Tisay (2016) - full transcript

In the world of semi-pro basketball, a beautiful bookie recruits a promising player to the underworld of game-fixing.

Wow, that's delicious!

Miss, save two for me!


That's cool.

Okay, 50 pesos each.


Hey, sis! Oh my god!

Here's our bet on the Spartans.

Okay, wait.

Okay, sis. 200 for you.

Just make sure we win, okay?

I've missed you.
See you soon, okay?

You're gonna win.

Okay, bye!

Yes, ma'am. 100 pesos?

Ma'am, who do you got?

Tisay, what's the
odds for De Ocampo?

The Spartans are good. De
Ocampo is only plus-seven.

- They're gonna be blown out.
- All right.

Tisay, how about
a professional bet?

Oh, no. PBA is for
big-time bookies.

That's under a different group.

Semi-pro leagues are more fun now.

The sons of Teresa
and Emma still play there.

- Are they any good?
- Well.

Yeah, they're good.

These guys didn't make it
to the D-League and PBA.

But they're good.

Hey, handsome!

Wanna place a bet?

Yes, sir? 200?

I knew it.

Yes, ma'am?

300? That's a lot.

Give that to me, sir.

Don't waste your money on
that when you can earn from me.

Come on.

That's nonsense.

- Hey!
- Tisay.

Hurry up, the fourth
quarter is almost done.

Is it broken?

It's okay.

This always happens.

There's a repair shop nearby.
You want me to take you there?

Do you know what you're doing?

Yeah, it won't
take long to fix that.

I know one that's nearer.

How bad is it?

It's just grounded.
It won't take long.


Your starter is grounded.

But don't worry,
it won't take long.

Simon, by the way.


Who's Mon?

Simon, that's my name.



Short for Cristina.

My father's American,
that's why I'm fair-skinned.

I never met him.

But my mom's not a prostitute.

My Yankee dad got her
pregnant, and then he left her.

Nice, very upfront.

I'm just tired of the
same old questions.


You're good. Do you
play in the D-league?

I tried out but got cut.

I'm gonna try to bulk up.

Basketball isn't about muscles.

If you're good...

you're good.

But my coach wants
me to build my muscles.

And you believe him?

You need to practice shooting.

I saw how you play,
you always drive.

You should learn
long-range shooting

so you can shoot
against bigger players.

You want me to
shoot the long ball?

I can hit the spot.

Just so you know, my
baby arm's quite big.

I can really shoot.

Damn you, freak.

Where did you study? At Women's?

Huh? Women's?





Mapua? No kidding?


I wouldn't have guessed.

Looks deceiving.

Looks are deceiving!


Hey, you! Tisay!

- You took my bet!
- Relax, brother.

- That was you!
- Go home!

Are you guys winning?

Tisay, what about my bet?

Don't worry about it. Trust me!


Tisay, what took you so long?

Boss is waiting for you.

I was stuck in traffic.

Where's our beer?

Is that complete?

Make sure it is. It
was short last time.

We're gonna get screwed.

Dear, how was your day?

It was okay.

Traffic was bad.

I've been waiting for you.

I got lots of bets.

You're sweating.


Boys, timeout first.

Let's go.

Spartans will
surely win the semis.

They'll beat the Primus.

That Gallardo is good.

He's getting in the D-league.

What are their odds?

It's from 10 to 12.

But the Spartans
will blow them out.

That's why everyone
will bet on the Spartans.

That's a sure blowout.

I like that Gallardo.

He's got the heart.

If I can only pray to the
angels that Gallardo makes sure

that they win by
less than ten points,

this little piggy
will be very happy.

Will you be my angel?

Just be sure, okay.


I like your dedication, dear.

You know that...

this business is going to
be yours someday, right?



It's delicious!


Where's mom?

She's outside.

Will you take us to school?

Aren't you big enough
to go on your own?

Just go with Romy.

Okay, bro.

Here, we have a secret.


It's our secret, okay?

