Togo (2022) - full transcript

A car attendant who must defend his territory and the neighbors of the neighborhood against.

- H.B.S.



We have a visitor.

So then we'd better be careful.

It's not our block.

Togo, I can't come tomorrow.

I'm collecting my pension check.

Fine. All right.

I'll watch your spot.

I need to clean up. Give me some water?

There's a faucet right there.

What time is it?

It's late. It's time for you to go home.

Fuck that. No way I'm going home.

I'm gonna stay here.

Take this.

Put it on the ground. Gets cold.



You with the other block?

What block?

The ones sellin'.

Selling what?

Go away.

You don't own this park.

Yes, I do.

I live here, and I work here.

Guiding cars is a job, then?

So you think I just guide cars?

Mm, I guess so.

And you think it's an easy job, don't you?

Mm. Can't say I see the magic in it.

You see that block over there?

The one next to the supermarket?

I bet everything I have
you can't even guide three cars in a row.

If you bet everything, it's everything.

Even that cane of yours.


Wait, no. I'm taking that one with me.

I'll take it. Thanks.

Hey, Togo. Um, could you give these to my...

To Alberto?

And thank you. Thank you for everything.

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Hey! Hey, hey!

Yo, hold up. Let me help you.

Give us a second, sir.

Go a little more back. Yeah. Go on.

Thanks, dude. See ya. Go.


No, no. You're welcome.

If it was so easy,
you should've done it by yourself.

What's the problem, man?

I was just helpin' her out, see?

Besides, this isn't your block, is it?

Look, I'll even give you the money.
For the man in the wheelchair.

That wasn't the deal.

You'll have to get out of here now.

Both of you.

Hey, chill, man.

I was tryin' to help.

In the end,
we're all in the same boat, right?

- Go away.
- But what's wrong with it?

- That guy was just trying to help me, man.
- I told you to leave.


Mrs. Mirta left these keys for you.

Thanks, Togo.

Take it.


I have to go back to work now, 'kay?

Okay, I love you. Bye.

Sup, guys?


Sup, Bartolo? Hey, Rivero.

What's goin' on?

How many times have
we had this conversation?

- I know, dude, but...
- No, no. C'mon. Tell me how many.

What do I know? Take it easy.

- I'm working now.
- "Take it easy"?

- I'm working, man.
- Again?

- Do you know how many times? Huh?
- I don't know.

Three times, dude. Three!

Wait. No.

Wait. Wait, wait.

Go. Go, go, go, go, go. Come on.

Quick! Come on!

He didn't protect his block.
Then he started dealing.


He was getting high on his own supply.

When you mess with these people,
you don't get out alive.

He was only 17, man.

He was in worse shape
than both of us combined.

They won't lose the block
or the buyers.

They have buyers from outside.

They're up to something, huh?

Told you they're up to something.

Good morning.

How are you?

Hello ma'am.

How's she doin'?

The withdrawal symptoms
seem to be getting better.


It is. And she asked to see you
for the first time in months.

She's in the back.

I thought you'd come yesterday.

It was a Saturday.

Sometimes there's work on Saturdays,
and sometimes there's not.

I brought you these.

They told you I'm getting better?

They did.

And how are you doing?

I'm doing better.

Drinking less wine?

Not a drop.

Are you going to therapy?

Every week.


I can't be here anymore.

It's better than being
in the streets, Yena.

Yeah, but here there's no freedom.

We'll find a place to live very soon.

But I don't mind living on the street.

The streets are dangerous.

Take this. It's for you.

Thank you.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

This is all I owe you
from the other day.

You said everything.

Including my cane.

So, everything is everything.

Go now. This is enough.

I need someplace to sleep.

And you don't own the whole park.

I could help you.

For example, you're taking a break,
but there's still cars.

Well, I have to eat.

Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm saying. I'll help you.

Why do you want to live on the streets?

You even have a credit card.

I'll tell you if you tell me.

Come by tomorrow.

Let's see what you can do.

Okay, deal.

I'll come tomorrow, then.

Who is that?

I don't know.

She's not okay.

But she's gonna lend me a hand.

Seems they brought a new fella.

Do you know? Oh, sorry.

Sorry, John. Have you been here before?

Really? You haven't?

It's a beautiful country.


No, no, no. Uruguay.

Uruguay, not Paraguay.

Can you close the door?


No, no.

No, Uruguay.


What have you been doing?

I told you that my phone was dying!

I was out with a friend.

Have you been taking
your meds, at least?

Do you have enough?

Duh. How else do you think I'd stand
being in this fucking house with you?

Turn down the music, and wear headphones!

I lost them.

