Today We Fix the World (2022) - full transcript

David Samarás is the general producer of the popular talk show "Hoy Se Arregla el Mundo" ("Today We Fix the World") where alleged ordinary people resolve conflicts of relationship, friendship, work, parenting and children. David is single, as he has never been able to establish a lasting relationship. The most enduring bond in his life is Benito, his 9-year-old son, the result of a casual fling. More united by legal obligation than by affection, he always has the feeling that Benito is someone who is left over in his life. Things change completely when, in the middle of a strong argument with Silvina, the boy's mother, he learns that Benito is not his son. Shortly after this revelation, Silvina dies. The news is taken by David as a coup de grace to the weak relationship with Benito and he decides to tell him the truth: he is not his father. Benito asks her to do one last thing for him: "help me find my real dad." David accepts. The search will lead them to a crossroads far greater than the one he set out to face.


[wind howling]

[thunder rumbling]


[thunder rumbling]

[wind howling]

[thunder crashing]

[engines whirring]

- [man 1] What's going on?
- Could you please fasten your seat belts?

- [passengers screaming]
- [woman 1] Oh God!

[passengers screaming]

[woman 2] Put… put your seat belt on.

[passengers screaming]

[man 2] We're all gonna die!

[woman crying]

[serene music playing]

[passengers screaming]

[music continues]

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ringing continues]

- Hello?
- [woman] Hey, Griego.

I need you to pick up Benito
and take him for the night. Please.

The babysitter is sick,
and I can't reach my mother.

- Who is this?
- Silvina, you idiot.

You haven't seen him in three months.
Can you be his father just for tonight?

Hello? Are you there?

Um, can you come pick me up?

[Silvina] Pick you up where?

Uh, at the airport.

[Silvina] Why should I pick you up?

Because I don't think
it's safe for me to drive right now.

[Silvina] I can't believe this.

I took a couple of pills
before getting on the plane, and uh…

I don't think they've done me any good,

because I'm having a few problems
with my reflexes.

[Silvina] I can't believe this.
Call one of your employees.

- Who is this?
- Silvina, you idiot!

Why were you in Chile?

- Huh?
- Chile. Why were you there?

[groggily] There was
a television festival.

- So?
- So what?

How did it go?

Well, uh, it went very well.

We negotiated a bunch of new deals.


[Griego chuckles]

It was a complete disaster.

I don't know.
I'm getting old. I feel like…

I speak a language that's obsolete.

You sure have a language of your own.
God knows what it is.

- Are you picking a fight?
- Nah.

Too late for that.

Thank you for coming.


- Can you take care of him for tonight?
- Sure.

- Yes?
- Of course.

And tomorrow, he's got basketball.
Practice starts at 9:00.

- Okay.
- You might need my ID number to get in.

Here, come on. Give it to me.

- I'll put it in here. Don't lose it.
- I won't.

Wake me up when we get to the studio.
You know where it is, right?

- You can't work like this.
- I need a lot of coffee.

[producer] One family.
Two brothers separated at birth

reunite after many years
and realize they're not brothers.

- No, no, no, no.
- Two neighbors.

One accuses the other
of stealing his pet turtle to make soup.


A woman sues her husband
for having bad breath.

No, no, no, no. Guys, magic, magic!
Ratings are down. We need magic!

A family of cops,
and the son's a pickpocket.

- We did that last month, didn't we?
- [sighs exasperatedly]

A God-fearing mother wakes up from a coma,
and daughter had a sex change.

How would that work?

A middle-aged woman has an accident,
spends six months in a coma.

When she wakes up,
her daughter Elena is called Eduardo.

No. No. Go back to sleep.

You, you're new here.
When did we hire this guy?

He's an intern.
He says he wants to learn from you.


A family of butchers, and the kid's vegan.

Yes. Work on that.

We're gonna make a t-shirt
with a cow on it that says,

"Friend, not food."

Check your inboxes for the graphics.
Lots to learn.

I'm sorry. What did you say your name was?

I don't know. No. It's a budgetary issue.
It's got nothing to do with us.

His name's Lasarte.

Well, I can't find him anywhere.
What grade is he in, did you say?

[hesitates] Grade three. Wait! Four.

- Grade four.
- Grade three or grade four?

I can't believe this.

- Lasarte. Please, can you go get my son?
- Sir, what can we do for you?

I've been waiting for my son
for a full half hour, and I'm in a hurry.

But it seems like I'm invisible.

- And what's your son's name, please?
- Lasarte.

- [phone chimes]
- Lasarte.

Oh, I can't believe this.
Now, listen, this is what we're gonna do.

You talk to the people from marketing.
I'll handle the little people.

- No one is stepping on my turf. Bye.
- Excuse me.

- What's going on, Marta?
- Jazmín Lasarte.

- [woman] I know who she is.
- Benito!

Benito Lasarte is his name! He's a boy.

- Benito Lasarte.
- Well, there's no need to yell.

For God's sake,
can you fetch my son, please,

so I can get out of your hair
once and for all?

Benito Lasarte was transferred
to another school two years ago.

All right.

Why didn't you just say that before?


[whimsical music playing]

[Griego] Here we are.


Come on, Beni.


Just like in Hollywood.

You just leave your car.

Come on. Let's go.

And there's Debo. Take this please.

- [Debo] Morning.
- [kisses] Morning.

- Hi!
- Hi.

See? Come here.

- [man 1] Everybody get ready.
- [Griego] Beni, come see this.

This is the set. Pretty cool, huh?

- Morning. How is everybody?
- [man 2] Good.

- [Griego] Good, Guido?
- Yeah, sure. Yeah, I'm all right.

Yes! Hey, guys,
we need rhythm and authenticity.

Come on! Come on! Come on! I want truth.

Pasolini, stop drinking.

- You're in the next segment.
- Here are your pills.

The ones you gave me
for the flight almost killed me.

You're welcome.


Cosentino, we really need to talk
about renewing the show.

- Renewing the show?
- Yeah.

- [Cosentino] Did you see Friday's ratings?
- There was a match on Friday.

- A match, so?
- The Nation's Cup, the regional finals.

- I forgot about that, yeah.
- Everyone watches that.

- [Cosentino] Sure. Everyone.
- We lose our audience. Come on. This way.

[crew member] Get ready!

Come on, guys. Hurry up. We're on in two.

[bell rings]

[Griego] Come on, Beni.

Hey, how's it going?

Good morning. Everything good?

[woman] Yes.

Yeah? Sit over here.

Put your bag down, okay? Good.


[sighs] All right. How are we doing?

All set?

- We're on the air.
- Here we go.

[music playing]

Animated intro.

Camera two, pan out.

Good day, everyone.
Welcome to Today We Fix the World…

Zooming in.

…the one-stop repair shop
for all your emotions.

- [woman] On four.
- Our seventh glorious season!

Today's story is very touching.

- Dad, can I borrow you cell?
- [Guido] Come with me.

[audience clapping, cheering]

Let me introduce Pascual…


…a fifth-generation butcher.
Had an accident…

- Please, can I have your cell?
- Just a minute.

…and when he woke up,
he found out that his daughter…


[Griego] Move in on her t-shirt.

- [woman] Camera one.
- Griego.

She'd become vegan.

- [audience gasps]
- [Griego] Close-up on the shirt.

Now her face. Yeah, that's it.

Later, we'll meet with Dr. Pasolini.

Griego, can I have your cell phone?

[Guido] …a special presentation
from Héctor the Hypnotist.

And now, let's begin.

Well, after having spent
two years in a coma…

- Close on his face.
- [Pascual] …my friends…

Okay, now pan down to his apron.
Let me see the blood.

- [woman] Go to three.
- [Pascual] …wanted to welcome me back.

- [Griego] That's it.
- They had an idea to have a barbecue.

- [Griego] Clean on him. Clean on him.
- [woman] Camera two.

[Pascual] …about opening up
another butcher shop.

- Let him talk.
- [Guido] And what happened?

- [woman] Camera three.
- Her crazy friends…

On the girl.

…decided to cover the meat
and the grill with paint.

- [audience gasps]
- And sadly, on that day…

- [woman] Camera three.
- [Griego] Wider on one.

[woman] Camera one.

What am I supposed to serve them,
painted meat?

- I've told you 100 times...
- It's not done.

It is a way to manifest
a rejection of what he's doing.

Okay, for the next segment,
I have an idea.

Let's show him holding a big knife.

- [Pascual] You can't do this.
- Get a close-up.

- You have to promise me.
- [Griego] On her.

When I have a grandchild,
he or she will be a butcher.


Are you listening to this?
Really, did you hear what he just said?

- [Griego] On her face.
- One.

- You really don't understand.
- [Griego] Come on. I wanna see the girl.

