Till We Meet Again (1950) - full transcript

The hero Saburo (Okada Eiji) is obstructed by a series of events from meeting Keiko (Kuga Yoshiko), his fiancee.

Toho Productions


Yoko Mizuki
Toshio Yasumi


Yoshiko Kuga

Eiji Okada

Osamu Takizawa

Akitake Kono

Akiko Kazami

Haruko Sugimura

Tadashi Imai

Mr. Tajima. A telegram!

For Mr. Saburo Tajima.

That's for me.

Change of Departure.
You will depart tonight.

Mr. Tajima!

The madam has just collapsed.

My sister-in-law has?

Yes, suddenly during air-drills.

How did it happen?

Hello? The doctor still
hasn't returned?

Oh my...

Of course we phoned other doctors.

What can we do?
Yes, please do so.

Please call the doctor
again in a short while.

I will stay by her side.

Thank you.


If only I had wings,
I could let you know.

Ah! What should I do? Keiko!

Wait for me.

I won't let you down.
Wait a little longer for me!

Today is the last day.

If I can't see you today,
we'll never...


You'll wait for me, won't you?

Of course you'll wait, right?


Meeting you has given
me strength to carry on.

Ah, the war!

The war has been hanging over
our heads for 8 long years.

A battle of life and death
drags on like a nightmare,

an endless struggle in
the agony to survive.

My first encounter with you...

at that time too, the black shadow,

the shadow of death was
descending upon us.

It was that instant, that moment in time
when a raging fever
seemed to overcome us...

I lost sight of her.

But I could still feel the gentle
warmth of her hand over mine.

The quivering, the trembling of
her lips. Her gentle fingertips.

Our encounter... was it purely by chance?

But my breath touched
upon her cheeks.

Our blood coursed in sync
like the pounding of waves.

I've reached home.
I must regain my composure.

I'm home.

Welcome home.

Everything alright?

Yes. All is fine.

Jiro is here.
Your Father is home early.

Need help with the fire?

No, I'm just warming it.

I will be transferred
to Station Headquarters.

I see.

How have you been, Father?

At the courthouse'? ..
All the usual.

I now preside over a murder trial.

A case where a young man
poisoned a young woman.

This military sake is superb.

I'll bring more next time.

Committing crimes of passion...
What's gotten into these people?

And he's a young man.

Such a pity.


I brought a change of clothing.

I won't be spending the night.

Because you're busy?


You have the look
of a true military man.

Those are Brother's clothing.

Wear those and even Masako
would mistake you for Ichiro.

Ichiro had a much better physique.

Shall I heat the bathwater?

Go ahead.

How is your condition, Masako?

I'm fine, thank you.

I'm glad you're enjoying the sake.

It's become a bad habit of mine...

since the day I received
Ichiro's death notice.

A drink now and then is fine.

Prepare the bath for Jiro now.

I will attend to it.

Is Saburo home yet?

Yes, he is.

Well... he returned just now.

Why doesn't he come and greet us?
Tell him his brother is here.

Yes, sir.

Yes... That's right...

What is it?

- You said you had no interest in marriage.
- I don't.

Good. Less worries for me.

Who wants to marry at a time like this?

Ichiro's case was different
as the was the eldest son.

I have carefully considered
how we should deal with Masako.

We have a duty to take care
of her until the baby is born.

We must wait before sending her
back to her family.

I have now returned home.

Welcome home, Brother.

Still letting your hair grow out?

You need a haircut.

Yes, sir.

Is that all you can say?

Come here and have a drink.

Please excuse me.
Enjoy yourselves.

That good-for-nothing.

He seems depressed.

The military will grind him down
if he doesn't straighten out now.

Here comes my brother.

I know that look of his.
He wants to tell me something.

Surely he's noticed
I've been avoiding him.

I smell liquor.
He's a bit drunk.

He's grown more dignified ever
since he joined the military.

Look at those broad shoulders.
He's a bona-fide Serviceman.

He seems to be waiting
for me to break the ice.


I want to talk to the
scholarly brother of old.

At home he was the only one
I could confide in.

But now...

Hey. What have you been up to lately?

Nothing much.

I've been reading Croce.


You recommended him, remember?

Times have changed.

Messing around with such trash...
That's why you're so carefree.

But listen to his words.

"One man's happiness must not
lead to another's misfortune."

This puzzles me...

whether it is right to achieve
victory through killing.

