To the Ends of Time (1996) - full transcript

In a mythical kingdom, a young boy must fight time for the love of his princess and the future of his land.

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music with rousing vocal choir)

(hull shuddering and cracking)

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(muffled shouting over rattling hatches)

(muffled shouting over rousing orchestral music)

(chain rattling)

(wind howling)

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(man snoring)

(man groans)

(gears clanking)

(man muttering)

(man coughs)

(gunshot rumbling)

(flare hissing)

- Morlins, Morlin ships! (soldiers shouting)

(soldiers shouting over rousing snare drum)

(hinges rumbling)

(soldiers shouting and chattering over rousing snare drum)

(gears clanking)

(soldiers shouting and chattering over rousing snare drum)

(machinery clanking over muffled shouting)

(soldiers shouting and chattering over rousing snare drum)

♪ All through the land

♪ We rise in arms

♪ We hear the king's command

♪ To reach our front

♪ Our courage is our shield

♪ Of liberty

♪ And victory

♪ Forever be

(cannon fire rumbling)

(soldiers shouting over rumbling explosions)

(explosions rumbling over tense orchestral music)

(soldiers shouting)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling)

- [Captain] Ready, fire! (arrows whooshing)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(soldiers shouting)

(gears clanking over whooping weapon fire)

(soldiers shouting over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling)

(gears clanking over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(soldiers shouting)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(soldiers shouting)

(explosions rumbling over frantic chatter and shouting)

(dog whimpering over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(liquid bubbling over muffled explosions)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

- (coughs and gasps) Animals!

(explosions rumbling over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(gears clanking over rousing orchestral music)

(beam whooshing)

(soldiers chattering)

(explosions and cannon fire rumbling)

(soldiers shouting)

(explosion rumbling over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(gears clanking)

(beam whooshing)

(explosion rumbling)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(soldiers cheering over rousing orchestral music)

(group cheering)

- Alexander, we won, we won! (sword rattling)

- What on Earth are you doing up here?

You could've been killed! (soldiers cheering)

- No, I wanted to help!

- You're too young to help.

Go on, get outta here.

(soldiers cheering)

(dramatic orchestral music and vocal choir)

- Oh, God, Daniel!

- [Woman In Red] Dad, Dad (sobs)!

(group chattering over dramatic orchestral music)

- David?


(dramatic orchestral music and vocal choir)

Have you seen my husband?

(David gasps)

No, David!

(woman sobbing over dramatic orchestral music)

He's dead!

No, no!

(dramatic orchestral music and vocal choir)

(group chattering)

- This must end!

- Your Majesty, we enjoyed a tremendous victory today, I--

- Enjoyed, Sauris?

I did not enjoy what I saw today.

I saw heartbreak, I saw death and destruction.

Never again.

I'll not leave my subjects or my children

with a blood-soaked kingdom.

- Are you suggesting a treaty with the Morlins, sir?

- What use are treaties?

We've been at war with the Morlin kingdom

for more centuries than I can recall.

It's been a never-ending cycle of bloodshed.

And why, to right some half-forgotten ancient wrong!

For greed, power,

nothing justifies the pain I saw today.

- You seem to ask the impossible,

we cannot change man's nature!

- There is a way,

there must be a way.

I want a world where art and ideas

are held in higher regard than brute force.

Aeschylus, old friend,

you've remained very silent, can you help me?

- (groans) It seems that you desire not

just the end of this particular struggle with the Morlins,

but a complete eradication of the species of war!

- Yes, that is what I want. (crowd murmuring)

Can you give me that?

- You ask the impossible.

- You're a good man, Aeschylus.

Whatever you have to do, do it.

- As you wish. (crowd murmuring)

(tense and ominous orchestral music)

- Look how frail he is, Jarad, how weak!

Our time is drawing near, I feel it!

When my powers are unleashed,

Aralon will crumble like a house of cards!

(tense and ominous orchestral music)

- You babbling goons! (mops squishing)

I've never seen such pathetic excuses

for human beings in all my life,

eh, your highness,

and if I were king, you could kiss my royal, your highness!

(servant shouting over muffled chatter)

(mop whooshing)

(objects plopping on ground over muffled shouting)

(Stephanie laughs)

(tableware clattering)

(roast thudding)

(man groans over clanging pan)

I-if you'll pardon me for just a moment,

I have someone I need to, uh, ee, uh, strangle.

(Stephanie laughing over rattling and clamor)

(Stephanie gasps)

(Stephanie plops to the ground)

(wind howling)

(dramatic, expressive strings)

(Francis sighs)

- Mira, help me do the right thing, my love,

but there are no answers in the dark,

and the nights are so cold without you.

(expressive orchestral music)

(Francis sighs)

(wind howling over expressive orchestral music)

(dramatic and hopeful orchestral music)

(owl hooting)

- [Elder] That's it, all right.

(cat meowing over pleasant orchestral music)

(liquid bubbling)

(Aeschylus sighs over crinkling paper)

(Aeschylus grunts)

(Aeschylus sighs over bubbling liquid)

(Aeschylus grunts)

- Now what do you say about my parlor games, old man?

You're doing really well, my pet.

(cat purring over ominous and eerie orchestral music)

Show me everything.

