Tûka to Kinpatsu (1999) - full transcript

Starring Taro SUWA


Lasalle ISHII

Executive Producer
Hidehiro ITO

Toshihiro SATO

Music by

Shohei ANDO

Written and Directed by


Please watch over me

and this country.

Please don't forsake us.

It's that seat.

Mr.Kuwata always sat on that seat.

About a month ago...

Do you remember there was
a suicide at this station? Mr.Kuwata...

Didn't know his name, but found out

in the newspaper.

From 2 months before his death

Mr.Kuwata began sitting there.

I've only been
sitting here for about a month.

I miss him...

Well, that was his seat.

Though he killed himself

he was quite amusing.

Must be a party trick...

Mimicking, I guess.

He was good, and showed me a lot.

Well, some weren't so good.

Still practicing, he said.
Whatever did he mean by that?

Still practicing...

What did he mean?

The doors closed.


About a month ago

When a passing train came in

he suddenly got up.

He turned around...

Said "I'll be off" with a smile
and disappeared before the train.

I heard a loud sound.

Ah, were you talking to a poster?

I saw you.

I wasn't talking to you.

So you were talking to the poster.


What's good?

Would be rude, if I were wrong.

Why does it have to speed so much?

Ignoring this station?

Currency therefore has accepted worth.

Worth therefore is value.

Value basically differs
with each individual.

With difference in history and society

so naturally preference

will obviously reflect
the values of individuals.

But mankind discovered currency.

This discovery took place almost
the same way in each civilization.

Human society created
common value understood by all.

That is currency.

Suppose there's a bag here.

Regardless of your preference

you can all understand and
accept that this is a ¥100,000 bag.

Class dismissed.



A question.

Go ahead.

I don't see you on TV recently.

You were the specialist on stocks.
Why don't you appear on TV anymore?

Because you scholars
we're hit by the recession.

We can't get jobs.

Is Economics worth anything?

This is a university

and Economics is pure science.

And switch off
the cell phones during class.

You made us lose money

but because you're a scholar
the university pays you well.

That's rig ht.

He's screwing one of his students.


Hey, wait a minute.

Sir... Asst. Prof. Kosaka.

I'm over here.

The American exchange student
I told you about arrived just now.

I see.

Would you come to the lobby later?

All right.

She's a beauty... and a blonde.

Please hurry.

I'm Dr.Kosaka.

You're very well known as an economist.

I've read your books.
I'm glad to meet you.

Excellent Japanese.

Because of my father's work,
I spent 5 years of my childhood here.

My present object of study is Japan,
so I brushed up my Japanese.

How about a welcome party for you
at my house with my students?

That'll be nice.

Then, sooner the better.

It may also be worthwhile to grasp

the level of students in Japan.

You'd be surprised.

By the way,
I haven't gotten your name yet.

I'm Anna McGuire.
Please call me Anna.

Anna... I see...

You missed 3 trains.

You missed 3 trains.

I watched.

You're not busy, right?

Take it easy.

Sweet or not so sweet?

Glad you took that.
I prefer the sweet one.

I thought

suicide was an illness
only for professionals or the rich.

They'd never face starvation.

At least not in Japan.

Say something.
This is supposed to be a conversation.


Money, money, money
was all we lived for.

So when that's gone

what are we living for'?

We no longer know the value of life.

We all had fun with our life

but doing some serious thinking now

makes us Japanese ill.

Why did the economic bubble in Japan
burst is the theme of my study.

Economic prosperity has continued
for 8 years in the United States.

My country undertook
painful restructuring in the past.

In addition, the whole nation
nurtured new industries.

You see the result now.

Many Americans detect
the economic bubble now.

That's why we're studying Japan.

You don't understand anything.

You're only satisfied by
making your body look better.

You won't understand my sufferings.

Your bankruptcy
will be finalized in 2 weeks.

By remitting ¥100,000
to this account every month...

What will the total be?

About ¥1,500,000.

We'll return the remainder.


Please stamp your seal here.

Your seal.

It will be on auction.

Please take care of this
by the end of the month.

In the 1980s, Japanese capital
was omnipotent. Where is it now?

Bureaucrats, politicians
and all economists

kept this capital within Japan.

The established powers
tried to divide the wealth.

As a result, capital accumulated on

non-productive items,
such as land, stocks and art works

and disappeared.

It's been a long time.

It's hot.

Did you think it over?

We had absolutely no idea

accepted value was fluid.

Putting our money
in the bank is useless.

Interest rate is so low now.

We old people look forward to
seeing our savings grow.

Economic prosperity in the U.S.
has continued for 10 years.

