Tokugawa onna keibatsu-shi (1968) - full transcript

The Joy of Torture is an anthology that is made up of three separate stories that all intersect: The first segment is about Shinza who was hurt while working when a log hit him on the head, and now sister Mitsu is forced to give herself to her brother's boss Mr. Mino in order to help pay for Shinza's doctor bills. The second segment is about the arrival of mother Reiho and her servant Rintoku at the Jukuin monastery. The monastery is located near a temple inhabited by priests and one day when one of them named Shunkei runs by Reiho he arouses something inside of her. The final segment is about a tattoo artist named Horicho who has just given Kimicho his greatest tattoo to date. While showing his work off to a group of people, a man named Lord Nambera walks by mocking the tattoo and its lack of realism.


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

In the Edo period of Japan...

...punishments were very cruel.

Today, the main object of
punishment is re-education.

Judicial cruelty that existed at
that time is unimaginable to us.

But we should not forget that dark age.

A historian warns...

If judicial cruelty is not diminished...

we can turn wild and cruel again.

Tokugawa Onna Keigokushi

Screenplay by
Teruo Ishii and Misao Yagi

Photography by
Motoya Washio

Music by
Masao Yagi


Teruo Yoshida

Masumi Tachibana
Miki Obana

Yukie Kagawa
Tamaki Sawa

Yuko Nampu
Reiko Mikasa

Naomi Shiraishi
Mie Hanabusa

Gannosuke Ashiya
Toru Yuri Kichijiro Ueda

Tomoo Koike Fumio Watanabe
Shinichiro Hayashi

Directed by
Teruo Ishii

If that hadn't happened that day...

...Brother, our fate would
have been different.


Something terrible has happened.

Something horrible happened.

Hey, hurry up.

Shinza, my brother. What's
the matter? Hold on!

A log fell on him.

Something like this rarely
happens. He was unfortunate.

Shinza, hold on. Be strong.


Don't worry. It's nothing.

I'll be all right in a few days.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry for you, Mitsu.

I'll go get a doctor.

Don't bother.

I've sent for the famous
doctor from Bancho.

Wow, really?

We can't afford him usually.

Thank you so much. I am really obliged.

You ought to know the
doctor is beyond our means.

What do you mean?

You should appreciate that...

...the master of the kimono
shop is helping you.

Oh, that man?

You should be really grateful to the master.

He will save your brother's life.

Anyway, both of you owe
your life to the master now.

Thank to you, Doctor, he can
walk around the room now.

I advise you not to move for some time.

But doctor, I must earn a living.

Don't worry about that now, Shinza.

This is for you, doctor.

That can wait.

I'd rather you take it now.

In that case...

So long.

Thank you, doctor.

The master is not giving his money for fun.

Why don't you give him a favorable reply?

I will repay him soon, Gonzo.

Forget about my sister.

You mean he's no good?

Mitsu is too young.

Besides, she is not cut out to be a mistress.

Don't be so stubborn.

It's the only way you can repay him.

You don't have to talk like that.

I have to. He doesn't understand otherwise.

Even a dog doesn't forget
the one who feeds him.

The master saved your life.
Shouldn’t you at least listen to him?

Let's discuss it later, Gonzo.

Let him take a rest.

Then come to the Hisago
restaurant tonight, okay?

She won't go. Get out!

All right.

Master, let's go.

Don't worry about me.
It's okay, so calm down.

I will get the money somehow.

So don't go to them.


I will do as you say.

So stop talking about it and take a rest.

Shall I give you a massage?

I am supposed to act as your
father but now ended up like this.

I'm sorry.

Don't be silly. I am happy with you.

Our neighbors are very kind too.

They will help me find a job.

Mitsu, I want you to stay with me forever.

The doctor says he can't
work for a few months.

My odd jobs won't earn me
enough to help heal him.

Stop singing now, Gonzo.

If you want to have him healed... must obey the master.

