Thunder Road (2018) - full transcript

A police officer faces a personal meltdown following a divorce and the death of his mother.

Hey, guys, go on in.

I'll be right there, thank you
for coming.

We would like to
thank everyone for coming out

to celebrate the life
of Brenda Amelia Arnaud.

Brenda was well-loved.

She spent her life as as
accountant and a dance instructor.

Jim, we love
you; we're here for you.

- Oh! Yeah, thanks.
- You're gonna get through it.

She lived to the age
of 54.

Thanks a lot. Oh, thank

She left us too soon.

She was survived by three

Shane, Morgan, and James.

James is with us here today,

and he's like to say a few

James, would you please join us,

Oh yeah. Yeah, thanks.


Do you have everything you need?
You're prepared?

Oh yeah, no, I'm fine. Thank you
so much.

Hey, everybody.

Thank you for coming.

Brenda was a free spirit.

She was a wonderful mother.

She had three children.

My brother and my sister
couldn't make it today

but I've spoken to them on the

She had 7 grandkids

who loved her very much.

She was a certified public

and she ran the dance academy

here in town until about

2009? Next to the old drug

My mother

didn't believe in any of this!

Not that that's a bad thing, she

never judged anybody

and, loved everybody, and

cared for everybody, and

never put herself first, it
seems like

hearing some-

sorry yeah, thank you so much
for comin

Kevin, Matt, we got people here,

Thank you, it means a lot, thank

My mother was an extremely
charitable woman

she donated to my school once
when I was a kid

There was this girl in my grade
named Caitlin

and she had Down's Syndrome

or she had something

she was

she, no, she was a

she was horrible-she was a
bitch, this girl

and I know you're not supposed
to say that

about a little girl, bless her
heart, but

she used to bite kids a lot

and she'd just come out at you

and, I, the nightmares I used to

She actually bit a teacher and


My mom donated, like, a thousand

to the school, because

She wasn't allowed to play on
the play structures

it was too dangerous

but my Mom wanted her to -

so they built her a little
playhouse and

my Mom donated like a thousand
dollars and

she didn't like the idea of her
being left out

and she did it all anonymously!

She didn't tell anybody about it
or anything

and I don't have that in me.

Whatever that is, but uh, it was
her, and-

I opened the door for somebody
this morning and I

got angry that they didn't say


I had some stuff, uh, I had some
stuff written down.

You're fine.

When you're a kid and you think
about stuff, you

learn about America and the

Thomas Jefferson and all that.

But when you're a kid, you think
about it and say

"Yeah, you know, these guys they
did all this."

It doesn't mean anything to you.

And then you grow up, and

you realize, these guys were

and they were just people

like us, who lived, and loved-

had a kid!

And then you think about your

and your dad

and the stories they used to
tell you

when you were growing up, of
them, being young.

And before I called her Mom she
was Brenda.


I don't know if I can keep

Keep going, you've got this.


You can do this, go on.

That's cool.

Yeah, no, I'm fine.

She was just so wonderful and

I gave her hell growing up

we gave each other hell

and... it gets to you when you
grow up

and I'm one of the good guys

But I was just mean to her

I'd lie to her

I didn't mean to be

John Wayne.

I tell my daughter sometimes,

"Hey, never say anything mean to

Not for my sake, obviously, you
know, I can take it

I'm a grown man.

But you would just hate for her
to have to look back and

I was just stupid.

I was just so stupid.

I have, um-

I am a dyslexic.

I never even think about it

when I was in high school I had to
listen to all of these books on tape

it looks like the words are all
jumbled up when you're reading

I can do it, I'm just not that

but when I went to school at LSU

Go Tigers.

We found out they weren't gonna have
anything like that for my textbooks

and so my Mom bought a little
tape recorder-

and so she

and so she'd read all the things that I
had to read so I could do well in school

that's all she wanted.

Screwed that up.

And I'd say "hey thanks Mom, for
doing that"

"that means a lot, sending it to
me in the mail", but

she must have been up so late

and it gets to you when you grow

it eats you alive.

I'm so sorry, I'm so

I had it planned, I wasn't-I

Go ahead, you're fine.


My mom was a big fan of Bruce

she loved Bruce Springsteen

and "Bruce Springsteen" meant leaving your small
town and going to do something with your life

and she said that she wouldn't
have left

if she hand't heard him-she
loved him so much.

I'm so sorry.

She used to sing Thunder Road
to me when I was going to sleep

and I'm not a singer, or a

or you know, anything my daughter
is the creative one, but

people said it'd be a good idea
if I brought it in, so

so I brought it in and, uh

Yeah, so I'm gonna sing it.


I had it working this morning, I

Come on just fucking work.

Come on, please, just-sorry.

It's not gonna work, uh

yeah! Could you do that? That'd
be great

It's, uh, it's just Track 4
thank you so much.

Uh, it's a beautiful song,
How do you explain it?

It's a song this guy, telling this
girl to leave their small town forever

to change their lives-

Should we just call the

Change their lives forever for
the better

and my Mom really loved it-

It's not gonna work? No, he's
saying it's not gonna work.

I'm sorry, uh well

Typical! I uh-

I don't even know if it's gonna work
without the song to be honest with you

but I did a lot of planning
for it and I love my Mom

and so I'm just gonna do it, and I
don't know what else to do, so-

It starts out and there's a

and this girl walks out on her

and she's listening to Roy

and back in the day

Roy Orbison used to sing songs
for sad and lonely people

so they wouldn't be sad and
lonely anymore.

It's a beautiful song.
You can find it.

Actually they whole thing is on
YouTube I have it on my phone

I could have just done that now
that I think about it.

I'm just gonna do it.

Uh, I'm gonna be sick.


Crystal, go sit back down with

Crystal, please go sit back down
with Mommy, honey.

Crystal, go sit, uh

I'm sorry, I didn't even get
half-I'm sorry

It's ok honey.

It's ok, honey, it's alright
Daddy is just dancing.

Daddy's just dancing

Oh, Mona, I didn't mean to make
you cry!

I'm sorry!

Your mascara is all over the-
You look awful.

Do you want to take some time

Do I have to leave?

