Tiger (2016) - full transcript

A boxer is banned by the commission for refusing to back down from his beliefs. Through the racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong American would do, fight back! As a consequence, his legacy will be forever tied to his two biggest battles: one in the courtroom, the other in the ring.

Without disturbing the light.

And attention... camera.

Running, alister.

- Alright, can we go?
- Yes. - Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

Thank you for joining us.
- Thank you.

First you can tell me, what's your name?

= Pardeep Singh nagra.

Based on the true story
of pardeep Singh nagra.

And conditions are still good
here at title stadium.

The weather was ominous
earlier, but it seems

that will continue good.

Yohansen, Finlay...
Finlay carries the ball.

Johanson is doing
a great game.

Although these young people
share a dressing room

and expect to use the national
colors together in the future,

they are playing an
aggressive football match.

It's an exciting game of football.

With the Olympics
right there on the corner,

the call for this
national team could not

be more fierce.

Today is the last chance
for many of these young people

play by selection.

Pardeep nagra comes menacing...

passes through Wilson, for Mitchell,
but not for grodnik,

that enters from cart
and it takes the ball to him.

Come on, grodnik!

Normal Cart. Nagra complains with the judge,

but no luck, the game
moves on.

You bastard...

This is not good, that's bad and bad for the game.

These players expect to represent
their country, and nagra...

Well, nagra is out.
Red card.

Nagra has a long walk to the locker room.

This is the end of the tournament
for him, and I think

of selection chances as well.

Well, I hope his family can forgive him because,

with one less,

Your teammates,
sure, will not.

Then? Did you join the team?

Is this the Olympic hero of the family?

Do not leave us in suspense!

Ah, well, next time.

I'm going to make some tea.

- No, I do not want tea, chachi.
- Dont be silly.

Not surprising, I suppose.

- Did you watch the game?
- Clear.

Your temper is so uncontrollable...

It was unfair.

Oh, come on, "fair";
What is fair?

He almost took the
turban from my head,

What should I do?

He pushed you and cursed you.

- Who are you, pardeep?
- I am american.

But you say you want to live the
Sikh lifestyle, right?

Like your father. He'd be embarrassed.

It's done! What do you guys want me to say?

It's... "The world is not against you, pardeep."


Hi. My car just died.

- Hi.
- What?

I... I'm sorry, I did not know
that you were on the phone.

No, not you, I
I need a second.

Can I help?

I was about to
ask the same thing.

Oh, no, I'm fine. Thanks. "My husband is coming.

Alright, alright. Good luck.

Hey, sorry. Yes...

Wakefield Boxing Club.

Do not do this while I'm looking at the mirror.

This is not a place to play.
You understand me?

Are you listening? So pay attention to where you are.


Or what?

"Or what?" Or I'll leave that fat lip.

Do you really?

Yes. You better get out.

Just take your dirty back
from here!

Hey, enough. What is going on?

This guy comes in here and
starts to fuck.

Get it out of here.



Hey, you, what's your problem?

Take your hand off me.


You, shut up! "You, go away!"

Yes, I'm coming!
Do not worry!

Get back to work!


- Hey! What's yours, Abdul?
- "Abdul!"

Hey, relax, man.

Now you want me to relax?

Why are you nervous?

Yeah, he's Durão, right?

Hey, stay there, easy.

You! You come with me.

- Doyle.
- It was not enough?

Doyle? Get out of here.

Come on, come on.

What are you doing, man?

Walking, ladies!

Do you think it's Durão? "Let's see if it is, right?"

Let's see what you can show.

Do you think you know how to punch?
Soca the bag.

I do not have time for this.

Let's see what you do, man.

Come on, tiger. Come on, let's see what he's capable of!

Let's see what you get!
Let's go!

Let's see what you know!

Do you want me to hit that bag?

Want to punch someone?

So let's go! Let's see what he's capable of.

I want to see what you have! "Show me what you're capable of.

I will not hit that bag!

Drop the left!

With the left, let's go there with both hands.

Release the anger. Let go of the anger, come on.

Beat. Knock, come on.

Is that all you have?

Give me some more. Come on.

It's okay. Here.

Release the left... come on.

Come on!

That's it, continue.

Come on, punch! That.

Get out of my way.

Get out of my way.

Go home. Already
I have seen enough.

- Come back tomorrow?
- For what?

Tell me you... tiger.

Since when do you watch boxing?

There's nothing cool on TV.

What are you still doing standing up?

I can not sleep.

You know... chachi and I
we love you very much.

When we say things, it's only out of love.

I know.

We feel responsible
for you now that

His family returned to India.

Uncle... I understand.


I'm sorry you did not
have entered the team.

Maybe it was not his destiny.


Can you tell me a little
about your past,

Before you start in boxing?

