Toilet (2010) - full transcript

Ray is a 30 something engineer obsessed with Gundam toys. He has a motto not to become close to anyone. During his mother's funeral he showed no emotions. His life is further turned upside when he is forced to live with his older brother Maury and younger sister Lisa. Older brother Maury was a pianist but is now a recluse. Younger sister Lisa is a college student who tends to look down on those around her. Also in there home is their Japanese grandmother who doesn't speak English at all.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,

He leadeth me beside the still waters,
He restoreth my soul...

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

Mother died today.

Just before mom died when I asked if she had a final wish.

She said that she really wanted to smell Sensei for the one last time.

And finally she said:


it is only depend on you".

All mom left me was

an older brother who hasn?t left home alone
in 4 years because of his psychiatric condition,

a younger sister who looks down her nose at everybody,

a house that?s not exactly big,

a cat named Sansey,




I think life is all about enduring
a constant stream of burden.

I desire nothing.

And I expect nothing.

I don't bother anyone.

And no one bothers me.

Tomorrow will be just like today.

And there were no big differences between today and yesterday.

Ray, sorry to hear about your mother.

Thank you.



You have a call.

- ????!
- Ray, it?s me. Could you come to our house right away?

Right away?

Mori is in a big trouble,
just get here right away, please!

- Hi!
- Please have Mori committed right now.
If you don?t, I?ll be the one who goes crazy.


what?s wrong?

Lisa said that she?s gonna take Sensai
and move into the college dorm!


So? How can you even say that
I have to do exactly that I?ll never manage to do?

No, look, I?m sorry, Mori, I didn?t mean that now.

What I meant was that Lisa is up taking care of Sensei,
what?s wrong with that?

That?s right what I was thinking,
but he?s completely irrational?

But what about this house?
Mom left this house for us.

We?ll sell it. What else can we do?

I think it?s like reveal mom?s memory...

I?m sad about mom too, Mori.

Yes, I am, but someone needs to be realistic here!

Isn?t that right, Ray?

We each keep mom?s memory in our hearts.

Mom hasn?t been dead for a week!

How can you at least?

- Listen, you know what? We gonna sell the house, OK? We gonna put you into a hospital.
- No!

And I mean to take Sensei and move into the dorm.

we?ll buy baa-chan a new home, right?

No, this is wrong. This is all wrong.

Right. There is one more thing my mom left us.

Her mother, whom she brought off here
from Japan just before she died.

I can take care of myself!

I guess I would make her a grandmother? or something like that.

OK, you know what? I can?t take care of Mori
and baa-chan all by myself.

Who said you have to take care of me?
Who said that?

What did baa-chan say?

How I?m supposed to know?
She didn?t speak a word of English!


And? I mean, the only person she has ever spoke to was mom.

On top of that, since mom died
she?s locked herself into mom?s room.

She won?t eat anything, she won?t respond anything I say,
she won?t come out.

That?s because you mean!

- What?
- Mori!

I have no idea what to do!

Ray, do you think you could stay with us for a while?


Yeah, that?s a good idea.
Ray, stay with us.

You don?t want to?

Mom was saying before she died:

?You wouldn?t think it, but Ray?s hart is in the right place?.

Please, Ray.

When you say ?for a while?,

exactly how long are you thinking?

Fine! Forget it! Know what? I won?t ask you
for anything anymore!

You?re really cold person, you know that?

You always have been.

Anyway you probably wish we?d be dead too, don?t you?

Hey, you better hurry! There?s a fire!

Baa-chan, right?

Hi, I?m Ray.

I think we?ve met once before?

I?m going to be staying here for a while.

So? I just thought I would leave now?


Yes, she takes a long time in the morning.
She won?t be out for a while.


I?ll come to make things straight in your room today.

Do you think you could break
Lisa?s department/departure, by the way?

What was that?

What was what?

Baa-chan just let out a huge sigh.

I wonder, why?

Has she always been like this?

I dunno. Why?



Hey, what do you say we?d had a sushi-party tonight?

That will be a ?welcome home? party for you.

Welcome party? That?s a bit too much, isn?t it?
I wouldn?t say I was going be back.