No, no, do you want to take your

Oh, yeah, yeah, I can got sit,
yeah that's fine, I can sit down

Sorry, I thought you were

Yeah, that's fine-Actually, uh

could I say, could I-let me
just say "goodbye" real quick?

Of course, of course!

Fuck, what do you do? Uh...

Goodbye, Mom.

I'm so sorry, I fucked it all up
I'm sorry

Honey, you did good, you really
did good, honey

You did good. Yes you did.
You did.

No, I got her.

It's ok honey. Oh, Jesus
fucking Christ you're heavy.

I would hope that everyone
please remember

That everyone grieves

and everyone - is unique.

There's no right way, and
there's no wrong way.

Crystal come sit by me.

I would like to introduce y'all
Crystal come sit by me

to William James

he's our organist and he's going to
play us a few songs now. William?


Yeah, I'm moving!

Hey, Jimmy!
Hey! How's it going?

This is from us.

Oh, thank you, thats,
that means a lot.

You must have had to say that a
couple times today, huh?

What's that?

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I did.

Look man, I'm sorry we couldn't
make it I tried calling you,

Jarvis was in the ER until-

No no, it's totally fine, I'm
actually kind of glad you didn't.

Oh yeah?
Did everything go ok?

Everything went normal.


So, do you want to get going?

Yeah let's get going!

They don't know!

They don't know!

This fucking guy, huh?

What's goin' on here today,

They don't know!

Sir, would you stop
thrashing around please?

They don't know.

Who doesn't know, sir?

They don't know.

Sir, I've gotten a few phone
calls from local businesses

that somebody's in their
parking lot thrashing around,

saying nasty things about
a certain female politician

taking their clothes off.

Do you know anything about that,

They don't

You got a name, hombre?

Any ID?

Copy that.


Well, now, that's not very

- You're gonna hurt my feelings.
- Hey, listen,

We're still getting complaints.

Let's, uh, let's just
sit him down over there

on the sidewalk and let him
cool off a little bit, huh?

- How 'bout I give you
- Huh! Huh!

One last chance to play nice

Don't start spittin', sir.

That's a bad habit.

- Call the boss.
- Right!

Maybe Richie's got the keys

- to the one that's big enough.
- Hey!

The fuck is your problem,

They don't

Jim, Jim.

They don't


- Jim! Jim! Jim!
- They don't know!

They don't

You assaulted a
police officer, asshole,

and we don't take kindly to that
shit, generally!

- Hey, hey, hey.
- They don't know.

Hey, hey, hey.

- Jim!
- They don't know!

- Go wait in the car!
- What's wrong with you?

Go wait in the car, please!

What is wrong with you?

Please, Go wait in the car.

I don't know what's wrong with

Please go wait in the car.

Hey, Captain, hey, Captain.

No, everything's fine.

- Hey, Captain, hey, Captain...
- Jim!

Jim, what're you doing here

It's a simple drunk and
disorderly, sir.

Nate and I got it covered.

We're bookin' him, end of story.

Do you remember the
meeting we had last week

where we discussed and we agreed

that you would not be here this

You were to take this week off.

No, sir, I'm a field officer.

So I'm out here in the field.

Been doing it for six years.

I thought you'd know that by

You don't remember that

where you called me a
name, you spilled coffee?

And you were not gonna be here
this week.

'Fraid I don't.

Come on, man, please don't do

Let me tell ya what's gonna
happen in the next 10 seconds.

You're gonna get in
that cruiser over there,

and Officer Louis is gonna take
you home.

What part of that did you not

I got it.

Glad to hear it.

Thank you so much, sir!

I'll take all that into

And thank you for coming
down here today, sir.

That means a lot, you
didn't have to do that,

but that's top down leadership.

Everything you were talkin'

in your PowerPoint presentation,

synergy, teamwork, all that, I
heard it.

And thank you so much,
Richie, for handling all this.

That mean's a lot.

Don't worry about that bullshit.

I'm gonna see you guys on the

Ninth! You
will return for duty

- on Monday the ninth.
- The ninth, the ninth.

Monday's the ninth, guys.


Feel like driving me home?


Is everything OK?

With me? I'm fine.

I never been better in my life.

See me wrestling an
aligator, help the alligator.

Yeah, you like that one?

It's an old one of my dad's,

He used to say that all the time

whenever anything was goin' just

You know, it's my mom,

but I'm fine,

and, uh, I'm glad he did
that, pull me off duty

in front of everybody like that.

- That was a smart move.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, he's a smart guy.
- He is smart.

Yeah, deeply appreciate it,
you know?

Why don't you actually come
to dinner and meet, please...

No, I'm fine, honestly.

I got family over at my
place right now cookin' up,

and I shouldn't keep 'em.

And I got Crystal on Monday, so

Actually, would you, uh, would
you mind,

would you drop me off at
an Office Depot real quick?


Hi, how y'all doin'?

Doin' fine. Anything
I can help you with?

Yeah, I need to buy a scanner
I think.

But it's gotta be
something that'll hook up

to my laptop from work.

Is that even something
you guys would have?

So down the middle,

they're saying it's gonna
be 1248 and 70 cents.

Is that something y'all
can handle right now?

What do you think about Shane?

Do you think he's in a
place to take that on?

There is nothing, really.

What do they say? A third
of zero is still zero?

No, Morgan, I'm not gonna
sell the dance academy.

That thing's a money maker.

I'm gonna go in there myself
and clean it up, you'll see.

And split that income three

I don't care if all of your
children want saxophone lessons.

That is never going to happen.

It was fine, it was intense.

I wasn't expecting that.

I'm glad I was there, though.

Not like that.

No, stop!

I didn't mean it like that.

I meant that I'm glad
that I was there for her

because I didn't have a
whole lot of that growing up.

- Wait a minute!
- Stand up.

Hold on a sec!

I know this boy's

Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.

Now what did you do?

You are as dumb as they say you

- I'm gonna call your mother!
- Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am!

- Ma'am, stop!
- And I'm gonna tell her!


Stay right here.

I'm gonna come back and
ask you some questions.

I do have traffic
tickets, sir.

That's fine.

Ain't this some


Mind rolling down the window?

Sorry, Officer.

I'm not talkin' to
you, I'm talkin' to her.

Why don't you to roll down the

Evening, officer, what's up?

Everything all right,

I'm fine.