- [girl] I know you worry…
- [Griego] That's it! Yes!

You liking this, Beni?
Hey, come on. Turn around. Check it out.

- …in a coma.
- Let me tell you something.

You're gonna have to choose
between meat and me.

- [Pascual] No. Wait a second.
- [girl] You can't.

[Griego] Okay, this is great.
Start wrapping up.

You can't ask me that.
There's no comparison.

- You can never trade your children…
- Keep it up.

- …for anything in the world.
- [woman] Good.

- [Pascual] I want you to know…
- Soundtrack.

- This is it. Music in, Pastoriza.
- [soft music plays]

[Pascual] No matter what,
I'll always be by your side.

- [audience] Aw!
- I love you, Dad.

And I love you very much.

A hug can fix everything.

Wanna barbecue?

You cook it, though.

- [audience clapping]
- Well, okay, but we'll have tofu burgers.

[laughing] Nice one!

Cut. That's great, guys.

[sighs] Yeah. Very good.

- We're clear.
- So?

Did you like it?


Come on in.

[door closes]

Weren't you supposed to clean out my room?

Clean it out?

Never mind.

[Griego sighs]

Can I have your cell phone?

[chuckles] Come on. Enough with the phone.
Let's talk for a change.

- You wanna talk?
- Yeah.

So, tell me, all's well at school?

Uh, yep.


- Are you hungry?
- Yep.

- Let's see.
- [bottles clanking]

[sniffing] Something smells weird.

Hm. My fridge. You know…

Order pizza.

No. Because I have… [sighs] Japanese.

Let's order pizza, Griego.

But it's free.

I have a deal.

Okay. And… [sighs]


What's new?

You have a girlfriend?

No. You?


Yes Yes doesn't come anymore?


"Yes! Yes!"

Right, Tati.

No, no, Tati…
She's, uh… She's just a friend,

not my girlfriend.

- So, why did you switch schools?
- I didn't fit in.

And are you fitting in now?

No. Not so much.

You want the cell phone?



[playful music playing]

[Griego] Why didn't you tell me
you don't like Japanese food?

I told you I wanted pizza.

- I didn't hear you.
- I know.

And how was your birthday?
Did you like the present I got you?

Uh, what present?

A little fireworks emoji.

Well, I sent it to your mom.
Did you get it?

- Yes, I did. Thank you.
- [phone buzzes]


[door buzzes]

- [Griego] Hey!
- [woman] Hi. How are you?

- Good, and you?
- [kisses]

- [woman] I'm great.
- [Griego] Yeah?

Ah, Jorgito.


Benito, of course. How are you?

You didn't tell me you had company.

Well, his mother had
a bit of an emergency,

but it doesn't matter,
because Benito is ready for bed.

Isn't that right?



[Griego] I'm sorry about this.
It slipped my mind, you know? I...

[woman] Don't worry about it.
It doesn't matter.

[conversation continues indistinctly]

[glass shatters]

[alarm ringing]


[woman moaning]

Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
- [squeaking intensifies]

[funky music playing]

- One more. Stick it to them. One more.
- Griego, I want a raise.

Talk to you later.

Griego, how are you?

What were those pills?
They knocked the hell out of me.

Hey, everybody, let's go.

Griego, these are the neighbors
who are fighting over the Wi-Fi.

Yes. Great. Welcome, guys.

Listen up, I need you to be convincing.
Come out strong. Make it real.

I want strength and conviction, all right,
from both of you. Got it? All right.

[Pasolini] Griego, listen to me.

I need you to talk
to the people from the station.

Pasolini, listen,
this is really not a good time

to be asking for a raise.
Trust me on this.

It's not about money.
I don't want a raise.

- Then what do you want?
- Fire me.

Uh, well, you're gonna have to go through
the head office in Minnesota for that.

So relax.

Relax, Pasolini.

- [gasps] Oh. Uh…
- [Cosentino] How are you?

- Good. You?
- I'm good. No match today?

-[Cosentino] That's good.

[Griego] Guido, Guido, come on.

Take my hand. Take my hand.


Now, don't let go. Stay with me.

- Look into my eyes.
- That's it.


Magic word, something in French.


- Nice.
- [Héctor] When you wake up…

Camera one.

…you will tell us your Wi-Fi password,
and it will be…

- Good. All right. This guy is good.
- … "Neighbors123."

And you will never change it again.

Wake up!


- [audience gasps]
- Neighbors…

- Give me a close-up.
- …123.

[audience clapping]

Gladiator, Pastoriza.

- [audience cheering]
- [Héctor] Yes!

- Camera one, yes, on Héctor! On Héctor!
- Héctor, that was amazing.

Thank you. Phenomenal.

Here, everything has a solution.

Pasolini, get ready. You're on next.

- …most important for our families.
- [woman] Camera three.

- [Griego] Pasolini, stand by.
- Here he is, Dr. Pasolini.

- Come on out.
- [audience clapping]

[Pasolini] I've been asked to…

talk about hemorrhoids.


[thunder rumbling]


[Griego] Hi.

- You good?
- [Silvina] Yeah. Just a bit wet.

- Like the place?
- It's nice.

Yeah, I get a deal.
I eat here three times a week.

- [chuckles] Of course.
- Have a seat.

- How was your important dinner?
- Pretty good.

- Go well?
- Absolutely.

- And Beni?
- Great. I had a great time with the kid.

- Did you eat?
- [phone buzzing]

- No, but I'm not hungry.
- You sure? They'll bring you a plate.

No, no, no, seriously.

You mean you eat here three times a week,
alone, without anyone?

So? No distraction. I can focus on ideas
for the show, and I eat.

- [phone buzzing]
- [chuckles]


I'm gonna turn this off.
They're driving me crazy.

- You're in high demand, I see.
- I wish.

Do you remember Happiness,
the agency I worked at for ten years?

The one where
they'd photocopy their behind?

- [chuckles] Yes, that one.
- Yeah. They're still in business?

No. But they're planning
some sort of end-of-year get-together,

and people like to look back
and reminisce,

so they created an event on Facebook.

Yeah, I can imagine.

And so?

I wanted to see you
because, over dinner, something came up.

What came up?

They asked me
to take over the office in Madrid.

- That's great.
- [chuckles]

That means I have to live there.


You sure you don't wanna try the tofu?
It's really delicious. You'll love it.

Beni will move too.

Yes, yes. Of course.

I think it's great.

- You're gonna love Madrid.
- Yeah.

Well, we're gonna have to organize visits.

- Sure.
- Christmas, you come over.

And we fly back here for school break.
That's, I mean…

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Don't worry about it.
We'll figure something out.

Come on. You gotta try the sushi at least.

You have no idea how good it tastes.
It's just like Okinawa. It's beautiful.

And if you don't like it cold,
they can heat it up for you.

No problem. Uh, where's the waitress?

What's in your chest, Griego?

- What?
- No, I mean inside.

A piece of tofu?
A big chunk of roast beef or…?

I don't follow.

I just told you I'm taking your son
12,000 kilometers away,

and you talk about sushi.

Should I be making a scene then?

No, but it'd be nice
if you showed a bit of emotion,

some heart,
even if you don't really mean it.

All right, fine.

I'll petition for sole custody,
and you won't have to take him with you.

- Just tell me one thing.
- What? Tell you what?

Why'd you accept he was yours?

- Are you kidding me?
- No. I totally mean it.

It was the right thing to do.
Or would you rather I'd left you alone?

- Well, Benito wouldn't be expecting...
- Don't bring Benito into this.

We're talking about him.

No, we're talking
about what's happening to you.

- You're the one expecting something.
- No. I haven't expected anything in years.

Oh great! That's perfect then.
Neither of us expects anything.

Do you love him?

What are you asking?

I'm trying to find out the truth.

[inhales deeply]

Why wouldn't I love him? He's my son.

Are you sure?

[flame roars]

Am I sure of what?

I'm so sorry.

- [Griego] No, no, no.
- No.

No, no. She's leaving.

- I'm sorry, Griego. It's not what I meant.
- What did you mean?

Is he my son or not?

- Tell me.
- Bye.


[tires screeching]

[dramatic music playing]

[man] I didn't see her.
She came out of nowhere.

I didn't have time…

[soft guitar music playing]

[woman] Silvina was the kind of person
that always made you feel

like things were a lot easier
than they seemed to be, and…

it's going to be very hard
to imagine life without her.

[guitar music continues]

- [woman] Because…
- [people crying]

[woman] …we'll always remember her,
and I speak for all of us,

with so much love.

[people crying]


[exhales deeply]

We going?

Well, uh, your grandma was thinking

that, uh, you could stay with her
for a few days, uh,

while I get the house organized and stuff.

I think it's a good idea.
What do you think?

