Tôkyô boshoku (1957) - full transcript

Two sisters live with their father. The younger sister is embroiled in an affair and becomes pregnant. The elder sister has run away from her husband and returned with her child to her parent's home. Both sisters are astonished when their mother, long thought dead, turns up alive. The sisters are even more stunned when they learn what their mother's life has been.



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Cinematography by YUHARU ATSUTA
Art Direction by TATSUO HAMADA

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My, what a surprise!

It's been a while.

It's turned quite cold.


Visiting this area today?

I come occasionally.

The new branch manager
drops in a lot.

Okabe likes to drink too.

You're just in time: I just got
some salted sea cucumber from home.

Sounds good.

Some warm sake, please.

- I'd like some too.
- What?

Salted sea cucumber.
And more hot sake.

As soon as I get
to know you people,

the head office calls you back.

It's true.

But since it means
a promotion...

Where's Akemi?

She went skiing with friends.

Other side of the Shimizu tunnel,

where the snow piles
up 350 kilometers high.

That's how far it is to Nagoya.
You must mean centimeters.

Is that what it is?
Silly me.

Has your daughter gone already?

Not yet, but she
probably will soon.

I also got some Matoya oysters.
Want some?

Sounds good.

Any special way?

Afterward, with rice gruel.


I'd like some oysters too.

With vinegar.
Also afterward, with rice gruel.


- I'll try them with vinegar too.
- You too?

Sure is cold.

It really is.

Tastes good, with a nice smell.
Are you from the Shima peninsula?

Yes. Anori.

You don't say!

My brother-in-law
is from Nakiri nearby.

Do you know that area?

Not too well,
but I once went to Kashiko Island.

Nice place.
You in the pearl business?

No, I'm actually a banker.

The sea's so blue there.

And deep too.

I took a ferry tour
around the whole island.

Pearls need a place like that

in order to grow naturally.

The late Mr. Mikimoto
sure found the right spot.

You're right.

Mr. Sugiyama...

Professor Numata was here
very late a few nights ago.

Is that so? Alone?

No, with two students.

He was already drunk
when he got here.

I see.

The students
were escorting him home.

- Did he cause trouble?
- Oh, no.

Not at all.

Does he come in often?

No, just once in a while.

He forgot that hat.

He'll be back for it, I'm sure.

Have one on me.

Thank you.

I'm home.

Welcome home.

Oh, you're here.

Cold, isn't it?

Where's Tomizawa?

I sent her home.

She's sound asleep.

When did you get here?

This afternoon.
Do you want supper?

I ate.


Have you seen my tabi?

- Where could they be?
- They're not around?

Tomizawa must've washed them.
Check the bottom drawer.

I found them.

How's Numata?

He's fine.

I read one of his
magazine articles recently:

"Resistance to Freedom."

Is that so?

Quite interesting.
Does he get asked to write often?

Is everything okay?
- With what?

At your place.

Shall I make tea?

Come and warm yourself.

Isn't it late?

It doesn't matter.

- He got home late the other night.
- When?

And drunk, no less.

He does that often.

- He drinks that much?
- Yes, these days.

Something seems
to be bothering him.


- Welcome home.
- You're home too?

- Takako, I prepared your bed.
- Thanks.

Akiko, have some tea.

No, thanks.

You're not going home?


Why not?

Has something happened again?

What's wrong?

Something between
you and Numata?

That's not good.

Shall I make your bed, Father?

It can't be helped.

Takako, come and sit down.

What is it?

- Never mind. Just leave me alone.
- But —

That's just how he is.

How he is?

It's a sickness.
He gets so irritable.

He takes it out on poor Michiko.

If his friends get good reviews,
or there's trouble at school —

- But what's that got to do with you?
- That's it.

He's just neurotic.

I'll go and see him.

It won't help,
and you'll only get upset.

That's how he is.


You have a visitor.

- Hello.
- Hi there.

What's wrong?

Just stopped in to see
about a loan.

Did you have lunch yet?

Not yet.

I have an idea.

The Towa director's funeral
is the day after tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.?
At Seishoji temple?

Ever gone to that restaurant
around the corner?

Which one?

Nice place.
Has good food.

Which one?

They serve broiled eel.

Are you free now?

Yes. Let's go.

My treat.

All right.

I'm going out.

I'll be back by 2:00.
Please handle any phone calls.