(cat meowing and purring over ominous orchestral music)

(liquid bubbling)

(Aeschylus sighs)

(owl hooting over dramatic orchestral music)

(wind howling)

(cat purring over ominous orchestral music)

(birds chirping over whinneying horses)

(horse sighs)

(birds chirping over whinneying horses)

(horses sighing)

- [Alexander] Look out! (swords tinging)

(men grunting and shouting over tinging swords)

- [Don] I gotcha (laughs)!

(men grunting over tinging swords)

Look out, here!

- Alexander, when will you teach me to fight with a sword?

- Soon as you're big enough to carry one!

(men laughing)

(Alexander grunting over tinging swords)

- But I am big enough! (horse whinneying)

It isn't fair!

- Life isn't fair, boy! (swords tinging)

I'll tell you what, though.

If you're lucky, I'll let you polish my sword

when I finish hammering this lout!

(both shouting)

(horse whinneying over tinging swords)

(men grunting)

(Alexander sighs over swords crunching into soil)

(Alexander laughs)

Why not teach the boy to fight, Alexander?

- I will, of course, Don.

He's in such a rush to grow up.

I wouldn't mind having his problems (scoffs) for a day.

(birds chirping)

(sword tings)

- Yeah, me, too (shouts)!

(swords tinging)

(both laughing)

(crickets chirping over dramatic orchestral music)

- [Elder] We've got it this time, yeah.

Yeah, it should work.

- [All] Mm.

(men groaning over dramatic orchestral music)

(explosion cracking)

(men coughing and groaning)

- I don't understand, master.

- There's no reason why you would understand, my friend.

Our mission is one that taunts the laws of science.

We're playing with mysterious forces.

- I still don't understand.

- Nor do I, my friend, (sighs) nor do I.

(expressive orchestral music)

- Some dinner, sir?

Some dinner, sir?

(liquid bubbling)

(servant gasping over shattering glass)

(owl hooting)

(sand pattering)

(Aeschylus clears his throat)

(sand pattering over eerie orchestral accent)

- [Assistant] Hmm?

(sand pattering over eerie and tense orchestral music)

- Yes (gasps).

(rousing orchestral music)

- My God, Aeschylus, you look terrible!

I assume you have some urgent news

to summon the court in this manner.

(rousing orchestral music)

What is this curiosity?

- A blessing, a curse, a proposal.

I don't know, a gift perhaps.

- Is this some kind of riddle?

- Riddle, sire?

Not exactly, this object will be

the single most powerful device ever imagined!

(crowd murmuring)

A device that will not only end war,

but make it a virtual impossibility!

(sheet whooshing)

- [Onlooker] It's a clock!

- Is this some kind of joke?

(crowd murmuring)

- My king, what I hold in my hands is time itself,

and I have harnessed its power.

He who masters time

masters the entire universe! (crowd murmuring)

- Are you telling me that if we build this device,

we control time?

- When activated, you can watch your enemies

age and die before your eyes.

Lifetimes are reduced to weeks, hours become seconds.

The universal force would be yours to command.

- The Morlins would be completely at our mercy, my lord.

- And we would be prisoners in our own castle.

Is there no other way?

- Well, the hope would be that the threat alone

would, uh, deter any aggression.

(crowd murmuring)

- And I would be in a position to destroy all my enemies.

Is that it?

- Indeed, my liege.

- No man has the right to play at being God.

Destroy it, Aeschylus.

(crowd murmuring over dramatic orchestral music)

Oh, my friend, no one in this world can match your power,

and I thank you for the loyal service

you've shown to the throne,

but I cannot accept this gift.

- (sighs) Thank God.

(groans) Despite all the capabilities of science and magic,

I never cease to be amazed at the human heart.

I hope you find your answer. (dramatic orchestral music)

- What's wrong, Papa?

(flowing and dramatic orchestral music)

- (sighs) To lead, one has to make decisions.

I just hope I made the right one back in the hall.

- The clock scared me, Papa.

- Me, too, little princess.

You know, even though our lives are short,

what we do with them can last forever.

Your mother is gone, but the love she left behind

lives on in my heart and in yours.

- I miss her.

- I miss her, too, very much.

Sometimes when I look in your eyes,

I see her looking back at me.

I love you, little princess.

(expressive orchestral music)

Here, I'm gonna give you this.

This was your mother's ring.

A diamond is a little like true love.

Nothing can break or tarnish its face if it is pure.


is the most powerful force there is.

(expressive orchestral music with tinkling chimes)

(liquid bubbling over ominous orchestral music)

(Aeschylus sighs)

(liquid bubbling)

(whooshing electronic accent)

(fire crackling)

(crickets chriping)

- I know your secret, Aeschylus,

and I will not shrink from them as you have.

The knowledge that you have denied me, I have taken.

Oh, and now is the moment that I've been waiting for!

Let the forces of nature tremble

as I summon the winds and the rains

to paralyze this stagnant, dying kingdom once and for all!

(thunder cracking over dramatic and tense orchestral music)

(shutters cracking)

- (groans) What is this?

(Aeschylus groaning over dramatic, tense orchestral music)

(Aeschylus grunts)

(Aeschylus sighs)

(door creaking)

Who's there?

(horse whinneying over dramatic and tense orchestral music)

(muffled shouting)

(soldiers shouting)

- You taught me well, master.

- No, Karnissa, you can't!

The magic is too much for you!

- No, it would appear the magic is too much for you.

My powers have been mocked for too long.

