TholiPrema (2018) - full transcript

A love story that weathers time and emotions. Aditya sees Varsha and it is love at first sight for him. What transpires over the next 7 years is what makes their love stronger.

Smoking causes cancer and is deadly.
Drinking is injurious to health.

At midnight with temperature
below -2 Celsius...

If a guy stops in his tracks
running barefoot.

He must've failed in two things...

Either in his career
or in his love.

I am at the top in my career.

When it comes to love,
I don't know where I stand.

Hey, let's make it quick.

Fatso! Pass me those packets...

Hold them.

Stop making noise.

We should trash the
principal today, bro.

Yes! How dare he punished us!

He should remember today forever.

Bro, bro, bro!

Your photograph!

How could he scold you
for not getting first rank!

He is too stingy even
to print a colour photo...

Let's go.

Hey, what about TC's?
- Collected in the morning.

- Packed...

Train tickets...?
- Booked.


I sent them to late night show.

- Thank you Captain!

Guys quick!

Hold your packet...
Come, come...

Come on, come on...

Hey take these...
- Take this.

I'm very scared! Let's leave.

That principal tortured us
for two years!

If we don't take revenge now,
we will regret it forever.

He will have the arrogance
no one can touch them forever.

Neither is good.

Why does it smell so bad?
- What do you expect from cow dung?

We might get caught.

Challenge accepted!

Finished it.

Let's go guys!
- Go, go!

Who is it?

Oh God!
- Superb! Yes!

Who is it? Who is there?

Adi! Watch it!



- Hey Adi!

He saw us.



Hey security!

Do you think the principal
complained about us?

He will never do that.

Yeah, this is the one.

Ok, man! Bye!
- Ok, bye.

Bye! Bye!
- Take care.

Dude, wait for two minutes.

- Suresh is getting you Coca-Cola.

I can buy coke somewhere, man!

That's not plain coca cola.
It's vodka-cola.

- Yes.

Dude, I'm coming.

Dude, wait a minute! He is here.
- Quick.

- Fatso go!

You go too!
- Ok.



Hey, Adi!

You lost the chance to drink
gold drop in Vizag.

Your bad luck!

Challenge accepted!



I knew he would win
right after he challenged!

Hey, Adi!

You would have died!

Can't you see?

You would've died!

Why are you so beautiful?

Dude, everything alright?
- I'll call you back. Hang up!

Hey, Ravi!

What bro? All good?

You would never believe
if I told you what happened!

Why wouldn't I believe?
I'll believe you.

You must have risked your life before you
could drink the coca cola bottle, right?

Hey! How could you make
such an exact guess?

Shekhar had called me.

Why do you take such risks
for the sake of a challenge?

I met a terrific girl
because I took the risk.


I thought I almost died.

But she came like an angel
and extended my life.

Is she beautiful?
- Beautiful?

She is like a Kohinoor diamond!

She struck me at the first sight.

Whoever her dad is he should save her
instead of money in the bank.

Or someone like me will steal her.

- She disturbed me!



Did you hear?

Ticket... ticket... ticket!

Your ticket?

Please hold this.

What is that smell?


Isn't it alcohol?

Ah! No!

Show! Give it here.

This is mine. I won't give you.

Of course, it's yours!
I will just smell it and return.

Hey, hey, hey! No!

Boy! No! oh! Wait!

It is alcohol.
But where is the proof?


My ticket!
- Ticket!


You threw it.

Where is the proof?

Generally we impose five hundred
for such petty cases.

But since you hurt my ego.

So, I am leaving you 500 kilometers
before Hyderabad.

Sir...I will give
you the five hundred now.



I have locked all the doors.
You don't have to try.

Right! Right!

Get going! Fidaa boy!


Hey, girl!

See, I could stop your hiccups.

But I couldn't stop the train.

Today seems to be my lucky day!

- Help!

- Help!

She says help... help!
- Will one of you help?

There is no base in your voice.

There is no one on the platform
other than us. - No one.

No one will come to save you!

Hey, Hey! Move, move!

Who is this guy?

He broke my hand.
- Bah! I missed again!

Who is he? He pushed me so hard!

Hey! How come you are here?



Did the TC throw you out
for drinking alcohol?

No, this is water.

Then what are you doing here?
- Hey!

Mind your business!
- Thank you, sir!

Hey! I am not a beggar.


What man?!

Do you feel like Sri Krishna
who's come to save Draupadi?

I mean...

Isn't Sri Krishna Draupadi's brother?

- Yes!

Then I am not Sri Krishna!

Consider yourself Rama!

Hey, hero!

Don't overestimate yourself.

Do you see us in number?
Do you see their muscles?

You just can't stop our flow.

Challenge accepted!
- What?

Hey! Pony!

Pony get up!


How could you beat like that?

Suppose Ravana came to abduct Sita.

And Rama was at home.

Then what would Rama do?

He would beat him up.

Why are you bothered about
mythologies now?

First tackle that guy.

Come on!

Hit him!

Hit him!

Hey, Bear! Go,
break his legs...




Sorry baldy! Sorry man!

Hey! Hey!


Come on. Why are you watching?

Come... come... come here!

So many of you here
like bandicoots! Kill him.

Hey, why are you staring?
Go in his support.


Brother... brother...

- Don't hit him brother!

Brother! Brother!
Don't hit him.

What do you mean 'brother'?

Brother... brother...
- What?

Brother, please don't hit.

Do you know what Krishna
said in the Ramayana?

In Ramayana...?


Krishna is in Mahabharatha, man!

In Ramayana...
only Rama is present...

Only Rama.


I'm sharing my location on whatsapp.

Come here with all our friends.
- Who is that?

Who is he?
- My friends...

So, are you planning to call a new batch
to get me beaten? - Yes!

Do you think it is a china piece?

It is a nineteen thousand rupee phone.

I am not going to fight with you.

What do you mean fight, ah?
- I won't...

You will break my arm too.
Leave it.

Leave it dear! Leave it!
- But you said fight! Turn.

Don't hit me.

Why do you beat me though
I am requesting you not to?

Are you human?


Madam... You are an angel!

How did you even think of teasing
an angel-like girl, ah?

Tease her?

Stop it!

Get lost!
- My bad luck!

Why did I come across him?

Should you beat them so badly?

That's how I am
when I get angry.

What was the brawl about?
What happened?

The brawl is over.

Hey, I am Aditya.

You didn't tell me thanks.

Why don't you at least
tell me your name?

I saved you in the train.

Did you thank me?




Nice name.

Varsha, you're from Hyderabad?
- Yes.

Where in Hyderabad?

Oh! This book?

The hero blasts a building
with a bomb,

but he is not convicted.

It's very interesting.

Read it now.

Are you sadist?

Just for fun!

Do you know how tensed I feel?

And I am trying to divert
my mind with the book...

You just ruined it.

Why are you tensed?

Why am I tensed?

I saw six goons from so close
for the first time in my life.