If you think that's a good idea.

[grandma] Come on, Benito.

- Bye, David.
- Bye.

Hey. Remember me?

Yeah. Uh… Well, you…

- You're…
- Yanina. Yani.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Silvina's friend.
- Yeah.

Um, I thought it might be a good idea
if you and I got together

and talked about how we can help Benito.

I don't know if Sil told you,
but I'm Beni's coach.

- His what?
- His coach.

I help him with social issues at school
and his homework, you know?

No, no, no, no.
Silvina didn't tell me about that.

But there are a lot of things
she didn't tell me, so sure.

So, you think it's a good idea
for us to meet?

Yes, of course. I think it's a great idea.

Great. Talk later.

- [Griego] Yeah, sure.
- Ciao.


[woman speaking indistinctly on TV]

I take her to the vet.
I give her the drops.

Yes, but who's her mama?

- What?
- Who does she connect with emotionally?

No, listen to me.
I am Caquita's mother, okay?

You know, because I care about her.
I care. She's my little girl.

You're totally irresponsible.

Who's the one
who takes her to the groomer?

- Sweetie, I do all that.
- Oh my God! Please!

- [women arguing]
- Pasolini, stop drinking.

- You want a swig?
- Put that away. You're crazy.

[woman 1] …alone for a few hours.
That's not a crime.

[woman 2] A few hours?
You spend all day playing bingo,

and you're out dancing every day.

[phone chimes]

[woman 1] That's not true,
and you know it.

I wanna communicate to the audience
that I feel a lot of anxiety about this.

- [ringing]
- [Griego sighs]

[woman 2] You feel anxiety? What about me?

[woman 1] It's not about you.
It's about the dog.

She needs a lot of care.

[woman 2] Yes, she does,
but it's not coming from you, is it?

I know what's best for my dog.

[women continue arguing indistinctly]

[ringing intensifies]


[school bell ringing]


[children chattering indistinctly]


What's wrong?

Something's wrong.


Did Grandma die?

No, no. I told her
I wanted to pick you up today.

Uh, would you like
to go, uh, get a coffee?

I mean, a milkshake or, uh…

I want a triple cheeseburger
with fries and a soda.

[country song playing]

♪ Another day, another road ♪

♪ Another night, another love… ♪

[song continues indistinctly]

I'm bored. Can we go?

No, no, wait.

- Uh… [sighs]
- [Benito] What happened?

[Griego] Yeah.

No. Uh…

- I don't know. Can we talk?
- [Benito] About what?

About anything.

You wanna talk like father and son maybe?

Yeah. Yeah, sort of.

Well, you start.

Well, uh, listen to me, uh…

Beni, sometimes
when something hurts a lot…

Like when you get a vaccine,
it hurts, doesn't it?

Remember that big vaccine you got?

Getting that big needle
always hurts a lot. I remember.

Which arm did you get it, right or left?

You wanna talk about that?

Yeah. Did it hurt when you got it?

Yes, it hurt a lot.

It got all infected and all swollen.
They almost had to chop my arm off.



But at the same time,
you knew it had to be done.

Because in the long run,
it would be good, it would be helpful.

Can you put a new game on your phone?

Sure, I can do that,
but first, I'd like you to listen to me.

I have something to tell you
that's gonna hurt,

but in the long run,
it'll turn out to be a good thing.

Just like getting a vaccine.

A vaccine against what?

Against me.

I don't get it.


I'm not your father.

I'm not your father.

It didn't hurt.


[soft music playing]





[Griego] Come on. Let's talk some more.

Come on.

[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy!


[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy.

Beni, listen to me.

I'm here, okay?


Come when you're ready.

[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy!

[horse hooves galloping]

[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy!

[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy!

[horse whinnies]

Giddyap, cowboy!


So, who is my dad?

I don't know. She… she didn't say.

Anyway, it doesn't change anything, okay?

I want you to know that.

We can still see each other
once in a while.

[Benito sighs]

No, it doesn't change anything.

You were never my father anyway.

["Crímenes Perfectos"
by Andrés Calamaro playing]

[engine starts]

["Crímenes Perfectos" continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[tires screeching]

What? What the hell are they doing?

[engine revving]

[indistinct chatter]

[Cosentino] It's a very,
very colorful scene. Very colorful.

I think it would be great
if you could come up with an idea...

[Griego] Hey!

Guido, it's time for your makeup.
Come on. Hurry up.

- [woman] I'm ready for him.
- Get ready.

[Cosentino] What's up?

- [woman] Come on. Makeup.
- [Griego] We're almost on the air.

- What's wrong?
- You tell me. What were you talking about?

You know we signed up
for next year, right?

And what is it you want?

They're putting up new posters
in the parking lot. What's that about?

We just acquired a new Turkish soap
to put in your time slot.

We'll try to find you a new one.
It's just a poster. No worries.

No, it's not just a poster.

It's a total lack of respect,
and you know it.

I've been doing this show for seven years.
And it saved the afternoons, if I recall.

- Your father, bless his soul...
- I am not my father.

You better believe you're not your father.

Your father was always courteous.

He was a respectful man
who valued my work.

He respected you.
Aren't you the lucky one?

Yes. And about next season,
no one has contacted me yet.

Now, I find out
my billboards are being replaced.

Granted, we're going through
a bit of a rough patch,

but it'll get better.

Or is there something
you're not telling me?

You know very well I'm not the one
who makes these decisions, okay?

But you just said it yourself,
it's been seven years already.

Pretty long time.

Maybe now's the time
to do something different,

learn something new.

It's just a TV show, nothing more.

A big screen, a dumb box.

Jackass! You're a dumb box.

All right, come on. Let's go.

Well, what are you waiting for?
Get to work.

- [man] Mr. David Samarás?
- Yes, that's me, Samarás.

- This way.
- [phone chimes]

Aren't you the producer
of Today We Fix the World?

- Yeah.
- Really love your show.

- It's very good.
- Oh, thank you very much.

- [man 2] Yeah, I did go over...
- Ma'am, Mr. Samarás.

- Ah, yes. You can leave the door open.
- Thank you.

- Yeah, see you.
- Okay, David, what is it you need?

I'm in a rush.
Got a big meeting in five minutes.

I don't have much time either, Patricia.
If I asked to see you, it's because...

For God's sake, Emilio, order coffee
from the corner shop. This one is awful.

[Emilio] Yes, ma'am.

- What I wanted...
- Regular with one milk.

[Emilio] Yes, ma'am.

And make sure the projector
is set up properly this time.

[Emilio] Yes, ma'am.

All right. Are we done here?

[Griego] Done here?

Great. So, that's it?

- We haven't even started yet.
- We haven't started what?

- [Griego] Talk.
- You're right. I'm very sorry. Really.

Go ahead. I'm listening.

- Okay, Benito, did he talk to you?
- What could he possibly have to tell me?

Never mind. So, here's the thing.

Silvina revealed something to me
before she died.

- I had some tests done just to make sure.
- What tests?

- Turns out that Benito...
- [glass shattering]

- What the hell was that? What happened?
- [woman screaming]

The tank broke, and that crocodile
or whatever it is just got loose.

[Patricia] And the Australians are coming.
Oh, come on! It can't be.

We have to catch it.

Come on. Pick up the glass.

- Look at this mess!
- [rustling]

[Patricia] We have to find it,
and we have to catch it.

Come on. Move!

[woman screams]


I've been trying for days to call you.
Why aren't you picking up?

You mean that was you, the private number?

I called you from Grandma's.
I don't have my own phone.

Come on.

Why are you here? Don't you have school?

I had a sub today. So, did you tell her?

No. No, no. I haven't yet.
I was just about to, but…

I don't want you to tell her.

- Huh?
- Did you tell anyone?

I haven't told anyone.
Calm down, all right?

[man] Okay, I've got it.

I want you to help me find my real dad.

- [woman screams]
- [Patricia] Monica, grab it!

[sighs] Beni, listen, I swear,
there's nothing in the world I'd like more

than for you to find your dad. I mean it.

But I don't have time.
Plus, I wouldn't know where to start.

- I do. Come on. Here.
- [man] Get the door!

- What's this?
- Don't let them see.


Bring it over there.

I found Mom's old cell phone.

- What? Why are you giving me this?
- [woman screams]

Look in it.
There's gotta be something in there.

To unlock it, you draw a little triangle,
like a house.

- [Patricia] What are you waiting for?
- See? There you go.

Wouldn't it be better
if we talked to your grandma first?

Tell her the truth.
Maybe she knows something.

I'm a bit embarrassed.


Do you have any idea how many problems
I've gotta deal with right now?

I really don't have time for this, okay?

- "Problems"? What...
- Yes. I have problems.

