Today You Die (2005) - full transcript

A former thief who is trying to go straight seeks vengeance on those who framed him.

Sub Translated by; shreyashjit

Should I be concerned?

Sometimes it means something completely different.

It is not always the bad.


And this one?

De Hierophant.

The dream reader, usable in combination with your gift of sight.

Maybe it's someone you love.

A powerful man.

Both the physical ...

and in the spiritual world.

What is going on?

I had a horrible dream.

You had a weapon against your head. Harlan, please don't go.

Listen, dreams are symbolic. They don't have to have meaning.

If you say what you saw in that dream

I'll tell you what I think it meant.

Meanwhile ...

you go back to bed.

Be back soon.

Do you hear me?

When did you buy this painting?

I saw it in a dream.

Then I walked past that antique shop on Storn third.

I was immediately sold.

Seemed like Karma, it was meant for me.

I thought you'd like it too.

You're right about that, I like it.


Dealing with drugs is a good thing.

Thanks for the heavy lifting.

We couldn't come in until you broke the alarm.

Well, I'm glad I was good for something tonight.

I always rob those drug bastards and give it to the poor.

We know everything about you.

Take it from men like me.

Giving to the poor ...


you also have something left for yourself.

You exposed me completely, didn't you?

Do you know...

to make you feel a little better ...

then think it was some kind of charity.

I like that.

Because I'm in the mood to give.

The convertible should be ready next month, nobody knows about it.

Dreams are a sign. Now they are written on a mirror.

Dreams are not always what they look like.

It is only an interpretation. Not everything goes the way you think it will.

But what I saw was in English mixed with French.

A warning, killing something about me in the past that is not innocent ..

and it just keeps taking blood.

I pass out when I see all that.

I believe you, you know that, I ...

think not all psychics can be trusted.

You have to change your life, Harlan.

Okay, I'll quit. I promise.

Promised. - I mean it. I can't take this anymore.

We just can't help everyone.

I know, I quit, I promise.

I see all this as a new beginning.

I have a friend who claims he has a lot of options for me.

So I thought now is a good time for a new beginning.

Sounds like music to my ears.

I look forward.

Closed soon. St. Thomas Children's Hospital.

Max Stevens. - Harlan, nice to meet you, sir.

I heard you're a great driver.

I do not know. I do what i can.

And you are?

Jada. - Jada.

That is a beautiful name.

We have had a long day. - Yes...

And tomorrow you have a long night.

Here's the address, you better get some rest.

Thank you sir.

There goes a rich possession.

What are you staring at?

How are you? - Yes fine.

Just check it out.

Is this the 1st stage today? - It's the only ride.

Max said you're okay, that's good enough for me.

Have you learned to drive in the city?

Yes. - Is it clear?

Very clear. - Stay awake.

Yes, man. - Okay.

Do I look sleepy then?


Why are you whispering?

First day at work, no personal conversations.

Yes, I was wondering what the new work will entail.

It's a job, baby.

With whom? - Max.

There's something wrong with that man ... I don't like him.

You know what? Like I said, it's work.

You said you would leave that kind of thing behind.

It is legal work. I bring money from point A to point B.

Yes ... How many times have I heard that.

I do not hear you. I'll call you back.

Harlan, the money is coming your way.

So she ran off.

Are you new here?

I work at the security of the DA One of you reported sick,

so I fill in for some extra money.

Charles, report. - Your ex-wife scrubbed my back.

Women, you have them of two types.

You have them that you can't get rid of.

And you have them that you cannot get.

Good luck with that. - Yes.

Quite seriously someone, our friend there. What is his name?

Harlan, hands up. Keep your eyes open.

Just give.

Why so serious. It's just money.

Thanks guys.

Where am I with my head? I still have to sign, right?

911, we have a 211 armed robbery here.

Come on, drive!

I thought this was legal, man.

If you stop, you die!

Max! What the hell is going on?

The police are waiting for us!

Bruno, don't panic.

Whatever you need to do, do it.



Your men messed up, that's the problem.

Everything is under control.

This was supposed to go quietly.

We will not get past that. - Shut up and keep driving!

Your men turn around, get them off the road!

