Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus (1960) - full transcript

Taken in by distant members of his family after being orphaned, Toby Tyler runs away to join the circus.

** [ Circus fanfare ]

[ Man ]
Toby !

Toby Tyler !

[ Chickens clucking ]

Toby !

Where are ya ?

Toby !

Toby Tyler !

** [ Band ]





** [ Continues ]

[ Crowd cheering ]


** [ Continues ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Chimp chattering ]

[ Chattering continues ]

[ Shrieking ]

Stand back, please.
Make way for the elephants.

Make way for the elephants !
Look out there !

This is dangerous.
"Shtand" back.

"Shtand" back, please.
Make way for the elephants.

[ Crowd chuckling ]

[ Cheering ]


[ Crowd cheering ]

** [ Continues ]





[ growling ]

[ Growling continues ]




** [ Calliope ]

** [ Continues ]

** [ Continues ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Man ]
Here by the ferocious
black leopard.

Here you are,
ladies and gents.

Get a cane !
Get a whip !

Here you are, son.
Here's a balloon for you.
Just a copper penny.

Balloons here. One penny.
One copper penny.
Balloons here.

Get your tickets
for the main show !

My balloon !
I want my balloon !
Hurry, hurry !

[ Chattering ]

Step right in
and enjoy the show.

Hurry now. Step in
and enjoy the show.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Are you goin' in ?
No, sir.

Step in and enjoy
the show, gentlemen.

There you are, little lady.
And thank you, madam.

Thank you very much.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Step right up.

Here they are.
Fresh roasted peanuts.

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples and Taffy...

Are all fresh
and are all delicious.

All right, folks.
Step right up.
Step right up here.

The peanuts are grown
on the plantation...

And they're roasted
right here on the premises.

Are you a looker
or a buyer ?

About how many peanuts
would you say I could get
for a penny ?

Well, now, young sir,
in the normal course
of business,

- I don't usually sell them
by the penny.
- Oh.

However, seeing as how you're
a handsome young rooster
with cash money in hand,

I devise I might part
with say...

- Six genuine plantation-grown
Georgian goobers.
- Six ?

That's more than you get
if you bought 'em by the bag,

and that's a solemn fact.


[ Whistle blowing ]

All right, folks,
step right up here.
Here it is.

It's all fresh
and it's all refreshing.
Nice and cold.

Nice and refreshing.
Plantation peanuts.

Can you swap the ones back
that are bad ?

Bad ? I don't vend bad peanuts
in my establishment, boy.

Maybe a little underbred.
Perhaps timeworn.
But not really bad.

Tastes bad.

Here's two more.
Run along. You'll miss
the best part of the show.

Oh, I'm not goin'.
Not going ?

Ah, you lack the price
of a ticket.
Yes, sir.

I suppose your parents
are bringing you tonight.

No, sir.
I don't have any parents.

[ Whistle blowing ]

Orphan boy, eh ?
Well !

Have you ever
thought of joining
the circus, lad ?
Me ?

Imagine... being a part of
the glorious confraternity
of the big top,

that exalted company
of artistes...

Who travel the length
and breadth of this
great land of ours.

How would you
like that ?
But what could I do ?

You... could become...

A concessionaire.

I could ?

- A con--
- concessionaire.

R-R-Rolls out on the tongue
mighty important,
don't it, boy ?

Yes, sir.
Free transportation,

snug place to sleep, all you
can eat, see the performance
anytime you please,

rub shoulders with the great
and near-great.

And as if that weren't enough,
each and every Saturday night,

yours truly--
Harry tupper--

will present you...
With one of these.

What do you say, lad ?
Is it a bargain ?

I'd like that better
than anything else
in the whole world.

You would, eh ?

The only trouble is
uncle Daniel and aunt olive
need me.

Aunt and uncle ?
They're awful poor,

and there's lots of work
for me to do around the farm.
I understand.

It does you credit, my boy.
I'm a loyal man myself...

And I love to see it
in others.

Well, I could ask them.
Don't bother giving it
another thought.

I'll just pick up a boy
in the next town.

Plenty of 'em be glad for
such a golden opportunity.

Yes, sir.
Anyway, thank you.

Wait a minute.
Come here.

Just so's you and I part
the best of friends,

here's a free pass
for tonight's performance.

But mister--
tat-tat. Come,
bring a friend...

And enjoy yourself
courtesy of yours truly,
Harry tupper.

Mr. Tupper, i--
farewell, lad.
Ice-cold lemonade !

It's pink, it's cold,
it's refreshing !

Here we are !
Ice-cold lemonade ! It's pink,
it's cold, it's refreshing !

Here you are !
Ice-cold lemonade !

[ Chickens clucking ]

[ Clucking continues ]

Hey, red ! Red !
Look at what I got here !
Look, red !

Guess what this is ?
A genuine free pass
to the circus.

[ Whinnies ]

Yahoo !

Where have you been ?

I said,
where have you been ?

Answer me.

Oh, I'm sorry,
uncle Daniel.

I meant to come
right back,

but there was a parade.

And then I happened to go
by the circus grounds,

and a man gave me
a free pass.

Circus ?

Did you know the hogs
broke the fence down...

Because you didn't feed 'em,
and rooted up the turnip field,
did you ?

Toby, we counted
on selling that crop.

You know how we need money
in the house.

You're a shiftless,
ungrateful boy.

Don't be hard on him.
Boys get skittish when
a circus comes to town.

He don't have a right
to behave like other boys.

- He's got no rights at all,
and he knows why.
- Don't say that to him.

I'm a poor man, yet I took you
in out of decency's sake...

When no one else
would have you.
Daniel !

I don't see why we didn't
send you to the county home
in the first place.

You're no kin to US.

You're nothin' to US.
Nothin' but a millstone
around our necks.

You don't mean that,

Now you just go up to bed
and stay there.

There'll be no place
at supper for you.

Those were cruel things
to say.

Get on with the supper,

[ Chattering ]

Gangway there.
Horses comin' through.

All right, move those fingers
out of the way !
[ Elephant trumpeting ]

Guy out over here !

Tim, guy out !
Over here !

Mr. Tupper.

Mr. Tupper.