Jarod, dispose of the old fool (Aeschylus moaning)

and take everything with you.

- Aren't you forgetting something?

(thunder rumbling over howling wind)

This is quite a storm, Karnissa.

I didn't think you had it in you.

- Why, Sauris?

You always were one step ahead of everyone else.

- My talent has always been aligning myself

with those who have the power,

and right now, my dear, you are very powerful.

- And what's to stop you from betraying me?

- I never mentioned anything

about the queen's untimely demise, did I,

though I would have spoken

had it been in my interest to do so.

I knew the king had rejected your advances.

For me, it has never been a matter

of if you return, just when.

- All right, Sauris, you can come with us.

Gentlemen, we have quite a journey ahead of us.

(soldiers shouting over dramatic and tense orchestral music)

(ship whooshing)

- The storm is subsiding.

- Fool, I control the storm,

and it still rages on the castle.

No more delays, we must set sail for Gamara.

(soldiers shouting over dramatic and tense orchestral music)

- Magnificent, how shall I assist you?

- Now that we are out of the castle, I have no need for you.

- What do you mean?

(tense orchestral music)

Stop, what are you doing?

- I despise liars and flatterers.

(Sauris shouting over tense orchestral music)

You can't trust any of them.

(wind howling)

(bird cawing over rustling wind)

- Master, are you all right?

(platter clangs to the floor)

(expressive vocal choir)

- Aeschylus, old friend,

I hope you find greater joy in the next world

than you did in this lonely place.

(expressive violin)

(James sighs)

(expressive violin)

(Stephanie sneezes)

(James sneezes)

Bless you.

(expressive orchestral music)

- You know, I happen to be a good friend of the princess,

and I couldn't help but notice the goo-goo eyes

you were making at her.

- I was not!

- (laughs) Poop, you looked like a hypnotized dog.

(Loffo mimics dog panting and howling)

(laughs) Oh, come now, don't pout over it!

(lion growling)

- (clears throat) My Lord,

there's no sign of the astrologer nor of Sauris.

- From the look of their quarters,

it appears they left in quite a rush.

- When was she last seen?

- When you first, sir, heard about the Clock of Time.

- (groans) My God.

Well, at least the plans for the device were destroyed.

Are you telling me that the plans are still out there?

- It seems entirely possible

and, in this case, probable.

- Oh my God!

Oh, Aeschylus, my friend, what have we started?

(ominous rumbling ambiance)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- And the fires of hell spewed forth,

cleansing the land of all stagnation.

Welcome home, my friend (cackles).

(bear roaring)

(bear groaning over pleasant orchestral music)

(ferret squeaking)

(bird cawing)

(platter rattling)

(Loffo gasping)

(footsteps pattering)

(Loffo laughs)

- Loffo, what are you doing?

The stable master will kill me if I'm late again!

- Poo!

- What is this?

- [Loffo] Some food for the princess.

- And?

- Take it to her, you work for me now,

and I'm sending you on this errand.

- Loffo, don't make me, please!

- This is a golden opportunity, eh?

Don't fall apart on me now.

(Loffo laughs)

You'd think I was asking you to feed a dragon!

- [James] But what do I say?

(cat meows)

- Mm, look at this hat!

Look, it's so cute!

Let's try another one. (animals chattering)

That looks really good, hmm.

(James sighing)

That looks good! (animals chattering)

Oh, no, my ring (gasps)!

(platter clattering)

(knocking on door)

(parrot squawking)

(animals chattering over knocking on door)

(James sighs)

(thumping on door)

(animals chattering)

(Stephanie grunts)

(James clears his throat)

(door creaking)

What on Earth is it?

- Your dinner, your highness.

- Bring it in.

(animals chattering)

You can put it over there on the table.

(animals chattering)

(bird fluttering over animal chatter)

- Um,

your highness?

(animals chattering)

- You look funny!

They really seem to like you.

(James sighing over chattering animals)

- Well, I know you must be busy, so.

- I'm actually looking for something.

- (scoffs) It's funny.

My mom used to say that rings have a habit of

falling under beds. (animals chattering)

- Really?

- Yeah, I-I'll be going, here.

Sorry to have bothered you.

(animals chattering over pleasant orchestral music)

(James sighs)

- Wait a minute!

How did you know I was looking for a ring?

- Why did I say that (grunts)?

(animals chattering over pleasant, flowing orchestral music)

(ethereal chime accent)

(animals chattering over pleasant, flowing orchestral music)

(ominous orchestral music and vocal choir)

(men shouting and grunting over pounding hammers)

(machinery whirring over muffled shouting)

- My God, don't, don't you see?

After one full revolution of this machine,

the process cannot be stopped!

Even, even if it is destroyed,

the forces that are set into play are irreversible!

- D-do you think she's insane enough to use it?

I mean, she could have whatever she wants

simply by building it, I don't see why--

(slaps thwacking)

- Over there!

- Jarad! (ominous orchestral music)

- Yes, my queen?

- Are we on schedule?

- Not quite, this is a very difficult

and complicated device, my queen.

- I supposedly have the greatest mystical

and scientific minds at work 24 hours a day.

The problem is is that you've not been

properly motivating them!

(Jarad grunts)

- What do you suggest?

- Set an example of what happens if they don't work harder.

- How my queen? (machinery clanking)

- Guards! (tense orchestral music)

- No, no, my queen!

I beg mercy, please, call them off!

