Tokan (2013) - full transcript

When news of Tuan Gan's death spreads, it shocks all the drug dealers in Malaysia, including Tuan Kamil. Tuan Kamil is one of the biggest drug dealers in Melaka and he oversees seven other ...

-I said don't get involved!
-Put down your weapon!

How many times do I have to tell you?
I will kill this woman!


Put down your weapon
if you want to be safe!

I can do whatever I want!

The incident
that you're watching right now…

is normal.

It does not only happen in Melaka,
but in all the states of Malaysia.

This guy is addicted to drugs.
He can't think properly.

He only has two minutes
before our policemen shoot him to death.

But I want to take some of your time
to tell you a story.

How did this thing happen?


We're finally in Brazil.

Let's go to a spa after this.


I need to call my dad or he'll get mad.



Amat, let's move! Hurry!


What do you want? Come here!

You're only eating nuts? Are you on diet?

I don't really like eating at night.

I'm sorry, Usop.

I was really craving this chicken soup.

I haven't come to my shop for a while now.

Just wanted to check
if the soup still tasted good.

You're having another bowl.
Look like it's still good.

Thank you.

It does indeed taste good.
Bedah is good at cooking.

Her cooking
tastes like my late wife's cooking.


What are you waiting for?
Go propose to her.

What is wrong with you? I think she's…

already hit menopause.

I'd like to taste other soups
once in a while.

Kamil. Don't do this, sir.


What do you mean?

I really want to pay your money back.

You don't have to ask Lobe or your men

to disturb my daughters.

I never instructed Lobe to do that.

Maybe he likes one of your daughters.

That's normal for youngsters.

I told you already I'll pay next week.

I only have a few stocks left…

that need to be sold.

Why are you so stupid?

Don't show off that thing. Put it back.

I'll ask Lobe what he did.

What he did?

What you ordered him to do, of course!

That's enough, Yusof. If he dies,

his daughters will become orphans.

Zaleha, come and clear this away.

I've lost my appetite.

It's OK.

I'll ask Lobe what he did.


Let him go. Go get the car.

Geez, Karimi.

In the meantime,
find other ways to do business.

It's people like you

who ruin the image of religious people.

What's wrong, sir?

Tuan Goh just died.

Didn't his bypass surgery go well?

He was shot to death.

Gather everyone tomorrow.

It's short notice,
but we'll be having a meeting at night.

-Lobe hasn't arrived yet?
-As usual.

He's a bit slow.


Never mind, let's start.

You all passed the files to Yusof
before you entered, right?

Yes, we have.

But the financial report files
are passed to you once every six months.

This meeting's not about business, right?

Peace be upon all of you.

I'm very sorry for being late.

I was stopped by someone just now.

Since you're longing for attention,
I'd like to ask something about Karimi.

What have you done to his daughters?

What did he tell you?

So, you didn't disturb his daughters?

I didn't disturb them.
I was only joking and fooling around.

Actually, he's one of
the slowest businessmen.

He always pays late
but asks for extra stock.

His sales are very slow, like a snail.

But you don't have to
disturb his daughters.

And you, I think, don't have to listen
to all this wild gossip.

Beat it. My creation is getting hot,
waiting to become a hit in the market.

Give me some.

So, shall we start the meeting now?

OK, sir, let's do this.

All my stock is ready.
Have you prepared the money?


I didn't call you guys regarding that.
It's OK, Lobe.

But if I hear even a whisper of any story
about you again, you better watch out.

I just received news…

that my best friend in Kuala Lumpur…

Tuan Goh…

has been shot to death.

You might not know him,
because he's like me.

How could I not know him? GoGo Production.

The biggest supplier for celebrities
inside and outside Malaysia.

No wonder they've come looking for me now.
Their stocks have run out.

Without him, I'd not be here today.

And without me here,

you would still be
taking marijuana from a bottle.

What happened, sir?
Did he owe someone money?

Mr. Goh, a famous businessman,
was shot to death.

He was found dead at 9:00 p.m.

The police are investigating this case.