Here I am, Mr. Tupper.
Well, what of it ?

Don't you remember me,
Mr. Tupper ?

You said I could work
for you.
So ?

I'm ready.
All right, move it,
move it !

What about
that aunt and uncle ?

Well, it's all right.
They don't want me.

They said I was a millstone
around their necks.
[ Horse whinnying ]

All right,
you got the job.

Fifty cents a week.
But today you said
a dollar.

If Harry tupper
said a dollar,
he meant a dollar,

but don't let me
catch you runnin' away...

Once I spend the time
to teach you the business.

It takes a lot
out of me, boy.
No, sir.

Gentlemen's agreement.

It's one of the most
solemn things there is.

Understand ?
Yes, sir.

All right, now you stay here
and stay out of trouble.
I'll be right back.

Mr. Tupper ?

I'm hungry.
So ?

I didn't have anything
to eat for supper.
[ Lions growling ]

[ Sighs ]
All right.

Throw a blanket
over the cage !

[ Elephant trumpets ]

There you are, my boy.
Nutritional gold
from the indies.

See that it lasts you
till morning.
Yes, sir.

Give US a hand here,
will you, olie ?

Olie !

Chuck wagon's ready !
Come on ! Pull that
back here, now !

Bring your horses !
Get some of this stuff
back in there !

[ Men chattering,
horse whinnying ]

Steady. Steady !
Steady !

All right, clear
that ball groove.
[ Horse whinnying ]

Clear that ball groove !

Hey !

[ Chattering ]

What are you doin' ?

- [ Shrieks ]
- Give that back, you thief.

[ High-pitched shriek ]

[ Shrieking continues ]

Here. What's goin' on ?

What did you do
to that chimp ?

Me ? I didn't do a thing.
He stole my banana.

[ Shrieking ]

All right, troublemaker,
settle down.

Now, as for you,
you better get home.

I thought I told you
to stay out of trouble.

He stole my banana.

What's wrong here ?
Uh, n-n-nothing, colonel.
N-N-Nothing at all, sir.

The chimp just got
a little excited.
Who's this ?

Th-this is
my new helper, sir.

Picking them kind of small,
aren't you ?

Well, sir,

he has no folks,
the poor lad.

I thought I might take him
under my wing and kind of
give him a helping hand.

Spare me your
kind intentions,

Let's get these wagons moving.
The boy can ride up top
with Ben.

Thunderation, colonel.

Why pick me to wet-nurse
tupper's sniveling brats ?

Trim your wagon, Ben.
We're moving.

Olie, get
these sideboards up !

[ Horse whinnying ]

Mr. Tupper ?
Hmm ? Oh.

I kind of
changed my mind.

[ Stammering ]
Oh, now, lad.

Now listen.
D-Don't you worry none
about our rough ways.

No, sir. We don't
mean a thing by it,
not a blessed thing.

Now, here, look.

Look what Mr. Tupper
has here for you.

There's a bag for you...
Of peppermint jaws.

And that should last you
till morning.

[ Lions growling ]

[ Elephant trumpeting ]

All right now, lad.
Right up this ladder here.

Let me get that for you.
You're gonna be snug
as a mouse up there.

Mr. Carter will take
good care of you.

[ Man ]
All right, keep them cats
covered when you move 'em.

Colonel castle says
you ride with me, you ride.

Get a tight tailhold
on yourself, Sonny.

Bess, will, ha !

Good. Get up.

Now let's get
one thing straight.

Me, I don't like kids,
especially runaways.

They're a weak-livered lot.

A kid has a good home.

The first time some
little thing goes wrong,
he runs away.

Then he finds things
don't suit him just right...

And wants to run
back home again.

Go ahead, jump.
Nobody'll miss you.
I doubt you're worth missing.

Jump ! Don't be scared.

I'm not scared.

And I'm not scared
of you either.

Fair enough, Sonny.

My name isn't Sonny.
It's Toby Tyler.

All right, Sonny.
We'll call you Toby.

Now, it's none
of my business, Toby,

but maybe you'd better
catch some sleep.

Morning comes early
with this outfit.
I'm not sleepy.

Suit yourself.

** [ Singing ]

** [ Continues ]

* and away I go

* I never know when
and then mm, mm, mm *

* it's better not knowing
I don't care *

** [ Continues ]

* and away go I

hold there.
Giddap, giddap.

* not too sad

* my way of thinking
is not too bad *

* never know when
and mm, mm, mm, mm *

* it's better not knowing
I don't care **

[ Elephant trumpeting ]

You better be
up and doing, boy,

before Harry tupper comes
looking for you.

Thanks for taking care of me
last night, Ben.

I guess I fell asleep.
It don't mean nothin' to me
one way or another.

I just didn't want you
fallin' off the wagon and
me gettin' blamed for it.

Anyway, thanks.

I won't bother you

I'm sure glad
to hear that.

[ Monkey chattering ]

[ Shrieking ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Man ]
Hey, get Mrs. Conner
and those girls over here.

[ Lions growling ]

[ Man ]
Hey !

[ Lions growling ]

For a big fella, he sure throws
a puny shadow, don't he ?
He sure does.

You reckon I ought to tell him
his apron strings is draggin' ?

I didn't--
I didn't say nothin'.

[ Man ]
Hey, have you seen
this big wagon ?

Should I wash
up here ?

That's water,
ain't it ?
Yes, sir.

All right.
Now you do me a favor
and keep out of my way.

What's the matter ?
You sure got
a bad temper, mister.

Don't let that bother ya.
You're working for Harry tupper,
a real fine fella.

- At least he's friendly.
- Oh, sure.

And just by happenstance,

here's Mr. Friendly himself
come lookin' for you.

What's the idea of making me
chase all over camp for you ?

Morning, Mr. Tupper.
I was just washing up.

Not on my time,
you aren't.

Come on. Come on.
Run along. Move it along.

Come on.
Step it along.

[ Sighs ]

Now look. We don't want
to be wool gathering
all over camp...

When there's work
to be done, now, do we ?

Now, let's move along, boy.
Let's-- let-- let--

- put me down !
- No, Ben. It was my fault.

You keep out of this, boy.
It's got nothing to do
with you.

