Todd McFarlane's Spawn 2 (1998) - full transcript

Spawn - having become plagued by nightmares - discovers that his former Special Forces partner, Chapel, was the one who murdered him. Their paths inevitably cross when Chapel attempts to steal military weapons for Jason Wynn.

"Where do the dead belong...

in the world of the living".

"For this newest spawn
moments of peace never come".

"His memories are fragments
of the life he once had".

"For a Hellspawn,
memories will play...

his soul's own personal hell".

Hey, you're going to
have to speak up, Al.

If you want to be heard.

Boy, what are you doing, tough guy?

Let me guess.

You're just now remembering
who torched your sorry ass.

I love it when that happens.

Time for you to learn something
from all this, Spawn.

No one can be trusted.

This world isn't about trust.

It's about dominance and submission.

It's about power!

It's never about trust.

I mean you couldn't even trust
your sweet little Wanda with...

good old Terry, right?

You're alone now, Spawn.

Ain't no one covering
your back anymore.

I love it when you get rough.

Go on, do it!

Let yourself go, Spawn.

You got the killing fever.

"Winter has brought
the Hunter's Moon...

with its cold white to light."

"The Hunter's Moon is so bright...

that predators choose this night
for the hunt."

"And tonight, in the alleys...

Spawn can sense
that he is the hunted one".

Hey, Al, come on over.
It's warm by the fire.

"The Hellspawn hides himself away...

with that instinct
which predators have".

"Away from weariness,
confusion and torment".

"They choose solitude".

"Hiding in the shadows".

They are not your enemies.

- They are the only friends you have.
- Friends?

They are my enemies!

"A Hellspawn is returned to earth,

"His mind ravaged,
his memory shattered".

They took everything from me!

They made me a monster.

Mr. Amir,
with your country's reputation...

no one in the free world
will sell you these kinds of weapons.

Except for me.
400 million wins you a war.

Wynn, you're a beautiful man.

You start a war
and then sell arms to both sides.

Whoever wins,
you're his new best friend.

You have your directives.

It's not working for me.

The alley location
doesn't make sense.

Missile fragments were found
in those alley.

Serial numbers match
our missing weapons.

Let's get something clear right now.

I own you, I'm not interested in
how you think things should work.


And Special Ops has recon
the target for you.

Why am I wasting my time
with this bullshit?

We got guns in practically
every third world country.

What's so special about these?

I need those guns
off the street, Chapel.

That ordinance is traceable to me.

Chapel, did you hear what I said?


I've never seen a moon like that.

Weird shit always happen
when we have a moon like that.

- Get down!
- I don't like it.

My God.


Alright, now that I have
everybody's attention.

Let's get this over
with real quick, okay.

There were weapons fired
in this alley.

They look like this.

One was a shoulder-fired missile
it makes a big noise.

I'm sure you would remember it.

Tell me where they are
or I'll put your worthless...

piece of shit life
out of your misery.

I don't know.

No. I think you're smart, old fart.

Now let's just see how high
that IQ of yours is.

Tell me where the guns are.

But I don't know.

Maybe Al.

Is Al the the guy...

who knows things around here?

Okay. Let's go talk to Al.

Hey, you're going to have to speak up
if you want to be heard.

Jesus. He was just a kid.

Never thought this job
would come to this.

What? You're going to have
to speak up, Kid...

if you want to be heard.

It's not just a job.

It's an adventure.


- Night, Angel.
- Night.


Every night you put Cyan to sleep
and then you go back to the agency.

Are you going to tell me
what's going on?

I want to keep you safe, Baby.

- The less you know, the better.
- I don't understand these stuff.

You're a desk jockey.
A nice safe job.

I like knowing I won't get
a phone call in the night...

saying you're missing or dead.

I think I found something
that they didn't want me to find.

And sometimes there's an agency
inside the agency...

keeping a lot of secrets.

I'll get it all straightened out.

I have to go.

Be careful.


I forgot something.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

I'll always come home to you.

Don't worry.

Come on, Amos,
tell me what you know.

I don't know.

Look at that.
Broken glass.

Good as a scalpel.


The guns.

Our guns, Amos!

It's not like you're protecting
the family jewels.

But hey, I could cut those off too.


What have we here?



Are you, Al?

What is this,
Gay Pride Day or something?

Hey, I like the mask, but I think
the cape is a little much.

Why the hell would you do that?

Stand up and I'll show you.

Son of a bitch!

It's you.


I remember you.

It's okay, Amos.
I got you.

- What the fuck?
- Jess Chapel.

Joliet, Illinois, right?

Say what?

That's where the state prison is.

Where you were born.

Jess Chapel.

Who the fuck are you?

Your worst fucking nightmare.

Say it!


Yeah, we know each other real well.

I know you buried
that girl in Guatemala.

I even know about
that singer in Rio.

Don Juan of killers you said.

You're not him...

You're not him!

Why don't you tell me who I am?

Tell me.

Tell me who I am!


I want you to feel what it's like...

trapped in a box no light, no air.

Suffocating in the darkness
and left to rot.

Jesus Christ.


Internal investigation records
entry 75.

Tracking shipments
of ground-to-air Patriot missiles...

to client countries.

Now running the numbers
on TOW missiles.

Israel-Kuwait database
confirmation of serial numbers...

ordinance shipped and received?

I guess the world
sleeps safely tonight.

But I don't trust numbers.

Let's see if a satellite can verify.

Cross-referencing global positioning.

No signal.
No position given.

Jesus, those missiles never arrived.

One of my own.

Give me a name.

that's a deep black project.

Bypassing security codes.

Someone removed the transmitter.
Where the hell are these weapons?





No one cares about that, come on!

Can you hear me, come on?

What you doing? He's dead!

The whole fucking building
fell on him.


I trusted you with my life.

A hundred times.

We were partners, Jess.

Come on, Jess.

Work the scenario.

Just like the old days.

Show me why you did it!

You take off the lens cap?

Wynn sent me to find you.

Said you're gonna be my albatross.

I think you're called a partner.

So you're the one
who took a bullet for liberal.

I guess that's dedication,
all right.

