'Til Lies Do Us Part (2007) - full transcript

Advertising executive Trey Mitchell regularly works late and dines with his ex. That makes his wife Leeza so suspicious she hires a P.I., ex-cop Ethan Woods. But he has a dark past and intends to eliminate Trey by any means and make Leeza his. Dirty tricks and even murdering an observant neighbor fabricate enough proof to break up the couple, but they get back together as darling son Dylan deserves. Ethan now hires a junkie to stab Trey to death, but that backfires. His surveillance equipment is discovered, but he escapes and makes his last move.

That Berri and Per Devid present

Film Roba Malenfanta

Sex Triki

Al Sapentsa

Tomas Kalabro

Chicago: By seven months in the past


- Hi!
- What you here make?

Zashel pozdorovatsya. How rehearsal?

In past time I gave to understand, in order
You finished this, Itan. You to me not necessary.

- But I know that this is not the case.
- No, so.

- Zachem you so with me?
- Leave me in repose!

- You of me love, I know.
- Khvatit!

- Zachem to pretend that dislike?
- Itan!

- Stop! I ask, listen me.
- Khvatit, from me is glad.

- I shall move on you in court. Ukhodi!
- Yes bros!


- Rebekka, stand!
- Ukhodi!

About, bozhe!


- Bozhe!
- 911. What happened?

Necessary "rapid"! Girl
Hit under machine.

- Which injury?
- Do not know, she is immovable.

It is quite well, send machine, wait.

Philadelphia: Present time


Sintiya Preston

Felix Pennel

Keri Lourens, Richard Robitel



I offer tost.

For Lizu!

For wonderful spouse Treya, terpyashchuiu ,
What it podolgu protrudes in agency.

As well as for what they in marriage 10
Years old, and it else will give to foru any iuntsu.

- So that with you stryaslos?
- We will healthy!

With anniversary!

Artist as to costumes Meri Partrij

The selection of actors
Aaron Griffit, Jinet D'AMIKO

Artist-art director Chaba Kertesh


...What amenity!

This tin. 10 years old -
olovyannaya wedding.

Sweet, see.

Operator Daniel Vintselett


I know, know, too candid.
But because idea this vecherinki my...

...Your best girlfriend ,
I hope, you will not get angry.

Only in behalf of you, Sasha.

You of me napugal!

- How do you do.
- Hi!

- Here is it last tvorenie.
- Impresses.

It is all right, doctor Frankenshtein...

...We go, shall bed you.

- Mummies, will give the brown blanket?
- Of course, zaichik.

Scenario Kristin Konrad

Executive producers
Per Devid, Ken Sanders That Berri


Filmmaker Rob Malenfant

Liza, in than matter?

Why Janet calls to evening?

I thought, we everything discussed
Before vecherinkoi.

Trei, other your clients
Do not call to so late.

Other do not work
As to 16 o'clock per day.

Sweet, to her not to whom to scurry
It is home, here is and prosizhivaet in office.

To and nazvanivaet you.

Sweet, I to you ascribed to today.

This its first large campania.

She wants, in order everything was received.

She applied liaisons getting
To us this account, we to her have to.

Detka, go here.

To you not about than to worry.

I love you not smaller...

...Than 10 years ago.

Khvatit be blown.

"She Marmot".

Tuesday, 23.

Parental meeting

Here is to you and belated work.

Want otvedat something particular? Zaidite
In "Takaru", from them dry and sitting down.

Love myasnoe? Try
Beef Kobe, she is wonderful.

Excellent review, Liza.
Without fail there go down.

Go down, Sasha. This best
Japanese restaurant is in Philadelphia.

Time it praises expert, signifies ,
It that costs. Thanks, Liza.

You have badly is gained to bluff.
I see, you have again problems.

Again Janet?


Janet called to yesterday
During vecherinki.

It ascribed to these that ,
What she works dopozdna.

It is hereto, I found account from restaurant.

- "She Marmot".
- "She Marmot"?

- Nothing itself!
- Yes. Romantic supper.

And to me said that seated in office.

All right and lzhets!

The other day it worked with noutbukom ,
And zaslyshav me, closed it...

...slovno something concealing.

Think, their communication
Proceeds beyond the realm business?

Do not know. But suspicious: I later
Included noutbuk, but password is changed.

Then, pokhozhe, it something conceals.