- If this machine is not completed within two days,

Jarad's fate will be yours!

(Jarad screaming over tense orchestral music)

Mazer? (machinery clanking)

- Yes, my queen?

- You're in charge now.

Don't disappoint me. (hammers thudding)

- Thank you, my queen. (muffled chatter)

- [Foreman] All right, back to work!

(rousing string accent)

(birds chirping)

- Haven't you seen one of these before?

- I, I-I-I-I-I-I just planted these yesterday!

- Well, I'm impressed.

- You don't understand, I, I just planted these yesterday!

(birds chirping)

(footsteps thudding over clattering plates)

A fresh batch of tomatoes.

- Good, it's about time!

(tomato squishing)

What is this, some kind of joke?

(tomatoes squishing)

- They were fresh and, and barely ripe just a minute ago!

- (laughs) And I'm the king of Baluria (laughs),

you festering bucket of pus!

(man shouting over comical boing)

(man shouting over clattering plates)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Your Majesty, the flowers have died.

I apologize, they were fresh blooms only yesterday.

(scoffs) I don't understand. (tense, ominous orchestration)

- So, Karnissa,

it's begun. (tense orchestral swell)

- The clock is ticking, King Francis.

Convince your neighboring lands to bow before me

or your kingdoms will crumble to dust

before your disbelieving eyes!

(machinery clanking over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(machinery whirring over dramatic vocal choir)

(bell clanging over tense orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

- The crops are dead, and my livestock is dying!

What is happening?

- Eh, all the crops, your majesty!

There's a food shortage rapidly developing.

- This is happening everywhere.

Our messengers are returning daily with terrifying stories

of aging from every corner of the world.

It seems Aeschylus' device indeed works.

- Damn that evil woman to hell!

(tense tympani)

So this is where our desire for peace has led us.

It's insane.

- We have some chilling results from studies

we've been doing, my lord.

- What do they say?

- Calculating the current age acceleration

that seems to be taking place and projecting ahead,

it appears that every living thing

is aging at a rate of roughly one year per week.

(crowd gasping and chattering)

If things continue at the present rate,

it seems we have less than one year to live.

(crowd gasping and chattering)

(Loffo groans)

(crowd chattering)

- With every second that passes,

we're losing days of precious time.

That clock must be found somehow and destroyed.

Karnissa's madness is so profound,

we cannot hope to bargain.

Assemble the armies!

(ducks quacking over pleasant orchestral music)

- [Stephanie] (sobs) I'm only 12 years old!

What's happening to me?

(Stephanie sighs)

- [James] Don't cry.

- Oh (gasps).

(snivels) Um, I wasn't crying (gasps).

I must just be allergic to something (sighs).

(pleasant orchestral music)

You're that page boy that brought me my dinner.

- Yeah, that was me.

(pleasant orchestral music)

- You looked so ridiculous with my bird on your head.

- (laughs) Yes, uh-huh, that was very funny.

- That look on your face was, was precious.

- You've made your point.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being rude.

You actually looked quite adorable.

- Really?

(animals chattering)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(rousing horn fanfare)

- My countrymen, this is something

I thought I would never again have to do,

but there is one battle,

one last battle we have to fight,

and it is a battle that directly affects the life

of every single living thing in the world!

For the first time in history, every army,

from our nearest neighbor to our furthest enemy,

sets sail with one single purpose,

to stop this evil machine,

to stop time itself!

Well, now, my countrymen,

I place all my hopes and prayers

in your capable hands as you embark

on the greatest quest the world has ever known.

Our love goes with you, godspeed!

(group cheering over rousing orchestral music)

(muffled chatter over rousing orchestral music)

- I wish I could go with you!

- I know you do, but you've gotten your wish.

You're a royal guard assigned to the king.

Impressive, mother and father would've been proud.

(sighs) I'll miss you, little brother.

- I'm not so little anymore!

- See what happens when you're in such a rush to grow up?

- Be careful, Alexander.

- Don't worry about me.

I'll be coming back a hero.

(muffled chatter over dramatic orchestral music)

Take care of the king. (machinery clanking)

(rousing orchestral music)

(group cheering over rousing orchestral music)

(hull creaking over rousing orchestral music)

(crowd cheering over rousing orchestral music)

(hull creaking)

- Godspeed.

(Francis sighs)

(wind rustling)

- I've aged 10 years in weeks, and yet it seems

I'll never be old enough for responsibility.

(birds chirping)

- You're assigned to the king's guard, aren't you?

- Yeah.

- What more responsibility could you want?

You protect the king, my father!

(birds chirping)

- He's a great man.

- Yes, but he's just a man.

He puts all this responsibility upon his shoulders, and

it frightens me.

Please try and help him.

- I will.

- Thank you, James.

(Stephanie sighs)

You know, I read fortunes.

- Oh, yeah, what's in my future?

- (sighs) Seems you're going to live a very long life.

- (chuckles) I'll just live it very quickly.

- Ooh, says here you're impatient.

(pleasant orchestral music)

- [James] Hmm.

- You'll soon be taking a long journey.

(pleasant orchestral music)

- What else?

(pleasant orchestral music)

- That you'll fall in love.

(flowing and pleasant orchestral music)

(lips smacking)

(flowing and pleasant orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(rousing orchestral music)

(man groans)

- Identify yourself, stranger!

(Sauris gasping)

My God, it's Sauris!