The president's a president.

Is that right? In covert ops,
maybe not always.

What's so funny?

I'm here because I killed
the fuckin' assassin.

You know,
the one you let get away.

You were the only one I let in.

I trusted you.


You stupid son of a bitch.

You were always the target!

From the day we met,
my job was to whack you.

When the time came.

Who gave the order?

Who was it?

It was Wynn.

He gave me the order,
but I wanted to do it.


Guess I won.
I won.

Know me.

Jesus Christ!


You're not him!

Touch it.

It's real.

Feel it, you made it.

No, you can't be alive.

I'm not, asshole.

You took everything from me.

Hey, you have to speak up, Al,
if you want to be heard.



Kill me.

Kill me!

Finish it.

There's no coming back.


I'm going to let you live.

Longer than you want to.


You can't do this to me!

I killed him.

I killed him
and he came back from the dead.

No one can come back!

But he...

he did.

Why, Jess?

- Why?
- They're coming back.

I've killed them.

Look, they're coming back.

I've killed them.

They keep coming back!

I've killed them,
but they come back.

He keeps coming back.

I will die for you.

"Born out of darkness,
a hell spawn is isolated...



"He finds no solace
in his own thoughts".

"They are distorted,
twisted, grotesque".

"Whatever fragments of
memories that remain...

are not his own".

"They are intruders".

"Memories are his enemy".

I always wanted you, Wanda.

Terry, you're more of a man
than Al ever was.

I'm glad we got rid
of that son of a bitch.




Stay out of my dreams!

Your dreams?

Malebolgia owns you.

You are his bitch.

You know what I've said.

Nothing but a cheap sin
than a bad complexion.

Don't you get it, Spawny?

Your friends all fucked ya!

This is getting embarrassing
this Wanda fetish you have.

I don't want to hear her name
from your filthy mouth!


Nice shot, Spawny!

But I think you're dealing
with some misplaced anger here.

Don't get pissed at me.

I'm the one who's helping you out.

And I'm not the one
who stole your wife.

But hey, think about it.

Just how well
did you know Terry anyway.


Why don't we have Fitzgerald
shake hands with Mr. Amir...

they're such old friend.

- What are we really looking at here?
- A traitor, Mr. Bergen.

And he's about to be dealt with.

What some men will do for money,
it's a travesty.

Selling missiles
to a known terrorist.

- The voice?
- The voice is even easier...

than the visual, Mr. Wynn.

Psychological profile?

Paranoid, delusional.

It reads like a Greek tragedy.

Shame how quickly a man
can crash and burn.

Splendid observation, Bergen.

I suggest you keep it in mind
should you ever be tempted...

to sharpen your skills.

I'm aware of your reputation, sir.

Of course, you are.

Your fee has already been wired.

- Yes?
- Fitzgerald on the loose.

I want my missiles moved out of
that warehouse tonight.

Right now.

Merrick will have coordinates
for delivery.


send me Leon, now.

Fitzgerald is a traitor...

and how does
our agency handle traitors?

They're liquidated.

I want you to use Leon
and that hillbilly kid.

I don't trust that hillbilly.

He worked for the Russian mob.

I trust him.


You've been gone for hours, baby,
what's wrong?

I've been walking around...


I just I want to see you inside
and tell you that I might...

might be gone a few days.

What's going on?

I feel like my whole life is
elapsing around me.

Terry, talk to me.

I'm tired. I'm just so tired.
I can't think straight.

- I have to go.
- Now?

Terry, it's 3.00AM.

You have a wife and a child.

- Let someone else take care of it.
- I'm all alone on this.

You're doing fieldwork, like Al did.

Don't lay that on me, Wanda.
You've got to trust me.

- I have to do this.
- Trust?

Don't ask a widow for blind trust.
I trust with my eyes wide open.

So, you better tell me
what's going on, right now!

I can't. I'm trying to protect you.

"Al used to say the same thing".

"You're not protecting me".
"You're scaring me".

"I won't raise
a fatherless child, Terry".

"Thanks for all the support".

"But I have to go".

He's en route.

Where's he going?

On the way to the warehouse.

You won't be killing him,
he's mine.

Hey, Buddy, you okay?

Holy shit.

Unit 12.
I need backup. Riverside and 10th.

Ten of hours to bring in one guy?

What is he, dusted?

No drugs in his system.

The doctor seems to feel
there is some sort of brain damage.

Shit, where they picked
this guy up?

The alleys where we're investigating
those murders, Sir.

- Coincidence?
- I don't believe in coincidences.

Neither do I, Sir.

Right down there.


there's the problem right there.

He's just too much makeup.
That could drive a guy nuts.

Ritualistic markings
very primal, yes.

African warriors
use similar markings.

The skull signifies death.

Looks military.

Special Forces training.

No tags.

- Mercenary maybe.
- His fingerprints...

have been burned off.

It'll be hard to make
a positive ID.

Looks like we got ourselves
a real pro.




I killed him! Do you hear me?
I killed him!

Do you hear me, I killed him!

Confession of a fruitcake.
Probably nothing.

Check the alleys
for another body anyway.

There's nothing left
but you comeback you've gone...


We just picked up one of your boys.

A trigger man with a skull painted
on his face, sound familiar?

I want him cut loose.

I don't think you do.

He looks like
he's been through a war.

Guys a fucking time bomb.

All right.
I'll attend to it myself.


Another disappointment.

Who the fuck are you?

Get your hands off me!

Selling arms to a terrorist.

That was an improper thing to do,
Mr. Fitzgerald.

This is bullshit!

Of course it is.

Anything more to say?

You can't just...

You just resisted arrest.

Holy shit!

Call in B-team.

Fitzgerald's got backup.

Hello, Leon.

He's got help.
Kill both of them.

Move away from the desk.

Now drop your gun belt.

Put your hands behind your back.

How many people are here?

Just a couple this shift,
it's mostly automated.

Cut the phones and the security.

This was supposed to be
a piece of action...

now suddenly we have wet works
inside a building...

I have no blueprints for, Merrick.

I'll be your eyes and ears, Leon.