Excuse me.
Where's the washroom?

Down the hall on the right.


Thank you.

Broiled eel and eel liver soup.

How about some sake?

Not during the day.

Why not? One bottle.

And one order of liver.

- May I make a phone call?
- Certainly.

Good afternoon.

Hello? Mr. Chu?

I'm in Gofukubashi,
the usual place.

Let me talk to Mr. Shinoda.

Mr. Shinoda? It's me.

Everything went fine
at the bank.

So go ahead as planned.
Yes, that's right.

Yes, please.

Thank you.

Wait a second —
Oh, never mind.

What a pain!

Doing business is such a bother.

You seem busy.

Well, when it's
your own business...

Listen, what about
Father's 12-year memorial service?

What should we do?

No need to attend.
I'll send money to the temple.

Would you?


A thousand ought to be enough.
- Plenty.

By the way,
how's Akiko doing?


She came to the house
asking to borrow some money.

- When?
- A few days ago.

The day I stopped by our suppliers,
so it was Tuesday.

Did she say why?

No. She told me not to tell you.
She wanted 5,000.

And you gave it to her?

Without knowing what for?
Of course not.

Listen, I think it would be wise
to find her a husband soon.

Thank you for waiting.

Pardon me.

Some pickles too.

Have some sake.

Why wouldn't she tell me
the reason? How odd.

That's a lot of money for her.
Something fishy's going on.

What did she do?

She said never mind and left.

She never told me.

That's what I thought.

What on earth are young people
thinking these days?

Hurry and marry her off.

Perhaps I should.

I'll start looking
for a match right away.

It should be easy.
She's a pretty girl.

More sake?


Who's there?

Oh, it's you.

You spoiled a great hand.
I could have won.

I'm sorry.

You came just in time
to save me.

Forget it. Come in.

Do you know where Kenji is?

He's not in?
Maybe at school.

Would he go to school
on a nice day like this?

Or even when it's raining?

You guys have it easy.

Poor fathers who pay for it all.

Lock the door.

What a hand.
Am I dealer? I fold.

- So just us two?
- All right, I'm in.

No idea at all where he is?

Who? You mean Kenji?

Don't be so tough on him.


He's lost weight.

What do you like
so much about him anyway?

I don't know.

Of course you do.

What makes him so attractive?

Don't be so nosy.

Actually, I know.

I know all about it.

Hey, Akiko, I met
some old lady who knows you.


Oh, shoot!


- She runs a mahjong parlor.
- Where?

- In Gotanda.
- What's her name?

Hey, what was that
mahjong place called?


Never been there.

She was asking all about you.

Maybe she confused me
with someone else.

She knew you well.

How could she?

Hand it over.

I'll be going.

Sorry we couldn't be more help.

- Lock the door after me.
- Leave us some cigs.

So long.

I don't have much to offer.

Please have some.

Father, try these.
They might be a bit harsh.

Busy at work these days?

Not too busy.

My problem is finding books
that need translating.

This hit the Maruzen shelves
a few days ago.

I found out today at school
that someone's already doing it.

They beat me to it.

I've come about Takako.


And how's Michiko?
Being a nuisance?

I don't feel that way.

They say it's easier to love
your grandchildren than your children.

What do you think, Father?
I don't believe that.

People may think it's easier...

but that's not real love.

Can love, so to speak,

skip a generation like that?
I don't think so.

If it does, it's a tragedy.

Love between parent and child

is the most primitive
instinct of all.

About Takako —

Oh, right.

What's going on?

Did she say something?

Nothing specific.

Two nights ago she suddenly said

that she wanted
to think things over.

When I woke up, she was gone.

I'd been working all night
and woke up late.

A drink?

Not for me.

Japanese whiskey has improved.

It's snowing.

I didn't expect that.

I'm back.

Welcome home.
Get caught in the snow?

It may pile up.
I didn't see it coming.

Your coat's all wet.

I saw Numata.

I see.

Where's Michiko?

I just tucked her in.
She didn't have her nap today.

I see.
Cold, isn't it?

Anyway, about Numata —

Just a sec.

Wasn't it awkward?


Meeting with him.

Of course not.

But —

But he's changed.
He wasn't like that before.

He used to be more cheerful.

I was thinking on the train home
that I owe you an apology.

For what? Not at all.

I should have
let you marry Sato.

You seemed to like him.