You think you've got problems?
I've got no mother and no father.

That's a problem, okay?

[Patricia] Enough already!
What are you waiting for?

Do something, you fools.

Would you please catch that thing?

Whoa! Good. Okay, now be careful.

Open the door gently.

- You did this, didn't you?
- Yes, and I can do a lot worse.

[man] I've got it.

[Patricia] And now, the Australians
are gonna be here in two minutes.

We've gotta find a place for Iggy.

[upbeat music playing]

[phone buzzing]


[buzzing continues]


- [phone chimes]
- [sighs]

[phone buzzing]

[people tap dancing]

["All That Jazz" playing]

♪ Come on, babe
Why don't we paint the town? ♪

- ♪ And all that jazz ♪
- ♪ And all that jazz ♪

♪ I'm gonna rouge my knees
And roll my stockings down ♪

- ♪ And all that jazz ♪
- ♪ And all that jazz ♪

♪ Start the car, I know a whoopee spot ♪

♪ Where the gin is cold
But the piano's hot ♪

♪ It's just a noisy hall
Where there's a nightly brawl ♪

♪ And all that ♪

♪ No, I'm no one's wife ♪

♪ But, oh, I love my life ♪

♪ And all that ♪

♪ Jazz ♪

♪ That jazz ♪

- [song ends]
- Excellent! I'm so pleased.

That was really good. Congratulations.

Next week, we'll be doing Chicago.
Be ready. Great work today.

Uh, Billy?


she was in my first master class in 2009.

Why do you need to talk to me?

[clicks tongue]

Well, we're going over her life,

and Benito would like to know more
about his mother's life,

and, uh, well,
the people she used to know.

- Sure. I understand.
- Yes, and, uh… Yeah.

Well, uh, there's a message
that you sent her privately,

and it caught our attention, and, uh…

It said, "So hot, baby. So hot. Heh, heh."

And she answered back with an emoji.

Um… [whispering] An eggplant.


What do you wanna know?

[sighs] Well, basically,
if you two had a relationship.

Sure, I had a relationship with Silvina.

She's the one who helped me
after the accident.

- The accident?
- Mm-hmm.

You see, I was getting ready
to leave for Broadway.

Heaven, in other words.
Corrientes Street, I had outgrown it.

I was riding a pony, you see.


It went crazy.

I fell off it and broke both my knees.

Completely tore off the ligaments
in both knees.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
W-who went crazy?

The pony. I told you. I was riding a pony.

It just took off, full gallop.

It got spooked maybe. I don't know.
Went at it full speed.

Boom! On the ground.

And, well, my whole world
is turned upside down.

And there I am thinking
I will never dance again, you know?

But it was Silvina, mm,
who encouraged me to start giving lessons.

My very first student. So grateful.

Well, look, what we wanna know is...

Mmm. I know what you wanna know.

I knew it the moment I saw you.

[dramatic music playing]

That fire in your eyes

and the way you walk…

You know what, buddy?

I think it's time
for us to come full circle.

I can see it now.
It's time I repaid my debt to your mama.

In December, I'm starting a class
especially for children. Total hip-hop.

[clicks tongue] Huh? What do you think?

If you come with a friend,
I'll make it two for one.

What do you say? [chuckles]

Um, what we wanted to know actually...

Come on, Griego. We already know.

Bye, Billy.

But we were discussing…

He wants to. I can see it in his eyes.

Hey. What are you doing?
Why are we leaving? We were talking.

[Benito] He's not my dad.

- [Griego] How do you know that?
- [Benito] I just know.

Okay, well, for nine years,
you thought I was your father.

I was a baby. I had no idea.

Well, I thought he was a great guy.

Well-mannered, he works with kids.
That's a definite plus.

I don't want someone to work with me.

No, no, no. What I meant to say is

that a guy who works with kids
usually gives off a certain vibe.

That means he's comfortable...

I don't want a father who fell off a pony.

- It's not about what you want, okay?
- Even you never fell off a pony.

Don't be so sure. Come on.

We can also go check out this guy.

He's hugging her
and sending her little hearts.

Hmm. It's a famous singer.

David Bisbal is not your father. No way.

- Why? How do you know he's not?
- Because he's got curly hair.

I had curly hair when I was little.

- You're useless.
- What did you say?

[Benito] I said you're useless.

Right. There are a few things
we need to set straight right now.

First of all, you don't get
to choose your father. You just get one.

Second, I'm doing my best
trying to help you find your dad,

but I've got 1,000 things to do

other than looking for the perfect father
ideally suited to your taste. Understand?

Do you really think
that stupid idiot could be my father?

Don't call him an idiot.

["Bulería" by David Bisbal playing]

Red light!

[tires screeching]

[car honking]

Wh-where? It's green.

Sorry about that.
I'm color-blind, remember?


[car honking]

[breathlessly] Yeah, I knew that.

[phone ringing]

- Cosentino.
- [Cosentino] It's all dealt with, Samarás.

I sorted the schedule.

Starting Monday, you're on at 8:00 a.m.


[Cosentino] Either that
or 4:00 in the morning. [laughs]

- You give me an early morning slot?
- [Cosentino] Yeah.

Are you trying to kill me?

[Cosentino] It's the best I can do.
Under the circumstances...

No, that's fine.
But keep treating me like that,

and you know what'll happen?

I'll leave. I'll just take all my shows
to another station.



I don't believe it.
The son of a bitch hung up on me.

That's not nice.

What? Hanging up on people?

No, making television shows
that no one wants to watch.

My show was very successful, you know?

We're just going through a rough time
right now. That's all.


I have a really great idea
for a very fun TV show.

Hmm, what is it?

[Benito] This one time,
I was playing basketball,

and I threw the ball backwards
with my eyes closed,

and I hit a kid right on the head.

It bounced straight into the basket.

I uploaded it on the internet,

but I only got one like…

from Mom. Rest in peace.

And what's the idea?

Funny videos from the internet.


It's good. Work on it.


[indistinct chatter]

- Hi. How you doing?
- Oh, hi.

- How are you?
- I'm good. Thanks.

- Good? Great.
- Yeah.

Uh, you're killing it.

Oh, you like the show? You watch it?
It's good, right?

No. My purse, you're sitting on it.

Oh. Sorry. Yeah.

Here, give me. Thanks.

Did you talk to Beni?

Yeah. He said he was doing better.

Yes, he's doing better.

And I spoke with the psychologist
at the school,

and we came to the conclusion
that, beyond what she and I can do,

what's important is that you come up
with a strategy, a kind of support...

- You were a close friend of Silvina, huh?
- Yes, since high school.

Okay. It's important
that you provide some structure so that...

- You ever talk about Benito's father?
- Yes, she talked about his father.


And? Huh?


And if I asked to meet up with you,
it's because I'm aware of the situation.


I'm all ears. Go ahead.

You want the straight-up version
or the convoluted one?


Uh, Benito's father is very successful.

He works very hard.

He is very much into himself.

And when it comes to emotions,
he is practically a…

a zombie.

Wow. And?

And what?

Well, who is he?

Who is who?

- What are we talking about here?
- Benito's father.

- Who is…
- A zombie.

- And his name is…
- David Samarás.

That's my name.

Yes, I know that. Are you Benito's father,
or are you not Benito's father?

Is something wrong?
Did you take something before coming here?

- Are you...
- No, no, I didn't take anything.

But I'm in this messed up situation…
[shouting] …and I just can't handle it!

Come back. We were just talking.

So, I'm the zombie?

I'm the only one here
who's not sleepwalking,

and emotionally, I'm anything but dead.
You don't know anything about me.


Listen, let me tell you something.
With all due respect,

that psycho thing, the coaching,
and all the rest, it's all bullshit.

[Yani sighs] How lowbrow!
Totally childish.

I'll take this.
Charge it to the lady. Thanks.

[whimsical music playing]

Let's go.

- [man on phone] Hey, Silvina, darling.
- Listen.

- [Juan] This is Juan Cruz Bordenabe.
- [Griego] It's him.

- [Juan] I know it's been a while.
- Keep listening.

[Juan] But I'm back in Buenos Aires now,
and, well, I've started writing my memoir.

[Griego] You all right? Yeah?

[Juan] And I'd like it very much

if you could help me come up
with the words

that would best describe our encounters.

[Griego] Listen to this.

[Juan] I remember your hands,
your eyes, your magnificent body.

[Griego] Yes.

[Juan] I know I behaved badly,
and I regret it.

- I'd like to apologize and make amends.
- [Griego] That's good.

[Juan] I take responsibility
for what happened.

- Yep.
- [Juan] Please call me back.

Let's see.

Right here.

[car honks]

[doorbell rings]

He's your father. I just know it.
The message leaves no doubt.