What are you watching?


How did I not notice
you were already home?

If I were a robber,

you'd have been shot to death.

Where were you?

I was meeting with my friends
for a discussion.

Where's Wanna?

Isn't she supposed to be with you?


She has started lying now.

-If Dad finds out…
-It's OK.

I'll explain things to your dad.

Dad is having a meeting inside?

It never ends.

I started at the age of 12.

So, I'd like to ask all of you

to each take care of your areas.

Do not contact or communicate with anyone

you don't know, or with new people.

What's this, Lobe?

Do you think this is a class?
What do you want?

Nothing, boss.
It's just that I drank too much.

I need to go to the toilet.
The air conditioner is too cold as well.

…the most serious thing
that ever happened to me.

This experience has become

one of the biggest things in my life.


That's enough.

Mentor didn't accept an old man like you.

If I really wanted to go on Mentor,
I would have auditioned.

But right now,
I'm directing my efforts towards you.

I'm going to sleep.

Going to bed already?

Don't forget our promise.

What promise? The devil's promise?

Her father pays you to take care of him,
not to take care of her.

I'll take care of her.

What nonsense are you talking about?

I'm not talking nonsense.

I was just saying.

Come on, take me to where the toilet is.

You already know, right?
The toilet is out the back.

It's not that I don't know that.

It's the killing season,
and people are dying.

This house is big.

Hurry up.


I've been watching you.

Since the days when I sold cheap stuff
through to now, where I'm successful,

your job has stayed the same.

Nothing has changed.

Don't you want to try another job?

I'm a bodyguard.

Yes, I know.

But even a bodyguard can level up.

There are other levels of bodyguard, OK?

Like this:

What if I offer you the chance
to become my assistant?

I'm sorry.

I only work for Kamil.

It's good that you have principles.

You're the loyal type.

My offer is only for today.

It's not for when Kamil is no longer here.

When he's already dead.

You look fierce.
Is that the fiercest look you can give?

I'm so scared.

Sorry for interrupting your date.

-You can't stand the cold either?
-It's not that.

The meeting has ended.

The meeting has ended?

It finished early today.

I'm going to the club.


Where have you been?

Sorry, I borrowed Usop for a while
to go with me to the toilet.

It's the killing season.
I'm afraid that I might get killed.

Oh, Lobe…

You're too young to be scolded severely,
but if I don't you'll be too much.

See that?

Why did Wanna come home with that boy?
She said she'd come home with Suri.

Suri's already home. She has gone to bed.

She said she couldn't fetch Wanna,
so she asked Wanna's friend to bring her.

Where were you? You went clubbing?

Lower your voice! My dad's right there.

All right, I'll cover for you.
Go greet your dad.

Sorry that I was late.

-What's your name?
-My name?

-Yes, your name.

You smell like cigarette smoke.
Are you smoking?

No, I'm not. My friend didn't lower
the window when he was smoking.

Where did you bring that underage girl?

I just took her out for dinner just now.

Yeah, right. Dinner?
With you two dressing up like this?

I'm going to my room first.

I have to go to school tomorrow.

Bye, Usop.

Where did you go for dinner?

Do you think I'm your father,
that you want to lie like that?

Do you know what that bruise means?

-I know.
-This is my last warning.

Don't do this or come here again.
I don't want to see your face.


Please look after Wanna.
She's acting weird.

We're going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.
For Tuan Goh's funeral.

All right, sir.

When are you going to come to my place?

You know my working hours, right?

Let's not talk about work.
I'm talking about my stuff.

I'm a creator.

All Southeast Asia has tasted
the awesomeness of my creations.

But you, my friend--

We're in the same field,
but you've never tried it before.

Know why you need to take care of all
this? It's all because of my invention.

My invention.

I have to walk a long way.
I parked over there.

The world is in my hands.

-Ms. Yem.
-Yes, sir?

-Have you cleaned the meeting room?
-Yes, I have.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

He'll come to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

You don't have to go to Melaka.


-Near the Telekom Museum.
-All right.

