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Tinseltown (1980) - full transcript

New York, the Big Apple.

Lots of bustle and lots of people.

They say there are eight million
stories in the naked city.

Well, this isn't one of them.

This story is about Hollywood,

Tinseltown USA.

Well, let me tell you a story.

It's about three girls I met
at a party once.

It's also about what this town
can do to a woman.

Tell me.

I'm tougher than I look.

And besides, I'm here to be a
reporter, not an actress.

It's funny you should say that.

Two of the girls came here
to be actresses.

The other one, well, let me
start at the beginning.

The first one's name was
Mary Jo Harmon.

The only word to describe
her was sweet.

She was a farm girl, came
from some hick town

in middle America.

Good, middle-class family,
brought up to believe

in all the
old-fashioned virtues like

honesty, thrift, loyalty.

Big girl, farm fed,
natural blue eyes

and built like a brick outhouse.

She was a normal, healthy
American girl.

And from what I understand, she
didn't mind spending

some time in bed with her normal,
everyday boyfriend.

She welcomed it.

She had a dream about
becoming a movie star.

The second one's name was
Dominique Allwin.

That wasn't the name she
was born with.

Most of the girls in her business
used more glamorous names.

She was somewhat more
sophisticated than Mary Jo.

She came from New York, or at
least she lived there

long enough to consider
herself a New Yorker.

She didn't share Mary Jo's dream.

In fact, Dominique wasn't
much of a dreamer.

She was very happy just the way
she was, thank you.

I also have it on good
authority that Dominique

was one hell of a piece in bed.

And one of the top people in
her line of work.

Oh come on, Mary Jo.

Settle, Billy.

- It could take forever for you
to become a big star,

and I don't wanna wait that long
for us to get married.

So why don't you just stay
here and help me

down on the farm?

That's all you really know
how to do anyway.

- You don't think that I've
got what it takes?

- Oh, come on, baby,
of course I do.

But what about acting?

And what do you know about getting
started in Hollywood?

You know that's a big city, ain't
at all like Wetonka.

Besides, there's a lotta good
looking me out there.

You might meet someone
else that you like,

and you ain't never gonna
come back to me.


I won't even look at another
man while I'm gone.

After all, we're engaged,
aren't we?

- Yeah, but I hear women have to
some pretty funny things

to get jobs out there.

I heard about the casting
couch and all that.

- Those are just stories, don't
worry about me, Billy.

I'll come back a star.

- Thank you for a lovely evening,

My pleasure.

- I'll have the usual
amount transferred

to your account, hon.

That'll be fine.

- It's a pleasure doing
business with you.

Same time next week?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll be in Los Angeles next week.

How about the week after?

Yeah, okay, fine.

Okay, bye-bye.

Bye, hon, take care.

You too.

- The last girl was
named Pat Norman.

Shoulda been Pat Normal.

She was a local girl, raised
right here in LA.

A freshman at UCLA studying drama.

She did share Mary Jo's dream.

She too wanted to be a movie star.

- It really upsets you,
doesn't it?

You waited 30 years to
find the right girl

to withdraw from.

You know what your problem is?

The only woman you really ever
loved was your mother.

That was very good, Pam.


- You need to work on your
enunciation a little better,

but I think you're really
getting the hang of it.

- Unlike a lotta girls
in Nowheresville,

once Mary Jo made up her mind
to go to Hollywood,

she kissed her boyfriend
goodbye and caught

a bus headed west.

So it was goodbye, Oklahoma,

and hello, Hollywood and stardom.

There's a broken heart for every
light on Old Broadway.

There's a busted cherry
for ever star

on the sidewalk outside.

I know what I'm talking about.

I've worked the Hollywood beat
for a lot of years.

And I've seen them come and seen
them go, mostly come.

Of course, in real life, nobody
comes to Hollywood

and becomes a star right away.

Hardly anyone even finds work.

And in Hollywood, if you
wanna meet someone

who can introduce you to
someone who knows someone

who can help you, you
need an agent.

Hi, I'm an actress.

- I'm sorry, we're not taking
any resumes right now.

Oh, okay, thank you.

- Some agents are
better than others,

more honest, harder working,
harder to talk to.

Morty Green is easy to get to see.

You just have to remember to wash
your hands when you leave.

