Todd (2021) - full transcript

Todd is the story of a man who has always felt like the "odd man out." From a young age, Todd is shunned and ridiculed by his peers. Over time his pain and anger turns into rage and despair...

- Good afternoon, Todd, how are you?

How are you today?

- I'm okay, I suppose and you?

- I'm good, thank you, can you have a seat

while I tell Dr. Miller that you're here?

Over there?

- Yeah, sure.

- Yes, Helen?

- Doctor, Mr. Platt is
here to see you now.

- Oh, send him in, please.

- All right, anything else?

- No, that'll be it,
Helen, let's just hope

this last hour goes by quickly.

- All right then, I will send him in.

Mr. Platt, the doctor is ready for you.

- I just sat down.


- Hello, Todd.

How are we doing today?

Why don't you take a seat?

- I'd be lying to you if I
told you I was doing fine.

- Why don't you tell me a little bit about

what's been going on since our last visit?

- Well, those meds you prescribed me

are causing me some weird side effects.

- Really, how so?

You're taking the Xanax
as prescribed, right?

- Yes, I'm taking them as prescribed,

it just feels like I have
no drive, no ambition.

- Well, we can change up the meds

to something with less side effects.

You had mentioned last time that

you were searching for a job.

How's that coming along?

- Nothing.

Been sending out my resume.

Tried to land a job at a photo lab.

I'd settle for anything right
now, anywhere right now.

- There's no shame
in that, is there, Todd?

- No, I'm just getting tired of rejection.

- Sometimes we have to do
whatever it takes to get by.

Just hang in there.

With both of your parents being deceased,

they provided you with
an inheritance, right?

- Well, that's almost gone.

Been living off that money.

Not sure that that matters to you, though.

- There's no shame in that, Todd,

that's what they would've wanted for you.

Though I think it's the tragic way

that they died that hurts
and affects you most.

- I was in my mid 20s when my parents

were killed in that car crash.

They were on their way
to pick me up from work.

It was my birthday.

We were gonna go and celebrate.

Yeah, it hurts, doctor.

It hurts every single day, I mean,

what do you want me to say?

- It was a horrible way they perished.

You have every right to be
feeling the way that you do.

But life goes on, Todd.

- I know life goes on,
Doctor, the problem is that

I've just had trouble fitting in.

From grade school up
until college, I just,

I feel like I'm the invisible man.

Nice, right?

- That's why you've got to
get a job and try socializing.

At least maybe with a job you can

mingle with your coworkers.

I think I'm gonna get
you started on Lexapro.

I think that'll help you
with your drive issues

and then you can take the Xanax

only when absolutely necessary.

- All right, I'll try it.

Are there any meds out there
that can help me land a job?

- That one you're gonna have to figure out

on your own, I'm afraid.

Don't give up, okay?

- I suppose.

Something positive better happen soon.

- Get the prescription filled.

Start in on it and I'll have
Helen call you in a week.

- Okay, Doctor.

- I'll see you tomorrow, Helen.

- 'Kay, see you.

- Seriously?

God, you came out of nowhere.

- Yeah, window shopping?

- I'm so sorry, let me help, okay?

Is there anything I can do?

- No, I don't think so.

Oh, jeez.

- Well, yeah, you're right,
I was window shopping.

I'm really sorry about that.

I'm gonna be late for work so as long

as you're sure everything's all good?

- Yeah, you just keep your head
up on the way to work, okay?

- Well, bye, have a nice rest of your day.

- Yeah, you too.

It's a waste of time, I think

with a doctor who dislikes me.

Why should he like me?

Nobody else does so why
should he, right, Todd?

What does it matter anyhow?

We're on our own in this world.

Alone and in free fall
mode with no parachute.

Been that way our whole
life, right, buddy?

That's all right, one
day everyone's gonna see.

See that I'm not a nobody,
I'm a somebody, just watch me.

- Ashley, what's this I hear
about one of your teachers

being recognized for
outstanding achievement

by the National Teacher's Association?

- That's right, it's Mr.
Russo, my math teacher.

There's a special assembly
on Friday for him.

- How nice.

Richard, isn't that wonderful?

One of your daughter's teachers

being given a prestigious award.

- It's great.

A high school teacher's being
recognized by his peers.

Other high school teachers.

- Whatever a person does well,

they have good reason to be proud of it.

- Daddy, why can't you be more enthused?

I mean if it was me getting the award,

would you say the same thing?

- Well, if it was you getting an award,

I'd be very proud of you.

- I don't know Dad, you make me wonder.

- Oh, honey.
- I don't need you

to speak for me, Kate.

- I was just...
- I know what you

were trying to do and don't.

Some guy that can't
afford to own his own home

is being rewarded for his
efforts is all that that is.

Am I right?

- Daddy, why don't you care?

- You know, I could've dined
in the city tonight, alone.

That way I would've been able
to finish my meal in peace.

Congratulations to your
teacher at school, Ash.

I'll be downstairs.

- Wow.

What crawled up his butt and died?

- Dad cares, he's just been
really busy with work lately.

Your Dad loves you,
don't ever forget that.

- For once I'd like to hear it
coming from him, Mom not you.

I know that you love me, Dad,
I'm not so sure of anymore.