We honor men who kill each other
while struggling to gain power.

I can't understand why.

Your blabbering is worse than a kid's.

Just say that life is dear to you!

Oh, I don't mind dying.

I don't even mind if I become a sacrifice,
as long as I have a reason.

A reason?

We rush onto the battlefield
like madmen, for no reason,

and call it our duty as Japanese.

How can such reckless
actions be seen as righteous?

Reckless? What do you
mean by reckless!

Say it to the spirits of our
fallen heroes. I dare you!

The enemy is approaching
the motherland.

We must quickly put an end to this war,

and establish true peace on Earth.

Success means bearing a heavy burden
no one else can carry.

You sit back and gripe,
asking "Why?" "How come?"

You disrespect our many
departed war heroes,

and soldiers who fight to protect
the motherland and ensure peace.

I won't even try to listen
to his worn-out remarks.

Why have my brother
and I grown so apart?

In the past he would
kindly sit and listen to me...

no matter how silly the problem.

Why must you rant and rave?

There's no one left who
will listen to my problems.

Where is my brother of old?

Aren't you listening?

A life and death situation...

is fast drawing upon us!

Shape up!

Stop it! You fool!

People continue to live on,
even bereft of hope.

Somewhere on a map unseen,

Or at a far edge, eons away,

While in reverie of
buds colored red,

Their hands stretch out,
in the chilling wind.

Though the hands are
smeared in mud,

And the mind only sustains
the fire of oblivion,

Relying on the subtle warmth
of blood that courses the body,

They live on like winter weeds.

Oh Hope, may you glow,
like the lingering of snow.

Whatever fight it may be,

You surely have power to
guide the forlorn people.

Fellow men of the same vantage
point, who behold different stars,

it is their desolation and
freedom of spirit alone

That reminds me I am human after all.

Damn! Was he good!

Only talented writers like him
perish early in the war.

This poem will head a collection of...

Kawabe's 11 posthumous writings.

I'll try my hand at haiku.

The battlefield and...
The BAT-TLE-FIELD and...

- Use one of Basho's haikus.
- No thanks.

"The plane in night fog"

You mean, rain?

No. Airplane.

"On the battlefield
Airplanes fly the night fog
Two set for take-off"

- I did it!
- That'll be my top pick when...

I gather your posthumous writings.
Rest assured!

You will?

Everything becomes more
valuable once you're dead.

- So keep it all private until then.
- You'll release everything once I die?

"On the battlefield
Airplanes fly the night fog
Two set for take-off"

Oh the excitement, the vigor of youth!

If we're all doomed,
the sooner the better to end it.

Kawabe's girlfriend, you know,

as Kawabe was about to go off to war,

she drew close to him and said,

"No, you can't.
You can't let me become a widow!"

Cut it out!

Fool. You shouldn't be smiling!

How creepy.

That's what I heard.
She was in tears.


Love is taboo!
Taboo, I tell you!

It's a sin.

He did well.

Since we'll all be dead, we
should do the things we want,

eat to our heart's content,
then drop dead.


Someone help me, please!

Stop it.

Times like these, we should devote
ourselves to self-improvement...

by reading the works of
Yanagawa or Adolf von Harnack.


We shouldn't read them?

The authorities do not
approve of their writings.

I see.

What is it?

Nothing at all.

Let's go out for some
red-bean porridge.

Where's the place?

Out in the street.

Porridge with authentic red beans?

It's made with potatoes, of course.

So it's golden-bean porridge.

How unappetizing.

Sure is.

Pass. I won't eat that garbage.

The nobleman has spoken.

You are man of conviction.

I'm just hard to please.

I've suddenly grown fond of this man.

He's always kept an air of solitude.

He may be the one person who
could best understand me.

But what if I share my
thoughts on love with him.

He may laugh cold-heartedly
and ignore me.

When the alarm sounds, everyone
opens their door, right?

It's pitch dark at night.
That's when...

stray cats and mice
all gather in the kitchen.

They pull the lids off rice tubs
and jump onto cupboards.

Oodles of them lately.

Cut it out! Nobody uses
rice tubs these days.

No one has any rice.

Indeed. Cats and mice
would never gather together.

It's nonsense.

Once the alarm stops, the
cats and mice scatter away.

Never do they discuss their
feelings of agony. Why?

Each suffers in his own way.

Without a hint of concern,
they laugh the time away.

Loneliness overwhelms me
when I see this.

