Thousand Yard Stare (2018) - full transcript

Returning home after fighting in Africa during World War II, a soldier with PTSD finds reintegrating with family life increasingly difficult as he relives the battle of Kasserine Pass.

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Subtitles by explosiveskull

Where are you?

Private Gregory
Sullivan, Rangers.

You'll be okay,
son, you're goin' home.

Lieutenant Jeffrey
Tokariuk, 19th Engineers.

Blind and deaf, mortar
shell blew up in his face.

Sergeant Roland Rothach, 26th

Combat fatigue.

No internal or external trauma.

Come back to me.

- Morning, Mr. Rothach.
- Hey.

- How are you today, sir?
- Uh, good.

All right, lemme see
what I got for you here.

I got a quart of milk,
I got one can of coffee,

I got one carton cigarettes,

I got six cans beans in tomato

I got six cans beans in maple

I got six cans beans with lard,

I got six cans beans with
maple syrup and lard,

I got 20 tins of tuna, I got

five bottles of whisky there,

I got one jar raspberry jam for

I just gotta get you to sign
this here.

Mr. Rothach, sir.

Thank you.

Hold on.

Thank you very much,
sir, see ya next Tuesday.

Here, try.

What about it?

- Yeah, that's right.
- She's not my lady.


Is that your lady?

She ain't wearin'
nothing but an apron.

There you go, you kids have

Have her home before dark.

Catch you fellas later.

Draw me one.

Is this
second platoon, Dog Company?

Yep, first squad.

Got some mail for ya.

- Fisher.
- Over here, Daddy.

Oh, look who it is. Hobbs how's
it going?

- Jackson!
- Oh.


Yup. Wow, good job.

- Rot-hatch.
- Rothach.

Hey, it's from Mr.

- Oh, shit, really?
- Yeah.


Hey, what would you see

Casablanca or Cat People?

- Ooh, Cat People.
- Austin?

- Sounds like...
- Austin. - Sounds like a winner.

Okay, so, it's a modern girl

- cursed by an ancient legend.
- Lieutenant Pine?

The legend of the cat people.

Yeah, it sounds pretty sexy.



No, never mind.

- There a problem Inglis?
- Lemme see. - Yeah.

I keep sendin' 'em my stories

and they haven't published any
of 'em yet.

The Dawn of the Days of Glory.

The Great War, As Fought by Jack

Hmm, January 17th, 1943.

It was a cold night on the front

There was a soft breeze in the

wafting the scent of the enemy
towards us.


We could hear the artillery

echoing beyond the horizon.

- It rattled our bones.
- Dear Roland,

How can words describe
how much I love you?

Well, come a little closer.

Let me whisper in your darling
ears all these loving words,

because they're meant for you.

You are the world.

You are everything.

But part of me is missing.

- And that part is you.
- Sleep is a dream.


- a nightmare.
- A nightmare.

It's a nightmare, Jack!

No matter

no matter how long you're gone

whether it's weeks or
months or all of forever,

I will always be yours, as you
are mine.

From now to the end of time.

I love you, and only you,

for always.

Keep this letter close
and dream of me often,

as I dream of you.

Be safe, my love.

- For I am a soldier afterall, Forever yours, Barbara.
- An American soldier,

prepared by the best to
fight and die for my country.

Aw, come on, what's the big

You know We would have read it

if it got published anyways,

I didn't send this one in yet.

I don't like it when people read
my stuff

before it's finished.

It's good.

What it was good?

- First squad, listen up.
- Atten-hut!

Kraut armor has broken through
the lines at Sidi Bouzid.

Battalion's reporting heavy

to the 36th infantry and 1st

The 26th RCT is falling back to

We'll reinforce the line and
wait there for further orders.

Okay, everyone, pack up.

Full gear, we're not comin' back

Any questions?

Good, 30 minutes at the rally

Happy Valentine's Day.

Say goodbye
to your father, James.

Be good for
your Mother, all right?


Okay, well,

we're going then.

I love you.

Johnson, where are we
at with the extra ammo?

I gotta check check back
at CP, we got nothin'.

Well hurry up.

- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.

- I love you too. - Oh, Fuck your mother.
- Don't hurt yourself there.

- Kit issues?
- No, it's not bad enough

I got to take take a
shit every five minutes

from these goddamn rations,
but I gotta fuck around

with this junk now.

Come here.

Ah, you're all tangled up.

What the hell's all
this shit for anyway?

Since we're not gonna see any

- Lookin' good, soldier.
- Yeah?

Like the belle of the ball.

Thanks, Sergeant, I'll
probably be back.


Don't move!

Are you alone?

Don't move.