Don't make us wait forever.

Isn't this a lucky break for you?

You have Shinza's life in your hands.

And you already owe the master too much.

You'll never pay back in full
no matter how hard you work!


Don't be afraid, Mitsu.

I can't do this.

You know how I feel about you.

No, please stop.

If you hate me so much...

...then pay me back everything you owe me.

I will work and repay you.

Oh, dear. You always say that.

No matter how hard you work, after
ten years, you still can't pay back.

Please let me go.

I can't wait that long.

People say that you and Shinza
are very good to each other.

Let me go!

Don't you care if he dies?

You can rely on my help.

Believe me.

I will make you happy. Be mine.

Don't worry. I will make you happy. Be mine.

Is it you, Mitsu?

Sorry, I went to deliver the goods.

It couldn’t wait.

Come here.

What is it?

Come here, I said.

You went to that restaurant, didn't you?


Just as I feared.

No! Don't!


I will kill Gonzo and Mino.

No. Think of the consequences.

I don't care.

I must avenge you, my poor dear.

Wait. Please, wait.

I'm all right.

You must lie down.

I'm sorry I was foolish.

I only wanted to you to be better.


What are you doing?

Brother, what's wrong?

Don't say anything, Mitsu.

No, you shouldn’t do that. Let me go.

I won't give you to anyone...

...even if I become incestuous.
I can't let you go.

I have been proud of you.


I never thought of marrying or having kids.

I have only thoughts of you.

I have always regretted that
we are brother and sister.

Deep in my heart I blamed our parents.

I am such an immoral man.

You can laugh at me, curse at me.

I can't live without you.

I can't let you be just my sister any longer.

I have always loved you, Mitsu.


Doctor, it's about your fee...

Never mind. Medicine is
expensive, regardless.

Anything from me looks good.

I once healed someone with soot.

I will charge the rich more
in order to cover your costs.

Thank you, doctor.

Take care.

Hey, that's confidential.
Don't tell anyone.

Hey, Mitsu.

I told you I wouldn’t come.

Stupid woman.

You want me to collect your debt?

My brother will kill himself...

...if I go to that man again.

He always keeps a knife
underneath his bed.

Then you will find out
what he's going to do.

Won't she agree?

You must go to her now.

To her house?

Don't be so weak, master. Women
won't fall into arms of the weak.

A woman cannot resist her first man.

I know that. I don't need your advice.

Don't give her time.

It's the only way. Believe me.

But she's with her sick brother.

He is weak and can't move.

Take her in front of him.

Then he won't refuse
you anything anymore.



I'm glad you are still here.

What do you mean?

You ran away from me in my dream.

I'm happy to be with you like this... a woman.

Do you really mean that?

You are a pitiful woman.

I have put you to shame.

Say no more about that.

I don't mind anything as
long as we love each other.

Hey, Mitsu.

I asked you to come again
and again. You never did.

Now I understand why.

No. What are you doing?

Please stop that!


Stop struggling. It's okay...

Someone help!

Don't cry. It's all right, my dear.

Be quiet!

I know what a shameful
thing you were doing.

I can keep it secret for you, okay?

If I tell the police about you two... know the punishment
will be execution.

I'm home.

I have earned a lot and I
bought your favorite food.

I'll cook right now, and please eat a lot.



No, don't. You will bleed even more.

I am dying. Let me die fast.

Why did you do this?

I wanted to put an end to our shameful life.

Even though it was shameful,
I have been very happy.

How could I live on, all alone?

How could I?

End my pain quickly. Hurry, Mitsu.

How can I do that, my love?

Those eyes...

The same stare as when
Mino raped me here.

Don't stare at me like that.

No... Brother...

Forgive me.

I wish you happiness.

I love you.

I've always loved you.

Don't die, Shinza.

How can I live without you?

I made you sad because I
slept with someone else.

That's why you did this to yourself.

I was foolish and stupid.

Forgive me.