That's 50 pesos.

Hurry, eat up.

- You do good in school, okay?
- Okay, bro.

Bye, bro.

- Mom.
- Son.

Hold on, you practice first.

- They might get late.
- Bye, Mom.

Oh, come on.

Practice more when you get home.

EJ, take care of Eagle, okay?

Eagle, better get
a star in school.


What are your plans today, son?

Nothing much. You
need help with that?

You're much better
than doing the laundry.

How about...

I cook you some food?

Don't be silly.

If I don't pass the tryouts,

I can be a chef instead.

Go to the gym and
practice with your team.

- Son.
- Yes, Mom?

Who's Cristina Roberts?

I saw this in your bag.

Is she your girlfriend?

So, this is where you live.

I was waiting for you to come out.

But you were just
about to come home.

Maybe I got up early,

bought something
and just got back?

But you're empty-handed and
you're wearing the same clothes.

Damn you. You're so judgment.


Your wallet.

Hey, thank you. I've
been looking for this.


So, there are people living here?


It used to be a bar. Now,
it's a boarding house.

Let's go.

Come in.

You've lived here long?

Four years.

I don't own a lot of stuff.

Less stuff, less headaches.

And I don't like clutter.

It's already a mess out there.

I like it neat inside.

"Looks are deceive."

You're so "judgment."

Shut up and sit down.

I'm just gonna change.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes. Why?

Can I see a picture?


I don't even have
Facebook or Instagram.

Are you antisocial?

You're judgmental!

Finally, you got it right.

You prefer Facebook or
Instagram, over personal contact?

Why not?

Even if they're both busy,

it's like they're
never apart, right?

If you're too busy to see her,

why bother having a relationship?

Are you just gonna
have sex on Facebook?

Good luck!

Damn you.

You don't know what
you're getting into.

You really want to
meet my boyfriend?

This is the new picture
that I told you about.

It's nice, isn't it?

Of course.

Careful with the glasses.

Bring in more food.

How are you?


How are you?

Hello, Auntie.

Is this your boyfriend?

We're just friends.

We're just friends.
My name's Simon.

He's the Spartan star
player you were talking about.

Just help yourselves and enjoy.

Thank you.

Good morning, Uncle!


Golden brown.

Crispy on the outside,

tender on the inside.

Tisay, for our guest.

Good morning, sir.

I'm Simon.


Pleased to meet you, Simon.


You can call me
"Brands" for short.

- Brads.
- No, Brands.

Get in.

Come on, have a seat.

Thirty-five points.

I've been watching you
since you were in high school.

Too bad your coach sucked.


- This is Aringo.
- Hey, bro.

- Joseph Bernabe.
- Hey, bro.

Richard Cajili, Jun
Locsin, and Arnold.

This is Simon.

Damn, man.

Basketball is weird.

Get this.

It's 12-all.

I bet five grand.

Bay or an blocks the shot,

gets the ball,

drives all the way.

He even looks behind.

Damn! In slow motion, bro.

He taunts the defense,
"Hey, come on."

When he goes for the layup,

his face hits the ring.

He falls down.

His heart stops.

His teammates yell,

"Pull his dick!"

No one wanted to.

What happened to him?


Pull his dick!

So, the referee pulls his dick.


He stood up and was alive again.

When he stood up, I shot him!



Are you okay?

Don't be shy.

I'll just talk to auntie.

I'm fine.

He deserved it.

We have more food here.

Have some, Simon.

I'll just look for Tisay.


women should look for us.

They should go after us.

Especially a guy like you.

You're a basketball
player, handsome, tall.

What's your height?

5' 9".

That's pretty tall.

Shoe size?

Ten inches.


Women would really go after you.

You're already in the semifinals
of the Mayor's Cup, right?

It's a sure win.

I bet my life that the
Spartans will be champions.

Hey, Gallardo, make
sure you play well.

If you lose, you'll pay big.

Don't worry.

Come with me.