And not speak! I would not worried ,
If this was not it former.

- Liza, you not revnivaya.
- No.

But you have grow suspicions with that ones

I think, must listen inner voice.

And that to make? When
I raise this topic...

...It assures that
Not about than be agitated.

Today he has too supper with
By clients, they, alleged, here proezdom.

It will reduce me from intellect.
I must know truth.

Exist reliable method.

My sosedka distrusted husband
In treachery and employed privy detective.

She was glad, nobody nothing
Did not learn. It office on street Van Biuren.

Do not know.

, will odd devote to
In this strange person.

To watch ???-that - vile.

Then ask in forehead, exist he has
Someone. Show evidences.

Sun him under the nose of abacus
From restaurant and cause ?????????.


Sweet, hello! As matters?

It is by no means.

What make?

It is so, finish one work.

Know, I today
Looked through accounts...

...And found it.

"She Marmot".

Yes, Tuesday, 23. In that day
Was parental meeting Dilana.

You said that not can
To go due to work.

Client unexpectedly appointed get-together.

- And you send in dear restaurant?
- All right, dear him will not call.

Who was this client?

Do not remember.

And that?



...It is like to sustain that us
With Janet connects only work?

To me to throw ??????????????
Account is only that is why...

...What I faced it till you?

This will reassure?

Matter not in account, open
On its company. Matter is in you...

...In your behavior. From that time, as
The she 2 month back employed you...

...You protrude at work, go
In restaurants and hide mail.

Daddy, can to me help?

Now ?????, ?????.

The handing-in of prizes for publicity
The may 1992 year

What I make?

Street Van Biurena.


The bureau is of detective services of.

How do you do. I Liza Mitchell.

I would like ??????
To you on get-together...

...In the shortest possible time.

All right and all right!

- Liza?
- How do you do.

Hello, I Itan Vuds.
Very is happy. I saw you in ???.

- Truth?
- You excellently are seen.


Khot I and applied to you...

...To me all else ill at ease.

Do not know...

...Can, I simply fear.
- Fear what? Truth?

If I of you to hiring...

...What namely you will make?

All right, first, I will pay attention
For them, to clear up, why it...

...Late comes home. Then
I shall verify it computer, shall learn...

...With whom it communicates ,
On what ????? ???????.

Computer is defended by password.

This not problem.

Here is 1000, as bargained.

Pay to in cash? Well understood.

It is well.

Here is, to this you.

- What it?
- Your code is of access.

For connection with me dial it
Number. Will answer answer-back...

...From another company, on case ,
If suddenly your husband will discover number.

Having left communication, hang pipe.
Having called subsequent, will hear me.

Do not know, this all unfair
With reference to him.

Liza, ??????????...

...I will not convince you. Believe ,
I would like ???????? another deciding...

...Your problem, but it
To alone known me method.

It is all right.

Today he has supper with client.

I think, with this woman.

This she 10 years ago.
Another picture no.

Will come off. To me ???????????
The address of the work of your husband.

It is excellent. And else not
Would prevent it photograph.


Your son?

- Yes.
- How many him?

9 years old.

Similar to you.

It is all right...

...I shall make that can.

- Call to tomorrow.
- Thanks.

Is happy to help.

- Rebekka.
- You to me not necessary.

- Leave me in repose!
- Listen me.

With us such will not, Liza.

- Allo?
- This Itan.

Hello, ?????.

Listen, sorry, but mine here important
??????, must him prompt settle down.

- So that today get-together is canceled.
- Zhal, ??????.

Yes. Let's postpone
On tomorrow. I shall call, goes?

- It is all right, will wait.
- Thanks.

Yes already...

...Appeared one important ??????.

Certainly there go down.

Go down, Sasha. This best
Japanese restaurant is in Philadelphia.

- Supy there - simply masterpiece!
- Yes, must try.

If love dry ,
Go down in "Takaru".

Even ??????? and ???-????
Have there particular taste.

- Certainly there go down.
- Go down, Sasha.


I to thank.

- Hello.
- Hello. Forgive for lateness.

- Allow to help.
- Thanks.

All right...

...As matters?

It is as amusing!

How many in us was
Merry weekends, yes?

And now one work
And neither cakes and ale.

Let's discuss your campania.

We shall see that necessary to make.

It is well.

Hello, ?????. I am on golf.
Are seen by day, correct?