Why don't you step out
of the car for a second.

Come talk to me. It looks
a little steamy in here.

What're you doin'?

Don't smoke that in front
of a cop, it's trashy.

You seem like a smart girl.

What're you doin' hangin'
out with these two clowns?

Nothin' better to do out here.

You're telling me
there's nothin' better to do

in this town than make out
with these two slickers

in a parking lot outside of the


All right, well, that
hasn't been my experience.

How 'bout I give you a ride

No, sir, my mom
would kill me

if she saw me get
dropped off in a cop car.

All right, well,

I don't have to fuckin'
drop you off right outside.

I can drop you off around the
corner or something like that.

I'm not leavin' a
16-year-old in a parking lot

with two slickers.

How 'bout you go collect your
things, I'll drive you home.

Hey, is everything
all right, officer?

Keep it up,
buddy, see what happens.

What school you go to?


Stoneybrook, huh?

Yeah, since kindergarten.

Go Wildcats.

What's your family do?

My dad's a contractor.

He's always out doing something
or other.

You try to stay out of

I mean, I try.

but trouble always ends up
finding me,

Take care.

Hey, you don't have to
walk on the sidewalk

if you ever feel unsafe.

You can just walk in the middle
of the street, that's fine.

No, get in front.

That looks pretty, you
gotta frame your face.

Did you get enough to eat?


Hey, sweetie.

Hey, you're early.

All right, well, it's
better than being late.

Yeah, that was really
something to see the other day.

Yeah, well,

I lost my mom,

and she woulda loved it, so.

It was just, never
seen anything like that.

All the people

I've been speaking to say
that's pretty normal, actually.

When you talk about losing

Really? What people
you been speaking to?

You can move that.


Yeah, I heard that part of it.

What people?

I don't know, people.

What do you want? Leave me

- If I'm hearing you right...
- Seatbelt on.

I'm glad you finally
got some professional help

for yourself because I've
told you that before.

OK, that's great, Roz.

OK, well, I'm taking her now.

Hey, Crystal, make
sure he feeds you, baby.

Honey, tell your mommy to feed


Goodbye, honey, what's up?

When? When will I see you

Thursday, it's nothing.

It's gonna fly right by.

I love you.

I love you, too!

Hey, let's say our prayers
today, Tuesday, and Wednesday...

Yeah, OK, thanks, Roz!

Yeah, goodbye, Jim.

Love you.

Hey, Roz, actually, real
quick, while I got you.

They're doing some construction

on the railroad tracks up there.

They got some cars and some
flares set up,

but the signs aren't that big.

Keep an eye out, all right?

I'd hate to see you and Chris
get hit by a fuckin' train.

Yeah, thanks a lot, Jim.

Just lookin' out.

Yeah, I really appreciate

Are we going?

Yeah, we're going.

Hey, honey! How ya doin'?

So when did she shut this
place down?

2009, honey, that's
why we gotta clean it up.

How many student were there?

At one point, there were over
a hundred.

Grandma has awards from
all over the state.

Wish I could find those...

She was sick?



What do you think?

If you hate it, we can take it

It's nice.

I like my old bed.

All right.

I still have it leaning up
against the back of the house.

I could bring it back up here if
you like.

No, it's fine.

Oh, honey, you don't
have to do that right now.

I was hoping we could go

order a pizza, and watch
The Fast and the Furious.

OK, if that's what you wanna

Well, what do you wanna do?

Did I get invited to Arial's

Which one's Ariel?

When was it?

From camp.

It was last week.

She asked why I didn't make it.


Uhhh, yeah, lemme, ah,
sorry, honey, hold on.

Which one is she?

Yeah, honey, you did.

Oh, no, it was Friday; your mom
had you.

I know, she asked why you
didn't remind her about it.

Oh, well, yeah.

I thought you were so excited
about it.

I thought you woulda told her.

And I didn't
get her a present.

Oh, that's fine.

We can still get her something,

We don't have to...
Don't worry about that.

We'll find her something.

Tell her Daddy messed up and
that we'll get her something.

No, that's fine.

Hey, I was thinkin'
maybe we could go down

to the ice cream stand in a
bit and get some ice cream.

How's that sound?

I could eat ice

Could you? Huh.

I didn't know you liked ice

That's super interesting.

I'm gonna have to write that

You know how
to play the hands up game?

What's that?

The hand up game.

Caroline taught me. Here.

Oh, yeah, girls used
to do this at school.

I know this game.

How do you do it?

Pop right, pop left, pop

- OK.
- That's it,

and two for two, three
for three, four for four.

And after four you slap down,
got it?

OK, let's do it.

Honey, I, honey, I can't
do it that fast, sorry.

Let's do it again.

No, it's fine, just keep


I'm sorry, honey, do we
have to go that fast?

That wasn't fast.

Oh, OK, cool.

Honey, honey, I'm
really not gonna be good

at this kind of stuff.


How 'bout we go get
some of that ice cream?

I'm going to stay

This door open enough,


You want me to leave the
light on

in the hallway for you?

It's fine.

All right, I goin' to bed,

Good night, I love you.

An estimated
1.3 million of the vehicles

model years 2011 to 2017 could

can't find solid evidence

the injuries were accidents but

by carbon monoxide leaks
which doesn't sit well...

Honey, you're not
nervous about going to school,

are ya?


Good. Caroline's in your

It's gonna be just like
goin' to Camp Catalaya,

or like a summer party
at your mom's place.

You're gonna do just fine,

I think you're really
gonna like fourth grade.

Yeah, I keep hearing

Hey, Dad, can I talk to you for
a second?

What's up?

Can I talk
to you for a second?


What's goin' on, honey?

Everything all right?


So how 'bout we get your
backpack on,

and I'll take you to school,
sound good?

Yeah, all right.

(phone rings

Hey, you got Jim.

All right, big miss fourth

Make way! This is gonna be the...

Honey, are you wearing makeup?


Crystal, look at me.

Honey, why are you wearing

Stop! I'm gonna be late!

It's fine!

No, you're in fourth
grade, honey.

They're gonna send you home.

Why're you wearin' all that?

It's fine!

Plenty of girls wear makeup!

It's not a big deal!

I just thought that if I'm
starting in a new class,

I should at least be
one of the pretty girls.