I don't like a woman
watching my back, they're too soft.

Not Merrick.

We did a hard contract
against a Russian mob.

She got a hit and left behind.

- They used her badly.
- I'd like to use her badly.

You talk too much.


Hey wait!


I have to find those missiles.

It's the only way out of this mess.

Come on.

It's have to be in here.


Got them.


Hey, you have to call the police.


"I don't know
if you boys have noticed...

but our target is about to escape".

"If you take your thumbs
out of your asses...

you might be able to catch him".

He's up there.

This old boy is a hard dog
to keep under the porch.

When I catch this little Jackrabbit,
I'm going to skin him.

Don't underestimate this guy.

He's a boy scout, he doesn't know
what he's going to do next.

I know some of those Russians,
who were they?

Don't know,
after America was done with them...

they couldn't identify the bodies.


I'm just doing my job, goddammit.
Why are they doing this to me?

Hey, Little rabbit.

You down the rabbit hole?

What are you waiting for?
Pop him.

The asshole took your old lady.

He torched you, you dumb shit.

As sure as if it was his hand
and the torch...

he needed you gone.

Come on.

If ever there was a motive
that every fucking body understand...

it was "He took my woman."

I need him alive,

Until I know the truth.

Let's see.

"Beautiful young woman desires
generous man for new situation".

Not bad.

Open Vault 73.

And then go for the cops.

There it is.

Holy shit.

These are the numbers.

The numbers match.


He's a traitor.

Got him.

Too bad, Little lady,
wrong turn.

Give me the truth.

Al, if I knew who did it,
I'll take them down.

I'll take care of it, Buddy,
I promised.

Good luck up there.

It's true.

You didn't know.

This is a little very messy.
I keep a clean house.


Or we all go.

I've got nothing to lose.

You won't do it.

You don't have the balls.

Desk jockey.

That's your whole problem.
You're just not the type.


So, what?

So, you gave him permission,
so he didn't know.

Did he have to screw her?
He could've been platonic, right?

Did he have to slam it
to her every night?

Every year I asked them
to keep his grave better.

And every year
they let it go to seed.

Terry, don't leave me
the way he did.

Promise me no field assignments.

I won't leave you.

I'm a desk jockey
and I'm proud of it.

Al was my best friend.

He only asked me
to do one thing for him...

take care of you.

I promised him I would.

He's laying over there.

Hey, Boy scout, you made that fun.


You're not going to die
on this roof.

Take care of Wanda

Until I come for her.

"This time, the Hellspawn
kept the demons at bay".

"But he knows
they will always return".

"To torment him".

"Making him blind".

"To the truth".

You let him go? Why?

What did you say?


Old bum!

When you let him go, you took a step
toward freeing yourself.

How the hell do you know?

How do you know any of it?

I know.

You're not the only one
touched by this curse.

Who are you?

"In the city...

a river of humanity rushes past".

"Leaving behind in the alleys,
the refuges".

"Those that become lost
in the mind".

"The sick and the broken".

"Spawn shares this alley
with the lost souls, who like him...

long to escape their wounded
and tormented existence".

"Does he feel anything at all?"

"Or is his heart dark and empty?"

"With no shreds of humanity left".

"Is the Hellspawn even aware
that his presence...

causes the destruction
of those closest to him?"

"Those he had hoped...

to protect".

Everyone's in place, Merrick.

"Wynn still inside with the wife".

"If Fitzgerald comes home,
wait until when walks out...

...and then kill them all".

Wanda, you've created
quite a stir at the NSC.

I don't like getting the runaround.

This has become
a very dangerous situation for Terry.

Who knows
what he's capable of doing.

He needs to turn himself in, Wanda.

He's not a criminal.

You and I both know that.

But his behavior.
It's erratic.

- He's stressed.
- You love him.

But to the NSC,
he's considered a traitor.

That is not Terry.

I hope it's not.

If he calls you here,
you must tell him to contact me.

I'm his only hope.

You've already lost one husband...

and it would be a shame
to lose another.

Hey, you're having a rough one?

- Saying something?
- A rough night.

You don't want to know.

- You want to talk about it?
- No thanks.

- Going to use the phone.
- Sorry, I didn't mean it...

Don't worry about it.

If you hear anything, Jason,
please call me.


Hey, good luck!

What's this fucking box.

Damn, this is good.

Thing about donuts,
they're all this vitamins of dozen.

I don't want to see
anymore of you, fucking bums.

You scared our customers away!

We' trying to do business here,
all right?

Tell your buddies I don't want to see
a single goddamn bum in this alley.

You stink, man!

Don't you have
any respect for yourself?

Personal offense
for made me smell you.

Come on, sticks, let's go!

Let's get out of here, man.


That was close.

- Please don't hurt me.
- Okay, police.

- Please.
- It's okay, Hank. It's us.

Please don't hurt me.

- Easy.
- Wait.

Easy does it, Hank.

What's going on down here, Hank?

He's going to come down
and destroy you.

He's coming.

You'll see he's coming.
and going to destroy you.

- He needs to sleep it off.
- You'll see. You watch!

He's not going
to let this go in vain. You'll see.

That's a paranoid schizophrenia, Sir.

You'll see.
He... He will protect us!

That's great.
Add that to the heap of weird shit...

going on down here.

You're going to see something!

Everyone will see.
He's coming.

Judgement. He's coming...

Excuse us.

- Watch it!
- You watch it.

We have to do it, man.

Have you two thought about my offer?

You'll make a lot of money with me
doing the Lord's work.

Shit, man.

Hey, you.
Who's your man?

Grab some fence.
Yeah, you need to stay right there.

Hey, Preacher man,
aren't you recruiting...

kind of young these days?

We all work for the Lord.

Yeah, work dead.

You don't understand
our work here.

You're going to leave
those kids alone, you hear me?

You're going to get
the hell out of here.

I think they got religion, Sir.

Cops. What a fucking joke.

That wasn't the cop who force
Johnny and his boys out.

It was some kind of ghost
who scared him off.

You know, Johnny was Creole.

They're always
spooked by shit like that.

We own these alleys now.