Poor thing!

I feel like crying.

I am homesick.

Hey! It's ok.

Would you like to call home?

What for?

Should I share this tension
with them?

My mom is calling.

Hello... mom!
- Hey! Hey!


Who is this?

That's my phone!



Who was that girl?

She is Varsha.
She picked up by mistake.

By mistake?

Give the phone to her!


How can I do that mom?
It won't be good.

Hey! Give it boy!

Ok, ma!


Why me?
- Nothing will happen, please speak.

Hello, aunty!

Sorry! I thought it was my phone
and answered.

That's ok, dear.

But how come you are
with my son?

I missed the train, aunty.

What about my boy?
- He missed it too.

He missed the train?!

What! Did he miss the train?

That's why I asked him
to take the flight.

So you missed it together, huh?

No, aunty.

I missed it in this station.

He missed it at another station.
- Give me, give me.

Hello! Mom...

Mom.. why are you
freaking her out?

Hey! Adi!

I will come home and explain.

Ok. Don't play tricks.

Ok, mom! Bye!

Hey! Why did you answer my phone
in the first place?

In all that tension I thought my mom
called and so I answered.

What! On my phone?

All this tension is because of you.

Because of me?
- Yes, because of you.


What should I do to reduce
your tension?

You should leave me alone for
some time and sit far from me.



Just in case.

Why are you sitting here?

You told me to sit far.

I don't mean this far.

A little closer but a little far...

Hey... Hey! Hey!

Hey, give it here!

Oh no!

I almost beat the highest score.

- All this is because of you!
- Yes! Does it hurt? - Yes.

It hurt me the same way when you told me
the climax of the book I was reading.

Come on... That was for fun.

I was just trying to strike
a conversation.


I know whether you were trying to strike
a conversation or impress me.

Me? Impress you?

Am I a Kohinoor?

Please advise which bank my dad
must deposit me in.

So, you heard.
- Yes.

That's fine. At least I need not
start afresh.

You're such a big flirt!

What's wrong with flirting?

Isn't it wrong?

It's wrong to tease; not to flirt.

What's the difference?

Bothering a girl against her
wish is teasing.

Making her like you is flirting.


I have no energy to talk to you.

Just leave me.

Are you hungry?

Yes. As if you are going
to provide me food!

Hey! What are you doing?

I am just looking for
something to eat.

No problem. It's ok.

One second!

Hey... will you have
bread and omelet?


One minute.

Make it quick!
- Yeah.

Varsha! Do you have a boyfriend?



Are you single then?
- Yes.

Ok, then. I love you.

What the hell did you say?

I don't understand...

Have some water first.


What the hell did you say?

Oh! So, you couldn't hear!
I love you!

I could hear! How can you say that
out of the blue all of a sudden?

That's how I am when I feel love.

Within an hour of seeing?

Actually as soon as I saw!

But it took me time to say it. Sorry.

You say whatever comes
to your mind.

Do you even think?

This is me.

But I am not like you.

I take a lot of time even
to like a person.

Ok, take your time.

You will definitely like me
once you know me.

Love and liking are different.

You come as far as liking.
I will take you into love.

That's not that easy, Adi.

I don't believe in train friendships
and love at first sight.

Even I don't believe in train timings.

But Visakha Express started on time.
It changed my opinion.

Even the rain is like you.

It doesn't fall unless
it turns into a cloud.

It will take some time.

But every cloud does not rain.

It is raining,
and Varsha will fall for me.

The train is here,
get in, get in.

Adi! Come on!


What do you mean so?

Adi, please! Come.


Adi! Don't act like a kid.
Please come.


The journey has just started, right?

Let me think and give the decision
in the morning.



My eyes realized that
I missed Varsha.

But my heart tells me
I will meet her again.

I missed her in a station
with six platforms.

But in the 650 square kilometer city.

I stepped out with the faith
that I would find her.

I searched for her in many places...

But I couldn't find her.

3 months and 9 days passed by...

I joined college,
but Varsha was still a mystery.

Hi, this is Srikanth.
- Hi, Aditya...

- Hi.

After that where ever I went,

Any work I do...

No matter how many people
are around me...

My eyes kept searching for Varsha.

Can we catch up after college?

Not interested.


How long will you miss the girl?

Friends, they encourage us
when we like a girl,

they also discourage when
we love someone too much.


Did you like the college?

Good, mom!

Ravi, I heard your US Visa is rejected
for the fourth time.

Even the UK one is rejected.

I have applied again, aunty.

I will definitely get it this time, bro.

You have already joined here.
Why do you want to try?

That's because I can't take
my father's torture.

Who will study in this stupid
college otherwise?

Ok, mom. It's getting late.

Hey, Adi!

Don't get into trouble with
the seniors.

If there's some problem inform Dad.
He will talk to the Principal.

Ok, mom. Bye.

Don't worry, aunty.
I will take care of it.

Ok, bye.

Are you done?

Write... start from the beginning

From the start.

Bro, ask him to write it 10 times.

The seniors are in groups.


Come here.

Guys, are you in the first year?


What do you mean by 'ah'?
Don't you have respect for seniors?

Wait bro!

My father is a friend of VC.

If you rag us, I will complain.

Brother, brother, brother!
Sorry brother! Please brother.

Please brother.
- Didn't you say you would complain?

Sorry brother!
- Do it. Do it now!

My body is breaking, brother.
Please, brother...

Is that Merc yours?
- Mine.

Management quota?
- No.

Free seat.

Which rank?
- Six.

After six?

It's just six.

What is this man?

Such small digit ranks for the guy
who uses such big cars!

Such large digit ranks for us
who use such small cars!

There is no social justice.

Brother! Tell me your 'BD'

His name is Aditya.

He drives a Benz.
He must be very rich.

I believe he got the sixth rank
in the EAMCET.

He looks so handsome!

He must be 6 feet tall.

Let's get him, Godavari.
There would be glamour in our gang.


We are seniors. How cheap it would be
to go after junior boys!

Why not? Aren't the senior boys
chasing the junior girls?

What's wrong if we meddle
with the junior boys? - I understood.

But it is very difficult
to convince Somu.

Why are you giving me dirty looks?
Are you going to hit me?


Hey, Somu!

I guess you have caught hold
of a new guy?

Oh! Ms Godavari!
So you already have eyes on him.

No. I just heard he was
some sixth ranker.

We have reserved him first.

It's not possible to give him to you.
Go away.

Is that it?
- That's it. It's fixed.

Think deeply.
- Oh, my!

Are you going to give us gold biscuits,
diamonds and karats in exchange of him?

More than that...


I heard you fell for
a First year CSC girl.

How did she know?

Those are all just rumours, Godavari.

Really? Ok, fine then.


But why did you ask?

Nothing. If that was true I thought
I would send the girl here

and take the boy there.

But it's ok.

Hey! Godavari!

Wait! Hey, go.

Don't forget to send the girl here.

Oh, bro, bro, bro, bro!
What about me?

