Toilet and Women (2012) - full transcript

Was it really your first time?
It didn't seem so.


It was nothing special, though.

No? For me, it was perfect.



Give me your 300 yen.

- What?
- 300 yen.

- For what?
- Just give me it.


- Hey.
- What?

I wanna do it bareback.

- What? - You know,
they say it feels better.

It'll be fine, I promise.



I first shaved my legs
when I was in the fifth grade...

and my armpits in the seventh grade.

My menstruation started
in the eighth grade....

and I first had sex in the
eleventh grade.

I was a woman.

Oh, it was you.

I hate school.

Hate it or not,
you have nothing else to do.

People are all stupid.

They only talk about TV programs!

Be an idiot, then.

Eeww, it always looks gross.


You were once a sperm too,
one out of 250 million.

Travelled all the way to an ovum...

It's always a miracle for
a human to be born.


Then is it a miracle for you and me
to have met here?

Well, I'm not sure about that.

Why not?

Hey, whose is this?

Oh, that's mine.

Is it fun to have sex?

Well, I think it depends...

Besides, it's not only
about having fun.

- What is it about?
- It's about making love.

Love, love, love...

Please, let's not do this.

- You do it for me.
- No, I can't.

- Please.
- No, no. This isn't right, Narumi.


- Hey, don't...
- Ah...

Man, come on!


Did it go in?

I'm not sure...

but I think it did.



AKA 'Helpless and Reckless'


I'm home, I'm home!

- So you're back. - Is it bad to
come back to my own house?

I'm tired!


- What? - Tell mom and dad
that you're back.

I've just came back, okay?

Besides, how can I talk
to someone who's already dead?

Just do it.

Okay, okay.

Dear father and mother,
your daughter has come back.

Although I cannot erase my sins,

I will live as a new person.

This is ridiculous.

Hey, wait a second!

What else do you want?
I wanna sleep.

Please, please!

Who's this?

My girlfriend...

We live together.

Nice to meet you. I'm Kana.

I'II come back soon.


- Narumi, so you're back!
- Yeah.

- Get me some sweet things.
- Sure.

Here you are.

I'm happy to see you.


So, what are you going
to do, Narumi?

Me and Kei will be fine,
I guess.

Is he still working?

I don't know, maybe.

Well, that's good news.
Family is the best.

- Tell me if you need any help.
- Yeah.

- Coffee?
- Please.

How many years has it been
since your parents died?


Time flies.

I know it's hard, but you
gotta live your life.

I still can't believe this.

It's terrible to lose both
at the same time.

Got to be careful with cars...

Are they gonna be fine?

It might be difficult for them
to face the reality...

Kei over there doesn't even
look at the food.

Kei, don't you want to
eat anything?

What would you like?

Kei, come on, here.


Do you think mom and dad
felt pain when they died?

I don't know.

What do we do from now on?

I don't know!

- Carrot...
- Onion...

You want me to help?

Yes, sure, please.

- Do I peel this one?
- Yes.

Okay, I can do it.

Like this?

- No, it's the opposite.
- This way?

Sis, meal's ready!


I know! I can hear you!

What the hell is this?

What the hell did you put in it?

I guess it's a carrot.

Yes, it is.


You know I hate carrots.

You didn't have to spit it out!

- You know that.
- I'm sorry.

You did it intentionally, right?

I'm so sorry...

I don't think she knew about it.



- Then you cook next time.
- It tastes horrible!

What are you doing?

Don't eat it...


Don't eat it,
if you don't like it.

Your sister has scary eyes.


Why don't we move out together?

We don't have enough money.

Is your sister more important
to you than me?

Don't be ridiculous.

You two have always
been together, right?

You never felt anything for her?


- What was it?
- No, nothing.

- Hey, Kei.
- Huh?

No, cut it out!

No, cut it out!

Looks like a worm!

Wanna see mine, too?


- Well, then, you gotta pay.
- No way.

Uh... 300 yen.