No, but let?s do it.
Maybe if we have some sushi baa-chan will eat some too.

OK, well, if that?s a case?

Great! Pick up enough for 4 on your way home.
I?ll make sure I get some ikura.


We speak of our love to each other. These butterflies too.

Because we can fly,

we can be together and make stars

that are so bright.

Quite impressive, Catherin, thank you.

I could feel the unique beauty of a woman.

I as listened to your words, I could sense the profundity of your desire.

Thank you. Fine, fine work.

Yes, thank you.


There is the shooting star?

OK, Jane,

you?re next.

I am a butterfly with crimson bial wings.

Morning throbs in my thorax.

I sip bitter nectar.

My proboscis has never been kissed.



- Ray!
- What?!

Phone?s for you.


Ray, I was cleaning up the room
and guess what I found?

I found the sewing machine
that mom used to use. Remember it?

I think I had rather? I mean, as a momento.

I understand

some things that you?re gonna want,
but I think that I can have this one?


I absolutely, completely and totally don?t care.


Something wrong?


Now that?

What is up with that tone, Ray?

Oh, Lisa, hi! What?s up?

Don?t forget to get the sushi, ok?

I won?t.

Yeah, the ?Sheppard Dannie sushi? is some white guy,
get it at ?Sushi Ichiban?.


I will.

Don?t forget the ikura.

Aren?t you the popular man nowdays?

More and more of new friends.

You had a lot of phone calls.

They?re not my friends, Egnie.

When there I see?

A girlfriend?


What?s up with that attitude?

She?s my sister.

You?re liar!

I?m not lying.

But why can?t I meet her?

She?s ugly.

You really win all over the sushi, right?

Non really.

You must have ? it tastes excellent.

Lisa, don?t eat all ikura, OK?


Maybe baa-chan doesn?t like sushi.

That?s not possible.
She?s much more Japanese than any of us.

Do you want any sushi?


I spent a hundred and 30 dollars on this.

Maybe baa-chan thinks the sushi
Americans eat ? isn?t real sushi?

Mom used to love this sushi.

Are we sure she?s our real grandmother?

What are you saying?

Are we sure that baa-chan
is really our grandma?

She has to be.
Mom brought her from Japan herself.

Yeah, but she and mom have been separated
since mom was little girl.

No, baa-chan has to be our real grandmother.

No. Mom spent a lot of money to track her down.

That?s right.

She and mom were inseparable when mom was dying.

And since mom died baa-chan hasn?t really been normal.

You wouldn?t really know because you weren?t here at the time.

What if mom checked?

What do you mean?

With a DNA test.

Guys, this is serious!

If there is no blood connection
between us and baa-chan,

it means that we leave with the complete stranger.

We have been forced to take care
of the complete stranger!

You?re awful!

You?re really cold person, you know!

Don?t do that here!

I can?t help it ? baa-chan is in the bathroom.

You always wear the same clothes.

Does that bother you?

No, not at all?

Look, I don?t want you to get a wrong idea.

I?m not actually wearing the same clothes every day,
I?ve got 7 of the same shirt.

So I don?t stink.

Did you see that?

See what?

Every time baa-chan leaves the bathroom,
she lets out a huge sigh.

You?re piping?

OK, who?s turn is it now?

A round hole.
Black emptiness.
A single point.

Expands, contracts, pose maturing.

Pupil of the eye, black hole,

Beautiful nothing is a hard rain.

Overflows systems, septic, metric, measure.


The eye, the black hole.

Emptiness in a shining waste,
the truth of leaving.

Garbage, shit, metaphor,
flown towards the metal grate,

into the space we decreate.

A whistle of metal,
side unseen,

objects sucked inward.

Open your eyes ? and the world is unmade.

Not bad, not bad.
But something is missing.

I hear anger, I hear despair,

I hear cadence,
but I missing the deeper significance.

There was that passion of youth?


Who?s next?

Rosevear DNA Laboratory
From $500 to $3000

Robot model $3000.
Buy it now!


Could you just wait here?

Yeah, I?ll be right back.

Baa-chan, this is the sewing machine
that mom used to use.

I don?t know how to work it.

Wheel doesn?t?


the foot pedal?