I want a steel door,
bars on the windows.

And get rid of the bums.



Are you seeking salvation?


What is this?

- We don't take checks.
- That's right, Mr. Wall Street.

Cash only to be saved.

You already sniff all your stocks
and bonds up your nose?

It's cash only, asshole.

Bless you, sister.

Let me ease your pain.

In the end...

they are all lust for hell.

What the hell.


Hey, why you running out,
Dude Cinderella?

No one listens to me.

I hate it when people
don't listen to me.

Won't be needing guns for this.

Easy, Danny boy.
My brother just want you...

to rough them up like last time.

I warned you, freaks.
You didn't listen to me.

This is our alley now.

Let me go!
I... I won't bother you!

Man, you made me look like a boat
in front of my brother, man.

I can't take that.

Come here!

The Guardian's
going to take care of you!




He used to sing me songs.

Joe was nice to me.


We came here because
of The Guardian.

He was going to protect us.

I don't know, Lucy.
Maybe they were just stories.

He's our angel.

Our guardian angel.
He's ours, he knows how we feel...

because he's like us.

Maybe Joe didn't believe.

You have to believe him, Arnie,
or he won't come.

That's what you're supposed to do.

Poor Joe.

Why do we have
to throw him away like this.

The water is so dirty and cold.




Please no.

Please don't.

Take Lucy away.

Lucy, let's go.

Joe's going to be okay, Lucy.

No one can heard him now.


That's right.
No one can heard you now, Joe.

Two whole months?

I wish I didn't have to go.

Well, how about something nice...

to remember me by?

Where is he?
He was supposed to protect us.


- Hey, it's me, Hank.
- You scared the shit out of me, man.

Hey, could I have a drink, man,



Man, you said you're the one
who told us about him.

Why isn't he here?

Is he going to do anything?
Like a cops or...

Maybe he's not real,
just more of your your drunk talk.

- He's real, Hank.
- I'm telling you.

He's bullshit, Gareb!

It's him!

It's real...

There you are.

Hey, Al.
I've been looking for you.

Hey, wait.


You hear what happened to us?

That gang.

They went and the sons of bitches
went kill Joe.

Bastards killed him.

Al, help us,
we have to do something.

What should I do with them?


I mean,
I don't know what I mean.

Get rid of them!

I don't do other people's killings
anymore, Gareb.

I feel nothing for you or the others.

This place has the stink of Hell
all over it.

I'm good to no one...

I can't even help
the ones I care about.

Al, we're all just scared!

Al, please, I've told everybody
that you will help us, protect us.

There's so many of us here now.
We're trapped here just like you.


- Answer the question, Shad.
- Please, I...

I'm looking for someone.

One of my disciples,
real skinny guy.

No... I... I...

- Well...
- Answer him.

He's got something of mine,
it's my Bible...

and it's very important to me.

The Guardian,
why don't you ask him?

The Guardian? Brother,
I'm your only Savior in these alleys.

A real smart ass?

Have you seen the skinny guy?
And I know if you're lying.

I haven't seen him.

If you do see him,
come and find me.

- Let's go.
- Arnie.


Well, what have we here.

Maybe this one there was something.

Is that yours?

That is one big piece of ass, man.

Arnie, are these your friends?

Right, Baby.
We're friends.

Yeah, that's it.
We're all friends here.

- Right,
- Yeah.

Hey, Arnie
why don't you dance with her?

Please, leave us alone.

Let's go, Donny.

Leave us alone, is that right?

- Lucy. No!
- Come on, Baby, dance.

- I like to dance, Arnie.
- Lucy come on!

Yeah, show me those legs,
that's it.

The old broad's wasted.


Do it!

Do it!

Baby! Yeah!


- Lucy
- He's playing music for me, Arnie.


- Hey, what the fuck?
- Enough you little shit

- Let's go, Donny boy.
- I'm just having a little fun.

Donny, before that old guy
kicks your ass.

You think you could come in here
and push us around, humiliate us?

We're not leaving.

You're not a nice man.
The Guardian's going to get you.



Lighten up, Donny boy.

You go give your guardian
that message, old man.






Why don't we bury her
like we do the others?


She was afraid of the sewers,
it's cold there.

I promised her
I'd always keep her warm.

"Cast out of society".

"Taking refuge amidst
the garbage like Spawn himself".

"These unclaimed souls know
they will never be accepted...

by the world beyond these alleys".

"So, they remain here".

"Trying to hold on
to their dignity and sanity".

"Hoping for some savior".

"A protector,
someone to redeem them".

You pathetic piece of shit.
You're smoking all the merchandise.

Come here.

I'll kick your scrawny ass.

Where is the fucking book?

Wait, I got it right here, man.

You're all... You know,
you worry too much, man.

The fuck?

Where the hell are they?

- What are you going to do?
- I'm going to go find...

those two rat fucks right now
and the goddamn Bible...

so we can all get back
to fucking work.

Yeah, well, I'm coming with you.

Stay put.



Show your face, you chicken shit.


I got you, you son of a bitch.

I got you!

Donny Boy,
it's going to be okay.

I'll get you out of here. Donny!

Get up!

Who are you?

You... you bastard!

You killed my brother!

You're going to die!

"Has this Hellspawn found some
scrap of humanity within himself?"

"Or is this the act of a predator
whose territory has been invaded?"

"Has his basic instinct to kill
taken hold of him?"

"He knows he has lost again".

"The real Victor here is the one...

who sent him to harvest more souls".

"The dream is always the same".

"We are pale riders in the night,
carrying the swords of justice...

as was done when men
first put on the hoods...

and set the cross on fire".

"For all to see and fear".

"One more of the outsiders
has been brought to justice".

"Those who have taken
our homes and jobs...

defiled our country".

"And our God".

"I know now
what the dream really means".

"I am to prepare the way
for the one who is coming".

"I see his face every night".

"We share the same dream".

"The master told me
what I had to do".

"He speaks to me
and I know his name".

"He calls himself Malebolgia".

Please, Sir, no smoking in cab.

- Please forgive me.
- No problem.

Where are you going tonight?