What about the bubble?

The U.S. itself is a giant system.

Including investments

everything takes place in the U.S.

As I thought, America is amazing.

Isn't it?

And when do you want it?

At 17%, I can somehow
get you 30 million more.

Is that right?
Let me see...

Then could you get me that
about halt a month later?


You spoil sport.

Dammit. Spread them wider.

Spread them wider...
That's it... That's it.

A friend of mine was
doing it in this posture

and the asshole got caught by his wife.

He shouldn't have gotten married.

Hey, that's it. Yeah...
Keep that posture for a while.


How's Tokyo?

There's Roppongi, so it's okay.

There's a nice restaurant in Roppongi.
I'd like to take you there.

You mean a date?

In a wide sense... perhaps.

You... and... me?
You want to date me?

What next?

Want some dessert?

And after that?

Thank you.

Stop it.

That's enough. Your time's up.

Please leave.

I know. Japanese are shy.

Please call me again.

Me? Dislike blondes?
No. I like them, too.

Watched foreign porn when we were kids.

Bought Caucasian hookers overseas.

Thought we were equals if we paid.

That made me even more miserable.

Because those girls are so proud.

Because money isn't everything.

Did anyone teach us that?

Home?... Work?... Hobbies?...

It's all money.

Ah, wait a minute.


Yes, I really was.

5:00 after class, 3fl. ladies' room.

Take your clothes off,
and wait for me in the rear booth.

Ah... ah... Shall we begin.

Huh? Is it occupied?

Nasuka, this one's vacant.

Thanks... It's really weird.

Open up.

Anna?... Anna?

Open up.

Get out.


Shall I scream?




You're such trouble.

Are you stupid?

Ouch. Stop it, you bastard.

Go away, you bastard.

Please, Anna... Anna.

Lay off, you bastard. Go away.

Stop it. Please stop it.

Please don't hurt me.

It hurts. Please stop. It hurts.

Don't hurt me.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's not okay.

It hurts. It hurts.

Ah... What're you going to do?

-- Don't.
-- It's okay.

Stop it.

It's okay.

Stop it.

Please. I beg you.

Touch me. Please. Touch me.

Please touch me.

Anna... Anna... Anna...

I'm coming...

Japan made clothes cheaper than anyone.

The world bought them.

Japan made better,
low cost cars than other countries.

They bought these cars.

When currency accumulated

we had no idea what we should buy.

Look at the Japanese women.

They pay a fortune on some bag.

The Japanese don't know what to buy.

We have to start from scratch.

This time we know what to do

and what to make to please them.

You, young people, should think it over

and try once again.

Hurry up and come here.

I want more money.


¥100,000... Okay?


20,000 more.



All right?

No pain?

Then turn around.

Forgive me.



You can leave today.


I want to stay in the suitcase.

Daniel can't come, so go home.

A lovers' quarrel?

There was no quarrel.

He just can't come.

Daniel's not my lover.
He's just a friend.

Don't love him?

I like him, not love.

Besides, I'm leaving soon.

We live in different worlds.

Hurry up and go.


Stop it.

I love you.

No matter what, you can't win.


Come over here.

I'll take care of you.

On your fours like a dog.

You can lick all you like.

What a great surprise.

You can laugh, but I love this.

I spent some time
thinking about hobbies.

I collected some things,
and grew some, too.

Ever think about
how much they'd be evaluated for?

Investing on hobbies?

Those aren't real hobbies.

Though you know
it's a waste, they all disappear...

Sex as a hobby is like that.

Like high-heels,
ankles, blubber, excrements...

Or blondes or fair skin...

I understand that.

There's no limit to that, like money.

You always want more.

But what you really want is love.

I like subjects like that.

Let's drink beer.

Good idea.

I'll get it.

I want ¥30,000 in advance.

Ah... Are you into something kinky?

I can deal with most things,
but what do you want to do?

Have someone watch us.

I don't want to be on video.

There's a woman inside, She'll watch.

All right. Then let me call the shop.

This is Reika. I'm in.

I'm coming in.

If you're not satisfied,
I'll get someone else.

Just do it.

Shall I dance?

Linda, please laugh more.

Dirty ol' man.

That's it. That's it. That's it.

Slander me more.

You fool.

That's it. That's it.

You're a pervert.

That's it.


Laugh more.

Tiny dick.

Yes... That's it.

Come on, laugh more, Linda.

Slander me with more dirty words.

Drink it.

You didn't eject that for me.

Please. Won't you drink it?

I can't.

All right.

I'll pay you, so drink it.

I can't.


I can't.

Please drink it.

I can't.


I can't.