I suddenly want to shout out,

"Oh, how I want to see her!"

What a ruckus it would cause.

These housewives would
gasp in surprise,

cast a sharp glare,
perhaps a look of scorn.


One of us will go to Hakuyosha.

Kawabe's brother works at Hakuyosha?

Yeah, we'll ask him to print
Kawabe's posthumous collection.

You or Tajima should go.
You two are the most polite.

Be sure you go to Hakuyosha.

Kawabe's brother works there.

Go to it.

Ah, she is alive!

How shall I put it...

Love has survived beneath
the wings of death.

But now I feel a sense of urgency.

Our lives could end tomorrow.

Up you go.



Are you laughing at me?

No, those kids.

I see.

We finally meet.
What should I say to her?

Nice weather today.


What a lousy greeting.

You were at Hakuyosha?


I'm here to see my friend's brother.

So long.

I can visit him some other time.

Do you work there?

No, I am helping out.

I see. So you paint pictures.

They're ad posters.
I help with the design.

I have met you before...
several times.

Three times, including today.

I'm surprised you remember.

I've met you more than that.

You have?


No way!

Anyhow, we've made our acquaintance.

Let's sit over there, just for a bit.

It looks warmer over there.

Are you in a rush?

A little.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

Then just for 10 or 15 minutes.

Have some.

Caramel candy?

Have them all.

In return...

A gift I received.

Reminds me of the tale
about the crab and monkey.

Where did you ever get
such good candy?

My brother's in the army.

Finally something good
has come out of the war.

Let's not talk about the war.

Right. Let's not talk about...

anything to do with the war.

Is Mr. Monkey returning half to me?

So you really were looking at me
that time down in the basement.

Of course.

But you didn't even
glance in my direction.

Your head was turned
sideways like now.


Sneaky! You could still see me?

I can cross my eyes. Try it.


Like this!


I get it.


You enjoy laughing.

What's your name?


How do you write it?

- The characters for firefly and child.
- I see.

I'm Keiko Ono.

A pretty name.

And yours?

I'm Saburo Tajima.
Such a common name.

A dignified name,

distinct and cheerful.

Thank you.

That time in the basement was frightful.

But I'm glad about it.

I must be going.

I sometimes come here to sketch.

So you are serious about drawing?

No, I do it to earn money.

To earn money?

You get paid even before you
begin drawing? I'm surprised.

Yes I do. I'll explain next time.

You'll be here tomorrow, won't you?


Come here tomorrow, okay?

Well... if the weather allows.

Let's make it earlier.

Be there!
For sure!

Good evening!

Ye g?

In bed already?

It's only 8 o'clock.

You should sleep early, too.

I should. Your pillow, please.

- Masako...
- Yes?

I wonder if tomorrow will be clear.

Well, more of the same...

Are the stars out tonight?

Yes. I see many.

I feel sad for you, Masako.

Sad, for me?
I consider myself rather lucky.


You know... my baby.

I see.

Another day has safely passed.

Please protect us again tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night.


Let's not go in.
You don't want to see it.

- Instead...
- Yes?

- I know a better place.
- Someplace better?


We'll have an exhibition
of your paintings.


Here. Right now.

My own exhibition?

Show me your artwork.

So that was it! How sneaky.
And you said it'd be better.

Of course it is.
Okay, hand them over.

I charge a lot for admission!

How about 500 yen.

My masterpiece collection.
Don't faint now.

The entrance fee.

My hands empty.
You're no fun.

There's 500 yen right there.

What's this?

It's a poster.

I know it's a poster.

That's what I drew.

This too, a poster?

That's an illustration.


I know that look on your face.

I bet they're worse than you thought.

A mess.

Yes, I know.

The sketching is well done, but...

Even though it's yours,
I won't stand for it.

But that picture is fine with me.

You consider this picture all right?

I drew it as requested.

Even so, the colors are awful.

As long as it sells.

You don't care if the artwork is terrible?


Oh, art...
Yes, a picture is a work of art.

Then why do you draw pictures?

Why do you draw pictures?

In order to survive.

To survive...
I see.

Life is harsh.


But not a valid reason.

Scraping together a living is...

all I have time to worry about.

It's not a matter of having free time.

Those born with a silver
spoon always say that.

No, you are mistaken.

I don't mind you telling me.

Say, why is life so troublesome?

First of all, we are always eating.

We eat every day.

We eat dinner when the sun goes down.