-Yes, what is it, dear?
-Where are you going, Dad?

Why did Uncle Seman
have to take me to school today?

I have to attend a funeral.
I'm on my way to Kuala Lumpur.

I'll be home this evening.

Why didn't you ask Yusof to take me?

Uncle Seman is boring.
He keeps on nagging me.

It's only for today.

Seman happened to come this morning.

That's why I asked for his help.
That's enough.

Watch your head, sir!

Are you OK, Dad?

I'm fine, don't worry.

How's Yusof?

He has just fallen asleep.

He had his medicine just now.

How did this happen?

It's nothing.

Man, check us into a hotel.
I'd like to have a rest.

-I want to stay here with Yusof.
-There's no need.

The nurse is here. Let's go.

Let's head to the hotel to rest.

Wake up, bro.

Don't leave me alone.


Blink your eyes if you can hear me.

You're my only friend,
here and in the afterlife.

I feel sad seeing you
sacrifice yourself for other people.

Who's going to take care of you?

You don't have to worry.

The hospital will do its best to save you.

I've arranged everything.

I'll take care of you.

You just have a rest.

I won't let you take it alone.

Let's do this together.

Good morning, Yusof. Feeling better?

I feel a little dizzy.

That's because of the dose
that I gave to you earlier.

But my shoulder feels better.

The doctor will check up on you
in a little while.

In the meantime, if you need anything,

just push that button next to your bed,
and I'll come to help you.

-Thank you, Lobe.
-You thanks are accepted.

Call me after you finish your class. OK?

What are you waiting for?

Too lazy to go to class,
but you enjoy going to clubs?

What do you want to become?

Hey! Learn how to do business well.
Make sure your account balances.

I thought Johar was taking Graphic Design.

What does it have to do with accounting?

They still need to know
about debit and credit.

Let's go somewhere else.
I don't feel like going to school.

These are the main reasons
why our students become drug mules.

First, love.

Second, poverty.

Third, influence from friends.

Their lives, as pictured on the
Discovery Channel, are very scary.

-That's all from me.
-Switch on the lights.



It looks like you really know about
this current issue regarding drugs.

It's just that I'm not very clear
about some of your slides just now.

For example,
the activity of selling drugs...

The way they consume the drugs...

It looks like a scene from a Malay drama.

For example, Gerak Khas or Kisah Benar.

Am I right?

Gerak, gerak, gerak khas!

What do you want me to do?

It's like this.

I think you'd better do some research
at the place you mentioned.

Record it if possible.

I think drug addicts have become modern.

They may be on Facebook
while taking drugs.

You said you wanted to go
to the water theme park.

Why are we still here?

It's boring!

Hey, why do we need to go there?
I don't even know how to swim.

What if I was drowning?
Who's going to save me?

You have a pistol already?
How come I didn't know?

I have had a "pistol" since I was little.

But this one is different.
If I shoot, a person will die.

But my other "pistol" is different.

If I shoot, a person will be born.

The more I shoot, the more people I make.

OK… I want to hold it.

Which one?

Just say that you want to hold that one.

Don't move! This is the police.

Wanna, are you taking drugs?
That's dangerous.

Teach me.

Come here.

See that poster?

Not that one, that's limited edition.

Let's take this one. His name is Slash.

He's from the band Guns N' Roses.

He's a professional guitarist.
Let's shoot him.

The technique to shoot is, concentrate,
and gather all your energy inside here.

Pull this first before we shoot.

That reloads the bullet.

After that, we gather our energy.
Aim perfectly.

One, two, three.

Shoot! Yes!

Shoot that, and a person will die.

If I shoot this, a person will be born.

I want to watch the news.
What's happening around the world?

Guys, please come along with me.
I can't go there alone.

Don't you have a bodyguard?
Ask him to accompany you.

My bodyguard is at the hospital.


It's not like I don't want to follow you.

It's just that…

I've never been
to a place like that before.

I'm really scared.

You have a fierce face and spiky hair.
Are you a girl?

Babe, I think I can come with you.
But I need some money.

