Tip sun ching yan (1993) - full transcript

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Body Lover


Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to Alan.
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday...

Thank you.

These girls are new.
Let's go over there.

Good figure


They are nice in bed too.

The one in black is not bad.

I will call her to play with you.


Come on.


Who is that girl?

Don't move.
Go. Hurry up.

Don't move.
You bitch.


Go now.

Over there.

Officer Chicken.

Get out of here.


- Are you ucrazy?
- Go to hell!


Doctor, how is the patient?

Because of explosion, his brain is hurt.
He is deaf now.

And his eyes are burnt.
It needs a long time to cure him.

It's useless for you to visit him oftenly.
Don't worry. It needs time.

You are punctual.

It's useless.

To keep promise is my weakness.

It's our fault of our officers.

But why haven't you contacted
us for such a long time?

You think the world fault means, OK?

Do you know how many
people are searching for me?

I have told you the timing was
not good, but you didn't listen.

Now, the undercovers
were either hurt or dead.

One is lying in the hospital.

I didn't wish that.

You couldn't catch the people,
and you burnt the goods!

Would you please stay calm?

You get all the merits
and I get all the faults.

Don't forget your wife and daughter
were killed by this organization.

I have done for you for ages.
I have achieved something, haven't I?

I tell you.
I quit.

But you have to keep on.


You are an undercover.
You are not rascal, you're a cop.

Kit, we were classmates in the
cadet school. I don't want you to die.

I don't want you to give
up now, understand?

Kit, the Thai cops will help you.
Don't worry.

Stay calm and think over.

I hper you would contact us.

I am HK police.

Who do you contact in Hong Kong?

I tell you, don't be cocky.
We have enough evidence to sue you.

Be smart and co-operate with us.

Just tell my lawyer.

I have right of not saying, so what?

I won't tell.
Kill me.

OK, wait for the sentence.
I will put you in jail by all means.

Let's go back.

Speak Thailand language.
Here is Thailand.

Aren't you going?

Don't pull off a stunt.

Let's go.

Go to hell!


Don't go.

Don't go.

Bye bye.

What's the matter?

Drugs delivery.

- OK.
- OK, thanks.

Go in.

It's time for drugs.


I feel so sick.


Stomach ache.

Stomach ache?

Let me have look.

I want to squeese your cherry too.

It's nice.

Let me kiss you.


So great!

Go on.
Go on.


Terrific feeling!


That bastard was so
cheap, he just paid little.

Bu he requested so much.

Forget about him.
Just leave.

But she loves money.

Boss welcome.
This way please.

Our girls are all pretty.

No AIDS. Guaranteed.
How about that two?

They are great, new comers, fresh.

OK. I want them.
Two of them. OK?

Boss, please wait inside.

24, 88, room six please.

So long?

How are you?

Use more force.



Bastard. Don't pull off a stand
or I will blow your head off.

Be calm.

Are you Kit?

Who are you?

Why were the cops in the cocktail party?

How do I know?

Damn you.
Are you undercover?

If I were, why didn't escape?
I wouldn't have stayed here.

If not you, who else?

You idiot. What benefits will I
get if the organization is ruined?

You have contact with the police, right?

If not, why didn't you
get hurt in that raid?

You can't frame me by all means.

Why didn't you suspect Alan?

If he is innocent, why isn't he around?
Because he is undercover.

So, the police is protecting him.

He always love bullying others.
I am not framing him.

He doesn't trust the people from HK.
He wants to control all.

These are what I know.
Trust me or not. Up to you.

Brother Lung.
I am Ah Fung, about your order.

I have fixed.

According my detailed investigation.

Alan is the undercover.

He allied with the cops!

He wanted to take over
our territory and our goods.

Luckily, I stopped the goods.

And get that bastard,
otherwise, that would be shit.

Don't worry.
I will take care of here.

If the goods are on
board, I will call you again.


Kit, from now on, follow
me to make big money

I will show you the territory, got me?

We take care of here and there.

Go in.