We eat again after
waking up in the morning.

At noon we eat once again.

We humans sure eat a lot.

And don't forget, we
must clothe ourselves.

We can't walk around
naked, of course.

If we were born furry like a dog or a cat,

there'd be no need to buy clothing.

What a burden to be human.

If there is anything I can do,
anything at all.


Might I offer you some pocket money?

No thanks.
My mother has a job now.

What does she do?

She works at a local factory.

At the munitions factory?
Business must be good.

That's it for today.
I have another job to do.

Going home?


Something the matter?

Are you angry?

Because I spoke poorly
about your painting?

Because of my talk about money?

It's nothing at all.

I'm sorry.

It's not what you think.

Sometimes I'm...

I'm such a coward.
I'm a fool.

I always worry about
my lack of talent, or...

my life with mother,
trying to make ends meet.

I said too much.

Worrying won't make things better.

I have no time for that anyway.

Your life is rougher than I imagine.

What's so funny?

You're lucky to be carefree.

Ah, life is a struggle.

But we must carry on...

no matter what happens.

I want to live.

I want to live!

I feel that way too, now.

What about before?

You didn't want to live?


But it's great to be alive!

Of course.
Even in times like these.

No, only recently
have I felt this way.

There's one more thing that I want,
what I hope for.

First comes survival.

Then one more thing.
Just a little bit...

Even a tiny bit is okay.

I want a slice of happiness.

Maybe it's too much
for me to ask these days.

If only a slice,
we already are happy.


No luck?

I'll try one more place.

Books are getting thinner these days.

They want me to draw the
Battle of Guadalcanal.

We've been to so many
places since morning.

Worn out'?

That's why I told you not to follow me.


We can't use any of these.

We can tell an amateur has done them.

We don't know when
it will go to press.

Miss Ono. Draw a tank here.

And show an enemy soldier
run over by the tank.

That is, if you want to redo it.
If not, I'll ask Michita.

What is it?

You're not busy now, right?

I'll draw anything.

We don't hire slowpokes.

I'll have it ready by tomorrow.

Use more shocking colors.
Pay attention to the colors.

Payment for your last job will
be at the end of the month.

You will also be paid at that time.

No payment now?
You make her draw and draw.

Who are you?

He is my friend.

How selfish!


It's okay.

But that means...

I'm sorry.

Cold, weren't you?

It's absurd. Idiotic!

Still angry?

A soldier run over by a tank. Ha!

What's that got to do with advertising?

Let's not talk about such dreary things.

It's freezing.
Did you catch a cold?

Worry about your own
troubles instead.

You still at it?

It happens all the time.

You're such a hothead.

How long can we stay this way?

You'll go off to war someday.

Please tell me,

When will you go?

When will you be called?

We promised not to talk
about that, remember?

I'll tell you when the time comes.

But that's cruel.

Still some six months away.

Six months...

Let's change the subject.

Yes. Let's talk about something fun.

Lieutenant, repairs completed.

Get a look at those gloves!

What a surprise to see them!

They're so tempting.

Come here.

- What is it?
- A gift from me...

It's too early for presents.

Why not? They're not expensive.

But I don't want to sponge off you.

It's not right to get
something for nothing.

Uhh, but...

Come on. Tell me.

Well then, I will make a request.

A painting of my portrait.
The fee, one pair of gloves.

I am a lousy painter.

You'll end up looking like this.

No way!
People are looking!

You really won't paint my portrait?

My, such a worried look.

I'm serious.

Yes, sir.

Have any photos on you?

No, I don't.

Then I can't.

Why not?

Because I'm not a street artist.

I can't sit on the street and paint.

Oh, I see.

Isn't your mother out
of the house all day?


Worried about the neighbors?

No one lives nearby.

Alright. When is a good time?

When can you do it?

Board the bus, please.


What time?

2 o'clock.

2 o'clock?
2 o'clock!

Uh-oh. Big Brother is here.

A wise man steers clear of danger.


They heard me.

- Hey!
- Ah.

Come in here.

Yes, sir.

I have now returned home.

Come closer.

Yes, sir.

Where were you today!

I went to meet a friend.

Grind the ink block.

You're to pay a visit to
Lieutenant Kamishiro at his home.

I have a letter of introduction for you.


He thinks highly of Jiro.

This is for your own good.

He is available on Tuesday.

For what purpose?


Much good will come of it.

No need to curry favor with him.


Don't get the wrong idea!