It doesn't matter now, Father.

I pressured you
into marrying Numata.

I'll check the bath.

I'm home.


Come here.


Did you ask your aunt for money?


Why didn't you tell me?

What was it for?

It doesn't matter now.

Come here.

What was it for?

A friend was in trouble.

You could have asked me.

It came up suddenly.

What did?

You weren't around.
I didn't know where you were.

I don't need it anymore.

Your bath is ready, Father.
I took the cover off.

What did Akiko do?

She's just being difficult.



This hasn't been discarded yet.

Nor this.
I guess it's safe.

Pon! Three doubles.
That's 9,600 points.

You're lucky today, Yakko.

The game's just starting.

I lost the most.
My luck's rotten today.

Hey, pops,
how about some ramen?

One ramen?

Anyone else want to order?


Looks good!

I've been losing from the start.

- Whose turn is it now?
- South Wind.

Shut up, Noboru.

No hints.

- Who's winning?
- Yakko. Can't stop her.

- That one!
- Stop it!

Sir, Mr. Kanematsu has arrived.


I heard you.

What was the last tile?
- The 2 Circle.

He says he's in a hurry.

I'm going back now.

Just what I was looking for.

This one?
- This one's better.

You're right.

No coaching!


Welcome back.

Hey, missus,

she's the one
you were asking about.


Your turn.

- Ready.
- So soon?

That was fast.

I'll take that.
Three triplets with a Lucky Dragon.

Three triplets beginning with a 5!

- I'll never get home.
- It's okay.

- Let me play.
- I'm losing.

Don't worry.

Did you see Kenji?

He hasn't come here yet.

Akiko, come sit by me.


How do you know about me?

Didn't you once live
in Ushigome?

Yes, as a child.
I don't remember it, though.

I was your neighbor.


Is everyone well?

You have a sister, don't you?
Does she have a child?

Yes, a daughter.

Is that so?
How old is she?


Must be cute.
What about your brother?

- He died.
- How did that happen?

Climbing in
the Tanigawadake mountains.


Summer of 1951.

I see.

Your ramen's on the way.

Say, will you get
some rice curry for me?

- Hasn't Soma come?
- Not yet.

I'll make some tea.

Won't you please come inside?

Where do you live now?


Are you working?

No, I'm studying
English shorthand.

Do you play mahjong often?

Now and then.

It's better that way.

We're done.

Who won?

Don't ask.
She isn't nice, is she?

I'm the biggest loser again.
Now I really can't leave.

Kenji's late, isn't he?

I'm home.

Welcome back.

Lock the door.

- I'm home.
- Hello.

You want supper?

I already ate.

You're still up?

I waited up for you,
but I'll go to bed now.

- Father's been worrying.
- About what?

Your coming home
so late, of course.

Why are you always so late?

Shorthand is difficult.

Sometimes I go
to a friend's house to practice.

I told Father that.

Try to come home earlier.
He worries about you.

You know...

I met a strange woman today.
She knows all about our family.

Who was that?

She said she was
a neighbor of ours in Ushigome.

Who is she?

She owns a mahjong parlor
called Kotobuki-So.

You go there often?

No, some friends took me.

That woman knows you well.

Who could it be?

She knew about our brother too.

- What is she like?
- What do you mean?

How old?

She looked fairly young,
but I don't know. She's pretty.

- Does she live alone?
- No, she has a husband.

Is he a tall man?

Not so tall. Sort of funny-looking,
with a bit of a limp.

For some reason, I almost felt
as if she were our mother.


No reason. I just did.

She couldn't be our mother.
She's just a stranger.

I guess so.

I was only three then.

That's right.



Are you alone?

Has Kenji been here?

Mr. Kimura?
Not in a couple days.

He hasn't been in?

No, he hasn't.

Hey, when did I last deliver food
to Mr. Kimura?

Night before last.

I'll come again.

Who was that?

That little delinquent
who's always in here with Kimura.

Your charcoal's lit.

Hey, close
the bottom of the stove.

I mean kindly close it, please.


- You're early.
- I've got the early shift.


Hi. What's up?

Do you know where he is?

You haven't found him yet?

I saw him this morning.
- Oh? I went to his room —

Why are you chasing him?

I'm not chasing him.
We just need to talk.

Don't you two overdo it.
You can go blind, you know.


Just talking to myself.

Water, please.


So long.