Don't die, dear brother.

What have you done?

He died because of you.
Because of you!




Brother is...

I wonder why I pulled the blade then.

Because of his stare.

Or because I wanted to
stop his pain quickly.

I have been investigating your murder case.

And I heard something interesting.

You were having a
relationship with your brother.


Mino has already testified.

It won't do any good to hide it!


What a stubborn woman.

That's enough.

She may die if you continue.

No. String her up.


I won't talk, even if I die...

I won't ever confess what
I did with my brother.

I don't care what happens to myself.

But I can't shame my already dead brother.

Look up.

How he resembles my brother.

And his voice too.

I understand how you suffer
from severe questioning.

We find extenuating
circumstances in your case.

You will only be exiled.

But the charge Mino brought forth...

...that you had sexual liaisons with Shinzo... a serious charge
punishable by death if it's true.

What do you say?

Mino has confessed... he had your brother
injured to get you...

...and that he raped you in front of him.

If you deny Mino's charge,
you'll be exempt from death.

We won't force someone to
confess something she didn't do.

So don't hesitate to tell us.

I have endured the hellish torture... save my brother's honor.

But this judge is so sweet...

...I want to tell him everything.

Rather than live hopelessly in exile...

...I would go to Shinza's side in heaven.

That is a fact, your honor.

What are you saying?

You must be confused and tired.

Deny it and you will not die.

I am telling the truth.

I took advantage of his illness... lure him into a relationship.

I understand punishment is
meant to prevent crime, sir.

But I don't see the need for
such a prolonged execution.

You may be right, but it's the law.

Incest is a serious crime.

But I doubt if it deserves
such a cruel punishment.

I am coming to your side, my love.

We will be happy together
forever. No need to mind others.

Shinza, my dear brother.

Mitsu. Kuromon Street,
Edo. Eighteen years old.

Put to death by drowning.

Murder case of the abbess
of the Juko temple in 1666.

The head convent has sent us
our new abbess, Mother Reiho...

...and Rintoku, her servant.

She will give us orders.

Those statues mark the boundary
of the adjoining temple.


There is a silent understanding...

...that we do not visit each other.

Who is he?

Shunkai, a priest of the temple.

He is on this side of the boundary.

A silent understanding?

What are you thinking of, Sister Reiho?


You are lying.

I can tell what is on your mind.

Don't ask, then.

How can you talk to me like that?

I won't forgive you!

Stop it.

You wicked woman.

Forgive me, Rintoku.

Swear not to be disloyal to me.

Never again.

I haven't been disloyal.

I have recognized the change...

...since you saw that priest this afternoon.

I know very well what you
think and what you want.

Confess now.

I won't ever have an
affair again. Forgive me.

And... hold and love me.

Forgive me.

Look, dear. So much of this.

This is my excuse to come here.

Stand up, Myoshin.

Let me see you again.

No, I am embarrassed.

Why should you be?

It's just you and me here.

See you again.

Are you Shunkai?

You must be the new abbess.
I have heard about you.

From Myoshin?

I saw what you did with her just now.

You must know the punishment for this.

Please punish me and forgive her.

For mercy's sake.

If you show your sincere penitence.

I might do.

Could I have your forgiveness?

You must purify yourself
of shameful desire.


Pray under the waterfall.

Take off everything just
like when you were born.

Begin your prayers.


Can you forget desire?

Yes, your highness. So
please, forgive Myoshin.

Even at the sight of a naked woman?

Or being touched by a woman?

Am I to understand...

...that you only desire a low-ranked woman?

A woman such as Myoshin?

So that's what a man is like.

This was the first time I've had a man.

Now, you have committed
the same crime as we have.

You mean you made love to me...

...only to escape punishment?

It was for Myoshin.

You love her that much?

Please don't. I beg you.!

Put the loaches in.

Save us some time,

Stop being stubborn. Just apologize now!

This will finish you.