Take your dirty hands
off of me.

Oh, I aim to, Mr. Tupper.
I aim to.

Now, I don't believe
in coddlin', Mr. Tupper,

but, uh, I got my fill
of you mistreatin'
your helpers.

It just don't sit well
with me.

That boy works for me,
and I'll do what I want
with him.

Sure, Mr. Tupper, sure.
You just tell him
what you want him to do.

If he don't do it,
you can fire him.

But, uh, if I ever catch you
mistreatin' him again,

well, I'm just liable to do
something like this.

No, Ben, don't !

As for you,
you listen to Mr. Tupper.
Work hard and do your job right.

He's your employer,
and you be respectful to him.

Yes, sir.
Now you can go to work as soon
as you've had your breakfast.

Cookhouse is down there.

Well ?

[ Elephant trumpeting ]

Why, Mr. Tupper,
you're all wet.


** [ Singing ]

** [ Continues ]

* away they go *

[ chattering ]

Here ya are.

Why don't you sit
over here ?

Oh, thank you.

- You're new around here,
aren't you ?
- Yes, ma'am.

Who's that ?
I was just trying
to find out.

You're not supposed
to be here, you know ?
This is a performer's table.

- Stop it, ajax.
I asked him to sit down.
- Did you hear what I said ?

And look at me
when I talk to you !

Oh, ajax,
let him alone !

He's not supposed to be
at our table.

Go on, get away.

[ Clears throat ]
Well, well, there you are,
my boy.

Colonel castle
specially asked me
to look out for you.
Me ?

Mm-hmm. Oh, are you taking
a professional nom de plume
this season...

Or do you plan to use
your own name ?

I guess I'll use
my own name.
Which is--

Toby Tyler.
Toby Tyler, of course.

Wonderful name.
I've always liked it.

Oh, may I present
mademoiselle Jeanette
and monsieur ajax.

You've heard of Toby Tyler,
of course.

[ Stammering ]
Well, gosh, I didn't know
who he was.

[ Chuckles ]
It's a little late
for apologies.

Will you do me the honor
of having breakfast
with my family and me ?

Yes, sir.
Right this way.

Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Sam treat, circus clown.

A clown ?
At your service.

Ow !

[ Chuckling ]

Oh, what is it that you do
with the circus, Mr. Tyler ?

Oh, I'm a con--

A "constashionaire" ?
[ Chuckling ]

Papa Schultz used to say,
"what would a circus be
without a 'constashionaire' ?"

[ Chuckling ]
[ Chuckling ]

Come on. Kids are sure
gonna be glad to meet you.

How big of a family
do you have ?

Oh, it depends.
Most of the time I'd say
somewhere between four and five.

Sit down.

All right, kids.
Breakfast !

Gosh ! When you said
you had a family,
I thought that you--

it's all right.
They're family to me.

Not what you're used to,
I suppose.

To tell you the truth, I don't
have a regular family either.

-That's why I joined the circus.
-Is that so ?

I ran away, you know ?

I never would've guessed.

It wasn't because
they didn't want me,
but they're awful poor,

and I was a millstone
around their necks.

Millstone, huh ?
That's pretty bad.
Sure is.

You, uh-- you figure
you'll never go back ?

I guess not.

At least ways, not until
I can earn enough money
to bring home...

To show 'em I'm not
what they said I was.

You know,
papa Schultz used to say,

you should spend around,

"and it would come back
even more so.

Money, you should save
in something."

Who is papa Schultz ?

An old clown
I used to know.

I always wanted to make
people happy the way he did.

That's why I ran away
with the circus.
You ran away too ?

Papa gave me this pouch
to save money in.

He said, "the circus...

"Is for elephants
'und' papa Schultz.

Everybody else should
take the money and go home."
But you didn't.

There you are, Toby.

Save your money.
Don't wait'll it's too late.

Thank you, Mr. Treat.

I'll save all my money
and work real hard...

And do everything
Mr. Tupper tells me.

And-- oh, my gosh !

- What's the matter ?
- I forgot. Mr. Tupper's
waitin' for me.

Bye. Bye.

Bye. Come back again.

[ Whistle blowing ]


peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples !

[ Crowd gasping ]

** [ Band ]

[ Tupper ]
Peanuts !

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples !

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples !

All right, folks.
It's right here.

It's ice-cold lemonade !
It's pink, it's cold,
it's refreshing.

** [ Continues ]

[ Crowd gasping ]

Candied apples.
Peanuts, popcorn.

[ Crowd gasping ]

** [ Accelerates ]

** [ Continues ]

** [ Finale ]

** [ Band ]


** [ Continues ]

[ Honks ]

** [ Continues ]

[ Chuckling ]

[ Audience laughing ]
[ Whistle blowing ]

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples !

** [ Drumroll ]
And now, ladies
and gentlemen !

You are about to witness...

Those youthful equestrians

With their famous
educated steeds !
** [ Cymbal ]

Mademoiselle Jeanette
and monsieur ajax !

** [ Band ]
[ Applause ]


** [ Continues ]

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples.


hey, sit down, boy,
will ya ?

Oh, thank you, sir.

** [ Continues ]

[ Applause ]
[ Whistle blowing ]


** [ Continues ]

[ Cheering ]

Ice-cold lemonade.
It's pink, it's cold,
it's refreshing here.

** [ Continues ]

[ Whistle blowing ]


** [ Drumroll continues,
cymbal ]

** [ Band ]
Great show, isn't it ?

Yes, sir.

Peanuts, popcorn,
candied apples !

Ice-cold lemonade here.
It's pink, it's cold,
it's refreshing.

Dollar, thirty,

forty, sixty,

what's that ?

Why, you blithering

Don't you know any better
than to take a lead slug ?

Oh, I'm sorry,
Mr. Tupper.

I don't know that much
about money.

Oh, you don't.
Oh, well, then
I'll teach you.

And here is
lesson number one: I'm going
to replace this slug...

With a nickel from
your first week's pay.
Yes, sir.

What do I do
with these ?

Where did you
get them ?
They were left over.

When I tried
to give 'em back,

they said,
"keep the change."

That, my lad, is what
is known in circus parlance
as a tip.