It's weird and... looks gross.


I'm back.

Where's Kei?

Weren't you two together?

- Are you okay?
- No!

I can't...

I can't wash it off...

I can't...

Give me some water.

I fucked Kei once.

Ask him, if you think it's a lie.

He would never do that.

It's true!

His dick is crooked to the left,
there's a mole on the top...

- and it's kind of hairy...
- Please, stop it!

- Hey! - What?
- Wake up.

Let me sleep; I gotta wake up
early tomorrow morning.

I don't understand...

What is your relationship
with your sister?

We're just brother and sister.

She said you had sex.

What? That's ridiculous!
What are you talking about?

- Why can't you say "no"?
- What?

Why can't you deny it?

She knows about the mole
on your penis!

- You guys are crazy!
- No, wait, please!

You don't even touch me.

- No, it's nothing like that.
Believe me. - Then what?

You don't love me, do you?

Sorry, I can't.

Who cares about that bitch?!


What? You wanna say something?

Is it only my fault?

You shouldn't have come
out of prison...


You've ruined everything I had.

Yeah, you could've fucked that bitch
every day, if I hadn't come out.

No, I didn't say that.

I can't believe you're dating
such a type.

She's much more mature than you.

Did you get aroused,
looking at that bitch?

I don't wanna say that.

- Did you? - Why don't you
stop thinking about that?

Stop thinking about what?

How can you live, without
thinking about it?

After all, humans can only think
about eating, shitting, and having sex.

No way. I'm not such a jerk.

I am... different from you.

You're no different from me...

You little fucker.

Oh, hey, Narumi!

- Professor?
- Wow, long time, no see.

I've been worried about you,
since I heard you were in prison.

- So, this is your room.
- Yeah,

it hasn't changed since
I worked in your high school.

What're you doing now?

Working at a construction site.

I wasn't supposed to be
a teacher, after all.

Were you fine?

- Not really.
- I see.

It's the same as when we
were in high school.

I... see.

And you?

Or don't you want to be asked?

I didn't do anything shameful.

How's the life in prison?

Being a woman is always

Forget about bad things.

What do you mean?

You know that.

Is it okay?


I don't have it today.

That's okay.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Hey, you were pregnant when
you were in high school...

whose child was that?

Well, who cares now.

It was scary, right?

It's all over now.

Why didn't you come out?

You were the one who disappeared.


I used to think you were pretty...

But I hate girls who flirt.

You see, men and women...

they kinda bump into a
relationship, like in a car crash.

And I have no illusions about it.

Did you think we became lovers,

just because we fucked?

I was kinda drunk, and...

Actually, I don't remember
anything about it.


What is that?

I just wanted to apologise.

Why do you apologise?

A car crash...?

Fuck off, man!

Such a person shouldn't
have had a car!

Where were you last night?

Playing pachinko again?

I gotta work now.

Oh yeah, I'm proud of you,
working hard.

You know what,
I'm struggling, too.

Is that my fault?

If you wanna stay here,
you gotta work, too.

I will. Soon.

"Soon"! When?

- Kei...
- What?


Have a nice day.

So, how are you these days?

How's the relationship with
your girlfriend?

So far, so good.

I see.

You know...

I got a girl pregnant.

- You mean you cheated?
- Yeah...

If it was my girlfriend,
I would've given up,

but I don't have any
feelings for this girl.

What am I supposed to do?

I can't tell my parents, and I don't
wanna take the responsibility.

Oh, hey, do you know how much
it costs for an abortion?

- Just take the responsibility.
- What?

Excuse me.

Who the hell are you?

I have to talk to her.

- Can I have a moment?
- What?

Who the hell are you?

Are you making fun of me?


Wow, hey, don't touch my...

My sister. She's my sister.


Fuck off, you jerk!

Let's go.

Let me go!

- What were you doing?
- You know what.

- Who was the...
- None of your business!

Yes, it is!

What happened to your face?


Don't touch me!

You touched your sister
with the same hand.