Please, Linda, drink it.


I'll drink it for ¥20,000.


I can't drink it.


I can't drink it.


Here. I drank it.

Why did you drink it?
Why the hell did you?

Why did you drink it?

You can keep the money.

How can you drink it?

Don't you have any pride?

For money?

Do anything for money?


Because I'm now on duty as
a call-girl.

That's not the issue now.

It's about you.

It's about yourself.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

And you're going to apologize
like that?

I'm sorry.

That's why we're treated inferior.

I'm sorry.

What happened to our pride?

It's because of stupid women like you.

Come on. I beg you.
Don't drink such a thing so easily.

Look at her.

Is it money?
You'll do anything for money?

I see...

Here... Sing the national anthem.

I'll give you all this money.

Sing the national anthem.

Are you really Japanese?

And after that? After that?

You can sing.

What comes after that?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
In front of an American...

Yes, you can sing.

After that?

From the top.

That's not right. Are you tone-deaf?

Why are you laughing?

Get serious. Now, from the top.

That's not right. Not moose. Dammit.

I can't.



You're impossible.

Japan is finished.

So you were Mr.Kuwata.

Mr.Kuwata, the end will soon come

for this country, just like me.

Everything will end.

I knew it all.

Anna will soon leave, too.


Who is it?

It's me, Kosaka.

Why are you here?

Go away. Go home.

I came as the professor of Joto Univ.

Let me in.

I can make a scene here.

Besides, I can never win. You said so.

All right.

Thank you.

I'm coming in.

Going somewhere?

Back to the states.

There's still more than a month left.

There's no meaning in staying.

It does to me.

What do you mean?

I'm doing a research now.

On Japan-U.S. relationship,
or rather between Japan and the world.

And I need your help for that.

I don't get it.

I understand.
I must give you more details.

I want to collect my thoughts.
Would you give me a cup of tea?

All right.

I'm the one to get into this.

I get in and meet the goddess.

Anna, let's somewhere.

Anywhere is fine.

Even the US.

You can take me anywhere.

Must be a long way to the U.S.

Get out.

I must give you the details.

What I mean is that I... the Japanese
thought anything could be bought.

Even dignity and love.

But this was a mistake.

Out of the suitcase.

That's right. Anna,
that's how it is.

I'm coming out right now.

Through my relationship with you,
Anna, I found out everything.

It's not about money.

I didn't pay you any money.

You didn't receive any.

And it all went well.

I'm absolutely satisfied.

I won't aim so high.

Offering myself to you
will be my happiness

and the happiness of the Japanese.

You're insane.

I am.

In truth, I am insane.

I must go.

I am finished now.

I have handed in my resignation.

I think this will be my last lecture.

Listen to my lecture as my farewell.

Japan recovered from defeat of that war.

And became
the no.1 country in the world.

Now facing our second defeat,
we should surely recover from it.

But there is something
I want you all to learn.

No matter how much currency
you accumulate

you cannot attain happiness.

What the hell is that, asshole?

You're right, I'm an asshole.

Thank you. You can leave now.

You'll look good in blonde.

I have a farewell gift for you.

The thing in the bag is yours.

Thanks for everything.

Thank you. If you wanted to
have sex with me, I didn't mind.

You paid me a lot.

I don't dislike sex with Japanese.

I really wanted to take up literature.

Under the Mirabeau Bridge
flows the Seine

So flows our love

Let us try to remember

That happiness comes
after much pain

Night, come hither, the bells toll

The days pass, yet I remain

Hand in hand, we face each other

Thus we remain

Under the bridge of our arms

Eternal stares
of fatigued waves pass through

Night, come hither, the bells toll

The days pass, yet I remain

Love passes on like this flowing water

Love passes on

Slow is the course of life

Fierce are our hopes

Night, come hither, the bells toll

The days pass, yet I remain

Days go by,
and even countless weeks

Yet voices of the grass do not return

Under the Mirabeau Bridge
flows the Seine

Night, come hither, the bells toll

The days pass, yet I remain

Hey, pop. The hormone drink.


That really works, you know.

Some for me, too.

The hormone drink.

Wait a second.

3 servings, right?

as Kosaka

as Anna

as Linda

Satomi OHARA
as the call-girl

Lasalle ISHII
as the man at the station

Executive Producer
Hidehiro ITO

Producers Toshihiro SATO,
Ken'ichi ITAYA And Masaki HAYASHI

Music by

Shohei ANDO

Photography Support by

Lighting by

Sound Recording by


Sound Effects by
Yuji TAN

in Association with

Produced by

Directed and Written by

English Subtitles by
Jeanette Amano