Understand ?


Now there's
an old circus custom...

That all tips belong
to the head concessionaire.

That's me.
Yes, sir.

However, if you report
all your tips,

I will split them
with you.

Thus, a dime for me,
and a nickel for you.
Thank you, sir.

You must promise...

To keep our little arrangement
a secret.

You see,
in the circus world,

you must pretend
to have a hard nature.

I wouldn't want folks
to think that, uh,
I was a softy.

[ Both chuckling ]

Now get busy
and clean up that mess.

[ Chattering softly ]

[ Chattering continues ]

[ Shrieking ]

[ Shrieking ]

[ Shrieking continues ]

Why, you little--

Mr. Tupper'll
skin me alive !

I hope you get sick !

I hope you get so sick
that you turn green.

[ Shrieking ]

[ Shrieking continues ]

He's awful sick,
isn't he ?

Don't look too good,
that's a fact.

It's all my fault.

I didn't want him
to get that sick.

This fella'll eat anything.
Sometimes I think
he's part ostrich.

Let's see here.

A trunk key.

[ Whimpering ]

A button hook.

A hairbrush.

A piece of clothesline.
You sure scared me.

Don't worry about this fella.
You couldn't even hurt him
with a--

[ imitating papa Schultz ]
He's almost indestric--
uh, indestructib--

- you couldn't do it.
- Do you think you can
fix him up ?

I always have.

[ Chattering ]
Old reliable.

Castor oil.
[ Barking ]

Now get a good grip on him,
and I'll give him
a couple of spoonfuls.

Gosh, I wanted to make
friends with him.

He'll never forgive me
for this.

Hang on tight.
Don't let him bite ya.

[ Whimpering ]

There we are.

[ Shrieking ]
H-hold still.

[ Shrieking continues ]

Easy, easy, e--
[ Shrieking stops ]

Now hold him tight.

Sure hate to put him back
in that old monkey cage.

Well, it might be a good idea
to keep him warm tonight.

Here. Wrap him in this.

Maybe he can sleep
with me tonight.

You better ask Ben. The monks
are his responsibility.
Thanks, Mr. Treat.

Good night.

[ Horse whinnying ]

We're gonna be
real good friends now,
aren't we, Mr. Stubbs ?

Stubbs ?
Why Mr. Stubbs ?

He reminds me
of old Mr. Stubbs.

He runs the general store
back home.

We sure are real good friends.
That's gonna be US, Mr. Stubbs.

How I ever let you
sweet-talk me into this,
I don't know.

Colonel castle's
number one rule is:

Animals ride in the cages
where they belong !

Don't you think
he's lookin' better ?

I bet he'll be his old self
in the morning.

That'll be real nice.

Hiya, ya !

Move, now !

Wake up, Toby.
Wake up !

What time is it ?

Canvas wagon had
a breakdown during the night.

Maybe I ought to find
Mr. Tupper. He'll be
lookin' for m--

you hold your seat.
We're gonna parade
straight into woodvale.

We'll set canvas afterwards.
You mean, I get
to ride in a parade ?

Yeah. Here.

You wanna be circus ?
Look circus.

How about a hat
for Mr. Stubbs ?

Never mind about that.
Whatever you do,
just hang on to that chimp.

- Don't ya think
he's lookin' better, Ben ?
- Yeah.

[ Firecrackers popping ]
Hey, I almost forgot.
It's the fourth of July.

That means firecrackers.

Uh-huh. The big cats
are sure gonna love them.

Ha ! Giddap !


[ horse whinnying ]

[ Growling ]

** [ Continues ]

Steady now !
[ Whinnying ]

[ Popping ]

[ Shrieking ]

[ Ben ]
Hold up ! Whoa ! Whoa !

Stop !

Jump, Toby !
Jump !

There's a kid
under that wagon !

Get that kid out of there !
Look out ! Look out !

[ Crowd murmuring ]

are you all right ?
Yeah, sure.

Thanks, boys.

How the devil
did this happen ?

Chimp was loose, colonel.
Got scared of the fireworks
and rattled up the horses.

- How'd the chimp get loose ?
- My fault. He was riding
up top with me.

You know the rules, Ben !
You're through !

See me after the show !

The monkeys !
Olie, olahah !

Get after those monks
before they tear
this town apart !

Mr. Stubbs.
He's loose !

Keep those wagons moving !
Close it up ! Close it up !
** [ Band ]

[ Monkey chattering ]
Mr. Stubbs !

[ Chattering continues ]

** [ Continues ]

[ Gunshot fired ]

Get down ! Take cover !

[ Chattering ]

[ Chattering continues ]

[ Chattering continues ]

[ Gunshot fired ]

[ Chattering continues ]

Hey, son, get down !
That chimp in there's
got my .45 !

Mr. Stubbs !

Get back down there !

[ Chattering continues ]

He's got
just one more shot.

Rest easy, folks.
That's the last bullet.


Wait !
Get back there !

I hate to do this,
but I'm gonna get him
before he shoots someone.

- No !
- Hey, come back here !

[ Chattering ]

Oh, hi, Mr. Stubbs.

It's me, Toby.
Look out, boy.

Don't rile him.
[ Shrieking ]

[ Gasping ]

We're friends, Mr. Stubbs.
Remember ?

Careful with that gun.

Good ol' boy.

Easy, Mr. Stubbs.

Good ol' boy.

Good ol' Mr. Stubbs.


Give it to me.
Please ?

No, Mr. Stubbs !
No !

- [ Shrieking ]
- Mr. Stubbs.

Too late
to be sorry now.

Come on.

He didn't know
it was loaded.

Hey, sheriff,
that chimp's pretty good
with a shootin' iron.

Yeah, maybe you
ought to deputize him.

[ Laughing ]

Where you goin' ?
I'm takin' a walk.
Free country.

Where you goin' ?
I'm leavin'.

Oh, plannin' on buyin'
that livery stable
you been thinkin' about ?


Well, good luck.

Come in. Come in.
[ Horse whinnying ]

Why doesn't Ben
just tell him
it was my fault ?

You know why
Ben's so big ?

He's just plain stuffed
with mulehead pride.

Well, Ben,
it's been quite a day.