Uncle Fung.
Brother Kit.

Sit over there.

Please sit.

- How is it?
- Nice.

Brother Fung, the girls are not bad.

Right here.

Buddies, he is Uncle Fung from Hong Kong.

Uncle Fung.

Work hard.

Forget the case of Alan,
HK will go taking care of here.

In this station, no one will harm us.

Is the Thai food OK?

Nice, but a little bit hot.

I am afraid the hot weather and
the hot food will make me sick.

How about a bath?
Then it's alright.

You mean Thai bath?

I haven't tried before.


Come here.

How are you?

Serve my boss with all your best.

I am going in.

After you.


Have you followed Uncle
Fung for a long time?

About 3 years?

Uncle Fung is nice to you.

Are you dealing every
kind of business in HK?

Various business.
Not big at all.

You mean this isn't big business?
From HK to Thailand, wonderful!

If I have a brother as yours
in HK to take care of me,

I don't have to worry.

Alan is dead. Now, you are
in-charge of Thailand, that's good.

Most important of all, I wish I
am taken care by HK's boss.


No kidding.
It's useless to stay in Thailand.

But HK is different.
It's international.

Not exactly, Hong Kong side
does rely on Thailand side.

That's right.

How about the other business of your boss?

Tell me.

Why do you ask so much?

I just want to know more.

Just do your work.
Don't be nosy.

It's funny.



The goods will be finished 2 days later.
It's arranged to ship to Holland.


Most important of all,
take care of our goods.

I will, if you know how
to give me benefits.

Back to Hong Kong, say something
nice in front of the boss please.

There are still many young girls.
Just order, I will show you.

Little brother, you are smart.

Listen, learn more from Brother Kit.


Get in

What a mysterious place.

This is the usual practice of a rascal.

Kit, I know you won't let me down.

Cut the crap.

A man called Uncle Fung has come from HK.

Here is his information.

Check him.

This lustful wolf is easy to handle.

You'd be careful when
dealing with this old fox.

Don't panic. He comes for the
first time, he can't do anything.

We have to catch his head.

It's useless to catch this wolf.

What do you want?

He is sent by his boss.
If I can go to Hong Kong,

I can check it out easily.

How can we help you?

Ask the cops to launch a raid,

just pretend that it is
done by his enemies.

So as to push him back to Hong Kong.

We will have greater chance in Hong Kong.

Then you will have a fast promotion.

Beating crime is my duty.
I don't care about any promotion.

Is it easily to be promoted in HK?

He is bluffing only.

Cut the crap.
Ask your man to be smart.

I won't be undercover twice.


Get in.

Who did it?

I will investigate it.
If I get it, I will kill them.

How dare they ruin my territory?

I have to get them by all means.

After Alan's case, we
are in deep ship again!

Uncle Fung, don't get angry.
I'll send more buddies to watch over.

If they come again,
Iwill kill them one by one.

Uncle Fung, take it easy.

I have ordered a great girl for you.

Let's go.

Uncle Fung.

Ask everyone to stand by.
We will rush in few minutes later.

Don't you think Kit will be alright?

It is OK.
He is always careful.

If this deal is smooth, I
will report Brother Lung.

You will be rewarded.


Set out.

Hurry up...


Don't move.

What a big trouble.

I shouldn't have come to Thailand.

Uncle Fung.
You almost scared me to death.

What's wrong with this?

Cut the crap.
Let's go.

Watch over me.


Nothing there.

- Go that way.
- Yes.

Damn it. Who are they?
They are so cocky.

Are they any undercovers?

Otherwise, how can they know our workshop?

I will kill that bastars if I check it out.

It's useless to check.
Our territory is ruined.

Many of our buddies died.

Even we know who did it,
we can't compete with others.

Why not hide up first?

So, let's go back to HK first.

Kit, you go with us too.

Hong Kong


Stop bothering me.

Brother, we can't get him.
Will he show up?

Don't worry.
He will show up.

Come on.
We have amved.

Keep the gun.