I don?t know how to work? fix it? work it.

Can you?

fix it?

Forget it.



You can?t sleep either?


Baa-chan, open the door, please.


Baa-chan, come on!

I?ve told you, she always takes a while in the mornings.
So you have to choose the timing right.

What do you care? You don?t even have a job!

I?m sorry, I didn?t mean it that way.

I?m just a worthless person,
who can?t work at all.

No, Mori, I didn?t say that!

If only I had a purpose in this world?


what do you think?

That? the old ones.

Did you see that? She did it again.



I am just useless.

Mori. What do you think?

So, that ones too.


May I ask you something?

Baa-chan, you know, because of my condition

I haven?t left the house on my own for 4 years.

But ?cause I?ve found mom?s sewing machine,
there?s something I wanna make.

I wanna go out to buy some fabric.

I haven?t been out of the house for 4 years,
so I?m pretty scared.

In fact I?m really scared.

Baa-chan, I?m gonna change.

I have to.

So, baa-chan,

do you think there?s?

you know? perhaps you could lend me some money?


You were pretty late this morning, weren?t you?

I?ve got some things going on.

Look, don?t keep all the good stuff for yourself.

What I you talking about?

You have to help me out.

About what?

A girl.

A girl.

I don?t want to talk to you.

Whatever? I used to being kicked anyways.

You want something?

No? I?m just?

You?re on my poetry seminar, right?

I just wanted to tell you
that your poem is so wonderful and?

I know.

The professor is jealous of my talent.
He?s irrelevant.

Yeah, I totally agree with you.

I mean? what was with that?
stupid comment he made.

Right, I mean, he?s just? fake.

Isn?t it what a real poem is
there?s a real passion of youth is?

What about you?


Are you sure you?re not a fake?

Excuse me? Do you mind?

- Oh, not at all.
- Thank you.


Mori Cortney? Is that you?

Do you remember me? I?m Emily.

We?re? the high-school together.

Gosh, it has been forever!

Do you still play?

I remember like it was yesterday,

that piece you played in a big competition,
and all the judges gave you standing audition!

Hey, do you remember Henry?
You remember your biggest rival,

I guess that you do though.


He gave out the class, can you believe it?

Whatever. You, Mori, have you seen anybody? Have you?

Can you stop the bus, please?

You?ve get a look! Maybe we?ll get together coffee?

Stop the bus!

- Yes.
- Ray?

Ray? You?re got to help me.

I had a panic attack.

Are you there?
I?m at the church, can you pick me up?

Is there something you can do on your own?

No, I have no idea what to do!

I?ll be right there.


I?m going to hook you up with a really,
really hot girl.



Can I? can I borrow your car?


If you knew that this going to happen,

why did you go out?

I thought I could do it.
I thought that today I?d be ok!

So sorry, Ray!


Baa-chan, she?s gone! She must have gone somewhere by herself,
she?s never gone out of her room before!

You can wait for the bus with me.



I looked everywhere, but I couldn?t find her.

We were wondering where you went.
I?ve tried to call you several times.


Baa-chan went out for the cat food
and she got lost.

I found her hanging out with that weird lady
who?s always been for a bus at the same stop.

Now she went shopping to the china town.

We?re making gyoza at home,
it?s got to be delicious.

God damn it!

All of you, since mom died,
you?ve been nothing but trouble for me!

Just get out of my life!


Gyoza?s ready.

I?m really sorry about today.

How about I save some for you,
you?ll eat later, ok?

Shut up!

You smoke?

Only uncivilized people smoke.

The gyoza?

they were really good. They were?

they were delicious.


used to make gyoza just like that.

The gyoza? they were?


Do you understand?

Gyoza? gyoza was


They said that repair would cost $3000.

I hear you.

- Don?t forget the girl.
- What?

You said you gonna hook me up with someone.

Yeah, yeah, right.

Oh yeah, I want carry, a girl and $3000, please,
thank you.


No! I will not negotiate on the cost of the repair.

No, it?s not that?
Look, my baa-chan? my grandma?

I don?t want your gradma.
I want a young girl. Pretty girl.

No, it?s not that! Listen to me, could you just hear me out?

My grandma, she?s Japanese.