I can't do any better than I
am at school at the moment.

What does he want from me, blood?

- Some people just have a harder time

showing it than others, babe.

Your father loves you very much.

- Whatever, Mom, I'll try
and stay out of his hair.

- Richard, we're talking now.

- You know, there's something soothing

about watching television alone, Kate.

- You know your daughter had nothing to do

with that business at dinner, Richard.

- Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, Kate.

Did you ever think about that?

- Richard, please stop
it, stop acting like this.

Your daughter adores you.

- And I love her too, what
do you want me to say?

- Show her, can you tell her you love her?

Is it so hard?

- You know I'm not a
lovey dovey type person.

You should know how hard it is for me

to speak about or show my emotions.

- And I am not asking you
to show me, show Ashley.

She needs to hear it from you, she needs

to hear it and feel it from you, Richard.

- We about done?

- Oh, we're done.

Order up, girls.

- Coming.

What can I get you, sir?

- Hey, Ames, get a load of that guy

sitting alone over there.

- Where?

I think I know him, actually.

- Really?
- Mm hm.

- How?

Jeez, Ames, you sure keep some
strange company these days.

- Okay, one second, sir.

No, okay, remember the
guy I told you about?

The one that I ran into
in front of the window?

- Oh, yikes.

- Yup, that's him.

- Well, guess you better get to it.

- Really, not right now.

- Yup, it's your table.

- Hi, what can I get you?

Excuse me, sir?

- You bump anyone lately?

- No, not lately.

Again, I'm really sorry about that.

It's all my fault, so what can I get you?

- Just a glass of water, thanks.

- Water and anything else?

- No, just water.

- That's it?

Come on, don't you want
a burger or something?

- No, just water.

- All right, yeah,
I'll be right back.

- Okay, so what's the
deal with the weird guy?

- He just wants water.

- Really?

- Yup, one of those guys.

- Oh, what a cheapskate.

Look, he really shouldn't be in here

if he's only gonna order water.

- I know but I don't know,
I kinda feel bad for him.

He's not that bad looking
underneath the glasses.

- No, he's not that bad looking
but still you gotta admit

he's a little bit weird.

- He is odd but seems harmless.

Better get this water
to him so he can leave.

- Have fun!

- Here you go, sir, one glass of water.

Are you sure I can't
get you anything else?

I mean I kinda feel like
I owe you for earlier.

- No, thanks, the water
and lemon's just fine.

- Okay.

But just so you know, I mean,
the owner sort of frowns

on patrons just ordering water.

Just a heads up.

- Don't worry I'll drink it
real fast and I'll be on my way.

- Okay, are you sure I
can't get you anything?

I mean I can get you anything on the menu.

It'll be on me.

- No, thanks.

- Hey, Ames, do you see that guy

sitting at the counter over there?

- Okay, he's your customer.

- Well, does he look
familiar to you at all?

- No, not really.

Not bad looking, better looking
if he had a beard though.

- No, no, no, it just hit me a second ago.

I think I saw him on TV
promoting this movie he made.

I think it was an action
film or something like that.

Well, now's your chance.

- To what, talk about something
I have never seen before?

- No, no, no, no.

Just be yourself and tell him,

well, tell him that you
know who he is and that

your friend saw him on TV.

- Order up, ladies.
- And you're

an aspiring actress, that's all.

That's his order, if you
want you can go ahead

and bring it over to him.

- Okay, why not, it'll
be as close to Hollywood

as I've gotten so far.

- And hey, not like that
you don't, let me fix you.

Oh my goodness, okay.

You look great, go get him.

- Okay, we have a ham sandwich with a side

of mac and cheese here for you, sir.

- What happened to the other girl?

- Oh, she's just about to clock
out so I'm covering for her.

I could have her to come
back and fill your coffee.

- No, no, no, no, that's okay, honey

but you, looks like, I don't
know, maybe you've done

some modeling or something,
I mean just from your figure.

- Oh, yeah, I've done modeling locally.

Still do from time to time.

- Let me guess, you wanna
be an actress too, right?

- I mean what model doesn't dream

of being an actor or actress?

- True, true but what are the odds?

A million, two million to one?

- Yeah but for me, it's a
chance I'd like to take.

You know, I've done lots of theater.

Cast as a lead in most.

- I'll tell you what,
why don't you go back

and get that pot, come
and fill up my coffee

and you and I will talk a little
bit more, how's that sound?

- Okay.
- Sound good?

- Yeah.
- Good, good.

- My name is Amy,
Amy Westcott, by the way.

- Hey, Amy, I'm Jack
Midas, nice to meet you,

sweetheart. - Nice to meet you.

How is everything?

- Everything's good, you know,
I mean I could go anywhere

and get food but this place

has the best sandwiches and food ever.

- Right?

I mean I'm told that this food

made the place famous over the years.

Not that I'm thinking of staying here

or making a career out of it.

- Let me guess, you wanna be a famous

movie star or something, right?

- I mean, a chance to star
in a film for starters.

- You know what?

I have something that I
wanna talk to you about

a little bit more, I mean
I just had this thought,

something that you would be
perfect for, now no promises,

it's just a couple of scenes in a movie,

maybe a few lines but you know what?