Big brother, long time no see.

- How are you?
- I just want to chat with you.


Aren't you welcome me?

I have no time.
Tak, move.

Don't be that cocky.
You have Chinese police to protect you.

Come two days later.

Be smart when you see the boss.

Mind your tongue.

Brother Lung, we are back.

He is Kit.

- Brother Lung.
- You are Kit.

What's wrong with you?
It's all a mess.

Brother Lung, it's my fault.

After Alan that betrayer,
the you ruined the territory.

Brother Lung, I will find out who
did it, and I will kill that bastard.

Now you went into fugitive.

We lost our territory and our goods.
Do you know the loss?

I have to be responsible too.

Are you qualified?

Brother Lung, he is so green.

But, he works hard.

He saved me in Thailand, right?

Brother Lung, just take care of him.

OK, let him do some minor job.

Be the driver.

Say "thank you".

Thank you, Brother Lung.

Brother Lung, it's almost time.

Ask Judy to come down.
I will wait for her in the car.


It's not reasonable, they are alike!

Why is she here?

She is the woman of Boss.
What are you looking?

I will introduce a great
girl for you tonight.

Kit, Hong Kong &
Thailand can't be compared.

See, the girls are so pretty.

You are bad.
How can you compare me wit the Thai girls?

She doesn't like it.

Uncle Fung.

Uncle Wah.

Uncle Fung, you haven't
come for a long time.

- Uncle Wah. You should be blamed.
- Sit.

Where have you been?
Long time no see.

I went to Thailand to fix something.
I am not free.

But you have to visit me.

Let me introduce, he
is Kit, he is so capable.

- How are you?
- He is Uncle Wah.

Any good girls?

You have come the right time.
A nice girl has come.

- Really?
- You will praise her.

- Call her to come right now.
- I will ask her to come. Sit.

Kit, he is Uncle Wah.

He has many pretty woman.
I have tried many virgins.

This time, tou take the benefits.

You are lustful.

Men are all lustful, right?

Come, cheers...

Be smart.
That one is a lustful guy. Take care.

Come on, Uncle Fung.
She is Lily.

Big tits.
Very good.

Or, I wouldn't introduce her to you.

Pretty woman, I can't stay with you.
I will call you later.

I will introduce a Thai man to you.
Come here.

Go and serve them.

It's abenefit to you.


Thai man, what's your name?

Cut the crap.

Uncle Wah, chaeck the bill.
We are going out.

I will give you discount.

Thank you.

Kit, be smart.


I am Lee, a senior inspector.

Where is Paul?

He is following the
information of Mainland China.

I will handle your case.

Are you fooling me?
Who do you think you are?

What are you treating me as?

I am cop too.

I don't want you.
I want to see Paul.

Control yourself.
This is the order of the seniors.

You have to co-operate with us.

I quit now, is it OK?

No, this is an order.
If you quit now, you will have nothing.

I ask you, do you want
the rascals to be punished?

You have to keep on the investigation.
I will support you.

This is my telephone number.
Once you discover anything, call me.


Madam, just scream.



You are bad, don't...

Why are you so ancious?

I am hot.
I can't wait.

OK, I will take a condom for you first.

No, I don't want it.
I never use any condom

No way.
You have just come back from Thailand.

I don't know whether
you are infected or not.

No way.
I kill all kind of germs. Come on.

- Good morning.
- Get in.

Come on.
Get in.

Brother Lung, do you remember
to have dinner with me tonight.


Brother Lung, what's the matter.

Just accompany Judy to shopping.


- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.

- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.

Miss Judy, where do you want to go?

Take me to shopping.


Brother, you are lucky in these days.
Everyone give you face.

Please sit.

You are great in collecting information.

I know you have a secret route
to ship things from China to HK.

Where do you get this information from?

Why don't you take care of me?

Just go ahead.
Tell me what you want?

You can't earn all the money alone.
I hope to co-operate with you.

Co-operate with you?
Isn't it necessary?

Do you want to take it alone?