Look at my house.

Here's some cake.

Give it to our guest.


An ant...

hoards sugar to survive.


always have two balloons.

A hooker prefers rubber.

They don't take chances.

You can get a house like this...

just make sure that
you don't take chances.

Sure ball.


Do you like what you see?

Do you like what you see?

My god.

Life's steady.

God is fair, isn't he?

It's not just about the game.
It's also about having brains.

Sorry, sorry.

Sorry, I offended you.


Your team is a sure
win in the semi-finals.

In the eliminations,

you buried them by 25 points.

They are plus 10 or 12.


you'll still win.

And you'll earn money, too.

Don't take any chances.

Sure ball.

- Brando.
- Yes?

- Have you eaten?
- I'm good.

I'll give you a slice of cake.

I'll make some coffee for us.

- Simon.
- Is this a setup?!

I told uncle that I met you.

He wanted to meet you.

Do you know what
he's asking me to do?

Simon, whatever it is, just do it.

Damn, you shouldn't
have brought me here.

It's just one game.

Take the offer.

Damn it, Tisay.

Are you stupid?

Your opponent is weak.
You blew them out.

Just keep the game close
and you'll earn money.

Is this a setup?!

Is this about getting
frisky for a damn bet?


I've known you for years.

You're always the
first guy in practice.

Don't be late again.

Yes, Coach.

Simon, sub for
Roces in the rotation.

Team, random motion!

Semis, finals, championship.

We win this and we get a bonus.

Scouts will be watching
the next games.

If we win, some of
you will be recruited.

We just need to be
champions, right?

The best player in
the champion's team

always gets drafted!

Hey, where are you going?

- I'm tired. I'm going home.
- You're freaking stubborn!

I said you can't leave!

- I'm leaving!
- Boss is looking for you.

- Hey, get inside now!
- I'm leaving!

Please stop!

Shoot! Shoot!

Dribble! Dribble!

Shoot! Shoot! Dribble! Dribble!

Who has the bigger package?!

Please stop!

What do you want? Slam dunk?!

Damn you!

Now what?!


What are you doing here?


Tisay, I want you.

We can't see each other anymore.


I won't quit on you.

You're just my job, Simon.

That's my job.

Tisay, let's start over.


Okay, listen.

I'm like a drug.

An addictive drug.

You know what,

I've had sex with so many men.

I can even fit my
hand inside my vagina.

I'll just end up killing you.

You're good, I'm bad.

It's that simple.

Tisay, I don't care about that.

You know that, don't you?

I just provide great sex.

Everyone enjoys
it. Every single one.

Tisay, you know that's not true.

You'll be surprised...

Sixty, 70 years old,
they still taste good.

Sometimes, one, two,
or even five rounds.

They just take pills.

Damn all of you men!

You want some more,
right? Is this what you want?

Damn you, Simon.

I'm a drug that will kill you.

- You want some more?
- Tisay!

Go ahead.

- Touch it.
- Tisay!

Tisay, stop it.

Is this what you
want? Touch it more.

Doesn't it feel good?

- Tisay, stop it.
- Go ahead and touch it!

Tisay, stop it! That's enough!

Come here.

That's enough.


Enough, enough!

What's your problem, you jerk?


I will do it for you.

We're almost there.


Hey, mister.

- What?
- Whatever.

Oh my god.

We're almost there.


It's messed up, isn't it?

"Messed up"?

This place is messed up.
Dirty, narrow, and stinky.

You'll never see a
hotel this messed up.


There's even a basketball court.

There's trash, pee, everything.

But check out that view.

You're nuts.

Isn't it beautiful?

It's like you.

Messed up.

But still beautiful.

Damn you.

Come with me.

Come on.

You know...

rich people have large beds.

When they sleep
beside their wives,

they can maintain distance.

Even if I get rich, I'd
still want a bed like this.

When you're forced
into an embrace.

You don't want to be rich?

- I want to.
- Oh.


I'd still want a small bed.