You'd be perfect, what do you say?

- Really?

You'd consider me for a part
in a movie just like that?

- Just like that.

You work late?

- Actually, I'm off in an hour,
then I'm just heading home.

- You live close?

- Yeah, just a few blocks from here.

- Tell you what.

When you get done, you
and I, let's go back

to your apartment, I mean
to talk about my project.

I mean I don't want you to get excited,

it's just a couple of
lines maybe in a movie

but I think you'd be perfect
for it, what do you say?

- Yeah.

- Sound good?
- Mm hm.

- Good.

- So, I mean are you just
gonna stick around 'til

the end of my shift?

- Honey, that sounds like a
perfect plan, I'll do that

but what you're gonna
do is fill this up first

and then I'll wait for
you, how does that sound?

- Yeah.

- Good.

- You know, right here.

- Perfect.

Thank you, honey.

Sexy woman.

- So, did I pass the audition?

- Yeah, you did good, you passed.

You passed.

- 'Cause you know,

I can go again if you want.

- That's okay, honey, I
believe you, everything's good.

What I need you to do,
but you don't have to do,

is you don't have to say
anything, you don't have to talk.

Just lay here with me.

You did real good,
honey, you did real good.

Let's you and I go back to
your place because I wanna talk

to you, you know, about the
project, because I do have

something in mind I think
you'd be perfect for.

Couple of lines in this
movie, couple of scenes.

But I think it'd be perfect
for you, what do you say?

- So, Todd, how have you been doing

since I changed your prescription?

Is the Lexapro helping
with the depression?

- Really, I don't feel anything anymore.

- What do you mean you
don't feel anything?

- Just what I said,
zilch, voided, nothing.

- Look, Todd, I am trying to help you.

If you're not willing to talk to me,

how can I be of any assistance to you?

How is the job searching or
the socialization coming?

- The only socializing I've
been doing is with my landlord.

The past due notices I've been getting.

- Well that's not good, so I'm
guessing the inheritance is...

- Pretty much all gone.

In about six to eight weeks,
I'll be on the streets

if something doesn't happen soon.

- Well, I guess you should be hitting

the pavement a little bit harder.

I'm guessing here isn't the
right place for you now, Todd.

- Gee, thanks, Doc, now you're
just tossing me to the curb.

This here, you and me,
this is my socializing.

- No, Todd, you don't get it.

This is therapy, not socialization.

Going out, mingling, meeting
a woman, talking to her,

that is socializing, when
are you gonna get that?

- I get it, all right, doctor?

Listen, I'm getting the hell outta here.

I don't think you or anyone else

is gonna be able to help me.

You are supposed to have compassion.

Isn't that in the doctor's oath somewhere?

All I feel is hostility
coming from you now.

- Well, if that's what
you're feeling, Todd,

then I guess we are all done here.

All I can say is what I've
told you over and over again.

Try socializing.

You know what, I'm not
gonna be able to write you

any more prescriptions.

- Doesn't matter, didn't
do me any good anyhow.

- Guy's got fuckin' problems.

- I am so sorry, so sorry.

- Do this here for you, Doc.

- Thank you, Jake, you
always come to the rescue.

- Glad to be of service.

- No music tonight?

- No, the musician got sick.

- I was looking forward to
hearing some Billy Joel or Queen.

- Or maybe some Barry White maybe.

It's all about love.

- Not bad, Jake, not bad.

- You're quite the
music aficionado, I see.

- Yes, I am and you?

- I love music.

All of it but my favorite's jungle music.

The primal sounds, the
pounding of the beat.

Rhythm and motion.

You know, the call of the wild.

Have somewhere to be?

It's still early, hon,
have another with me?

- So you submit
to the call of the wild?

- I do, don't you?

- I've been known to a time or two.

I didn't catch your name.

- No names, sweetie.

It's meaningless for me right now.

- So we shall remain anonymous.

- I think it's best, just
the two of us together.

All night.

What's in a name anyway?

- There's a lot to be said
about a name, take Elvis.

- I love his music, especially
A Little Less Conversation.

- Madam, it's been a
delightful crossing of paths.

May you find your king.

- Ah, a family to get home to.

- You caught me.

A husband and a father.

It's like two ships passing in the night,

continuing on their journey.

- Goodnight, baby.

- Goodnight, darlin'.

- See you in my dreams.

- Can't sleep?

- What's the matter?

Can't come home at a decent hour anymore?

- I know it's late, I've had a bad day.

I lost a patient due to me
being aloof or something.

I don't know.

- You don't know but you needed to drink.

- Yes, Kate, I needed a fucking drink.

I needed time to decompress.

What's the big deal?

- The big deal is that I
am not going to allow your

abusiveness towards me any
longer and especially not

towards your daughter, Richard.

- What the hell are you talking
about, I have never abused

you and God knows I have
never abused Ashley.

What is your problem?

Why don't you enlighten me,
Kate, on your master wisdom?

- Okay, so you were obviously out tonight.

Where were you?

Who were you with?

You reek of liquor.

- What is this?

I am exhausted and I am in
no mood for an inquisition

at this hour, we can
talk about this tomorrow.

- No, we're gonna talk about it right now

or I am getting Ashley and
I am leaving you, Richard.