They go to the safe house. Everything is under control.

It is not under control at all! This should have gone very smoothly.

Now they fucking go the opposite way.

What we have here is a failure that needs to be discussed.

The fuel is running out. This is Alfa Bravo 2, asks to land.

Watch out! Watch out!

Shit! Man!

You can drive! You can drive, you bastard!

Shit! - Do you want to lose them? Pay attention!



Are you there?


Jada... - Harlan?

It was a trap.

What are you talking about?

I am not feeling well.

Where are you?

Somewhere in the city.


Hey, dude, are you okay?

Sir, I would like your hands where I can see them.

I think he's injured, call an ambulance.

This is 4 Adam 7. Code 901, at the corner of 7 Tropicana.

Where's the car? - I found him abandoned.

The police picked up Bruno. - Where's the money?

Gone. - I want you to find the driver.

Max ... - Find him!

I'm dead if I lose that driver.

The details are messy. However, the casino security guard has a driver ID.

Has he talked yet? - Not yet.

I still don't understand why we are involved in this.

He belongs to a drug deal.

He is isolated. He says he doesn't remember anything.

We'll wait on the sidelines, he'll talk tomorrow.

Let me try first.


I can handle it.

If you want to try to get something out of it, go ahead.

Thank you sir.

Show what you're worth.

Better give you a knife, huh?

I tried not to hurt anyone ...

I know you've had to go through a lot.

But I would like you to answer some questions for me.


Well, a car with $ 20 million in it is missing.

What do you know about that?

All I know right now ...

is that I need a lawyer.

My boss thinks I'm wasting my time ...

I think you want to do the right thing.


there were witnesses who saw you in that car.

Police officers have been injured.

You know what?

This may sound a little unbelieving, but I really was only rented to drive.

That is the truth.

Why did you keep driving?

You know ... someone held a gun to my head and told me

if I didn't keep driving, I would die, so so.


Have you arrested him yet?

Okay, where's the car?

And where's the money?

I stabbed my head so hard that I can't remember anything.


Old Max, I'm sure he knows where the car is.

That will be difficult.

Max was shot in the head last night.

Long live the devil, and the black magic.

The list of possible suspects is


You just got through your alibis.

You know ...

I just told your female colleague,

that this was a legal driver's job.

Legal drivers ...

do not flee from the police.

And if someone holds a gun to your head and threatens to kill you,

if you don't drive on?

I believe you.

So where's the car?

Do you know...

I really think Max knows where the car is.


is dead.

Three police officers have been murdered.

You will be prosecuted for that. That's premeditated murder.


Lifetime. - Yes, you want to see your story correct,

or I'm so confused I don't know what to do.

Just make sure you get a good lawyer.

All doors are now closed!

I want to lick you!

Did the police search the area?


It is so hard.

Every time I wake up, I hope it's been a nightmare.

But no wonder this time.

If I could turn it back, I would.

You'll get through this ...

Think back to the days when you were in college, and everyone was rotten.

You are a champion.

Think back to that.

How could this have happened?

I have appealed.


What is it?

I get calls in the house ...


It's about the money.

You have to go back to Memphis to go into hiding ...

No no! I love you! I'm not leaving you here alone.

I love you, Jada. - I love you.

H�, Harlan!

You son of a bitch, you better understand that we can catch you any time.

You better show me some money.

Show money ...

I see you're quick with your hands.

I'm not hurting you. Those idiots don't belong to me.

I heard why you're here.

I just want to touch a little piece of cake, you know, a little bit of the sun.

Do you understand me?

I understand that, everyone wants that sometimes.

So look,

let's go over some things. - Doing business is exactly what we are going to do.

What are you looking at?

Make sure he pays. - Understood.

Okay, it's only 1 man. We should not start a war.

Where's the money? Say it, or I'll cut your fucking heart out!

You know, Bruno ...

I have some advice for you.

I think you should be ... my fucking guy.


I am going to kill you!

Who else is involved besides Max?

Fuck you.

I don't remember seeing 'fuck you'!

Ok�. Ok�. Garret.

Vincent and some Taggert. - Yes, Taggert and beyond?

Has a construction company in the west.

I work for those guys. If someone is hired Max knows that.