What do you want?

Uh, I'm an actress.

Oh yeah, you and my aunt Tillie.

Got any credits?

- Well I did the lead in
East Lynn back home.

East Lynn? Jesus.

All right, come on in, I'll
take a look at you.

Turn around.

No, no, put the bag down first.

Now turn around.

Try and make you look a
little glamorous.

Stick your chest out.

Suck your stomach in.

Show me some leg.

Hmm, all right, go take a
seat over there.

Now, as you can see, I'm
a very busy man,

but you look like you
have potential.

I think I can find
something for you.

- Oh really, you really think that
I've got potential?

Sure, kid, sure.

Got good looks, talent, I'll
find you some work.

How do you know I have talent?

You've never seen me act.

Kid, everyone acts.

We act all the time.

I just gotta find the right
thing to place you in.

- Oh, how do we do that, Mr.

Call me Morty, doll.

We're gonna have to work
closely together,

very closely, right?

And we're gonna have to get
to know each other,

much better, right?

I guess so.

- So, tell me something
about yourself.

Well there's not much to tell.

I'm from Oklahoma, and I'm engaged

to Billy Martin back there.

- Really? Oh, that's
very interesting.

Tell you what, doll, I want you
to go to this party

this afternoon at 1100 Coldwater.

Go home, get yourself dolled up,
here, kid.

- Wow, I'll see you a
little later.

I really appreciate this.

Yeah, sure.

Fiance, huh?

Well, that isn't much
of a problem.

- Dominique settled right
into the California life.

Now when Iaconda hits 75, sell.


I'm gonna be working on this
business deal all morning.

Think you can amuse yourself?

- Yeah, I'm just gonna go
lay in the sun.

- I'll pick you up
later for lunch.


You better dress for it.

We're going to a very
important party afterward.


It might even be fun.

How's this?



All right, well.

We'll catch you later. - Okay.

- Pat's life was
typical of most

starstruck college students,
going to school,

classes in drama and speech,
hoping for that one big break,

never believing for even a moment
she wouldn't make it.

Well of course, uh,

you know that talent isn't enough
to make in this business.

You need to have the
right connections.

- Well isn't that what
agents are for?

- Sure, but do you think Sue
Mangross is really gonna

sign you right out of
acting school?

You need to know the right people

just to talk to a good agent.

- Well how do I make the
right connections?

- Well, I could help
you for instance.

There's a little party this
afternoon, a cocktail party,

and there will be executives,
studio heads, agents.

Why don't you come along with me?

- I'd love to, what time
should I be ready?

- Well, the party's at two, but
I thought beforehand

we could, uh-

- Okay, I'll be ready at 1:30,
bye, thanks.

- All three girls were
excited about going

to a real Hollywood party.

Strangely enough, all three
chose the same method

to help themselves relax.

- There you go, I'll
catch you later.

I got some business to talk.


- There's no such
thing as a private

party in Hollywood.

Some of these people invite the
press on their honeymoons.

So we were all out in
force for this one.

The biggies figured to get
some business done,

meaning publicity of course.

I didn't bother to take notes.

I could make it all up
later anyway.

As long as I spelled
the names write.

Oh, seafood, where'd you get it?

- Haven't you seen the
waiters going around?

- No, I don't think I've
gotten the chance.

Oh, there he is, waiter.

Aw, good.

Thank you.

So, do you belong here?

- Let's just say it's
part of my job.

But I'm not
personally a celebrity.

Oh, are you an actress?


- Did I hear you say that
you're an actress?


- I am, at least I'm
studying acting anyway.

- Yeah, I've never ever wanted
to be anything else.

That's why I'm here from Oklahoma,
I'm gonna be a star.

- I'll be glad if I can get a job
without having to fuck

everybody in Southern
California for it.

What do you mean?

- Yeah, that's how all the big
stars got their start.

Everybody knows that.

- At least I'm
straightforward about it.

I'm a hooker, darlings, a whore?

I'm very good, very expensive,

but that's still the word for it.

The only difference between me
and an actress is,

I admit what I am.

Is that really how it works?

I don't know if I could do that.

It's just business, dear.

- Yeah, and it's pretty hard to do
it on just talent alone.

Do you have an agent or something?

Yes, Morty Green.