Give him up and you'll be forgiven.

Give up now, or your
private parts will suffer.

Will you forget him?

No, I won't.


Whatever torture I may suffer...

...I can't forget him.

Please forgive me.

So you think you're allowed to have
sex with men while being a nun?

You will get what you deserve.

Teach her a lesson.

Make her suffer.

Give her red pepper.

No, don't.

Please forgive me.

Please don't.

These tits... this ass...
your skin's known a man.

Forgive me.

You can deceive others' eye but not mine.

You tortured her because of jealousy.

You slept with Shunkai, didn't you?

Listen, Rintoku. He broke my heart.

I hate him.

I must take my revenge on him.

Please open the door!
Let me see the abbess.

Open up.

What is it?

Let me go.

Shunkai, what are you doing here?

Let me talk to the abbess.

She knows why I am here.

Only if you agree to be put in bonds.



Let go. Free me.


Free her, at least.

Give her up.

Or she will lose her
womanhood in front of you.

Torture me instead.

I won't give in.


No! Don't!

Give her up.

How about you?

No, never.

Stop it. Stop it.

Go to the police, Nissho.

We can't overlook her
behavior any longer.

Our convent will be closed.

Life is more important.

I'm sure she will go on if we don't stop her.

All right.


We're all alone now, Shunkai.

I did all this...

...only because I wanted to make you mine.

So you might understand my love.

Say something nice to me.


Get away from me!

It was my mistake to think that
you were even a human being.

Go away!

Stay away from me.

Go to hell!


Now finally... are mine.

Shunkai, don't ever leave me again.

You can't even talk back.

You are just my servant.

I won't ever let you go.

You belong only to me now.

Open up...!

Arrest her.

What are you doing?

Stay back. Quiet!

You bastards.

Do you realize you are trying to
arrest me -- Princess Fukakusa?

Get away from me!

Don't hesitate. Just get her.

You want to take me?

How silly.


Sir Nambara...

...isn't it too much to even
execute the dead and the insane?

What are you saying?

They are very evil women.

They deserve this.

Punishment is two-sided.

I'm afraid that such severe
punishment may harm the peace.


Stab deeper.

Women's mind is fearful.

Were they prepared to even
receive such a brutal punishment...

...when they desire the men they love.

Five nuns from the Jukoin...

...Reiho, Rintoku, Kokei,
Sonei, Shuchi... all crucified.

The murder case of tattoo
artist Horicho in 1671.

Don't move. It's almost finished.

I am sorry. It's unusually painful today.

You have been patient till the end.

Is it finished now, Horicho?

Yes. You will become a
famous geisha with this.

Want to see it?

I've being tattooed by the best artist in Edo.

I'm a lucky woman.

Nobody ever tattooed like this.

I'm looking forward to what
people would say about it.

That's quite a novelty.

Kimicho's skin is beautiful, too.

The best tattoo in Edo.


It is to the artist's credit.

You truly are the best tattoo
artist in Edo, Horicho.

Show us the tattoo.


How silly!

To be amazed by something
that only deceives children.

One moment.

What part of my tattoo
only deceives children?

I can't let anyone hurt my reputation.

I demand an explanation, sir.

All right. Let me tell you.

This woman's face... a product of your imagination.

You gave it a wry look.

Listen carefully.

An expression of real agony is not so ugly.

It shows a kind of joy...

...a kind of pleasure...

...a strange kind of ecstasy.

I was ashamed.

I am the best tattoo artist in Edo.

But why is he so confident?

Damn it.

Hi, welcome.

A nice woman just came in.

The pawn broker's wife.

You can see the best of her now.

The fifth from the left.

She is a rare beauty, indeed.

No. She may be good in bed, but
she's not so good for tattooing.

Well then... I will massage every woman.

Give me this sign if you
think the woman is good...

...and this sign if she is bad.

I'll go now.

Burn more wood and warm it up.

Hot, ouch..

You're done?