- My king wishes that our nations at this time

of universal threat may drop their quarrels,

work together to forge lasting peace, your highness.

- This is indeed welcome news.

Our thanks to the Morlin leader.

Aralon will indeed honor his request for peace,

now and for many years after this evil time has passed.

Too long have our nations shed senseless blood.

(door creaking)

(tense orchestral swell)

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

- At your service, your majesty.

And when they realized I was going directly to the king

to report this terrible murder, I was brutally beaten.

(footsteps clacking)

- You served your country well, my friend.

Do you have any idea where they've gone?

- I heard Karnissa order the ship to

fly to Gamara.

- Gamara,

of course.

They would never think of that deserted, black rock.

- I'm assuming that was her intention, sire.

- We can only pray that our soldiers find Karnissa

before she finds them.

(tense percussion swell)

(horses whinneying over rousing orchestral music)

(hooves clopping over rousing orchestral music)

(muffled chatter over rousing orchestral music)

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(hull creaking)

- One more sweep to the south

should eliminate this area as an option.

What do you think, Alexander?

- I think we're chasing our tails.

- Morlin ships off the port bow!

(muffled shouting)

- I thought we were supposed to be on the same team!

- [Lookout] Open your eyes, men!

- I estimate 20 warships.

(muffled shouting over rousing orchestral music)

- Have they seen us yet?

- [Lookout] Have they seen us yet?

(tense orchestral music)

- Have they seen us yet? (mast creaking)

- If we move now, surprise may be on our side.

- This is not our mission.

I received no orders to intercept Aralon ships.

(machinery whirring)

- My Queen, the Aralon fleet has crossed the coastline.

- Make fine bloodhounds, these Aralon soldiers.

I cannot allow them to come any closer.

(machinery clanking)

Now is the time for God and all his creatures

to feel the full force of my power.

May the elements bend and twist to my bidding!

May the heavens open and the rains come and the winds blow!

(wind howling)

- Secure the cannons and no one fires without my order!

Is that understood?

(muffled shouting over rousing orchestral music)

- They're not changing course!

(soldiers shouting over rousing orchestral music)

(winch clanking)

(soldiers shouting over cannons rumbling on deck)

- We really can't afford

to lose any men in a full engagement.

However, if the Morlins are after the machine,

they may use it against us.

- This will be in direct defiance of our orders.

- I think we've been spotted, sir!

(muffled shouting over rousing orchestral music)

- We're headed straight for them!

(sharp rumbling)

- Captain, they're firing on us!

- They're firing!

- Prepare the cannons to return fire!

(crewmen shouting over cannons rumbling on deck)

- Request permission to return fire.

- Permission grant, wait!

(thunder rumbling over muffled shouting)

That's not cannon fire.

- Hurricane, hurricane at the starboard bow!

(thunder rumbling over tense orchestral music)

- Full right rudder, now!

(hull creaking)

- Full reverse, full reverse! (crewmen shouting)

- Damn you, Karnissa!

(thunder rumbling over tense orchestral music)

Secure everything!

- May the saints preserve us!

(crewman shouting)

(wood cracking)

(Karnissa cackling over muffled shouting)

(wood cracking and crunching)

(crewmen shouting over howling wind)

(wood cracking and crunching)

(crewmen shouting)

(wood cracking and crunching)

(explosion rumbling)

(Karnissa cackling over howling wind)

(bell clanging)

- They're dead, I can feel it.

- Who is dead, Papa? (expressive orchestral music)

- My armies, my people (sighs),

how could I have brought this wretched suffering

on this kingdom that I love so much?

- Hush!

Our fleet may still be victorious, you must have faith!

- No, I'm afraid all hope is gone.

(expressive strings)

What a sad legacy have I left.

Born into a position of unparalleled power,

I've done nothing with it.

I've failed my people.

- That's not true, Papa.

You have done so many wonderful things,

please don't do this to yourself!

(Francis coughs)

(Stephanie scoffs)

(expressive orchestral music)

- (sighs) Oh, my child.

(sighs) What will you do when I'm gone?

(birds chirping over expressive strings)

- Papa, I found someone who will take care of me.

- Who?

- This James, one of your guards.

(expressive violin)

- Is he a good man, does he treat you well?

- I'm in love with him, I think.

- That makes me very happy.

I think that in these dark days, new love can bloom,

and that alone gives me hope.

(expressive strings)

Be good to him, Stephanie.

(Stephanie whimpers)

(chuckles) I would've given anything

to have seen a grandchild.

(expressive strings)

Love that child for me.

- I will, Papa.

I will.

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(men chattering over rousing orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell tolling over dramatic orchestral music)

(muffled chatter over dramatic orchestral music)

- Alexander, it's me, I'm here.

- (panting) We never stood a chance.

The storm, oh, God, that storm (gasping)!

Most of my men are still out there.

- What happened?

- Karnissa's magic.

Too strong (groans).

(dramatic vocal choir)

(sword rattling)

Defend Aralon, James.

Protect them.

- Alex,

hold on!

Hold on!

(dramatic orchestral music and vocal choir)

- It's good to be home.

- No, (sobs) please, God, no!

(muffled chatter over expressive orchestral music)

- [Alexander] Defend Aralon, James.

Protect them.

(muffled sobbing over dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(birds chirping)

(birds chirping over expressive strumming guitar)

- (sighs) I'm so sorry.