- Play 18 ??????
- You know guys, 18 - minimum.


...Can, go down somewhere by evening?
We shall say, in bistro on street Kharvard?

- Give to.
- It is excellent.

I shall call. Till get-together.

Excellent overview on, Liza! I adore dry.

I too, Sasha. To and similar us much.
Dry can be bought in shops...

Khimchistka "Brait Uait". Will forgive for
Failures in the system of the admittance of orders.

Perezvonite later.


- Itan, hello, this Liza.
- Hello, Liza. Is happy you to hear.

You something cleared up?


Yesterday it ?????? with one
By lady in restaurant "Lazarri".

Unfortunately, I did not can
To hear their conversation.

- As she looked?
- High, blonde, nice.

I verified the numbers of its machine.
She is registered on name...

...Janet Khalston.

This I and feared.

Must verify
It e-mail.

It by day plays in golf ,
And son will have training.

Do not know, ?????? whether
Mine time to come.

I can come to you.
It is natural, in confidence.

On this will go away not above ????????.

It is better to make this now ,
Meanwhile exist possibility.

- To ??????? in the house of nobody will not.
- Then in ???????????

- It is well.
- Till get-together, Liza. It is meanwhile.

Want ???????? something particular? Zaidite
In "Takaru", from them dry and sitting down.

Itan, love ??????? Order
Beef Kobe, she is wonderful.

Excellent overview on, Liza! I adore dry.

I too, Itan. To and similar us much.
Dry exist in shops, on ??????...

...Even in school canteens.
- Yes. But by pore I fear exist him.

In "Takaru" it is possible
Dared exist any ?????.

Even ??????? and ???-????
Have there particular taste.

It is all right, certainly there go down.

Go down. This best Japanese
Restaurant is in Philadelphia.

The him's time praises expert, signifies ,
It that costs. Thanks, Liza.

- Should be, this Dennis.
- All right, go. In 3 hour I shall take away you.

- It is meanwhile, of mummies.
- It is meanwhile.

Ei, you because be not bit?

Good ???. To me!

To me!

Go here. As you
Call? All right-?? that here?

Rocket, signifies? To me, Rocket!


- Hello.
- How do you do. You of me ????????.

- I waited of bell in door.
- You not want the questions of neighbors?

Me met your ??????.
Nikudyshnyi guardian.



This in honor Rojera
Klemensa, son invented.

This computer of husband?


Here is photographs.

I sorry.

Almost did not change for 15 years old.

This she and exist?

I already spoke: Not fact ,
What in them novel.

They ???????? together
In restaurant, here is and all.

This program for ?????? password.

There exist the squeeze facility
For program dictionary.

It treats lists. It is simpler
Speaking, we shall find the password of your husband.

And it not ???????????

Only if will employ
Such specialist, as I.

Long they were together?

To steam o'clock.

Is ready.

Password - of ??????????? October.

Birthday Dilana.

What you make?

I blockade the security system
On 89-?? ?????. To enter computer...

...It is possible only through it having dialed
These figures on the back of ???????? disc "With".

Then you receive
Access is to all this...

...And can read
The letters are of your husband.

Itan, I not very
I understand computers.

Want, I to you shall print out of it letter?

- Mummies, I forgot glove.
- You left her on kitchen, ??????.

- Who it?
- Television master.

- It ??????? to us ????????????.
- It is explicit. All right, meanwhile.

It is meanwhile. Are seen on the back of
Three. Successful game!

- Scarcely were not hit.
- Yes.

Sweet ????????.


Only disbeleive that it forgot
Glove. It with her not ??????????.

Printer is there.

Here is.


...Can leave
Itself these photographs.

I shall call you, as shall learn
Something new, well?


- It is all right.
- I sorry.

I shall go out through rear door.


...I shall try to help you, promise.
- It is well.


Hello, ?????. Good boy!

To me!

It is excellent!


Rocket, you again ???????

You by no means missed me, and?
It is all right all right, shall go, shall avert you home.


It is excellent.


Who you?

I ???? ?????????. And who you?

Neighbor, live opposite.
Here is, conduct their dog home.

I did not see its machine ,
Decided that its no at home.

It seems, she went behind son.

- It is name, you in house one?
- Yes. Promised, meanwhile it no...

...All ????????.

And that, ???????? canceled?

- Even ????? ????????? no?
- No. In sense, ????? exist...