Oh, here he is, hi, Morty.

- Come on, sweetie, got
somebody for you to meet.


Mary Jo, this is Jack Warren,

he's the head of
Magnum Productions.

Jack, this is the actress I was
telling you about.

- Yeah, Morty tells me you've
got a lot of talent.

- Yeah, well, I did the lead in
East Lynn back home.

Oh yeah, Morty mentioned that.

Oh, well, we might be able to
use you in something.

Hey, make the arrangements, Morty.

It was nice meeting you, kid.

Yeah, it's nice to meet you too.

What do you think of him?

He's not very comforting.

- He's not supposed to be,
he's a producer.

You know, sweetie, you're not
really burdened down

with credentials or anything.

You're not a Broadway star.

No, I guess not.

- Right, and that man can cut
through a lot of the bullshit

and get you a screen
test real fast.

But you may have to do a couple
of favors for him.

Follow me?

What kinda favors?

- Whatever he wants, now
do you follow me?

- Yeah, but I told Billy Martin
I'd be faithful to him.

- Yeah, and you told
Billy Martin you'd

return home a star, right?

You do wanna be a star, don't you?

In order to be a star, you need a
screen test, right?

Look, you got a terrific bod.

A lotta people in this town
are gonna wanna

get in your pants.

Now Jack Warren is probably the
biggest man in this town

at this point, a real go-getter.

If he wants to make you a star,
you're a star.

Now don't be dumb, do it.

Isn't there any other way?

- Oh yeah, you can wait a couple
of years, and try a lot

of bit parts, and then maybe
you'll get a test.

But this way you'll do it fast.

You understand what I'm saying,

You've got it, baby, do it.

- Rudy used to, he was
one of my students

before he went into directing.

Yeah, he's done pretty well.

Joe, can we leave now, please?

Yeah, sure.

Um, it was good to meet you.

We'll see you again sometime.

Give me a call at the office.

Okay, come on, let's go.

- Poor Pat, she
finally discovered love.

It hit her like a thunderbolt.

One look from Steve Ransom, and
her panties were dripping.

Too bad he was such a louse.

You coming?

Hey, I thought you
wanted to leave.

Well, fuck it, I'm leaving.

- My place tomorrow night
at 7:30 sharp.

Be there.


Nice meeting you.

Morty Green, how's Hollywood's
pimp to the stars?

- Hi ya, Fred, I'm an agent,
you know that.

Oh yeah right.

- It's a tough world out there,
you gotta make deals.

- Yeah, but do the
girls know that?

What's the difference?

Fuck off, sweetie.

75 million?

- Well I don't know, I think we do
a little more maybe.

- It's a possibility,
but I don't know.

I don't wanna overdo that price.

- Well, the budget has
gotta be there.

Hello, darling.

Dominique, Jerry Cominsky.

Jerry, Dominique.

- Dominique, Michael's been
telling me a lot about you.

He says you're an artist.

Ah, he's too kind.

I'm just a working girl
who's good at her job.

Well, he says you're the best.

That's possible, even likely.

Well, talk's cheap.

I'm not.

But it's taken care of.

I see.

Excuse me.

Have a seat.

- One thing you have to
give Morty Green,

when he made a deal,
he stuck to it.

Would you care for a drink?

Yes please.

- He promised to deliver
Mary Jo, and he did.

Of course, he hadn't promised
Mary Jo anything.

There you go.

Thank you.

- Why don't you make
yourself comfortable?

In the bedroom, down at the
end of the hall.


Mrs. Warren.

You startled me, I wasn't
expecting you.

I live here.

Of course, of course, but

Mr. Warren told me that, uh,
I mean,

Mr. Warren and I were supposed to,

but Morty told me.

- I'm afraid you misunderstood Mr.

- I'm the Warren that checks out
all the new girls.


Are you shocked?

No, not shocked.

The idea sort of excites me.

I just never done it with
a woman before.

Well you just relax

and follow my lead.

- Gee, that's really sweet of you,

but I won't be here.

- What do you mean you
won't be here?

You've gotta be here.

- Well, Michael's traveling
back to New York

after his business is finished,
and I'm gonna go with him.

I think we're going
in the morning.

- Well I can't get everything
set up for today.

Can't you stay on?