Afternoon, Togo. How are you?

- Hey, how are you?
- Good afternoon.

Is it true
a guy was killed here the other night?

Did you know him?

It was over there, on... on the other block.

Getting dangerous again
in the neighborhood, isn't it?


- Hmm.
- We were thinking about...

About throwing a party. Maybe next week.

But we aren't sure about it, because it's...

Things are rough,
and we don't know if it's a good idea.

Mm, the neighborhood
could use a party right now.

- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.

There's nothing to worry about.


- Thank you, Togo.
- Okay.


Let us know if anything happens?

- I will.
- Thank you.




You can use this to charge the MP3 player.


Go get the stuff over there,
and... start washing that car there.

Alberto's car.

It's covered in dirt.

I thought I was gonna learn to...
to guide cars, not to clean them.

Gotta start somewhere.

They have to see you.


- Over here!
- Over here!

- You should've passed it!
- Hey! Hey!


What did you do before?

Huh? Before doing what?

Before living here.

I lived in another place.

On some other street?


I was in a house.

Lived there many years.

I used to be a boxer back then.

I was real good.

Why did you quit, then?

One day, right as I was leaving training...

a car came round the corner.

It was going fast.

It ran me over.

Broke my leg beyond repairing.

And I couldn't box again.

And now you watch cars.

It's pretty ironic.


Very ironic.

So are you happy?

Go to sleep now.

Ah. Oh.


Hadn't seen him in days.

I went by the house today,
and something smelled awful.

It'd been smelling bad for a while.

I called the police.

Poor Alberto.

He couldn't cope with the loneliness.

He's dead?

He is.

He was a very sad man.

Ever since I started working here...

I would always see him
together with his wife.


But he needed her more...
than she needed him.

Why would you kill yourself?

People die.

They die in their homes, on the streets.

They die.

But it wasn't an accident.

He did it.

Have you ever thought
about killing yourself?

You ever thought about dying?

Let's go.

You don't talk about dying
when there's death around.

So what do you talk about
when someone commits suicide?

You don't.

The ambulance,
the police... they're all leaving soon.

And silence will settle in again.


- Hello, sir.
- Hmm?

You the guy in charge of the block?
The one that has a park?

Why do you wanna know about that?

Well, there's gonna be some changes,
so there are some things to discuss.

I talked to your partner.
That's what she said.

That it's your block.

Yeah, I don't have a partner.

I talked to the girl
that's always with you. She told me that.

Yeah, that's what she said.

- So you don't believe it's my block?
- Easy, pops. There's room for everyone.

We can work together.

Well, I work alone.


Mm-mm. That's yours.

No, no, no. Not interested.

Not interested.

That guy talked to you, right?


That kid, there.
He asked you something.

No. I didn't talk to anyone,
like you told me to.

He said you told him this was my block.

Fine, I'm sorry.

- Just, he wanted to cross the street...
- You don't speak to anyone.

Don't speak to anyone. Got it?

We don't want you
in this neighborhood. Leave. Go!

All right? Go away!
Leave, you damn junkie! Go away!

Don't you look back! Go, go, go! Get lost!

What did he say to you?

That there's gonna be changes.

That I should start working for them now.

What does it mean,
to "work for them"?

I don't know.

That's it.

That's what "working" is to them.

- Togo.
- Mm-hmm?

I... I'm going to the doctor again tomorrow.

Sorry. I won't be able to come.

Okay, that's fine.

- I can cover for you.
- Thanks, man.

Could you help me with the door, kid?



Go on.

Yup. Keep going.


Cheap old hag.


Good morning.

Take this.


I thought this block belonged to the... the...

the man with the...
the... the... the wheelchair.

Nobody owns anything here.

To each his own.

That's true.

'Cause what's yours... is yours.

But business can be more...
we could say... a little more fruitful

if you get yourself a side gig.

I'm happy with what I've got.

I don't need a side gig.

Look, progress doesn't stop, okay?

It would help you
to hop on this train with me.

All good?

It's all good.

Could you please do me a favor?

What do you need?

Can you charge this for me?


No problem.


Thank you.

Thank you.

My family is super shitty, by the way.

No family is ever normal.

Then we'd be better off without one.

That's not true.

We all belong to someone.
Belong somewhere.

To something.

This is for you.

- Thanks.
- No worries.

We can't simply not have a family.

Even if we never see them.

Family's always there.

Here. Here.

Do you have a family?

There. Eat something.

Get out. This isn't your street.

What? Is it yours?

This is a street.
Doesn't belong to anyone.

Yeah, it's ours.
'Cause we are the ones watching over it.