Leaving already?

You just got here.

Well, ain't that lucky?

- I have to talk to you.
- About what?

Come with me.

I'm kind of busy.

It won't take long.

Kenji, go with her.


Where'd you and the madam
go last night?


I saw you two getting in a car
near Sukiyabashi.

Did you now?

I saw you too —
getting in a car with Mr. Kon.

Liar! He wouldn't
have the guts.

This is terrible.
How can this be?

What's terrible?

You're absolutely sure?

You think I'm lying to you?

You think I could lie about this?

No, I don't...
but what a mess.

I'm the one in trouble.
Much more than you.

Please be serious.
Stop looking so indifferent.

Indifferent? It's all I've been
thinking about since you told me.

But you've been avoiding me.

That's not true.

You've been running away from me!

What are we going to do?

I wonder if it's even mine.

Who else's could it be?

Whose do you think it is?

Are you that suspicious?

It isn't that.

Then what do you intend to do?

What am I to do?

Stop crying like that.

Let's think it over.

What a mess.

I have to go now.

I've got to meet
Professor Otsuka at 6:30.

Wait for me at the Etoile,
will you?

I'll be there by 9:30, okay?

I'm going.
Be sure to wait for me.

Then what happened?

Say something.


Thank you.

What did you say then?



Quite late, isn't it?

What are you doing
in a place like this?

Thinking about something?

Something worrying you?

Expecting someone?

It doesn't concern you.

That's true.

You've been waiting a long time.
Where do you live?

What's it to you?

- Where's your home?
- None of your business.

You'd better tell me.

Who are you?

I see you around sometimes.

Where do you live?

Answer me.

Do you do this often?


Stealing women's underwear
at your age. Why?

You married?


You cold over there?
Come and warm yourself up.


That's right.

No, I haven't heard anything yet.

Yes, I will.

I'm Akiko Sugiyama's sister.

Thank you for coming.

Officer Wada, she's here.

Come around, please.

Sorry we had to call you here.
You're her older sister?

Takako, was it?
Please have a seat.

My father couldn't come.

I see.
It must have come as a shock.

She hasn't committed any crime.

But young people these days
go astray for the slightest reason.

Please keep a close eye on her.

A girl shouldn't stay out late alone
for any reason.

I'm terribly sorry.

You there.
Come over here.

Stubborn, isn't she?

What's the matter, Akiko?

What is it?

What's wrong?

I don't want to go in.

It's all right.
Father doesn't know.

Come along now, all right?

Father, you're still up?

Come here.

You too, Akiko.

Father, it's late.

Never mind that.

Akiko, come in here.

Where have you been?

The phone rang after you left.

I thought it was Numata,
but it was the police.

Why didn't you say anything?

Why did you hide it?

Akiko, what did the police
want with you?

Sit down.

Father, it's late.
Let's discuss it tomorrow.

Akiko, why were you taken
to the police station?

What did you do?

Why don't you say anything?
Why'd they take you in?

No one in this family
should be taken into police custody.

Father, she didn't do anything.

You be quiet.

Akiko, I'm asking you.

She was only waiting
for a friend at a café.

But why so late?

Akiko, what were you
doing there?

You won't tell me?
You're no child of mine.

Father, you mustn't.

It's very late.
Let's discuss this tomorrow.

Akiko, you'd better go to bed.

Let her go, Father.

She's impossible.

How did she ever
turn out this way?

What a disappointment.

Akiko's lonely.
I'm sure of it.

Father, please be
more gentle with her.

She grew up without
knowing a mother's love.

That's why she's lonely.

I've tried hard to keep her
from feeling that way.

But without a mother...

I've always tried
to dote on her...

so much so that I was afraid
you'd be jealous.

This is the result.

I made a mistake somewhere.

Bringing up a child...

isn't easy.

Father, please go to bed.

Have you had
any word from Numata?

- No.
- I see.

Good night.

Good night, Father.

You're still awake?

Please go to sleep.


I'm not wanted, am I?

Why do you say that?

With what Mother did...

I should never have been born.

Take this.

Is my brother in?

Hello, Auntie.

You're here?
Is your father in? Oh, good.

Hello. I thought you'd be leaving,
so I rushed over.

I leave at noon today.
What is it?

- Auntie, please sit down.
- That's okay.

Michiko's a good little girl,
aren't you?

What's that?