A weak-kneed boy like you...

needs strong moral instruction.

Show some filial respect.

Go and see him on Tuesday!

Tuesday... I can't.


- Also...
- What is it?

I find it odd that you would
make a deal with him.

You think I engage in
backroom dealing?

How dare you insult me!


I am a leading national judge.

I'm sorry.

Show respect in your words.

Yes, sir.

Jiro called for you.

You called?

You still burn the midnight oil?

Tell me what you did
at the park today.

Aren't you ashamed?

Aren't you embarrassed
wasting your life away?

Just who is that girl?

A know-nothing student.

I'm at a loss for words!

It isn't a question of right or wrong.
You lack moral sense.

Soldiers risk their
lives, and here you are...

More soldier talk!

I myself will become a soldier.

I will even get a job.
I'm human, you know.

I should have a little freedom.

Freedom? Ha!
You ego-lover!

Don't you know what
our country is fighting for?

That's what I want to know.

Why you! You call
yourself a Japanese?

You're still immature.

Heed the words of a
man of experience.

If something were to happen to me,

you must look after our sister-in-law
and her future baby,

as well as our aging father.

You are greatly mistaken if you think...

becoming a soldier will relieve
you of all personal responsibility.

Face the hard facts!

You have a grave responsibility.

The more get in with that girl,

the deeper her sadness will be.

Be a real man and break off relations
with that girl once and for all.


Come in.

Was the train crowded?


Was my house easy to find?


Looks like snow.


Are you cold?


So quiet here.

Here? This is the home of a
teacher. He was called up.

We're taking care of his house.

The bare winter trees...
The silence is nice.

Can you tell whose photo this is?

This one?

My mother in her youth.

And your father?

He passed away long ago.

He was an elementary school teacher.

Since he was born to a
family of poor peasants,

Mother's parents wouldn't
allow them to marry.

They finally decided to elope
and find work on their own.

Did things work out?


They're building an underground shelter.

Those blasts come and go.

Did you bring your photos?

Well, well...

You want me to paint
your portrait with this?

You were so chubby!

And so cute!
How old?

Let me see it.

I'm embarrassed.
I'm buck-naked.

Let me see it!


What beautiful dolls!

How did you enjoy
the seasonal festivals?

We ate rice cakes and
did many things.

I bet you had fun.

- At that age of worry.
- Stop kidding.

Deep in one's thoughts.

Even back then I had a pensive look.

I want to see your pictures.

I don't have many.

Let me see.

My 3rd birthday.

My first time wearing a kimono.
It was made of wool!

Actually, it was out from
my mother's long undershirt.

So cute.

Even back then you
could see cross-eyed.

You were going out shopping?

No, my mother was a street
vendor of wooden sandals.

I often cried because I
couldn't walk in those sandals.

Seems like a very kind mother.

This was taken when I
graduated from girl's school.

Mother said my graduation was
the happiest moment in her life.

It's been 8 years since
my father passed away.

She used to say, "We'll have to beg
them to let us return to the country."

"We'll have trouble making
ends meet in the city."



But you look cold.

Let's take a short break.

So cold.

Let's have a cup of warm tea.

Have some...


I hope you like it.


Eat plenty.

It's good.

I have an appointment today.

I just don't know...

Was it right for me to have met you?

How can I make you...

but I cannot make you happy.

With me you will only suffer.

I have much to think over.

Perhaps we...

Perhaps we should stop
seeing each other.

It would be better for you.

No! No way!

There's nothing to think over!
Nothing at all!

Hold me and never let go!
Hold me tight!

We don't know what tomorrow will bring.

We can only let destiny run its course.

We are powerless to change our fate.

How precious time is.

Time speeds by as we sit here.

Let's have fun during
our short time together.


Welcome home.

Thank you. You shouldn't
be carrying heavy objects.

What are you doing?

Your father wants to move these
books to the air-raid shelter nearby.

I will move them later.

I can do it.

Your friends are waiting.

Sorry I'm late.

While we're printing Kawabe's works,

we should print Murayama's as well.


But he's still alive.

Surely he's wringing out haiku
poems in the trenches now.

"On the battlefield
Airplanes fly the night fog
Two set for take-off"

- But we have nothing else from him.
- He left suddenly.

Like a young bird deftly snatched away,

he leaves without a sound.

Get the next page ready.


Will you please stop
shaking your legs?

If we're gonna die,

I want to go out in style.