- [man] Yes. Can I help you?
- Oh, hi. Yeah.

We're here to see Juan Cruz Bordenabe.

- [man] Yes, come in.
- Thank you.

- [door buzzes]
- Come on. Let's go in.

[door opens]

Sit down.


[elevator rumbling]

We gotta try to think
about how to broach the topic

and explain the situation.

But, uh, I got a good feeling.




[elevator rumbling continues]

[elevator stops]

[playful guitar music playing]

Oh, Lord!

- He's Black.
- I can see that.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Mr. Samarás?

Juan Cruz?

[laughing] No. I'm Luan.

Would you follow me, please?

Okay, let's go.

How do you, uh…

What do you see when you see?

What do I see when I see what?

Colors, for example. How do you see them?

Same as you but different.

Uh, this, for example.

What color is this?



It's red.

Looks green to me.

No. It's red.


To you, it's red. To me, it's green.

No. It's red.

I'm teaching you something.

Every time you see
something you think is green,

it's actually red. Remember that.


And when I see something green?

It's red.

To me, it's green.

And how do you know
you're not the one seeing it wrong?


Excuse me. What color is this?

It's garnet.

[Griego] Come on.

It's red.

[knocking on door]

Come on in. Come on in.

[classical music playing]

How are you doing, gentlemen?

- Hi. How are you?
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good. How are you?

- Juan Cruz Bordenabe.
- David Samarás. Griego.

- And this young man here must be Benito.
- [Griego] Yes, this is Benito.

[Juan] Mmm.

[kisses] Hello, Benito. Hello.

So beautiful, like your mother.

So, what can I do for you?

Should we perhaps talk in private?

Why should we? What's this about?

Uh, Silvina.

[woman] Silvina? Silvina Lasarte?

Yes. What would you like to know?

We would like to know
if this man is... [muffled]

No. [spluttering]
What we wanna know is, um…

How well did you, uh, know each other?

You were, uh… You were very close, right?

Yes. You remember
when she first came here?

It was in 2007.

I remember because it's the year
Joaquín went to study in Boston.

Uh, are you sure
you don't want to talk privately?

- It's rather sensitive.
- My goodness!

- You don't give up, do you?
- [laughs]

No need to be so mysterious.

There are no secrets
between my wife and I.

Yes, that's right.

Well, in that case, the reason
I wanted to meet with you is, uh…

You know her, uh…

[spluttering] You knew her, uh, well.

Well, like, "Yes! Yes!"

Will you let me handle this?
I know what I'm doing. Right.

So, you knew her…

I knew her most intimately
because she was my muse.

What's a mymuse?

Come. Follow me.

[soft guitar music playing]

Yes. Silvina Lasarte was my model,

the best model I've ever had.

And I've had many
in the course of my career,

but no one quite like her.

No one ever inspired me
as much as she did.

There was a… a sparkle in her eye.

[continues speaking indistinctly]

…and I haven't picked up a brush since.

And everything remained as you see it.

That's it.

Yes, well, I wanted to ask you because…

[Juan] Hmm?

Well, you did mention
that at the time that she was pregnant,

you had an argument.

And I was just wondering if you and her…

I'm not sure I follow you.

No, no. The only reason I'm asking
is because he, uh…

Well, you know…

Did you… Did you do it?

What you are suggesting is utterly vulgar.

- No, no, no.
- It is deeply offensive.

- We're just trying to find out...
- Luan!

Benito, would you like a painting?

- [Griego] No. That's not necessary.
- Yes, I like this one.


Show this man out.

[whimsical music playing]

[delivery van honking]

[man] No, it's not heavy.
It's just unwieldy.

This one here.

[man 2] Got it.

Sign here.




[bull bellowing]

[bellowing stops]

- [Griego] Hey, Escobar, all good?
- Very good.

[Griego] Keep it up.

[women shrieking, laughing]

Oh! Watch it!

[Yani] Thanks, girls. Thank you.

Here you go.

What are you doing here?

I came to see you,

but the girls thought I was the star
from that new series,

the Turkish soap opera.

- [Griego] Yeah.
- It's incredibly popular.

- Of course.
- You a little bit less tense?

- Feeling better?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Um, what can I do for you?

Well, I called you like 37 times,
but you never answer, so I'm here.

- Right.
- Beni told me everything.

- He told you?
- Yes.

Mind you, I already had my suspicions.

But I just want you to know

that I think it takes a lot of courage
to do what you're doing,

and I'm here for you if you need anything.
I mean it.

Uh, but… but how did you figure it out?

Don't take this the wrong way,

but you're not the first person I've met
who's needed help.

Though, I can't quite understand
what kind of rehab you're in.

Benito mentioned something
about a mymuse. What's a mymuse?

Wait. Hang on.

Uh, what exactly did he tell you?

He told me you were in rehab,
and that he was going with you.

And when I asked him what kind of rehab,
he said it was for mymuse.

Is that a new code word for…

[sighs] Yes, yes. Mymuse, mymuse.
Every day, it's a struggle.

- But I'm gonna beat this thing. I will.
- Good.

Sorry. I have to hurry now.
We're about to go on air.

- Be strong. Don't give up.
- Yeah. Thank you.

He says he likes being with you.
He's having a lot of fun.

[soft guitar music playing]

He told you that?

[chuckles] Yes.


Thank you.

[Guido] This is absolutely ridiculous.
I mean, the stuff we're...

[Debo] Calm down, please.

You're asking me to do this.
I'll go crazy.

- We'll talk about it...
- Whoa! What's going on?

All right, okay, listen. Hear me out.
He says that he left home ten years ago

and swears he was abducted by aliens.

- [Griego] Yeah.
- Yeah?

And you want me
to defend this guy a full hour?

Look at me. I'm done.

Guido, come here.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Come on.

Calm down. Let's talk for a second, huh?

[Guido] My reputation,
it's going down the drain,

just like the show. I've had it!

I get it, Guido.
I understand. It's very important.

But when I came to see you
seven years ago,

you were flipping burgers
in a fast food joint in Chacabuco.

- Yes, but everyone's had to do that.
- You may be right.

But now I'm the one
who needs a favor from you.

As we speak, we're in the middle
of negotiations with the station.


- What's so funny?
- Oh no. Nothing. Nothing.

It's just that…

- What?
- No, no. Nothing. Nothing.

What's going on, Guido?
You know something I don't?

Wait. Wait a minute. You don't trust me?
You calling me a traitor?

- No.
- Don't you know me?

After all these years,
what we've been through?

- Yeah.
- Don't insult me.

I'm not. Just tell me.

Just so we're clear,
I'm doing all this for you.

- All right! That's the spirit.
- Yes.

- Let's get to work.
- Yes.

- Go get your makeup on.
- Yes.

- Go on. Get out there.
- Okay.

- [man] We're on in five.
- Go get 'em. Go get 'em, Guido. Yeah!

All right!


Did I approve this script?

Yes, Griego. I told you it was nuts,
but you wouldn't listen.

Well, you could tell the writers
to lay off the weed a bit.

Okay. But these last few weeks,
you've been weird too. Mm-hmm.

All right. Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.

[phone ringing]

So, looks like, uh,
I'm in rehab now apparently.

- Bullshit. Send it again for God's sake.
- [man] Okay.

Well, she noticed
we were seeing each other often.

It's the first thing
that popped into my head.

- Okay.
- [Benito] Now, focus. This is important.

Write it down. The name is "Crazy Maluco."

[Griego] "Crazy Maluco." Who's that?

[Benito] He's the clown
at the City of Children.

He tagged her on a bunch of photos
from 2008 and 2009.

In one of them, he's kissing her belly.
He's a very frisky clown.

All right, we'll message him
next time we meet up, okay?

- [Benito] But there's a problem.
- What problem?

He's not on Facebook anymore.

He deleted his account.

Well, Benito,
it is just a few pictures, nothing more.

What makes you think
your mother had a thing

with a clown from the City of Children?

Well, she had a thing with you,
and you're a clown too.

[festive music playing]

[children cheering]

You know, I can't imagine your mother
with this Crazy Maluco.

You already said that 1,000 times.

I just don't want you
to get your hopes up.

You better take this.
We're gonna need to split up.

This thing work?

Here, you turn it on like this.

Hello. This is Benito. Do you copy?

Yes. Hi. Griego here. Loud and clear.

- We're good.
- Where'd you get these?

I got them as a gift when I turned six.

Who gave them to you? They're for girls.

They were from you, Griego.

Uh, right. But look,

you can tell they're good quality.

[sighs] Let's split up.

Did you know
Walt Disney used this theme park

as an inspiration to build his? Over.

[Griego] No. No, I didn't.

[Benito] Griego, say "over."


Say "over" when you're done.
That way, I know you're finished talking.