About what we discussed...


Takako, come here.

Brother, come over here.

- What?
- Where's Akiko?

- She left for school.
- Perfect.

Is Numata well?
That's good.

The other day we talked about —

Try this. A new cream
we're going to sell.

Which do you think
would be good for Akiko?

The one with a long face

is the second son of that Diet member
who died of a stroke.

He certainly does have
a long face.

It's true.

I prefer that one there,

the son of a wholesaler
we do business with.

Graduated from Rikkyo.
Comes to our office often with his father.

Looks like that actor Kinnosuke.

Take a look.

Oh, and the strangest thing

I ran into her.
- Who?

I was on the escalator
in the department store.

She looked
very familiar from the back.

And it was her!

- Who?
- Kikuko!


She moved here two years ago.

- So it really was —
- You knew?


She was with a man.
Seemed to be in a rush,

but I made her sit down
and tell me everything.

She's had it tough.

I want you to hear this too.

Yamazaki died
in a prison camp in Amur.

Kikuko heard about it in Koshigoe —
no, Blagoveschensk.

After that,
she went to Nakhodka.

She runs a mahjong parlor
in Gotanda now.

She was a little reluctant to tell me
that the man was her new husband.

It seems they met in Nakhodka.

- Auntie.
- What?

What is he like?

His hair's unkempt.
Seemed easy-going.

If I'd taken a different escalator,
I'd never have seen her.

It was quite something.

So what do you think
about these two?




I'm Takako.


Please come inside!


Won't you come inside?

That's all right.

What is it?
Please come in.

It was nice of you to come.

I hear you're a mother now too.
You have a daughter?

She must be cute.

What does your husband do?

Here you go.

I came to ask a favor of you.

What is it?
Ask any favor you like.

Don't tell Akiko
that you're her mother.

She doesn't remember
anything about you.

The pictures were all burned.
She doesn't even know what you look like.

This is no time
to tell her you're her mother.

Why not?
What's wrong with it?

Don't you think it would
make things hard for Father?

Please do as I ask.
I must go now.


Who was that woman
who just left?

Welcome back.

She's pretty.
Who is she?

She came looking for her sister —
the one who was here the other day.

Is that so?

She's a beauty.

Listen, we need
to give Soma an answer soon.

He's been very considerate
and helpful.

I think I'd like to go.

Muroran can't be
as cold as Jiamusi.

Those Manchurian winters
were cold!

Well, how about it?

The work isn't bad either.

Sales department.

Go ahead if you want to.

You don't want to go?

I don't want to go by myself.

I could never sleep alone
in the freezing cold in Muroran.

Come on.
Let's go together.


Make sure you rest.
We don't want you bleeding again.

- What do I owe you?
- That's 200 yen.

Thank you.

Take care.

Who's next?

Sit down.

What was your name again?


Ah, right.

What have you decided to do?

I think I'd better —

I see. I agree with you.
You seem too frail to give birth.

Where's your bar?
Shinjuku? Shibuya?

A lot of girls
like you come in here.

Once in a while,
girls from good families sneak in,

but unless they give
a good reason, I turn them down.

- Um...
- Yes?

Do I have to go
into the hospital?

No, the anesthetic wears off
in a few hours,

and then you rest at home.

Let's have the thermometer.

You don't have a fever.

Shall we do it today?

Yes, please.

The standard fee is 3,000.
You have it?


Girls often have
no money afterwards

and can't come back
for follow-up care.

You're sure you have enough?

That's all right.

You can give it to me later.

Come with me.

This way, please.

Michiko's such a good girl!

Who's that?

Oh, it's you.

I'm back.

Welcome home.

What's wrong?
You look so pale.

I have a headache.

- Did you catch a cold?
- No.

What is it?
You're acting so strange.

Shall I pull out your futon?
Wait here.

Are you all right?

You'd better change.

I'm all right.

It's nothing.

Don't worry.
- But —

I'll be okay if I rest a bit.

- You want to take something?
- No, I'm fine.

You don't have a fever.

Any chills?
- No.

Auntie came today
not long after you left.

Bustling about as usual.
I wondered why she came so early.

She's been finding matches for you.
She brought two pictures.

One has an awfully long face.

Auntie seems to prefer
the other one.

I don't want to get married.

I can't.

Why not?

I don't want to.

I see.

I guess I don't set
a very good example.