My friend...?

No, no, We don't want him.
You come alone.


Ok, Sister!


Ok, ok, come.

He looks like a chocolate boy.

I know.

I had high hopes, but he changed
the whole story with one dialogue.

He is too fair.
He may be using Fair and Lovely.

He doesn't have to use.
There's no use even if you use.

Come, come, come.

This is sister Santha...this is
sister Swathi... this is sister Sandhya...

Hey! Don't be smug. Why are you
introducing me as sister?

Hmm... I felt the same
when he called me sister.

Did you address her as sister?

Yes, sister.

Look! This is college.

You have friends and girlfriends here.
No sisters!

Ok, sister!

You are as tall as the Eiffel tower.

Sit down.

Do you think you are
Swami Vivekananda?

To address everyone as sister?

Not everyone.

Everyone except one.

Intermediate love?

On the train.

But I missed her.

Missed? But how?

Damn! Useless!

You missed the girl there and you call
all the girls sisters here.

You should have at least found
the details of the girl!

She told me nothing except
her name and place.

Which place?


What name?



- Which group is she?

- One minute.

The girl who rides along with Divya,
is it her?

Sister, sister...

How does she look?

She is tall...

Fair... chubby cheeks.

She is a bit reserved.


I know a girl by that name
with the same features.

Sister... sister... sister...

Please sister....tell me sister...
please tell me sister!

Tell me sister.
- I will tell you!

But on one condition.
- Tell me, sister.

Don't ever call me sister.
- Ok, sister.

Sorry sister.


- Wait, man!


Check if it's her.

Varsha... let her be Varsha.

God! Please let her be Varsha.
- How pious!


It's her, right?
- Yeah! Sister...

Thank you sister!

Don't blush. He called you sister.

Get lost.

I will give you this rose
and say I love you.

You take my rose and
reply with I love you.


I love you.

Hey, why isn't she taking?

The feel is not right.

Hey! Feel, my foot!
How does it feel to feel?

You came like a dream
into my life.

You left me as I dreamed.

You appeared before me
after so long.

I don't know
if it is a dream or not.

If it is true...

Take this flower.

If it is a dream.

Wake me up at least now.

Hey! Stop it.

Hey! What is this over action
in front of the seniors?

Relax, boss!

I already know this girl.

So, you will talk to her?

What's wrong in talking?

What's wrong in talking?!

you must not.

I will talk to her.
- I won't let you!

Challenge accepted.

What do you mean
challenge accepted?


Hold my collar for one minute

and I will never talk to her
in my life.


Bro! Principal!

Bro! Let it go.
We will handle it later.

What? So soon?


Bro! Don't be stubborn.
Leave him.

It's shivering.

Is it the hand or the leg?
- Hey!

Bro! They will simply debar you.

If you held it a little longer,

I wouldn't talk to her in life.
Bad luck!

I'll talk to her.

You don't talk to him.



Varsha! Hi!

Hey! Why do you beat?

Haughty? Off!

Hey! Go to the canteen
and write these records.

She is here again.
- Ohh! No mood sister. I will do it later.

I am telling you. Go and write them.

Oh no!
- Go!

Hey! Where are you going?

I'll help him...

There is an assignment for you in there.
Finish that.



Ok, go.

Why so much attitude?
Why don't you talk?

In front of seniors...?
- So what if seniors?

Do you even know
how hard I searched?

Two months!

I searched even on the facebook.
But I couldn't find you.

All kinds of rogues were after me
on facebook harassing me.

So I deleted my account recently...
- What do you mean by rogues?

Not you...

I'm talking about others...

You don't like me?

Did I say that?

So do you like me?

Did I say that?

No, you didn't.

Actually, that day
dad had come to pick me up.

You were asleep.

To wake you....
- Were you afraid?


If your dad was not there
and I was awake...?

Hey, Varsha.

Varsha, please tell me.

Actually I...

I got a free seat in
Narayanamma college.

But I joined here paying donation.
- Why?

Too much of money?


That day... in the train station...

when I was packing your bag...

I saw your college admission letter.


Hey! Varsha, wait!


You joined this college for me?


Do you love me now?

Hello! Slow!

What is that hurry?


when the girl in your heart says
I love you it's a different kick.

I didn't come here to make you high.
- Then?

I mean...

I heard studies are good
in this college.

Ok bye.


Love you too.

I said bye.

Then how come I heard it different?


Love you too!

Hi! This is my best friend Ravi.

He is the one you spoke to about me
on the train, right?


Nice to meet you, brother.
- Brother!

You call him brother-in-law. Right?

But you never tell me I love you!


Hey! What was that with him
the other day?

Who goes to college on saturday's?


You were staring at him.
Is it love?

?I'll go to the class.


Let's leave now
- Bro! Pass me the compass.


Who will write the records
if you go to the class?

Don't you have respect for
the seniors?

- Hey! Let me rag once.

Wait. Am I not talking here?

Students! There will be a common
Physics class for CSC and Civil groups.

So please adjust yourselves.

Good morning, sir.
- Go back.

- I will tell you later. Go.

Oh! Physics class working something...


It is normal for seniors to rag.

Why don't you be a bit
less annoyed?


No one should meddle with you.

By the way did you take
Varsha's phone number?

Oh no!

I forgot bro!
- What kind of a guy are you?

Communication is very important
in relationships.

What now! Are you going to
talk to walls and all? - No need.

What do you mean no need?

Bah! There is a lot of dust in India.

There is no dust in foreign colleges.
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

- What happened?

Number, man!
- Which number?


It was her number.


706.. Oh no!

7... Darn!

Hello! Who is this?

Why didn't you call me?

- Yeah.

I lost your number thanks to Ravi.

But how did you get mine?

I have everything.


Did you go home after the college?

Ok, bye.

Ok, love you too.

I said bye!

Then how come I heard it


Love you. Bye.

Actually, I was born in London,

Dad was a professor at
Greenwich university.

He met mom there
and they fell in love.

Kavitha! I can't find my
income tax papers, did you see them?

No, I didn't see them.

How could you misplace them?

Varsha, shall we go to
a movie in the evening? - Yes.


I got my UK visa.

Oh! Congratulations!
- Thank you... thank you!

Ok then, see you.
- Take care, bro.

Let me go with you to the airport.
- No, don't. I will become emotional.

Take care of my buddy.

- Bye.

Are you missing Ravi?
- No, I'm fine.


Hey! Are you blind driving?
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
- Hey! Why are you saying sorry?

You came on the wrong route!
Why are you shouting?

Who are you to interfere?
- Didn't I say sorry? Please!

What do you mean sorry?

What the hell!
Why are you so rude?

Adi, please! Adi, please!
- Stop talking trash!

How dare he holds your collar?

You're the one to make mistake.

No brawl, please!

Adi, please.

Leave it.

Fine, let's go.

Get in.

Control your anger, Adi.

You shouldn't be so impulsive.

When you over react to small issues.