How about you? What's your dream?

D-league, then what?

PBA is a long shot.


There's no money in the D-league.

Says who? It's not
all about the money.

Love of the game? Nonsense.

Not everything
revolves around money.

Money dictates everything.

Remember that.


You know Champ?

What "Champ"? The burger?

Yup, that one.

I've never ordered Champ...

with freshly cooked fries,

chicken, noodles, and,
of course, ice cream.

I want to try that at least once,

the feeling of being
really satisfied.

If you eat all of that,
you'll be bloated for sure.

I want to feel that.

Where there's so
much delicious food...

and I don't have to eat them all

because I'll never
run out of food.

So, you want to be full?

For once in my life...

I just want to be
happy about everything.

You know what?

Every hunger can be filled.

But satisfaction isn't guaranteed.

It's a matter of taste.

Hmm... Here.

Have you tried this?

Taste this.

It's good, right?

That tastes better.

- Mom.
- Hey!

This is Tisay.


- Good afternoon, ma'am.
- Good afternoon.

Come inside.

It's more comfortable there.

Have a seat.

- Do you eat sardines?
- Yes.

She eats everything.



your name suits you.

Such a pretty girl.

How did you meet my son?

I always watch his games.

She's my number one fan.

I've been replaced?

No, you're still number one.

What time are my
brothers coming home...

- so they can meet Tisay?
- I've been waiting for them.

When you see those boys,

you're going to love them.

- Don't we make a good couple?
- Yes, you do.

Yeah, I said it.

Cut it out.

Are you sure you didn't
get hungry from the trip?

You know, you're the first girl

he's ever introduced to me.

Will you have sex
with Angelina Jolie...

if it meant you have
to blow Shaquille?

That's disgusting.

No one can handle
Shaq. He's this big.

You can't handle that.

How about this?

Who will you take to Boracay?

Derek Ramsay with a vagina?

Or Jessy Mendiola with a penis?


That's gross! Come on!

What kind of question
is that? None of them.

Okay, last one.

Your dad blows you...

or you blow your dad?

If you don't answer,
you have to go 69.

You're filthy.


- Oh, come on.
- Okay, just to be clear...

Fine, I'll give you
my answer. First,

Angelina Jolie's not my type.

Second, I prefer Angel Locsin.

Third, I don't have a father.


We're the same, then.

He died?

He's still alive.

He's a cop.

An abusive cop.



he used to beat up my mom.

But I heard he has changed.

But I don't care, he
still beat up my mom.

You still won't talk to him?

I don't forgive easily.

Just a second.


Ladies and gentlemen...

I would like to introduce
you our new teammate,

Simon "The Diamond" Gallardo.

Simon, welcome to our team.

Our family.

Have a seat.

People used to bet
either "win" or "lose."

If you bet against
Jordan, you lose, right?

That's why...

we have this thing called...


So people don't bet
on who wins or loses...

They bet on how
large the spread will be.

For example: Cavs versus Bulls.

The Cavs are far superior.

Without odds,

the Cavs will get the most bets.

If everyone bets on
the Cavs and they win...

how will we pay all of them?

For example...

Bulls are plus 10.

If the Cavs win, but only
by less than 10 points...

a Bulls bet still wins.

Let's say...

Cavs, 90, Bulls, 78...

who wins?



Cavs, 78, Bulls, 71.



If I could only pay LeBron James

to ensure a lead
lower than 10 points,

I would.

But we're not friends.

But now...

I have you, my friend. Come here.


are my LeBron James.


A-hoo! A-hoo! A-hoo!


I want everybody to
bet for the Spartans.


Everyone knows you
have a great team.

That's why your
opponent's a plus 10.

Just make it close and we're good.

Then what happens?

My reputation gets ruined?

Just remember to follow
my three Golden Rules.

Rule number one...

Don't miss two
straight free throws.

Rule number two...

Never miss a layup.

Rule number three...

No consecutive turnovers.