Listen. Why don't you shut the fuck up,
go back to your home, little rich girl?

Stop playin' tough.
You might get hurt. Shit gets rough.

And who's gonna hurt me? You?

Oh man.
I could do so many terrible things to you.

Should I show you?

You better start workin' for us,
or you'll see what we can do to you.

Tell your boss too. Last chance.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.


Guys, good morning.
How are you?

- Good.
- Yeah? And you?

We got a good load today.

- Togo. Good morning.
- It's all there, right?

Good morning.

I'll need a double breakfast today,
if that's okay.

Okay. Miguel, hold on.

So... already got a girlfriend?

Turned out to be an easy one.

- Yeah?
- She's called Mercedes.

My business partner.

Well... she works with me.

She's not my girlfriend at all.

She's only a kid.

Maybe one day, she's a little tipsy...

Who knows?

Thank you for the breakfast.

Oh. Where's Milton?

I don't know.

I haven't seen him yet today.


Uh, I forgot to give it back
the other day.

It's charged.

- Thanks a lot.
- Yup.

It's hurting more than usual.

Doctor says I can't use any strength.

But with my pension
and the help of my neighbors,

I can survive.

Take this.

I worked your block today.

It's not much.

It's a Saturday.

Thanks, man.

Hey! What are you doing?

What's that on your arm?

It's nothing... I just...
I just fell over yesterday.

A neighbor heard it and helped me.

I must've been shouting
for two hours.

Because of all that,
Togo, I can't keep working.

You too?

Me too what?

Did you come here
to beat up Milton too?


I'm friends with Milton.

You have to tell everyone
that Milton is friends with Togo.


Come inside!


Come on. Come here.



Go ahead. C'mon. Back it up. Go ahead.

C'mon. Back it up. Back it up.

- Go ahead. Go. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
- Yeah. Over... Over here. Stop.

- All right. Yeah. Thanks for that.
- Go, just... just go.

- There.
- All right. Good afternoon.

There, bro. Right there.

Go keep watch on the block.

Hey, what's wrong, pops?

You gotta respect
your youngers too, don't ya?


So? You thought about it?

Thought about what?

Didn't your employee tell you?
I gave you your last warning.

So you better start listening.

Fuck off to your block.
Stop breaking our balls, old man.

Oh no!

What's wrong with you old man? Hey!


This block... is not yours.

The man in the wheelchair owns it.

And if he's out, then I'll be here.

You're playing with fire, old man.

You should be afraid.
You and the kid that's with you.

You're the one who should be afraid.

You won't get away
with this shit.

You won't get away with this.

Get outta here, now.

Get outta here!

Not tonight.

Not what?

You can't stay here tonight.

They're coming back, right?

I'm not worried about those guys.

I can help you.

Take this.

This is for you.

This is serious.

Did I say it wasn't?

You have to go back
to therapy too.

Leave me alone.

I'm tired. I want to sleep.

Leave me alone!

Come on! Leave!

Did I really have to come see you myself,
old man?

Why are you so stubborn, huh? Tell me.

Things aren't going well.

Don't you see that my men need to work
to feed their families?

They aren't causing any real harm.

My boss tried to be nice
and talk to you first.

Chat with you? Hmm?

This whole damn block
could still stay yours.

It's clean enough.
It's got friendly neighbors.

'Cause my boss chose to make an exception.

'Cause he respects
those who demand respect.

"I'm gonna let him keep
his block," he told me.

"But he better not mess
with my people anymore."

Give the block back to Milton.

To the cripple?

Maybe you're not getting it, old man.

You're not the boss here.

Good evening, guys.

Everything all right?

It's all right.

Friend of yours?

We're just getting to know each other.



Okay, we're just gonna smoke
a joint over there before going to bed.

Just let us know if you need anything.

We'll have to have another talk soon.

We've already given you leeway.

But you're pushing your luck.

Same goes to you.

For fuck's sake!

I have nowhere to sleep.

- Well, yes, you do.
- Sure, but I don't wanna go back there.

You can't sleep here anymore.

So it's that or nothin'.

Now go clean up.

And get yourself together.

We have cars coming,
and we need to wash them.

And we have to guide those
who are leaving to go to work.

Go ahead.
You can work Milton's block today.

I'll stay here and work this block.

You shouldn't come back for a few days.

Oh God. That same thing again?

No, it's not the same.
This is worse.

Yeah, but if it's
because of those stupid fuckers,

we can go to the police, and...

I told you already.
The police don't care to do anything.

Do you care about me?

I do.

Of course. I'm grateful.

Then do this one thing I ask of you.

Don't come here for a couple of days.


Be careful, all right?