I don't like it.

I don't like it either.

You haven't told me I love you yet.
I don't like it.

The guy proposes and the girl says
she will think it over and decide...

She is already confirmed
in her mind.

To say yes.

But we don't say it.


If you find pleasure when
a girl proposes.

We find pleasure when boys
chase us around for those words.

Do you know how much our ego
is satisfied when a boy is after?

It's a girl thing.

You won't understand.

So, Will you make me go
around life-long?

Any doubt?

Hey, Varsha!

You got to tell me today.

Hold my hand for one minute
and I will tell you what you want.

Adi! I was just kidding.


Adi, leave my hand.


Adi, I was just joking.

It will become a problem.

Adi, please!

Adi, leave my hand.

Dude, why are you over acting?

3... 2... 1.

Tell me now.

I said I would.
Did I say I will tell you now?

How long will you make me
go round you?


If you held my collar for
five seconds more,

I would stop talking to her.

Go play on.

Can I expect it in the evening?


They are here.

Will you say it or not?


Come here.

Hey, come here.

Do you know what is tomorrow?


Tomorrow is Rakshbandhan.

As a custom in college
everyone celebrate it today.

That's why...
Tie him a rakhi.

Co operate a little,
job will be done.


Tie it.



Tie it! Didn't I say Tie it?!

Didn't I say I won't?

I'll call you a brother...
and you and you!

I will call every boy in the
college brother.

Except him.

Because I love him.


I love you!


I love you too!

I am not able to understand
this application Adi.

What's this?

Are you listening to me?




Mom! This is my friend, Varsha.

Close friend.

Close friend like Ravi?

No, aunty!

Like you and uncle.

Why did you bring me here?
- It's safe here at this time.

What if someone sees us?
- Nobody will know.

Dad would see my car
and think I am at home.

So we...

- Ha.

- Ha.

As long as we want...

- We can talk.

What is that sound?


Would you like a chocolate?

No, I hate chocolates.

'How long will you make me wait?'

- Yes.

Can I...

Kiss you?

'Yes! Yes!'

Adi! That's not good.



Please, Varsha!
One kiss, Varsha!

Please, please!
- Ok, ok.

Just one.
- Ok.

- A small one...


Hey! It's not me... not me...
- Adi! Adi! It's ok. It's ok!

It wasn't me. Not me.
- It's ok...

It's ok.

No one heard!
It's ok.

I kissed you.


A while ago.


It means a yes already.

Here... on the

Is that enough for you?

Didn't you say only one?

So much inhibition!
- What?

Think well.

You got to marry when you kiss.

I couldn't hear what you said.

What did you do?

Varsha! Varsha!

Varsha! Varsha! Stop.

It's 12.


Happy Birthday!

Thank you.

But I will give you the gift

Not necessary.

You are here.

I didn't get you.


- What do you mean what?

No message since last night?

I was busy with something
and I forgot.


So quick?

If there's something that important
why didn't you call me?

I do everything and
what would you do?

Eat rice with lentils?


It is all my mistake.

Without dragging you around.

I said I love you.
- Ok.

You just asked me once...

I let you kiss.

I didn't object to whatever
you did.


Is that why you look down
upon me now? - Yes.

Really cut?

Finish your exam fast and
come to the canteen.


I'll tell you there.

Adi! Are you not ashamed?

No. I lost all my shame last night.
- What!

So soon?

I've some work.
- What work?

It won't be nice to tell you.

How long since you came?
- Just now.


Chocolates all the time?
- Hmm... I love chocolates.

I hate chocolates.

What's wrong in eating chocolates?

I don't like it.
- Ok.

Eat one for my sake.

Hey! No, no, no!
- Just one. Please...

Please eat one.
- No, I don't want.

I don't like it.

How can you throw the chocolate
I gave you?



Don't want it?
- No, no.


- Isn't he saying no?

Leave him.

Do you want me to try?
- Adi!

Adi, this is not the right time.

Wow! You keep him in good control!

How are you controlling him?

If you give us, we would be
in control too.


Adi, no!

No, Adi!

Please, Adi! Adi! Adi! Adi!

Hey! How dare you catch my collar...
how dare!

Adi, no! Adi, no! Leave! Adi! Adi!



Are you okay?

It was an accident, man.

I didn't see it.

I didn't see it. Sorry, man.

Adi! Adi!


What happened?
- He might kill me.

Handle him.

Finish him.

Look how he is beating him up.

He might kill him, sir.

Stop him, sir.
- Adi! Adi, stop!

I said stop!
Adi, control yourself!

Oh no!!

Do you know what great loss
your brawl has caused the college?

I am not talking about
the property.

I am talking of prestige.

Even the street rowdies
wouldn't fight like this.

What happened?
Who started the fight?

Sir! It's Aditya.

I will slap you with a slipper.
Who started the fight?

Sir, he misbehaved with Varsha.

So I had to hit him.

Sir, do you know what these
two were up to there?

What the...
- Stop it!

Behave yourselves.

What happened?


Did Somu misbehave with you?

No sir.

Weren't you there when
they were fighting?

Yes sir.

What were you both doing
there at that time?


Don't wear an innocent look.

I hear a lot of stories about you both.

Nothing of that sort, Sir.

Adi and I we are just friends.

We were discussing Physics paper.

Meanwhile Somu came there.

There was some discussion
about the Freshers party

and they suddenly started fighting.

That's all sir.

What about your dress?

I tried to control these two.

It was torn in the process.

Did Adi start the fight?
- Yes, sir.

Aditya! I never expected
this from you.

You made a girl stand guiltily
before me today.

Aditya stop!

I'm talking to you. Stop.

What are you doing here?

I am not in a good mood.
- Why didn't you answer my call?

I didn't feel like picking it up.

Ok. Stop playing for a while.
I need to talk.

I don't feel like talking.

Adi, please!

Varsha, please.

I am in a foul mood.

If I say something and you get hurt...
I'll feel bad...

We don't need all of this.

Let's talk tomorrow.

Five minutes! That is all
I am asking for.

Talk to this.

Stop talking to me like that.
I am your girlfriend.

Didn't you say you were
just a friend in there?

Don't blame me for
what happened there.

It was your mistake.



I warned you not to.

But you picked a fight with Somu.

The issue reached the Principal.

Hey! I hit him because
he misbehaved with you.

I was at fault but he was not?

It's wrong.

Why didn't you say that in front
of the Principal?

Why did you make a fool of me?
- Don't shout Adi!

If I complained against Somu,
he would have told the Principal about us.

The news would have reached
my parents.

You proposed me in the
center of the college.

In front of your house...
in the car with me...

What does it matter for the Principal
to know about us?

They are two different situations.

My parents will listen to me
when I break them the news.

But if the Principal complains about me
they will always consider our love wrong.

You never think of all these.

Because... You don't care
about consequences.

Yes. This is how I am.
I do what is right in my view.

Anyway, I don't know
how to behave according to situation...