Okay. Over.

Can I ask you something? Over.

Yeah. Over.

When I was born, did you know
I was not your son? Over.


No, no. Uh, no, I had no idea. Over.

Then why don't I have your last name?



Uh, because "Samarás Lasarte."

You hear that? "Lasarte Samarás."
It's too many S's. Over.

I wasn't joking. Over.

No. I'm serious. Your mother wanted you
to have her name,

and so, you know, it sounded funny.

Does it bother you? Over.


I don't know.



Yeah, come on. [laughs]

Yeah, come on. Quick. Quick.

All right, bye-bye. See ya.

Beni, I found him. He's here. Over.

[suspenseful music playing]

Hey, watch where you're going, kid.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Excuse me. Are you Crazy Maluco?

Crazy Maluco? No. Never heard of him.

Okay. But, uh, this is you
in the picture, right?

- Why? You from the police?
- No, no, not police. No, no, no.

I'm just, uh…

Uh… We were just wanting to ask you...

If you're not a cop, who sent you?
Firulete, that swine?

You tell him I paid his errand boy,

so stop busting my balls,
or I'm coming after him.

- [man] This guy from Firulete's gang?
- No. No, really!

I'm in nobody's gang. Please.

There's something
we wanted to check with you.

Hey, what are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- There.

- [Griego] Why did you do that?
- It's broken.

- Do I need to spell it out? Get lost!
- [groans]

He broke my Mom's phone.

- Get out of here or...
- [screams]

Get off me. Watch your kid.
Watch your manners, kid, or I'll get mad.

Beni, come here.

[Crazy Maluco] Come on, guys.
Let's get out of here.

- It's okay.
- [clown laughs]

[Crazy Maluco] Come on, children!

[Benito grunts]

[Crazy Maluco] Come on, kids!
The gang is here.

[clowns laughing]

[Benito crying]

[Griego] Beni, we can't go on like this.

We need to widen our search.

We need to talk to your grandma.

No. I don't wanna talk to her.

I don't like the way she looks at me,
like she pities me.

I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me.

What about your coach, Yani?

She was your mom's friend.

- You said she didn't know anything.
- True. She doesn't know.

But someone's gotta help us.

Okay, well, let's ask her
without telling her.

What do you mean?

We ask her
but without telling her the whole truth.

[somber music playing]

All right. Okay.

Let me… Yeah, I need to think about this.

Now don't come up
with one of your crazy, bad ideas.

My ideas are bad?

Yeah, most of them are.

Wha... What are you talking about?
Why do you say my ideas are bad?

This is from our trip down south.
We were just 18 years old.

And this is in Patagonia, I think.

- You see?
- [Benito] Was that her boyfriend?

No. My boyfriend.

[door opens]

[Yani] Your mother was very pretty.

[door closes]

Now, here. I wanted to show you these.

Your mom and I went to New York together.
Did she ever tell you?

[breathes deeply]

[Yani] Look at our hair.
I can't believe it.

It looks awful. My goodness!

Here, I wanna show you another one.
You won't believe this.

[Héctor] Samarás!

Hey, Héctor. How are you?

- Good.
- Remember Beni?

- Mm-hmm.
- And Yani.

- Hi.
- Hi.

So, what's up? What, uh…
What are you doing?

I was waiting for a client
that didn't bother showing up.


Well, uh, you wanna sit with us,
have some coffee?

[Héctor] If you don't mind.

Of course not.
We're just looking at family photos.

Beni, these are
from our post-graduation trip.

We didn't sleep
for three whole days. It was...

[sighs loudly]

My eyes. Look straight into my eyes.

Follow my eyes. Sleep.

Huh? What's happening?

I don't know.

It is just between you and me.

We are now connected. You feel it?

Connected. Connected.

Stay with me. Stay with me.

And now… sleep.

Ow! What did you do that for?
What's with this guy?

Héctor, uh, over there.
Someone's calling you.

They're calling you.

Griego, if she doesn't cooperate,
I can't do it.

I'm not cooperating?
What am I supposed to cooperate with?

What? But… What's he talking about?

I don't know.
It's been a while since I last saw him.

The guy's a bit loopy.

- Not sure what happened to him.
- He's more than a bit loopy.

Okay, someone explain to me
what's going on here.

Yani, do you know who my father is?

Is this a joke?

I'm so angry with Silvina.
Why hide this from me? I can't believe it.

[Griego] You can't? Imagine me.

Well, do you know anything else?

- No. I was hoping you could enlighten me.
- Who? Me?

- Yeah. You were her friend, right?
- Yeah, but you're the father.

No, I'm not the father.
That's precisely the issue here.



Poor Benito.
It's not enough he's a misfit.

His mother is dead.
His father is not his father.

I can't work miracles.

At this rate,
either he repeats the school year

or switches schools again.

What, uh…

- What is it you do exactly?
- Me?

- Yeah.
- I'm an educational counselor.

I help kids one-on-one
with their schoolwork,

provide psychological support.


Questions they may have,
I help them find the answers.

- Great.
- Yeah.

Well, how about
you help him find a father?

- What?
- Yeah, well, I'm really not good at this.

You have to step in.
We're not getting any results.

I can't do this.
I'm gonna leave it up to you.

- But… No.
- I trust you. It'll work out.

[somber music playing]



[radio beeps]

Hello, Benito.

Griego here. Over.

[radio beeps]


Hey, wait. Wait.

[saw buzzing]

What the...

Griego, I tried calling you
at least 20 times.

What the hell's going on here?

What's happening? Be careful!

- What are you doing?
- [Debo] They are moving...

Careful with that. Listen to me!

- They're moving us.
- Huh?

[Debo] They're moving the set.

- Where are they taking it?
- Studio 14.

- [sighs]
- [Debo] Management's decision.

[Griego] Whoa! Careful with the cars!
They're Italian. They're expensive.

Don't scratch them. Come on!

We have to tell, uh, Guido…

- He already knows.
- …Pasolini, Héctor.

- Héctor is in Paraguay.
- What?

- He went to do a show at a casino.
- Could you please stop with the noise?

[sawing stops]

He's getting paid very well, he said.


[somber music playing]

[Griego] Pasolini.

Could you, uh, check my blood pressure?

I think it's too low.


I can't take your blood pressure, Griego.

Why not?

Because I'm not a doctor.


I'm a business specialist.

You can't be serious.

Very serious.

[sighs] You've been giving medical advice
on TV for 40 years.

You've given me pills for the plane.
You've checked my blood pressure.

People go to jail for this kind of thing.

Why do you think I drink?

That's why I wanna get fired.

[phone chimes]


You're fired.

Thank God!

[Yani] His name is Karim.
He was her therapist in 2012 and 2013.

Karim is refined,
well-educated, very charming.

He was my therapist in 2015.

[dog panting]

And what makes you think
that this guy could be his father?

Because he gets involved
with all of his patients, no exception.

You see, he once moved in
with this stupid woman.

Then he left her for an even stupider one.

They guy is a predator. It's disgusting.

He must have had a thing with Sil.
I'm sure of it.

[Griego] And…

with you?

Who do you think
the stupid woman is, Griego?

But doesn't matter.

I'm telling you this because I find
there is a physical resemblance with Beni.

They look very much alike.

Could explain
why Sil didn't tell me anything.

[Griego sighs]

Well, then maybe you should go see him.

I told you. I can't do this anymore.

It's not easy for me.

And you think it is for me?

You think I say to myself,

"Ah, Yani, weekend is coming up.
What shall we do?"

"Mm, I was thinking of going
to Mar de las Pampas to see my ex

and ask him if, nine years ago,
he had a kid with my friend."

"Great plan."

Mar de las Pampas?

["Fuego" by Intoxicados playing]

Can we stop? I need to pee.

- You just went.
- Well, I need to go again.

["Fuego" continues]

- [woman] Oh, hi. What a surprise.
- [Yani] Hey. Yeah.

- [woman] How are you?
- I'm good.

Uh, Karim, is he here? We have a question

No. Impossible. He's meditating.
Can't be disturbed.

Oh, and when will the gentleman
be available?

Mmm, don't know.

We came all the way from Buenos Aires.
Can you explain that to…

We just wanna ask him a few questions
about Silvina Lasarte.


Silvina Lasarte,
she was a patient of his. Could you ask?

- Okay, could you wait a moment please?
- Sure.

Uh, you okay, Yani? You okay?

I'm just great.

[Benito] Watch her eye, Griego.

When she gets nervous,
it starts to twitch.

Not true.

It does not.

Well, Karim wants to know
what this is about.

Well, it's not, uh…
It's not easy to explain the situation.

Yes. Did he sleep with Silvina Lasarte?
Please ask him if he had sex with Silvina

like he does with all of his patients.