I can help you record the visuals.
I'll do it like 999.

OK, but I can only give you RM100.

RM100 is fine.

I want to go, too, then.

You only want to help me if I pay you?

Where's the money?

-What are you waiting for? Leave.

-I've been looking for you.
-What is it?

-I'd like to ask a favor.
-What kind of favor?

Do you know a place
where drug dealings take place?

Why ask me? Do I look like a drug addict?

Have some rest once we get home.

Who'll fetch Suri and Wanna?

Normally, Seman would take Wanna.

But Lobe has been very eager to take her.

Never mind that.
What's important is that they are safe.

Your safety is important, too.

You're here with me.

Behind us,

Seman is also here.

Here's the place.

-Are you sure?

If you want the grade A stuff, you usually
have to go to a five-star hotel.

This is the grade C stuff,
for hardcore addicts.

They'll take drugs until they die.
Your visuals will look more real.

-Are you coming in with me?
-No, I'm not an addict.

Take this RM200 first.
I'll pay the balance once we're out.

That wasn't the deal.
Never mind, hurry up and go inside.

Take out the camera.

Let's walk together.


-Did you get that?
-Yes, I got it.

Why are you making that face?
You got a problem?

No, but the stuff looks too little.

You're lucky that I still have any.
Just take it and keep quiet.

The stuff is the same,
but it's too expensive.

I've bought from you so many times.
Can't I have a discount?

Take it or leave it.
Don't make me step on your face.

What are you doing here?

-Go inside!

-Come inside!

Where are you running to?


Damn you!

You, leave.

Do you want to know how life is here?

Decided you've lived long enough?

Why are you shouting? Who's this?

Up to you! That's your problem.

I told you to find another place already,
but you won't listen.

I don't want to talk to you.

Wanna! Hey!


Wake up.

It's already late. Get up.

I'd like to have one last dose.

My dad is already home. Turn to the left.

-Ms. Yem, come here.
-Yes, Suri.

Why are you so dirty? Where have you been?

-Don't tell Dad.
-All right.

When did you get home?

What's wrong, Suri?

I went to do some research
at Kampung Periuk Api.

The drug addict place.

Why are you doing this crazy thing?

That place is dangerous.
Who took you there?

-I asked Johar.
-Mat Lobe's boy?

But we're fine.

We got attacked, and…

that guy saved us.

Who are you?

I'm Kamal.

What were you doing there?

I'm a reporter.

I'm researching drug addicts in this area.

You're not from around here, right?

No, I'm not.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur.

I'm here to do my work.

Would you like to come in?

It's OK, I want to take your friends home.
They're still traumatized.

Thank you.

Adira, open the window.

I'm sorry, Adira. Here it is.

Take this RM200.

I'm really sorry. See you tomorrow?

Don't go out with strangers,
it's dangerous.

Ms. Yem, let's go inside.

Usop, where are you?

You've been discharged already?

Come here!

What is it, boss?

You're stupid!


Why did you tell Suri
about Kampung Periuk?

I didn't.

-I didn't tell her.
-Talking back?

She asked me, so I told her.


Get back inside the car!

You talked back!

-Thank you, Man.

What's wrong, Usop?



This isn't funny.
Don't you have other jokes?

Close the door.

Why are you looking for me?

It's not wrong to pay a visit.

You can't be just visiting.

Something's wrong,
going by the look of your face.

You know Johar? He caused trouble.

I heard about it, but he's just a kid.

Who told you?

It's an IT world.

Luckily, nothing happened to Suri.
Otherwise, I would be dead.

Yusof gave me a weird look.

Luckily, he only gave you a look.
What if he'd kicked you?

Your new stuff is ready?

Good stuff.

-What is this?
-My dinner. I haven't eaten yet.

Eating pie like a Caucasian.

Come, join me.


I know why you're feeling uneasy.

I know what the cure is.


I've tested it on the Indonesian guys
who work here.

They only had one
and could work for several days straight.

The management informed me
everything will finish in a week.

That means the interest rate
is not as expected.