...or love based on calculation.

How dare you say that.

Is my love calculated?

Now I get it.

Actually your problem is not that
he touched me.

Your ego was hurt in
the Principal's room.

So you are making a big scene
under that pretext.

Oh, so I made an unnecessary scene!

So, Somu misbehaving with you..

and tearing your dress.

Is that fine with you?


The other day you mentioned some
satisfaction with boys chasing.

So you feel satisfied
when they touch you too...

I meant you chasing me.

Not some stranger.

This is the problem with you Adi.

You don't even think before
you say something.

What can be settled with a talk
you turn it into an issue.

Where did you begin?
Where did you drag this?

I hate you, Adi.

You are the biggest mistake
of my life!

You are furious at one wrong word.

He touched the girl I love.
How furious should I be?


I think fast.

But I never think wrong.

I did think today and
so I said no.

But you insisted and
brought it this far.

I didn't start the issue today, Varsha.

But I will surely end it.

I hit him for you.

I am hurt by you.

It wasn't ego, Varsha.


Even if you understand it now.

I don't care.

Because... I am done
fighting with you

and for you.

I'm breaking up with you, Varsha.

You don't deserve this.

Now be damned!

The joy we get when the girl
we like says I love you...

When the same girl says I hate you,
the pain is 100 times more.

That pain has put
distance between us..

and took me very far away.

Sometimes the time we set on
the alarm clock becomes a disturbance.

Then we simply reset and sleep.

I did the same thing.

I was disturbed in life.
I didn't like it.

I reset it and got up fresh.

It was fixed that day.
I should like the place I go to.

I should be surrounded
by people I like.

I must win a challenge
no matter how hard.

I hope you remember...

My best friend.

He is my classmate and roommate.


She is Kavitha, my house
owner's daughter.

And... Ravi's girlfriend.

Yes, my friend has finally
has a girlfriend.


Do you think Aditya has got
chance for first rank.

I've no clue, all the results are sealed.

I feel very tensed.

We are in tension. But Mr. Raju
has already started betting there.

This is Mr. Suri Raju.
My roommate.

We fondly call him Mr. Raju.

To find out about him in depth,
we need to go to Bhimavaram.


No! Right!

No! Left!
- No way! Right!

500 on left.

1000 on right.

5000 on left.

Yes! Did you see?
This is Suri!

A bull would never take the right.
Give me the money.

Give it.

Take it.
- That is our history!

What is this Mr. Raju?
Have you gone mad?

If something goes wrong,

You would have to sell the small
prawn tank you are left with.

Hello! We are not here
to sell the prawn tank.

But to set up one here.

- Where is Adi?

I have been looking for him.

Call him.
- Baby! Bet ten pounds.

I will wager 2 to 1 that Aditya
will be among the top three.

The third place goes to Henry Trop.

- Thank you, sir.

That idiot!

Call him.

The second place goes to...

Why doesn't he answer the phone?

Louie Chang.


Take it easy.


No Indian got the first place
in this university's history so far.

Why does he say challenge accepted?
Is he crazy?

And the first place...

In the masters of architecture.

Goes to...

K Aditya Shekhar.

- Oh my God!

- Cheers bro!

This fellow has started.
- Hey, what is this?

You kept my betting alive
even abroad.

This is your share of my winnings.

Oh! For me?


Hi Sarah!

How are you?
- Hi!

How was yesterday?
- Cheers! Cheers!

What man? Do you like her?

Hey, tell me man!


Tell me.
That's enough.

Hey, Hey, Hey...

Get lost!

Hi! Aren't you Arpita?

No! I am Sunaina.

Su... nai...!

Aren't you Aditya'a girlfriend?


Are you sure?

Why should I lie?

Who the hell is Aditya?

Who the hell is Aditya!

It seems she doesn't know Aditya.

Hey, guys! She doesn't know Aditya.

Guys! She doesn't know Aditya.

This fellow deserves a Bhaskar award
for all the acting.

It's like living in London and
not knowing the Tower Bridge.


Come on Prince.

Meet Adi. Don't ruin it.

Hey, sorry about my friend...

Hi, I'm Aditya.

What are these?
Your cheap wingman tricks or something?

I don't fall for them.

Challenge accepted.

That is what a challenge is!
She will fall for the boy. Any bets?

Ok, good luck.

Ok, your place or mine?

I challenged you...

I won.

Now I am not interested.


I wish our hangover would disappear
as quickly as you lose your interest.


He is Thokka Buchi Babu,
Kavitha's father

and my house owner.

He came to London in
80's and settled here.

He likes me very much.
Not because I study well.

But same caste.

Good morning uncle! How are you?
- Move.


Proud of you.

What is all this uncle?

Our prestige and honour have reached
the sky with your achievement.

Correct, uncle. Our Telugu honour
has reached far.

Who is talking about
Telugu people?

We are talking about our community.

Idiots! You are ready early morning
with unclean faces.

Do you want us to get ready for you
with mud pack on our faces?

Mr. Raju! Keep quiet.

The need is yours, not mine.

What are you blabbering?

Do you want rent or respect?
Decide fast. - Mr. Raju!

Someone like you complained
of jet lag after flying to Vizag.

I can't take this.
- Uncle!

Look there. Look at the nature.
Those trees...

Those flowers...

How peaceful it is!

So what news uncle?

That reminds me. Please give me
your mom's number. - Why?

We are grownups. We have
hundred and one things to talk.

You are young...
You don't understand that.

Give me the number.
- One second.


One second.

Kavitha is calling you. Go, go, go!


My dad plans to get me
married to you. - What!?


Don't worry. I'll manage.

And somehow make my dad
agree for my marriage with Ravi. - I will.

Your wedding is my responsibility.

Thank you.


Taste this and tell me
whether it is salt or sugar.

This is detergent, Sir.

- Yes.

I took it for sugar and
had it in milk.

Hey! Where are you running?
- I am running to London in London.

There is no water from those taps.

Use paper. It won't make
much difference.


Looking beautiful!

What is this?
- Sweets!

From India.

Are all these for me?

No, give them one each
and eat the rest.

Let us eat together in the night.

Hey! Mom is watching.

Hey! Why did you tell him?

You could've waited,
I was having free entertainment.

Hi, aunty! How are you?


We were having a casual talk.

It did not look that casual.

Get married soon.

That is in Adi's hands, aunty.


I don't like you helping out Ravi.

- Aunty!


Your friend must help you...

But he should remain single?
What is that? - Mom!

Oho, aunty! You have no idea.

I know how many girls I showed him
in the past six years.

Even If I show someone...

she is tall... short... fat... thin...

He has something to complain
about every girl!

Forget about that aunty.

I made him meet a smashing
beauty last night.

He told her directly in the face
I am not interested.

What more can we do, aunty?

Tell me.
- Mom! It didn't touch me!



They would have got us married, if
such touching took place in our village.

Mother! Greetings!

Hey, Adi!