- I have to go, Stephanie.

(expressive guitar and strings)

There's no one left!

- Why, why do you have to go, what are you gonna prove?

- We're too young to die!

Somebody has to stop that clock!

I finally found something, someone

who gave me a purpose in this life.

I'm not gonna lose the only thing that I love.

(Stephanie sighs)

- There's someone I want you to meet.

(expressive guitar over flowing orchestral music)

Papa, you awake?

James is here.

(expressive guitar over flowing orchestral music)

(bed creaking)

- So you're the young man who's stolen my daughter's heart.

- Indeed, she has stolen mine as well, your highness.

Unworthy as I am, I seek your blessing,

for upon my return, I intend on marrying Stephanie.

- Return from what?

- From destroying the clock.

- What makes you think that you can accomplish

what an army could not?

(birds chirping)

- One man rides faster than 100.

No storm can knock me from the sky, and certainly,

no scouts would perceive a single man as a threat.

- You have a fine and noble heart, James.

(bed creaking)

(sighs) Give me your sword.

(sword tings)

Kneel before me, James.

(birds chirping)

No man may embark on a quest for the king

without being made a knight of the order,

so James of Aralon, it is with a mixture

of sadness and pride

that I dub thee


The journey before you is as perilous

as the pastures of Hades,

but should you be victorious,

such is the stuff as legends are made of.

Your duties are to uphold the honor

and integrity of all righteous things,

so rise, Sir James, and peace be with you.

(pleasant and hopeful orchestral music)

Come back to us soon, James.

Don't break my daughter's heart.

A knight is not judged by his prowess with a sword.

Heroism comes from the inside.

- Yes, your majesty.

(Francis gasping)

- Well, Sir James,

you do have a slight advantage

in that you will actually know Karnissa's location.

It is called Gamara, (map crinkling)

and lies beyond the desert in the dead lands.

(muffled chatter)

(sweeping and expressive orchestral music)

- I'll be back.

(sweeping and expressive orchestral music)

- I wanna remember every detail of your face.

I wanna burn it in my memory.

(Stephanie whimpering over expressive orchestral music)

(kiss snapping)

(Stephanie gasping over expressive orchestral music)

(muffled chatter)

(horse sighs)

(hooves clopping over expressive orchestral music)

James, wait!


(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

I will love you to the ends of time.

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(wind howling over expressive violin)

(Francis gasping over expressive orchestral music)

- Your mother

is calling me.

I can't wait to look

into her eyes again.

(wind howling over expressive orchestral music)

(kiss snapping)

(expressive orchestral music)

(wind rustling)

(ominous orchestral music)

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

(sails fluttering)

(hooves clopping)

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(expressive vocal choir)

- You seem lost in thought, my young queen.

Thinking of James?

- (sighs) I miss him very much.

- If Sir James is as pure of heart as he seems to be,

he will return.

- Yes, and he'll have this lovely old maid to return to.

- (laughs) Hush, you silly goose!

You will always be beautiful.

If this clock took off weight as fast as years,

(laughs) I'd love it (chuckles)!

- Flatterer (sighs)!

This place has become so dreary, hasn't it?

- Yes, it is very quiet.

Your father always liked the sounds of his people,

their laughter, their music.

- He had such dreams for this kingdom.

- Well, he achieved them.

He elevated the art of living to a new level.

He built a, a kingdom in the sky,

dedicated to beauty and peace.

What more could anyone ask of one's life?

- You're right.

You know, you're a very wise man, Loffo.

- Well, of course, I'm the cook (laughs).

- And a very good friend.

(Loffo chuckles)

(wind howling)

(footsteps clacking over tense and ominous vocal choir)

(gasps) Sauris!

- You're going to die, you know?

(Stephanie gasping)

If Karnissa destroys the world,

there'll be nothing left to rule,

so I will send a message offering Aralon

as my gift to her.

- Over my cold, dead body!

Ow (gasping)! (jarring orchestral accent)

- I would have it no other way (chuckles).

(Stephanie grunting over stomp crunching)

(punch thudding)

(Stephanie shrieks over cracking slap)

(horse whinneying)

- Stephanie (gasping)!

(Stephanie grunts over strike thudding)

(wood thunking)

(Sauris laughs)

(guard groaning over thudding strikes)

(guard groaning)

(Stephanie gasping)

- That was very entertaining, your majesty.

Now, don't move a muscle! (Stephanie whimpering)

- Stephanie (grunts)?

(sneezes) Oh (scoffs),

this is wreaking havoc on my allergies.

Stephanie, are you in there?

(knocking on door)

Oh, fire the housekeeper.

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

(muffled chatter)

(muffled coughing over dramatic orchestral music)

(hooves clopping)

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

- Don?

- I'll be damned!

- How are you, old friend?

- I'm surviving!

(both sighing)

What on Earth are you doing here?

- (sighs) I've come to stop the clock.

- Now, that's a hell of an idea, why didn't I think of that?

Where's Alexander?

Have you heard anything?

- He didn't make it.

- Oh. (wind howling)

- (sighs) But I'm not gonna let his death be in vain.

I'm gonna stop that clock, Don.

- You'll never make it on horseback, though.

- Can any of these ships fly?

- Mm, no, I doubt it.

There is the Persephone,

eh, but she's wedged pretty tight between those two peaks.

I bet she could fly.