Those runaway monks fiascoed
US into the best business
we've done all season.

Telegraph from
our advance man
in kingsville.

Says they've already
sold out of blues for the
performance there tomorrow.

And listen to this.

capture woodvale.

"Boy disarms
gun-toting chimpanzee.

Animals celebrate
independence day
by making break for freedom."

That busted wagon was
the best thing that
ever happened to US.

Why the, uh, getup ?
You tryin' to scare
the animals ?

I come by to pick up
my pay, colonel.

- Your pay ? What for ?
- You fired me today.

Oh, now, Ben,
you know me.

I was just lettin' off
a little steam.

What's the sense of
runnin' my own show...

If I can't get sore
at people now and then ?

If you'll just
pay me the money
that's rightful due--

oh, stop whimperin'
about your money.

Where's that boy,
Tyler ?
Toby ? He's outside.

What's he got to do
with this ?

Toby ! Toby Tyler,
come in here.

Now, Toby,

I want you and the chimpanzee
to ride up on the monkey cage

Folks in kingsville
wanna look you over
after those stories today.

A chimp up on the seat ?
Colonel, are you
out of your mind ?

That's what started
the whole fracas today.

Ben, with you in charge,
I'm not worried
about a thing.

O-O-Oh, no. No, sir.
You don't get around me
that way.

Toby, I'd like to
thank you for saving
that chimp's life today.

He's kind of a pet
of mine.

I guess I've got a weakness
for troublemakers.

-That's why I like old Ben here.

Seems like you handled
that chimp pretty well.

How would you like
to take care of him ?
Keep him out of mischief.

You mean it, sir ?

He's your responsibility.

Now run along.

Thank you, sir.

Now, look, colonel. I don't
think this whole thing
is gonna work at all.

What are you standin'
around here for ?

Climb out of that banker's suit
and get those wagons movin' !

It's a long haul
to kingsville.

Welcome home, Ben.

And where have you been ?

Oh, I was--
I don't care what colonel castle
says about that chimp.

You just be sure he doesn't
interfere with your work.

Now I have to go into town
on some business.

You'll remember
everything I told you ?
Yes, sir.

See that all the stock
is locked in the green box,

fetch enough water
for all the jars,
and it's Saturday.

Saturday ?

Yes, sir.
The day you pay me.

And what, my young creature,
are you doing...

With all the money I've been
showering down on you
the past couple of weeks ?

Oh, I save it, sir.

That's a slug,
Mr. Tupper.

So it is.
Just wanted to see
if you were on your toes.

Here you are.

And you make sure
that chimp stays out
of my stock box.

Now I won't be
gone long,

and I want you
to carry on
with your work.

Yes, sir.
[ Lion growling ]

Did you ever see
so much money in your life,
Mr. Stubbs ?

Three dollars
and forty-seven cents.

I'm pretty near rich.

Won't uncle Daniel
be surprised when I bring
all this money home ?

Come on.
I better tie you up.
Let's go.

I gotta go tie you up.

Stay there.
Now don't move.

Here we go.

Come on.
Here we go.

Sit down.

I got a lot of chores
to do, Mr. Stubbs.

I better get started.

[ Elephant trumpeting,
lion growling ]

Oh, come in !

Come on in !

Well, if it isn't
the great peanut salesman ?

Death-defying daredevil
of the lemonade stand.

Stop it, ajax.

We haven't seen you
around lately.

Mr. Tupper kind of
keeps me going.
Well, sure.

He's got an important job:
Chasing flies away
from the lemonade.

Don't mind him, Toby.

Oh, I don't.
Next to Mr. Tupper,
he's kind of friendly.

That sure is
a pretty horse.
You like horses ?

What would a peanut seller
know about horses ?
Hey, Jeanette, watch this.


I do so know something
about horses.

It so happens I have
a horse of my own.
Toby, really ?

His name's old red.

Course he isn't really old.
That's just his name.

Is he a gaited horse ?
Gaited ?

You know, what gait
does he favor most ?

Oh, I guess he favors most
the gate that leads down
to the pasture.

Lots of sweet clover
down there.

Toby, you're joking.
[ Chuckling ]

Hey, Jeanette !
Look at me !

that's pretty good.
Don't look at him.

He thinks whenever
he's out in that ring,

the whole world has to stop
and watch him.

Tell me some more
about old red.
Can he jump ?

Hey, Jeanette !

Ajax, you know what
the colonel said about
practicing without the belt !

Who cares ?
Just keep watching !

Ajax !

[ Screaming ]

Ajax !
Get away from me.

[ Moaning, gasping ]

It's pretty bad.

Get him to his tent.
Move !

Careful of that leg.
Both hands under it.

Easy, easy.
Get the doctor.
Quick !

Who's responsible for this ?
Who let that boy practice
without the belt ?

Ben, where were you ?
Never mind.
I was out--

never mind.
Don't bother me
with it now.

Question is: Now what ?
Here we are, going into
our peak playing time,

and our top act
goes up the chimney.

Well, what do we do
about it ?

What ?

Toby Tyler can ride.
Who ?
Who ?

It's true.
Toby's been riding
since he was little.

He has his own horse
at home.

You ! Toby !

Sorry, sir.
I'll get right back
to the lemonade stand.

Can you ride ?

Me ? Well, sir,
it was just around
the farm, kinda.

Never mind that. Just so
you had some experience.
I'll take care of the rest.

- But colonel, I don't think--
- that's good. Don't think.

Jeanette, come stand
over here next to Toby.

Now let's see
what we've got here.

Sure. Sure.
They jibe together
like ham and beans.

What do you think, Ben ?
Now hold on,

Yes, sir, we may have
something here
if we work it right.

That right, Sam ?
I think it's
a great idea, colonel.

Now you listen to me, Toby.
Let's get this straight.

We're gonna make a
rasenback rider out of you.
Understand ?

It won't be easy,
but by the eternal, that's
exactly what's gonna happen.

But, sir,
I-I gotta work
for Mr. Tupper.

We got
a gentlemen's agreement.

I'll take care
of tupper.

All right,
start the first thing
tomorrow morning.

We'll be at the county seat
in waterford in two weeks.
I want this boy riding by then.