- I'm going to Brooklyn.
- Brooklyn, okay.

"I am the one to cleanse
and purify this city".

"To rid us of them".

"They're not like us, but they can't
really help themselves".

"They don't even know
why this must happen".


Why are you doing this?

I don't understand.

I'm sorry.

I know it is not your fault.

And it's really nothing personal.

"It is not just the lost
and dispossessed...

that have gathered
near the Hellspawn".

"There are those lone predators.

"The human monsters".

"Those who have heard
the voice of Malebolgia...

whispering to them".

"Evil has seeped
into their empty lives...

like a stained a liquid".

"Aware of the presence
of the Hellspawn...

they come to the alleys
to be near him".

"They are drawn to him".

"He is their Savior,
their link to the master".

"Hell has sent them
to be Malebolgia's hands".

"Covered with blood".

I've found you.

Get away from me.

Only makes it a business
to know where her husband is.

- She knows she's being watched.
- Why is this woman still alive?

Let me take her and the kid.

I'll know
where Fitzgerald is in an hour.

And if she really doesn't know,
you would have cut it to pieces.

I'll find him, don't worry.


You wanted us to check in, sir?

Yes, Raymond what have you got?

She hasn't left her office all day.

She spoke with her grandmother
her daughter, several clients...

"and you".

She's clever, this one.

You know I'm good
in voice stress analysis.

Let me be there.
Next to you.

She's not a pro,
I know when she's lying.

If I feel like she's lying,
you can take her.

Ask her about her daughter,
is she missing a daddy.

A mother won't lie
about her kids feelings.


It's after 9PM,
why are you still here?

I've got some briefs to catch up on.

Honey, why don't you bother
legate the cases to somebody else?

At least til you hear about...


Thanks, Lois,
but I have to stay busy...

or I lose my mind for sure.

Well Okay, see you tomorrow.

If you need anything,
let me know, okay?


Good night, Lois.

- Wanda Blake.
- "Wanda". Jason Wynn.

- "Jason, anything new?"
- Yes, can you meet me for dinner?

Of course I can.

- Where do you want me to meet you?
- I'll send a car around...

to pick you up.

"All right".

- I'll be downstairs in 10 minutes.
- "See you then".

- You look exhausted.
- No sleep.

I have the same dreams every night.

"There's been a recent
string of disappearances...

all in the Brooklyn area".

"Police are investigating,
but there are no lead at this time...

and they're asking
for the public's help".

"The most recent disappearance
is local cab driver, Joseph Weiss".

"If you've seen this man
or have any information...

as to his work, please call
the number on the screen".

I didn't get the money again.

Yeah, I swear.

I swear I will never do it again.

Please, Baby, come get me.

Hey, what are you looking at?
fuck off!

Astoria Queens, please.

Astoria it is.

Thank you, Honey.
It's beautiful.


Happy Anniversary, Baby.

Hey, excuse me,
Astoria in Queens, not Brooklyn.

I'm sorry, the traffic
on the Triboro bridge...

What do we look like, tourists?

Stop the cab.

I said stop the cab right now
and let us out!

Hey, man look...

I only got 50 bucks,
it's yours, just...

Just let us out of here, okay?

I apologize,
but it has to be this way.


No, please, don't!

I really am sorry.

As his lawyer, I'd like to know
if my husband is...

being charged with a crime.

I think this can be resolved
in Terry's faith.

Don't get my hopes up, Jason.

Unless you are sure.

I'll always tell the truth, Wanda.

So How are you making out?
How's Cyan?


tough on the kid.

She cries for Terry every night
and I try to stay busy at work...


try to keep myself together for her
but I do my own share of crying.

I'm sorry I didn't mean
to dump my problems on you.

It's all right, Wanda.

I know it's tough. But I'll be here
as long as you need me to be.

I just want Terry home.

So do I.

Is that him?

Is that the one you want?

- Problem?
- No.

I just have to make a call.

You can use my phone.

No thank you.
This is a private call.

I'll use one of the payphones.

Excuse me.

She's lying.


Terry, where are you?

Our old club in Brooklyn.

I can be there in 30 minutes.

I'll be waiting in front.


I love you.

I love you too.

I'm sorry, Cyan's not feeling well.
I have to go.

I hope it's nothing serious.

She's been running a high fever.

Thank you for everything,
I'll take a cab.

I won't adhere of it.


Will you see Miss Blake
to the car please?

- All right.
- No problem, Ma'am.

I'll call you, Jason.

Good night, Wanda.

Be careful.

Traced her call
to a payphone in Brooklyn.

Where is she now?

On the Manhattan Bridge,
heading into Brooklyn.

"Keep me posted".

You're awake, that's better.

Please forgive all this,

I really don't blame you.

And none of us chooses...

what we were born to be.


Excellent. Brooklyn.


One of the Charles credit cards
were just traced in Brooklyn.

Son of a bitch has been
in our backyard all this time.

And Blake is on her way there now.


"She keeps circling
the same couple of blocks".

Real slow.

"Pull her over until I get there".


Please step out of the car.

What's this about?

Please don't make this difficult.

- Who are you? What do you want?
- Get out of the car.

- No, I won't!
- Listen to me.

You don't have a choice.

Go check it out.

Please get out of the car, Miss.


Hey, what?

Yeah, nothing.

Come on!





Come on!

Come on!



- Wanda...
- No!

- Wanda.
- No, get away!




I'm sorry, it took a bit longer
than I expected.


This isn't supposed
to happen this way.

I know you're here.

There's no place to go.

You fuck with the wrong guy.

You sick little twerp!

Come on, now.

It's time to take your place
among the others.

He told me it has to be this way.

Does he think
he can fuck with me?

With my plans?

You would've killed her too
if you had the chance.

Who's that?

Who's there?

I have a bad feeling about this.

Where the hell
are Raymond and Watts?

Do you see what I've done here?

This was for the master,
I've saved them for you.

I don't serve any master.

Do you think our master
will be pleased?

Why don't you ask him yourself?

You're about to meet him.

My dream...

My savior.

He betrayed me.

Press is going to have
a field day with this.