What are you talkin'
about, honey?

You're one of the most beautiful

in your grade last year.

That picture of you at the lake?

No, I have your jaw
and I have your eyebrows!

I look like a boy.

Well, you look like a model,
is what you look like, honey.

You don't get to pick that

You get what you get,
and you don't get upset.

You don't see me complaining.

I don't have a big job or
anything, and I make do.

You're gonna be fine, and you're
fine now.

Who's tellin' you you're not

I don't know.

Look, I'm happy to
take you somewhere and

look into gettin' you a new
dress or something like that,

but I can't drop you off
at school like that, honey.

You look like a... Hold on, look
at me.

Crystal, look at me.

Good lord.

You're gonna be fine today,

I'm gonna take you to the park,

and we're gonna wash that off.

You have a beautiful face.

Don't go ruin it with some shit
your mom got you at Target.

I hope I get Mom's boobs.

What did you say?

I said, I hope I get Mom's

Oh, my god.

I hope everyday that you don't.

Hey, honey, don't jump
out of a moving car!

Hey! I love you!

Pay attention! Pay
attention! Pay attention!

Call me if you need anything!


there, are you Jimmy Arnaud?

I am.

Hi, I represent a local law

I'm here to serve you those

You're from a law firm?

Am I gettin' sued? What
am I getting sued for?

Not my

Well, you're no help!


Hey Roz, I just had a guy
in a nice suit on a bicycle

drop off some paperwork for me.

What is this I'm lookin' at

It's divorce paperwork,

I think you knew this was

Yeah, no, I knew this was

Who'd you talk to about doin'
all this?

What do you care?

I filed, you don't have to do

Fuck you, I don't have to do

This says you're asking for sole

You read it?

He read it.

Well, Jim, she hates being at
your place,

and I'm not paying for her to
come to Tuscaloosa every week.

It's not like you won't
be able to see her.

She's just gonna be living with

No, dummy, that's
exactly what this means.

Since when are you two
assholes moving to Tuscaloosa?


Ongoing investigation.

I've been advised not to speak
to you.

Look, Roz, whatever's
actually happening,

I hope that you and I
can still remain civ...


Rosalind. Leave a message.

Hey Roz, it's Jim.

I just lost you, or maybe
your phone died again.

I'd like to continue our

that we were just having about

I'm happy to talk about
anything and everything

regarding her.

And I wanted to say that
I'm sorry about everything

that I said about you
getting hit by a train.

That was an off-color joke,

I would hate to see
anything bad happen to you,

for Crystal's sake.

Uh so, yeah, so OK, I'll leave
you to it.

Take care.

I'm so sorry you had to hear
that, Claire.

Oh, that's fine, I wasn't

You can talk out here anytime,
sweetie, it's all right.

But I wouldn't let
anybody walk all over me.

I am so sorry to hear about all

So what d'you wanna do?

I wanna drag her behind my
truck with an extension cord.

I don't mean that, don't listen
to me.

I'm just talkin'.

Yeah, we went through
this, me and Sandra.

At least I got to keep
the house and my pension.

Oh, fuck, I didn't
even think about that.

I got a lady, name is Donna.

She's not cheap, but she's
the best in the state.


So I don't think I'm handlin'
this whole thing that great.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, I'm glad you're

with that everything's fine

Hey, man, it's a good step.

Why don't you come over tonight.

We're having a barbecue at my

No! I'm busy.

So I, hey...

So I danced to that event the
other day.

That event, you know
what I'm talkin' about?

She was a dancer.

I wanted to say goodbye,
I don't really know how.

I think people thought I
was making the whole thing

about me instead of about her.

Shane and Morgan didn't show up.

Somebody's filming it
on their fuckin' phone.

I heard about that; I took
care of it.

So you... That guy doesn't
have that footage anymore?


Unless he's a scuba diver.

Hey, Crystal, stop, hold on.

I gotta talk to you about
something important.


Who's that boy I saw you
talkin' with at school today?

What? Oh, that was Tony.

Yeah, is Tony a slicker?


Does Tony think he's
real slick?

I don't know.

Look, I got nothing against
the guy.

I just think maybe we don't hang

with Tony too much anymore, OK?

Why? It's just Tony.

Look, please just listen to

I know what I'm talkin' about,

You give a mouse a
cookie... Hey, I love you!

I'll see you on Monday!

Jimmy, Roz tell you about
us maybe keeping Crystal?

Lord, thank you for this food

and for watching over
our boys in their work.

Please continue to watch over
our family and our friends

in their time of need.

We ask all this in Jesus' name,


Amen, Celia, that was really

Thank you for saying that.

Oh, thank you for joining our

You always have a spot at this

Tell another story about Dad.

Hey, Jay, man, let him eat.

Probably know all the good

ones that got him decorated.

You lookin' for more
funny ones there, Ryan?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

You know the one about
the breaking and entering

about a year ago?


Dad and I got a call, and
it was a breaking and entering

at this house by the interstate.

It was actually one of the
first calls we got, right?

Yeah, drive there, pull up.

All the neighbors are
out on the front lawn.

Dad stays outside, I go inside.

It's every sign of a robbery.

Front door's open, furniture's

all these cabinets are open.

There's nobody there, I clear
the house.

I come back outside.

Your dad's still talkin' to the

I guess they went to high school

You went to Jesuit, is that

Yeah, small town.

Anyway, I come up, your dad's

"Hey, brother, you got a card on

He goes, "Yeah," and he
reaches into his pocket.

When he pulls his hand out,

his watch catches on all
these gold necklaces,

and they fall out on the

and we both pull guns on him,
didn't we?

We did!

Now that shit's funny!

I don't get it.

Dad went to help
somebody and it turns out

that they were the ones who
had stolen from the house.

How come you couldn't tell?

'Cause sometimes your father
only sees the good in people.

So, Celia, I saw those

of y'all at the farmers' market.

Those were really beautiful.

Thank you, Nate took those on
his phone,

but they turned out great,

They did!

How did you guys even hear

that there was a farmers' market

Oh, um, I don't even know.

It was on a sign or someone... I

Do you remember?


Yeah, is there like a
website or like a chatroom

that'll fill me in on stuff
that's happening around town?