The inflation of capitalism, bro.

I need to leave.
I want to try this new thing.

-Under the tongue?
-Yes, under the tongue.

Don't be too greedy. Only take one a day.

I'm trying to gather information,

and trying to kill them at the same time.



I've wanted to tell you about this
for a while.

I thought I could control the situation.

What should I do, Usop?

You need to send her to a rehab center.

Before it gets worse.

Before the others find out.

Let me handle Lobe.

You handle Lobe.

Let me handle Wanna.

Do you have enough weapons?

There's no need for that.
I can just use my hands.

One more thing.

Don't you feel like quitting
this line of work?

I've followed you for more than ten years.
I've seen everything, sir.

Tuan Goh has died, so…

I think you don't need to feel guilty
or indebted.

You have to think about Suri and Wanna.

Do you think Suri knows about this?


I'm sorry. I didn't know you two
were having a discussion.

It's OK, Suri. What is it, dear?

I want to show you something.

My lecturer praised me for my thesis.

What is your thesis about?

I'm researching drug mules
for my final year project.

Here it is.


Why have you come looking for me?

-Are you moving to a new place?
-As usual.

The building is almost finished.

Thanks to my stuff,
the work has gone faster.

So, as expected, they've finished early.

Where there's a construction site,
there's Solihin.

You have such a good name
but such bad behavior.

Did Lobe come here?


He did come,
telling me about his problems.

Why didn't you just hit him?

It's not the right moment yet.

Kamil would like to see everyone
at 11:00 tonight.

You came here just to tell me that?
Why didn't you just text me?

You're just wasting your time.
Petrol is expensive.

I feel worried.

You're worried about me?


Did you see any white light

when you were at the hospital
the other day?

Perhaps an old man wearing a jubbah
telling you about my death?

The famous Solihin.

I'm a…

But I'm amazed that all this while,

you've never tried any of my creations.

This is the best so far.
I've never seen anything like this before.

Do you think I'll take it?

As the English say, "It's about time."

As the Chinese say, "Eat it."

I don't know why I'm hanging out with you.

Because you feel bad about yourself.

So, you need to meet someone like me
who's worse than you,

so that you'll feel good about yourself.

But I have flown high this time.

I've received orders for my creation
from overseas.

Mat Lobe will find drug mules
and I'll supply the stock.

I'm not scared to die.

I can't wait to die.

-I'm leaving.
-Wait a second.

-Don't forget.



It's on fire!


Look at the destruction!

Since when did Usop join our meetings?

I asked him to join us. Why?
Do you have a problem with that?

No, I don't.

What is this, sir?
We're like sitting ducks here.

We might get killed
if we gather like this.

What so important?

I'd like to announce something.

I'm not interested
in doing all this anymore.

In other words, I…

want to quit.

How am I going to get the goods?
Lobe is only following your orders.

Who should he follow?

How are we going to get the stock?

You can't just quit like this.

The orders are high at the moment.

We can't count on the supply
from Johor Bahru and Penang.

There's only us.

I want to pass all of the contacts I have

to one of you here.

That's why I wanted everyone
to attend this meeting.

But Solihin is not here.

Call him. Tell him to come now.

I couldn't reach him.

Maybe he's overdosed,
or is still sleeping.

As usual.

I think I have the best idea.

Why don't you just give
all of your contacts to me?

Because Johar has many African down-lines
at his college.

What are you talking about?
That is Suri's college.

My daughter studies there.
What if she finds out?

do you know what she's currently doing?

She's doing a thesis on drug mules.

I'm her father. What am I doing?

-Gold business?
-Drug business.

What are we supposed to do then?

We can only find
large numbers of Africans there.

There is no other place.

I've made my decision.


All of my contacts,

all of the transactions,

and all of your reports,

starting from tomorrow

can go directly to Nazri.

What are you talking about?

Can't you think properly?
Why did you pass them to Nazri?

What does he know?

He only knows how to play golf
from morning to night.

When will he think about drugs?

I chose him because he doesn't talk much,
unlike you.