I need to talk personally to mom.

All of you scoot.

What happened bro?

Where is Aditya?

Have you considered my offer?

I'll take your offer only with
my friends and my team.

Hey, bet 50 phones that India will win.


I'll meet you in the office tomorrow.


This is Krishna.
Mike's assistant.

Boss is waiting.
- Cool.

The Morgan and Trent Constructions
in New Hamilton.

Is planning a township
on a thousand acres.

Our company grabbed
the row house contract there.

And we want you to design
the best row house model.

Don't worry Mike. I got it.

I am not worried about
the design Adi.

I know you will take care of it.

But if we want our jobs
to be secure...

We'll have to be a little smart.

What do you mean?
- Forget all this.

We need to manage the site manager.
That's it.

Ok. Do something.


Hey, Ravi

How long will it take for
you guys to reach?

We cannot do all this!

Why? What happened?

Oh! Kavitha and I are busy
with PR work.

Hang up.

What Mr. Raju? What news?

It's India Vs Srilanka match.

I bet a hundred pounds that Kohli
would bat a six and look at Anushka.

Are they placing bets on
replays too these days?

Replay match?

It's because of fools like you...

That these whites for 200 years...

Hey, hi!
- Aditya...

I'm glad you are here.
- Top most architecture firm in London.

A boss who offered a job

Above all a challenging project
waiting for me...

Just what I wanted.

Life is perfect.

I don't have to turn back.

Hey Aditya!

Come over here.

I would like to introduce you...

To the site manager.


Have you come?

Wasn't the site manager

Did you know before?
- Did I know?

I set it up for you.

I didn't tell you because
you would refuse to go.

The matter is...

You're single and even
that girl is single.

If you both mingle, it would mean
a lot of good for the world.

What do you say?

Why did you take out the bat?

Are you planning to play cricket?

Are you crazy?
He doesn't have a ball.

But we have you.

Pardon me?

Oh! What happened?
Why are you hitting him like that?

Listen to me!
- Tell and then beat me.

Aditya! What is this?

Drop the bat down.

I'm telling you...
Keep it down.

I only asked him to keep it down.
Why is he hitting down?

Kill that fellow, boy!

I will take care if something happens.
- Don't leave him.

Don't leave him.

Hey! Adi! Stop it Adi!

Kavitha! Move aside.
- Adi wait.

Kavitha move!

Adi... wait.
- Stop it.



Brother Ravi! You are also here!

Dude, it's Varsha.

Are you playing up?
She is our site manager.

Oh! Mother promise!
I am telling you the truth.

I thought it was someone girl,
I never knew it was Varsha.

I swear... I am not kidding.


Do you guys know each other?

Hey, wait. You are another...
She is the Varsha from Hyderabad.


Why is she here?

Like if the site manager becomes
the paying guest in our house...

If so?

I thought our jobs would be secured.

If so?

Ravi suggested...

Hey, hey...please man.
Stop it now.

She is not staying here.

- What is this Kavitha?

I happily checked into a hotel.
You made me vacate forcefully.

What is this nuisance now?
- Kavitha!

I'm warning you...
if she doesn't leave...

If I don't send her...?

I will tell your dad I am interested
in marrying you

And you will learn a lesson.

Ah... Adi!

Bro! Didn't you promise
to get us married?

Why are you turning the plates now?

I wanted her to be your sister,
instead you are making her my sister.

For once you sat in the right position!

Who is this girl, dear?

I told you about Varsha...

- Greetings uncle.


Where are you from?
- Hyderabad.

Your dad's native place?
- Muvvalapalem.


That place is full of our people.

Your surname?
- Damn!

He will get connected now.

Whose house do you think
the next house is? - Whose, uncle?

It's ours!

Oh! Yours?
- Yes!

Boy! She is from our community.

Your community.


They are related to us in one way.

Come. You must be tired.
Come inside.

Are the pieces fried properly?

Fresh mutton! Tastes good.

Hey, Raju! Give me a piece...

Are you testing me?
Why did you give me raw meat?

You should specify what you want.

You are being very rude nowadays.

Dad! Varsha!

Dear, seems like you cooked me

I made the truffle cake for all of you.

Wow! Looks delicious.


Only our people know the recipes
of our dishes.


Cake! Our caste girl made it.

Tastes amazing!

You must try for sure.

Uncle. I don't like chocolate flavor.


- Son wait!



Adi wait.

Adi, I need to talk to you
for a second.

Please Adi wait.


Sorry, ma'am.

Adi please.

We had a tiff long ago.

We broke up. It's over.

It's uncomfortable for me too.

But in the best interest of both,

Can't we put it behind us
and be friends?

I mean... Many people continue
to be friends even after break up.

It's the same way.

I don't like two things in life.

One is chocolate.
The other is you.

Friendship my foot!

Mind your business!

You have no option Adi.

Behave as you like at home
and with your friends.

But we work in the same office.

And remember I am your superior.

You have to report to me.

What will you do then?

What's this?
- My resignation letter.

- I don't like working under you.

You still haven't changed
a bit, Aditya.

You still make decisions on impulse.

I haven't still learnt to take calculated
decisions according to situation!

What to do?


I'll accept your resignation letter.

Have you informed your friends?

They will do as I say.

Pack your bags without delay.

We'll start.
- Bro! Bro! Please bro.

Let's sit down and talk.
Let's discuss once.

There is nothing to discuss.
Let's go.

We are getting late. Let's go.
- Adi, Adi! Listen!

Sit. Let's discuss this once.

Sir... Please don't be hasty!


If we leave the job all of a sudden...
- We will be in soup.

Hey, bro! Why is she objecting?

She is right.

It's impossible to get another job
at this time.

Already he has a low score
in the eyes of dad.

Upon that if he doesn't have a job.

He will hit me if I want
to marry Ravi.

But I don't want to work under her.

Who is working under her?

We are on the second floor,
she is sitting in the first floor.

Technically she is working under us.

I can't think like that.

If you can't think like that,
then we can't work.

Do we refuse to bat just because
we don't like the umpire?

Just because we don't like the invigilator
Would we stop writing exam?

It's the same.

I can't talk with her.

I'll talk to her,
I'm there for you. Please.

Aditya has withdrawn his resignation.

Really... but why?

We had high level talks
and made him withdraw.

Will he work properly?

He won't let you down.
He is very talented.

What about his arrogance?

Like... that will go down...

Hey! How long should this
stupid meeting go on?

There is no need. Come.

Warrior King!

This is about my life.
- Hey! How long should we request her?

Who is requesting her?

I'm begging her.

We don't have any other option
if we lose this job.

You should be given a red carpet
for your talent.

If you say no I will have
to sell my prawn tank.

I am telling her your range
and power.

I request you to understand
our poverty.

If you still say no.

I will commit suicide.

All right.

Since you are requesting so much,

I reject Aditya's resignation.

Thank you!

I scared her into agreeing.
Now thank me.

His over-action...
- She was literally scared.