- Is she?
- Yeah.

Every times she goes out the bathroom,
she lets out the huge sigh.


So it?s really been bogging me.

She?s not feeling well?

Well, I don?t think that?s it.

Got it.


Did you know that in Japan
people got 2 totally different concepts of toilet?

Were they?

It absolutely bogs me about you, Americans,
I mean?

How you, guys, got that thinking that you are
the center of the world?

What are you talking about?

You don?t even care about other peoples? cultures.

Look, we, Indians, after we do our business,

we wash our butts with our left hand.
Never with right. Why?

Because our right hands are sacred.
We eat with them.

Surely you must know that much?

Yeah? ok, I think I?ve read that somewhere?

Oh, that?s the same thing.

What I?m saying is ? every county?s culture
is reflected in the way they use a toilet.

In Japan they have 2 styles of toilets.

Old Japanese style toilet that looks like this,

and there are new Western style toilets,
like this one.

So baa-chan wants the Japanese style toilet?

Not necessarily.
You see, most of the toilets in Japan today are modern Western-styled toilets.

But it?s amazing what these toilets can do.

So what can they do?

Well, then Madonna went to Japan for her concert,
you know what she said?

?I miss the Japanese heated toilet seats?.

The seats are heated electrically,
so your body is warm when you sit on them.

After you do your business,
a nozzle comes out and squirts you with hot water.

Not cold water, mind you, hot water.

After it stopped washing you,
it dries you with warm air.

What is more: when you?re walking in front of it,
a sensor would automatically raise a seat for you.

When you?ve done your business,
it automatically flashes it.

This is not an ordinary toilet, really.
This is advanced Japanese technology.

So, you?re saying?

the toilet washes your butt?

They say when you used it once
you can?t go back.

Some business even won?t stay in a hotel
because there was no washlet in them.


Wash and toilet.

Egnie, there did you get all this information?

That?s not information, Ray.



Do you want to join me?

No, stop it. Stop.


Comes here all the time, stares at figurines
but doesn?t actually buy anything.

He?s a type of guy who?d be a perfect subject for a novel.

No girlfriend.

His room? his room is filled with toys.
And he keeps himself amused by just looking at them.

He wears the same shirt for work everyday
just to fulfill his robo obsession.

Until one day he will at last realize his empty existence.

And in a mad rage he destroys all the precious toys

and dies alone, in compete solitude.

Hey, model looser!

I almost feel for him.

How about that for the main character of a novel?


?Cause he might have a sister.
And he won?t die alone.


Ray, just? let?s go.

Just go home with me.

And FYI -
he doesn?t wear the same shirt every day.

He has seven of the same shirts.

I mean, he was wrong about my first robot model.

Do you know what the naughty gay like me
wants most of the people?



I don?t sympathize with you.

Did you sleep with him?


*7th Annual Air Guitar Championship*



Are you sure it?s ok to hear you play?

Yeah, I think so.

Did you have an attack?

Not this time actually.
I thought that was good to play again.


What?s with that skirt?

I made it myself using mom?s sewing machine.

No, what I meant was?
why are you wearing a skirt?


The reason?

I?m playing piano because I wanna play on them.

I?m wearing a skirt?
because I wanna wear a skirt.

That?s pointless ? people want reasons for their urges.

I want some gyoza.

The shape?

I mean?

That?s mine.

Stop, it looks like baa-chan?s.

- I don't think so, it's mine.
- I think it?s baa-chan?s.

May be.

- It?s really good.
- Very good!

No, Mori!


Which one of these toilets did you want?

This one?

Or this one?


I knew it.

- Sorry, Ray, let me, I?m late.
- Lisa!

Is that yours?


The brush.

Yeah. Why?

When who uses this?

That?s baa-chan?s.

Why? What?s wrong?

*Toilet Heaven
Toto Neorest 550 - $3000!*

*Muzettah Robo - $3000*

This evening the sun as a circle of red.

An invitation.

I step outside and move towards the tracks.

On ?the tracks? I mean a secret world.

Grey foxes hide there,
white poplars grow

and the real scary stories yet to be told.

A map in my mind stretches long and smooth.

This track that reaches for my home
carry trains to two hundred millions other homes.