You have alienated us to the point where

I don't even know you anymore,
do you even realize that?

Your daughter loves
you so much and all you

can do is find fault or
feed her some droll antidote

to avoid communicating with her.

- I have always been
there for you and Ashley,

you know that, sometimes with my practice,

things get a little rocky
but we've always managed, no?

I'm just going through a rough
time right now, that's all.

- A rough time?
- Yeah.

- You mean like the rough
time the other night?

You threw a temper tantrum
and left the dinner table.

- Oh, stop that, Kate, I
was just being sarcastic

in my humor and besides,
if the shoe fits...

- Richard, your daughter
looks to you for acceptance

and guidance and what do you do?

You shoot her down.



not for me, for Ashley,

you need to reach out to
her now before you lose her

and you are going to lose
her forever, mark my words.

- Get off my back, Kate, go to bed

and we will talk about this tomorrow.

- Things have to change!

Things have better change!

- How could you?

How could you, Daddy?

I know you don't have time for
us anymore or care about us

but I didn't know you could be this mean.

I hate you, how could you?

How could you be this cold, I hate you!

Do you think he's seeing someone else?

Another woman, maybe?

- Ash, what you saw was your mother

letting your father know that his behavior

around here has to change.

There's no other woman.

- But I hear you hollering
about leaving and taking me away

from here, I don't wanna leave our home.

- I know, I know.

I was really angry with
your father right now

for coming home so late.

That's what the yelling's about.

That and the fact that he's
been acting poorly around here.

Especially with you.

- I just don't get it.

He acts like we're both
not even here sometimes.

And I know that's how
Daddy is, he can't show

his feelings but the hurtfulness?

- I won't tonight, Ashley.

There's been too much
hurt around here lately

and that's why I confronted Daddy.

I had to remind him what he
has and what he stands to lose.

Do you understand that?

- Lose us, you mean?

- Yes.

I was just trying to make
him see a little clearly.

Dad knows what he has, he'll come around.

- I doubt anytime soon.

He seems pretty drunk to me.

- Yeah.

He was out drinking all night.

Which is rare for him, Ash.

When have you ever known
him to drink like that?

- Never.

Maybe on the occasional
family picnic but never.

- You're right.

What it is that's truly
bothering him, I don't know

what it is yet but I can
tell you it's not you or me,

Ash, try to understand that, okay?

Your Daddy loves you very
much and he would do anything

to protect us, of that I am very certain.

- Jesus, he's gonna be feeling
like crap in the morning.

- Hello, Himmy.

- Hi dee ho, Jake.

- Hey, Doc, what's shakin'?

- How you doin'?

- Well,

actually, you know what?

I'd complain but who listens?

- Ditto to that.

- Yeah, man, so I been seeing
you a lot lately in here.

Everything okay at home?

- I'd be lying to you if I told you

everything was all right.

I'm having some domestic
issues on the home front.

- Ah, issues, see, I try to avoid those,

that's why I'm single.

- That's why I like you, Jake,

you've got a sixth sense about you.

You always know what's wrong.

I'm like the odd man
out, like between my wife

and my teenage daughter.

- I can relate to that
but you gotta understand,

havin' one woman mad at
you, that's bad enough

but I can only imagine having
two of 'em attacking you,

that's a big no thank you for me.

Damn, you know what?

You need a double.

One for each lady.

- Salut.


- You might wanna go
easy on that stuff, man,

the day is young.

- It's all right, I'm goin'
home right after the next one.

I've been distant from my
patients, from my family,

from my work, from my
writing, from my lectures

and now it's been brought to
my attention that I'm aloof

to the ladies at home.

- Sounds like
you're spreading yourself

a little thin.

- You might be right, Jake.

I don't know, I love my
family, you know that.

I would jump through a
ring of fire for them.

I just, I don't know.

When I'm home I feel
like I'm just restless.

- How long we know each other?

- 12 years.

- I've never seen you like
this in 12 whole years

but you've gotten through everything else.

You can get through this,
if you can get through today

in one piece, you can get through anything

but the key is get through today.

- And what about tomorrow?

- Well, somehow I got a feeling
you'll figure that out too.

I got faith in you, I got faith in him

too but he never says nothin'.

I think you'll be all right.

You've always gotten through
this, you'll get through this.

Remember, get through today in one piece.

- Next time, Jake.

- See you later, man.

Want another one? - Please.

- That's the first time you've
spoken to me in 12 years.

Kiss my ass.

- Hello?

I'm okay.

It was like a war zone between
my parents the other day.

Knock down, drag out, I watched it.

Like, I stood there watching
it all happen like an idiot.

All I wanted to in that moment was scream

and pack up my things
and just get as far away

from here as I possibly could.


I might take you up on that offer.

I've been okay.

Promise, okay, I have to
be signing off because

I have to get up early
tomorrow and I'm just

really drained, okay.

I will, I promise.


Okay, I'll talk to you later, bye.

- Helen.
- Yeah?

- Something's been worrying me.

Have we heard anything from Todd Platt?

In a week or two, if
he hasn't reached out,

can we reach out to him?

- Yeah.

- Will you remind me?

- I will.

- Sarah, ready?

- Got it.

- Got an order for you, Harry.
- Thanks.

