To yuk hing dai 2 (2021) - full transcript

Ho Chun, a young entrepreneur, is sent to jail. By implementing his philosophy in the business world that money can solve any problems, Ho Chun offers Big Roller, Kin-Tin, Scar and Ho-Ching a considerable amount of money for assis...

There was once four people

who broke out of prison
for different reasons

against all odds, they fought through

and succeeded with determination

the first one donated his kidney

and saved his mom's life

the second watched his daughter get married

and reconciliated with
his wife and daughter

there's another one who tagged along

but he was too much of an ass

so he was only able to get through one gate

the last one, he didn't break out

but he masterminded the whole thing

so he also had his sentence increased

the four of us were brought back to prison

but we made it out once

so everybody was impressed

nowadays, they'd call the four of us

breakout brothers

add this and mix it up

you'll have enough to paint it on

let's forget about breaking out again

spending my time working out

- "chen ho ching,"
- studying, so I can be an intellectual

- "sentence: Expiring soon"
- studying, so I can be an intellectual

I forgot to tell you
guys, I'm outta here soon

tin, how do you read this?

Turn it over

you're kidding right? Turn the other way

oh right - that's it

"mak kin tin" - don't
misunderstand, I didn't become the boss-

- don't misunderstand,
I didn't become the boss

"five years" - don't misunderstand,
I didn't become the boss

the prison is getting renovated

and I know a little
something about architecture

so the warden appointed me to

fix up the recreation room

the real boss, is still the same guy

although I'm still the boss

I just wanna learn more skills

"big roller, thirty years" - so I can
contribute at home when I'm released

count me out of fights and all that

luckily the prison is
somewhat peaceful nowadays

Shoot! Shoot!

Remember warden tang?

Because of our escape

caused him severe negligence

and he lost the chance to be promoted

so he's still here as the warden

trapped in here with us

you have just attacked an officer

one more month in your sentence

we're screwed, change the subject

why didn't you shoot?

Why didn't you pass me the ball?

Chan ho ching

we have a new fish coming in

he's here for three months awaiting trial

you are to lead him as a counselor

teach him the rules

I don't want him getting into trouble

his name is ho chun

yes, sir

he's crazy, I ain't gonna be a babysitter

I don't even know who this guy is

it's a good deal

hey, it's ho chun

he's the chariman of a few listed companies

one of the youngest
successful entrepreneurs

you're giving him all this praise

but his businesses are all dirty

all mixed up with the triads

rich people are more
unbearable than the triads

I'm dead if I say anything he doesn't like

don't worry, he's new here

just keep an eye on him,
he should thank you instead

think of the bright side, if he likes you

then you can work for him after you get out

that sounds great

I'll stop wasting time with you guys

I'll take a shower and do my hair

go on

Mr. Ho, you can put your clothes back on

I'm chan ho ching, you guidance counselor

hello, boss ho

brother chun, hello

brother ho, hello

how should I address you?

How can I practice if you don't react?

- But...
- But what?

You looking down on me
because you're handsome?

- Hey, when did I...
- So what?

Go eat shit


that's mine


brother 'big roller', what are you drawing?

I'm working on a kid's comic

that's educational, but
you don't have grandkids

do you need to work on it so soon?

Maybe I'll get one if I keep drawing

You'll take bed #3, over there

Mr. Ho, I'm your guidance
counselor chan ho ching

you can ask me anything

the rules of this place seem complicated

but it's actually quite simple

but it'll take me some time...

Get to the point

sure thing

three meals are included

you get paid if you work

sometimes we can play football and watch TV

isn't that awesome?

If you have any troubles

- you can find brother 'big roller'
- hey,


Newbie, go meet the boss

yeah, say hello to brother 'big roller'

- it's not necessary
- what did you say?

Say it again

Mr. Ho, right?

Your reputation preceeds you

I'm big roller,

nice to meet you

Stop it... stop it

young man

time in prison is not that difficult

somtimes it gets boring

but as long as you follow the rules

we can get along,

and time flies by

there are two kinds of people in this world

those who follow rules,
and those who set them

I'm the type that doesn't follow rules


so what did you have in mind?

From now on, you and your men

follow my rules, and take my lead


I'll think about it

you can also ask for their opinion

you have 48 hours to consider

You're right, this guy has a temper

you're dead for sure


Nothing to see here

Mr. Ho,

I take care of everything
here, big or small

if you have any request
or complaint, let me know

any question?