I'm happy...

you're happy...

everybody's happy.



When can I meet your
flavor of the month?


You shouldn't even know that.

Tisay, I'll bet on the Spartans.

Tisay, have you forgotten our pact

to never keep secrets
from each other?

- I want to bet on the visitors.
- Okay, sir.

Rule number one, remember?

Don't mix business with pleasure.

Of course, girl!

Here's father's bet
for the Spartans.

Okay, got it.

Come on, share your food...

and your flavor of the month.

Is five grand enough?

Brando couldn't even convince him

to sell the game at 30 grand.

Do you think he'll agree

to be blown by a
dog for five grand?

Hey, I'm no dog.

You want him, don't you?

Gallardo made sure
they'll win by only eight.

How much is the Spartans' pot?

A total of 280,000.

How about the Primus'?

130,000, boss.

280 minus 130 is 150.

150 minus 30 for Gallardo.

We will only earn 70,000?

Text all of the bettors.

Tell them we're lowering
Primus to a plus 8.5...

so we'll nudge them
all to the Spartans.

Okay, we'll handle it.

- Boss...
- Hmm?

The Spartans' pot got
bigger. It's up to 350,000.

Almost everyone
switched to the Spartans.

Primus is left with 60,000.


Put Rey and Mayor in Primus.

Your father called.

There's an opening
for cadet training.

Tall people will be prioritized.


You want me to be a
cop instead of a player?

I thought you wanted me
to be a basketball player?

I'm only concerned
about your future.

Players retire at 35, 40.

Cops retire at 60.

But I'll support
whatever your choice is.

The bar an gay league pays
only 1,500 to 2,000 per week.

D-league pays only
15,000 per month.

You can be a player and
a cop at the same time...

and earn double.

It's not about the money, Mom.

With two minutes left in the game,

the score is at 82-70.

Gallardo looks for an opening...

Gallardo shoots...

He misses!

Primus with the rebound.

They bring the ball down...

- They bring the ball down...
- What was that?

A pass. Another pass.

A pass. Beautiful! That was easy!

Good for two!

The score is 82-72.

The Spartans lead by 10.

Gallardo with the ball,
he's bringing it down.

Gallardo looking to pass...

Oh! The ball bounces off his foot.


Possession, Primus.

Cabangon looking for an opening.

Unbelievable move! Foul!

Cabangon for two. First try.

It's in.

Bro, get out while you still can.

Rivera, get in. Gallardo,
you need to rest.

You're in a slump.

Cabangon's second
free throw attempt...

Good. Two points.

The score is 82-74.
Spartans with the lead.

Gallardo with the ball.
Looking to make his move...

He's being guarded by number 77.

Bringing the ball down.

He's being guarded.

Crossover. Spin.

Wow, what a move! Basket is good!

You like it?

Don't let the girl get away.

This is a great
opportunity for you.

Simon, Simon.

- Here's my card.
- Simon!

- Call me when you've decided.
- Hurry up, Simon! Let's go.

I'll call you, Coach. Thank you.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Coach.

- Did you forget?
- What?

Are you stupid?

What are you afraid of?

Brando will hunt you down.

I don't need to buy you
to be with you, Tisay.

Simon, he gambled a
lot of money on this game.

Let's go, hurry.

Whose car is this?

You stole his car?

Why did you do that?



Girls, it's way past your bedtime.

Come on, let's go upstairs.

- Where's my good night kiss?
- Good night, godmother.

Good night.

Sleep well.

Go straight to your room.

What happened, Brando?


Just a technical
malfunction, boss.

You said you never take chances.

What about the money
Mayor and I gambled?

That's a huge sum.

Boss, I'm going to fix this.


This is basketball.

This is not baseball.

In baseball, you
get three strikes.

But with me...

you get one
turnover and that's it!


I'll place a max bet
for you and Mayor

with my own money.

It's not about the money.

It's about integrity.

How can I trust you now?

Mayor trusted me...

and I trusted you.