Doesn't matter how you go out.

I just don't want to die in vain.

You think there's a
humane way to die in war?

Of course. While saying,
"Hail to His Majesty!"

Want to show-off, eh?

What's that?

What do you mean, show-off?

You're just a spectator of the war.

I wanted tell you from before.

You, the nobleman,
cannot truly understand...

the sincerity of us common folk.

- We drop our studies and go off to war?
- Stop it!

Let them go out in style
if they want to.

It doesn't matter if they want to
show off or make their mothers proud.

War is no glamour event.

Once more?

Enemy planes approaching from south.

Beware of aerial bombs.

Army train 10:66 on south track 3...

will now disjoin onto tracks 5 through 8.

Anyone seen Lieutenant Tajima?

He is out leading his troops.

"Leave the rails to me," he said.

He has that fighting spirit.




"Please go to the Army
Hospital immediately."

The Army Hospital?

Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Tajima was...

My son?

Yes, he was seriously
injured last evening.


An unexpected accident.
He is in critical condition.

Your decision, sir?

We will wait until
court session is over.

We can arrange for you
to leave early today.

My policy is to finish
today's work today.

Yes, sir. We will wait
until session is over.

I can't very well take the court with me.






Look after our home.


Look after Father...

and Sister.

Got it?

I can't. I can't do it.

Get a hold of yourself.

A grown man shouldn't cry.


I sure hit you a lot.

Forgive me, okay?

Way back, the two of us...

we often went fishing together.

I often remember those days.

I had fun.

Me, too.

Those were great times.




You must take my share of happiness
and become twice as happy.


No, I can't!
You must live!

You must live!

Hang in there!

I wanted time to talk with you.

I wanted more time to talk with you.

Jiro, say something!



My brother told me, "Take
my share of happiness."

Twice the happiness.

War, be gone!
Cannons, be gone!

Let it all wait!

The songs of little birds.
The gentle breeze of Spring.

Her gentle fingertips.

I could ask for nothing more.

We have visitors.

They're here.

Those pesky visitors won't go away.

We can't chase them away.

They're gone now.

Don't leave yet. Too early!

Hurry and eat.

No, not yet...

Let's go back.


You won't let me go off to die
all alone, would you?


When will you be mine?


But I want to stay this way
a little longer.

Then before I leave, promise me.

Yes, I will.

I promise, the day before you leave.

Tonight has become our engagement.

Breakfast is ready.

Leave the cleaning to me.

Good morning.

Good morning.

These were delivered
after dark last night.

No one was home, right?

Keiko was out, right?

I'll bring a bag.

No thanks. I'm off to work now.
I'll get them on the way home.

Hurry or you'll be late.

Mrs. Taketori.


Please go ahead of me.

Why? Taking the day off?

Tell me.

Did something happen to your mother?

Nothing wrong.

I guess I'll be going.

I'm leaving now, Mrs. Ono.


Goodbye now.

I wish you wouldn't be so downhearted.

I've done nothing wrong.

You never consider
the feelings of others.

You do only as you please.

Why the criticizing?

It's okay to come home a little late.

There was an air-raid last night.

That's not what I'm talking about.

Someone cautions you,
then you become defensive.

It's not normal.

The starting line for a
women is most important.

If you fall at the start,
you'll suffer the rest of your life.

This is no time for making
promises on your future.

Your father would never accept this.


I thought you would understand.

You only see what's wrong in others.

You don't understand
how I feel about this.

No, I don't.

Why can't I?
Why not?

Please don't cause any problems.

You're all I have to rely on.


What's the matter?

Going home?

Yeah. I'm sure it arrived
at my house, too.

The call-up notice will come...

if not today, then tomorrow.

Aida got one, too.

We'll all get called at once.

Calm down and be prepared.

What a racket outside!

I wish it would stop for just one day.

If that were the last sound
you heard in this world,

somehow you may think fondly of it.

The nobleman was already called-up.


He made fun of me when I said,

A soldier should be like a spider.

He's probably in a
bunker right now...

with his arms stretched
out like a spider's.

I really liked Imoto.

He gave me a small slip of
paper on his day of departure.

All that was written...

was a short poem.

A train passes by,

stretching through darkness,
lights glowing like past memories.

My hair, trimmed, blows away.
My hair, my hometown,

The scents of a faraway land.

I want to let my hair grow,
if only in my dreams.

Alas, everyone is leaving.
Soon it will be my turn.