You're here for three
months, awaiting trial

you're quite well known

I suggest that you stay in a separate cell

so you won't be disturbed

I don't need special treatment

warden tang isn't giving
you special treatment

he's concerned for your wellbeing

in case of any accident

I think I can live with the other inmates

so I don't need special arrangement

very well

I'll put it on record

that you voluntary
gave up the separate cell

They serve chicken every Wednesday

but which part you get is based on luck

see? That's just half a chicken ass

thank you

thank you

see, that's a chicken wing

so you're the new fish ho chun

fix Mr. Ho something good

my boss sends his regards

don't leave until you've finished it

damn you, messing with me?

I heard that you tried to

recruit big roller when you first came in

that's impressive


Why didn't you try to recruit me?

Am I not up to par?

You doing that

makes me look bad in front of my men

God damn it

this fatso is scar

- "scar, sentenced to life"
- after his failed attempt at prison break

"scar, sentenced to life"
he's been transferred to the kitchen

the only thing he does is eat

getting fatter every day

Hey dickhead... what do you want?

Big roller is taking a shower,

come back later

what are you doing?

Want a beating?

Let him in

go ahead

Scar is a very proud individual

give him some face,

and suck it up

in order for one to survive

you have to strike first

there are a lot of people in this prison

it's not easy to gain everyone's respect

I have one rule in life

I have to be in charge
of anything that I do

it's just three months,
can't you suck it up?

Just relax and let it pass by

You take care of yourself

you still have 32 hours to consider

Lam kwok lung, what do you want?

What do you mean?

I'm just drawing... doesn't it look good?

I spent a lot of time on
it, not a word of praise?

I've been learning music and drawing

but they don't have enough materials

so it's not that good

it's so ugly

and you mailed it back home

it might scare the baby in the belly

Who was it?

Who made you pregnant?

Are you crazy?

You have a daughter,

she's pregnant

if I wanted another kid

I would've have waited til today

Is it a boy or a girl

it's still early, she doesn't know yet

right... let's not jinx it

I'm gonna be a grandfather


you're crazy

then I need to get better at drawing

so I can draw more for my grandkid

are you helping her out?

With her chores and stuff?

Airplane, what's up? Got into trouble?

Who did this to you?


ever since you went to jail

I've been staying out of trouble

just been working as a valet

but I was beaten up yesterday

they said you caused
trouble, so they beat me


you know me well, and I need face

you getting a beating is
like me getting a beating

don't worry, I'll make this even

they also said,

if I still work for you

then they'll keep beating me


I have a family to take care of

From this day onwards

I'm not your boss anymore

How's big roller doing?

Nothing special

what about scar?

He's obeying the rules

is there any useful information?

Sir, report

I eavesdropped on big roller

his daughter is having a baby

they don't know the sex yet

but I guess that's good news in this prison

how is that any of my business?

Just keep an eye on big roller and scar

warden tang, is there
anything we should know?

Ho chun is a famous person

if anything happens to him, it's on me

I don't want any problems
in these three months


get back to work

Warden tang, big roller and scar are here


get in there

what's up, warden?

Have a seat

I couldn't get promoted last time
because of you guys

don't make things difficult this time

otherwise, don't blame me...

Cut to the chase, warden

ho chun is only here for three months

I don't want anyone to touch him

you're talking about that idiot?

He ordered someone from the
outside to beat up my guy

and he's hurt really bad

as his boss

how can I not set this score even?

If you touch him, I'll screw you

all you can do is add time to my sentence

how much can you add?

I'm here for life anyway

be more creative, will you?

I can stick you in solitary for a few years

until you go insane

it's your call

Thank you sir,

I'll do it myself

Just tell ho chun to stay out of trouble

otherwise nobody else can help him

if he can't control himself,
then you control him

if anything happens during this period

it's on you

if you can't control him, how can I do it?

If there's any trouble,
I'm going by the book

get them out of here

This is the library

it's quite small, but it has everything

the tough guys don't come here

because they can't read

so it's relatively quiet and safe here

this is little b, he's been here 30 years

he takes good care of this place

hello, hello

little b,

bring out the 'secret stash' for Mr. Ho


this one


reading more can soothe the soul

Help yourself

It's alright, but you draw them too stiff

it needs to be softer


control the pen with flexibility

Get a few men and guard the door,
don't let him get away

yes, scar

Where are you going?