It just doesn't interest me.

Besides, this isn't your
business sense talking.

It's your cock.

- Look, I know that you're good
enough to persuade me,

but that's not it.

Any film executive
gets laid a lot.

You learn to keep that separate
from your judgment.

Do you think it's easy or cheap

to set up a full screen test?

No, but it's ridiculous.

I'm not an actress, I'm a whore.

- Well you could say
that about half

the female stars in the business.

But look, I'm really serious.

I don't care if you don't
have experience.

You've got something
better than that.

Call it magnetism, charisma,
whatever, it.

You have got it, believe me.

It's not that common either.

You shouldn't let it go to waste.

- Look, Jerry, it just isn't my
line of work, okay?

What's your day rate?

My what?

- Your day rate, what you
get paid by the day

or night or whatever.

Oh, yeah, $500.

- Well I think I can
scrape that together.

Look, suppose I pay
you for a week?

Now are you willing to stay here
and do a screen test?

Expenses, too, and hotel.

- Well, I did promise Michael I'd
be traveling with him.

- And if I can
square it with him?

- You're really determined,
aren't you?


- Okay, if you can get the
studio to pay for a whore

for a week to take a screen test,

and square it with Michael,
I'll do it.

But I'm warning you, Jerry,

you're wasting your time
and your money.

Don't worry about that.

And it won't be the studio's
money, it'll be mine.

With your money?

I thought this was a studio deal.

Now wait a minute, I don't wanna-

- Look, doll, this is
strictly legit.

I'm laying out my money
because I'm a gambler.

You got what it takes to be a
star, and if you come across

on this screen test the way
I think you will,

I'm signing you to a personal
management contract.

I'm gonna handle you personally.

- I don't think I like
the sound of that.

Don't worry, you will.

- Okay, okay, I'll do it, if you
can square it with Michael.

No sweat, talk to you soon.

Okay, bye-bye.

Hi, good, come in.

Pat was drawn to her fate

like a moth to a flame.

With just about the
same consequences.

Take your clothes off.

Come on, come on, move it, I
haven't got all day.

On your knees, bitch.


Good, I'm reasonably
well satisfied.

What about me?

- I have no objections if
you're also satisfied.

I'll make no effort to arrange it.

However, it's a matter of total
indifference to me.


- Your object here is not
to be pleased,

but to please.

As long as you fulfill
your function,

you may do as you wish.

You may live in this house.

Anything you wear will
be my decision,

and anything you do
will be up to me.



- At my whim, you will
service me sexually.


Yes, master.

Yes, master.

- If I wish to loan you to
any of my friends,

you'll service them also.

Yes, master.

- You'll do anything
that's asked of you.


Yes, master.


- Hey, isn't it time for
your coffee break?

I don't drink coffee.

Well maybe something to eat?

Like what?

Well how about me?

Right here?

- You're paying for it,
so why not?

- No no, too many people come in
through the office.

- There must be a quiet place
around here somewhere.

- Okay, you talked me into it, you
silver-tongued fox.

Here's an empty one.

Oh, this is fine.

The couch is even comfy.

- Mary Jo's little
session with Mrs. Warren

did pay off, she got
her screen test.

But like everything else
connected with Morty Green,

even the screen test had
strings attached.

- Okay, sweetie, this is it,
you all ready?

I guess so.

But isn't there a
script or something.

Nah, don't worry about it,

you wanna be spontaneous, right?

Looking good is what's important.

If you look good, you got it made.

Well, do I look all right?

You look terrific.

But the camera may see you a
little different than I do.

The cameraman is very important.

He can make you look good or bad.

- Well he'll do his best,
won't he?

- I'm sure he will, but I
can't guarantee it.

I don't wanna take any chances.


Mary Jo, this is Curtis, the
director of this scene.



Oh, uh, here's your script.

Oh, gee, I hope I can do well.

- Hey, I'm sure you'll
do just fine.

But you know, there is
a lotta stuff

I can do to help you out.

Do you think that you could?

- Well, I'm really
not supposed to.

- Come on, I know Mary Jo can so
something to convince you.

You know, make it
worth your while.

Morty, I couldn't afford it.

Oh, no money, sweetheart.

I'm sure you got something a lot
better than that to offer.

Oh, Morty.