- Finally, I'm gonna be
able to pay my bills today.

- I can see that.

Lunch shifts are the best, aren't they?

So far all my customers are tipping well.

- Hey, Ames, look who just walked in.

Better get that ice water ready.

- Now?

Does he have to come now?

Seriously, I'm swamped out there today.

- I don't know, maybe he'll
actually order some food today.

Ooh, let's take bets, I say that

Mr. Weirdo orders some food.

- Yeah, I don't know about that.

He seems pretty regimented
on his whole water thing.

I say he sticks with the water, Lizzy.

In fact,

bet you five bucks he
sticks with the water.

- You're on.

Meatball with cheese.

- Well, hello again, sir.

How are you?

- I'm okay and you?

You bumped into anyone else, admiring

that little blue dress of yours?

- No, actually the blue dress is gone.

Someone got to it before I could.

- Oh, that's too bad, really,
it would look good on you.

- Thanks, maybe in
another life or something.

So what can I get you?

- She refers to my fondness for ice water.

Okay, I'll tell you what,

today I'm gonna order
your best lunch special.

What do you got?
- Oh, so you're eating today.

All right, being that it's Wednesday,

that would be southern pork
chops with some mashed potatoes,

side of garlic bread and your
choice of another vegetable.

- Okay, then, pork chops it'll be.

Surprised you, didn't I?

- Not too surprised.

We all have to eat at some point, right?

Okay and what to drink?

- Ice water.
- Water.

- You know me too well.

- Of course.

All right, be right back.

Looks like you win the bet, Lizzy.

- You mean...
- Yup, Mr. Weirdo

actually ordered food this time.

- Yay, Mr. Weirdo, I knew he could do it.

- So what are my odds
of getting a bigger tip?

- Well, I mean he tipped
you five for just water.

So with food, I'd say 10 at least.

- That'd be more than his order costs.

I'd be happy with five bucks

or you could just give
me back the five bucks.

- That's so not gonna happen.

But sure, like five's a given
but let's hope for a Hamilton.

Or dare we say a Jackson.

- Okay, I'm serving the guy his food,

not going to bed with him.

All I know is.

Okay, he's a totally strange dude.

Like, I don't know, he might
be nice and all but the way

he looks at me, it's like
he's looking through me.

Almost like,

like I'm naked or something.

- Yikes.

- You have really outdone
yourself today, Kate.

- Why, thank you, it is improvised

and I guess I got a little lucky.

- Isn't that right, Ash?

Hasn't your mom outdone herself?

Ashley, I was just saying how your mom...

- Outdid herself.

I heard you the first time.

Great dinner, mom.

- I was just trying to compliment your mom

on how good dinner was tonight.

- I'm glad you guys are both enjoying it.

- You know Ashley, some day
soon you're gonna be having

a family of your own to feed.


Earth to Ashley.

- Jesus Christ.

- What do I gotta do to get
a response from my daughter?

No, Kate, let me do this.

It's time for me to have
a heart to heart with her.

- She's being tough on you, Richard.

Just let her know your
feelings and it'll show.

She needs you.

- What's wrong, Ash?

Please, Ash, tell me, what's wrong?

I know Daddy's been mean and
nasty lately and I'm sorry.

All right.

Don't talk to me then.

Just know this, Ash.

That no matter when, who, what or where,

your Daddy loves you.

He'd walk through fire for you.

- Is that about it, Dad?

I really need to finish this
reading assignment here.

- That's it then?

Only that you have a reading
assignment to finish?

- Maybe if you acted like
you enjoyed being with me.

Mom too, we feel as if
though we meant to you

more than your patient in the snake pit.

- No.

No, no, honey, you and your mother

come before anything, honest.

I know I screwed up the
other day by coming in drunk

and I'm sorry, Ash, I was wrong.

It'll never happen again, I promise.

- I really need to finish
this reading assignment

and it's much more than the other night

coming home drunk, okay?

Is that about it?

- I was hoping for more
of like, hey, Daddy,

I know you've been working
so hard but I miss you

and I love you, you know,
something along those lines.

- I don't think I'm ready to go there yet.

There's too much distance between us,

maybe if you could just amp down the drama

it would make you seem
more human than a machine.

- Wow.

I didn't think you
despised me that much, Ash.

I really am sorry.

I'm only human.

You know, sometimes in life,

we wander off a bit like your Daddy has.

I'm sorry.

- Right now, I see that you want something

that you just can't have.

Imagine feeling this way
over and over, day after day.

How would you feel?

The forgiving part's gonna
take a little bit more time.

- Whenever you're ready.

Just as long as you can forgive me

and then I'll know.

- Know what?

- I'll know that I have my daughter back.

- Okay, Dad.

Right now I see that you understand that

you want something so bad,
you pray for good things

to happen and they never
do and all you're left with

is the anger and the hurt.

So I hear you but I really

have to finish my reading assignment.

- All right.

Fair enough.

Oh and Ash?

- What's that, Daddy?

- I love you, baby girl.

- I love you.

- Yes, Helen?

- Hi, I just wanted to let
you know that I just got off

the phone with Todd Platt
and he sounded really upset

and he wanted to schedule
an appointment with you.