All of you, get down

stay down

Going to war with all this gear?

Pick it up

if you dare not admit it,

one month added to your sentence


I was just passing by, I know nothing

warden, I'm out next week,

I'm not a part of this

that's none of my concern,

you should blame them

it's almost time for roll call,

let's give up

I'm done waiting, let's do it

four people should be enough

little b, go and have a smoke

hey, don't cause trouble

which side are you on?

What do you mean?

If you stand on his side,
I'll mess you up as well

so there's no choice

Remeber me, I'm scar

so if you reincarnate, stay away from me


they're just working, what's the problem?

At least they made their own choice

let me tell you

even the most talented men work for money

working for the rich

is something that will never change

I wanna remember you as well

but your scar is not obvious

Now I can recognize you

Come here

take this

boss, I'm out next week

don't drag me into this

you need to be a part of it,
otherwise you'll snitch

Don't worry, I didn't see a thing

He asked for it

Stop it

ching, are you okay?

Are you done playing?

I'm taking him away

go ahead

take scar as well

Say that again?

With your clout,

you can only take one

my clout isn't given to me by others

I've earned it myself

I can take as many as I want

are you sure?

I have you outnumbered for sure

to anyone who'd like to work for me

I'll give them $20k per month

you have 48 hours to decide

and you

only have 8 hours left

Chicken breast please




you left your orange

sorry boss,

I'm just thinking of my family

let's eat

there's 400 people in this prison

$20k per person each month

that's more than $20million in
less than three months

right, he's gonna go bankrupt

you're still here?

Why don't you go over to ho chun?

It's like the stock market

when the whole market
goes one way, it'll crash

when everyone's flocking to ho chun

I have faith in you, big roller

thank you,

but I'm just eating scraps here

here's another chicken leg,


It's free, of course I'll take it

I'd be stupid not to, right?

You're the stupid one,

bones are the best

chicken bone is full of protein


At least it has a backbone



thank you

Trying to monopolize within your first week

you planning on staying here long?

It's just three months insurance

I promise you won't be affected

everything in here could affect me

Warden tang,

is there something you'd like to say to me?

Not me,

someone else wants to talk to you

warden tang,
the two police officers are here

ho chun, let me tell you

the victim who fell because of your
finance company's debt collection

he died last night

we will change your charge from
incitement of assault

to incitement of murder

incitement of murder? Are you kidding me?

I've told you before

my finance company is
a fully licensed operation

I asked my staff to collect debt

but the way they did it
was their own choosing

now you're charging me
with incitement of murder

but that doesn't change the truth

you're wealthy, maybe
someone will take the fall

you could clear your name easily

but that's a thing of the past

people outside know you're in deep shit

and they don't wanna get dragged into it

they're cutting ties with you

there are three witnesses this morning

who were willing to testify against you

so I'm just here to give
you a friendly warning

to stop wasting each other's time

and see that justice is done for the victim

if you plead guilty,

we'll try to bargain with the judge

otherwise, you'll be here for life

due to the severity of the case

DOJ is expediting this case

the judge will rule in 20 days

take your time and think about it

thank you, warden tang

glad that law enforcement agencies
are working together

please see the two officers out

$20k per person each month

you can handle this for a few months

but if you get convicted for murder

can you still afford
this so-called insurance?

Big roller, sorry about this

Have a seat

if you think $20k per month is too little

then I'll give you $5
million each in one go

what do you mean?

$5 million to watch you shower?

I want you to break me out of prison

no way

you guys succeeded last time

it means you have the capability

but because we escaped last time

they amped up security

we can't do it again

the security is not seamless

even if you do escape

they'll get you back in here

I'd be out of the country,

free and at peace

Mr. Ho, I'm out in a few days

I can also be free and at peace


you won't be able to earn $5 million in
your whole lifetime

with money, you're a good son

if not,

then you're just a disaster

listen to me, young man

let me give you some advice

even if you do break
out and leave Hong Kong

you'll be living your life looking
over your shoulder

you can't buy your dignity

do you understand?

But money can mess
up your wife and daughter

sea sky villas, blue
pool road, happy valley

flat a, block 2

I've also heard that
your daughter is pregnant

you're about to be a grandfather

you idiot


If we hurt him,

he'll hurt our family

there's no upside

you have 24 hours to consider

let's go...

Forget about him

let's go

If you hear your name, you have a visitor

Chong siu yuen, ng lik ming, kwan sui hung

follow me


- What is it, big roller?
- When is my turn?

