Toi (2007) - full transcript

Michèle shares her life with Paul, her husband and work colleague. She has a lover, Thomas, a musician with whom she has been having a passionate affair for some time. Attracted by Thomass non-conformity and lust for life, Michèle abandons her husband, her son and her profession to live this frenzy through to its conclusion. A quest for freedom and change that sends Michèle on a turbulent drift, but remains, nevertheless, intimate and personal.


Did you feed Manu?
Did he do his homework?

If I can get away,
I'll be right home.

Did his dad stop by?

I'll be right there. Bye!



I exist too!

Your husband already left.

- Where are you going?
- To rent a film.

He won't go to bed late.

H?loise, can you babysit
tomorrow night?

"Happy Birthday, dear Marc!"

To you, Marc!

To me!

Did you see Manu?

Yes, I stopped at home.

- I waited for you.
- I know.

Wasn't the MacKenzie meeting at 3?

Where were you?

- And?
- He says your site proposal's great.

Our site.
We worked on it together.


I have a friend who's a shrink.

She told me this story a while ago.

A man and a woman

visit her one week,
without telling each other.

The woman's first.

She tells my friend,

"I met a man who really attracts me,
whom I really like.

He's intelligent, just my type.

It's great.

But after we'd gone out
half a dozen times,

I really, really wanted him.

But him.

He seemed to be in no hurry.

So I invited him to my place.

It was the first time I did that.

Obviously, I had something in mind.

I wanted to make love to him
all night long.

I hadn't made love in a long time

and I really, really wanted him.

He shows up with flowers, wine.

A real sweetheart

I'd slaved to prepare a feast.

We sit down, begin to eat a bit.

Then we lie down on the sofa,

we start to kiss,

the temperature's rising
faster and faster.

I lead him to my room,
throw him on the bed,

undress him...

and he's not able to make love.

I'm pissed off because I'm sure

he's not attracted to me.

He keeps apologizing.

I don't show it, but I'm seething."

She kept on complaining,

wondering if she should see him again.

A few days later,

the man visits her

and tells her the same story
the other way round:

"I really, really wanted her

and she kissed me
like she'd never kissed me.

She led me to her room, to her bed,

undressed me, got undressed,

jumped on me...

and I couldn't
because I was so moved,


I realized I was in love with her."

Marc's such a pain.

He's your friend.

Fourth time he's organized
his own birthday party.

He's all alone.

So self-indulgent. It bugs me.

I don't know, maybe you're jealous.

Jealous of what?

Maybe you're right.
Maybe I'm jealous.

I need my fix.

Of what?

Of you.

We're never together.

We always are.
We live, work together.

Really together.

- And tonight?
- It's different, not like before.

Before what?

I was watching you dance.

You were beautiful, but a stranger.

Nothing's changed.

It has. You're distant.

I'm a bit drunk, I'm tired.

A long day.

Tomorrow it's one meeting
after another, non-stop.

- You're not at the office?
- No.

Can you pick Manu up after school?


Mich?le, come to bed.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel my pain?

What's wrong?

I don't know.

I feel empty.

It's like I can't live my life.

You're safe here, with me.

Do you love me?


That's no question to ask.

Will you tell him?

I don't know.

What will you do?

Stall for time.

If I were him, I couldn't bear it.

Knowing that...

you take another man's cock,

press it to your belly.

What's wrong?

Give me two minutes, Eve.

Keep playing, please.

"With you it's all so complicated,"

"and still I wait, I'm here"

"What a waste of time"

"I cling, hold on like a stain"

"A bloodstain..."

We'll do the Investment Group website.


They want it up in two months.
It's big, but they'll pay.

That's fantastic.

When did they commit?

Just before, by phone.


Let's treat ourselves to a nice meal.


The volume really dropped off.

I dunno, did you lower it?
It sounded fine to me.

"You are for me,
a scale in equilibrium"

"The scent to follow,
the party that is my home"

"You are for me, the mask to carve"

"The absence that torments me,
ignorance regained"

"You are for me,
the blood that makes me shiver"

"The cloud that smiles,
time wanting to come back"

"You are for me,
the mouth where Hall silent"

"The ear I nuzzle"

"The arms where
I bury myself for warmth"

"So warm"

"Where I bury myself"

"You are for me "


You look great.
I have to change. I didn't...

You scared me.

Mind telling me where you were?

You won't tell me where?

I needed to get out.

Where's Manu?

- He's at my parents'.
- Why?

It's my decision too.
He's my son.

You don't even answer your cell.

What's that dress?

Stop it, Paul. I'm tired.

You reek of booze.


You reek of booze.

What's on your shoulder?

I don't know what it is.

Manu will be better off with you.

I love another man.


Who is he?

Stop it.

How long have you cheated on me?

You can't leave like this.

Who is he?

You can't give me what I want.

You'll never be able to.

I'll spend the night with you.


I'll spend the night with you.

I'll spend every night with you.

