,
you won't be able to play Go.

I've been carrying this
for two months,

and I haven't played one move.

You're too straight-laced.

I'll lend you some more money.

I won't owe anyone money for Go.

Don't be stubborn.

I have to get back to work.

Let's play a game when I'm free.



Oh, no.

How did this happen?

Thirteen, fourteen,
each one is important.

How did they get scattered

in a place like this?

Make sure to pick them all up.

The marble stones

look old.

Are they made in China?

Thank you for taking this bus.
The next station is Namiki-Dori.

Please wait for the doors to open.

Let me help you.

Let go.

I don't need help.

Since you got off as well...

why don't we chat as we walk?

Have you found work yet?

I saw you reading the classifieds
just now.

It isn't easy to find work
these days.

If you don't mind
doing the cleaning at a hotel,

I can give you a referral.

I have an old customer...

whose hotel
is looking for cleaning staff.

Let me make a call.

Mr. Taniyama? This is Igarashi.

How are you doing?

About the cleaning staff
you were looking for...

I just met a young Chinese man.


Thank you so much.

Darn you!

You're drunk!

Mum? It's me.

I found a job. Don't worry.

I'm fine.

We have to clean this side now.

Here is some advice.

No matter what the Japanese say,

no matter how much you understand,
you only have to say one thing.

First nod, then say yes.

This stool must be washed
from the inside out.


Why are you just standing there?

Do you really not understand?

Don't just stand there.
Come with me.

Boss. This is the new guy, Yoshiryu.

Remember, young man,

you're on probation
for the first month.


Do you understand?

Never mind. Get back to work.

Wait, you have to come with me
to Reception.

What a stubborn lad.

This is the front door of the hotel.

Make sure you clean it thoroughly.

Don't miss a single hair
or speck of dust.

Yes. Let me do it.

Ms. Naito, this is our new employee.

My name is Yoshiryu.

What is going on?

I said I wanted a change of linen.

Why are they still wrinkled
after my bath?

What is going on?

I'm sorry,
I'll change them right now.

- I'll be back to inspect that.
- Yes.


Can you speak English?

You haven't been in Japan for long,
have you?

I arrived in Tokyo not long ago.

Can you speak English?

Yes, of course.

I just arrived in Tokyo.

Dad, Mum...

I miss you.

What are you doing?

It's dinner time, right?

Dinner at home smells so good.

Dinner is always a lively affair.

I already ate. Really, I have.

I want to eat...

Mum's bean sprouts.

The green kind.

Please have some tea.


This is...

I heard that green bean sprouts
are quite rare in Japan.

It does appear so.

I want to try making the dish
with green peas.

Have some tea first.

Use whatever you need.




I'm Shoichi.

Her grandson.

Who are you?

My name is Yoshiryu.

I'm Chinese.

I'm a friend Ms. Igarashi just met.

A friend?

You're just a lost child, right?

You got lucky,

running into
a kind-hearted old woman...

much more than I am.

I am her grandson,

but as you can see,

she has never been kind to me...

despite me coming all this way
to see her.

I heard the villagers say...

you are a Go genius.

You passed by Kinshicho Station

on the way here, right?

I work at the bowling alley there.


Bowling, you understand?

I have to go.

Good luck.

Come to the bowling alley
if you have time.

You'll make a lot of friends there.

It smells so bad.

This is disgusting.

Hey, looking good.

I'm sure Satoshi will win
at the next championship.

I've got enough bronze medals.

Will you come and watch me?

We'll see.

Of course. Shoichi will come.

Wait, not like that.

Bowl from the side.

He only ever teaches Nanako.

Shoichi, do something.


Keep your hands off Nanako.


You came.

Who is this? He's so handsome.

Is he Chinese?

I don't know.

Go and have fun.

I'll introduce you to some friends.

Nanako? She has work.

She's a beautician
and has to go to work early.

She's a remarkable woman.

She's from Taiwan.

Be quiet!

What did you say, jerk?

You're drunk.

Stay at my place tonight.

I'm not going to your place.

It must be a dump.

Let's keep drinking.

Don't you want
to drink with me anymore?

Let's drink till morning...

since Nanako's not here.

I want to go to Nanako's...


I'm sorry...


Did you bring the pickled radish?

Yes, I have.

Lower Itabashi's Granny Sakashita
sent a message.

I see.

Come now, Yoshiryu.

There's still another bag here.

Here's a Chinese saying for you.

Do your own work.

Good morning.

Everyone is here.


Yoshiryu, please go to Reception.

Yoshiryu, they are from
a Chinese publishing firm.

Nice to meet you.

We are reporters
from Overseas Chinese Weekly.

Hello, I'm Li.

We would like to interview you

regarding your Go studies
and life in Japan.