Trust matters in a relationship.

When there's no trust,

there's no relationship.

And when there's no relationship,

there's no business.

And when there's no business,

I don't really need you.


Wake up.

We're almost there.

Where are we?

Let's hope Brando doesn't find us,

you jerk.

Just relax. What
are you scared of?

Brando doesn't make mistakes.

Good. He's screwed then.

We're screwed.


And who is this?

My name is Simon.


I haven't received my pension
from the insurance you gave me.

Really, Grandpa?

For how long?

Does your grandmother
really have death insurance?

I called your office,
and they said she didn't.

I got a new job.

I'm in real estate now.

I'm selling condos and houses now.

I'll just call my former workmate

so it can be fixed.

You know I can't tell
him about my real job.

You don't have to lie anymore.

You're no longer with Brando.

He's not going to stop.

Don't be afraid.

It's impossible for
him to find us here.

This is your fault.

It should've been simple and easy.

I got you involved?

Why did you get involved with me?

Because I'm handsome?

Jerk. You're really a jerk.

This is the first
time I've screwed up.

If I had one grand

for every time you call me a jerk,

I'd be rich by now.


What I mean is...

I'm okay being alone.

You're good, right?

You're able to survive.

But are you enjoying it?

My apologies, sir.

My son rarely comes home anymore.

I think he already
has a girlfriend.

He's always with her.

Mrs. Gallardo...

I need to talk to your son.

What's your team again?

We're from the
Phil trust Warriors.

You know, my son's grandfather
was a basketball player.

So was my brother,
and now, my son.

But I've never heard
of your team before.

- Mrs...
- Please, let me finish.

I'm a mother, sir.

I know my son's every move
even if he doesn't tell me.

Sir, you look like
an important person.



But you don't have a heart.



Can I call you Tessa?

Mothers are really smart.

So just tell me where he is.

Sir, not all mothers are smart.

But all mothers want
their children to be safe.

They say...

a mother...

is the light of a home.

You know what...

I've met your son.

I don't see the resemblance.

Are you separated
from your husband?

Where's your husband?


You must be feeling lonely.

I read this article on...

I think it was BuzzFeed.
Yes, it's from BuzzFeed.

It said in the article,

a woman who doesn't have sex

for more than five years

has a vagina like
that of a virgin.


I'm here now.

Forget your husband.

My husband would kill
you all if he were here.

So brave! Such a brave man!


Good thing he's not here.

Where's your son?

Son of a whore!

You'll drink later

once you're done taking a bath.

Your mom had internal bleeding,

but we managed to suppress it.

She has lacerations
inside her organ.

She had difficulty in walking,
so we gave her painkillers.

She needs to rest and hydrate

because she lost so much blood.


Here's her chart.

I took care of your
mom's hospital bill.

Thank god she's fine.

Who chose me to do the job?

Godfather, huh?


He was my first boyfriend.

A dark-skinned Chinese.

Rich, yet stingy.

But he was generous to me.

He was an NBA
bookie... He collected bets.

Of course, I got involved.

It was easy money.

If I win, I go shopping.

If I lose...

I pay through sex.

I got tired of it.

My debts ballooned to
200-240 grand, I think.

So, Brando summoned me.

I was going to get whacked.

But Brando saw me as an asset.

Freaking asset.

He said I needed a "blessing."

He made me go
through his bodyguards.

They violated me one by one.

Simon, I'm so sorry
I got you into this.

But I can get you out.

Believe me.

Here they are, boss.


Times have changed, right?

Before, when someone
owed me money...

I had to pay the cops
to give me an address.

But now...


Facebook, man!

You two remind me of something.

There's a breed of deer in Africa.

A great leaper.

Brando, what are you doing?

Around 10-feet high...


- around 20-feet long...
- Brando, don't you dare!

- But...
- Fight back, Tisay!

There's a big "but"...

Brando, you son of a... Brando!

Fight him off,
Tisay, for god's sake!