I counted there were 12 people
swinging from the rafters up there.

One of them was a sick fuck
who did all the killing.

It's like someone's
did us a favor.

But who killed him?
He didn't hang himself.

There's another cycle
running around out there.

The City's going to hell.

Triggers these guys anyway,
killing all those innocent people.


Two of the victims
were agents from the NSC.

No wonder this place
is crawling with Feds.

What the hell?

Let's get that car out of here!

Okay, you're clear.
Back her up.

Chief Banks, Wanda Blake
was the last person... see my agents alive.

Find her,
Fitzgerald could be with her.

My people are collecting the bodies.

I want their identities withheld.

As far as the press concerned,
they were never there.

Two agents slaughtered
and put on display.

Are you ready for this?

He was there.

Fitzgerald couldn't have done
all that alone.

Of course he couldn't.

This is getting too strange
and costly.

That DC game
you're playing was beautiful, Baby.

That was pretty.

- Shit!
- Look out!

Goddamn lady!

Damn, Lady!
where'd you learn how to drive?

About kill me and shit.

- Are you guys okay?
- Yeah, we all right.

May I see
a driver's license and registration.

Raymond and Watts
were torn apart...

and then dragged up
seven flights of stairs.

There's a second killer.

- Wynn.
- "It's Banks".

"One of my cops
just pulled over Wanda Blake".

- "She's a few blocks from you".
- Where's Fitzgerald?

"No sign of him.
What do we do with her?"

Do not detain her.

Fitzgerald must still be
in the area.

Find him now..

You know, Jason.

Someone's out there.

You must have friends
in pretty high places, Miss Blake.


Go home, Ma'am.

And try not to kill anyone
getting there, okay?

She was afraid of me.

Who are you believing?

Her, yourself?

You cannot have that life back.

When Al Simmons died...

all hopes of a future
with Wanda died with him.

You have been born
into another existence.

A chance to regain your humanity.

It's there and only there
where your choices lie.

She's seen the creature I've become.

That's all she knows.

Her only memory of me.

This is truly what hell is,
old man.

- You have a chance to...
- A chance?

What chance?

I have nothing here anymore!

No escape, not even death!

You see?
I can't even end it.

I would trade anything...

do my life over again
in the world's worst shithole...

than to be here, now, like this!

I know what you're going through.

The pain that you feel.

How could you possibly know,
old man?

Because I have endured it
and survived.

Do you think your fate is sealed?

Are you going to accept the shroud
that's been placed around you?

I can't go on like this anymore.

Hiding in the shadows...

I'm sick of it.

I have to let her know...

who I am.

How can you tell her that...

when you don't even know yourself.

Tomorrow's headlines
will be traitor shoot wife and child.

After all, he was distraught.

- You have Fitzgerald's gun?
- Yes and his prints too.

Banks has every cop in Brooklyn
looking for Fitzgerald.

- We should have him by morning.
- I'd like to finish this...


Use an independent contractor,
someone outside the agency.

Jason, I said I'll do it.

No, my best agents
are coming back in body bags.

Someone is out there
and they're getting closer.

I want you to find them, Merrick,
before they find me.

You look spooked.

Won't let anything happen to you.

Here we go.

Please, Miss Wu.

Some of us
would like to go home.

I'm almost done.

Last time I do you a favor,


I think it's time
I had a talk with Wanda Blake.

The scene in Brooklyn
is pretty grim.

We have another monsters handiwork
to sort out.

Media's gone apeshit.
And the politics on this one...

gentlemen, the politics are heavy.

So bag and tag everything,
by the book.

Make a note of everything
that doesn't belong there.

We are working
two major crime scenes.

We have some badly decomposed bodies
in the alleys off 42nd Street.

My guess, the missing drug dealers.

All right,
go be New York's finest.

- Let's get this done.
- Let's get this guy.

You know, to each of those ten
represents a body...

found in that alley.

You know what pisses me off,
this has to happen in our precinct.

I absolutely agree, Sir.

About fucking time
to go into those alleys.

I know something's in there.
How many reports do we have...

to write, Twitch?

Too many, Sir.
I'm sure the locals...

will appreciate their concern.

Place is a ghost town.

You see all those body bags?

This Alley and the guns going off...

Please, Honey.

Where are you?


Hey, you, over there.

Yes, officer, is there a problem?

Can I help you?

- What are you doing out here?
- I was looking for a phone.

- Call my wife.
- He fits the description.

This could be our guy, be careful.

Could you stop showing the light
on my face, please?

Excuse me.

Could you get
that light out of my eyes?

Can you tell me where
there's a phone? I just can't...

seem to find one that works?

What happened to your clothes?

You've been fighting?
You've been drinking?

Is there a law
against having a drink?

- I'm not driving.
- Sir.

You see anything unusual
in the last couple of hours or so?


What do you mean by unusual?

Hear any loud noises,
screams, shots...

anything out of the ordinary?

No, otherwise
I would've called the cops.

May I see some ID, Sir?


Yeah, sure.

Right here, Man,
I seem to lost my wallet.

We're going to have to ask you
to come with us.

I haven't broken any laws.

Just come with us, please.

What for? I'm telling you
I need to call my wife

She'll come get me.
I haven't done anything.

- I was at a bar.
- What bar, where?

Is that we had the fight?


I just need to call my wife!

Lie down on the street, right now!

Hands out, at your side, now.

"Hello, this is Lisa.
Sorry I can't take your call".

"But leave me a message
and I'll call you back...

as soon as I can".

"Lisa, I know you're there, pick up".

"I'm so used to talking
to this damn thing anyway".


"I want you to join the circus".

"This Brooklyn serial killer's story
is going to sell a ton of papers".

"I mean, this guy was strung up
next to his victims".

"There's my front-page".

"Stop covering dead-end alley story".

"Switch all your attention
over to this".

I'm hunting another monster.

"By the way, I got your compensation
for the deepthroat...

you're working with in NSC".

"Someday you're going to have
to let me know who it is".

"Must be somebody pretty high up".

- Let's go, move it.
- The civilian's out.

Set up a perimeter.