Don't kid me, Max is dead!

That bastard is not dead.

Don't believe everything you hear ... He's been seen.

he screwed you even more than me! - Really?

Listen, I want you to do me a favor.

Can you give Max a message from me? - Of course.

Man, I told you I didn't want to start a war.

Even if what you say is true, why are you telling me this?

Well you know what?

Maybe you owe me something. - I owe you something ...

Favors keep the world going.

Yes, exactly.

Anyway, watch out. - You too, "big dog."

Come here.

Did you see that woman's tits in that magazine?

She's just ardent, man.

Louis? - Is that bastard alone?

I understand that he screwed you, tell him we see us in the laundry.

Just give me cover. I'll take the bastard myself.

H�, Ice?

H�, Holmes? Ice?

Are you looking for me?

Don't take it personally.

You broke the treaty! Do you want to start a war?

When they find him, the problems start.

Find a place to hide this bastard.

We charge 75% for the cigarettes and 100% for the rest.

I'm starving, let's go.

H , Harlan, come here.

That was very wise what you did.

This is just what happens here.

You saved my life. That is one thing that is certain.

I know that. - I owe you a little.

And I'm not happy with that.

You don't look happy, but you are happy.

But let's discuss some things.

If you want to do something for me ...

then help me get out of here.

This may well be your lucky day.

I know someone who does everything for money.

An ex-Vietnam veteran.

Works as a mechanic at Loan Airport.

They have a helicopter there for maintenance.

A helicopter, that sounds like an option.

Read the details and get rid of them.

If you like it,

then you are hereby invited to come along.


i know you are smart.

And the plan is good, I'm going with you.

I'll tell you honestly, I just want to take a bit

of what you have hidden.

Follow the directions and if you say you will be there and if you are there ...

then I know you're good.

I'm happy to share it, man. The plan is good. We're leaving here.

The last 2 days, a fellow prisoner has been killed, another seriously injured.

It is going round that you are involved.

Since when does the DA care about the murder of a prisoner?

$ 20 million is still missing.

It seems that it is always about money.

Where is it?

I've told you before that I hit my head so hard,

I have amnesia, it seems like that is my life insurance policy.

If you would cooperate, your sentence could be reduced.

Look, I did some research on Max.

And it was clean, no files, in no database.

And you seem so surprised.

It is all wrong here.

I checked everything I had, and nothing came out.

Find Max for me, and maybe my memory will come back a little faster.

Max is dead. Continue.

Here is my ticket, if you want to reach me.

Thank you.


There are bad rumors about you and that policewoman.

Yes, everyone wants the money, you see. - Are you ready to rise?

If it works, then I'm done.

I guarantee I will always wake you or Jada.

Let's put it this way ...

Those who should be free should go if they have that chance.

That is cool!

Ice cool!



This negro never says good night!

We are almost home, almost home!

You are a gangster! - Damn, who is he?

This is my lottery ticket. Get out of here!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Ice, give me the phone. - I'll adore it, baby!

Harlan? - Jada, it's me.

Are you okay? I just heard the news. What happened?

Not significant. You must leave the house immediately.

But ... - Listen ...

Grab your things and go where I told you, you know where it is.

Do you think that was a good idea? - That's not your business, man.

Does he take care of you?

I'll take this and leave this with you.

We are not breaking up. You helped me, I help you.

Good luck out there.

What are you going to do? - I'm going to find Max.

What? - I think he's still alive.

How is that possible?

We have to get out of here. Back home, to Memphis.

My parents will help us.

You don't want them to know you get around the law?

Release prisoners, etc.

You really don't remember where the money is? - Let me put it this way ...

For as long as I can't remember ...

they won't kill me or they'll never find the money.

Do you understand?

These are people who will never give up until I stop them.

You know what?

You have to do what it takes for us to have a life again right away.

I will do that.

In Nevada, a spectacular outbreak was filmed by an amateur photographer.

One of the escapes has been identified as, Harlan Banks.

This is a nice shit.

Agent Knowless, I think you failed.

Yes, it can happen. - Nothing just happens, Knowless ...

but you are still young so I appreciate it.

I want you to leave the team. - You can't do that.