Brando, you demon!

They can't jump...

if they can't see
where they'll land.

Brando! Go to hell!

There's so much ability...

but there's no courage.

- Stop!
- Tragic, isn't it?!

Enough, please!

- Go to hell, Brando!
- No!

- Damn you! You demon!
- Children...

In this jungle...

you are the deer...

and I am...

the lion!

Hear me roar!

Damn it, Brando! Stop it!

Stop it, Brando!


Stop it!

Damn it! Wait!

If you want, you can bet
on the championship game!

I'll throw the game, I swear!

You devil! You hurt my mother!

What did Tisay tell you?

That she loves you?

That I planned this?

I didn't even know you, Simon!

This was all Tisay's idea!

Enough, Brando!

You worthless demon!

Brando, stop it!
You filthy wretch!

Goddamn it, I'm begging you.

What a buzzkill.



You want this?

Please stop.

You want a facial?!


There, there.

So you'll get smoother skin.


You throw the game...

and take nothing.


Mom, drink this.

It's Tisay's job.

I plan on throwing the
championship game.


It's not all up to you.

You have teammates.

Do your best.

Fool them,

but never cheat or
there will be a payback.

Police officer Gallardo
is here to get a statement.

Brando, you're home!
You're just in time.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You're just in time for dinner.

By the way...

Next week is Laura's birthday.

I'm going to Palawan so...

I dropped off the gifts.

Why don't you ask your
dad to play with you?

Daddy, come play with us!

Here, I'll show you
how to play with that.

Give that to me.

- Thanks, godmother!
- Yeah!

He abducts Barbie...

She's struggling to
escape, and then...

You're shocked.

I'm just kidding.

Go ahead and play.

Cabangan, Zambales.

What's that?

Damn, are you stupid?


even if you throw the
game, Brando won't stop.

I have a piece of
land in Cabangan.

He won't find us there.

I have saved up some money.

Your family can come with us.

Brando will kill you either way...

just so he can pay
back Rey and Mayor.

This is the second
time he failed his client.

His days are numbered.

This is the land title.

Hold on to it.

You don't need to play
basketball anymore.

We have to be sure.

Brando has to be eliminated.

Listen, I have a plan.

Your savings aren't enough.

You need to
collect all the bets...

and all the contents
of Brando's vault.

I don't know the combination.

Then figure it out.

A lot are still
making "ending" bets.

Aside from the lock,
he also has a key.

I know you know...

that you learned your lesson.

Find a way to get that key.

You know you're like
a daughter to me, right?

And like any parent...

I can forgive you.

But, of course...

you have to earn my trust again.

He would know if it goes missing.

Go to the market.

Have it copied.

How much for a duplicate key?

A hundred and fifty.

You have a key to copy?

Yes, here.

What if I make a mistake?

No, you won't.

You can pull this off.

For me.

For us.

Where's my vault key?

Find it.

Jerson, look for it.

Look for it!

Hey, what's going on?

You're not watching the game?

Whenever I'm at the game,

they couldn't wait
to get their money.

Where's the key?!

Find it!

Where's that damn key?

It's right here, boss.


There it is.

Okay, okay.

Update me, okay?

Team, they're bigger,

but we can beat
them with our speed.

Play with speed, okay?

Spartans on three...

- One, two, three...
- Spartans!

Ladies and gentlemen...

welcome to the finals
of the Mayor's Cup...

between Macway and Spartans.

Jump ball.

Ball goes to Macway.

This is an exciting game...

All eyes on Spartans'
rookie standout Gallardo...

a scoring monster who
averages 25 points per game.

Boss, ma'am, good evening.

The game is on.

Yes, everything's covered.

Cash delivery on Tuesday.

Possession, Macway.

I'll just grab something to eat.


Does it still hurt?

Shut up.

A breakaway layup, easy
two points by Gallardo.


Let's listen to your
boyfriend's game.

Macway setting up a play...