Now, take over.
He's all yours.

But colonel.
Two weeks ?

Well, I gotta be goin'.
I'll see you later.

I'll see you now.
You heard the colonel.
He's all ours.

[ Chuckling ]

Well, i-i-it just
isn't fair, colonel.

Toby Tyler is
the best boy I ever had.

You can't take him
away from me.

Will you stop whimpering
and get out of here ?

Find yourself
another boy !
I don't want another boy.

Customers like him.
He brings a lot of tips.
I-I-I mean money.

Now, listen tupper,
if you--
now, colonel.

N-N-Now, colonel.
Don't you go
boilin' up.

I know you're a hard man.
You know, people say
a lot of things about you.

But I never heard no one say
that you weren't fair
and honest--

now don't you try
to bear-grease me.

[ Sighs ]
Well, it--

you see, it-it's just
that I feel responsible
for that boy.

He's liable to get hurt
foolin' around them horses.

Ben'll take good care of him.
You know that.

[ Sighs ]

Well, it just don't
rest easy on my conscience.

Well, just how much
do you think it would take...

To soothe that conscience
of yours down ?

[ Chuckles ]

I don't like to put it
in terms of money,

but, uh--

how about $40 a week ?

I figure the going rate
on your conscience
a lot lower than that.

Let's make it ten.
How does 30 sound
to you ?

It sounds like 15.

[ Stammering ]
Colonel, I wanna help you.

Now, I tell you
what I'll do.
No, Mr. Tupper !

I'll tell you
what I'll do !

I'll give you $20 a week
finder's fee for that boy !

If you say another word--
that's a very fair
proposition, colonel.

I'll just draw up
a piece of paper
sort of legal-like--

you'll what ?
Let's make it
a gentlemen's agreement.

After all, if you and I
can't trust one another,

what kind of a world
would this be ?
Get out of here !

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Ben ?
Yeah ?

Did you ever
tell a lie ?

Same as anyone else.

Kinda gave it up, though.
Too much trouble.

Any lamebrain can lie himself
into somethin'.

Then there's all that trouble
of working yourself
back out of it again.

It's not worth it.

- Ben ? I told
one of those lies.
- Don't say ?

I can't ride.
Not hardly at all.
I know it.

- When you figure on leavin' ?
- How'd you know ?

Ought to be a pretty good pile
of coins in that pouch by now.

I surmise you could buy
a train ticket home...

And still have money left over
to give your uncle Daniel.

Would you look
after Mr. Stubbs ?
He don't know I'm goin'.

He won't starve.

I'll come back someday
and buy him
from colonel castle.

Sure. Why don't you
get some sleep ?

Ben ?

Next to Mr. Stubbs, you and Sam
are the best friends I got.

-I'll sure hate to say good-bye.
-Now, don't get all wrought up.

A few weeks, you'll forget
what I look like.

I'll never forget you, Ben.

Go to sleep.

[ Clears throat ]

** [ Humming ]

** [ Humming continues ]


Toby !

Better get up now.
You got a big day
ahead of you.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Stubbs ! My money !
Where is it ?

Where's my money ?

What'd you do with it ?
Tell me !

[ Mr. Stubbs shrieking ]
Tell me !

Tell me, Mr. Stubbs !
What'd you do with my money ?

Tell me ! Tell me,
Mr. Stubbs ! Tell me !

What's the trouble ?
Ben, Mr. Stubbs
threw my money away...

And I looked all over
for it.

Why, the ornery,
thieving little chimp.

Why'd you do it,
Mr. Stubbs ?

- Take it easy, Toby.
- That's what I get for makin'
a friend out of him.

Near as I can remember,
colonel castle said
he was your responsibility.

You took him on, didn't ya ?
Nobody made you do it.

- No.
- Well, then, don't go
blamin' the chimp.

But, Ben, all my money,
my savings-- it's gone !

You think money is your
only problem ? That's easy.

Here. Take what I've got.

There's enough
to get you home
and some left over.

Go on ! Take it and
get outta here before
you get in any deeper !

You mean you don't
want to run away ?

You want to go on takin' care of
this ungrateful little chimp ?

[ Chatters ]

You wanna go out
in the practice ring
today and work off...

Some of that trouble
you've lied yourself into ?

All right.

See you're in that ring
at 11:00 sharp this morning.

And don't think
it's gonna be fun.

Oh, that's a great trick,
but let's learn
to stand up first.

Get back ! Back !

No, no. You go
the same direction
as the horse !

Keep a leg on each side
and your mind in the middle.

Keep your body limber.
That's right. Steady. Steady.

Hup, hup, hup, hup.

Carry your weight low.

Now, feel his motion
through your feet.

Go with it.
Don't fight it.

Whoa !

[ Chattering ]

On your knees now !

Stand up ! Stand up !

Whoa !

Whoa !
Wait for the horse !

Hang on !

No, no. You're supposed
to ride him, not kiss him !

- No, no, no.
Let go of his ears !
- Whoa !

[ Mr. Stubbs chattering ]

Stand up.

- Hang on !
- It's no use ! I can't do it !

- That's just what ajax said.
- He did, did he ?

Yeah. He said you'd put
your tail between your legs
and quit the first day.

Oh, yeah ? I'll show him !
Now let go of the rope.
Let go !

That's better.
It's not good, but it's better.

Get off that horse now !
Get off !

[ Sighs ]
Now get ready
for the fourth jump.

- Now ?
- Yeah, now. And this time,
watch your timin'.

Get ready, set-- go !

I missed.

It's not bad for a beginning.

We'll work on the stand ups
after lunch.

Olie mathesson.

Madam tanzini.
Two for you.

Greta neilssen,
Toby Tyler.

Harris tillford.
Uh, Toby's busy now.
I'll take that for him.

Frank Vernon.

Harry birch.

Rufus rachen.

"Dear Toby, we've had
a very bad time.

"I'm afraid your uncle Daniel
is not well.

"Without your help,
the work around the farm
is just too much for him.

We need you, Toby"--
[ Toby ]
Mr. Tupper !

You dropped somethin'.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.

Well, uh... how is,
how is our star performer
getting on ?