Sikh home... I lived with my parents...

Are your parents...?

They went back to India
when I started college,

And now I live with my aunt and uncle.

I studied here, and played a lot of soccer while growing up.

I think you did not give it to me because of the mistakes I made,

and you have to deal with
your own mistakes,

and I'm doing it,
so I did not succeed

in football because of me,
because of my temperament.

Hey, Frank taking another underdog?

What are you doing here?

Look, man, I'm not here to cause anything, right?

The man from yesterday told me to come back here.

What man?

I do not know, I think
that he is the owner?


Last night when he dragged me here.

It's okay.

Hey, what time does he usually...

Look, listen, I'll be direct,

but I'm not here to make new friends.

Then sit there until your
man appears. Beauty?


What are you doing here?

Wait, you told me to come.

Go change, boy.

It's okay.

Right, what now?

Exercise to warm up.

- Bandage your hands. "I do not know how."

Just bandage your hands.

And between each finger, like that.

Stay closer to the center, come on.

Left. Drop to your left.

And throw one foot after the other
forward, so do it.

It's like this, now a combination.

Two with the left.

Left again.

Release the left, come on,
left, release, go.

Beat, strip, and hit,
short and fast.

Beat, strip and hit, hit,
strip and hit, come on.

Wait, look. You can not wear your feet that way.

You have to use your heels,
you stay on the tip of your feet,

you need to be
able to jump,

You have to wear your
shoulder for defense.

Alright, you go with the
left, hit and turn,

Just relax, feel the
blow flow, right?

Move away, rock your body,
back and let it flow, okay?

Downstairs, okay?
Downstairs, upstairs,

Then hit here and then here.

Bum, go, head...
Head, body, head.

And if you protect yourself, if you dodge, do you understand?

It does so. Knock and
back, hit and back,

Take the guy here, and here, mark the step, and hit and turn,

Lean, leave the side, leave
that side to the guy, like this.

Easy, one, two, three, let's go.

That knocks and comes back.

Left twice, hits,
back, hits and returns.

Hit and back. Left, that.

Nagra, enters the ring.

- Barry, get out.
- Doyle is tired. I fight.

No, I'm fine! I am fine.

I want to have some fun.

- Take out the protection.
- Are you sure?

Absolutely sure, let's do this.

Maybe it will fit if you take that towel off your head.

It's a turban, idiot.

I go without, alright.

The funeral is yours.

Okay. You're not going to hit me at all.

Ready for this?

Let's see what you have?

Until it does. "Thank you, come back again!"

Give straight punches, hit and turn.


Come, hit me, go, hit!


Is everything alright? Let's go!

Let's see what you have!

Brave now, right? Comes.

Control the rhythm, tiger.


Come on... left.

That's the way it is.

Get off of me! Get out of me.


Hey, everyone! For!

Hey, what kind of shit are you doing?

Are you still bleeding?

Well, we learned two things.

You have no attack, no defense, and you are a bleeder.

Without this, I won, did not I?

Call whatever you want.

He called my cloth turp, what should I do?

I would not take it personally,
he does not have much brain.

So, ready to go?

What are you talking about? "For a fight?"

Are you ready to fight?

Yes... of course I'm ready.

How ready are you?

I am one hundred percent ready.

One hundred percent ready?
You want to fight?


Do you want to be good?

I want to be the best!

Understanding Parkinson's disease.

Dopamine agonists are used

at all stages
of Parkinson's.

How do you feel?


I want you to stay focused.

Fight your fight, right?

You play the left,
make a combination,

I want you to finish
with the left. Do not back off.

Walk sideways, okay?

Any last minute advice?

Beat him more than he does in you.

Just breathe...

Come on.

Up and down.

Singing! Score! Corner!

Ready? Right. Fight!

Down, up. Knock

Up, down, come on.

You're good, you're better than this guy, you're better.

He is tall, he has a high
guard, keep hitting the body!

Take a deep breath. Hold on.

I can not.

Take a deep breath,
relax, breathe again!

Beat in body, in body, when
it bend, hit it in the nose!

Well, do not fight his fight, fight your fight.

Leave this guy angry,
he's a bleeder,

he is a bleeder,
you have the power!


Beat in the body! On body!

Hold on, tiger! "You'll get over it!"

No! Breathe, tiger!

The guard is open!

- Are you okay?
- I am.

Is everything alright? Can you go? Right.

Winner by unanimous decision,
Jonathan "revolver" blazer!

I'm sorry, coach.

What did you expect?

You have the left hand,
have to use.

You fight with anger, it's
what will happen,

You will lose. I feel
that I am repeating myself,

it's like standing around
pissing in the wind,

Better get someone else to work on your fucking Corner.

Be in the ring, fight...

It's something you can not
describe to people.

It's something I've always loved.