Now he is showing off
in front of us. - Trust me!


You at least thought about
your friends.

I cannot think selfishly
like you do.

Well! Mr. Raju and you stay in that.

Kavitha and I will stay in this.

Since Varsha is superior to us,
she will stay in that.

- Correct, bro.

Mr. Raju, you and I will stay in that.

Kavitha will stay in that.

I don't care even if she
sleeps on hay.

It's ok, come.

So... this is your site.

Don't enter the site without
the highways.

Don't work without helmet and...

And don't go out without telling me.


When you bring software employee into
construction this is how the crap will be!

Hi! Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much.

Thank you!
- Adi! Did you wish her?


He must have forgotten.

Is it Gandhi Jayanthi to remember?

Oh, what a lovely day.

Hey Varsha! Hi.
Happy Birthday.

Hey! Thanks.

Wow Ravi! Not bad!

How do you remember?

Silly girl!

I don't remember your birthday.
How will I remember Varsha's? - Then?

I remember because he told me
last night. That's all.

Why do you glare at me?
Didn't you tell me last night?

He told.

"There is no one other than me..."

"Who can sing on your birthday"

Happy Birthday, Ms Varsha.

Thank you, Mr. Raju!

See? Everyone just wished
happy birthday.

But I sang a song and
brought a cake along.

But who told you
it was my birthday?

Was it Ravi?

Ravi? Why would Ravi tell me?


Tell me. Who told you?

I saw it on the facebook.

I'm not on facebook.

Mr. Raju...

What about Twitter?

Hold this once.

What do you have an account?
Even Mr. Pawan Kalyan is on twitter.

Create one at least to follow him.


Look at his glares.
They pierce me from behind.

Oh, my! He is coming.

Oh no! Her birthday seems to be
my death day!

Why are you bombing us
in your fight?


Good or bad...

Remain with us.

We have to carry them.

Why are you here with
bags and baggage?

It's a long weekend.
We were planning to go home.

What about work?

Actually dad called up saying
there is some urgent work.

Like... only two of them are going.
I wanted to go in company.

If you want me to stay here,
I will stay here.

Fine, go.


It's a long weekend.
Why don't you come along?

Come on Adi.

Hey! Useless fellow!
- Sorry sir.

This is how it would be when you
give architecture jobs to beggars.

But he doesn't know Telugu!

But we do. Don't you understand?
That is meant for us. Let's go.

Hey! Shall we go?
- Yes.

Ok. What about him?

He has some work.

Oh! I'll stay back.
- Why?

As a site manager...

I need to stay when
the work is going on.

- Bye.

- Adi is dead.

- I'll see you.



Adi! Wait!



Will you drop me home?

Here! Local cab service.

Call up and they are here

Hey Girl, What's up?

Folks we found something.

Babe, are you looking for
some company?

Come on... we'll give you
a ride.

Just... Just leave me.
- Be cool nothing is going to happen.

What the hell!

Leave me.

Hey man! Take the other way.
Go from here.

You don't get it? Why don't
you find your own way out of here.

Looks like you wanna fight with me.

You wanna fight with me?

What the hell is your problem man!

What's your problem man!?

You wanna pick up a fight?

What are you looking at?

You stop staring at me!
you get that!?

You've no idea whom
you are dealing with.

Hey you! Look at me!

You gonna land yourself
in big trouble now.

How dare you snap my shirt button?


Is this the this the hand
that you touched my button with?


Adi, it will become a problem.
Stop it.

I asked you to stop!

I asked you to stop!

Hands up!

Hey you!

Hey... Stay back.

Hey mister! Stay back.

That guy started the fight first.

Officer! He is innocent.

Officer! She is lying.

They are lying.

These guys were misbehaving with me.
He saved me from them.

Hey! I hit them because
they snapped my button.

Stay silent.
They will put you in jail.

Do you know him?
- Yes, he is my boyfriend.

Stay right there.

I'm sorry about the confusion.

They don't even know each other!

Just stay there!
- I swear!

Trust me officer!
- You have no right to speak.

She is lying!
- Get down! On the Ground!

Hands over the head.


They wouldn't trust me if didn't
tell them you were my boyfriend.

Sorry for that.


If you were not here...that' it.


Adi! Can I say something?

After that tiff in the college,

I put myself in your place
and thought about it.

I was at fault.

I am sorry.


Did you ever put yourself in
my place and think?

No. You said you were at fault.
Why would I put myself in your place?

I'll kill you!

But uncle..
- Please!

How dare you stay at my home
and trap my daughter!

Please let me explain uncle...

Daddy, please don't hit Ravi.
- Uncle! Uncle!

Adi! Do you know what he did?

I know, uncle!
- Even mom knows.

- Uncle!


So all of you together have
cheated me!

Why do you call this cheating uncle?
Ravi is sincerely in love with Kavitha.

Is love enough?

How will we give her to him?

How is Ravi inferior, uncle?

He is well educated,
he has a nice job.

He will take good care of Kavitha,
What else do you want?



He is from a different caste.

We are living in 2020, uncle.

We have crossed thousands of kilometers.

How is caste relevant?

This may be 2020.
But I was born in 1970.

It is difficult for me to change.

When the whites discriminate us
we call it racism.

But we keep away our own people
in the name of caste.

We talk low of them.

What is this hypocrisy uncle?

Uncle, I will ask you something.
Will you answer me?

Who is your favourite God?

Lord Krishna.

Is he of your caste?

How can you attribute caste to God?

When God is not bothered about caste
after all we are humans...

Why do we need it?

Look at them, uncle.
How good they look!

Get them married,
They will be happy.

What if they won't be happy?


What if they become like you?

I heard you both were in love too.

Now you can't see eye to eye.

What if these two break up
in the future?

If they are separated in love only
they both will weep.

If they are separated after marriage,
two families will weep!

You make them cry now
because you are afraid...

...they will make you cry in the future,

What will you do?

You will send Ravi away from here.

You will blackmail Kavitha and get her
married to the man of your choice.

If the groom is a nice man,
she will be very happy.

She may even forget Ravi
in some time.

But she will never forgive you.

Because the pain that you rejected
her love will remain

She won't remember all that
you gave her or did for her, uncle.

She will remember only thing
that you didn't give.

Human beings uncle!

They don't remember love.

They remember only mistakes.

You won't be able to take it.

You shouldn't land in that situation,



Dad has agreed to our wedding.

Oh, wow!
- Congratulations!

We owe it all to you.
Thank you so much.

So, when is the wedding?

Next month.

So soon?

Ya. He is in a hurry to perform
the wedding.

So, when he is in the mood,
why not?

Listen! You two should take care of
all the wedding work. Ok?

- Us?

Come on...

I know bro that it is difficult for you.
But we don't anyone except you.

Don't worry.

We will take care of the
whole wedding.


Thank you so much! You are such an angel.
- Thank you so much!

You've got to select few
things for the wedding. Come.