Is there anyone else here with

I said don't move!


A minute 23 left
in the penalty to Bentley.

Montreal crosses center ice and
Toe Blake

brings the puck up to the
Chicago line.

Can't get it past, Toomer
pokes it off his stick.

Puck takes a strange bounce,
goes down the left side,

it's picked up by Reg Hamilton,

but he loses control and can't
get it up.

Blake does a fine job
tying the Chicago defender

- up along the boards.
- James, bedtime.

But the game's not
over yet.

It's getting late and you
have school in the morning.

Say goodnight to your
father, and let's go.

And dumps the puck

the Montreal end after
being carried by Bouchard

Sweet dreams.

Time, get set up.

And with a minute left in the

the Canadians, stick handling
neatly, get it over the line.

Bouchard gets a big pass from

He sends the shot away,

and the puck goes into the

Bouchard pinches in, gets the
stick on it,

fires it back down into the

Blake's the first on it.

He stops, looks, and
passes to Medea in the slot.

It's intercepted by Colleta but

tied up by.

Hamilton tries to help 'em out,

but before he can clear Blake
keeps it in.

and defense lining up against.

You will take the extra...


Take cover!

Move, move, move!

Rothach, Rothach!

Machine gun squad, 10 o'clock!

I need you and your squad on me.

First Squad, on me!

Get the lead out.

Go, go, go, go.

Stay down, we're
gonna get you to safety!

Fire team, get ready
to support our movement.

- Go!
- Fisher, Painter, up!


Open fire!


Fall back, everyone, fall back,
on me!

Go, go, go, go!




Suppressing fire!

Almost out!

Sarge, we're almost out, we...

Medic, Medic!

Here they come!


Nice throw, Sarge.

Rothach, where's Lambert?

Dead, we have to
fall back and consolidate.

We were able to push them back,

but those Panzers are coming in

They're gonna break through.

Reinforcements are inbound,
armor and tank destroyers.

You hold this position.

- Where's Captain Farley?
- I have no idea!

You guys stay right here

until I figure out what's going

What are we doin',

You just keep your eye on the

- We have to hold the line!
- Come on!

And then he tells me in

that he wants to give me a kiss,
'whoa, easy'.

So anyway, I uh, I finally made
it back

and everything turned
out better than expected.

This is really great, Barbara,
you've outdone yourself.

Hell, every time Shirley makes a

it comes out like an old shoe.

I have to get the
recipe for these potatoes.

Do you still have the victory
garden in the backyard?

Absolutely, this year's
harvest was magnificent.

Hmm, I can imagine.

Bill, we should give them
some of our raspberry jam.

Definitely, more than
we'll ever be able to use.

So, Roland, how are you
adjusting to life back home?

- Settlin' in all right?
- He's doing just fine.

Got him a job workin'
with me, good hard labor.

If the war didn't do it, we'll
make a man out of him yet.

Not as much adventure as you're
used to though, I imagine.

No, not so much.

Not as many Krauts, eh

- Not quite.
- There's always

a spot for you back at the

- Great.
- You know,

when you're ready.

It must be nice
though, to be back home?

Hard, I imagine.

How do you cope after witnessing

all that needless death and

You fellas must've seen so much.

Oh, I don't know if I'd say

Jesus, Pearl Harbor, Billy.

Well, It just seemed
there was a lot of waste

in terms of innocent lives.

Not to mention the toll it took

on foreign infrastructure and

I mean, they're still eating
their horses in Amsterdam.

Oh, sunshine and rainbows
and ponies for all.

They started the fight, we ended

There's gonna be some bloody

But look at our economy
here at home, it's booming.

Nobody could have predicted
that 10 years ago.

We defended our way of life,

- and were rewarded for it.
- Can we go play?

- Sure honey.
- Yeah, can we, Mom?

Did you finish your dinner?

- Yeah.
- Okay, go ahead.

It was our responsibility
to throw our helmets

into the ring, so to speak.

Then why didn't we take

- until after Pearl Harbor?
- Sorry, where did you fight?

Well, I signed up,
but they deemed me unfit

for military service due
to an inner ear problem.

Inner ear problem?

- What the fuck is that?
- Roger, language.

It affects my balance.

He can hardly walk some days.

I think that what Bill's
trying to say is that

we could have taken a
more humanitarian role

in dealing with the civilian

We'll ask women about war

if one ever breaks out in the

We're deviating from the

Trudy used to work
at one of the factories

- that made the bullets.
- Oh, I agree.

The point is, if it wasn't
for Marines like myself

out there burnin' those sneaky

out of holes day and night, I

there'd be moldy rice on this

not a goddamn roast dinner,
Semper Fi!