I mean, I didn \ 't know I loved it until

Really get into the
ring for the first time.

When I test my limits...
I challenge myself.

That makes me a better person
inside the ring and out of the ring.

And clause 7.1.3 states that

"boxers with the following
conditions are not allowed

to enter any event
approved by abc".

Ian, I am the chief commissioner.
I know the book,

No need to quote the rule.

"Whiskers or beards
are forbidden.

= Any length of
by facial should be..."

I understood. But I do not know what's yours.

Your face has won, has not it?

He crushed it.

So what's your reasoning?

Rules are rules, Carl. "I did not write them.

Right. Look, I'm going to investigate this.

Was the Sikh boy really good?

It could be.

- Hello! "I'm Frank."

Of course. Simran. Please come in. Pardeep!

Sit down. I'll make a cup of tea.

All right, I'm not much tea drinker.

Do not be silly!

Hey, Coach, what's happening?

- This is my uncle, kulwant.
- Hello! Welcome.


So you're the man responsible for it?

- How did the other guy stay?
- Worse.

He told me, but
I did not believe it.

Very well, pardeep.

We have some problems that we need to discuss.

What is it?


A abc, they do not want you to fight.


What is abc?

It's American boxing

What does it say?

They want me to
shave my beard.

- Why?
- Concerns about health.

Can they do this?

Well, how can they expect me to do it?

I have a good girl, and she
will do the best I can.

Who will pay for it?

It's okay, we're taking care of it.

Give me a second.

I do not know what you're doing, but...

pardeep's attitude improved.
Thank you.

Right, come on. Lets do this.

Community Legal Advice

and after a few
comings and goings,

the committee agreed
with a hearing.

You will expose your case, Mr.


So, in your opinion, what are our chances?

Well, I do not like
to make predictions, but

If you pressed me,
I would say 50/50.

Ultimately, the decision
depends on the commission.

How good a speaker are you, pardeep?

Do I know you from somewhere?

I do not think so.

You look very familiar.

Maybe I look like someone you know.

- Have you ever played football?
- No.

"Look, kid, I do not think so," then stop freaking her out.

We do not have all day here, so
Charlotte, please continue.

It's okay. You know there's a way to fix it.

- And what is it?
- Do what they ask.

- I can not.
- Because?

It's tradition.

But abc will argue
what is their tradition

The fighters should shave.

I am a Sikh, this is our tradition.

Not all Sikhs follow the tradition.

Well, look, this is about me, who I am. This is my right!

Of course it is. Any question?

I think we're fine for now.

Okay, well, send me an email
tonight and I'll tell you

what to prepare.

And, as I said before...

And, as I said
before, this advice

applied the rules and
regulations of our committee

to the highest international standards,

and we are proud of it.

We hear your argument,

The enclosure now belongs to Mr.


First, I would like to thank the esteemed commission

for taking the time to listen to this case.

Now, it is not my intention
to rewrite the rules and regulations

by any means, but
try to adapt them

to modern times.

Now, having said that, I would like to ask the commission

Grant me an exception,
in the light of my visions

and religious beliefs. Thank you.

Mr. Nagra.

ABC is dedicated to
guarantee security

of the fighters in the ring.

Rules have nothing
to do with the times,

but with the safety of the fighters.

The safety of fighters? "In what sense, sir?"

Your beard can hide cuts,
wounds and deep lacerations,

They would need the attention of the medical staff.

Now, if they can not
find these wounds,

this can be a problem. You have the
blood loss, maybe even...

What about the professional boxers?

I mean, they wear beards and it's okay.

Not as thick as yours, Mr.

So, what about the eyebrows,

would they not have the same risk?

Let's try to be serious here.

I'm serious!

Look, I have in this
desk pages and pages

of the last boxing matches in North America.

Never in a fight,
amateur or professional,

the beard was the cause of
any kind of injury!

There are two hundred years of history
that prove this, two hundred!

- It is practically impossible.
- Pardeep.

Wait, let me finish!

Let's open our eyes and see the whole picture in front of us!

Obviously, there are other
reasons at stake, and not

the imposition of useless regulations...

Thank you, Mr. Nagra...

You are not a
jury of my race!

- This is outrageous...
- No, this is scandalous!

This is not a trial!

This meeting is postponed.

If you talk again
outside of what we rehearse,

You can find another
lawyer, understood?

- Look, I was trying...
- Understood?

Look, I admire this fire.

But just punching wildly
will not get us anywhere.

And I'm very hopeful
that we will win this.

I have great support from my family,

support from my lawyers.

At the end of the day I am
only an American Sikh

proud you want to shine a
light on my culture,

but also remains a
patriot of the world's largest country.

I do not think these two
things are incompatible.

Thank you.

Was this the last one?

Yes, it was. You did well.