I think they're the ones
who should be careful.

Man, so you telling me that old... cripple
beat the shit out of these guys?


Get him out of our way.

If he doesn't want in,
then that means he's out.

We need that block
to own the whole neighborhood.

Yago, we're gaining ground now.

And we can start dealing
in other areas too, y'know.

Or just take over.

Look, that old bastard won't stop
being a fucking pain in the ass.

What a damn idiot.

Take him out.

And soon.

So, Jorge Da Silva.

I see that you were born in Uruguay,
and your document of identification...

your document identification number
is 1333379-9.

You have no address, nothing in your name,
and from what it says here,

claims to have witnessed
absolutely nothing.

"He claims he doesn't know
who set all his belongings on fire,

except for some objects,
which he claims to be the following."

"An MP3 player,
a respective charger for said device,

and attached to it, a pair of headphones

he allegedly managed
to save from the arson."


"And he states the following."

"He didn't hear any shots,

he didn't see anything strange,
and he couldn't identify

any suspicious individuals
or suspicious vehicles."

"And he classifies the event
as a fortuitous event,

having probably been
a kind of domestic accident

that he might have even caused himself,
without ever realizing it."

That sound good to you?

You could say so, yes.

The neighbors say they heard shots

and a motorcycle first,
and then they saw the fire.


Well, people talk...
and contradict each other.

It happens.

I live there and saw nothing.

Jorge, are you scared?

I asked if you're scared.

Of what?

Of reporting it.

It was the neighbors that reported it.

And you brought me here
because I live there.

Where do I sign?

I have to go back to my work.

Good morning.

Good morning.

They told me I can leave.

I don't know if with a chaperone or alone.

They didn't tell me
anything other than that.

But I'm sure it's easier
if you come pick me up.

I'm very happy for you.

Why did you come here today?

Because I miss you.

I miss spending more time with you.

I don't want us to live
on the streets anymore.

Me neither, dear.

I brought something for you.

- What?
- No, wait. It's a surprise.

So you're gonna have to close your eyes.


Close your eyes.


Is it true?

Yes, it is true.

And it was Yena who did all the work.

You have a very brave daughter.

Very brave.

Are these the pills Yena takes?

Hmm, no.

What Yena takes comes
from the same lab, however.

That's why it looks similar.

But this is prescribed
for severe depression.

Were you prescribed these pills?

No. It's a friend of mine's.

- Mm.
- That's why I wanted to know.

This should only be given out
by a psychiatrist, sir.

You can't just quit taking
this medication on your own.

- Thank you very much.
- Mm.

- Oh, wait a minute, sir.
- Hmm?

Do you know this man here?

He came by the other day.

He told me he was her cousin
and wanted to visit her.

But I didn't buy it,
so I didn't let him in.

You were right.


Thank you so much.


No, thanks, Togo.
I don't want any trouble.

I've been working your block.

And this is half.

Appreciate it.

Now tell me the truth.

They told me I had to sell cocaine
if I want to stay.

If I wanted to keep my spot.

I said no.

They told me to leave.

Again, I said no.

One night, they came over here,
and... they beat me up.

And they told me
the next time they come, they'd kill me.

I think you better make a deal with them.

Or just find a different block to work on.

But don't fight them.

And why not?

Because they are dangerous.

They're stupid.
There are a lot of dumbasses like them.

Wanna know the only weapon
they have against the two of us, Milton?


It's hard to escape fear.

But you have to do it.

I'm gonna ask you a favor.

Leave for a few days.

Go far.

Go find a shelter.

To do what?

To wait there.

Well, well, well.
If it isn't the most mysterious man.

- See you, bro.
- All right. See you.

Where's Togo?

Why don't you stop being
a pain in the ass and go home?

Tell me where he is.

Where does Milton live?

Let me be clear.

You should just go home.

Stop pretending like you're some lowlife.

You're the lowlife, asshole.


Your friend pulled off a nice
magic trick the other night on us.

Like the Great Mandrake.

Only he didn't come back.

Looks like he got the message,

and he might be visiting...
some grandkid he hasn't seen in a while.

What magic trick are you talking about?

Aren't you looking for a job?
We could use a girl around here.

Sometimes women are scared to buy

because it's all dudes around here,
but you know...

She could bring us
some new clients, right?

You can shove your job up your ass.

Where is Togo?

Didn't he tell you?

Well, he's been playin' dead on us.

Some of the guys
say he'll come back,

but the old man can't be that stupid.

The way he took off on you?
Fucking coward.

Watch your fucking mouth, you scumbag!


This is our territory now.

My poor child.

You're getting better.

Aren't you?