- We have to get her down.

- Be my guest (sighs).

We're so old, we can barely wipe our noses.

James, it's impossible.

- No, it's not impossible, nothing is impossible!

(Don scoffs)

(men coughing)

I need some strong bodies.

- Well, hightail it back to Aralon, then,

because everyone here's dead or dying.

- Listen to me, I didn't travel all this way to quit now!

You're not dead yet, Don, and I need you to help me,

so stop cracking jokes and help me!

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

- Where are you taking me?

- Silence!

- I will not be silent!

I deserve the right to know where you're taking me.

- Sauris offers you this.

Join him and you'll be spared.

- Never! (metal rattling)

(wind howling)

- Apparently, they forgot to finish this room.

(guard chuckling over tense orchestral music)

Now, jump! (Stephanie gasping)

Ooh, first steps a doozy, huh, queen?

Dive, Queenie, dive (laughs)!

(pan clanging)

- Who wants an omelet?

- Well, get him, Sirius (laughing)!

(pan clanging)

I wanna see you fly, Queenie, fly!

(pan clanging)

(Stephanie shrieking over echoing shout)

- There-there, there-there, dear (chuckles).

- Oh, Loffo (gasps), Sauris made a deal with Karnissa

to have the whole kingdom enslaved.

- I always thought that old coot

was a few slices short of a loaf, come on!

(men grunting over rousing orchestral music)

(rousing orchestral music with vocal choir)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

Where are we going?

- (gasps) I know there's a secret corridor

that leads into the throne room.

(Stephanie shrieks)

- When this is all over, can I take a vacation?

You know, I would like to go up north

somewhere where it's very frosty and--

(Stephanie grunting)

Oh, oh, oh, (gasps) careful!

(both grunting)

- Thanks, Don.

- Take care, and teach that toady bitch some manners!

(rousing orchestral music)

(hull creaking)

(wheel rattling)

(wood creaking)

(rousing orchestral music)

(ethereal chimes)

(kiss snapping)

(James sighs)

(rope crunching over rousing orchestral music)

(horse whinneying)

- Of course you can come, old boy!

(rousing orchestral music)

- Prepare to fire.

(fire crackling)

(Loffo gasping over howling wind)

- Don't make me do this!

- (sighs) Loffo, please!

Don't make this any harder than it already is!

- (gasps) Have I told you that I'm afraid of heights?

- Close your eyes!

- (groans) Oh, my ribs!

(gasping) You're no help at all!

- Ready?

- Does it matter?

(Loffo gasping over playful orchestral music)


(Stephanie shrieks)

(Loffo groaning)

(Loffo screams)

(gasping) I'm much too old for this!

- (groans) Come on!

(metal tinging)

- Prepare the ship to fly to Gamara as soon as possible!

- Fire!

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosions rumbling)

(horse whinneying)

(stones rattling)

She's moving, she's really moving!

(hull creaking)

(James shouts)

(hull rattling over dramatic orchestral music)

Lift up, lift up, James! (crowd shouting)

(James groaning over cracking wood)

(wood snaps)

(crowd shouting over dramatic orchestral music)

Give 'em hell, James!

(crowd shouting over rousing orchestral music)

- Keep the faith, Don.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(hinge creaking over crackling fire)

(Stephanie gasps)

(Loffo groans)

(fire crackling over ominous orchestral music)

(keys jingling)

- We have very little time.

Is the ship ready?

- Yes, my liege.

- That's the message to Karnissa.

- Why don't you just ask him nicely for it?

(Sauris coughing)

(Sauris gasping)

- Fly white sails so they may know you come in peace.

- You know, I haven't had a chance to read through this yet.

- Stop!

Loffo, throw the scroll into the fire.

(scroll thwacking)

- Get a haircut! (playful orchestral music)

Clean up this mess, boys, watch it!

(Loffo groans)

Move it, cue ball,

you're crowding me, go on! (playful orchestral music)

(Loffo sighs over cracking bones)

(flames whooshing)

(Stephanie sighs)

(Stephanie shrieks)

- Did you have a flair for drama, my queen?

- It's over, Sauris, you're out of time!

Look in the mirror, how much time do you have left?

Hours, minutes, seconds perhaps?

- Big talk for a girl with a knife at her throat!

Finish her!

- Please (gasps), we are not animals!

(panting) This kingdom loved you!

There's so little time left (gasping),

don't waste it on hate.

(pants) It's so pointless!

(expressive orchestral music)

- You're all gutless!

(pedestal rattling)

There's still time! (ominous orchestral music)

I promise you wealth beyond anything you can imagine!

I promise you (coughs)!

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(Sauris groans)

(Sauris thuds to the floor)

(pleasant and hopeful orchestral music)

- I guess he only had seconds left.

- Let's get out of here.

(ship whooshing over rousing orchestral music)

(horse sighs)

(rousing orchestral music)

(quietly tense orchestral music)

(Stephanie gasps)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(Loffo gasps over tense orchestral music)


- I guess I'm going the way of Sauris.

- No, no, Loffo, Loffo!

Please, hold on, please, for me?

Hold on just a little bit more, please!

(Loffo gasping)

Oh, God, no! (tense orchestral music)

(dramatic and rousing orchestral music)

(James grunting)

(James gasping)

(James grunts)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(James groans over creaking wood)

- Your Majesty, there is a ship approaching.