Thank you. I'll be right back, okay?

You did very well.

Do you need anything?

Can we talk, please?

- Not now.
- When?

I'm working, Brian.

I know, but...


- How was it?
- Not good.

Pardeep has passion, but he does not know when to stop.

It's really his style.

And Brian is here,
to make things worse.

Let me talk to him.


What are you doing, Brian?

I came to support my

You want to go to the
olympics, right?


So why do not you
bring your back back

To the gym, start working on your hook,

body, head, body?

Brian is such an idiot.

It does not matter. But what is Roland?

It's a long and tiring story.

I've been fighting boxing already
for quite a while now,

and I am very hopeful
of what we will win.

- What is happening?
- Not much.

I have the support of my family, my lawyers.

Look, in the end I am
only a proud American Sikh

who wants to shine a light on
my culture, but also

continues to be a patriot
of the largest country in the world.

Is this the reason why none of you are training?

These two things are not
incompatible. Thank you.

Pardeep nagra has confirmed that,
if they appeal to abc,

they will...

Hey, what are you doing?

What am I doing?

This has been creeping
a week ago,

It's the same shit every day. "Get real!"

Maybe they want to support a teammate.

Oh, so now are we all a team?

Yes, that's funny.

Because in the last two
months, the only guy that you

They were supporting is the nagra.

That's all we're doing, huh?

And is not it? They're all saying.


Is not it?

Okay, what are you going to do?

Yes, well, I think
this proves it

How much of a team do we really are.

Listen, if you want to
talk about it,

Why do not we get into my office?

No. Let's talk here, right here.

I do not do anything but
work hard in this gym,

and for what, huh? For a trainer - idiot tell me how to act?

How is it?

As long as the only reason for
he is doing it

is for a minute of fame.

Listen, you brat, choose your
words wisely, okay?

Oh, yes, but what?

"Or I'm going to bust your fucking ass."

Break my ass? "You're tough, are not you?"

And you are what?

I am the only reason why
this academy is still here.

It's a pigsty.

Oh, go to hell!

Just like the owner.

Hit the fucking door.

I am commanding myself.

Staying here will not help me in anything!

I'm fucking.

Who stays here has no future.

I'll see your
boy in the ring.

Is it?

Anyone else?

You're in, big one.

Tell me about Frank Donovan,

Because you trained with him
for a while, did not you?


And you do not... you're not with him anymore...

No, I'm not with her anymore, no.

He does not measure up to my standards.

But what interests me
is that pardeep nagra

came to your gym shortly before
of you decide to leave Wakefield.

- Is there a connection?
- Of course not.

Absolutely not,
there is no connection.

He is not tied to me. "I'm not tied to him.

Are we done here?

What is happening?
You did it?

We need all the help we can get.

No comments...

We will talk to you after the hearing.

Mr. Nagra, you presented
a convincing case

and caught our attention
for a regulation that is

an obstacle to your aspirations as a fighter,

and thanks for that.

The laws and regulations of abc

they form the very structure of who and what we are.

Removing any law, on a whim,
could have consequences

terrible in this
structure as a whole.

So yesterday, the commission
reached a verdict:

Twelve out of a total of fifteen
voters voted to hold

unchanged the applicable regulations
, denying your request.

This ends this hearing.
Thank you.

This is not over.

Thank you for your attention during this case.

A human rights complaint
against abc's verdict

will be filed within one hour.


Because you do not belong here!

Get out of here! Go away...

Shit! What are they doing?

Being arrested will not take
pardeep to the regional stage.

- Did you register the complaint?
- Clear.

Where is the tiger?

He's at the club, he said he had something to do.

The boy has potential. "He could be good."

I love seeing you like this.

- In jail?
- Passional.

He does it to you, does not he?

- It looks familiar...
- what?

No, I just want to say that - he's a real fighter.

Yes, well, the last fighter - with whom he had a case

You could have kicked his *** from him a lot earlier, you know?

It took me a while
to realize that Brian

He was a complete idiot.

Listen, Charlotte...

Goodbye, bhatije.


Hey, it's me. How are you?

Yeah, I'm fine, just counting the hours, you know? Waiting.

Look, the court will give a decision soon enough.

Keep training, we'll - take you to the regional ones.

Thanks, Charlotte.

Hey boy, go back to training.

It was already for her to be here.

You waited a week, you can wait another few minutes.

Hey, how many times have I told you not to read this thing?

Look, I'm
destroying the sport.

Rip this off.

Right, tell me.

- Good news or bad news?
- Good news.

The good news is that Frank
needs you both to stay

late tonight and
help to tow the walls.


Right, bad news.

The bad news is that you
have to get in shape

because we have won the
human rights claim.

- I do not believe it.
- We won!

Will fight in the regional!

Are you kidding?