A toast!

This may be our last meeting together.

I once read the letters of a
German soldier who died in battle.

In a bunker, under candlelight,

he read the bible,
the works of Goethe,

the poems of Holderlin,
and dreamed of Wagner.

Until the moment he died,
he never let go of his books.

I have great respect for his willpower.

Considering he was under enemy fire,
I think it's a useless way to resist.

In the letters found on him,

Not one negative word
about the enemy.

That's what impressed me.

You are wrong!

I hate the enemy.

Your love of the enemy will
get us all killed. You idiot!

Stop it!
Everyone is on edge these days.

Let's have a friendly toast.

I hate cowards!

I'm gonna raise hell tonight!

What's gotten into you?

Why you!

Alright, I'll take you on.

Cut it out, Tajima.

Leave us alone.

Poor guy, that Aida.
Poor guy.

I know just how you feel.

I too want to rage about.

Aida, Aida.
Your mother is...

waiting all alone back home.

Hurry back and see her.
I should go, too.

Go home already!

I'll go.

What's the matter?

You wanted to scare me?
You're a meany.

You had other plans today, didn't you?

Let's go inside.

Keiko, you know why
I'm here, don't you?

My departure is the day after tomorrow.

We still have today and tomorrow.

Come close to me, Keiko.

Just sit here beside to me.

Let's get married the next time we meet.

The next time?

When I return home safely.

I must stay alive until that time.

I won't die.
I will return home alive.

I'll do whatever it takes to stay alive.

You'll wait for me, right?

You promise?


I promise.

I'll be fine.

The two of us, once we marry,

we'll get a small place of our own.

We can go without furniture.
As long as you're beside me.

There is just one thing I want to have.

What is it?

A stainless frypan.


A pan this small.

I've really wanted to use one.

I want a nice and shiny one.

Then go ahead and buy a frypan.


I love how you talk
about the little things.

Another thing,

At home you mustn't forget to read.

Say, two hours a sitting.


We'll spend quiet evenings
reading to each other.

I can't wait.

And continue with your painting.

Set aside time to seriously work at.

I want you to quit drawing posters.

Such a waste.

Oh, and another thing,

I really want two plates,
one like this,

and one this size.

These items...

You always have your
mind on the kitchen.

Because I want to cook
delicious meals for you.

Fine, but you have talent.
You should develop it.

I'll do my best to help.

How many children?




I see.

I wonder how many...

Too many?

That's too many.


A bit too many.


Four sounds good.

Two boys and two girls.

What will they grow up to be?


But what will you the parent
become? You must decide first.

I will be a company employee.
An ordinary one. What do you think?

Fine. Anything at all.

I'm confident I can
makeover any room...

no matter how run-down it is.

See this pretty pattern I made.

I want to make tablecloths
and curtains like this...

out of old materials.

Like it?

And this doll.

I made this by hand.

I want to hang it in our room.

I'll pound the nails for you.

What a pretty room it would make.

What time will you leave for work?

Around 7:30.

I thought I should ask. And when
will you return in the evening?

I'll be eagerly waiting
for you, I'm sure.

When I hear the door knock
I'll say, "Aha, he's home!"

I somehow understand
that feeling right now.

But I'll be waiting nonetheless.

When I come home from
work, we'll first eat dinner.

Then, let's go for a walk.

We'll stroll past the night vendors,

stopping to buy flowers that you love.

Let's make a drawing of our room.

I'll add colors to the drawing.

Our room will have warm sunlight
shining through the window.

Let's decide where the cupboard should be.

And where to hang your clothes.

I don't care. It doesn't matter...

whether it's a room
on the edge of town,

or a plain lifestyle,

as long as I'm with you.

That's all I hope for.

Keiko, I will hold onto
your portrait of me...

until I return.

If I don't return, it
will be a keepsake of mine.


You'll be alright?



Forgive me.
I broke our promise.

It's alright.

Your mother will be home soon.

No! No!
Don't leave me!

We still have tomorrow.
I'll think it over.

It's okay.
I don't care what happens.

But I will only make you unhappy.

Don't say that.


You won't regret it?

No regrets'?

Then tomorrow at 10 a.m.

The usual place, be on time.

10 a.m.?

I am so happy!

So am I!

Let's enjoy our last day together.

And to celebrate we'll
take a picture together.


You should go home now.


The rice is boiling over!

What are you doing?

You're re-knitting?
When did you undo it?