But Akiko, there are
many happy couples.

My marriage is an exception.

You're young.
Your life's ahead of you.

Who knows
what happiness lies in store?

Don't let my example
discourage you.

Your life's just beginning.
You'll find happiness —



Let me get some sleep.

Are you sleepy?

Go to sleep then.
You're not cold, are you?

Call me if you need anything.

I'll leave the lights off.

Is the president here?

He's meeting with the director
of Tajima Shipyards.

I see.
It'll probably be a long talk.

I'll be at my usual place.
Let me know when they finish.

Mr. Sugiyama sure loves
those pachinko machines.

He always tries
to get the top score.

It's just like him.

It is. He's the only auditor
who reads all the daily reports.

Hey, the balls
aren't dropping in No. 70.

Just a minute.

Odd place to find you.

Why, hello.

I went to the bank,
but they sent me here.

Is something up?

They're stuck again!

Hasebe's back, you know.

I saw it in the newspaper.

Seems he had
a hard time over there,

so we thought
we'd have a class reunion.

Will you come?

I guess I could.

I have to go to Osaka
for four or five days.

Will you notify the others?

Why me?

Come on, I'm too busy.

I guess I have no choice.

Want to try?
Take some.

This is hard.

It's not like golf.
It's all in the thumb.

I see what you mean.

Where shall we hold the meeting?

Somewhere not too expensive.
There'll be a lot of people.

That makes sense.

Say, Akiko came to our house
a few days ago

and asked for a loan.

Did she tell you?

My wife gave her the money,
no questions asked.

I wonder why she needed it.

- Oh, that. I'll pay you back.
- There's no hurry.

She needed it suddenly
to help a friend.

5,000, right?

Yes, but don't worry.

You can pay me later.

You see, I'd already
left the house that day.

Please don't blame your wife.


Is my boss here?

Not today.

Where can he be?

Your boss is missing?

He sure loves his mahjong.

He was here till 2:00 a.m.,
on a rare winning streak.

That is rare.
Do things like that really happen?

It's just a pastime for him.

Yeah, he's a real philanthropist,
always giving us his money.

You said it.

He practically bought
this shirt for me.

A very nice man.

No doubt a VIP member
of the Red Cross.

Ah, this is it.
1,280, everybody.

From everybody?


Wasn't Kenji with you?

He went to Shinjuku.


Stop chasing him around.
Didn't you just see him?

Akiko, you're looking pale.

Something wrong?

- Hurry up and play.
- Okay.


Your sister's pretty, isn't she?

My sister?

How do you know her?

- She stopped in one day.
- Here?

Looking for you.


Let's see.

Four or five days ago.

You're leaving?


What's she so restless for?

Why's Kenji avoiding her?

The story behind it goes deep.
It's heavy stuff.

What is it?

It's all Tomita's fault.

He's a very bad man.

Quit joking. It's between them.
I had nothing to do with it.

- It appears otherwise.
- Cut it out.

Now he's playing dumb.
Devious, aren't you?

So tell us.

Once upon a time,
a boy and girl, both pure of heart,

were attending
the same junior college.

Young, good-looking,
perfect in every way,

they enjoyed
a beautiful friendship.

But there was a villain dwelling
in the boy's apartment building.

He corrupted the boy,
and with great ease —

how shall I put it? —

brought the boy
and girl together.

Is that true?

It is, every single word.

Shocking, isn't it?

Hey, that's enough.

But there's more.

The girl in question

left college and started
studying English shorthand.

Having fallen in
with the wrong people,

she grew more and more decadent,

until she and the villain
became friends.

It's now the "lucky seventh inning,"
and, as often happens,

the girl is chasing the boy.

Things have gotten
quite interesting.

To borrow an English
turn of phrase,

her tummy's getting big.

Are you sure?

Is that true?

I can't know for sure,

but in any case, it's quite
a fascinating turn of events.

To think that that girl —
I'm shocked!

True, quite true.
It's shocking.

A shock so great
is seldom heard of.

- What was that?
- A West.

Won't help me.

- Pon!
- Pon?

Talk about a shock.

Who's that?

Oh, it's you.

I have to ask you something.
Come upstairs.

What's gotten into you?

What is it?

Why did you go
to that mahjong parlor in Gotanda?


Why did you go?

What did you go there for?


Why didn't you tell me?

If I had told you —

How did you find out
about that place?