There are six fights in 48 hours!
Are you ready for this?

I'm ready, man.
I'm ready!

You will do well.

Thank you.

Fight 1: Reggie wethersby knockout

fight 2: Nathaniel Wilson points

fight 3: Alex vendler points

Fight 4: Clarence
Washington Points

fight 5: Jonathan knockout blazer

fight 6: Jorge Rodrigues

hits and back,
left twice.

Go boy. On top of him.

Get out of the hug. Let's go.

Come on!

Are you okay? Fight.

After winning six consecutive fights, the winner,

by unanimous decision, the
new regional champion,

pardeep "the tiger" nagra!

Come home, terrorist!

You are in America now!

Get out of here, towel head!

What the hell was that?

First the asshole tries to
cut my beard, now this?

I was born in this country, I do not understand!

I do not want to be that guy who
spoils the sport he loves,

or spoil for you or the other
fighters in Wakefield!

I do not want to assume
this responsibility!

And if you think I should give up,
tell me to give up!

Come on! "Tell me to give up, coach!"

Tell me to give up!

Do you want to get away?
Do you want to give up?

Be a quitter.
Go home.

No, it is not fair.

Look, kid, nobody
said it was fair.

You will not change them. What a fucking mess of people!

You just showed them to
, they proved it to them,

proved to himself.

It's your time to do
the hard work,

It's your goddamn time, right?

That's all you need to do.

But it's your life.

You've fought quite a fight,
congratulations on the good fight.

I do not think many people
understood where I came from...

And they did not understand
the Sikh religion,

did not understand what it is.

But if you take my dream for
cause of a turban and beard,

then you simply...

That, I think it's totally wrong,

and that's what I wanted to convey to everyone.

Coach... Coach!

It's like an addiction, you know?

Then there is this burning fire

And there are people in your
Corner that push you.

It feels good because
you know you sweat

And did the right thing,
and it was a good night.

If I could have had
more of those nights,

If I could...

Could have just listened
and heard what someone

Was telling me, because
I have nothing now.

I had... what the fuck!

I threw it all away, you know, I had a family.

I had a wife...

Now I can not remember
if I rode a bicycle,

Picked up a bus or drove a car to work.

I fought a few years to
more than I should,

But, man, I had a reason for that.

Everyone has to have a reason to fight, so...

Why did you come back?

I want to box.

Everyone wants to box, but
why do you want to fight?

Because I love.

Yes, it feels good when
you love something like that, yes...

Well, you have to do something for me, okay?

You have to do something
that I could not do.

There is only one way you are

something there.

You have to... you have to Love yourself.

Got it? You have to love yourself,

You can not do what
it takes to get there.

You have to have discipline.

You have to listen to what someone is saying.

You have to train hard,

You have to give yourself more than the rest.

And to do this... You
need to Love yourself.

Can you do that?

I will do this... I will.

"The Sikh winner".
I love it.

The first of the thirty covers
that did not detonate to me.

Regardless, your story is being told,

then this is good.

- You look so serious!
- I know. Do not look...


So... what do you need me to do?

I just need
some signatures

before you go to the
national combat, then...

I could have gone to the office.

Well, I was in the area...

There, there and there.

Use my back.

And what are these signatures for?

Well, if the court appeals and
we need an injunction,

your documentation is ready.

Here it is.

Great, thank you.

- Do you have everything you need?
- Yes I have.

That should solve.

Right then, I have to go...

Yes, thank you.

I'll see you when I get back.
- Yes. Are you going where?

My temple.

Can I go?


We take our shoes off to show respect.

So we wash our
hands before entering.

It's kind of a way to show cleanliness.

When I was a child, I wanted to be like everyone else.

But being a Sikh,
this is impossible.

I became competitive
and used to fight a lot.

What now?

Now I fight a lot.

But being a Sikh,

Should not you solve problems without causing damage?

You did your homework.

I filed a human rights complaint.

Yes, it is true.

Look, I'm not saying that
I'm the best Sikh in the world,

but I try, I
really try.

I know.

I do not know, maybe it is
being very passionate,

thinking too much.

You are passionate.

Some people say
that I feel just anger.

You do not remember, do you?

Remembering what?

That night, when
your car did not pick up

I went to help you.

It was at the door of the boxing academy.

And you were very scared!

Was it you?

Yes, I... I told you that
I have a good memory.

Oh, my God, this is bizarre.

If you were not there that night...

I would never have
entered the gym.

You really made this
journey happen to me.

Good luck on the nationals, tiger.

- And there, man? "Brian?"

Yes, Brian...

Stay away from my girl.
- Shit!

You do not enter my
academy, my home,

And slowly gets me out of the move!

What are you talking about?

You love all this, do not you?

Your face in the newspaper, your
hashtags on Twitter?

You're the big man now, huh?