I always see this stuff late,

and it looks like stuff that
we really would've loved to do.

I don't know; it's a good

I can certainly send you some

I would love that, honestly,

- And anything really.
- OK.

I'm just lookin' for fun
kinda family-style activities,

a frameable moment, you know
what I mean?

I do.

Um, we can all go together next

You can borrow our photographer.

I'd like that, and hell, I'll
trade ya.

You can have the recipe
for my potato salad,

if that's even something
you guys would like.

I need you to step away from
that door

and throw that fucking weapon

Put the weapon down,

Put the weapon down!

Dude, do not go back!

Do not go back! Shit!

Come back with hands up, come
back out of the curtains, sir!

Sir! Come back out and talk to
us, sir.

We're here to help you!

Sir, we just wanna have a

Would you put the knife down.

I-I just went to the bathroom!

I need you to leave.

- Ma'am, I need you to go.
- Now?

- I need, now, now!
- Go now?

Come now, come now, go!

Sir, you put that
weapon down and come out here,

we'll all be leaving here on two

You understand me?

Super gritty.

Yeah, big time.

Sir, I need you to come
out with your hands up

and nothing in them.

Otherwise, I can't ensure your

Sir, can you hear me?

Sir, I need an auditory

I got him.

Nate, I got him, he's down.

Code four, he's out, I got him.

He's drunk.



- Sorry.
- Come on!

Call it in...

Call for downtown unit,

Call a bus!

Corporation Bar and

we need an ambulance ASAP.

Victim is, uh, bleeding.

He's got a self-inflicted knife

57 East Fifth Street, an
ambulance ASAP.

Mr. Z.

Mr. Arnaud, thank you
so much for coming in.

Thank you for having me.

Officer Arnaud!

- I'm so sorry!
- Totally fine.

Did I miss Crystal and Roz?

No, I don't know.

I don't think they're comin' in

But you're here,
that's what's important.

- Yeah, while I have you,
- Yeah.

I wanted to let you know

that I'm gonna be the point

for Crystal's education
in the coming years,

just so you can pass that
on to the administration.

OK, I will, thank you.

Shall we sit?


Is everything all right?

Oh, I'm fine. I'm workin'.

See me wrestling an alligator,
help... How are you?

I'm great, I'm great, yeah.

The kids are really good this

Good, except for Crystal.

No, no not at all, I wouldn't
say that.

I mean, they're kids, right?

They're kids, obviously
they're all gonna be different.

And you're saying it's her

she's not excelling at, is that

It's more her performance in

She can be kind of strident
with some of the other kids,

and we just wanted to get
you in and talk about it.

I see.

So you're gonna have to
tell me what strident means.

I went to LSU.

Actually, they said they had
to stop making ice over there

'cause the student with
the recipe graduated.

Oh, yeah.

Uh, Crystal is disruptive,

and she won't listen to
me or her other teachers.

I see, I'm sorry to hear that.

Look, I mean, I have trouble
with her listening, too.

Straight up, I'm the first to
admit it.

I don't know how much you know,

kind of about what my family's
goin' through right now?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

And, look, I'm just the
messenger here,

but we do have to think about
what's best for all the kids.


And so we think it might
just be a simple solution

of moving her to another

and then observing how she gets

Yeah, see, the problem with
that is,

her little friend
Caroline's in this class,

and we think that might be the
only thing

that's keeping her straight.

Yeah, actually, we
already had to separate them

'cause they were talkin' too

So if we move her out,

they're not gonna miss each
other at all.


See, I didn't know that.

I get it.

You know, when kids are
outside of the home,

the parents can't see
how they're behaving.

So this can be surprising.

Oh, she's misbehaving?

Well, she used expletives

against some of the other

and she taught them what they
meant, yeah.

All right.

What kind of expletives
are we talkin' about here?

Primarily the one where
someone pleases a gentleman

with their mouth.


And then there was another one

in an LGBT relationship,

or I guess really in any
relationship and there's a man

and then someone else
standing behind that man,

and then they, they...

The one behind uses their
hand to reach around to,

- well, it's a reach-around.
- I see.

Is what it is, she called
my classwork a reach-around.

- I am so sorry to hear that.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm certain that couldn't
be further from the truth.

You clearly run a tight ship.

I do!

Let's not, let me first
clarify for you

that she's getting that language

at her mother's house and not
from me.

Mm-hmm, understood.

Look, you can't blame
Crystal for this kinda stuff.

Even with the homework thing,

she gets an assignment on a

She does it, but she leaves
it at her mom's house.

I have her for the next few

She doesn't get to you for a

- sometimes weeks at a time.
- Right.

She gets demerits on it.

That's the problem of
living between two homes.

Don't blame her for that, that's
on us.

She's a good student.

Well, she's also been

some pretty serious reading

Well, now, that
she would've gotten from me.

- I'm sorry.
- Mr. Ar...

You gotta give me a
minute, I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna have to hold onto
this desk for a minute.

- Please.
- You gotta stop.

You never wanna hear that.

You never wanna hear you
passed on something terrible

to a child.

Sorry, I'm gonna have to
walk around for a second.

- Mr. Arnaud?
- You gotta stop that!

You gotta stop talkin'
to me, man, shithead.

I didn't mean to call you that.

I'm sorry, that just came out,

and now you think I'm
probably the bad parent

'cause I cursed in front of you.

This whole thing was about her

We danced around it for like
five minutes.

This is a fucking nightmare.

- No, no, c'mon...
- Here I am! I cursed again!

Let's calm down, let's calm

Give me a demerit, see if
I give a shit, I don't care.

Dude, I will hum this desk
across the room so fast.

I prefer you don't;
that's Crystal's desk.

Put the desk down.


Stuff on the floor.

Crystal is temporarily a
problem child.

She's not the worst.

She's certainly not gonna be the

We just needed to get you in

so we could form a united front

against the problematic

- And I think that's great.
- Great.

Thank you for coming in.

- Thank you for having me.
- OK.

If you have any other questions,

you can feel free to reach out,

and I'm gonna probably send

some reading comprehension
lessons home as a PDF tonight.

I'm goin' through a divorce.

I understand.

It's an emotional time for

We good?

Yeah, we're good.

- Thank you.
- Take care.