Brother Lung, it's better
to co-operate, right?

I don't think it's necessary.

Don't you want the things go smooth?

Do you have the power
to bother my business?

Don't say so.
We just have a discussion only.

Brother, think about my suggestion.

I am not interested.

I have no time to talk to you.
Fung, let's go.

He is so cocky.
What do you think?

I'll teach him a lesson.

Brother Lung, I think you
have to think it seriously.

Don't you afraid those kids?

I do want peace only.

Are you related with him?

Of course not.

What else do you hide from me?

Nothing. I am afraid the
bastards will harm our business.

Eva, fix that kid for me.

Yes, Brother Lung.

- Open.
- Nothing.

Plus... ten...


- Damn you.
- Drink.

I will drink.

You are shit.
Damn it.

Brother, is the case alright.
It will be very troublesome if it fails.

Don't worry. You have followed
big brother for such a long time.

Haven't you seen him fail?
It's safe. Don't worry.

If we make it, we will have
whatever we want. Don't worry.

That's right.

Anyway, the old man is a chicken.

Come on, let's cheers.

Beer is coming...

Hey, not a girl is around.
Why don't you serve our boss with girls?

- How about me?
- Right. Come on.

Do you think you are qualified?

She is a girl.
Aren't you?

Yes or no?

I am not bad.

Let's have a kiss.
Come on.

- No.
- Come on. Kiss me.

Give me the wine.

Come on.

What're you doing?

- Fong, hold her.
- OK.

How dare you hit me?


Don't play like this.

Get lost.

Stop playing.

- Let's go.
- Aren't you going?

Be careful.

Don't let me see you.

It's fixed.

Wait for me in the car.

You have gone too far.

She hit me me first.

I will teach her a good
lesson, If I see her again.

I want to piss.

Boss, telephone.



Let's go.

Let's get in.



Let's go.

Where are we going to?

I don't know.
Go anywhere you like.

Give me some music.


You love this song?

Me too.

Other than music, what else do you like?

Brother Lung is so busy, he
seldom stays with you, right?

Do you know what kind
of business he is doing?

Just drive, cut the crap!

Why do you bring me here?

You dont like it?
OK, let's go.

Up to you.

What's up?
Are you bored?

Let's go over there.

I don't know how to tell you.

Just go ahead.

I think you are like a woman that I know.


My wife.

Where is she now?

She is dead.


Never mind.

I remember my wife and
I were robbed right here.

I counter attacked.
They pushed my wife to the sea.

Have you found killer?

I have found him in three
years, and I met him in Thailand.

You killed him?

But no one knows, so I am back.

Your wife is luckier than me.

She needn't suffer.

Why do you think in this way?
Doesn't Lung treat you nice?


I am an orphan.
Lung paid the debts for my adopted father.

The he pushed me to stay with him.

I refused, then he hit me.

He pushed me to take
drugs too, so I can't leave him.

But no one can help me.

Don't be upset.
Let's start all over.

Let's go back.

I heard that there is some
problem in Thailand. Isn't it fixed?

It's a tiny matter.
It's OK.

How about those cops?

No problem.
We have fixed everything.

If only the goods are sent
from China to Hong Kong,

We can co-operate.

What are you doing here?

I just want to see whether
Brother Lung needs the car or not.

I will wait for him downstairs.

- What's the matter?
- I am looking for Brother Lung.

He is having a meeting, wait.

Take the money.


Thank you.


Tak, send this guest away.

This way.

Brother Lung, I have done what you told me.


Judy, please don't eat here.
Here is an office.

It's not good to be seen.
You won't listen to me.

What else can I do?

To raise kids for you.
Be a good housewife?

Let me drive you to buy some more.

The car is over there.

Close the door.

- Don't move.
- What's the matter?

Go to hell.

Brother Lung, wipe the sweat please.

What have you done?


You ruined such tiny matter too.

You can't even take care of a girl!

Do you want to be a driver for
the rest of your life? Learn from me.