...But not for elder master.
I go I on ??????????, rather than in camion.

This bonus for 16-????????
The company loyalty is.

Is happy was to get-together.


Here is that spends time, when
????? nose in strange matters.


Excuse, ????????.

Listen, I ordered ??????...


All well?

- From where this you have?
- 15 October.

Easily was ??????????.

You selected password
To my computer?

To me will it was necessary, Trei.

Self you neither for what
Did not confess about novel with Janet.

- No mine with her of neither novel!
- It is can it be t?u??

"You always helped me. I ??????????
To call you during divorce".

- "Thanks that you was so ????".
- Liza, all right ??????, ?????????!

You make of the flies of elephant.

- I everything can explain.
- All right, certain.

You spoke that between
By you all long ago is finished...

...What she is your client.

And what attitude of its letter about divorce
Have to its advertising campaign?

I ask else time, ?????????! It is all right?

Simply she loves to discuss
Personal topics are, here is and all.

- Believe, this usual friendship.
- And boy is a master to lie.

Where you was yesterday?

With her?

We ??????? together.

But by day she on conferences ,
To us beforetime to meet!

Time you have no communication ,
????? to conceal it?

Zachem? Then that you always ????????
This conversation is having heard its name.

- You think, better simply to keep silence?
- Yes, I keep silence, as not to ????? you.

- Into that ??????????? our marriage?
- You are of right.

You lie to the wife...

...In order ????????? with former.

Excuse that I concealed letters.

Time collaboration
From Janet you so worries...

...I shall abandon it.

Tomorrow I shall say to her...

...What its representative will
Khovard from "Raitvud office".

Then no longer will
Neither letters...

...And suppers in restaurants.

Make, as consider necessary.

I want, in order my wife...

...And son knew...

...What I of them value most of all.


Necessary something with this to make.

What happened?

This Bean?


Said, it dropped from ladder...

...And broke neck.
- About, ???????!

What horror!

It lay in cellar with yesterday.

Him discovered daughter.


We shall go.

All right-??, shall see. To this me seems nice.

Hello. What surprise! Did not await.

Yes. Here is, decided to come ,
???-that to verify.

As matters?

It is well. Exist a few of problems ,
But on the whole everything goes as to plan.

- We can talk?
- It is certain.

Janet, we shall not be able to co-operate.
I take off with itself conduct of account.

Mine due to the us of problem of house.

You joke!

Must store the interests of family.
Wife and son for me ?????? all.

- Khovard entirely from around will ask.
- Trei, I do not understand.

Excuse, Janet.

As you can me throw?

I on knees asked them to conclude
Agreement is with our agency.

- Now I will ????? look!
- Vovse no. This is not the case already and important.

Simply Khovard will conduct
Your account is instead of me.

I already agreed with him, it
Will ask. You lose nothing.

Signifies excusing?

I fear that yes.

Janet, believe, here nothing personal.

I understand. Here not on that be offended.
You throw all clients in behalf of wife.


- The bureau is of detective services of.
- Itan?

- Hello, Liza! As matters?
- Hello.

Poslushaite, in us
With Treem was yesterday conversation.

- It promised to stop with her be seen.
- Wonderful news. I am happy am for you.

I hope that this truth.

I feel that it does not lie.

It wants to correct position ,
And I shall give to him this possibility.

I am happy to hear this.

To me already not ??????????? your
Services of. I to you something must?

No that you!

More than that, work which I
Fulfiled, does not cost the 1000s of dollars.

I shall be pleased to return to you the part of amount.

No, not recommended. Leave as
Award, you to very me helped.

- Thanks else time.
- Yes not at all.

- Liza, lucks to you.
- Thanks. Bye.


Leave me in repose!

- You to me not necessary.
- But I know that this is not the case.

No, so simply I not ??????.

Is not believed that she ????????.

- The bureau is of detective services of.
- The necessary service of beagle.

No, will forgive, now I
Is occupied and do not take new orders.

- It is exact?
- Yes. All kind.

Then, shall see.

Now shall see that can be made.

15 October.

Trei Mitchell.

It is so, calendar.

Ezhednevnik. All right-??, shall see.


Tuesday is, Baltimore.

What necessary!

Daddies, shall go on thursday in cinema
On "Behemoths from Third measurement"?

Klassnyi film!