- Okay.
- And do it now.

Step back, there's nothing
to look at here, Sir.

Where do you think you're going?

It was nothing to look at here.
Move it another block.

Excuse me, Miss,
I can't let you do that.

But what are they looking for?

I can't tell you that.
Now move along please if you would.

Thanks for the help.

Maybe the locals know something.

Okay, what's up with the guys
in the moon suits?

Looks like they're invading
these alleys of yours.

What do you think they're looking?

They're cleaning up the trash
that tried to fuck with us.

We took care of business
because this is our home.

- Shut up, Bobby.
- I'm a reporter...

for The Washington Post.

I could sure you
use the lead on the story.

Looking to have a party, Lady?
I got some stories for you.

Do you do know anything
about all the murders...

happening in these alleys?

You must've seen something.

It's kind of strange
how they all occurred...

in the last several months.

They're all connected
as my feeling.

Come on, I'll show you something
that you're going to like.

Bobby, what are you doing?

I wish you keep
your big mouth shut.

Good night, sweetheart.


Where are you?


Good evening, Wanda.
It's Jason Wynn.

Any word from Terry?

No, no


Have you been watching the news?


They say that there's
another killer out there.

Yes, it seems that this city has
become an even more...

dangerous place to live.

By the way, I'm posting someone
outside your house...

to watch over you.

"Thank you, Jason".

I'll call to check on you
in the morning.

Maybe tonight you can finally
get some sleep.

Good night.

That's a hell of a story.

But I'm not buying it.

Show her, Gareb.

Be glad to get
this thing out of the alleys.

You weren't kidding.

Where did you get this?

Take it. Maybe without them...

there'll be less people getting hurt.

This must be the missing weapons
that my source was talking about.

Are there anymore?

There's more hidden around here too.

I'll show you.


why don't you tell me more
about this Al guy.

"But it's most important feature,
it works, it burns fat".

"You trim inches off your waist
and those pesky saddlebags...

with these pair of legs".

"The Flex Flat brought here to help".

"And just in weeks,
you're going to notice a difference".


I just want to talk to you, please.

I will never hurt you.

I only want to protect you.


- I need help!
- Wanda, it's me.

It's me, Wanda.

- Listen to my voice.
- No.

I'm your husband.

You're lying to me!

You're that monster.

Why are you making my mommy cry?

Please don't hurt my baby!

Please don't hurt my baby!


Leave her alone.

Don't cry, Mommy.

He won't hurt you.

That was The Sad Man.


You know.

The Sad Man.

He saved me.

"The dreams keep coming".

"I can't seem to stop them
to shut them out".

"In the dreams,
I see a second real world...

where the dead appeared in me".

"Now I know that the dead live on".

"I'm connected now to this killer,
he's just a cypher".

"I'm connected to the one
who sent the killer".

"I have felt a presence of evil
and find comfort in its familiarity".

"It's been guiding me all along,
and will help me change the world".


"Yes, Jason".

Step in here for a moment

"I'm on my way".


Merrick, that you?

All right, step out slowly.

I've come to take you to hell.

Who the fuck are you?

You take such pleasure
in destroying lives.

Hell has been waiting for you.

You're the one in my dreams.

Can you smell it?

The smell of burning flesh.

What are your sins, Jason Wynn?

Are you ready for Judgement Day?


Something's wrong,
I can hear it in your voice.

No, nothing.

You retreat here,
hiding in the shadows of...

this alley because you don't want
to face the truth.

The truth of your existence.

You made the deal with Malebolgia.

I came back for her.

But she sees what a monster I am.

I can't let that be the end of us.

You'll only bring her more pain.
Let her go.

I can't. I've to protect her
from Jason Wynn.

You were brought this evil
into her life.

The stink of hell
you've brought back from your master.

- Master?
- Who do you think wrapped you...

you in that shroud?
It was Malebolgia.

Are you going to send him
the dark soul Jason Wynn...

Wynn had me murdered.

He'll kill Wanda too
if I don't stop him.

Your life and Jason Wynn's life
have always been entwined.

Malebolgia has been
guiding both of you.

- You are blood brothers.
- Who are you?

How do you know these things?

Because he was once my master too.

Listen to me, Hellspawn,
I'm your only hope.

Maybe you were sent by him
to confuse me.

I will protect my wife.

How are you going to do that?
By killing Jason Wynn?

That's what your master wants.

If you send his soul to Hell,
he'll come back...

as powerful as you are.

I can show you
how to break the curse.

But you have to stop
the savage killing.

Wynn is going to die.

And to hell with him!

"Tomorrow, an exclusive
Washington Post's story...

will report an allegation
of an NSC cover-up regarding...

a disappearances of a large supply
of new generation of weapons".

"The article states that the weapons
were stolen several months ago...

from NSC's
highest security compound".

"Sources from inside the NSC
alleges that its top officials...

may have concealed knowledge
of the theft".

"The Attorney General's office...

He's planning a complete

Do we have our contingency plan,
Mr. Wynn?

Now that power comes to press,
time to collect it at their back.


Maybe it's time you made me friends.

That makes you the man
with the master plan.

- Merrick!
- Those steaming inside you...

waiting to get out!

Yes, Jason, what's wrong?

Did you see that?

On the TV.

"The NSC has refused to comment".

I have a legal right
to make a phone call.

You haven't charged me
with anything, have you?

I haven't heard anyone
reading my rights.

- So I'm not playing your game.
- Your prints are all over...

that crime scene.
Your life is over.

Had to cut that short,
Burke and Twitch came...

into the observation room
you know what a tight-assed...

Twitch is about procedures.

- That guy's cool under pressure.
- I still unclear why Chief Banks...

didn't allow us
to question the suspect.

Because I think that guys are Fed.

There were two NSC agents
hanging by their necks from rafters.

- The whole thing stinks.
- Excuse me...

Detective Burke and Williams.

I'm Lisa Wu, Washington Post.

You're investigating
the murders committed...

in the alleys off 42nd.

No comment, Lady.
I never talked to the press...

unless I'm getting the score
on a Yankee game.

But the coroner says that
most of the victims were strangled.