You realize the war wasn't
just fought

on a handful of islands in the

The Pacific was our war.

- Europe was a picnic compared to the hell we endured.
- Picnic...

We just bailed them out
of a tough situation.

If boots on the ground were
so important in the Pacific,

then why did it take two atomic

before they surrendered?

And we don't agree with
the bomb, do we Bill?

Of course not.

So many innocent lives
lost, and for what gain?

For what gain?

Are you out of your fuckin'

- Roger!
- I'll tell you for what gain.

Have you ever looked one of
these greasy Nips in the eye?

Roland, what do you
think about all this?

Now what?

Oh my God, what happened?

- Toby bit me.
- Let me see.

- I'll go get you a cloth.
- Call Dr. Brown.

It could be infected,
what if she has rabies?

Look at what your vicious mutt

I'm so sorry, usually he's so

So, what, you're saying
this is Liz's fault?

- She's six.
- Dogs like that

should be locked up in a cage.

You're right, I'm sorry,
is there anything I can do?

We're leaving.


Keep firing!


Rothach, where's Lieutenant

- Dead, sir.
- Shit!

What about Pyne?

He was looking for you, sir,

I think he's in the 1st platoon.

I just came from there,
1st platoon's been overrun.

What are your orders,


I've gotta go find Pyne.

Here they come!

Oh, goddammit, all right.

First squad, fall back to that

Inglis, check that .30 cal,
make sure it's still workin'.

Second squad, provide
suppressing fire.

Then we'll cover you.

- Fields!
- Yes, Sarge?

Can Austin
move, we gotta go right now!

I can't make it, Sarge.

Let's move, we gotta pull out
right now!

All right, let's do it!

Let's go!

Come on,.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on now, go, go go.

Come to me.

Where are you?

Bill Baker, please.


It's Roland.

Yes, hello.

How are you?

Oh, good, that's good to hear.

I'm okay, I've
been, uh, writing a book.




I just wanted to call.

I mean,

I just wanted to see how you

That's good.

I got my job back at the paper.

Yeah, I talked to Bill.

I was gonna see if maybe I could
see you.

I just have some things I wanted
to say.

I just wanted to say some
things that you should hear.

I'd really like to see you.

And James, too, of course.

Downtown, on Monday?

Grant Park, all right.


I'll see you then.

All right, second squad, fall

Covering fire!

Aw, fuck it.

- This is FUBAR.
- I know, what do you need?

Charlie Company has fallen
back it back to CP.

Farley took off
towards first platoon.

I gotta get a radio.

You think you can hold on till I
get back?

We'll give it our best shot.

I'm counting on you.


Oh God!


Oh, God.

- Patch me up!
- Medic!

Roly? Roly they're coming!

Fuck, fuck!

I'm tryin'!

Fuck, fucking
cocksucker, patch me up!

Calm down.

Doc, can you,

I need my gun! They're coming!

Fuck, you I'm dying!

They're coming, they're coming!

Oh no, oh my God!

- I don't wanna die!
- Hold on, hold on, Hendricks!

- They're coming!
- Stop

you're overexerting
and that's just gonna make you-

Roly, Roly, fuck!

- It's okay!
- Roly, Roly!

- Roly.
- Help.

Help, help.

Coming to you over

operating on 1120 kilocycles,
267 meters,

as authorized by the
Federal Radio Commission.

And now the program continues

with Mr. Scott and Mr.


What are you doing?

How was your day?

James'll be home


What are you doing, stop,

Stop it!

Get off of me, Roland

Stop it, don't!

Get off me, stop it!

I'm home!

Soldier, get battalion on the

Danger Forward, this is Danger
Red Dog Two, over.

Danger Forward, come in please,


Second platoon, fall back on me!

Move, move, move!

Oh, no.

Come on.

I want you to be
the man I fell in love with.

I want James to have a father.

You wanna see what I

What are you doing?

You wanna see what
I've become?

- Roland, stop it!
- I'm nothing! I'm nothing!

What are doing?

No, no, no!


- Sarge, what are we doin'?
- Can anyone get Austin?

Where the hell is

- Get Austin,
- I can't get to him!

- Fischer, get out there
- Get rid of it!

Hey, halt!

Fall back!

Everyone fall back to the CP!

Hey, fucking come back!

Don't fucking leave! Don't-


- Stop!
- No!

Shut up!

They're coming.

Sh, they're coming, sh, quiet, quiet.

They're coming.

They're coming, sh, sh, sh.

Don't shoot, I'm an American!

I'm an American, don't shoot!


I'm comin'.

Morning, Mr. Rothach,
how are you today, sir?

You okay, sir?