Plus, he never has any problems
with his accounts.

Only rich people play golf.

He knows many rich people.

Who are you mingling with? Little kids?

You send the drug mules everywhere,
but they get stuck at the airports.

Who's smart now?

You want to blame me then?

I just send them. How am I supposed
to know what'll happen there?

Have you ever thanked me for my success?

Have you ever given me a bonus?
Praised me?

Lobe, sit down.

Don't interrupt me.

Stay there and be quiet. Do not interfere.

Think about it thoroughly.
You look very stressed.

Take a vacation.
Nazri can handle all this.

Don't worry, everything will settle down.

Am I right, Auntie Julie?

That's right, sir.

That's all I wanted to say.

You may leave.

Except for you, Lobe.

I need to talk to you.

What is it, boss?

I don't need to call you "boss" anymore.
You're already quit, right?

What is it? What do you want from me?


What have you done to my daughter?

Which one?

Who else?

The one that you shared drugs with.

Usop, don't come near me.

Don't interrupt me when I speak.

Move away before I pull the trigger.

Oh, you're blaming me now?

Now you're blaming me
for what happened to your daughter?

Open your eyes. Who takes care of
and nurtures your child?

Who stabilizes your child?
You should thank me!

Stay there!

If not for me,

she would've died with the other addicts.

People would ask,
"Whose daughter was she?"

"The daughter of a huge drug dealer
found dead by the roadside!"

You want that to happen?

-Careful! Quick!

Where is he? Find the shooter!

Find him!



-What are we going to do, Dad?

Dad, I'm scared.






Suri, Wanna, Lobe.
Let's use the back door.



Wait here and look after them.



You went to get that?
I thought you were getting a weapon.

You already have a gun.
What are you waiting for?

Hurry up, Usop. How old is this car?

Start the engine!

-Hurry up, Usop!
-He's coming!

Hurry it up, Usop!

Damn it!


Is this the fastest you can drive?

Don't drive too fast!


He's chasing us!

Drive properly!

Look at this!

I'm here, Usop!


See? That way! Jonker Street! Go!

There's a junction!

Hurry up!

Slow down!


Hey! Be careful!

Ride your bike carefully!

He's not behind us anymore.

Don't get too excited.

If he finds us, we'll be dead.
Hurry up, Usop. Faster!


Usop, get up!



Help me!


Wanna, get up. Hurry!

Open your eyes, Suri.



Get up, Wanna.


Are you OK, Suri?

Hey, stupid! Go away!


Just a bit more.

Put them down.


Help Wanna, Suri.



Where's Dad?

Why is this happening?

I don't know, Suri.

Dad said that he wanted to quit
the drug business.

I know everything.

I was so busy
with my research about drugs.

It turned out that a lot of things
had happened at home.

I did all this
because I owed Tuan Goh a lot.

At that time,

your late mother was so sick…

Lobe, why Wanna?

Why not other girls?

I was the one who asked Dad to quit.


Stay here, all right.

Lobe, follow me.


Where are you taking me?

Lobe, he'll come here.

I want you to distract him.
When you do, I'll attack.


Attack him with what? Empty-handed?

Are you crazy?

What's wrong?

Did you see that pillar? He's behind it.

I want you to shoot the pillar.
Wait for my cue.

Move aside, Usop!

Move aside!


I will not kill you, Yusof.

Because you're not on my list.

Which dealer is it that's paying you?

A father…

who wants…

men like Kamil dead.

His daughter was arrested

because of the drugs
that Mat Lobe gave her.

I killed them all

because I feel sympathy for my client.

The pay comes second.

I used to have a sister like Suri.

Don't you know that when one dies,
it just means others will get on top?

As long as there's someone who'll hire me,
I'll find those newbies as well.

You don't have a master anymore.
Go find another job.

Where have you been?

-Your face looks pretty.
-It's just a little burn.


Due to that incident,

today's incident happened.

While waiting for new stock
and a new leader,

this drug addict didn't get any supply.

But I think it won't be long.

Because the only experienced person left…

is me.