- Very well. Let me ask him.
- Great.

- Wait.
- I will. Thank you.

Uh, yes, Karim asks why you say
he sleeps with all of his patients.

Hello! Hello!

- Hello?
- Hello.

- [chuckles] I wasn't a patient of his.
- Really?

- [woman] No.
- You two met at the library, I suppose.

No, I'm his coach.

Do you coach kids too?

- [Griego] One second.
- No.

One second, and we're gone.

No. You don't understand.
For him, meditation is sacred, okay?

The place could be engulfed in flames,
and he wouldn't move a muscle.

Ah, there's an idea.

Fire, forest. Never thought of that.

Listen, we're only trying to find
the father of this boy,

Silvina Lasarte's child.

We just wanna know
if perhaps, at some point,

she might have talked about
or even casually brought up the subject.

Okay, let me go and ask him. One second.

Do that. Thank you.

[Benito] See her eye, Griego?

Always happens when she tries to teach me
some weird grammar thing.

You're sure you're okay?

I'm just great.

All right. He says
it was a toxic situation,

an unimportant relationship,

which, due to patient confidentiality,
he can't discuss.

Ah, is that what he said? Right.

Okay. Move please.
This doesn't concern you.

But… Sheesh! Come on in.

[Yani] All right, you swine,
I want his name.

Who's the father of Silvina's child?

- [Karim screams]
- Oh.

[Karim screaming]

No, no, no, no!

- [Yani kisses] Thank you.
- Karim [groans]

Uh, if I were you, I'd get him some ice,

because it looks like something, uh,
happened down there,

and it's a bit swollen.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

[Karim moans]

[door closes]

Beni, your biological dad's name is Kiko,

and he worked with your mom
at this company called Happiness.

Okay? Now we know.

And now I'm feeling this huge desire
to dip my toes in the sea.

Let's go.

[jazz music playing]

If a crab can't walk straight,
how does it get into its house?


It goes in sideways.

Mom used to say
there are people who always look behind.

Yeah, your mother
always used to say things like that.



"Look behind."

- "Look back."
- Back where?

When I spoke with Silvina,
she said, "Some people like to look back."

There's a get-together with people
she used to work with at Happiness,

the agency
where they photocopy their behinds.


They sent her an invitation
through Facebook.

- Ah! Look it up. There must be a message.
- You don't know her password, do you?

No, but I'll figure it out. Give it to me.

- [Benito] I know what it is.
- What?

- "Bolero, bolero."
- "Bolero, bolero." Hmm. No.

It has to do with David Bowie.
She really liked Bowie.

"Bolero, bolero."

That's not it. We already tried.

Uh, Bowie. Uh…

- Um, try "Let's Dance" maybe.
- Try "Bolero, bolero, bolero."

- I tried "Bolero, bolero." It didn't work.
- But three times.

No, no. All right, let's try it. Okay.

"Bolero, bolero, bolero."

No. Let's try musicals.
Give me the name of popular musicals.

- Chicago.
- "Chicago."

- No.
- Next.

- All That Jazz.
- [Yani] "All that…" No.

Wait. Wait.
Give me a little room here please.

Okay. Can you think of a musical?

- Tennis guy.
- [Yani] Tennis players.

Yes, let's go for it.

♪ I don't know what… ♪


♪ I really cannot explain… ♪

- [Yani] No.
- [Benito] Nadal.

♪ You shook my life upside down… ♪


- Del Potro.
- Kun Agüero.

He's a soccer player.

Yeah, but she liked him a lot,
so it's worth a try.


♪ To make you worth it… ♪

[Benito] Benito?

[Yani] No.

- [Benito] Little bear?
- No.

"Yani." We haven't tried that yet.

- Beni.
- Trying.

- Could be.
- No.


- What?
- Kidding. [laughs]

[Benito laughs]

What are you laughing at?
Come here, you little bear. Come on.

[laughs] I'm gonna get you.

[Benito] Oh no, you won't!

[both laughing]

- Beni, smile. Griego.
- [Griego chuckles]

- [Yani] That's a great one.
- We done?

- You're taking a lot.
- One more.

- [shutter clicks]
- Beautiful one.

- Grab the shovel. Shovel.
- [Yani] What?

- Are you sure? [giggles]
- [Griego] Come on.

See you later. Thanks for the photos.

- [Benito] No! Dig us out.
- Bye.

- Yani!
- My nose is itchy, Yani.

Well, let's just take a break,
enjoy the silence…

and watch the sunset.

There's the moon.

[Benito] This guy thinks
he's a motorcycle,

and so his wife gives him
some gas to drink.

[Griego] Good one.

Two Siamese twin brothers fall in love
with the same person.

Twins, yes. But Siamese, no.

How are we gonna find
Siamese twin brothers?

Okay, let me think. What else?

- Two neighbors share the same Wi-Fi.
- [Griego] Okay.

And one blocks the other out.

That's great, but we, uh, did that one.

- [Yani] You're kidding.
- [Griego] No.

[laughing] Oh my God!
You're unreal, Griego.

So, then, it's not for real?

What's not real?

They're all actors.

It… It's a lie.

Fake people with fake problems?

It doesn't matter if it's something real,
or if it's make-believe.

Well, then what does matter?

What matters?

What matters is that…

you believe.


need to believe.

[soft guitar music playing]

A ventriloquist…

Griego, I have a question.

That deal you made, does that include
the stuff in the mini fridge?

I'd like to have another drink.

No, no, it doesn't,

but, uh, well, yeah,
go ahead. Open it. It's fine.



These are cute.

- Can I ask you something?
- No.


Where have you been these past nine years?

I don't know.

I wonder what he's like.

- Who?
- Beni's father.

What's he like?

Does it matter?

[Griego] Well, I better, uh…

go to my room.

Uh, yeah.

[Griego] Because, uh…

Well, you know, it's just not right.

What's not?


No. No, it's not. Besides,
Beni is sleeping in the next room.

Right there.

For sure. No, of course not.

- Okay, but I could use a drink too.
- [Yani] All right.

One sip, and I'm gone.

There you go.
One quick sip, and good night.

- That's not bad.
- Yeah.


- Okay. Bye.
- Right. Okay, I'm gone.


[Yani clears throat]




- I'm going.
- Bye.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Sleep tight.
- Bye. Sleep well.

- You too. Sleep well.
- Good night.

- Bye.
- Okay.

I better go, 'cause it's not right.

No, it's not.

Glad we're on the same page.

We're on the same page.

[birds chirping]


- [Yani] What time is it?
- Huh?

- [Yani] What time?
- It's seven.

- [Yani] No.
- [Griego] Yeah.

Uh, go back to sleep.

[Yani] Why did you sleep here?

Well, I fell asleep.
Kind of lost track of things, you know?



I can't find my other shoe.

Leave it. I'll bring it to you later.
Just go.

- [Griego] Right. See you.
- [Yani] Go.


Mom was right, you know?

You ruin everything.

Yani. Pathetic.


And I do care about having your last name,
even if it has too many S's.

Door knob.

- [somber music playing]
- [sighs]


Way to screw things up, Griego.

[engine starts]

[phone ringing]


Griego? It's Cosentino.

Yeah, I recognized your number, Cosentino.
What can I do for you?

Well, listen, I'm just coming out
of a meeting with the shareholders

about the programming for next year.

And despite me going to bat for you
and defending your show,

because, well, you know, I like it a lot,

it didn't survive. It got the ax, Griego.

All right.

Cosentino, you know what?

You're the one who's not gonna survive,
you hear me?

So why don't you take your station
and shove it up your you know what?

All right, love you too, Griego. Kisses.



Listen... No, no. Hang on.
I didn't ask... I just want...

- What?
- No, no. Wait. Wait.

I just wanna clarify one thing
about the foam.

I don't wanna use any foam, okay?

It's not part of the deal. Hear me?
I'm not paying for it, okay?

- [music playing]
- [audience cheering]

Warm welcome to the very last broadcast
of Today We Fix the World…


…the one-stop repair shop
for all your emotions.

Today as a farewell,
we have for you an extremely moving case.

On this side, we have David,
also known as Griego,

a hardworking man,
a devoted father to a nine-year-old boy,

who recently found out he'd been deceived.

[audience] Ooh!

The boy is not his son.


And over here, we have Silvina,
the perpetrator of this fraud.

Thank you, Silvina, for being here,
despite her being dead.

Mm-hmm. First off, I want to say

that I totally disagree
with how the case is presented.

- [audience boos]
- A devoted father?


- [Guido chuckles]
- [audience laughs]

I'm just saying what they're telling me
to say, okay? That's it.


Okay, I agree we can get rid
of the "devoted" part,

but this isn't about me. It's about you.