- You left your husband?
- Yes.

You little bitch.

I'm a little bitch!

Yes, a little bitch.

I belong to no one.

I belong to you.

Your son?

Manu's better with his dad.
I'm a lousy mother.

Don't say that.

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

Tell me.

I love you.

Did Daddy tell you?


I didn't want this.

I wanted to be there,
the three of us together.

To tell you.

Manu, are you there?

Aren't you happy with us?

No, it's not you.
It's not you I'm leaving.

"You're not coming back?"

To your dad, no.

I'll always be there for you.

Not with your dad.

"L love you, Mommy."

Me too, my love.
I love you, big boy.

"Why are you ruining things?"

I love someone else.

"It'll be okay. It'll get better."

"I'll stop crying, Mom."

Go to sleep.

I'll come see you soon, I promise.

"- I don't want you to leave."
- I'm here.

"Heel bad."

Me too, my love. Me too.

What's wrong?

Come here.

"Hi, you've reached Manu,
Mich?le and Paul."

"Leave a message after the beep."

"We'll call back
as soon as possible."

I should've realized.
She'd shut herself off.

She'd even stopped nagging.

I didn't see it coming.

I try, but I can't understand.

I knew.


I knew Mich?le had a lover.


- She told me about it.
- She told you?

And you didn't tell me?

I promised not to.

What could I do?

You say you're my friend!
How could you?

I'm her friend too.

I've known her just as long.

Who else knew?


I know it sounds lame, but...

I'm here if you need me.

- Did you screw her?
- What?

Did you screw her?

You're asking me?
You've got some nerve!

Did you screw her?

- I won't answer.
- You won't?

Did you screw her, yes or no?

You're fucked up.

The question's too fucked to answer.

I don't want to fight.

That's it, take off, like her.

Go on, beat it!

I shouldn't have said.

You don't talk to me.

About your father and me.

I bet I can beat you.

How much?

Five dollar.

- Okay, I'm gonna win.
- Wait!


1, 2,3...

I'm gonna win!

- Did you have fun?
- Yes.

Nice glasses. It's a new you.

Your keys.
I don't need them now.

Can I have a taxi
at 3634 Aylmer, please?

No... Thank you.

I lost the Investment Group contract.

How come?

With all this, I can't work.
I'm floundering.

That's crazy, it's a huge contract.

- Anyway...
- What?

What's it to you?

I snagged that contract.

What will you live on?

Work, money... how'll you manage?

- That's my business.
- Really?

Our 11 years, Manu...
none of it matters?


Tell me his name!

- Not with Manu?
- What did I do?

Nothing. I have to go.

Don't go! Stay!

Let go. Don't touch me!

Leave me alone!

I could spend my whole life here.

In this room.

Fucking with you,

forgetting everything.

I loathe this age.

I want more from life.

Do you understand?

I don't know.

Why doesn't it happen?

It's networking.

All I've managed to do

is ruin my life, Paul's, Manu's,

and soon...

Come on, Mich?le!

I'm just blathering.

I'm not a good mother to my son,

but I love him.

I love Manu.

He's what matters most to me.

I miss him.

Get out of here.

Leave this room.

Come live with me, in my place.

It's big. I'm all alone.
I have money.


I have to center myself.
I don't want that.

Why do you protect me?

Why do you love me like that?

What's that?



What do we do about Manu?


I came here to talk about him.

You gave me custody.

I want to see him.

My situation has changed.

- You're not at the hotel?
- No, I have a place.

- That guy's?
- Yes.

Manu will never go there.

I'm scared for him...

You shouldn't have left him.

You never hit me before.
What got into you?

I could've laid charges.

- Did you call the cops?
- I was ashamed.

Manu saw it.


You'll never work for me.

I'm the sole shareholder. I decide.

Did you want to work for me?

Work for you? You prick.

You left, not me. It was you.

It's disgusting that you're using
Manu to settle scores.

You can see him.
He wants to see you.

I'm leaving, I've had enough.

Can I say something?

Go ahead.

Poor Manu!

This is where Thomas and I live.

- Come in.
- No!

Two seconds.


I can't leave you here alone.

I'll wait for you.

- Come on, Manu.
- No, I'll wait.

Wait for me here.

- Don't talk to anyone, okay?
- Sure.

I'll be right back.


I can't leave you there.

Manu! Come on!

I don't want to go.
- Come on!

Stop it! Come inside!

Stop m


No, I can't come over.

No, I can't come over.

What for?
There's nothing I can do.

Paul, stop!

Excuse me.

- What?
- Can I speak to you?

Excuse me, I have to go.

- You okay?
- Yes.

I want you to meet my sister.

I'm really happy to meet you.

Me too, but...

It's a lot of new faces.

- That's a good sign.
- What?

He never introduces his girlfriends.

- Has he had many?
- No.

That's not what I meant.

He must care about you.

Thomas loves you.
He loves you a lot.

Don't burn him.