There isn't much to say.

I just arrived in Tokyo.

An interview?

Don't you know? He's a Go expert.


You play Go?


Do you know about
our regular client, Umetsu?

He is a great Go player too.

Sorry to interrupt.


Should we find a place
to sit down and talk?

Would you like a room?

Have you been playing Go
a lot in Japan, Yoshiryu?

Yes, with myself, all the time.

We also came to tell you

about the Go tournament on TV.

Who is it?


Yoshiryu. Open the door.


Open the door.

Open the door.

Close it.

Close the door.

What's going on?

I was attacked
in Nanako's beauty parlour.

You need to go to the hospital.

I can't.

Yoshiryu, open the door.

What are you doing?

I'm tired from work today.
I was just going to sleep.

It's all in the mind.

I made bone soup.
Come and have some.

You enjoy it. I'm going to bed.


Are you all right?

I need a pen and paper.


I killed someone.

Killed someone?

Good morning.

You're early, Yoshiryu.

Come in.

Have you had breakfast?

What's wrong?


He's finally asking for the money.

His father saved this money...

for his future.

I'm sorry to have troubled you,

Let him be.

Every person...

has his own path to follow.

You're home.

This is from Ms. Igarashi.

She told me to give this to you.

What else did she say?

Listen to it yourself.


Let me teach you...

some proper Japanese.

Don't be nervous.

Just say it
the same way I taught you.


Please don't say anything first.

Listen to me.

Shoichi is with me.

He is badly hurt.

- Don't speak Chinese.
- Go to Omori Station

at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Stop asking.
I'll wait there for you.

What did you just say?

You talk too much.

I heard you're a great Go player.

How about a game?

I got leave for you from your boss.

I give up. You are amazing.


It's me. I'm sorry, I'm late.

Where are you?

I'm nearby.

Shoichi can't come.

He told me to give you a bank card.

I'll put it in the phone book
in this phone booth.

I won't take that money.

Take him to the hospital

to get treatment
as soon as possible.

That's what I told him,

but he said he couldn't go
to the hospital. He...

Then get him medicine
for his injuries.

Then use that money

to help him escape overseas.

Do you understand?

I do.

But I hope you can talk to him
face to face.

You're the only one
who can help him now.

Hello? Hello?

You wanted to see me, Yoshiryu?

I'd like to ask you a favour.

A friend of mine is hurt.

Is it serious?

He won't go to the hospital.

Could you please buy
this Chinese medicine for me?

It might be hard.

It'll be even harder for me.

All right. I'll try.

Thank you.

Try this.

Don't laugh at me.

I was trying to make
Chinese dumplings.

This year's Kanto Go Championship

is more popular than ever.

The finals will take place
at Nihon Ki-In,

and it will be broadcasted live.

The championship is open to all.

For more details,
please contact the organisers.

Give me the lease for the shop now!

No, Nanako!


Get out!



Blast you!

Scumbag! Curse you!

Go to hell!

See this?

Run, Nanako!



Good morning.

Good morning to you too.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Seasonal vegetables.

Yes, freshly dug from the mountain.

It's so fresh.

The 23rd Kanto Amateur
Go Tournament

will begin on May 28,
two days from now.

The preliminary round will be held
on the 28th and 29th...


at the Nihon Ki-in headquarters
at 10 a.m.

Excuse me.

Are you Ms. Igarashi?

My name is Nanako.

I am Shoichi's girlfriend.

Shoichi is badly hurt.

Do you know about this?

His life may be in danger.

Please convince him to get treated.

Ms. Igarashi!

Are you just going to let him die?

No one can save him.

No one but himself.

And here as well...

I think there are Japanese
like this.

Stands like a peony,
sits like a tree peony,

walks like a lily.

Do the Chinese characters
mean anything to you?

Yes, somewhat.

There is also this idiom.

Flowers in both hands.

Both hands... flowers?

What if you have beauty
in each hand?


Big drums.

I heard there's a village ritual
next week.

Yes. Times have changed.

We used to attend the ritual

as a family of three.

Those days are long gone.

Family of three? Who else was there?

Let me carry the vegetables

that you'll sell in Tokyo tomorrow.

No way.

I told you I don't need help.

I can't let you do this.

Consider it a job for me. Please.

Silly boy. Are you trying
to make it hard for me?


is Shoichi staying with you?

Shoichi has taught me a lot.

Has my Japanese improved?

Tell him...

Chiba's family still takes
the family name of Igarashi.

Hey! Shoichi!

Good! Again!

Stands like a peony...

I stand like a peony?

Sits like a tree peony...

Tree peony? What?

Tree peony!

Walks like a lily.

What flower am I?

A rose.




Are you awake?

I can't sleep.

Let's do something.