Who told you about it?

Auntie said —

How did Auntie know about it?

Tell me the truth.

I want the truth!

- Auntie ran into her.
- Who?


So that woman
is our mother after all.

Why didn't you
tell me it was her?

I never thought
she'd return to Tokyo.

Even if she came back to Japan,
it wouldn't be to Tokyo.

Why wouldn't she?

Tell me. Why not?

Please be honest with me.

Why did Mother leave Father?
What happened?

It was while Father
was away in Seoul.

We were living in Ushigome.

One of Father's subordinates,
Yamazaki, stopped by often

and helped us out
in lots of ways.

He was tall, and fun to be around.
You and I both liked him.

I was a child then too

and didn't understand
what was happening.

So Mother and that man —

But never speak of this
in front of Father.

I remember quite well.

Soon after Father came back,

he took us to the zoo.

It was a sunny day.
You were so happy.

You toddled this way and that.

On the way home that evening,
you fell asleep on the train,

and Father carried you
on his back.

When we got home,

Mother had left,
never to return.

never mention this to Father.

Since that day,

he's tried so hard to forget.

- Then maybe —
- What?

Maybe I'm not Father's child.

Why would you say such a thing?

I must take after my mother.

I'm not like Father at all.

I only have
Mother's foul blood in my veins.

No! That's ridiculous!

Why do you think that?

It must be!
I'm not his child!


I'm home.

It's Father.

- I'll go ask him!
- Akiko!

You don't understand.



What is it?

I want you to tell me —



What's going on?


"Anti-Prostitution Laws Enacted."
Well, I'll be...

- Is she here?
- Oh, hello.


Good evening.
Are you alone?

There's something I want to ask.

What's that?

Come with me.

Going out?

Just for a bit.

What is it?

I'd like to speak
to you in private.

Let me see.

Where could we go?
Come this way.


May I use your room?

but it's a bit of a mess.

Don't bother.

I have no help, you see.

There you are.
Let me know if you need anything.

Come in.
It's kind of dirty, but —

What did you want to talk about?

Whose child am I?

Whose child?

I know you're my mother.

Who said that?
Who told you that?

My sister.

Takako told you?

Mother, whose child am I anyway?

Tell me? Whose?

Forgive me, Akiko.

I didn't forget
about you and Takako.

I thought about you constantly,
wherever I was.

Your brother too.
I didn't know he had died.

I kept worrying about you.

Even if I admitted
that I did wrong,

none of you
would ever forgive me.

Never mind that.

That's not why I came.

Whose child am I?

Why, your father's and mine.

That's a lie!

Is he really my father?

Who else would it be?

Are you that mistrustful?
Don't you believe me?

He's your father.

That's one thing
I can tell anyone with pride.

Akiko, if you only believe
one thing I tell you,

at least believe that.

You understand, don't you?

You understand, right?

Thank you.

Akiko, one of the customers
was talking about you.

How is your health?

He said you were pregnant.

Are you? Is that true?

I will never have a baby!


Why not?

And if I do, I won't abandon it
like you did!

I'll love it with all my heart!


I hate you!

That sixth hole is a jinx.

It's a dogleg.

- How many strokes did I take?
- Eight.

- What was par?
- Four.

Not even close.

Where'd she go anyway?

I have no idea.

Don't hide it.
Come on, tell me.

I really don't know.

You're lying.
I can see it in your eyes.

Don't run off.

How long do you plan to mope?

Forget about him.

Find a better guy.
There's lots of 'em around.

What's so special
about him anyway?

It's all right. I'm leaving.

Say, who was that?
Nice-looking girl.

Her? She's a wild one.

What's wrong with that?

Bad girls are more fun
than the good ones.

Is that right?

You oughta know.

Fill her up.



Give me some sake.

It's getting colder.
Might snow.

I hear Mr. Kimura's
going to move.

He was here last night.
Said he was looking around Kamata.

Did he find an apartment?

Here you are.

They say apartments
are scarce these days.

And the newer ones are
real expensive. You gotta hustle.

Bring me another.

Are you sure?
That was a lot.

I'm fine.

If you insist.

So this is where you've been.

I looked all over.
Couldn't find you anywhere.

I knew you had
no one to talk to.

I couldn't sleep at night,
thinking how worried you must be.

It's true.
Look how I'm wasting away.

What was that for?
Stop it!