Your wife isn't here today

that's weird, she's
usually here on Tuesdays

just wait a while longer

I'll let you know if I see her

alright then, thank you sir

maybe she's stuck in traffic

breaking news

there was an armed robbery in happy valley

which took place on blue pool road

hey big roller

that's near your wife's home

- that's near your wife's home
- what?

There were four assailants with metal rods

who destroyed the car

and took the victim's valuable items

the female victim was not injured

your wife must be petrified

she's not gonna be able to see you today

Go ahead and hit me

I'll return every punch
to your wife and daughter

so go ahead and hit me

guards are here

Let me tell you,

don't drag this on

this time's her car,

next time it'll be her

don't you worry,

I'll think of something


I'll be waiting

Warden tang

big roller wants to see you

is this the er? Can he
come in and out on demand?

Sorry, sir

but he looked really agitated

I thought it was a serious matter, so...

Let him in


I'd like to make a phone call

you've been here long enough

you know the rules

write down the purpose
of your call, and to whom

then apply through the welfare officer

someone is trying to
kill my wife and daughter

they're in danger

do you have evidence?

If you do, I'll call the police

after their investigation

they'll receive the protection they need

it'll be too late by
then, lives are at stake

I'm begging you to let me have a phone call

I just wanna call them

and tell them to lay low

please - sure

Fill in this form

and apply

What will you lose by
giving me the phone call?

I'm not at any loss

but that's against the rules

calm down...

Calm down...

Are you cold-blooded?

Calm down

lives are at stake

big roller is out of control

take him to solitary

come on

let go, I can walk by myself

Big roller is in solitary

and you'll be released in a few days

I'm all by myself

how can I handle ho chun?

While he's in here

he's best at targeting family members

you don't have any family,
what are you afraid of?

He's insane,

asking me to break him out of prison

I'm being released in a few days

but big roller's family is in danger

I've thought about it, once I get out

I'll find his wife

and take her somewhere safe

until that idiot is sentenced

you'll have to hang in here on your own

look alive

bed checks again?


What are you doing?

Trying to throw it away?

Everyone is watch, it
won't make a difference

As long as you get more
time in your sentence

you'll focus on breaking me out of here

you idiot

Bed checks, everybody squat down

If you want to succeed

ho ching needs to get
out of here safe and sound

Hurry up

You guys have a lot to talk about?

Get up

Tell me, what were you guys talking about?

Come here

Pick it up

this isn't mine

you're holding it, and it isn't yours?

Could it be mine then?

It really isn't mine

then tell me whose is it


this bag is mine

Take him away.

Yes, sir

give it to me

let's go

I think I have a way out

but I have to check the infirmary

First bed

hurry up

blood pressure is normal, and no fever

dizziness could be caused by
imbalance of fluid in your ear

stay here overnight

you should be good to go tomorrow

alright, thank you, doctor


it's Wednesday, do you want it?

You are so amazing, of course I do

if you want it, then get me better food

don't worry,

I won the tierce last time

if I win again, I'll treat you to a feast

I'll take your word for it,
if your horses win tonight...

What has that idiot ho chun been up to?

When I get better,

I'm gonna settle the score

that traitor's gonna
have a streak of bad luck

but in any case,

thanks for saving me last time

you guys have integrity

I can distinguish between my grievances

so I'll repay my debt to you

when you're in trouble

just say my name

and I'll protect you

when are you getting discharged?

I could've left a while ago

but the warden was afraid I'd take revenge

so he's sticking me here for now

there's something you can help me with

bro, make it straight

you're making it horizontal, come on man

big roller,

just keep your temper in check

let me know if you need anything

big roller,

thank god you're back

they're waiting for you inside

the boss is back

Big roller

glad to be working together

tin is a genius, he figured it out

we can make it out...

What right do you have to decide for me?

He's holding your wife and daughter hostage

what if something happened to them?

My wife and daughter are my concern

it's none of yours! I'm
responsible for them

we're brothers

we'd help even if you didn't ask for it

what 'brothers'?

We're just brothers in here

but we're nothing out there

stop pretending

as brothers,

we won't leave even if you beat us

exactly, safety of your
family is the priority

let's make it out again

are you guys done?