Excuse, but I shall leave
On conference to Baltimore.

And when will return?

Priletaiu in 4, but will
In ??????????? - corks.

- This you so think.
- Excuse, but only not before school.

- It is all right.
- Can, in output?

It is exact. I reduce you on auroral session.

We shall order monstrous
Great portion ????????.


Wonderful idea, Trei. But fear ,
You will not here on saturday.

- How many in us time?
- 15 minutes.

Will forgive.




When Trei will return home ,
?????????, where it was.

Who it?

Now ???????.

Khot it and ?????
On you, but Trei - my.

- Janet?
- Ugadala.

I not ??????, Liza. So that ????????
To carry out all alone not one evening.

- I ?????? Treya.
- If else ???? time will call...

It is magnificent! Great thanks.

- To you called to Janet?
- And threw pipe.

This ????? I received almost by gift.

Do not want to spend second on me?

Very flattering proposal ,
But I soon shall get married.

- I congratulate!
- I to thank.

- But this will not prevent be amused.
- No, move away. Go.

It is all right.

I ????????? her.

Hotel "Cross Poppy Baltimore".

Connect with number Janet Khalston.

Will forgive, in us no
Such ??????????.

AND Trei Mitchell?

Yes, now shall connect.

What? What?

It sleeps with her.

About, Liza!

- Insist that you have no novel?
- Yes about than generally speech?

Speak ??????, Dilan sleeps.

It is impossible, I could not
To be with Janet in hotel.

I all day ?????? on formal discussions.

As to-your, Janet took off number
On your name? With labor in this is believed.

I do not know that she
Made. I speak for itself.

I was not with Janet in hotel.
Her generally there was not.

- Trei, ?????? from me of your falsehood.
- Yes do not lie I!

When she to you called to? I can
To give account for every hour there.

Do not remember. It seems, in quarter fifth.

In quarter fifth?
I rode home in machine.

It is can it be t?u?? Trei, already began ninth.
And you promised to be houses in ???????????.

95 highway was downloaded.

It is all right. Poslushai, Janet was very
Is disturbed what I transfered...

...Its account Khovardu. It is possible, so
She decided ???????????? with me.

Trei, I so no longer can.

You must go away, today.


- Pogodi ???????.
- No. Perenochuesh at the brother.

- Or at Janet.
- No-no, Liza...

...You cannot ???????? me.

- Else how can.
- Bros.

I did not make nothing evil.


Khot in this you can believe?


Cannot, because I already
Do not understand, where truth, and where falsehood.

If want, then we
With Dilanom can leave to Sashe.

No that you!

Better shall go away I.

What will say Dilanu?

Not be agitated...

...I will not beguile into this son.

It is meanwhile.


- What, ?????????
- Where went away daddy?

- It will live at uncle to Driu the steam of days.
- You love him no longer?


...We with daddy very love you.

But not each other?

What you, no, we love
It is each other, very. It is simp...

...Sometimes at parents
Appear to be problems.

And to settle their better apart.

Daddy Jeka too left ,
But so and did not return.

Can, this and to best.


...The daddy never of you
Will not throw. Hear?

I will be your new daddy.

I promise.

And now go to sleep.

All right, Liza...

...Everything is set.

Soon we will together, here is will see.


Yes, promise.

I promise that more
Shall not allow him you to offend.




About, ????, no!

As I could carry till such?

This is already no matter. Think, as
Be explained with Lizoi and to say...

...What you commited mistake ,
But not what thinks she.

Yes, you of rights.

Time I convince 8 million
People to buy irrelevant...

...That can explain dear ,
What for me she alone.

It is correct?

10 years ago you could.

- I shall go away today ????????.
- It is all right.

- Allo?
- Liza?

Hello, this Itan. It is mine
Exist information on Janet.

- I think, to you must have this in mind.
- I hear.

She visits alienist. And accepts
Drugs from ???????????? doldrums.

- Pokhozhe, her this does not help out.
- You about than?

It is so, neither about than. It seems ,
In them nevertheless novel.

Liza, you are sure?

Yes. We with Treem yesterday quarreled ,
And I of ??????? him from house.

And else Rocket where-that disappeared.

Liza, to me too bad, truth. If
I can how-that help, be turned.

- Thanks. To me must run.
- It is all right. Lucks!

- Thanks. It is meanwhile.
- It is meanwhile.