Sorry I'm late, Jim Arnaud.

Yes, Donna.

- Hi.
- Hi, nice to meet you.

- Please, slide in.
- Thank you, thank you.

Whoo, you're gonna be fine.

Glad you wore the uniform,
that'll do us good.

Now, remind me what this

It's divorce proceedings.

Oh! I know, I know, OK.

Uh, any verbal abuse,
any trauma, any history?

No, she just stopped loving

We have a daughter together.

OK, and we are arguing
for joint custody.

You don't want to fight for sole

Oh, I don't think so.

Why not?

I think she should have
her mom.

What's up?

McCarthy's tough.

He's gonna be difficult, he's an

You don't say anything you don't
have to.

It's best that I take care of

That's right.

All rise!

The Honorable John Aldredge

Arnaud v. Arnaud.


Your honor, Mrs. Arnaud,

who filed the suit, is not with
us today,

is asking for half her
husband's salary and pension

along with complete custody of
the couple's daughter Crystal

which we're arguing is gross
overreaction to circumstances

and superficial testimony.

OK, let's get the father up

So, I... He asked, he
asked for me, so now I go up?

- Yes, you need to go up.
- So now I go up.

How are you, your honor?

How are you, officer?

I'm doin' just fine,
I'm here for my daughter today.

You have a good job, clearly.

I do indeed.

And you're decorated!

I am, your honor.

Any strikes on your


I'm here fightin' for my
daughter today.

I'd like to continue joint
custody with my wife,

which is what we've
done for the last year,

since everything.

I have no problem with the
way that she raises our child.

I'm a good police officer.

And your wife
has never given you

cause for concern with her child

I... That's not, no, short

I see no problem with the
way that Roz raises Crystal.

She has many problems of her

We have a very separate take
on how we raise our child

from our problems with each

We have a united front against
her problematic behavior,

and Roz is working on
her issues right now.

I've been assured, and
I'm certain that she is.

The court has

that you practiced reckless
or violent behavior,

a public event, a funeral this

Any of that hold water?

I wasn't violent.

I wasn't violent.

I was upset for sure, I
lost somebody I loved,

but I wasn't violent.

And actually everybody
I've been speaking to

say that's pretty normal when
you find out

what losing somebody in
your life means.

I hope that when you're
lookin' at the coffin

of somebody you love,

you act with a little more
grace than I did.

Is that a threat?

Absolutely not.

No, I'm sorry, let's go back.

I didn't mean for it to come out
that way.

Why don't you go back and
sit down with your counsel.

I'm so sorry. No! Let's go...

That's, I didn't mean it like

I don't have to go back and...

That's, let's just have a

That's why I came up
here in the first place.

You're on one side of the
law, I'm on the other.

I thought we were gonna
have a heart-to-heart

or somethin' like that.

Why don't you go sit back
down with your counsel.

'Cause now I'm scared
I'm gonna lose my daughter

'cause I said somethin'
stupid to the judge.

Thank you so much, your honor.

Why did you let me do that?

- Why did you let me do that?
- Don't, don't, don't.

What did I do wrong?

The fuck off, Chris.

Don't show any emotion.

You just stand up, leave, go

and we will go back to my
offices in the morning,

and we will file a motion
for a continuation.

So what does that mean, we

That means we lost today.

No, listen, no, because we're
gonna file a motion for...

I think we can
reach a tentative ruling.

We have an exhibit I am
told we are not to miss!

Clerk, please, the exhibit.



What happened?

What do you mean, what

What happened? They had
the footage at the courtroom!

What happened with what?

I thought you took care of it!

What? What?

I thoughtyou took care of it!

They had the fucking
footage in the courtroom!

I-I-I-I did! I threw
it in the fuckin' lake!

Or, he musta got, it's,
it's up in the cloud!

What? No, they had it
in the fuckin' ourtroom!

The cloud? What're you
talkin' about, asshole!

What're you talkin' about? I

- They fuckin' had the thing...
- I did my job! I tried!

I paid your fucki' fancy

Calm down, man, that's not

- You don't have to...
- I had to fuckin'

pay for your fuckin' lawyer,

- Don't you fuckin' hit me!
- You fuckin' ass...

- Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Stay down!

- Stay down! Stop!
- Ow! The fuck!

You ripped my pants!

You fuckin' hit me!

You ripped my pants, asshole!

You punched me in the face!

You slapped in in the fuckin'

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!

You ripped my fuckin'
pnts! You ruined my life!

- I never ruined your life!
- You ruined my...

I saw that goddamned video!

Who dances at a fuckin' funeral!

In my culture, we do that!
That's our...

That's not your fuckin' culture!

- Fuck you!
- Don't put this shit on me!

I spent all this money
on your fuckin' lawyer,

and I lost, asshole!

I've always been a good friend
to you,

- You ruined my life!
- You sad son of a bitch!

You ruined my fuckin'

I'll tell the rest of
these mother fuckers about...

- You have a nice family!
- Jimmy.

- You don't have problems!
- Jimmy.

- Yes, I do!
- No, you don't!

Yes, I do!

James Edward!


It's fine.

It's all right.

I'm putting it away.

Put the gun down

No, it's really fine.

I'm just glad he put it away in

It's not fine.

You put the gun down,
you put the badge down.

That's quite enough out of you!

Oh, what, am I fired?


Why, 'cause of this?

This is nothing!

This guy is my brother, this

Oh, all right.

Yeah, that's fine.

I don't fuckin' care, that's

I don't wanna fuckin' work here

Y'all can take my shit.

You think I give a shit?

I had to watch a guy fall on
his fuckin' knife last week!

You think I need that shit right

You're a bad

I'm a bad influence?

I'm the most decorated
motherfucker out here!

I'm a bad influence.

Think I give a shit?

They don't know, they don't

They don't know! They don't

They don't know.

You want me to talk?

Yeah, I'll talk.

Ask me to talk, fuck, I'll talk
all day, the day I'm havin'.

Yeah, you don't want me to talk.

I got dirt on all a y'all!



I'll be out here, try gettin'
off duty!

I will ruin the parking lot
experience for all of you!

I'll talk all night,
right here, motherfuckers.

I'll start with myself.

My wife left me a year and a
half ago.

There, laugh it up!

Does that change anything?