It's not like that.

Where's your sister?


You're drunk again.

Would you please stop that?

You can say that, because...

you've got nothing you
wanna forget about.

I wanna forget about you.


But we gotta end this one day.

What do you mean?

We are brother and sister.

No, sis...

You were weird,
ever since you were a kid.

I'm so sorry.


Let's get back together again.


I don't wanna be thrown
into a confusion again.

You remember when you
first saw my pussy?

No, I don't.

You became aroused.

- How was it?
- I said, I don't remember!

Then what about...



and baby?

- Can you say you don't remember
any of those? - Enough!


You know what...

You can't control everything.


Please stop!

- That's enough!
- This is none of your business!

Kei doesn't like you.
Don't you see?

You know what?

He was the first one
who ever saw my pussy,

- Iong before he saw your
dirty pussy. He's been... - Liar!

You're a liar!

He's insane.

He paid 300 yen to see my pussy,

- and then he came.
- Liar!

- You wanna know more?
- Liar!

That's enough.

Keep your 300 yen.

Please, leave us alone.


- Motherfuckers!
- Hey, Narumi...

You've drunk too much.
You better go home.

You better stop there.

Don't piss me off, man!

Jeez, you're causing us
a problem here. Tsuyoshi,

- would you clean up there?
- Yes, sir.

- Oops!
- What's wrong?

- Here!
- She cut it?

Jeez, have you lost your mind?!

- Are you OK-Are you alright?
- Is that deep?

Shut up, man!
I can't stand it anymore!

What the fuck are you?
You're making too much noise here!

- What?
- If you're a woman,

a woman...

- you should behave like one.
- What do you know about women?!

- What do you think they are?
- Narumi!


Are you okay?


What's up?

What's that?

No! What? No!

Stay away!

Don't touch me!

No! No!

No! No!

No! No!

Are you okay?

You should be tired...

Take a rest for a while.



Who are you?

Who is this, Doctor?

She's Narumi.

Shin gyo Kanji zai bosatsu gyo jin...

Why is Daishi always praying?

His father died in a car accident.

It wasn't his fault, but...

Please eat.

Good boy...

You eat carrot soup,
even though you hate carrots.

Please, help yourself.

You're not eating?

Daishi, you don't talk, do you?

You're not having fun?

- I am.
- Then act like you're having fun!


What kind of disease do you have?

I'm not sick.

I'm asking. Answer me!

Why don't you say anything?

You secretly called someone
last night!

Fuck off.

Who were you talking to?

Your boyfriend?
Do you have a boyfriend?

Where is he?

Who cares.

You're hiding something, bitch.

Hey, how can I live like you...

without thinking about
anything seriously?


Tell me.

What on earth are you doing?

Narumi, stop it!


Are you still thinking of your sister?

It's not about that...

It's my problem.

What problem?

It doesn't get erect.

I don't care.

- I've been telling you, I don't mind.
- Well, I do mind!

You don't understand.

Say something.

Start with something you like.

I like my own brother.

Is that the reason you
become violent?

Can't sleep?

I don't wanna sleep.

What do you want from me?

I don't understand.

I want you to be close to me.

I can't...

I wanna live a normal life.

- I can't... - Fine!
- What's fine?

- I don't understand.
- You don't have to!

I know what I mean.


We better not be together.



I don't wanna leave you.


Please stay with me.

No... let's end this.

No, no...

No, no...

Kei, no!

Let's go back.


My sister.

Nahana -Narumi

Kuniaki Nakamura -Kei
Keiko Sugawara -Kana

Shohei Uno -Shimada
Yuko Genkaku -Yoko
Shun Sugata -Aoki

Subtitles ripped & retimed
by Miikki & Lordretsudo

Producer: Satoru Fukasawa

Editor: Naoki Ohya

Music: Tatsurô Ariki

Art Direction: Mami Kagamoto

Cinematographer: Kousuke Haruki

Written & Directed by
Haruhi Oguri