You moved in quickly.

I didn't have much to move.

Thomas said you have a child.

Yes, a son.

He's eight.

It'll be good for him,

having a child in his life.

He's not in his life.

Why not?

I gave up everything for Thomas.
Didn't he tell you?

My husband, my job, my son.

I've no home, no career, nothing.

I was living in a hotel
till I moved here, with Thomas.

It's a change of life.

You don't see your son?

Not really.


I don't know what'll happen.

My son just ran away.
It was my fault.

And here I am making small talk,

not knowing where he is.

And I don't need your looks.

Let me talk to him.

I'm coming over.

What's up?

I'm going to Paul's.


Manu ran away from here.
I didn't tell you.

That's why I called Paul.
The cops found him.

They're taking him to his dad's.

You can explain to them.

Plus I'm drunk.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to spoil your party.

I can't stand the looks
when I say Manu's not with me.

I don't have to justify myself.

Your family...

your friends, your house.

For me nothing's changed.

Moving here was a mistake.
It's not what I want.

I feel trapped.

I don't feel right.

Whatever I can give you,
I'll give.

But what you want no one can give.

You're so great.

You want to build, I can see it.

We can't be a couple.

Maybe we could be like before.



I have to go.

I'll call you.

- Where is he?
- Inside.

Did you eat?

Yes, at the police station.

I love you, my love.


We're right outside. Sleep now.

Yeah, hello. It's me.

He's back. He's fine.

I'll be right there.

What's the idea?

You're totally irresponsible with Manu.

I have a headache.

Don't look at me like that.

You're beautiful.

You turn me on.

You'll always turn me on.

You like it.

You drunk? You smell of booze.

Stop, Paul.

Let me go.

Stop, Paul. Let me go.

Let me go.


Bet you're glad you left.

I want you to take your stuff.

We'll consult a lawyer
to arrange custody.

You're really cute.


You're cute.

I'm too old to be cute.

I'll have another.

What's wrong?


Shut your mouth, you look dumb.

Kiss me.

"I have two seconds in my head"

"Your eyes, nose, mouth"

"Your soft neck"

"At your lips,"

"I dove suddenly and unwisely"

"Those watching
got their money's worth..."

IS it Mich?le?


I'm a wreck.


I adore her, I love her so much.

I'd do anything to be with her.

She's at her ex's, Paul's.

She didn't come home last night.

Sorry, I didn't sleep.


Where were you?

I waited up all night for you.

My love.

I can't stay here.

I need air.

I'm going crazy.

What are you waiting for?

Get your suitcase.

We're leaving the city,

taking off.

Do you have money?

I don't have any money.
We need money.

I need you.

No one else. Just us two.

We'll go south. Maine, New York.

Anywhere, I don't know.

With you, somewhere else.

Somewhere, just not here.

Sounds interesting.


You're so beautiful.

So beautiful.

Not that it matters.

What I mean is...

we need a break.

No, I love you, Thomas.

You say that, but...

I don't exist in your life.

I don't exist!

- It's not true.
- I don't believe you.

You love only your son.



Stop m

I'm here, Mich?le.

Settle your problems, then call.

Your ex, your son...
there's too many to love.


I'm serious!

Yes, I'm serious!

I don't exist in all that.

What am I in all that?


I hate you!

I hate you so much!

I'm going to William's for Halloween.

Can I have a taste?

Just a sip.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

"Well now, isn't this great"

"On your balcony covered in cushions"


"hand in hand"

our feet spread like fans"

"Before us, our mountain rises"

"Under my eyelids, a castle in Brittany"


"Take my hand"

"It feels so good"

"Well now, aren't we crazy?"

"Because there's nothing between us"

"Besides our ten fingers,"


"You like my no,
me, it's your yes"

"Yes, yes, your paradise"

"That I'm invading this afternoon"


"Take my hand"

"It feels so good"

"ln your soft me..."

"Well now, thank you lady luck"

"This little vacation"

"Surpasses thousands of romances"

"Soothes my swollen eyes"

"Revives my unbeaten heart..."

I don't understand.

Why'd you bring him here?

Don't be mad. I won't disturb.

His dad attempted suicide last night.

Manu woke up to find all that.

Imagine, he slit his wrists
with Manu there.

Manu's staying at my dad's for now.

While I pick myself up,
put back the pieces.

What do you want from me?

I don't know his name.

Just that he's a musician.

I tried to make love
so she'd forget him.

You say nothing.

You're right. Stop over there.

- Just wait.
- I want to walk.

- Not after that.
- My problem.


"Who is he?"

"What's his name?"

"I want you to come back."

"I don't want you to stay with him."

I'm leaving.

Emergency, please.

I tried to find out who you were.

- Are you her husband?
- No, he is.

We'll keep her tonight, to be safe.

She can go home in the morning.

You won't ever change her.

I never wanted to.

It's Mom.

Is Grandpa there?

"He's taking a shower."



"When will you come get me?"


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