Do you think I'm fighting for fame?

I do not give a shit about this shit, man!

Find a new lawyer.

Look at me, find a new lawyer.

Or you'd better pray for whom you pray

So I will not be your first fight tomorrow.

- Name?
- Pardeep Singh nagra.

It looks like I can not
find you on the list.

It has to be there.

Is there a problem?

Ah, Mr. Nagra, you created
a great commotion.

Look, I just want to fight.

Yes... well, we're just waiting for the final paperwork.

The final paperwork?

Everything is in order,
for what I know...

Why do not you just sit with the others even grief.

Are you okay?

So they let you fight?

There is no reason to stop me.

No one likes change.

For me, it does not really matter
the appearance of a fighter,

A beard will not knock me over.

Brian Doyle.

Now he's the one to hit
in his weight category.

Do you know him?

Old friend.

O'brien. They what?

On national day?
They can not...

Thank you. Motherfucker.

Attention, please.

This is to remind everyone that
no facial hair is allowed.

Anyone with facial hair
will need to remove them

before entering.

Shaving blades or
scissors will be provided

for use in the next locker room.
Thank you.

I'm sorry, brother.

Excuse me? Really? "That sucks."

abc appealed the decision of the
human rights court.

On national day, so I do not have time to fight, right?

Dude, I misjudged you.

You are even more
spiteful than I thought!

Until a resolution is taken,
you will have to shave.

Rules are rules.

What do you expect me to do with it?

Build a bridge with it.

Yes, build this.

I'd be wary if
were you, boy!


- They disqualified me!
- What?

- abc appealed.
- Yes, I also heard this, I just...

They can not disqualify you.

I'm going to court
now with the injunction signed.

How long will this take?

With luck, it will not take too long.

Look, it'll be all
well, go to the hotel,

Rest and concentrate
on your breath.

Okay, can I ask you something?

Yes, ask. Taxi!

- Are you seeing anyone? "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

No, it's okay, just...

- Let me know what to do, right? "Yes, I warn you."


We got it! It's signed.


Go weigh, they can not
stop it.

Wait, are you sure?
I can go?

We won, pardeep! We won.

I have twenty-two
minutes to weigh!

Call security...

Call the abc, the court
signed the injunction.

It's what we'll see.

Can I have your attention, please?

After a long discussion
and deliberation, abc

decided to cancel the entire class
of average weight this year.

Are you serious?

We are all shocked and disappointed.

I am very sorry for the unfortunate
events that led

to this decision.

Many of you know the strenuous circumstances.

Our hands were tied.

You are cowards! You're all cowards!

And you? Especially you...

You are... take your... Doyle!

Nobody wants to see a
guy as I fight!

That's what's happening, right?

When there are more people in front of you...

- I have the right to fight.
- U.S. too!

Take it away!

What are you going to do? I'm sick of you, man!

Doyle! For! Calm down! Enough!

Come on!

Cut! Go!

Cut your beard, you fucking piece of shit!

You are a great shit. "Great shit!"

Cut a beard! Courage!
Cut off that beard!


I thought I had said
that we won the injunction.

Hi to you too...

- Did we win the cause?
- Yes. So how could I cancel
my entire weight class?

They can do whatever they want.

Look, calm down, it's good for us,
this takes your case forward.

Do you think this is good for us?

I am the sole responsible
for all boxers

who lost a
chance in the selection.

You are not.

Do you know what happened?

Well, I know you
assaulted a member of abc.

You're lucky not to
have complained!

I'm sorry.

I do not want to cause any
problem between you and Doyle.

I do not know what Brian told you, but I finished.

He did not have to tell me anything.

Girls like you do not know
fall in love with guys like me.

You know, I came here tonight
because I wanted to tell my father

How much I respected you. And my feelings for you.

Your father...

Hey, Tiger, they screwed you up.

- I was going to tell you... - When?

So, what's happening here?

Your daughter was saying
abc can do whatever you want!

Oh, yes, this is my daughter,
I forgot to introduce you.

Did Parkinson give you memory loss too?



What do you know?

What do you know?

- Nothing. "That's right, nothing.

- I'm fine. "Dad, I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm fine, okay?

We can go.

I'm sorry, I thought...

you knew.

- Hello.
- Hey, chacha.

- What are you doing?
- Reading.

Oh, very good...
Mainu baith sakada?

Yes, of course.

Have you been drinking?

Chacha can not be proud of his nephew?

For what?

Your story is everywhere.

Today, Chachi received a call from his mother.

They are all
cheering for you.

Did Mom and Dad hear about it in India?

Your face is everywhere.

They call you
_ punjab tiger.

You are like a hero.

Yeah, well, I do not feel like a hero to me.

Well, you are a hero. The whole world knows you.

"Punjab Tiger!"