Macway sets a screen on Gallardo.

Double screen, another one...

Number 16 is open.

He passes it to Gallardo's man.

He gets away.

He shoots...

but misses!

Macway with the rebound...
Looking for the open man.

They move the ball...

Gallardo with a steal!

There he goes for a fast break...

another easy
two-pointer by Gallardo.

He now has four
points in the first quarter.

Gallardo with the ball...

He's trapped, looking
for an opening...

What a spin move to the basket!

Another two points for Gallardo!

The score is 20-25 in
favor of the Spartans.

That's the end
of the first quarter.

Passed again to Gallardo...

Jump shot...

It goes in!

12 points for Gallardo.

The second quarter is
finished, good performance by...

Your boyfriend is really stubborn.

Macway is down by 10.
Can they stage a comeback?

Third quarter winding down.
Gallardo calls for a screen...

He goes straight, drives...

He stops, stop and pop...

Fakes, passes it...

Wow, what a beautiful play!

Macway looks stunned and helpless.

Aringo, secure the asset.

Then call Marlon and tell
him to secure the other asset.

I'll just make a stopover.

Great performance by Gallardo...

with a triple-double...

Sorry, I'll just tie you down.

I have to do this.

Give me your hands.

Brando trusts me.

Go with my legs first.

Fine. As you wish.

Macway with the ball, drives...

Foul by Gallardo.

Your boyfriend is a total jerk.

Gallardo's tired, but
he's not letting up.

What a player!

Now, face-to-face...


Does a crossover...

He gets away! What a move!

He goes for a three...

He scores!

Gallardo, what a
great player! Wow!

What a great finish for that game!

Safe to say that the Spartans
are now the champions...

The subscriber cannot be reached.

Please try again later...

- Aringo...
- What?

That hurt! Damn!

You filthy woman!

You animal!

You shameless wretch!

You're going to kill me?!

I'm going to kill you first!

My balls! That hurt!

You animal!

You animal...

I'm going to kill you!

That hurts!

That really hurts!

Tisay is on her way.

Let's just wait.

When Tisay arrives,

you guys help mom, okay?

I think I heard a car.

That's her. Let's go.



You, your family, and Tisay,
we will go after you one by one.

Boss Brando will kill you.

Did you call the boss?

I'm trying to call him.

He's not picking up.

What the hell.

Try again, man, it's important.

Go ahead... Keep
calling your boss.

Let's see if he answers.

Good evening, ma'am.

Just a standard checkpoint.

Officer, I'm just
heading to the province.

License and registration.

What's the violation, officer?

This vehicle is
under surveillance.


There's a restaurant
there in the corner street.

There's a motel next to it.

Can I see the
contents of your bag?

If you don't have your
license and registration,

I'm taking you to the precinct.

Eat up, my dear.


Thank you.

This is good.



You're free to go.

Someone bailed you out.

Where's the black bag?

We didn't see a black bag.

This is all we found.

You can go now, miss.

That money is for
someone important to me.

For him?

How much do you need?

Harsh words.

So were your actions.

Simon, they were there.

So, I retreated and planned
to follow you back to the office.

If I stayed, they
would've taken the money.

So, I...

You don't need to explain, Tisay.

It's done.

And so are we.


You're the only man I love.

You know what, Tisay?

I believe you.

But you love yourself more.

You set me up, remember?

I set you up, too.

So, you planned all this?



I love you.

I love you so much.

But it's wrong.

I thought you could change.


Give me one more chance, please.

I'm going to miss you.


Just one more chance, please.

Let's start over.

I can't afford to lose you.

Please go.

For god's sake, go.

You shouldn't have come here.

I just wanted to see you.

You just did.

Please go.

You know...

Happy endings are
rare for good people.

You know what, Tisay,
if this is a happy ending...

you'll be eating there with us.

Here you go, Tisay.

You're free.

You're the one I need.

I want you.

You can keep that.

You know where you belong, Tisay?

Where you're good at.