Nobody takes your fancy?

Fair skin is very rare.

Everyone is talking about
that geisha Kimicho.


They say you are the best tattoo artist.

You described real hell.

That is no good. I want a better skin.

That's not for a tattoo artist.

A virgin's skin. Soft and smooth.

Not too hard or too soft.

She must have a slim waist.

But tits and ass are like this.

I can't describe it.

She's the one with the amazing skin.

The woman of my dreams.

I want her skin.

I want to tattoo my best on her.

I have found the skin.

I must get it.

I always get what I want, so far.

So long.

My mother injured?

I am only the messenger.

Anyway, I'll guide you.

Is she here?

I was right.

This skin... this shape...

Sorry but you have to
stay asleep for a while.

What do you want, Horicho?

Lord Nambara... kindly pointed out
my error the other day.

It was quite alarming for me.

Would you tell me more about...

...the expression of agony?

You have to see true agony once.

Your tattoos can't even compare with it.

You mean I cannot imagine it?

You can't ever.

I see it all the time when I'm on duty.

All the time?

I have a request.

I want to make the best work of my life.

Will you arrange for me to see
a criminal being tortured?

All right. I will show you
the most cruel torture.

Come to Nagasaki.

Are you afraid already?

No, sir. I would even go
to hell for the work I want.

Please take me.

Don't forget what you just said.

I tattooed her private parts.

Then she became an obedient servant.


I can't go home with this body anymore.


Try to think that you were
bitten by a mad dog.

You don't have to apologize.
I'm happy to be with you now.

You can do whatever you want on me.

I appreciate it.

But I can't treat you as a woman...

...until this work is finished.

Nagasaki Magistrate's Office

Christianity is banned here.

You pretended to have been shipwrecked...

...and entered our country
to propagate Christianity.

The Government assigned
me to question you strictly.

I will torture you first.

Give her more pain.

This is too much.

Torture them more.

You look worn out.

You must've been
concentrating on your work.

It will be the best of my life.

When are you through?

I have nearly finished the main part of it.

You have finished it? Can I see it tonight?

I said I have finished, but I am not satisfied.

You mean you have failed?

No, sir.

I think I have tattooed
most of it with perfection.

But something is lacking.

Just something.

I have found what it is...

...and came to ask you for one more favor.

Go ahead.

I realized the women in agony...

...but not the ogres torturing them.

I see. And?

And so I am asking you to show me...

...with what expression you torture people.

Do you want me to pose as an ogre?

I don't know anyone else.


It will be fun to have me in your best tattoo.

I will tattoo you expression tomorrow... the scene on my woman's skin.

In the scene?

Very interesting.

We're just here to torture people.

Do your best.

I will. I hope you'll do your best, too.


Stupid bitch.

Go on.

Do it now.

Are you satisfied?

Not yet, sir.

Not enough?

No, sir.

Your expression doesn't
correspond with the woman's.

All right. You'll see.

One moment.

I'll show you what to do.

Lend me your dagger.

Get out.

Can you amuse me?

Have you gone mad?

No, sir.

Torturers must feel the pain of the tortured.

I don't know what hell is like...

...but in this world, you can't
torture other people for fun.

Feel more pain. Suffer more.

An ogre would not look like that.

That's it.

That expression.

I have done it.

At last.

I can't do a better job than this.

Well done, Hana.

Take them back to their cells.

Who did this?

Me, sir.

This fellow deserves a death like that.

I'll listen to you later.

You're under arrest.

Don't touch her.

She belongs to me. And her tattoo is mine.


Come, you bastard.

You all bastards...

Stay back!

I won't let anyone touch her tattoo.

Hey, watch out!

This tattoo is mine. Only mine. It's mine.

Hold on.




Are you all right?

Nambara found pleasure
in torturing criminals.

He died after prolonged agony.

It may be the punishment
system that has created him.

I doubt if anyone has the
right to punish someone else.