Stop wasting my time

Tell me the plan

the plan will revolve
around these four words

ensuring external medical attention

in prison, if you're
injured or feeling unewll

you'd be sent to the infirmary

but if it's something more serious

and the infirmary cannot handle it

they'll arrange an ambulance

and send you to the nearest hospital

of course, if you're already half dead

then it's a waste of
time trying to break out

that's right

so the safest way

is to render the infirmary useless

the best way is to cut the power

there is only one power
outlet in the infirmary

I will make a conductor out of two nails

plug it into the socket

and that will divert the current
from neutral to live

according to ohm's law, I = v/r

the smaller the resistance,
the larger the current

that'll completely fry the circuit
board and cause a power outage

what's up with all the English

I'll repeat it again in cantonese

plug in the nails, cause
a power outage, done


they have backup power at the infirmary

to ensure everything is operational

so our second mission

is to cut the backup power

when I was renovating the recreation room

I've seen the prison floor plans

the wires for the backup power
are underground

and just so happens to pass by this rom

We need to dig a hole here

and cut the backup power

then the infirmary won't be operational

once the ambulance arrives

we'd be rightfully sent out of prison

once we're out, we'll let ho ching
arrange the details

don't worry,

car jacking and driving

I'm good at those things

one more thing, I've asked scar for help


What can he help us with?

He's being held in the infirmary

he'll be the one to plug it in for us

but this idiot caused the shit that
scar is in right now

why would the idiot scar help this idiot?

Who are you calling idiot?

I apologize

that idiot has already agreed

I don't care who you find for help

but I'm not going alone

whoever takes part in this must go with me

who knows if guys point
me to the wrong direction

then I'm screwed

if you wanna hurry up,

then you better start working

you can sit on your ass just because
you're paying?

I'm being released tomorrow,

still healthy and sound

this has been my motto



piece, peace, don't get it wrong

done, bro ching

very good

thank you

ming, you have a bad gut

you're shitting yourself all the time

take my toilet paper

boss, I want some too

- come, take it
- thank you, boss

take it - thank you, boss

I'll keep this safe for you

until you come back soon

shut up!

I want some too

here, take it


have a cigarette

enjoy that cigarette

goodbye, sir

the backup power cable
should be within this area

we just need to dig three inches

officer chan

don't let me see you in there again

don't worry, I'm sure I won't be back

Oh no!

Where's the cable?

But we've dug so deep

this would be deeper than where
they've laid the cables

did you read the floor plan wrongly?

Was it the wrong area?

I should be right,

but we can try

I need to go to court in three days

there's no time to try

you're full of ideas,

think of something

don't think that you can get out of it
by dragging this on

let me tell you,

if I don't get out

then your wife and daughter are screwed

Sorry warden, I'll pick it up

out of my way

Not much work today, warden?

It's very dusty in there, don't go in

there's a lot of...


what are you doing here?

Nothing, just renovating
the recreation room

painting, sawing wood

we're all chipping in

Remove the tarp

Apologies, it's very dusty

I was afraid I'd scratch the floor,
so I put a tarp on

We couldn't find the cable,
so we can't cut the power

so we'll have to handle the doctor

the infirmary can't operate without power

but it's also useless without a doctor

the doctor is an external hire

so he's less sensitive to danger

we'll handle him

we have to do it tomorrow

because tomorrow is Wednesday night

what about Wednesday?

Every Wednesday,

scar and the doctor
would bet on horseracing

so in order for the doctor and
ourselves to be sent out

we have to be in a serious
condition that's realistic

but we can't actually be sick

so we'll have to use magnesium oxide

can you dumb it down for me?

Magnesium oxide will cause diarrhea

and magnesium oxide is a very
common ingredient in medicine

so it's poisonous, but it's not poison

most importantly,
it can be found in the kitchen door

the material within the door
is magnesium oxide

How much longer do you need?

We're standing ducks here

I have to pry open the wooden board first

Lemme make a sandwich

Big roller, ho chun
officer chickenshit

I'll do it myself

help yourself


It's Wednesday, we have to get it done

otherwise we can't go anywhere

making a sandwich wouldn't take long

I don't care, just make a move

I've had enough of you

what's going on?

Calm down! Calm down!

I'm just here for a sandwich,
why did a fight break out?

Who's the boss here?

Stop fighting

stop! Stop!

Stop it, stop fighting

Stop fighting... stop fighting... calm down

sir, you better send them to the infirmary

stop it, calm down

you three, come with me to the infirmary

hurry up then

I just wanted to have a sandwich

calm down

How's it going?