Awful, but Ben says
to come back after lunch.

My boy, I have
complete faith in you,

and just to prove
Harry tupper is not just
sounding off his bazoo,

look what I have for you.

The best secondhand
riding shoes money can buy.

Now, I ask you:
Is Mr. Tupper
your friend or is he ?

but, but, but. There's
no need to thank me.

Now, you just forget
your chores around here,

run along and meet
your friend, Mr. Stubbs.

Mr. Tupper ?
Hmm ?

I don't know how to say this,
but I wanna take back...

Some of the things
I thought about you.

Yes... well, there's
no need to mention it.

I'll admit I'm not the most
patient man in the world,

but it's how we behave
when the chips are down
that really counts.

Am I right ?

** [ Humming ]

Ben ?

Think I could tell my aunt
and uncle I'm gonna be
a bareback rider ?

I don't see why not.

Think I'll ever ride
real good ?

Well, you ain't
no Pawnee bill,

but by the time we open
in waterford, you'll look
like a professional...

Or my name ain't
Benjamin obadiah Carter.

Ben, how do you
spell "uncle" ?

"Uncle" ? Well, now,
that depends.

Some parts of the country,
you spell it one way;

other parts,
you spell it the other.

- What part are we in ?
- Drat it, boy.

It's not the spellin'
of a letter that's important.
It's what you say in it.

Now, did you tell the folks
you missed 'em ?

Not exactly.

Well, then, did you say
you loved 'em ?

Folks put an awful lot of store
in things like that.

I love you very much.


Ben, how do you spell
"cordially" ?

Why don't you sign it
"your friend, Toby Tyler"...

And stop botherin' me.

[ Applause ]
** [ Band ]

** [ Snake charmer music ]

[ Crowd laughing,
applauding ]

[ Whistle blown ]

** [ Fanfare ]

You'd be scared too,
if you had to go out
in front of all those people.

Well, how are we
gettin' along ?

Doesn't seem
to fit too well.

Well, let's see. Let's see
could we do somethin'
about that over there.

Stay right there
for a minute.

Now, let's see here.

If we take up the slack
in the back here,

I think maybe that the front,
the front would be, uh--

the front is, uh--

turn around this way once
because across here, it will--

If we did a sling--

"und" this doesn't
look too--

it's awful, isn't it ?
I think so.

I don't think even magic
could help it.

Of course, there's all
kinds of magic, you know.

There's the magic
where you got the hat
"und" you take the rabbit,

but this is no good
for the-- oh-ho-ho-ho !

I got the magic.
I got the right kind of magic.
Close the eyes.

"Und" keep 'em closed.

Now, then,
how does it go again ?

Oh, yes.
Needles and pins.
Needles and pins.

When you presto the changeo,
the magic commences.

Open the eyes.

- Surprise !
- Good luck tonight, Toby.

Monsieur Toby,
in a few moments
you will make your debut...

As a featured performer
in colonel castle's
great American circus.

- But i--
- shh !

And we, your fellow performers,
not wishing to see the luster
of this occasion dimmed...

In any way-- especially from
a sartorial point of view--

- what ?
- Or as papa Schultz might say,

"when you go in front
of the people,
you should never wear...

"This ridicu-- this awful--
this-- the baggy pants.

- You shouldn't do it."
- [ Performers chuckle ]

Good luck, Toby.

And here's the rest
of it, Toby.

You have just about
three minutes to get dressed,
monsieur Toby.


** [ "The blue danube" ]



[ blowing whistle ]

** [ Continues ]

Mr. Stubbs,
have you seen my shoes ?

[ Chattering ]
Good night ! I left them
over at the lemonade stand.

Where's Toby ?
Still dressing,
I guess.

Mr. Stubbs,
how'd you get loose ?

[ Distant applause ]

[ Whistle blowing ]

Toby !
** [ Fanfare ]

No, Mr. Stubbs !

"Master Toby Tyler" ?

They're all for me.
They're from aunt olive.

- Mr. Stubbs, they did write !
- What the devil
are you doin' here ?

Look, Ben ! They did write !
You haven't got time for that.
Now, come on ! Hurry !

I'll take care
of the chimp.

[ Blows whistle ]

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

we present
for your kind approval...

Those daring
young equestrians...

Mademoiselle Jeanette
and monsieur Toby !

Jeanette and Toby !

Taffy candy,
ice-cold lemonade.

It's pink. It's cold.
It's refreshing. I--

Uh, peanuts !
They're fresh roasted !

[ Blowing whistle ]

[ Tempo increases ]

** [ Drumroll ]

Lemonade here, folks.
Here we are. It's pink.
It's cold. It's refreshing.

It's ice-cold lemonade.
It's made... right--

** [ Drumroll ]

Peanuts !
They're fresh roasted !

[ Whistle blowing ]

Toby, you rode
like a champ !
You were just great !

Excuse me.
I gotta read my letters.

[ Chuckling ]
[ Chuckling ]

[ Aunt olive's voice ]
We miss you so much, Toby,

and wonder why
you don't answer our letters.

Your uncle Daniel is not well.

He has taken over the chores
you used to do,

and with the rest of the work,
it's too much for him.

They want me to come home,
Mr. Stubbs.

They need me.

I've gotta go
before they try and stop me.

** [ Fanfare ]

** [ Drumroll ]

I can't take you with me,
you know, Mr. Stubbs.

You don't belong to me.
They'd say I "stoled" you.

You understand,
don't you ?

I'll come back
and get you someday.
[ Hoots ]

Honest, I will.

[ Chattering ]

[ Shrieking, chattering ]

[ Background music ]
[ Distant applause ]

Toby ! Toby !

"Dear Ben and Sam,

I am sorry to tell you this,
but I am leaving the circus."

That ungrateful little whelp.
After all I've done for him.

Good morning, gentlemen.
Eh ?

You got a phone ?

Operator, get me the sheriff
over to bartonsville.

Yeah, it's important.

Sheriff, this is
Harry tupper representing
castle's great American circus.


I want you to keep your eye
open for a small boy
about 11 years old.

Calls himself Toby Tyler.

I figure he's going
in your direction.

Well, he ran away
from the circus last night.

Took along a valuable animal
belonging to colonel castle.