These lines, like lifelines on a palm,
connect us.

A fox flashes near the edge.

I hold my breath.

Watch this quick fire pass.

The rails beneath my feet vibrate and then

train comes.

I stand my back to the trees,
my whole body trembling.

The sound grows louder.
Metal on metal.

And a pitch bends and screams.

I open my mouth, scream loud as a train.

- Hey!
- I?m not a fake!

Lisa, what?s wrong?

Mori, I need to borrow some money.


There?s a contest that I absolutely have to enter.

A piano contest?

Are you serious?


An air guitar contest.

What?s an air guitar contest?

If I win that one I?ll go
for the world?s championship in Finland.

But I don?t have some money even to enter.

Lisa, I have no idea what are you talking about.
Why don?t you ask baa-chan?


Yeah, we didn?t know,
but baa-chan like super rich.

Are you serious?


But when you ask her,
you have to be really sincere.

You have to look her right in the eye

and then tell her there?s something you really want
and you need money to get it.

She?s not can understand me.

She will.

No, she didn?t speak English.

But she understands.
You just have to put your heart into it.




I?m going on the next competition.

Sewing competition?


Can I ask you something?

Baa-chan, I want to enter an air guitar competition.

I want to prove that my soul and my spirit are not fake.

So, I?ve been practicing for weeks.

But I don?t have the money to enter the competition.

I really want to get there.


I know I can make it in Finland

and win the world championship.

Please, wash my soul scrapes.


Ray, some letters came for you.

Thanks, Mori.

Are you gay?




What?s wrong?

Just a little luck.

Extra income.

You?ll probably spent most of it on your toys anyway.

Yeah, probably.

Mori, be careful.

What is it?

*Mr Raymond Courtney,
We regret to inform you that the 2 samples
you submitted are NOT related.*

That the hell?

That sample was from Lisa?s brush, not baa-chan?s.

I?m really screwed up.

Does that mean Lisa?s not related to us?

No, that can?t be true!

It is true.


It?s true, Ray.

How long have you known?

A while, but? Ray,

Lisa is not the one who?s not related to the rest of us.

Ray, it?s you.

But not ever once we think of you as of a stranger.

We? You mean, Lisa knows that too?

And baa-chan?


You have to be kidding me.

You were crying all day on the day your mother died.

And mom had bought you one of these plastic figurines?

and you stopped. You stopped crying out of the sudden.

That?s what she told me.


it?s not? it?s not important.


- Hello?
- A girl and $3000.

A girl and $3000.

1975, made in America.

Vintage. I named him Joe.

1977, made in Japan.

Vintage. I named him Hiroshi.

1969, made in Germany.

Vintage. I named him Hans.

Shut up, Egnie.

I thought you liked these models.

I am?

I just found out that I am not related to my family.



I?m miserable, I?m not a part of the family.

I?m not actually related to them, Egnie.

But whether you haven?t known this all time,
that these guys must be a real family?

Isn?t that good enough?


is there a chance?


that you are not such a bad guy?


If that?s the case,
then your little sister isn?t actually your little sister.

And you wouldn?t have a problem hooking me up with her.

Yeah? why is that?

Because if your sister and I got married,

then you and I wouldn?t really be brothers in law.

What kind of logic is that?




I?ve brought Sensei to see you.


I?ll buy you a washlet.

You have to try that one when you get home.

It wasn?t easy, but I?ve given upon plastic models.

You think Mori will be OK?

I hope so.

This reminds me of 4 years ago.

Yeah, you can?t forget a thing like that.

Did you bring above things?

Yeah. Just in case.

He?s next.



Baa-chan died today.

Baa-chan?s been cremated.
She?s been turned aches.

Just as baa-chan wanted,
we scattered her ashes to the mom?s grave.

I thought it may be too much
to scatter all of her ashes.

So I kept some of them.

I wanted baa-chan to stay by my side.

Excuse me, sir,
the installation is complete.

- Thank you.
- You welcome.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Now that is the advanced Japanese technology!



Ensub, typesetting: Murasaki (Thanks a lot!)

Timing, editing: Kotobastia-Yaguarundi

Consultation: morgenstern3