Hanging in there?

It' just a measly scar

all the bosses are here together

please take your time

I'll shut the door for you

there's been a change of plan

I'm in charge here

I don't care how powerful you are outside

I just know that you
can't succeed without me

so I should be fairly compensated, right?

If you have the ability, I'll pay up

$6 million

$6 million...

Let me offer you a discount

not counting my arm

just this scar

and the emotional
hardships from being betrayed

it should be with $10 million


lets make it $10 million

let's talk about the plan

not yet

pay up first

they trust you,

but I don't

what if you don't pay
up after you've escaped?

Wouldn't I be the dumb-ass?

Aren't you a dumb-ass already
by being here for life?

Can you guys stop this nonsense?

Listen to big roller, and stop fighting

Dr. Chan, you're in so late

yes, scar's condition has worsened

his wound is infected,
and I have to tend to it

you're a kind soul, thank you for your work


don't worry...

Let me introduce to you

this is Dr. Chan, he's
in charge of the infirmary

these are my brothers

Dr. Chan - hello, Dr. Chan

I've asked them to join
me in cheering you on

let's win big tonight

I've brought red wine to celebrate

I know this wine, it's good stuff

then we need to let the wine breathe

sure, let me do it


I forgot the bottle opener

- my men will take care of it
- yeah, I'll handle it

thank you

Doctor, let's have a toast

no way, we can only drink if I've won

otherwise it's unlucky

First race, #1 'fortune star' won

and then it's #6 'kung hei fat choi'

followed by #4 'lucky strike' on 3rd

fan favorite #3 'sprinting
devil' is on 4th place

we see #6 and #9 sprinting forward

these two horses are
riding against each other

going way ahead of the other horses

it's between #6 and #9

final stretch, #6 'Hercules'

and #9 'all's well ends
well' are still ahead

final 50 meters,
they're giving it their all

is it gonna be #6 or #9?

This is it! #6 'Hercules'
has won by a horsehair

big roller,

we bet on ♪9

what are you chanting #6 for?

It's my fault,

my sincere apologies Dr. Chan

I'll drink to that

drink my ass

There's been a change,
it has been ruled that

6 'Hercules' was obstructing #9's track

therefore #6 is disqualified

and #9 'all's well ends well'
will take first place

what a roller coaster ride

you made a good call

I'll drink to that

that's enough


- Doctor, are you okay?
- I'm not

there's no more wine

let's drink again next time

we'll slaughter them all again next time


- sure win!
- Keep it up

goodbye, doctor

didn't you say it was
gonna be instant diarrhea?

Maybe the dosage wasn't enough

haven't you tried it before?

How could I, idiot?

Do you have stomach pain?

I do

I do too

doctor, my stomach also hurts

acute stomach pain,

shortness of breath

those are symptoms of food poisoning


it's my fault

it must be the cheap wine that caused this



ho chun, big roller, scar and tin

and Dr. Chan all have food poisoning

Dr. Chan also has it?

Follow procedure and call an ambulance

when the incident happened

the cctv was turned to face the wall

I think there's something more to this

cctv's malfunction all the time

it's their right to be sent to the hospital

I strongly suggest that
we investigate into this

I don't want to have a life in our hands

but this is too much of a coincidence

are you the warden here?

No, sir

are you gonna take responsibility?

No, sir

do you have any further questions?

No, sir

call an ambulance now and
take them to the hospital

yes, sir

Chickenshit, you go with them

what? Me?

Keep an eye on them

yes, sir

Don't close the door

warden, I've got a bad feeling about this

I request that I escort the prisoners

there are hundreds of inmates in there

you're leaving your post
because of these four?

Have you thought about this?

I'll take full responsibility
for my actions

shut the door

Hold him down

I've got it

uncuff me

big roller, you're breaking out again?

It's none of your business

I don't wanna be nosy

but why do I have to be here every time?

You're asking too many questions

Are you okay?

There's water over there, vomit it all out

hurry up


There's a car across the woods, go on

hurry... what's are you doing?

What do you want now?

From now on,

no one can communicate
with the outside world

then how can I contact the the skipper?

I've arranged somewhere
else to board the boat

so you don't trust me

I don't trust anyone but myself

stop it,

if we don't trust each other

we'll figure it out when
we get out of the woods

lead the way

We'll be there after
the banana trees, go on

this way

I can't... I can't run...