Ei, you!


It is now, maybe, hungry.

We of ????????? advertisment, it is found.

And if it is hid?
Rocket fears blackness.

Does not fear. It is in us strong and brave.
And we should be strong.

Who it?

- We shall go, ?????.
- Rocket!

It seems, luck to you ??????????.

- Bozhe, where you found him?
- Went on searches having talked with you.

And found in park. I ??????
Him, and it immediately ????????.

Thanks god!

And that we so worried.


- Zachem?
- To this you.

My dear.

When mine stress, or I not in spirit ,
??????? ????????? - and order.

What for?

I thought, to you it will by the way ,
On the back of ?????????? for these days.

I to thank. This as
Time what I love.

- It is excellent.
- Thanks that found him.

Not at all, boy.

I because searched him in park.
Can it be t?u? ?????????? him?

All right, it it was there.

Daddy came!

Daddies, Rocket was found!

- Trei.
- What here arises?

- Kabelshchik found Rocket.
- It is indeed? About, this wonderful!

It is happy that returned home.

Dilan, ??????? Rocket
And ?????? for lessons.


...You ??????????

Trei that you here make?

Better answer, why
I nothing about it did not know?

- We searched Rocket.
- Boy worried, I decided to help.

Thanks for participation.

And gifts fetched?

Zhasmin with camomile?

You that, tea ????

In free from work
And the search of dogs time?

- Trei, not recommended.
- Better confess, who you such?

- This ????? not what you think.
- You else and think read?

It is excellent. Here is and say to...

...About than I think?

Listen, can, to you better go away?

You are sure?

- She said.
- With me everything will well. Thanks.


All right, Dilan, you decided
??????? and ?????????.

Give to, think else a bit.

Do not know.

It is all right, let's calculate on fingers.

- How many there was?
- 3.

To multiply on 3. Zagni third
Finger. How many remained?

- 20.
- 20.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

- 27.
- It is correct, 27.

Here is and answer.


Liza, let's talk.

Who it, and where you made acquaintance?


...Him call Itan Vuds.
- No, Liza, not dare!

It is private beagle.


You employed beagle?

In order to disclose your treachery.


Trei, I should be to know truth.

You did not confess...

...What sleep with Janet.
- I with her did not sleep.


When I said to her that
I transfer account Khovardu...

...She got angry.

This ???????????? Janet took
Day off, went to Baltimore...

...Took off number on your name
And called to me overhanging to select you.

- And between you nothing no?
- This made someone other, but not I.

Can, this beagle called to ,
In order ??????? money?

All right, certain!

- Khvatit!
- Liza...

...Do not know, as you
To convince, but I of this did not make.

Can, I and was not ideal husband...

Yes already.

...But I would not could
To incur to you pain. It is never.


Hello, ?????!

You tomorrow with us ??????????????

I promise you. Pochisti
Teeth, and send in ????????.

- I already!
- All right, you are strong, brother! We shall go.

I love you.

I love her. I! And I shall not allow such
To type, as you, to pass on to me highway!

- Allo?
- Liza? Hello, this Itan.

- Hello, Itan.
- Hello.

You there all right?
I yesterday for you worried.

What you, does not cost.
With me all all right.


...Not understand untrue, I
Is grateful for all that you made :

...For your work ,
For help with dog.

But now...

...Mine all under control ,
And our agreement pore ???????????.


...I understand, to ???? you
???????. But to me it seems...

Mine sits down
?????????, I to you ?????????.

- Liza! Excuse that I ????????.
- It is nothing. I already occupied to us ??????.

It is excellent.

Sasha, remember, you spoke
About girlfriend employing detective?

- Yes.
- She did not mention it name?

- It seems, Richard or Robert.
- Robert?

Yes, it seems, Robert. He has
Office on street Van Biuren.

- At the corner with Highland?
- No, she spoke...

...It nearer to Richmond
Distrikt, I in this is sure.

- Allo?
- Itan, this Ken. Where you?

- You no a few days.
- I understand. Vinovat, excuse.

- I here worked over one matter.
- But I pay to you for work.

- Exist matters ???????? your.
- We so did not bargain!

I shall return money. Search other
To watch your ???????????-wife.


- Made?
- Yes.

Pay to.

- You is sure that with him is finished?
- Yes. Yes.

Mertvee ??????.

- It is excellent. Dragged out wallet?
- Yes.