- I've been thinking about
him, what did you tell him?

- Yes, I mean I just got
off the phone with him

and you had an opening
at the end of the day

so I just booked him, I hope that's okay.

- Oh, that's fine, I
wanted to reach out to him.

- Okay, yeah, that's
what I thought so I booked him.

- Let's just pray everything goes okay.

- All right, anything else?

- No.

- Hi, Mr. Cross.

Is there anything wrong?

- Hi there, Amy, the darnest thing.

I was up here this
morning and I was letting

the electrician in, you know
you left your door open?

- No, no, no, no, I locked it
this morning before I left.

- Honest to goodness, ajar about an inch.

I only noticed it 'cause
I was up here letting

the electrician in next door.

Well, look, if you're
nervous, I can go inside

and check things out for ya.

- Oh, no, it's okay, Mr. Cross, really.

I'm just surprised is all.

- Well, if you're sure,
it's really no problem.

I'd like to know that all of
my tenants are doing well.

- Well, thanks, Mr. Cross.

I'll be okay.

If that's all?

- Sure thing, all right,
have a pleasant evening.

- Okay, you too.

- Where is the good one.

No, not this one.

Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy.

No, not this one.

Come on, where's my beautiful Amy,

where's that beautiful shot of mine?

Not bad, not bad.

That's it, yes, that's the one.

Oh, yeah, Amy.


My sweet, darling Amy.

Oh, you're so beautiful.


I have a special, special place for you.

I like that.

Ah, you're beautiful, Amy.

You don't know how
beautiful you are, do you?

I do.

- Todd?

The doctor's ready to see you now.

- Hello, Todd.

It's been some time.

How are you feeling?

- Not bad.

I've used all the meds you prescribed me.

Still can't connect a job yet.

- And here I was
thinking you were gonna tell me

that everything's okay,
the Lexapro is working

and you're not taking the Xanax anymore.

- That ship's sailed,
Doctor, a while ago, really.

- Well, it's not too late to start over.

What do you say we talk for a bit?

- Well, Doctor, today I would like

to ask you a few questions.

So, how's everything in your life?

How's everything on Arbor Road?

Nice area, I hear.

- Why are you asking about
that particular location, Todd?

Is it one that you're familiar with?

- Yeah, I'm familiar with it now.

So, Doctor, tell me,
what goes on over there

at 2228 Arbor Road?

- Why are you asking about
my personal address, Todd?

I'm just wondering.

- No particular reason, just
feeling nostalgic, I guess.

All that time away from you perhaps.

- I'm here to
help you, this is your time.

What can I help you with, Todd?

- And I'm asking you.

You, Doctor, how is
everything on Arbor Road?

How's it going?

- Everything is fine, Todd, on Arbor Road.

How's everything in your neighborhood?

You know, Todd, I'm thinking
that the medications

had a negative effect on you.

- Is the family happy there
on Arbor Road, Richard?

Are they happy there?

- Everything is fine, Todd.

We have both our good days
and our bad, you know.

- All that bullshit you fed me in here

and I ask you a question,
a simple question, really

and you can't give me a straight answer.

- Why are you really here, Todd?

You're borderlining on
threats, I'm listening

but would you like to
talk about anything other

than the fact that you know where I live?

- Don't worry, Doctor, I won't
be coming in here ever again.

- So you came all the way down here

to let me know you know where I live.

- Something like that, come on, Doctor.

You know what I'm getting at here.

- No, I don't, Todd, why don't you

tell me what you're getting at here.

- Maybe if you pretended to
try to treat me from the very

beginning, perhaps things
would've turned out a little

different or no, doesn't matter anyway.

- You know, Todd, I have
never pretended in anything

in treating you, though I'll
admit that my disposition

may be intimidating and
for that I am very sorry

but my only aim is to help you, son.

- Well, we all need to
watch after our own,

Dr. Richard Miller of 2228 Arbor Road.

By the way, thanks for taking
me on such short notice.

Don't worry.

I won't be coming here ever again.

- Hi, Amy.

I hope I didn't bother you,
letting myself in like this.

I know you've been so busy.

So, how's work?

- Oh, my...

- I brought you this red rose.

Symbolizes our love for each other.

You know, two hearts beating as one.


- How did you get in my place?

- I thought I'd surprise you.

You know, a little surprise.

Are you surprised, Amy?

- How do you know my name?

Okay, you've broken into my place.

I'm calling the police.

- No, no, Amy, I just,

I wanna have a little
romantic evening tonight,

just you and me, just the two of us.

- Get off of me.
- Hey.

- Get off of me, you crazy bastard!

- Calm down, relax.


I got you something.

You're gonna like it.

You wanna see, huh?

Come on, let's go, come here.

Come on, let's go see it.

Come on. - No!

- Come on, stand there

and don't move.

- Put the phone down.

Turn around.

Face me.

Now take off your shirt.

Wait, before you do.

You're gonna put this on.

Yeah, that'll look nice on you.

What do you say, you wanna put it on?

Now, take off your clothes.


Do it! - Okay, okay.

- There you go.

This shouldn't be too hard, right?

Very good.

Yeah, now, your shorts.

Take those off too.

Take off your shorts now.

- Okay.

- There, see, that's not so hard.