A chimpanzee.
Thanks, sheriff.

Oh, say, sheriff,
you find the boy, we'll be glad
to express our appreciation.

You know what I mean ?
All right.

Say, uh, I don't suppose either
of you have glimpsed the lad.

Oh, a hunter, eh ?

Well, I suppose you know these
parts around here pretty well.

Tell you what:
You find that boy...

And there's a reward
of, say, $10 in it for you.

Sorry. I'm not much
on trackin' small boys.

Bobcat's about
fearsome enough for me.

[ Clears throat ]

Well, suit yourself.

[ Mr. Stubbs whimpering ]

[ Whimpering continues ]

[ Chatters ]

Mr. Stubbs !

What are you doin' here ?

They'll be after me
for sure now, Mr. Stubbs.

You know I'm glad
to see ya, but gosh.

[ Mimics ] Oh, well.
As papa Schultz would say,

"here we is
'und' where we is...

"Is further away
than where we was...

"Next to where we're gonna be.

"So, I take you home...

'Und' we write colonel castle
where you is."

Don't get your feet wet,
Mr. Stubbs.

* a biddle-Dee-Dee
and a biddle-Dee-oh *

** [ Humming ]

** [ Humming continues ]

* and I don't know where *

** [ Whistling ]

** [ Humming continues ]

[ Chatters, screeches ]

[ Carriage approaching ]


[ Mr. Stubbs chattering ]

[ Whispers ]
Quiet, Mr. Stubbs.


We'll cut across this way.

You raisin' somethin', Jasper ?

[ Dog howling ]
[ Screeches ]

Mr. Stubbs !

[ Barking continues ]

[ Barks echoing ]

[ Screeching ]

[ Barking ]
Mr. Stubbs !

[ Barking continues ]
[ Screeching continues ]

[ Toby ]
Mr. Stubbs !

[ Barking ]

[ Screeching ]
[ Barking continues ]

[ Shot fired ]

Mr. Stubbs !
Oh, Mr. Stubbs.

[ Sobbing ]

Oh, Mr. Stubbs.
Please don't leave me.

Don't leave me.
[ Crying ]

You did it !
You shot him. Why ?

I didn't mean to. I thought
it was something else.

You killed him !
You're a murderer !

I'm sorry.
Believe me, I'm sorry.

Get away from US.

[ Sobbing continues ]

What's this ? What--

oh, Mr. Stubbs !
Don't leave me, Mr. Stubbs.

[ Sobbing continues ]

Well, now, Toby,
that's, that's too bad.

That's really too bad.
You see now, Toby ?

If you hadn't run away,
this terrible thing
wouldn't have happened.

- It's your fault.
- My fault ?

Oh, surely you see that ?

Mr. Stubbs would be
alive and well
if you hadn't run off.

- Come on, let's go back.
- I want Mr. Stubbs.

Now, look !

Now, look, Toby,
Mr. Stubbs is dead...

And there's nothing you can do
to change that, so come on.

Maybe the colonel
will give you another pet.

No, I won't
leave him !
Come on !

Just a minute.
It wasn't the boy's fault.
It was mine.

That's quite all right,
young fella.
Accidents will happen.

The important thing is
we found the lad
safe and sound.

Hey ! Hey, wait a minute !

Wait !

Wait a minute !
I'll tell him ! Stop !

Colonel castle,
I ran away...

And Mr. Stubbs followed me.

I didn't want it to happen.
Honest, I didn't.

Toby. Toby, there is
someone here to see you.

Toby !
[ Crying ]

Toby, will you
forgive me ?

You Lily-livered skunk.

I found out what you did
with Toby's letters !
Now, now, Ben.

I didn't want to upset the lad.
Tamperin' with the mails,
Mr. Tupper.

That calls for a jail sentence.
Oh, but it was
just a little tamper.

Mr. Tupper, I'm gonna make you
one of those gentlemen's
agreements you're so fond of.

Fine, fine.
I'd like that just fine.
Anything you say.

I want you to give up
that share of Toby's money
you been gettin'.

Uh, Ben-- now, let's talk
this over. You don't know
what you're sayin'.

I want you to stay away
from that boy.

Yes. Absolutely. Yes.

And I want you to behave
real nice and pretty.

Yes. Depend on it.
Oh, yes, sir.

Because if you don't,
I'm just liable to do
somethin' like this.

Yes, Ben. Yes.
No, Ben ! No !

Happy to see you back,
Thank you.

Hi, Toby. Looks like
a full house tonight.

Do your best, now.
I'll sure try.

You've made a lot
of good friends, Toby.

I just wish you could
have met Mr. Stubbs.

Colonel castle told US
about him.

This was his wagon.

He was my best friend.

Well, I see you're showin'
the folks around, eh, Toby ?

Would you mind doing me
a big favor...

And go and tell Sam treat
to meet me behind
the stock tent right away ?


Come on.

Sam !

What are you doin' here ?

[ Chattering ]

Mr. Stubbs !

Oh, Mr. Stubbs !
Is he all right ?

Bullet only ventilated
his hide a little.

Mr. Stubbs.

Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Stubbs.

[ Whistle blown ]

Popcorn, candy... apples.

Peanuts ?
Yes, sir.

Peanuts, popcorn,
candy apples.

[ Applause ]

[ Whistle blown ]

** [ Fanfare ]

** [ Drumroll ]

And now,

may I direct your attention...

To a feat of horsemanship
and balance...

Seldom witnessed
in the sawdust ring.

Ladies and gentlemen,

monsieur Toby !

[ Applause continues ]

Whoa !
[ Audience laughing ]

[ Tempo increases ]

[ Laughter continues ]

Ice-cold lemonade here.
It's pink. It's cold.
It's refreshing.

That little boy.
Isn't he wonderful ?

[ Together ]
He's our boy.

Ben !

I'm sorry about--

Ben, this is
the greatest yet !

Why didn't you tell me ?
[ Quietly ]
Well, I didn't know.

Congratulations, Ben.
[ Laughing continues ]

We'll bill him
as "monsieur stubbs."

Peanuts, popcorn, lemonade.

It's refreshing.

It's cold.
[ Whistle blown ]