- That's the way
it's done, sweetie.

Just come right on over here.

Bruce, you wanna?

Yeah, boss.

- All right, why don't you just
lay right down here

and we'll get you ready?

- Dominique got her
screen test too.

- I'm the first woman
he's ever met

who's as interesting as one
of his men friends.

Now that's love.


Okay, Dominique, let's
try it a little

differently this time.

I want you to rearrange
this line here.

I want you to project more,
and I want you

to look into the camera, okay?

All right.

Well hot damn.

I was right.

- Picked a good one, Jer,
she's got it.

- Mm-hmm, a star is born,
as we say.

- She can't act worth a
damn, but she'll learn.

And it won't matter,
she'll be a smash.

If the film picks up half of it,
she's got it made.


Where'd you find her?

Well, uh, I don't know yet.

The PR boys'll think of something.

Let's do it again.

- I talk too much, I'm
quite bright,

but nevertheless, I talk too much.

You see, already I'm saying
more than I should.

Now, men hate it for women to
blurt out, I'm bright.

In fact, that's what I'm saying,

I'm brighter than even the
brightest men I know.

That's why it's a mistake
to take too much.

- My lawn furniture has more
talent than that.


- Of course, if my lawn furniture
had that kinda magnetism,

I could open a scrapyard
without moving.


Can she learn?


- Is there anything in that
girl's background

that's gonna be a problem?


Shit, what?

She's a hooker.

Oh, that's a PR problem.


No sweat, when can you sign her?

I already have.

Without the old man's okay?

Not to a studio contract,

to a personal management contract.

- The old man is gonna
have a hemorrhage.

- Fuck the old man, this
girl's gonna be bigger

than this whole fuckin' operation.

Well, hello.

Hi, I'm Sem.

I'll be producing this epic.

You look good, very good.

Good enough to eat.

So why don't you?

I think I will.

- Hey, wait a minute, where do you
think you're going?

Don't mess up the makeup.

- Steve Ransom did
make some movie

connections for Sue.

Of course, they weren't
the type of films

she spent all that time in drama
school studying for.

But it turned out okay,
since she discovered

she liked sex more than
acting anyway.

- Hey, hey come on, let's save
that for the picture.

We got a picture to make,
let's go.

Hey, come on!

Let's go, we got a
picture to make!

Get outta here!

What the hell's wrong
with you people?

Get going.

Come on, we got a hit to make.

Okay, Mike, roll it.

I talk to much.

I'm quite bright, so isn't
it interesting?

But nevertheless, I talk too much.

You see I already am saying
more than I should.

Men hate me for, women to
blurt out, I'm bright.

They think they, think
she's really saying

I'm brighter than you are.

What do you think?

Well, I can't use her.

I know Jeff wouldn't want her.

I could use her.


- I'm going to Vegas
next week to try

and sign Mel Carter for a film.

He likes that type.

Well, put in a call to Morty.

- So, while they're deciding
whether or not to offer

you a contract, we do have that
offer from Las Vegas.

And he could help me?

I'm sure he could.

- Oh, yeah, and I should
screw him too.

- That'd be interesting, but no,
he's a faggot.

Just needs an escort,
you got clothes?

Yeah, when do I go?

- Monday, have a good time,

All right, bye-bye, Morty.

- So I put on my pants
and get the hell

outta there before her
husband came home.

I love it.

- Excuse me, I have to go to the
little girls' room.

Of course.

Don't be long, sweetheart.


- Well, what do you think, should
we have a contract drawn?

I'm leaning in that direction.

Of course, you haven't made
your final offer yet.

What do you mean?

- You don't expect me to believe
you brought that young lady

along for your own amusement,
do you?

Can't fool you, can I?

Shall I have her
delivered to your room?


11, and you can call your
lawyers in the morning.

You got a deal.

Good night now.

Sorry I took so long.

That's all right, darling.

To your success.

Oh yeah.

- Well, what did you think of
the famous Mel Carter?

- He's very attractive, and
he's awfully charming.

- I think you should know that the
attraction is mutual.

In fact, he expects you in
his room at 11.

- Oh, but, I just, I don't
know if I could.

I've just met the man and all.

Yeah, but you see,

if you're not at his room
at 11 tonight,

he won't sign the contract.