You play Go, right?


Go ahead.

you play like a friend of mine.

He plays very well.

His name is Liu Ji.

Liu Ji?

If you say it backwards,

it sounds like my name.

People often confuse us.


Are you all right?

I'm fine. This happens a lot.

When did you learn to play Go?

I already forgot how to play.

Forget it. Forget Go.

I want to ask you a favour.

Darn you.

The water is up there.

Go, Satoshi!

Stay calm.

Do your best.

- Go.
- Go, Satoshi!

Keep your cool.

Tell Shoichi to go now.

They're coming.

You jerk!

Liar! Pervert!

What do you want?

Get out of my way!

How dare you stand here. Get out!

It's him! After him!

Stop right there!

You rat!

Get out! Go!



Come with me to a hospital
in the countryside.


You jerk!

I can't be with you anymore.


Are you all right?

I've never seen anyone...

as stubborn as him.

Please take care of him.

Here you go...

Good evening.

Ms. Igarashi.

I got into the second round.

Shoichi confirmed it for me.

Yoshiryu got first place
in his group.

This is worth celebrating.

The village ritual is also today.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


We are going then.

Your grandson is here too.

The flowers growing there

Have all turned into gold

And everywhere

The dream of spring unfolds...

The door is unlocked.

Are you giving me
Chinese medicine again?

Ms. Igarashi said

she is taking you
to the hospital tomorrow.

Don't worry.

I know how I am doing.

I'll talk to her.

Don't say anything stupid.

I won't. Go...

I heard you.

In the field of rape flowers

The flowers growing there

Have all turned to gold

On the mountainside

And everywhere

The dream of spring unfolds

When the sun
Begins to paint the sky...

We confirmed it on the Internet
last night.

He is a professional player.

No, it's a misunderstanding.

It's a misunderstanding.

But his information is online.

We have interviewed him before.

I can prove
he isn't a professional player.

I'm late.

There's no time. Go inside first.

Please take him inside.


Six point five compensation points
from the Black player.

Game time is 60 minutes.

Begin now.

Pleased to play against you.

- Please explain it to him.
- Yes.

- I'm very sorry.
- Yes.

Well played, Yoshiryu.


I must notify you of something.

You know,

this is an amateur competition.

The organisers said

you already have
a professional status...

in the country.

We are very sorry.

As the organisers,

we did not wish for this to happen.

But there are governing regulations.

We cannot change the rules.

You are a good Go player

with great talent.

We recognise that.

If I lost that game just now,

this wouldn't have happened.

Don't be angry.

Do you want me
to explain anything to them?

I can explain it myself.

I am not a professional player.

They've made a mistake.

- Please explain it to them.
- Yes.

There is a professional player
called Liu Ji.

Their names
get confused all the time.


please change the linen in no. 508.

Chairman Kato, it's Shoichi.


Yes, it's Igarashi Shoichi.

Grandma is fine. Thanks for asking.

We live together now.

Yes. I'd like to ask you a favour.

A Chinese friend of yours...

has taken part
in the Go championship

currently in progress.

He should have been in the finals,

but the organisers believe
he is a professional player...

and disqualified him.

This is all a misunderstanding.

He is not a professional player.

I know.

Yes, that's it.

I heard that you are resigning.


My probation period is over.

I don't want to stay.

Why have you been avoiding me?

Have I?

I know why.

He has nothing to do with you

and nothing to do with me.

It doesn't matter.

I don't understand.

You are both men.
Why are you so different?

Please tell me.

I am Chinese.


Please come to Reception.
You have a phone call.


Chairman Kato.

I'll ask Grandma to speak to you.

Could you help us out?

Yes. Thank you.

How are you doing?

Quite well.

How is he?

He is fine.

He is back in Chiba.


What for?

Can he get treated there?

I've already run this far.

What is he afraid of?

Dragging you down.

You should talk to him.

It's no use.

He thinks this is love.

I wouldn't be here otherwise.

You know him better.

He's stubborn.

It's this stubbornness

that will kill him.

Perhaps it's this stubbornness

that made us friends...

even if he can be a jerk

when he's stubborn.

Do you really want to die?

Do you think
he'll change his mind...

if I jump off from here?

No, absolutely not.


I may not get into the finals.

We are approaching the finals

of the 23rd Kanto Amateur
Go Championship.

Natori Hideki from Suginami, Tokyo,

and Chinese student Yoshiryu

will be playing against each other.

The finals will take place
in Chiba...


Do your best!

We must celebrate properly.

Oh, the bean sprouts are overcooked.

Please enjoy the tempura.

I haven't watched a Go tournament
in many years.

This time, I want to see you play

on TV.

Where did you learn to play,

People from my hometown
like to play.

I learned it as a child.

