Tokyo 1958 (1958) - full transcript

Eight filmmakers collaborate with Teshigahara to bring a newsreel-style snapshot of Tokyo in 1957-58, when it had eight and a half million people and was the largest city in the world. The ...

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TOKYO 1958

Tokyo, the world's largest city.

As of the October 1957 census,
its population was 8,556,103.

127,847 babies in the last year,

or 15 births per hour.

51,566 inhabitants died last year,
or 6 deaths per hour.

Two thousand of those were suicides,

of which 30% were
in the 20-24 age group,

which, sadly enough,
is also a world record.

This city produces the most cameras
in the world, 120,000 per month.

ln Tokyo, one inhabitant
in three owns a camera.

Here you can choose
from 617 movie theaters,

compared to 500 in Paris or Rome,
and 267 in New York.

Tokyo holds many other world records.

in pollution, for example.

Each year, it falls on the city
in the form of 107 tons of grime

per square kilometer.

Here is the city's trash.

There's a strong emphasis today on color.

Just as with our models here today,

the lasting impression of beauty

made by actresses in movies and on TV

comes from the skillful use of color.

Color can certainly make
a woman look beautiful

and enhance her allure.

Today, we'll focus on the theme

of color in makeup.

Our model will remove makeup
from half of her face.

Can everybody see?

Now all her makeup will be removed,

so we'll see her with no makeup.

Then new makeup will be applied.

An essential element
of your beauty regime,

and the most effective,
scientific, and economical,

is a massage with cold cream
before going to bed.

This beauty treatment in a fluid base

will keep your skin soft and fresh,

even in harsh winter winds.

Bursting with freshness and charm,
"Kiss Me"

is the new beauty cream
that will help you look your best.

Our latest innovation in beauty creams

will whiten and beautify your skin

because it contains
five essential beauty elements,

harvested at peak potency
in America, France,

Germany, and Switzerland.

Remember, ladies.

Makeup is a powerful weapon.

After applying your makeup,

practice Madame Grace's beauty exercises!

Come on!

One... two...

That's enough for today.

For a wedding, a suitable choice
is a kimono and Japanese headdress,

though the latter
may be replaced by a wig.

But be sure to practice
putting on the kimono beforehand.

This pretty girl's kimono

requires innumerable sashes and belts.

the hosohimo, koshihimo, datemaki,

obi, obiage, shoiage, obijime -

and who knows what else!

At this school for future housewives,

for a registration fee of 3,000 yen
and a monthly fee of 2,000 yen,

you'll receive detailed instruction
in European and Japanese culture,

international cuisine,

the arts of flower arrangement,
tea ceremony, dance,

and so on.

These luxurious wedding kimonos
cost a mere one million yen.

The furisode alone costs 200,000,

the gown, 300,000,
the coat, or uchikake, 250,000,

the reception kimono, 100,000,
and the rest, about 150,000.


lf that's out of your price range,
rentals are available.

Renting your entire ensemble
will only cost 30,000 yen.

lt's New Year's Day 1958,
at the Meiji Shrine.

Here the most recent god is venerated,
Emperor Meiji -

the current emperor's grandfather -
who died 50 years ago.

The emperor was deified in earlier eras,
and the samurai were at his service.

Today, in accord
with the Japanese constitution,

the emperor, or tenno, is no longer a god

but the symbol of the Japanese people.

This is the tenno...

this is the kogo, or empress...

and this is the people.

Is your mother still young?
- Yes.

How old?
- Forty-three.

Then you can share this makeup with her.

That's wonderful. I'm so happy.

Is this your first time?
- Yes.

Well, come back
when you run out of makeup.

Mom, it was great!
- How did it go?

I got three gongs.
- That's great!

I won lots of prizes. Come look.

This way, please.

Try this vacuum cleaner.
- Let me feel.

Wow, it really does clean.

That's great!
- It's so powerful!

- Yeah.

This heater
really dries the paint faster.

Who turned on that heater?

It's pitch black. Do something!

Turn the damn power back on!