Necks, backs broken.

But there were three victims who died
strictly from gunshot wounds.

I'm assuming you have some leads
on the possible suspect.

Have you found the guns
used in the murders?

Twitch, do you know?

My memories fading, sir.

I've been asking around
about you guys.

Word is that you're both
straight arrow cops and I like that.

Your job is to find the truth,
my job is to report it.

I admire your persistence.

I've a feeling that there are truths
that you know...

that may be helpful to us.

Tell me
about the Fed you're holding...

and I'll show you
the murder weapons.

Step into the my office.

That was very nicely done, Miss Wu.

I mean Hellspawn,
you're fucking things up.

You're pissing the man off.

The last man I saw him pissed off,
he liquidate them.

Nothing can be looking like this.

I'm a god!
Disgusting fucking little paws.

- It suits you.
- I can forget about getting laid.

I've seen the way people look at me.

But enough about me.

You have to take out our enemies.
That would be Jason Wynn.

Sooner or later,
you're not going to be any worth...

to your pretty wife.

NSC headquarters.

"All visitors must check in
and receive clearance for entry".

Lisa Wu. I'm here to speak
with the director, Jason Wynn.

I'm sorry, Miss Wu,
as I told you on the phone...

we're not making any statements
to the press.

Well, I'm going to hold
a press conference tomorrow...

and placed a stolen NSC weapons
on a table...

in front of the television cameras.

The NYPD will be there to confirm
that these weapons were used...

in some of the recent
alley murders.

I'm just here to ask Mr. Wynn
if he'd like to be there.

He's invited.

Wanda Blake is still alive.

They found
your independent contractor...

washed up on the shore.
Torn apart like the other.

Excuse me, waiter.
Can I have a bottle?


His car was still parked
in front of her house.

Did you invite me to dinner
just to fire me, Jason?

The killer is
still out there, Merrick.

You know who it is, don't you?

I've been having dreams,
they started when the killing began.

There's a strange familiarity
about it all.

It is really fucking with me,

Playing with my head.


The Washington Post?
What does she want?

You are supposed
to deal with the press.

What the hell
do I pay you for anyway?

I never wanted anyone
giving anything to the press.


A reporter.

- Yes.
- What's the name?

Miss Blake, Lisa Wu.

Thanks for seeing me
so early in the morning.

Please, come in.

Hey there.

"This is what I know. A man matching
your husband's description...

is being held at the 87th precinct".

They're trying to tie him
to the Brooklyn serial murders.

I'm really very sorry.

"Look, Miss Wu.
I checked the police stations..."

hospitals, and morgues.

"No sign of Terry.
How do I know you're not lying?"

"Did you actually see Terry?"

Miss Blake, I know it's Terry.

The only way
to get him off the hook...

would be to put pressure
on the guy who framed him.

"And that's Jason Wynn".

We're stepping out now.
The reporter is in the front.

Take the shots
when they become available.

The reporter first.
And then Blake.

Stiles. Take your shot.


"Someone talk to me".

"Stiles. Diego.
What the hell is going on?"

"Are you out there?"

"Someone talk to me".

I'm coming for you, Jason Wynn.

"I'm coming for you, Jason Wynn".

That voice.

It was in my dream.

Two more slaughtered.

This is just what I want him to do.

He'll come to me
and then we'll have him.

Level-4 counter-terrorists maneuver?
What are we looking for?

- No one is talking.
- Probably another live exercise.

I didn't pick up
anything over the wires...

- I don't like it.
- You don't have to like it...

you just have to do what I say.

"This could be prom night, Boys".

"Preamp spec war strikes,
so listen up".

"From this moment on, I am
the voice of God in your headsets...

...for the outside theme.
I want our snipers...

on all surrounding buildings,
civilians have been evacuated".

"Only kill shots".

The choppers on the roof waiting.
Surveillance equipment is online.

Jason, my men want to know
what we're dealing with.

Let him back us in.

And then we'll strike.

We can see everything from here.

We're ready for him.

Command to chopper,
anything to report?

I don't get it,
no briefing, nothing.

It's bullshit.
I want to get some real action.

Got men down here.

"What the hell is going on?"

"The place is in lockdown
who gave that order?"

"Shit, stop the door!"

- Over here, now!
- What the hell is going on?

Get these doors open, now!

- Great! Hey!
- What's going on?

He's taking out our system.

He's shutting us down.

I need you down there now.

All teams check in
every two minutes.

- Status on power?
- They're working on it.

Nelson, status from the outside team?



Agent down, need communication
with outside team.

"We have an intruder".

Let's go.

"Find a way into this
goddamn building now".

This one's locked too.

Shit, get out of the way!
I got it.

Hold your fire!

Something is in there.

All right, let's move out.
Come on!

We'll gas the fucker out.
Shoot when the target's clear.

What is the target, Merrick?
I haven't seen anything.

We're shooting at shadows,
what the hell is going on?

Just follow my lead.

What is it?

Get me back up.

I need a team up here.
Wynn's office, now!

There you are,
I've been waiting for you.

- Who are you?
- Don't you remember me?

You had me burned alive.



Simmons is dead.

No shit.

I don't believe you!

Do it.

Kill me.

"If you send in his soul to Hell,
he'll come back...

as powerful as you are".

In there.

Fitzgerald and my wife...

you'll never
endanger their lives again.

Get out of here.

Get me...

Chief Banks.

Hey, Dorsey, that guy your holding.

We ran his prints,
we got a call from the Feds.

We're instructed
to cut him loose.

Cut him loose? What for?
That's the guy for sure...

and you and I both know that.

Order came down
from Chief Banks himself.

Bring him up.
Let him go home.

I don't like it either,
but that's what we have to do.

It's bullshit, can't be true.

You heard me. Look, there's nothing
we can do about it.

Just keep it on the QT,
give him the goddamn telephone call.

Show your face.
Do as I say.

Hello, Jason Wynn.

I believe it's time
I made your acquaintance.


Hi, it's me baby.

God, where are you?
Are you all right?

I'm okay. I'm fine.

Can I come home?

Come home.

Come home.