Am I cured? 'Course not!

Talkin' about your problems
never helped anybody ever!

I slept in my car!

Right here, three weeks!

Jerry saw it, isn't that right,

Yeah, I brought you

Thank you so much for doing
that, Jerry.

That meant a lot back then.

But fuck you right now.

You're drunk!

I'm not drunk; I'm angry.

I realize that, I'll calm...

No! I won't calm down!

I lost my daughter today!

And I did everything right!

She was comin'!

I got married, man, my
whole family was there!

It was beautiful!

I haven't had a good
night's sleep since 2009

because of this shit!

Fuck! For what!

So I could impress you
overweight assholes!

I gave up my fuckin' family!

Why? For decorations?

For armed marksman!

You think I give a shit
about armed marksman!

Clara! Fuck you.

And the rest of it!

What? You want my pants, too!


Fuck you, you can keep 'em, I
don't care.

You can't hurt me!

You think you're fuckin' hurtin'

I found out she lost her
boyfriend in Vietnam!

I never asked her about it!


I never made the time.

I was selfish.

This is what you get!

I'm walkin' home.

I hope they take my house.

Now I really have nothin'.

I really have nothin'.

I hope I get hit by a truck
full of fuckin' cement.


Brother Nathaniel!

You ready to lose some money?

Didn't go so well.

Didn't go so well, huh?

Judge was not a nice guy.

Yeah, that happens,

I'm sorry if I committed
a hate crime against you.

Yeah, I... I forgive you.

Hey, why don't you come on

and we play some cards?

I don't know what I'm doing

Cleanin' the house, the vacuum
cleaner stopped workin'.

I turned it over, and it was
all caught up in her hair.

It was perfect.

Looked just like the
top of her little head.

I kissed it.

I kissed the vacuum cleaner.

I was lookin' into getting
an above-ground pool

for the backyard.

I went down to the showroom.

This guy Ray-ray showed me

I thought they'd be expensive.

They're pretty reasonable,

I was hoping we could've been

one of the cool kids in high

They'd all come over here and
cut up.

I'd stay out of the way.

They'd all be out there at

I'd let 'em think they were
gettin' away with murder,

but I'd be the one to call
all the parents and say,

"Yeah, they're here, and
yeah, they're drinkin',

"but they're safe; I'm
keepin' an eye on 'em."

I don't know what I'm doin'
anymore, man.

is he there? Is he hurt?

No, no, no, no, he's uh... he's

Listen, I...

I need you to come get me from
Jim's in a couple of hours.

- Can you do that?
- Really? OK.

Great, all right.


I love you.

I love you so much, we're
so lucky.

Oh, honey, I'm so

- Yeah, all right, I love you.
- I love you.


What happened to the fridge?

Um, yeah.

There was a fist fight.

I thought it was a burglar.


Wait, are we still goin' to

Nope, we're doin' this.


I don't even know where that one

She was doin' this thing.

She was selling medical
equipment online.

I think she went to Cincinnati,
and she texted me once.

I was here, and she said,
"Hey, you wanna make out?"

And I think she was drunk,

or at least she said she was

But from the

I thought she must be
texting somebody else

and accidentally texted me.

Hey, asshole.

I called her out on it,

and I spent the week in a motel.

- Hmmm?
- No, no, no, not yet.

I'm fuckin' Babe Ruth!

Well, then, you fuckin'


Hit me again.

I can, I can fix that for you.

Lemme see.

I mean, we got this
thing a couple years ago.

It's a piece of shit.

- Lemme see.
- Whatever.

Yeah, look, these are
all done up for knuckles

so you can put your hands down
like that.

So you gotta make sure
that when you're doin' it,

it's like exactly for the palm
of the hand

so that it fits perfectly in.

They say a stitch in time saves

So you do it once right,

you don't have to do it
nine times in the future.

Sounds good to me.

Thanks for comin' over, man.

Glad to do it, man.

That's what I'm here for.

Oh! Stop!

Hey, oh my god!

You guys got so big!

How's it goin'?


You mom home?


All right.

Gimme one of these.

Oh, hey, man!

Take it easy, you'll break my

What, are you Hulk Hogan?

Get outta here.

- Hey, Jimmy.
- Hey, Morgan.

How are you?

How was your drive?

Oh, it was fine.

Yeah, it's two hours.

It's uh, I can do it in one

Well, come on in.

Can I get you somethin'?

Ah, I'm fine.

Actually, a big glass
of water would be great.


So it's all settled?

How was it?

It was tough.

A lot of people were there.

Everybody's asking for ya.

Not like they were bein' rude.

They just missed seeing
you and Jeff and the kids.

They've grown up.

They have. I heard that would

With Peyton, he's at practice,

I just wanna put a brick on his

and keep him at the same size

It's a good age.

So you got your appeal coming

That's good news.

Yeah, my attorney
has it all figured out.

She wants me to attack Roz's
character moving forward,

problems with everything.

I've been forthwith
with you about all that.

I don't want to make her
out to be some kind of a...

A B-word in front of a judge,

but now they're thinkin' I
shoulda just been honest,

that my wife, in fact, in
this case, specifically,

is probably the biggest one of
them all.

Thank you so much.

So we're just doin' that until
the fifth,

tweakin' it everyday, makin' it

I'm takin' some time off.

Captain's asked me to, um...


It's a mess, Morgan.

The whole thing's a mess.

Did you hear about

when Mom had to back
out of the conservatory?

What's that? No.

Mom had her knee happen
earlier in the year,

and Brittany Ray had just
taken over at the ballet or,

or I think it was around then,

that they had come to her to do
Swan Lake.

And she'd done it in the '90s.

Actually, I think it was seein'
that show

that made her want to be a

Pawpaw took her; she was just a

Anyhow, they wanted her
for it.

For Odette, the princess role?

And it was just for the
Tulane Conservatory, you know.

It was no big deal or nothin',

but she went through
three rounds of callbacks

before she finally admitted
that she had had the surgery,

and that workin' so hard
and doing those rehearsals

was the real reason that
she ruined her knee.

She couldn't do it anymore.

That's why she taught from the

When was that?

Would've been
after the storm, 2006, 2007.

I have no memory of that.

Where wa... Was I at the academy?

Oh, she never told anybody.