You met Banks before he escaped, you ignored orders.

I followed orders from the office. What if he contacts?

If he calls you, you call me. Understood?

Don't screw it up anymore. Miss Knowless!

What is it, honey? The same dream?

Calm down, you'll be fine.

The same tomb ...

this time I saw the family name.

Bouggert. - That's French.

I saw a girl dressed in white.

He's bad, Harlan ... he's out of this world.

Calm down, you'll be fine.

What the hell ...!

That is a protection diagram.

Where have you been so long? - You wouldn't believe me.

I thought you went out of town without your best friend.

You have the wrong one for you. - I love you too.

Let's get the money from the crooks so it's ours.

We are both in danger. I cover your back, you mine.

And I'm helping to give all those bastards a first-class ticket to hell.

Maybe that's the right medicine for your amnesia.

You know what, man. I can feel it.

My memory is coming. - Hallelujah!

You really screw up, man. Has anyone ever told you that?

You drive like an old woman.

Cool! How are you? How do you feel?

This is my brother here.

You made the news at 6:00 AM.


Is he behind? - As always.

What about that white cat?

Take it easy. - It was pleasant.

Bebe! Bebe! - Ice! How is it going?

The same thing as always.

This is my partner Harlan here. - He walks like a negro.

Breathe like a murderer. - Nice to meet you.

The police really want us. - I heard that, yes.

We need your help with this, OJ

You put us to work, right? - They can end up with you.

I haven't seen anything, right? - As long as you don't feel anything.

You're quite right. - You are still cunning.

This is on the menu.

How do you plan to pay? Cash or cash?

Once I have it, then you have it. - No problem.

I was thinking, man. You're good ... with your weapon and your knife.

I know you're quick with your hands, that karate thing. But that's nothing for me.

I am more straightforward, straight to ... I get it, you come with your knife ...

and your weapon and say, "Hey, hands up!"

The guy over there? - Yeah, he's the key to the money.

He's a little crazy, will he have been in prison?

Maybe, he did some butt-fucking there.

The gait reminds me of what we call 'pimp'.

Yeah, you know ... - He may be someone's bitch.

If he's really a pimp, he'll give that money very quickly.

We will get the money soon. - Sure.

Okay, let's go. - Okay.

I'll teach you some of my language. Then you can teach me some kung-fu.

Max sent me. Bullshit, he's dead.

Bullshit just happens, you know. Who the fuck are you?

And I thought I was hot-headed. This is just a crazy bastard.

Okay, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way is, you tell me what I want to know ...

then I'll let you go, I'll stay in the car and you will walk away.

And you live your life and I live mine.

The hard way is ..

I'll get this gun and blow your dick off.

It has now been established there and the safety catch has been removed.

My finger is getting weaker ... and weaker ...

Ok�. Ok�.

4th Street, 4th Maine, Vincent and Garret have a deal there tonight.

You made the right decision. - I'm letting you go now.

I thought you would only talk to him. - He was like a child,

he didn't get his way and now he's shot himself.

He shot himself? - So he was just depressed.

I think he was a bit messed up with himself.

It leaks there.

Have mercy on God.

Have you ever thought about therapy? - Yes, but this works better.

You may be right.

I didn't say you're right, but maybe right.

Either way, man. It was fun.

Is that right? Strength with it.

It seems that all this belongs to the Black Dragon Mafia.

Ming Lee is the leader.

I have what you want ...

Zei je nou Ming Lee of Mei Ling?

Joker. It's Ming Lee. - Ming Lee, I heard you.

Can you do me a favor? Will you call that Tong boy for me?

Yeah, you don't know me, but those guys who robbed your jewelry store ...

they're on 4th Main Street tonight.

At 4:00 AM, get there and do something good.

It will do good for your business.

Was that your sexy voice? - Yes, that was his girlfriend.

I thought you should "fuck" them and not "fuck them."

That's my shit! Come on!

Then watch this. Look.

South side ...


They are quick to act. - We go.

Watch this door here.

The bastards go down ... stay with me,

... let's get our money back.

Why is the baby crying, did you change his diaper?

You have to change his goddamn diaper. I can't do everything for you.