Can you play, Ms. Igarashi?

Hello, Igarashi residence.

It's all right.

I'm fine.

I'm much better.


That won't do.

I don't need the money.

You have to reopen
your beauty parlour.

Don't worry about me.

I talked to Dr. Sakaguchi in Nagano.

You'll be safe there.

When the Go competition
is over tomorrow,

I want to make a trip back home.

The finals is about to start.

In today's competition,

we have our first overseas student.

Yoshiryu from China
takes the top spot in the finals

with his outstanding performance.


I have been watching his games.

He's a really talented player.

On the White side

is our defending champion,
a strong amateur player,

Mr. Natori Hideki.

Sir, the game is about to start.

Yoshiryu has the first hand
on the Black side.

The game begins.

The white stone is at the back.

Hideki doesn't seem concerned
with that side

and is playing on the other side.

However, the black stones
are focused on the offence here.

Yes, while the white stones
are working on this side.

The black stones have firm control
of these two corners.

The white stones
are gaining strength on the side.

The game continues in the standoff

between the black and white stones.

It appears that the black stones
will take up

a large portion of this side

while the white stones
are strong on the other side.

This is a large area as well.

This will be an exciting game.

Yoshiryu plays...

a lot like Father.


You went to see Chairman Kato...

so Yoshiryu could play, didn't you?


Before your father died,
he told me...

that you would play again...

one day.

I'm sorry.


I lost.

Ms. Igarashi.

You're here.

I didn't play well.


played this move for you.


Where is Shoichi?

I sent him back...

to Nagano yesterday
to get treatment.



let's finish the game
from the finals.

The villagers
will see me off tomorrow.

Let's play a game to thank them.

How about you take the Black side?

Let's set up the stones.

Let's begin.

I won by five stones, right?

Thank you, Ms. Igarashi.

Thank you for looking out for me.

Take care.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thanks again.

Take care of yourself.


These are Shoichi's ashes.

In here is a portion of it.


Stay strong.

Thank you.


Take care.

Take care.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for everything.

Take care of yourself.

We won't forget you.

Come back anytime.

Goodbye, Kimie!

Take care, Ms. Igarashi!

Do you know where Shoichi went?

Didn't Ms. Igarashi tell you?

He went to the countryside
to get treatment.

He is in heaven.

That year,

Ms. Igarashi went
from Nagano to Chiba

to marry Shoichi's grandfather

in a union of two families
of famous Go players.

It was a spectacular wedding.

Almost all the Go elites in Japan
were there.

Under their cultivation,

Shoichi's father became
a Go master in Japan.

Unfortunately, soon after the death
of Shoichi's grandfather,

Shoichi's father
also died in a car accident.

Ms. Igarashi raised Shoichi
by herself

and taught him everything about Go.

When he was 12,

he even won
the Newcomer's Championship.

However, after Shoichi graduated
from high school,

he suddenly hated Go...

and went to Tokyo alone.

Without Go,

Shoichi seemed to have lost
his dreams.

When I first saw Ms. Igarashi...

I knew...

from my female instincts

that she is even more stubborn
than Shoichi.

You gave up too soon, coward.

Playing Go is like pursuing a girl.

Don't give up so easily.

Do your best.


Hello, Ms. Igarashi.


Here's a letter for you.

Thank you.

To Kimie Igarashi

You are in good shape today.

I lost.

You played brilliantly too,
Mr. Natori...

especially in laying down

Father, this is Mr. Yoshiryu.
He's from China.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Yoshiryu.

Nice to meet you, Chairman Natori.

My son has mentioned you
quite a few times.

He said you're a Go genius.

Why don't you come and work for me?

You can work and play Go
at the same time.

Thank you very much...

but that might not be
in my plans right now.

Hello, miss.


Yoshiryu from Intermediate Class 2,

please come to the reception area.
There is a call for you.

The holidays are coming up.
Are you going home?

Yes. I'm taking Japan Airlines.

I heard it's quite cheap.


Ms. Igarashi.

How are you?

I just finished class.

Nihon Ki-in? Scholarship?

An interview?

Thank you very much.

Sorry to bother you.

Are you Master Igarashi?

It's really you!
I am a long-time fan of yours.

It's been so many years.

Your husband played so well.

How are you, Yoshiryu?

How about you, Ms. Igarashi?

Good, thanks for asking.

This notification letter...

reached me way later
after multiple detours.

Thank you for looking out for me.

Ms. Igarashi,
you have made me much stronger.

It's a shame
Shoichi couldn't come...

but he's wishing you the best
from back home.

Go on.

The teachers from the school
are waiting.

Put your heart into every move.

Keep it up, Ms. Igarashi!

It's Master Igarashi...

Translated by: SDI Media