How are you doing?

I need to rest - hang in there

let's go!

They're looking at me

I think they're looking at us

just leave me, you guys go ahead

why are you running? They're not chasing us

Sit down

The car is over there

Get changed


where's tin?

He'll catch up to us if he's okay,

just drive

no, I can't leave anyone behind

- I'll go look for him
- do not exit the vehicle

let me repeat myself, I'm in charge now


shut the door

where to?

Pak sha wan, just drive!


- What now?
- What are you up to?

The car is messing with you

no shit, you drove this like a racecar

I'll help out

What about my wife and daughter?

I called the cops, they'll protect them

that idiot broke my phone

I couldn't call the cops

what's the situation now?

Let's send him back now

no, we can't

we'll be in trouble if
the cops can't find them

so what do we do?

Let's play it by ear, stall for time

how's the car?

Engine's overheated, we need water

you wanna piss in it, or buy some water?

Didn't you check the car?

How could I?

I only filled it with gas, not water

let's go and see if we can buy some water

wait, we'll go together

push the car

There's a store up front

push harder

push harder

just like that

I'll go buy the water

scar, go with him

Give me a few bottles of water

how many bottles?


three, right?

Be clearer, three is a few

four is a few, five is also a few

I'll take the biscuit sticks

how many boxes?

As many as you have

Thanks for that

three boxes, and three bottles

keep the change, count the money

At 11:00pm today

there's been a breakout at Stanley prison

the four fugitives are on the run

correctional services and
the police are on a manhunt

if anyone sees any suspicious activity

please call this hotline
and contact the police

my boss says we're
giving out freebies today

wait for me here

The cops will know that we're here

we're in the middle of nowhere,
how can they find it?

Everyone calm down

we'll drive away now

the cops won't find us

but this girl has seen us

it's not my fault, he
told me to call the cops

something about pak
sha wan, I dunno anything

are you fooling me?

Luckily I changed the pickup spot

otherwise I'd be caught redhanded

Then we'll take you back together


setting up a trap for me

come on

I haven't fought in a while

the kitchen fight wasn't enough

Let's do it

How much longer?

As long as it takes

Come out...

Come out

get up

why won't you let me leave?

I don't care if you don't wanna escape

but why force this on me?

Forcing you? You were the one

who forced us to escape with you

I wanna leave, but not with you

even if you succeeded in escaping

you'd be a fugitive forever

you can't shake that off

you can choose to
accept your own shitty fate

but I'm not letting go of any opportunity

get lost, everybody back off

You've lost your opportunity
from the beginning

So the dogs didn't get to you?

Luckily I ran away

and saw your license plate

otherwise how'd I know where to find you?

Officer cheung was reliable,

he's straight as an arrow

I know we'll be okay with his help

officer cheung, I have a request

ho chun is forcing us to break him out

if we don't comply

he'll kill our families

why don't you call the cops?

The cops won't trust
us without any evidence

so we have a plan

we'll pretend to go along with it

and you'll catch him on the boat

he'll be caught redhanded
with sufficient evidence

why me?

Because we trust you

should we tell warden tang?

I think there's something fishy about him

how are my wife and daughter?

Don't worry, they're okay

the police have them in protective custody

I'm relieved then

what about Dr. Chan? Is he okay?

If he's in trouble, we'll be damed

he's been sent to the hospital

he's in stable condition


sir, icac is here to see you

I'm a senior investigator with icac

you're suspected of receiving benefits
as a government official

and providing special
treatment to inmate ho chun

your subordinate cheung
yuen has reported to us

you have allowed ho chun to use your phone

without applying through proper procedures

and also made partial decisions

officer cheung is willing to
testify against you in court

we've obtained the call logs

confirmed that the calls
to ho chun's subordinates

came from your office phone

we have sufficient evidence

please cooperate

inmates have rights as well

why can't he use the phone?

I don't know who he's calling

using the phone is fine

but your mother-in-law's account

has received a huge deposit recently

and this money came
from an off-shore account

which belongs to ho chun's company

we have evidence to
suspect you of corruption

in order to help ho chun escape prison

come back to the station with us

Ho chun, we've helped you escape

but you got caught by the authorities

that's not our fault

you need to pay up

I'm not sure who's paying who

that's right

be nice to him

he's gonna be here a long time

you have to rely on each other

"ho chun, to be sentenced"

hey, look over there

"Warden tang, ten years"

"To be continued"