- And the studio doesn't forget
people who help it.

- But what Mel
Carter really wanted

wasn't exactly what Mary
Jo was expecting.

Mary Jo, this is my wife, Susan.

Susan, Mary Jo.

How do you do, Mary Jo?

How do you do?

- I suppose Mel's explained our
little quirk to you.

Yes, ma'am.

- Why don't you have a seat,
Mary Jo?

Thank you.

- So we discovered many years ago
that sex was so much

better for us whenever we had
someone watching.

Yes, Mel gets so much harder

and fucks me so much longer when
we have an audience,

and I come so much better.

Script, script?

We don't need no stinkin' script.

No no.

If they miss a cue, then
I'll give them one.

It's in and out, in and out.

Come on, get off of it.


Pete here.

Yeah, I wanna talk to you about
that girl you sent.

No, no, no, no no.

No, there's no problems, man,
no problems at all.

No no no, you won't have to
discipline her.

Believe you me, you won't have
to discipline her.

No no, she's uh, she's,
she's just great.

She is just absolutely great.

- Really, Jerry, we've played
this farce long enough.

Now you've had your fun, and
it's time for me

to go back to New York.

Look, how can I convince you?

The contract is sitting right out
here in front of you.

All it needs is your signature.

And you still think
this is a game.

Do you think the studio would go
this far as a joke?

- Well I don't know about that,
but I do know

that I'm no actress.

I can't memorize my lines,
I can't move,

out of bed, anyway.

I haven't got a trained voice.

I just don't know the first
thing about acting.

You don't have to.

That's what we're here for,

to make you look like you know
what you're doing.

But I don't understand.

Now why would the studio wanna
go to all the trouble

for someone with no talent?

- Look, I've told you before,
you've got

something more than talent.

When the public sees you up
there on the screen,

they're gonna love you, no
matter what you do.

Because you've got magnetism.

And that's worth a lot
more than talent.

You won't have to rely
on a good script

or a good performance.

Your fans are gonna love you,

just seeing you in the movies.

Look at Raquel Welch, I mean,

she can't act as well as you can,
and she's a top star.

- So the studio is
willing to pay me to stand

in front of a camera and make
a fool of myself?

More than you make now.

That's an awful lot, you know.

Yes, we know.

- Suppose my first
film is terrible.

It probably will be.

But it'll make money.

And don't forget, it's a
three-film contract,

so you can always go back to New
York when it's over.

- You're not leaving me any way
out of this, are you?

Nope, that's the idea.

Will you sign?

Can I think about it?

Sure, I'll give you 15 seconds.

- So have you heard from
the studio yet?

- Yeah, sweetie, and,
sorry to tell you.

Although I've pulled every
string I could,

they won't sign you.

But in Las Vegas they said-

- Not everybody in this business
is as honest as I am.

Quite frankly, I don't
know what I'm gonna

be able to do with you.

The other studios aren't signing
people at this time.

- But there
must be something.

Well, there is one possibility.


I can't guarantee it.

And I'd have to call in
a lotta favors

for you to get a shot at it, but.


- And, you're gonna have to make
it worth my while.

Oh, you'll get your 30%.

No, I want more than that.

- Mr. Green, what kind of girl
do you think I am?

A whore, what else?

- Mary Jo may have been
slow to learn, but she

finally figured out that she
just wasn't gonna

make it in Hollywood,

and that she was better off
back in Oklahoma.

So she headed back to the arms and
the bed of her boyfriend.

Lucky for him, he was smart
enough to overlook

her little escapade in
the big city.

Sue's slide downhill continued,

with some help from Steve Ransom.

She became overwhelmed in sex.

Porn movies and prostitution
became her whole life.

- Ladies and
gentlemen of the press,

the studio is proud to
present our newest star,

Miss Dominique Allwin.

So that's it.

The two girls who came to town to
become stars struck out.

Instead, a high-priced
hooker from New York

took the town by storm.

But I don't get the point.

What's the point of the story?

There is no point.

Look, it's just like the
rest of this town.

Everything is glitter and
tinsel and tits and ass.

And everybody's a whore, male
and female alike.

There is no point.

That's the point.

- Wait a minute, I
don't understand.

- He he, don't worry, kid,
you will.

Welcome to Tinseltown USA.