Let's go eat something tonight. Without reservation.

Thank you.

You stand there with your fingers in your hole,

or are you showing something else? Just look in there.

That looks good.

Mike should check it out.

That looks fucking good, man.

We got those bastards right, didn't we?

Those bastards will have to pay for their protection.

And now, health.

Well done guys! Well done.

Don't worry Tea Bag. We all get our share.

Those fucking Dragons can get on my back.

Fuck you! Piece of white shit that you are!

Fuck you!

Do you think you can just come around to intimidate us?

What the fuck do you think you can do about it, fat yellow bitch!

Tell me where is Max? - He's in hell, bastard.

In hell, are you sure? - Get sewed!

Wait, wait ... who are you?

Don't you know who I am? I organized this party.

My God!

Now you know who I am.

You better start praying. God is my witness.

Oops almost forgot. I never leave a witness behind.

Yes? What is going on?

I heard your boss is dead.

You heard that right. Who is this?

I'm someone who put you in jail, boy.

Harlan. - You screwed me, you pay for that.

Things got a little messed up, Bruno killed, the police tipped.

And you fled with the money. - Let me tell you something ...

you betrayed me. Now I come for you.

Don't be stupid, Harlan. It is nothing personal.

We have been looking for Harlan's family and friends, nothing found.

Thanks, Jackie.

Agent Knowless. - Harlan, what is this about?

Lucky's Bond in 3 hours. Understood?


Do you know what this is? Drivi-in Miss Daisy.

That's it, drive-in Miss Daisy. - I'm Miss Daisy.

You drive no better than me. - That's true...

do you know why? We are ex ... ex ...


Just like that damn Hale Berry.

How did such a nice thing like you get here?

I meet a friend of mine here.

Here? - Yes...

Are you sure you're in the right place, honey?

Yes I'm sure.

It's okay, she belongs to me. - Okay, I'll clean your table.

What are you doing, Harlan?

Max is still alive. - What?

That is impossible.

A small bird told me that he is still alive.

Your information is incorrect, I have seen the body.

You saw a body, but not Max's.

Max is protected. - By who?

I think through your friends. - You mean witness protection?

Maybe you should figure that out. - No, I'm not helping a fugitive.

Then this was wasted effort.

Wait, wait, what did you expect?

I expected you to find out the truth.

And that's ...

During work there was a car watching us.

He didn't even come after us after we loaded the money.

Max has friends from above in your district.

What are you saying? Max and Saunders? You don't mean that seriously?

Do you have evidence?

I'd like you to look at the computers.

Whatever you need to do, find the connection between Max and your people.

Believe me, if I tell you there is one.

The warehouse report. Found nothing.


Put the DNA team on it. - Right away.

Miss. Knowless how nice to see you.

You spoke to him again last night ...

Yeah, how did you know that?

Shouldn't you have informed me immediately if you spoke to him?

You are bugging my phone. What are you afraid of, Saunders?

Get the hell out of here!

Hey, what did you find?

I did some research and found a file

which pertains to Max stevens. - Don't say anything.

I used the agency and see what I found underneath.

What is all this, Rusty?

Hi folks. Found something?

I continue with my work.

What's going on, Rusty? - I can ask you the same question.

What are you talking about?

Why do I need to find a level 6 file that is already on your computer?

Who is Max's right arm? - I can't talk about it.

Rusty, please, I'm being tricked into it.

What? - By Saunders.

The only real.

What the hell is going on here? - I'm working.

Excuse us.

Max Stevens is your informant? - Do you want to dance with the devil?

Let's dance.

You lied to me. You knew Harlan was innocent.

You changed the data, deleted files and every time I ...

came close you put me back. What are you hiding?

You have nothing about me, but I have enough about you, baby.

You bring me the money and Harlan and we pretend nothing happened.

And? - Harlan ...

You were right, Saunders is involved.

Max was his informant. - Yes, we still have to prove it.

I have an address for you: Vincent 1429 Oakdale Road.

What are you up to? - I'll meet them.

Why do you think they show up?

I have 20 million reasons for that. - You can't kill the whole world.

I don't intend to, just the people trying to kill me.