Your hair is a mess.

You stayed up all night
working on this?

I'll check the fire.
I have to add the sauce.

Any miso left?

What happened yesterday?

I thought I'd ask.
We haven't received any.

I'm going to air the futons,
as the weather is nice.

Start moving, or nothing
will get done today.

Today, I...

You're going out?

Where are you going?


At what time?

10 o'clock.

Who will you see?

Why are you going?

Let's eat now, or you'll
be late for work.

Here you go.

Why are you going out today?


At least tell me your destination.

Mother, I must go.
Only for today.

He's going off to war.

Off to war?

Today is his last day.

He's going after all.

I see.

Let me see him.


I'm sorry I'm so selfish.

Just this once...

He's leaving.
He's going away.

I may never see him again.

This may be our last time together.

Keiko, go and see him.

Send him off in good spirits.

The sender mustn't be crying.

You'll give that to him?

I'm glad you finished it in time.

Thank you.

You really love him so?

Get going now.

I won't object.

As long as you are happy.

It's getting late.

Thank you, Mother.

Mr. Tajima. A telegram!

For Mr. Saburo Tajima.

That's for me.

Change of Departure.
You will depart tonight.

I must leave tonight.

Ah, tonight!

Mr. Tajima!

The madam has just collapsed.

My sister-in-law has?

Yes, suddenly during air-drills.

How did it happen?

Hurry and call a doctor.
I must call...

Hello? The doctor still
hasn't returned?

Oh no...

Of course we phoned other doctors.

What can we do?
Yes, please do so.

Please call the doctor
again in a short while.

I will stay by her side.

Thank you.



If only I had wings,
I could let you know.

Ah! What should I do'? Keiko!

Wait for me.

I won't let you down.
Wait a little longer for me!

Today is the last day.

If we can't meet today,
we'll never...


You'll wait for me, won't you?

Of course you'll wait, Keiko?

Meeting you has given
me strength to carry on.

I wonder what happened to him?
He's always been on time.

Once I was 40 minutes late and he said,

"Don't you know how long I've waited?"

He was pretty mad.

You meany!

Something may have happened.

What happened?

What happened to you, Saburo?

Come here now.
Be here at once!

I want more time...

One hour has already passed.

Yes, she had a miscarriage.
Father, can you...

Can you return home?

I'm at her side.
She must go to the hospital.

We're having trouble getting a car.
Also, I must depart today.

A telegram arrived
notifying me of the change.

A change of departure.

Still no oar?

He'll get a car as
soon as he returns home.

Does it hurt?

I'll ask the neighbors again
if someone can take her.

I'm sorry.

Just when you were about to depart...

This had to happen.

Never mind that.
Hang in there a little longer.

Please go out now.

You have many things to do.

You mustn't stay here for me.

Please go out.

What happened to you, Saburo?
Where are you?

I've waited so long.

Why won't you come to see me?

Why am I always thinking of you?

We needn't be questioning ourselves.

We are so much in love.

I feel so lucky we're in love.

Where are you?
Why won't you come? Saburo!

Take cover!

Keiko left before 10 o'clock.

The station was hit at 12 o'clock,
2 hours later.

Don't worry.
She is back home already.

There's nothing to worry about.

It's dark inside.

Let me try.

There's no one here.

What's this?

"Keiko, my schedule
has suddenly changed."

"I leave on the last train
tonight at 10:30 p.m."

"I want to see you.
Love, Saburo"

They didn't meet.

My daughter!

Why don't you ask this person?

Ask him. He would know.

Keiko. Keiko!
Why won't you come to see me?

I'm heading to a world
of bloody slaughter.

They're dragging me away.

Stay alive!

I won't die.
I'll never die.

They're dragging me away to
a world of senseless killing.

No way!
I'm coming back alive!

I'll come back alive for sure!

I know you'll wait for me.

I... I...


I will return home without fail.

There, I will hear the sounds
of the neighbor's piano.

I will see Mrs. Oka carrying
her shopping basket.

Everything will be back to normal.

The daisies in front of my
home will be in full bloom.

This year, as always, they
will be nodding in the wind.

I will tiptoe up the stairs,

because I want to go straight to
my room and rest my weary body.

No, before going home I will
rush over to your studio.

Oh how I've counted the
days until I see you again.

Please be safe and sound.

I won't die. I will live.
I'll come back alive, Keiko.




I will go home now.

You will always be here.

So long...