- That's impossible, how close?

- Approximately three miles due east.

I'm sorry.

- It appears that your trusted scouts have failed me.

- This isn't my fault!

- And since they're not here to suffer, someone must pay!

- Please, your majesty!

I beg of you.

- (groans) It's just one stupid little ship,

but blow it out of the sky anyway.

(tense and dramatic orchestral music)

(soldiers shouting)

(tense and dramatic orchestral music)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(James groaning over rumbling explosion)

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(James grunting)

(soldiers shouting)

(explosions rumbling over tense orchestral music)

- [James] (grunts) Come on, cut it out!

(cannon fire rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

(ship whooshing)

(James grunting over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

Oh, no!

(soldiers gasping)

(James grunting)

(soldiers shouting)

(ship crashing through building)

(group shouting)

(crashing and rumbling over dramatic orchestral music)

- Secure the area immediately!

(men shouting over clanking machinery)

(gates thudding)

(doors thudding)

(James gasping)

(men shouting over tense, dramatic orchestral music)

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(muffled shouting over tense and dramatic orchestral music)

- [James] Oh, great! (gate rattling)

(men shouting over machinery clanking)

(tense and dramatic orchestral music)

(James grunting)

(metal rattling)

- Oh, save us, James, my love!

(machinery clanking)

(bell clanging)

(James groaning)

- My God! (Karnissa cackling)

- (laughs) Are you the best that Aralon has to offer?

You could be my grandfather!

- No, Karnissa, I'm just a child

robbed of his life by your senseless lust for power!

I've come to end this pathetic charade.

- Well, you only have one more minute

until the end of your world

and the start of my new, splendid world!

(James grunts)

(group cackling)

Oh, you should thank me.

You wouldn't know what to do

with time if I gave it back to you!

Life is short, isn't it, old man?

You can't stop the clock, nobody can!

(bell clanging)

- Come back, come back, come back!

(dramatic and expressive orchestral music)

(bell clanging)

(James groans over Karnissa cackling)

- I'm sorry, Stephanie. (bell clanging)

(ethereal chimes)

- Come home, James, my love! (bell clanging)

- It's mine!

The world is all mine!

(James grunting over thudding fists)

- [James] No, no!

(diamond tinging)

(wind howling)

(diamond tinging)

(bell clanging over clattering machinery)

(ethereal chimes)

(diamond tinging)

(gears clanking)

(diamond tinging)

(gears throbbing and cracking)

(machinery whistling and sputtering)

(explosions rumbling and cracking)

- No, no, no! (group shouting)

(James gasps)

(tense and dramatic orchestral music)

(rousing and hopeful orchestral music)

(James gasps)

(muffled shouting over rousing orchestral music)

(James grunting)

(James grunts)

(rumbling and cracking over rousing orchestral music)

- No!

(kicks thudding)

(man shouting)

(rousing orchestral music)

(sword whooshing)

(strikes thudding)

(rousing orchestral music)

- [James] Whoa (grunts)!

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

(clock crunching and cracking)

- No, my clock!

(explosion rumbling)

(both grunting over whooshing swords)

(swords tinging)

(both groaning over muffled rumbling)

(punch thudding)

(man shrieks)

(wheel thuds to the ground)

(James gasps)

(wood rattling and crunching over muffled shouting)

- (gasps) Oh, no! (wood rattling and crunching)

(wood rattling and crunching over muffled shouting)

(explosions rumbling over rousing orchestral music)

(soil crunching)

(James gasps)

(horse whinneying)

- Freedom?

(rousing orchestral music)

- [Karnissa] Uh-oh!

(gear thudding)

(James gasps)

(horse whinneying over muffled rumbling)

- [James] Yah!

(wood cracking and rumbling)

(hooves clopping over muffled rumbling and crashing)

(wood rumbling and crashing)

(hooves clopping over expressive orchestral music)

(rousing orchestral music with dramatic vocal choir)

(crowd cheering over rousing orchestral music)

(jubilant orchestral music)

- [Francis] Love is the most powerful force there is.

(dramatic and jubilant orchestral music)

(pleasant, flowing piano)

♪ I love you more

♪ Than words can say

♪ I love you more

♪ Each and every day

♪ Wherever you go

♪ I will be also

♪ And my heart and soul

♪ Will always be yours

♪ As time goes on

♪ Our love grows strong

♪ And come what may

♪ It's here to stay

♪ With each passing moment

♪ Each passing second

♪ This love we share

♪ Grows more each day

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I will always wait for you

♪ And I'll save my love

♪ I'll save it all for you

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I'll be right here for you

♪ You'll see it's true

♪ I'll be here for you

♪ When beauty flows

♪ Between our souls

♪ And with each kiss

♪ We promise this

♪ Whatever our fate provides

♪ Together we'll face those times

♪ There's nothing out there

♪ That we cannot brave

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I will always wait for you

♪ And I'll save my love

♪ I'll save it all for you

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I'll be right here for you

♪ You'll see it's true

♪ I'll be here for you

(rousing and dramatic orchestral music)

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I will always wait for you

♪ And I'll save my love

♪ I'll save it all for you

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I'll be right here for you

♪ You'll see it's true

♪ I'll be here for you

(pleasant piano)

♪ To the ends of time

♪ I'll be right here

(clock ticking over pleasant piano)

♪ You and I

♪ It feels so

(bell clanging)