You played with the most sacred feeling
any human being can have,

and I mean the love of a father
for his son.

Your writers are way too corny.

Yes, totally corny,
and they smoke weed all day,

but you lied to me.

The big question here is why.

Why? Are you gonna tell me
you didn't know?

- I suspected it.
- [audience] Ooh!

Then why didn't you tell me earlier?

Because I wanted to have a child with you.

[sentimental music playing]

Why with me?

You'll have to find that out for yourself.

I have something to tell you.

Knowing you has been a great journey.

All this time,
how did I fail to see the real you?

How could I have missed the chance
to share more and appreciate you

for who you are?

You really have to do something
about those writers. [chuckles]

[audience laughing]


What now?

- You help me.
- Me?

Yes, you. You always helped everybody.
Now, I need your help.

Griego, I'm dead.

What should I do?


Fix your own world.

But how?

I think you should try starting
at the beginning.



[echoing] Benito.

[Héctor] Wake up!



[whimsical music playing]



[Griego] Toribio, this is Samarás
from the top floor. How are you?

Sorry to call you at this late hour.
Uh, is your nephew around?

I need a hand up here.

- Careful with that.
- [men grunting]

Toribio, that way.

- [Toribio] It won't fit. Tilt it.
- Go straight. No problem.

- This bull is from the show, isn't it?
- Yeah. Come this way.

- I watched it. It sucks.
- Thanks a lot.

Now, we gotta bring it
through the… uh, the window.

- [Toribio] I'm holding it.
- Over here. Easy.

I'm starting to lose my grip.

- Why don't you try going the other way?
- Hurry up, man.

[Griego] Hurry up. This thing is heavy.

- [Toribio] I'm here, right here.
- Shutter.

[Toribio] Hang on. Easy.

[nephew] Guys, I really gotta pee.

- Hang on a bit.
- [Griego] Wait a bit. We're almost done.

[nephew] No joke, I really need to go.

I hear you, but focus on the moment
and the moving.

- I'm serious. I really need to go.
- [Griego] Hold it. You can do it.

- I can't.
- Look out!

[all shouting]

[alarm blaring]

Isn't that your car?

Yes, yes, it is.

Don't you have a garage?

- Yes, I do.
- Why didn't you park it there?

Because your bike's in there.

Right. Sorry.

Can I use your bathroom?


You might need my ID number to get in.

I'll put it in here. Don't lose it.

Hey, uh, your garage is free now.

[somber music playing]

[Griego sighs]


25 NOV
11:00 A.M.



[jazz music playing]



Excuse me.

Morning. Hi.


I've got something urgent to say to my…


to a student. Benito Lasarte is his name.

What grade is he in?


Grade four. D.

Olga, grade four is in phys ed, right?

When you get out, go left,
down the stairs, down one more floor.

Keep going down
until you see the basketball court.

They're there.

[upbeat music playing]

[students clamoring]


Come here.

Now what do you want?

I found out
where your dad's party is gonna be.

It's this Saturday.

Come pick me up.

[jazz music playing]

Hello. Can you hear me? Over.

Benito made three new friends.
They're so cute.

[Griego chuckles] Yeah?

- Yep.
- Yeah.

And I spoke with his teachers.

It's going well.
For sure he'll pass his grade.

So, it's all good.

- That's great. It's important.
- Yes.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I'm very pleased.

[Griego sighs]

And you? How are you doing?

I'm fine.

Uh, but my best suit
is getting dry cleaned for the party.

Don't worry so much.

You're better than you think.
You'll be fine.

She says that to everybody, Griego.

[Yani] Thank you.

The first gear is a bit stiff,
so you gotta give it a good yank.

The tank is almost empty,
so you'll have to fill up.

- It takes premium.
- All right.

And it's a real guzzler, so…

- Okay, got it.
- [Yani] Yeah.

Okay, give me a call.
Ask me out to dinner maybe.

I have to pay, though. No more deals.

Mm-hmm. Welcome to the real world.

- Bye.
- Ciao.

- Be sure to let me know how it goes. Bye.
- Thanks.

Hey, Lolito, how's it going?

Not good.

All right. You want coffee?

- Sure.
- Be right back.

[Patricia] Come on. Come on.
Hurry up. Hurry up.


- David.
- Ah.

- So?
- David.


This kid is not well. He's got problems.

I don't know if it's psychological
or related to food,

but he's a zombie, like I say.
Now, could you please deal with it?

Someone told me
about this doctor called Pasolini.

Yeah, Pasolini.
Apparently, he's on TV. Do you know him?

- Excellent, the best. Yes.
- All right. So you'll take care of it?

I'll take care of it. But I'd like
to suggest an alternative therapy.

Hypnosis with Héctor the Hypnotist.
It's on me.

Where are you guys off to anyway?

Why are you taking that with you, Benito?
You always lose everything.

Get off my case, will you, Grandma?

I brought these, just in case.


[engine starting]

[Griego] Yes!

[belt squealing]

[brakes squeaking]

[indistinct chatter]

[surf rock music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

- What do we say?
- I don't know.

- Let me do the talking.
- [Benito] Okay.

All right.

Well, it's better than nothing,
and I intend to keep it up.

- Hey.
- Hey there.

How you doing? Pasuchi's cousin, right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

- What's up, man? How you doing?
- [Griego] Good.

- Wallo, from accounting, remember?
- Yeah, yeah.

Hey, kiddo. Good to see you,
my man. Come on in.

Yeah, come on. This way.

[surf rock music playing]

- [Benito] Beautiful house, huh?
- [Griego] Yeah.

Has a pool too.

Hey, Kiko!
You mind if I open the Red Label?

Sure. But don't drink it all.
I don't want you sleeping here.

[man laughing]

[soft music playing]

That's your father.

Kiko, remember this guy?
It's Pasuchi's cousin, the IT dude.

You know the jerk who used to drop trou
and make copies of his ugly butt?

- [Kiko] I don't remember.
- How can you not?

Hi. How you doing?

Sorry, I'm not good with faces,
but welcome.

Thank you.

- And who are you?
- Benito.

Ah. Well, nice to meet you. I'm Kiko.

Relax and make yourselves at home.
Don't be shy.

I'll see you guys around, all right?


This is unreal.

You look identical.

[Benito] I know.

[surf rock music playing]

We don't have to tell him anything today.

Uh, we can ask
for his phone number or email

and meet with him another day.

But he already has a kid.

Why would he want another?
Or what if maybe…

he doesn't like me?

Once he gets to know you,

he'll love you for sure.

- Here he comes.
- What are you doing here?

Well, we were just, uh,
admiring the garden.


You must find all this pretty boring, huh?

I have an idea
that I'm sure you'll like a lot,

but we have to keep it a secret.

- Mind if I borrow him?
- Sure. Of course.


[tender music playing]

[train whistle blowing]

Come on in.

I just finished it.

As you can see,
I'm a bit of a car fanatic. [chuckles]

My daughter is still too young.
I have no one to play with.

And so, my miniature racetrack
is desperate for its inaugural showdown.

Wanna do the honors?


[Kiko] Red or green?

- Green.
- Perfect.

- Go!
- Go!

You're really good!

- What grade are you in?
- I'm starting grade five.

- And do you like school?
- Yeah.

[Kiko] Lucky you. I hated it.

I had to switch schools three times.

[sentimental music playing]


Did you know, uh, Silvina Lasarte?


She used to work at the agency.

She was invited.

She's my mom.


Why isn't she here?

She couldn't come.

I have fond memories of her.

She was special. She had this…

energy. Incredible!

[sentimental music playing]

Why do you ask?


[music continues]


[sighs heavily]

[engine starting]

[Benito] Griego, where are you?
Can you hear me?

Griego, I need to know
where you are. Over.

Hello? Hello? I'm right here.
I'm right outside in the car. Over.

Are you okay? What happened?



What happened?

Nothing happened.
It wasn't him. That's all.

- No?
- No, it wasn't.

- Okay.
- Can we go home?

Go home?

Yes, we have to keep looking,
so we have to go home.



[sentimental music builds]

[Griego sobbing]

[kisses] Come on. Let's go.


[engine starting]

It doesn't have that many S's.


- It doesn't have that many S's.
- What?

Only three.

The last name.

Oh, right.

- [chuckles]
- Right. Yeah.

You're right. There's only three.


[sentimental music continues]

[soft guitar music playing]

[music playing]

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Mom, I don't want to.

- [Silvina] Come on, Beni. Come on. Try it.
- No.

- [Silvina] Sweetie, come on.
- Okay.

[Silvina] Throw it hard.
Give it all you got.

Come on. Come on.

That's it. Oh!

Oh! [laughing]


I love you.

[country music playing]

[music ends]