There ???????? and money.

It is well.

Leave itself.



This ??????????? control, patrol
412. We are at the place of crime.

Address: 37-11, Vest Khaimor.
Zone is beleaguered, "rapid" rides.

- Postradavshii ???.
- Zhiv?

Here is ????? son!

Will forgive! Forgive! I Liza Mitchell.
My husband but just carried.

- It ???? Where it now?
- It is else in operational.

- I shall avert you to him later.
- Thanks.



As state?

Spent time and better.

You seat here all night?


And where Dilan?

It at Sashi.


You will not leave me?

I promise.


- Itan? What you here make?
- Pro Treya wrote in newspapers.

I did not believe, decided
To come, to learn, as it.

It ??????????.

Write else that found that, who
This made. It seems, it drug addict.

Yes, him found.

Itan, do not know, how to say, but ask
You no longer to search of with me meetings.

It is never.

- It is name, when by row Trei?
- It is generally never.

To me necessary to be with husband.

Liza, we became friends ,
You made my life ????.

It is not like to communicate with you -
Honestly with reference to Treiu.

In other situation we
Would be kind friends.

- Poslushai, I...
- Thanks.


- I already thought, you went astray.
- No.


What such?

It is nothing, sweet.

- Else something to fetch?
- No.

To me necessary leisure.

All right, ?????.

I am near.

To believe cannot that it
Tuned her against me!

And she believed in it lie?

I know, she thinks about myself.
I shall not make it possible ?????? her mine!

She is my.

My! I know that I her ?????????????.

Simply I must her it
To sustain. Must sustain.

Here is so.

- Now ????????? will not fall away.
- It is great, daddies!

Dilan, you ?????????
Virzhiniya already soon will come.

- I am now.
- Uzhastik with Jekom.

- It is comprehensible.
- Give to, shall help.

All normal? To fetch something else?

- Mine everything exist.
- It is well.

To birthday Dilana
You must ???????????.

One I not ?????????
With 14-?? madcaps.

With such solicitous ???????
I necessarily ??????????.

I will to try.

Here is, hold! Open my in the first instance.

- So else two.
- It is interesting that in green box?

- See.
- And here is else one.

This from Jeka.

- Here is great!
- It is precipitous!


From ???? it?

Do not know. Is not written.

Cannot be! Figurka
Behemoths from Third measurement!

- As mine.
- It is wonderful! And whose this gift?

- Not my.
- And not my.

- And not my too.
- It is all right. This was last gift.

- Youthful ???????, go to play.
- I ??????? for them. Ei, guys!

Observe the rules of behavior, we
In museum. Go everything here, sooner!

It is so, ?????????? me. You can
???????????? all ??????????...

...But only not ???????? them.

- We run!
- Ei, madcaps, quieter! It is quieter!

Not bluster so, all right?


It is here. Itan here!

- Is sure?
- It is absolute. It but just was there.

I think that gift was from him.

911. What happened?

It is all right, police it does not agitate ,
But this type ????????.


...Exist ???-what facts...

...??? Itana.

It seems, it behind me observed.


- It is name, as?
- Not only today.

It came in hospital ,
On the back of your operation.

I asked him to forget about myself ,
But it did not become to hear.

One bell of ?????? me in cafe.

I is sure that it was
Near in machine...

...Because I heard ??????
On street and heard her in pipe.

- Bozhe!
- Tea which it to me ??????...

...The same stamp, as I drink.
Her difficult to find in shops.

I know. Hard was him ????????.

And else it so saw
On me having led Rocket.

- And I hesitate that it found him.
- In sense?

It could take away ???
And later him to lead.


...Into that you of us ????????
- Trei...

...This else not everything.


...??????? your computer.
- About, no! No, Liza, no!

It launched what that program, and we
Gained access to it ???????????.


- Excuse, but I...
- Liza...

...This ???? knows my password?
- Ei, ???????, I not ????.

You disclosed before them everything
Our this: Accounts, ????????...

...Medical maps ,
Not speaking of information as to work.

I did not know that it ????, I simp
Searched your correspondence with Janet.

- You where?
- Smeniu password on computer.

I shall rewrite all on disc
Or shall purify rigid disc.

I do not know, how to disentangle
Us from this history.

Trei, I did not want ,
In order everything so was finished.

I shall not allow you to go away simply so!