Good girl.

Good. Drink, baby.

Good, like that, easy.

Very good.

Come with me.
I'm gonna take you back to your home now.

This is it.

Do you take pills for depression?

Why do you ask that?

Do you?


But you should take them.

That's what my parents
and doctor say.

They think that if I take pills,
I will, I dunno,

go to school or make friends.


I have a daughter.

She is in rehab and takes medication.

When her mom... left us,

she started hanging out with people
she shouldn't have been around.

I didn't look after her.

Why didn't you?

I was more preoccupied
with my sadness than hers.

She started by getting drunk.

But I couldn't stop her,
because I was doin' the same thing.

Then one day, she disappeared.

And after several weeks missing,
she came back.

But the life in her was gone.

She was doing more
than just drinking now.

That's why I don't want you
to go down the same path.

I know I'm not your father.

But still, I don't want to fail you.

I couldn't bear
something like that happening to you.

So please, go home now.

And stay there.

And do what?

Wait for the news.

- I don't want to hear bad news.
- Then be patient.

The good news will come.

My... parents are old.

They had me very late,
and... I just feel like they're

so old, sad, like... they're close to death.

I feel like they're grandparents
who don't know how to look after me.

They care too much about me or not at all.

And I feel old.

But you're not old.

The old man's gonna come back.
I know he is.

No, he's not.

It's been three fuckin' days.
Cut the bullshit, Bartolo.

The old man is gonna come back.
Things will get ugly.

- I'm tellin' you, man.
- He'd be crazy, then.

Well, he is.

Go over there. Quit bustin' my balls.
C'mon. Start rounding up the guys.

What are you doin', idiot?

Don't smoke it all.

What are you idiots doin'?

Hey. What? Are you fuckin' or what?


Get the fuck outta here.



Son of a bitch!

- You okay, bro?
- You shot me in the foot!

Oh, shit.

Go find that old fucker! Go!


You asked for it, old man!

Dammit. Piece of shit.

Son of a bitch.

Fuckin' geezer, you!

Shut up, or I'll make you eat shit again.

Tell me
where your boss is, right now.

You want my boss
to fucking kill you?

Tell me, or I'll kill you.

You want me to kill you?

I'm gonna find him sooner or later.

It's up to you.

He's at City.

He's at that bar.
It's on the beach of Punta Carretas.

Looks nice, boss. They told me about it.

You know how hard it is
to eat pussy like that?

What's left?

Not much.

The square at Rodó Park, the lighthouse,
and the park by the supermarket.

Oh, and watch out because some guys
are asking for more stuff to sell.

Hmm. Runnin' out fast, I see.

That's good.

Drop by Marta's
and tell her to give you some more.

But don't go overboard.

And check that they're not getting high
on the supply.

Same old shit.

They better stay in line.

Now, why don't you finish up your beer
and go on your way?

And you.

Come with me now.

Raynold! Come here.

I'm gonna need to go inside for a while.


Give me the bag.

Give it to the guys so they can count it.


Go easy on the blow,
or you'll end up dead.

Count those bills, and go eat something.

Yes, sir.



What happened, dipshit?

What the hell's wrong with you, Grandpa?

Do you really want me to kill you?

Tell me where your boss is.

Or I'll keep punching your nose
until all your blood goes to your head.

I know where your daughter is.

Tell me where he is right now.

Or my next punch
will leave you brain-dead forever.



What's up, old man?

You're still alive, then?

Haven't the guys beaten you up enough?

Did they assume you were dead again?

I need smarter people workin' for me.

Just leave that park alone.

And leave that block alone.

It's not that easy, is it?

If it was up to me,
I'd give the block to you.

But do you know how that would
make me look to the other neighborhoods?

I'd be a loser.

Who was defeated... by an old man.

I'd go broke in two days.

You already are a damn loser.

If there's a loser here,

it's you.

Since you seem to like playing maid
for the rich people.

You look after their homes,
clean their cars,

sweep their fucking shit on the sidewalk.

And I can see you're nothing but stubborn.

Look, old man.

My goal in life is to be happy.
Not to suffer.

Least of all, for others.

My teeth!

Don't ever step foot
in my territory again.

If I ever see you again...

I will kill you!

You or anyone who crosses me.

My teeth!

How are you doing?

Is it all good?


And here?

Lots of work?


And all your things?

- You moved out?
- Yes.

I actually live in a house now.
A nice one. With my daughter.


My parents are seeing a therapist.

They haven't been prescribed anything yet,
but... who knows.

So then, what do your parents do?

If I tell you... you tell me?



Subtitle translation by:
Ana G. González Meade, Meredith Cannella