Now we can have a little
fun and play some dress up.

All right, let's get this
beautiful dress on you.

Let's see, okay, there's the back.

Let's put this on, now how
do you ladies put this on?

That's it, over your head like this, yeah.

There you go, right through
the hole, oh, perfect.

Yeah, beautiful, beautiful.

You're beautiful.

You feel good?

I know that I am feeling
very good right now.

Come here, let's dance.

Let's dance.

Come on now, let's dance.

- Why are you doing this to me, why?

You wanna just kill me?

You wanna kill me?

- No.
- Come on,

go ahead, fucking do it!

Fucking do it.

- Why, why would I wanna
kill the woman I love?

I love you, Amy, I don't wanna hurt you.

Why would I do that?

- Who are you?

Who are you?

- You don't remember who I am?


Come on.

How soon you forget.

Remember me now?

- My stalker.
- Yeah, Todd.

Todd Platt.

I ran into you in the department store.

You remember me, come on, I remember you.

- Stop it.

- Yeah.
- What you've just done

is breaking and entering, okay?

I really think you need help.

- I just wanted to give you the roses

and the dress, that's it.

- Okay, okay, okay, Todd.

I'm asking you one last time.

Leave my apartment.

You need help. - Help?



Help, that's been more
of a hindrance to me.

I've been getting help for
a very, very long time now.

You don't know and you don't care, do you?

- I have no idea what
you're talking about.

All I know is I've been your
server a few times at the diner

that's it and I ran into
you in front of the window.

- He was supposed to help me.

Help me deal with the losses
and help me move on in life

and he used me, he used me and now

he made me feel like a fool.

You're doing the same thing.

You're turning on me like this.

- No, no, no, no.

- You're not gonna turn
on me, are you, Amy?

- I'm not turning on you,
I'm not turning on you, okay?

All I know is what I just told you.

Other than that, Todd, I don't know you.

I don't know you.

I swear.

- But you love me, don't you?

You love me, don't you, Amy?

Say it.

Say it!

You love me, don't you?

- Oh, no, stop it!
- You love me, don't you?

- Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Stop it, stop it, stop it.
- You love me, don't you?

You love me, don't you?
- Stop it!

I don't know you. - Sorry.

I'm sorry, Amy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

It's over now.

This much I'm certain of.

She and I will never be.

Who was I kidding anyhow?

I must let her go now.

Let her go so that I can
concentrate on the person

who truly failed me the most.

Out of everyone.

A score I've needed to
settle now for some time.

He needs to learn now.

You embarrass me.

Your mom and dad waiting for you in there?

Well you're gonna ring the
doorbell so they can let you in.

Ah, you're pretty agreeable.

I like that quality.

I have nothing against you

or your mom but your dad
on the other hand, yeah.

- What, what on the other hand?

- I have some unfinished business

to settle with him, let's just say.

- I see the gun in your pocket.

Are you here to kill my father?

- Which one gets us in unnoticed?

- This one let's you into the garage

and the downstairs rec room.

- Rec room.

That sounds fun, come on,
let's go surprise your father.

Unlock it.

What a beautiful home you have here.

Where's your dad?


Let's go.

- Ash is home.

- It's a little late, isn't it?

- Open the door slowly.

- Oh.
- Oh, hi, mom.

- Please.
- Get back slowly.

- Please don't hurt my girl.
- Come on, come on.

- Please.
- Let's go.

- What can I do for you?
- Back.

- What's going on with all that noise?

Ashley, Ashley!


What are you doing, Todd?

- Hey, Doc, what a nice surprise.

Just happened to be in the
neighborhood, you know?

You're a very lucky man, Doctor.

Two beautiful ladies
like this in your life.

Yeah, Doctor, I'm so
impressed with the ladies

that you have in your life,
maybe they'll understand

when I order you to make
amends here tonight, Doctor.

You, Doc, time to come clean.

Go sit next to your Mrs.

- Todd.
- Now.

- Why all this, huh?

- Sit down!
- Why, why all this?

Please tell me.

What do you want, son?

- Doc.

- What made you
wanna find out where I live?

- Doc, had I known the beautiful ladies

you had in your life, I
woulda come here sooner.

- Who are you, how dare you
bring a gun into my home?

- Mom, he's nuts, what are you saying?

- No, honey, mom's right, how dare I?

How dare I rain on your parade?

- Richard, I never thought
your work would ever become

our family's worst
nightmare, who is this person

and what is he doing here, tell me.

- His name is Todd.

It's Todd Platt.

He's a patient of mine
since his parents got killed

in a car crash two years ago
and I've been treating him

up until recently, isn't that right, Todd?

- All true.

Sit down.

Sorry, Doc, the medications
weren't doing it for me

and I had to cut you loose

and now that everybody here know my name,

tell me yours.

- Her name is Ashley and
I am Kate, her mother.

- Honey.
- Oh, starting to disapprove?

- Don't give him the satisfaction.

- Satisfaction, towards
me, you mean, Richard?


Is that like justice?

No, no, I got it, maybe it's like revenge.

I don't know.

Not really sure anymore, Doctor.

- What do you want, Todd?

In my office there's a safe
behind the picture on my wall.

Is that what you want,
you want money, Todd?