Things change so quickly...
Ok bro, See you Varsha.


Thanks for everything.

Happy Birthday!

Thank you.

Hey! What happened?
- Sorry, sorry!

You know, Adi?

When I was little, my dad took me
to the park every Sunday.

What a coincidence! Today is Sunday.

And now you brought me here.


- Hey!

Hey... look what I found.

You like it, right?

You still remember?

Why is the car shaking like that?


Are you crazy?

I didn't expect that to happen...
- Don't you know? Are you a kid?

Then our car too that day...?
- Ya... obviously.


The redder your hand gets the better
a husband you will get.


If doesn't turn dark red,
Ravi is dead in my hands.

Varsha! Does henna make
your palms red?



How are you confident you will get
such a good husband?

Adi is good!

Wait, wait...

What? Caught you!
What did you say?


Finally you admitted it, naughty!

But Varsha!
This is destiny.

Otherwise, after so many years
here like this...really!

Mr. Ravi you're getting married,

Next, Adi should get married.

Stop it.

So what?
Will you ask her?

Tell me.

Do you have any sense?

You don't have clarity even after
so much is happening in front of you.

What do you mean?

Oh you fool! They stopped
fighting long back.

Now there is only romance
in between them.

You didn't tell me anything.
- Shut up, shut up!

Swear on me and tell me are you
attracted to Varsha or not?


Tell now.

Mr. Raju! No matter
how many girls enter our lives,

We can never forget our first love.

Varsha was the first girl
I loved in my life.

I didn't like anyone after her.

When she comes back into
my life after six years,

How can I not be attracted?

It did.

When you first came here,
how indifferent Adi was towards you!

And now! What a difference?
I can't believe it.


My mom used to stop talking to me
if made mischief when I was small.

She wouldn't even let me
sleep with her.

I would sleep in the hall.

But in the morning,
I would find her beside me.

Some pretend love for us.

Some pretend to be angry.

But those who pretend anger
love us more.

I am very haughty, Mr. Raju.

I got everything in life
without any hard work.

Studies, cleverness...
this height...

Nothing would give me
excitement in life.

I never knew fear.

When I first saw Varsha on the train,
I felt an unknown excitement.

There was a fear that
she might reject me.

The effort I put in to make her
say I love you...

Even a peasant wouldn't have
put in to gain a princess.

Finally when she said I love you in the
college centre in front of 1500 students,

I felt a hundred festivals of light
were celebrated all at once.

Go on, sir.

What is there to go on?
After all this,

She made me a fool
in front of the principal.

She told me I didn't know
how to think.

It took me six months
to make her say I love you.

But in six minutes,
she said I hate you.

Come on... Why do you bring it up?
- Hey! That's over!

By the way, didn't she save you from
the police the other day?

I helped her, so she helped me back.

I loved her then and
she deceived me.

She behaves according to situation.

Today she is nice with you.

Tomorrow she will hurt you.

It happened once...


Why do you use such harsh words?
- This is what you say now,

But you will melt the
moment you see her.

Mr. Raju! Change is not my character.

Forgetting is not my habit.

I am attracted to Varsha.

But there is no love anymore.

Hey! What's up?

What are these?

Your things. They have been
with me.

You kept them so long?!

I didn't feel like throwing them then,

I don't feel like keeping them now.

Yes, Adi.

I behave according to the situation.

That's because I think.

I spoke like that in the college
then to protect our love.

I spoke like that to the police
the other day to protect you.

It wasn't betrayal then.

It wasn't help the other day.

Even if you understand this now,
I don't care because I am done.

We spent six years apart.

We travelled six thousand miles.

But you got stuck at the 30 minute
argument we had in college.

Move on, Adi.

It's time.

Adi! What are you doing here?

Things I gave Varsha long ago.

The jacket I gave her
when I her met her the first time.

The ring that I got for her but
threw it away in anger. She kept it.

These are the photographs
taken at my graduation.

I sent them only to you, mom.

How did Varsha get them?

Varsha came home a few days
after you left for London.

How's Adi doing, aunty?

Please aunty...

Give me a chance at least
to say sorry.

Varsha please, dear.

Please try to understand.

Adi is very disturbed,
he needs some space.

After six years, she came home again.

Memories good or bad
always remain with us.

We have to carry them.

If there was fault in our love,
our break up would be sensible.

But the fault was in our quarrel.

Discussing it will sort out thing.

Please aunty...

I want him.

Till then I thought like a mother...

I felt you are important to me.

That day I thought as a woman.

I felt her love was genuine.

I didn't want to stop her.

Varsha came here only for you.

Mom! Why didn't you tell me
this earlier?

You were not in a position
to listen, Adi.

Do you know what your problem is?

You are angry with Varsha.
But you are also in love with her.

Because of your anger,
you won't let her come close.

Because of your love,
you won't let the others come close.

Push aside your anger and check.

You will know how much you love her.

What is it?

Varsha loved me even before
saying I love you.

She loved me even after
saying I hate you.

She treasured my love.

She treasured my anger.

How can I lose such a girl, mom?


I want Varsha.

Kavitha! Where is Varsha?

I don't know. I haven't seen her
since the afternoon.

Hey! Have you seen this girl?

- No

No, I haven't.

Where are you, Varsha?

God, just one clue.

She must be Varsha.
She must be Varsha.

She must be Varsha.
She must be Varsha.

What are you doing here?

I am trying to stay away from
certain things.

When you wanted to stay away,

Why did you come back to me?

That's at one point of time. Not now.

Hey, Varsha!

I shouldn't have spoken that way
the other day.

I am sorry. Please, stay back.


For the reception...

So, do you want me to leave
after Reception?

Varsha! I need you.

Where were you
when I needed you?

Six years!

Not a single phone call!
Not a single message!

Yet, I came back to you.
But what did you say?

You compared me to a chocolate.

You said you had no love for me!

You said you have changed
and forgotten me.

Yes, I did.

I said that in anger.

That came from here...
not from my heart.

Didn't you say I hate you?
Didn't you come back for me?

It's the same.

Varsha! Only two things
disturb me in life.

One is chocolates....
the other is you.

Do you even know how
I ate chocolates in my childhood?

I would finish packet after packet.

With that... I put on terrible weight.

People would laugh like you.

One day I was angry....

Not at those who teased me
but with chocolates.

I threw away all the chocolates I had.

I stopped going where
they were available.


I lost my craving...

After our tiff, I thought
I could get over you if I was far away.

But it didn't happen.

I understand now why.

I liked the chocolates.
So I could forget.

But I love you.

I cannot forget.

Change is not my character Varsha.

But if I did change,
it was because of you and for you.

You have become a bad habit
I cannot shake off.

I thought I left you long ago.

But I am carrying you
even now here.

My heart beat crossed
the speed limit.

Before I have an accident,

Please... please take me back.

You asked me to be Rama long back.

At least will you become my Sita now?

I have been ready long since.

Think well. If you kiss,
you got to marry.