That sure startled me.

What was that about?
Made me spill the sake.

Girls these days
sure are hot-tempered.

They'll walk all over you
if you're not tough.

Did something happen?

I'm gonna go see.

Hey! What happened?

Still feverish?

No change yet.

It's a lot of trouble for you.

I have no choice.
She's a customer.

That Kenji is heartless.
Didn't even come to see how you were.

What happened, Akiko?

Thank you for everything.

It was a close call.

I heard the train whistle
and rushed out to find her like this.

She had just left my place.

That's always been a dangerous
crossing. Lots of accidents.

One newspaper called it
"the devil's crossing."

Nothing had happened recently,
but now this.

What a mess.

The watchman was taking a leak.

He saw the train coming and rushed
to lower the gate, pee still dribbling.

But it was too late.

She'd already been hit.

Poor guy's taking it hard.
The police took him away.

A policeman was here
until a while ago.

He wants you to wait

until he gets back
from the station.

What a terrible thing.

Thank you for your kindness.

Not at all.
Well, I'll be going.

Sorry to keep you so late.

Don't mention it.

Father, his name.

Yoshihira Shimomura.
I run a noodle house nearby.

They call me Gihei.
Real name's Yoshihira.

We'll stop in to thank you later.

Never mind about that.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Thank you.

I'll be leaving now.
Good night.

Say, I forgot to tell them
the name of my place.

Please tell them
it's called Chinchin-Ken.


What happened?

Akiko, what happened?

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

You're not going to die.
Don't worry.

Akiko, you must hold on!


I don't want to die.

You'll be fine.
You're not going to die.


What is it?

I want to start over.

I want to start my life
over again

from the beginning.


I don't want to die.

Don't talk like that.
You're going to be fine.



Akiko is dead.

When? How?

How could this happen?

It's your fault.


Takako... and Pon!


A bottle of sake.

Did they come to see
about the fire hydrant?

They want to put it
where the side street dips a bit.

Mr. Wakana got angry
and refused to put up the money.

Here you are.
It's a little lukewarm.

Why'd you leave like that?

What's wrong?

What happened
to Soma's job offer?

It still stands.

I don't like Tokyo anymore.

Why's that?

It would suit me just fine
if you went with me.

Will you go?

You will? That's great.

I'll go tell Soma right away.

I'm tired of fetching ramen
and rice curry for mahjong players.

Let's drink to it.

The cold won't be unbearable.

If we go together,
it'll be warm enough.

So you're willing to go.

I sure am thankful.



As I mentioned on the phone...

I'm leaving for Hokkaido tonight
on the 9:30 train.

I wanted to bring this
as an offering to Akiko.

Is that all right?


We may never meet again.

Take care of yourself.

I'll be going now.


The express train for Aomori
scheduled to depart at 21:30

will leave from Track 12,

with stops at Omiya,
Toyama, Utsunomiya...

Good thing we came early and got
good seats close to the bathrooms.

She won't come.
No use looking.

She's not coming.
Have a drink.

Careful! You'll spill it!

Just forget it.

It's getting cold.

Why would she come?

Have another one?

No, thanks.

We'll be on this train
until noon tomorrow.

Our butts are gonna be sore.

I should have brought a blanket.

Yes, you should have.

You're not seeing her off?

You can still make it.

Don't hesitate on my account.


I'm thinking of going back.


I don't want Michiko
to feel the way Akiko did.

I see now that a child needs
the love of both parents.

No matter how much love
you gave Akiko,

she was still lonely.

She wanted a mother.

Maybe you're right.

I did my best,
but a mother's love is different.

She might have told a mother
things she couldn't tell me.

Can you make a go of it
with Numata?

I'd like to try.

Even if it's difficult,
I know I have to.

Michiko is growing up.

I see.
So you're going back?

I'll try very hard this time
not to make you worry.

I see.

My selfishness
was partly to blame.

We're all a bit selfish.

Anyway, give it a try.
I know you'll succeed.

I'm going to try.

But Father, if I go,

what about you?

Don't worry about me.

Akiko isn't here now.

I'll manage somehow.

I can have Tomizawa
come in again.

Well, that's that.

What time will you
be home tonight?

As early as I can.

What about supper?

Boil some rice for me,
though I might not eat it.

Leave at your usual time.
I have a key.

Which shoes will you wear today?

The black ones, please.


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