- Mummies?
- What, ?????????

There something is odd in cellar.

- Truth? And that?
- Computer.

Cannot be. Akh you, ????????!

It is here.

What for?

God you my!



Bozhe, no!

Sweet that such?


...It watches us!

Exist that? Check this side.

Attribute in machine.

- Say to, and you found all cameras?
- This good command, all is verified.

- And that with this Itanom?
- It in ???????.

This former cop is from Chicago.
It is possible, it already in another state.

Prohibitive decree
Does not guarantee security...

...Will be cautious. If
Something ???????????, call to.

Thank you for help, detective.

Do not know, sweet, I do not feel itself in
Security. Khot cameras and took off...

...It can pay attention
Behind us outside...

...To be near.

Can, shall leave on the pair of days?

And where?

Exist one idea.

- Daddies, and when we returning?
- Through the pair of days.

- I hope, there interesting.
- Uein speaks, there lake...

...You will be able ??????????.
- Ura!

Dilan, to you there will like.

- How many else to ride?
- Remained a bit, ??????.

Poterpi, buddy, ?????????
Only by late evening.

- Dil, know that?
- What?

This house belongs family Ueina
With the times of civil war.

It is here devilish.


Sweet, to you will like.

Zhal that we did not take Rocket.

If we took Rocket ,
And it ??????, him will not find.

The right mummy is. Know that we shall make?
Prismotrim behind house Ueina...

...And it for our.
- I hope, it ???????? with Rocket.

It of him ????????, already believe.
All right-??, give to see.

And here is and it. It is with caution ,
See under feet.

We shall go.

Ukh, you!

Dilan, run, examine house.

All right, for nice day offs!

Dilan, pore to sleep!

Neither books on night.

- It is meanwhile, of mummies.
- It is meanwhile.


- Not close door.
- It is well. Good night.


Ei, ?????, go to sleep?

Soon ??????, only bathroom shall accept.

I of you ???????.




- What, ??????? What happened?
- To me devilish.

To here you nothing to fear.

But I something heard.

- What you heard?
- Any knock.

It is all right, shall go shall verify that there.


It seems, I found him.

Then, we disclosed the noise secret. It is simp
On ????? ?????? pulsated about window.

See, nothing frightful no.
All right, now will return in ?????????

- It is all right.
- Go.


Waters are no. In the first instance went ,
And then was ended.

Must call Ueinu, to ask.


...Uein said, they
Shut off water, when left.

In the right wing of house main
Crane. I go down, shall open him.

- This ???????? till morning.
- It is nothing, this quick.

We shall go, Trei.


...Mine for you surprise.

Ideal place...

...Old kind well.

Yes, in such rain...

...It is there, below of metres 5
Icy ??????.

Know, as long person
???????? in the zero of degrees?

I too do not know. But we with you
Necessarily this shall clear up.



About, ???????!


This I, Itan.

Itan, dismiss him!

- Leave him!
- All well.

- To you not recommended make believe, I here.
- I repeat, put away hands from my husband!

- Liza.
- Stop!

To you no need more to lie. Confess
Him! Say to that feel to me.

In you this lives with that
Pores, as you saw me.

You produced every
Motion is, views.

- You caused to me, and me to you.
- Not compel me to make it!

Liza, all and so similar to miserable
Case. It simply was blown down in well.

Nobody not ?????????.

- Move from my husband!
- What you make?

Listen, stop! Uspokoisya! It is quieter ,
It is quieter. Liza, see me in eyes.


I ask you, believe me.




Synok, not come up!

What you make?

Not fear!

Dilan, run!

Akh you, ???!

- Trei!
- Liza.

Sweet, you ????

Let's shall help.

Dilan! All all right.

- Can come out.
- Mummy?

- Go here, ?????.
- Daddies!

Keep afloat, Trei. We
??????? you in hospital.

- Where this uncle?
- Went away, ??????.

I hope, once for all.

Catch ball.


Here is so. Molodets!

Good ???.

To me!

Give ball.

To me!

- Thanks.
- Not at all.

Sweet, can go down
In cabinet and to fetch my ?????

It is certain.


I love you
Open ????


To me, Rocket! Good ???!

What to me to say?

I am happy.

I am too.

In roles: Sex Triki ,
Al Sapentsa, Tomas Kalabro

Sintiya Preston ,
Felix Pennel and others