Cut the crap.
Who did it?

I don't know them.

You are useless.
You made a mess in Thailand.

And you made a mess
in Hong Kong too, damn it.

If I were with you, I
would have been killed.

Brother Lung, this way please.

I think it's not that simple.

They didn't catch Kit.
It means going against you.

Who is it?

Hold on.

Brother Lung, your call.

Brother Lung.


I am Luk Chiu.

Luk Chiu?

Your girl is have a nice body.

What are you doing with my girl?

What do you mean?

What do you want?

You will know it.
Come to my office tomorrow.

Brother Lung, they use
Judy to blackmail you.

They are inhuman.

If we report to the police,
there would be trouble.

Just sacrifice some money.

You idiot.
I won't surrender easily.

How did you kill Chiu?
Tell me.

I did see them get into the car.

Brother Lung, I think there
must be an undercover.

I don't care.
You'd better fix it.

Brother Lung, give me a
chance for compensation.

I will bring Judy back.

Let me go too.

No. You just tuin the case.

Protect Eva.

Yes, Boss.

Big Brother.
Lung's fellows are coming.

Where is that bastard?

I've just seen his fellows.

- Catch them in.
- OK.

Come in.

Where is your brother?

You want money only.
Who comes, it doesn't matter.


You bring the gun as well.

Anything else?
Take it out. Quick.


Brother Chui.

Where is your boss?
Is he scared to show up?

He just leave the case to me.

You are not qualified to talk to me.

Cut the crap.
Where is Judy?

What do you want to exchange for Judy?

It's useless to talk to you.

You can't make the decision.
You have to listen to the old man.

Answer me.

I said you can't make the decision.

Just tell me want you want.
Don't waste time.

I love you, a straight forward woman.

If you can make me happy, we may discuss.

Chiu, don't go too far.

What do you mean?

Beat him.

You are bothering.

How is it?
If yes, we may discuss.

But you haven't told me your request.

I told him last time.
I just want co-operation.

How much do you want?

I want half.

But if you can make me
happy, I can give you a discount.

So, how much?

See how you serve me.

He is only fooling you only.

Cut the crap.
Go to hell.

Stop beating.

I promise you.

You'd have promised earlier.

Don't move.

Still moving?

You couldn't kill me last time,
but I will screw you to death now.

Use more force.

You are great.

Don't give the face.
Just screw her.

Use more force.

Are you satisfied?

Not bad.

Can you release her?

I didn't promise to set her free.

You didn't keep your promise.


I just said, it depends.
Are you happy?

I tell you report your boss...

If he doesn't come to see
me, just forget the deal, go.


Hurry up.
It's your turn.


He passed.

Plus 10.


Forget about playing, damn it.

Damn! That bastard hasn't shown up.
Will he keep his promise?

Don't worry. His girl is with me.
He will come.

If he doesn't shown up, I will kill her.

The girl is great.
What a waste.

Why not give her to us?

Come on...


Shup up.

If you don't keep your
mouth shut, I will cut your face.

Still moving?

Enjoy as much as you want.

Still moving?

Go and keep an eye on her.

Don't move.

You old man is a man of the world.

I have given you chance.

Why do you play so many tricks.

Cut the crap.
Show me the money.

Where is she?

Are you blind?

Let me teach you.

You'd better set her free and go now.

What are you talking? You didn't
repay the debt I lent you last time.

I haven't requested you to pay.

Bring the money here.

She is alive.
What are you afraid of?

I haven't screwed her yet.

Bring the money here.

That old man doesn't know how to make love.

I will lossen hers and send her back.
That's much better.

Bring the money here.

You bastard.
You didn't wake up!

Come on.
Take this, if you are capable.




Don't move.

Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.

Don't shoot.
Please, don't shoot.

Don't come here.

Yo bastard.
How dare you offend Brother Lung!

You deserve it.

- Don't come over.
- Help me!

Or I will shot.

Brother Lung said he wants to kill you.

The woman is not less important.

Don't come or I will shoot.