I had to hear about it from
Brittany last week.

I mean, can you imagine?

She was driving an hour
every night to kill her knee

because she couldn't admit to

that she wasn't up to it.

God, she was sneaky like that.

That's how we lost her.


What was it like growin'
up with her as a mom?

As a daughter, I mean.

You feel like, as a girl, growin'
up with a mom was enough?

It was fine.

Everybody wants two

I got no more tears for that,

You two didn't have the
pressure to be successful.

Y'all were already doing well,

and I know we talked about
this at the barbecue,

but I just never got the feeling

that she ever really approved of

Yeah, yeah, I remember
hearing you say that.

Remember drivin' home and
I was thinkin' about...

What that would look like,

a parent who doesn't approve
of their child, but...

I mean, she never acted like to

So I don't know where that comes

I mean, Jeff and I started so

and she was there to help
with the boys and everything,

but she didn't come to
half the birthday parties

that she did for Crystal.

Oh, don't, I mean, y'all live
out here.

Well, I woulda gone and picked
her up.

We built that room for
her at the top of the stairs,

and she only used it but the one

She gave you Mawmaw's earrings,

and you can't even wear 'em.

I don't know.

You got money?


Oh, yeah, no, that's...

Go on with what you were sayin'.

I can't do this right now.

I got this stupid meeting in an

and I gotta get ready for it.

I'm gonna get all worked

I've caught you at a bad time.

No, uh, stay and
we'll have dinner later,

and I just got a bunch of
breakfast stuff for tomorrow.

It's fine.

I just wanted to see you and
let you know how I was doin'.

Jimmy, stay!

You wouldn't have driven
all the way out here

if you weren't gonna stay.

You woulda called.

That's all right, I'll call
next time.

Jimmy, don't be difficult.

That's my middle name, isn't

Let's do that phone call
sometime soon.

I'm lookin' forward to it.

Yeah, that'd be nice.

You want a to go cup?

Hey, Mom, this is stupid.

So, yeah, so I lost Crystal,

and I don't know what to do,

and I wish you were here to tell

Sometimes I'm actually glad
you're not

'cause you'd be ashamed of me.

I get it.

I guess I'm lucky.

But I did everything that I

and I had to sell the dance
academy to pay for the lawyers,

and I lost, I'm sorry.

I wish I could go back.

I'd a done it different,
I'd a listened to ya.

Your headstone looks
beautiful, by the way.

A lot of these are pretty
tacky yeah.

Yours is nice; it just
says "Mother" on it.

I thought it was gonna be spooky
out here.

It's not bad. I'll come back.

Hate to think you're lonely.


If you're tryin' to help me,
you don't have to anymore.

Help Morgan if you can.

What's goin' on? I'm

Hey, it's me!

I'm sober!

I'm sober, what's goin' on?

Pick up your phone.


Your phone! Pick up
your phone.

What's goin'
on? I've been drinkin'.

They're tryin' to call

I'm locked, I'm locked

I locked myself out of my car, I

What's goin' on?

I don't... They just sent
me to...

Oh, you don't know!

- Fuckin' find out!
- OK.

Why would you pull me
over if you don't know!

- OK, I call it...
- What's goin' on?

- Why do they need me?
- I'll call it in!

Goddamn! Is my house?

What's your name again, Doug?

Fuck, Doug!



Ow! Ow! Ow!

Fuck! You got a stick?

Hey! You got a


How do I, how do I, all right.

Does it have a little coop on

Goddamn it.

Fuck me.

It's dead, it's dead.

The battery life on these
fuckin' things.

270 Winthrop?

That's my wife's house, 270?

That's my wife's house.

What happened? What

- She's fine.
- What happened?

Honey, what happened?

She's just fine, she's OK.

What happened?

Are you OK? What happened?

What happened?

She have to see any of that?

She's the one that called it

You did great, honey.

You did great, honey, you did so

Go with Uncle Nate.

You gotta go with Uncle Nate,

I'm sorry, but you coulda called

You coulda called me, honey.

It's OK.

Why didn't she call me?



I will never forgive you for

I've hated your for a long time,

but it was nothin' like this.

You were a wonderful mother,

and you were so beautiful,

and you let everything get in
the way.


This is from me and Crystal.

And this is from Crystal's
future husband and my mom.

You good?

I'm good.

She's in the bus right now
with Sharon.

I got someone headed to pick up
your car.

You got keys?

Uh, here.

Captain's on the phone right

with CPS about your character.

I think you got her.

They're calling it
non-pursuable jurisdiction.

Oh, we've got people lookin' for

Yeah, find him; you don't want
me to.

It's fine, it's fine.

It's fine, it's OK.

It's just the neighborhood.

Hey, honey.

Yeah, come over here, it's fine.

It's fine, honey.

She wouldn't wake

I know, honey, I'm so

Let me talk to you for a second.

I gotta talk to you about
somethin' important.

You gotta listen for a second.

Did Mom ever talk to you about



Well, look.

Just because somebody leaves,

just because somebody chooses to

that doesn't mean they didn't
wanna be here with you.

It means they had a hard time of

A lot for some people.

That's not gonna be us.

And you and I are gonna have
a hard time for a long while.

Might even have to go
and talk to some people,

but before you know it, everything
will be back to normal.

And I'm gonna be the best
dad ever, you understand?

I gotta get you out a here.

It's a dead end living here.

Move to a city.

Pack up the house and go
tonight if we have to.

Oh God, it's the song.

Sorry, honey.

Daddy's realizing he's had
this conversation before.

I was about your age.

How'd she say it?

I can't make you leave.

You gotta want more for

I can't promise you

it's not gonna get much
better living here.

What do you say?

You wanna hop in the car with

You wanna runaway together?



Yeah, OK.

All right.

All right, I'm gonna take you

Actually, I can't take you home.

Hold on, wait for a second.

Hey, Nate! My house.

Yeah, what?

My house.

Yeah, yeah, I'm on it.

I'm... I'm on it.

This is gonna be so lame.

No it's not, honey, you're
gonna love it.

Put your shawl on.

Why do I have to wear a shawl?

'Cause that's what girls do
when they go to the ballet.

Don't complain; stop
being a little Grinch.

Gimme that.

Oh, my god!