What I call the
imposing nickname, huh?

You know, pardeep, you have the strength

that I was not your age.

I could not remain faithful to
myself or our tradition.

With chachi coming from
India, I felt...

I felt I had to adapt

to the environment of this world.

To integrate.

Feeding the family.

But you...

My warrior, you
chose to fight!

Fighting for the rights
of all Sikhs!

I've never been more proud of you in my entire life

than in recent months.

You are my hero.

Come here!

I made tea.


God, you're late!

I know, I was not sure
if it was going to show up today.

Well, that would not be good.

Listen, listen.

I'm sorry.

I am ashamed of myself.

Why are you so sad at yourself?

Because we are so different...

Yes, so what?

I've never met anyone
as fearless as you!

It's just boxing.

I'm not talking about it.

I'm talking about
this, here...

Look what you're doing!

You are changing the world.

There is much to admire in you.

But you can not even
see for yourself.

I just want to fight.

Me too. Let's go.

This is not a discussion about
race, religion or prejudice.

This is a discussion about the right
of an organization

venerable to enforce
the rules, regulations

and traditions of the sport
that it governs.

ABC considers facial hair
is a potential danger

to the health of a
Amateur boxer.

Maintain health and safety
of your registered boxers

is the main concern of abc.

Including Mr.
Nagra's health and safety.

In fact, it is your duty to take care
and responsibility to do so.

So there should be no confusion here, it's simple.

Are facials allowed?
No, they're not.

Does Mr. Nagra have facial hair?
Yes, he has.

Is he, therefore, out of the rules?
Yes he is.

Your Honor, the abc rules
should remain

unless otherwise agreed

with the appropriate statutes.

Otherwise, what prevents
that someone with a complaint

change the rules to meet
your personal aspirations?

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Thomas.
MS. O'brien?


Merciful, my honored colleague understood the complaint

the wrong way.

Mr. Nagra is a Sikh.

One of the fundamental foundations
of your faith is to avoid

the cutting of your hair.

This case and your right
to practice your faith are

inexorably united!

It is not harmful to apply
a "clean face" rule

When all evidence
shows that fighters

with beards do not suffer
more deleterious effects

about health than
those who do not have?

It is not harmful to cancel
one whole weight class

just so that Mr. Nagra can be eliminated from the competition?

The legitimacy of abc illustrates
a systematic fanaticism, the...

- objection!
- Sustained.

Delete this last line.

You are exaggerating, Miss.

The battles for human rights
have always been divergences

on seemingly intractable traditions.

But if these traditions had never been answered,

then today women still
would not vote, slavery

and segregation would be abundant
and those considered "different"

would be ostracized

Is the "clean face" rule harmful? Yes. Simply, the
abc regulation is unconstitutional.

Violates religious rights Ñ de nagra and human rights

of all practitioners of the fifth-largest religion in the world.

Must be changed. Thanks.

We heard arguments from both lawyers.

If there are no more statements,
this court is postponed.


Who is the handsome guy
in all the photos?

Well, we did not do well.

That first fight
in which you put me.

You knew I was going to lose, did not you?

This was no secret. It worked.

God... I owe you everything.

Listen, son, you do not owe me anything.

I remember the first day
that you entered here.

Angry and angry. You were so angry. that you could not see
your own shadow.

You reminded me of me a long time ago.

I've been at it for a long time.

I do not think I'll be around
close forever, son,

but I'm proud of some
things, proud of...

Proud of Charlotte...


I am very proud of you.

You know who you are now, right?



Hey, it's the towel head
of the television! The Muslim!

I am a Sikh.

Hey, where are you going, bully?

Where are you going? Too good to
talk to us, bully?

Look, man, I do not want any problems.

Do not want? Well, who asked you? "Get him, Vince.

Beat him, Vince!

Take the idiot! Hit him, man.

Hit him!

Right, spokesman,
now it's your turn.

Vince, man, get up!

Shut the fuck up, Norbert.

Hey guy...

My name is pardeep nagra!
Punjab tiger.

Tradition is a complicated thing.

Our laws are nothing more than a series of traditions

transmitted by
our ancestors

and codified in the legal structure
that guides our society.

Tradition can be a foundation of our own existence.

And, however, when one
tradition infringes the other,

When it threatens life, Liberty
or the pursuit of Happiness,

We can rewrite this tradition.

The question is: What tradition here
infringes the right of the other?

Does the abc tradition exceed the
of Mr. Nagra's faith?

It is the opinion of this
court that does not.

That's what I wanted to hear.

The commission is ordered to invite
the main national athlete

rival to a fight with Mr. Ñ Nagra without violating the principles

of their religion.
Trial closed.


He won!

The tiger won!

The tiger won!

The tiger won! Thank you!
He won!

Fuel injection technology.
The new i8-7...

