Tokkan kozô (1929) - full transcript

A kidnapped boy proves to be more than his abductor can handle.

With the collaboration of Tokyo's
National Museum of Modern Art Film Center

This film has been restored in 35 mm
from a special copy in 9.5 mm.

The missing parts have been added,
except the one in the middle.

A Straightforward Boy

Directed by
Yasujir? Ozu

Today seems to be the right
time for a kidnapping.

Do you want me to find
a good hiding-place?

You're making funny faces.

Do you know how to make
the snail face?

Come with me. I'll take you
to a funny place.

I want to go back home!
I want to go back!

This kid seems very nice. Well done.
I underestimated you.

Is there anything you can do?

Yes, I know how to make
the hippopotamus.

But first, you show me something.


You know, I can also
imitate Matsunosuke.

Flattery is useless.

Get him out of here
and abandon him.

You must take a lot of money
when you go out.

Fed up of taking care of him,

the kidnapper is going back
where he got him.

Show me the snail face again.

You know, I'm a kidnapper.

You don't look like a kidnapper.

Uncle Kidnapper!

He's the one who
bought them for me.

A Straightforward Boy