- I don't want your money, Doc.

As for Kate and Ashley here,

I don't to hurt them either.

- So it's something from me that you want.

- You're getting warm now, Doc.

What could I possibly want from you?

After all the bullshit,
all the condescension,

all the talking down to
you fed me in that office.

Maybe an apology is in order.

- Is that what you want, Todd?

Just an apology and then you'll go

and everything'll be all forgiven?

- That all depends if you can be sincere.

Tell me, Kate and Ashley.

You think your father can be sincere?

Does he have any left in him?

I wonder did he have any to begin with?

- I'm sorry, Todd.

I'm sorry that I failed you
as a medical professional.

- Sit down!

- I'm sorry that I failed you
as a medical professional.

I just wanna help you if you let me, son.

- Had a nice little
touch of fear in it, Doc.

Nice try, really, really nice try.

Come on, Doc, what else you got for me?

Maybe Kate and Ashley have
some apologies due to them!

Come on, let's all come
clean and be baptized

here this evening.

- Well, it seems to me,
you are the only person

seeking that apology from my father.

- Come on, Dr. Miller.

You were close.

So close that I almost believed you.

Try again.

I trusted you.

I trusted you!

Your family is your saving grace tonight.

Here I am, lord.

I failed as a man.

I know that much.

But I wanna ask you why.

Why did you take my family from me?


Why have I been the invisible man

my whole life?

Why me?

I don't know what to do anymore.

I don't know who to trust.

I don't know who to turn to.

Look at you, so beautiful you are.

No matter how hard I tried, I
could never make you love me.

Love me, you never even noticed me.

I understand it now.

I made a fool out of
myself in front of everyone

like the loser that I am.

All that I ever wanted was to be liked,

that's it, nothing more.

It just,

it just wasn't meant to be.

Not meant to be.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- So how are you doing?

After the break in and everything.

- Honestly, I can't believe
that I didn't call the police.

I mean this guy, he
could've raped, murdered,

chopped me into little pieces, Lizzy.

- I can't believe you didn't either.


Was it because of that
note the weirdo left you?

- Yeah.

That note.

It was,

he was just so sad.

Like I knew something was wrong.

But had he not left that
note, I would've called 9-11.

That's the only thing that
kept me from doing it.

- Ames, we knew that much from
the way he would sit there

brooding all the time,
only ordering water.

Plus he had that weird look in his eyes.

He was a real creep.

- Yeah, that day, there was just,

there was something different.

Like I could tell that
something was wrong.

That note, it was just so,

it was so sweet and sad.

It's not like something you
and I haven't felt before.

But had he not left it, I
would've called the police.

I mean I had the phone ready in my hand.

What was I thinking?

I mean what if he just
killed me right there?

- That's what I mean, I mean
you don't how lucky you were.

I mean he could have killed you

and left you for dead.

- I know.

You would think after that
big audition with that movie

producer, which I totally
screwed up, I would've learned

not to trust anyone.

I can't help it.

- Hey.
- It's just how I am.

- I know.

All I'm saying is that

you are one very lucky girl.

I for one, I'm just glad that you're okay.

- This is hard.

- What, what's hard?

- Telling you that

I'm leaving for California in two weeks.

- What, are you kidding me?

I mean that's great.

- I was thinking about what you said

and I just wanna try.

I wanna actually go out there and see

if I have what it takes to act.

- God, I'm,

I'm gonna miss you around here.

Damned if I don't think you're
doing the right thing though,

'cause I know you are.

- But I want you to come out and visit me.

- Of course, I'd love that.

You know,

I've always wanted to visit
the Grauman's Chinese Theater.

You know, see all the movie
stars' hands and footprints.

- It'll be a good step for sure.

- Damned if I don't think
you're doing the right

thing though, 'cause I know you are.

- Thanks.

- What happened?

Huh, what happened, Todd?

You should still be alive.

Such a young man to die so soon.

I know that in your mind
that you always felt

slated by my mannerisms.

For that I'm sorry.

If I'd only saw it closer how
much help you actually needed,

more perhaps than I
probably could've given.

For that I'm sorry, Todd.

I've changed.

I've changed, Todd.

Maybe when you're older, you'll understand

why I chose to keep his ashes.

I've decided to put the urn
in my office on the bookshelf.

As a reminder.

- A reminder?

- What your Dad is saying is
sometimes we need a reality

check and it's a reminder
of what's important to him.

- The ashes,

they remind me never to take anything

or anyone for granted.

It'll help me listen,

truly listen

and help me read between
the lines, you know?

- You're a good doctor

and a great father to me, Dad.

I'm sorry for any bad attitude I had.

- That day,

when I almost lost you both,

that made me realize how
important you both are to me

and I prayed to God

to get us out of that mess

and he did

and I promised him

that I'd be a better father

and a better husband.

He's given me a second chance

and I don't wanna screw that up.

I love you. - I love you.

Okay, nevermind.

- Hey, stranger.

- Hey.

Don't do that, you said you wouldn't.

- I made no promises.

Promise me you'll be careful, okay?

- As long as you come visit me.

- Of course I promise, I will, I will.

I guess I should,

I should be getting back.

- Me too.

- You're gonna do so good out there.

Get outta here.