I think all this has to do with Max ...

the visions, the apparitions ... - He's only 1 piece of the photo.

But he is the biggest piece. You know that.

He is capable of more than I can see.

In your dreams ..

.. do you see him alive or dead there?

Neither ... both.

Who are you? - God blesses America?

What the hell!

I knew you were coming for me. - You get that when you sew people.

Then you should always keep looking over your shoulder, waiting for a moment like this.

If you hadn't fled ... then everything wouldn't have been screwed up.

Premeditated murder when you haven't done anything is not easy.

That's just business, Harlan. - I have some business for you now.

Why don't you bring me the money. You can't go anywhere.

I go back where I came from.

You've been smart so far, Harlan. Don't start out being stupid.

Listen, until I don't have my damn money, you're mine!

They force me, I have partners and if I have nothing,

then I come to the 6 o'clock news.

But you know what, your partners are all dead.


Go ahead, call him. - Who are you going to call?

He is here...

Enter here. Who is this?

Fuck you!

Okay, you want the money?

I'll give you the money if you promise me it's over after this.

And that I no longer have to look over my shoulder.

Deal? Ok�.

I'll call you 10 minutes in advance and tell you when and where, understood?


I heard you were smart.

Pick me up at five, we're going to get the money.

I was born with the devil in me.

It turns out that you were also born with an extreme gift for music.

I'm glad you appreciate it.

Did you come alone? - Yes that's me.


That's what real power is, what I care about money.

Innocence, that's where the power is.

A mysterious power between innocence and evil.

You are not a master of illusions. You are a master of nothing.

Just a sick guy who has to be stopped.

I think it's time for that now.

So you don't want me to do my job?

Well, we can't shoot you ...

We can eliminate you, maybe with something recognizable.

That would be good. Otherwise it would be too tiring.

I want you to meet Harlan. On a new beginning.


Can we do this as civilized people?

Yes, I was hoping for that.

It was nothing personal, I needed someone who was not greedy and stupid.

I want to make sure that as soon as I give you the money, you leave me alone.

Good story. Put your weapons away.

What are you doing here?

Miss Knowless, lower the weapon. - Where the hell were you?

You bastard! - You can't trust anyone.

Harlan, I believe you but this is starting to irritate me.

So we now want to know where the money is.

Or I'll blow Miss Knowless through her head.

So you are now in the minority. Did you not have coverage?

Are you going to read our rights to us now or are you having problems with internal matters?

Shut up, alphabetical criminal.

You are so embarrassing.

Okay, you've been smart so far, so don't be stupid now.

Do you know what really annoys me?

The expression of war and drugs.

Do you know the expression war and drugs?

The same as making war on aspirin. Do you have any idea what I'm making?

This is not about drugs, this is about money.

So where's the money? Show me the money Harlan!

Saunders, shut up and get the fucking money.

I'll take it for you now.

We can figure this out. - Fuck you with your talk!

I kill the girl, you deal with Harlan, and we split the money.

So that Saunders can write us off? - Fuck you!

Answered incorrectly.

Are you out of gas, no? You're dying today, you bastard!


That bastard shot at Ice Cool.

Rachel ... Miss Knowless, come on, Rachel what are you trying to prove?

Let's stay reasonable ...

this is all getting too emotional.

To be honest, I don't give a shit about those niggles.


I'm really starting to lose my temper now.

This really makes me very angry.

Well, look ...

We are a team, I can't let you run away with the loot.

What is wrong with you? - You hurt me, baby.

Are you okay? - I would have liked to do that myself.

Ice, are you okay?

What are you talking about?

That's what I'm talking about. - Shit!

We want to keep this donation anonymous. - There are no names in Switzerland.

Would you like security to escort you to the airport?

No not necessary. This is only a small part.

Of course.

And St. Thomas Children's Hospital will receive the rest today.

That's nice, thank you.

Have a good trip and please come back again.

I certainly intend to, you can count on that.

Grand reopening.

How are you doing? - Good.

This is for you.

You have to wear that for protection and for good luck. Okay?

It is good to see that you feel good. - Thank you.

What is that? - That nice man gave that to me.

Really? How beautiful. - Thank you.

You are a happy girl.

She will be fine. - I know.