Come, it will pass!
Call pardeep!


Behind the gloves pardeep nagra

a challenging prospect

Why do I do this?

Because I wake up in the morning with
a smile on my face knowing

I do what I love to do.

Pardeep nagra was not
all smiles in the past.

He fought against a
mountain of Barriers

to get where you are today.

Discriminated by
abc regulation

that fighters should be well shaved,

He fought in the courts until
finally win his case.

If you will stop me for
cause of a turban and beard,

This is totally wrong.

Now I see this change and I see
that people are seeing me

As I am. And, at the end of the accounts, I'm American.

Now, he's where he always wanted to be.

I just want to fight.

What motivates me? To win

It's about winning, that's what motivates me.

Brian Doyle learned to
boxing still young,

Making way for the top.

Who made it harder than me?

No matter the boxers, no
there are athletes who gave the hardest

than me. No athlete.

Because I am a champion.

And, after I defeat nagra,

I go after the gold
to my country.

You can not deny that
Brian is a champion.

And I'm the best,
you understand me?

No one was close to what I got in this championship.

So why deny it?

I mean, it's an honor
to get in the ring with him.

It is obvious that these two
fighters come with this desire

a chance to join the
ring together for some time,

and tomorrow, both wishes will be granted.

I'm excited. And very anxious.

I go there and I will show
to him who he is

Brian "the bear" Doyle. "I'm going to defeat him."

I'll do my best.

The time has come.

Ladies and gentlemen!

In this Corner, fighting for
boxing club Wakefield,

weighing 74.5 kg,

pardeep "punjab tiger" nagra!

And in this Corner, fighting for the
heavy fist fighting club,

weighing 73.9 kg, the undisputed

Brian "the bear" Doyle!

And now both boxers are
found in the middle of the ring.

For those of you who are joining us at home,

Welcome, the arena is
crowded and turbulent.

ABC had to change that
fight for this arena

because of the high demand
of ticket sales,

and I'm sure they liked it.

Again I want to warn,
any blow below this point

will be considered low blow.
Any question?

Okay, obey my commands,
protect yourself at all times.

Touch the gloves,
gentlemen, let's go to the fight.

You can feel the tension
in the arena tonight.


Well, here's the bell, people,
the battle will begin.

Release the left!

Get off the rope.


So do you want to ask me something?

I want to fight clean! Clean fight!

Get separated! Let's go! Fight!

For the Song. Pro Your Song.

Get up, pardeep, come on!

Come on, pardeep, you
can defeat him!

- Take a deep breath.
- He is fast!

You are faster.

You know what to do.

Hitting him more than he hits me.

Stay away from the ropes.

Go, react, go, hit, go.

Up and down...

Five... six... seven...

- can you continue?
- I am fine.


Stop joking, Brian.

You have to end it already! "Right, did you hear me?"

He is strong.

Alright, I want
to use your jab,

but keep circulating
left, right?


do it right. Hit the body, okay?

He is strong.

You wanted this fight,
so it's your chance!

You do not hit him with the right hand, right?


Keep the guard.

And that's exactly what I mean.

Whatever pardeep is offering, Brian Doyle

is assimilating and
quickly retaliating.

- My goodness!
- He is hurt?

No, you can sit down,
he's fine.

This blow struck nagra underneath and he's on his knees.

The judge had to intervene.

Pro Canto.

Hey, low blow, Judge.

Five... six... seven...

I do not believe the judge is counting...

Eight... nine...

Are you okay? Keep going?


It seems that the official
have not seen,

but I think all
world in the arena saw.

Did you see what he did? Did you see what he did?

Come on, breathe. Let's go there, I do not want to see

You doing all this shit
of wild man, right?


Not controlling the rhythm, tiger. "That's not how we fight.

Take it easy, take it easy.


I want you to
continue to relax.

I want you to hit more
with the left, go down, go up,

Keep up the pace, right?

Come on, you know who you are.

I am the punjab tiger!



Five... six...




- Tiger! "Eight!"



Hit him!

Now! Hit him!


Six... seven...

Go, man. Let's go!

Show them what you have!

Show everyone what you have, man!
Let's go!

Let's do this!

Ladies and gentlemen!

We have a split decision!

The first card has 39 x 37,


The second card has 39 x 36,


And the third card has...

38 x 37...

And still the undisputed champion,

Brian "the bear" Doyle!

You nearly beat me. "You're hard, my friend!"

You almost got me.

Keep your head up.

You did well, look what we did.

Good luck, Brian.

For you too, you went well...


I'm sorry, coach.

For what? Listen to this, man.

Does this sound like you've lost?





Prem Singh and Pardeep Nagra 2015.

In memory of Joe Pugliese
1937 - 2016.

Subtitles: Cleber franceschi
Subpack by DanDee