There's Something About Mario (2021) - full transcript

Mario decides to tell his family the truth about himself. But when he is finally ready to come out in front of the entire family, his older brother Vicente ruins his plans.


The mirror reflected
The boy's eyes

Quietly, his image
Turned into disguise

He could no longer
Identify his desires

I can't find the words

I must figure out who I am

Life can be much better

Words are simple

Words aren't simple for me

Mirror, I unveil you my heart

Because the world
Isn't ready for freedom

Who am I in this tale?

The days of denial

Won't stop what is to come

My inner strength

I'm showing you all that's me

I'm going to be whatever I want

So come on
Jump in

Say it out loud

Let's rewrite the history
Of this place

It belongs to us

Be brave to be happy

Be brave to be happy

Be brave to be happy

Be brave to be happy

I'm showing you all that's me

I'm going to be whatever I want

So come on
Jump in

Say it out loud

Let's rewrite the history

Of this place

It belongs to us

Thank you, guys!
Thank you, Porto Alegre!

I'm Fernando Maia,
the director of the play,

and I'd really, really like,
on behalf of the group,

to thank you
who came to appreciate

another play from
Third Force Drama Group.

I kindly ask a round of applause
for these marvelous crew!

Kiko Silva and Xande Pinto.

And our diva Lana de Holanda.

Let's not forget the writer
who's here tonight.

Our wonderful and talented writer
who created this amazing play.

Mario Fraterno!

-Come on!
-Come over here!

Come on!

Thank you.

Thank you. Thanks.

-What the heck?
-Easy, easy.

It's kinda slippery...

Thank you!

I almost had a heart-attack.

I don't even know how I got here.

Your writing is wonderful!
I had to call you.

It's not about that.

Our life is a stage,
didn't I tell you?

The stage is not our life.

I keep telling you that,
but you won't listen!

It was just a kiss.
Want another one?

It's vibrating. Look.

It's dad.

-Hi dad.
-Hello, son.

Everything okay?
Yeah, I'm great.

-Where are you?
-At the Thea...

-Lunch break!

-Of the college?
-What am I studying?

I'm reading this author...

Vizma Siemel.

-A poet from Latvia? Really?

Actually, it's microeconomics
applied to international business, dad.

Very interesting.

Let me be you study buddy.
Let's go to your place!

Son, it's so noisy there.
Is it your break?

Yeah, it is.
The professor is calling me.

-Right. Okay.
-Call me back later.

-Okay, dad. Thank you.



Why can't you just be
Mario Brüderlich?

-It's nicer.
-Much nicer!

Just tell your family
about the Third Force.

They don't even know I exist.

-Tell them!
-Do it!

Mario, Fê is right.
You're together for ages

and you don't wanna come out.

And we are here for you, friend.

It worked out for me!

Guys, you don't know my family.

If they find out that I'm gay,
it'll be like an atomic bomb.

-Let it explode!

No, I can't.
You don't know my dad.

He's terrible.
You have no idea.

No way.


Dad, I'm gay.


I'm on my way."


There you go.


The most traditional brewery
in these parts. Do you know it?


-Caco, right. I won't take long.

Of course, Mr...


Mario, the one that...?


-Tell me you're here to stay.

How are you?

Better now that you're here.

And with an MBA?
Who would have guessed?

-You look great.
-You too, my dear.

And how are things
back home?

Grandma Helena,
Camilinha and Bianca?

-They're all great.
-Good. What about dad?

The same as ten
or maybe sixty years ago.

Everyone is dying to see you.

I have news.

I hired this amazing coach
from Sao Paulo to help us out.

We'll finally take
Brüderlich beyond, brother!

It's so good to have you here.
Really good.

Thank you, man.

You see, Vicente...

there are three things
you don't know about me.

Did you stop wetting the bed?

Start with the first.

The first is that I don't like beer.
I prefer whiskey.

It doesn't get you fat.

And the second?

So, the second is...

that I left to study
Business in Rio,

but I became a writer and...

I'm writing a book right now,
so there's no MBA.

A writer, Mario?

Yeah, I'm a writer.
Is that a problem?

And the third?

So, the third thing is that
I'm living with this theater director

that keeps his savings
in a piggy bank.

Good, he's saving money.
That's great. And?

The pig is pink
and it has flowers on it,

and we call it

Mary, the Economist.

I don't get it.

I'm gay.

I have been living with him
for four years.

-Four years?

Four years.

And I'm not back
to help you with the brewery,

I'm here to tell everyone.
During lunch.

What do you think
will come from that?

Peace of mind.

I don't want to spend
my life lying.

I'm brave to be happy,
and that's what I want.

To be happy.

Seriously, Vicente, didn't you...

Didn't you suspect it?

Never saw it?

-Saw what?
-I dunno.

That I was different?

I never thought

you were different from me.

Thank you.

-These are beautiful.

Good job.

-Hey babe.
-What's up, hon?

-You good?

Yeah, I'm good.
What did you do yesterday?

-I stayed home.
-Tell me the true.

What the hell?

-Crazy bitch!

-Are you trying to kill me?

Hello? Mario?
You never called me that before.

No, babe. I was not...
I'll call you back.

I have a situation here.

Ma'am, I wasn't...

I was yelling at someone else...

Oh God.



Hi. Do you know
where the Werlang Hotel is?


Your flowers, sir.

-Thank you.


Uncle Mario!

-Call me if you need a ride.
-Sure, thank you.

Uncle Mario!

Where's my favorite niece?
Where is she?

But I'm your only niece.


Your play hit 500 followers
on Instagram.

-Wow. That's good, right?
-Sort of...

But don't worry,
I'll give you some tips.


Come on!
You're getting big.

did you get Mario's favorite bedding?

What about the cakes he likes?
Did you buy it?

Take care of things
while I'm out.

Yes, ma'am.

Traveler from distant lands,

what carries thee?

I carry flowers, milady.

From the most
sweet-smelling garden.

And a bag packed with bliss.

Give me a hug!

My dearest!

I was waiting for you!

So, kiddo...

Remember me?

How could I forget
the grumpiest person in this house?

And the sweetest.

C'me here, Janaína.
Give me some love.


I've missed you!

-You look gorgeous!
-You look hot!

How is my brother-in-law?

-I'm... I'm... tight.
-Daddy, look who's here.

Better late than never!

Salvador, do me a favor.

Don't call me "daddy",
you're my son-in-law.

-And you...
-How are you, sir?

-I missed you.
-Me too.

-We'll have your favorite for lunch.
-It's my favorite, too.

You don't even know
what it is.

-I cooked it.

Dad, I'm gay.

No, no. Not good.

So, dad,

I'm gay, you know?

Daddy, I'm gay.


there was this kid...

there was this kid
that wanted to be brave

to be happy.

The flight attendant

-went to the farm to ask for her hand.
-I see.

The old man looked at him
and said, "Are you sure?".

And the flight attendant asked why.
"Because she likes big bulk cocks".

And the flight attendant said,

"Who doesn't?".

Mr. Vicente.

-The roach is here.

-You mean the coach?
-That's what I said, coach.

Ok, thanks, darling.

-Dad, the coach is here.
-What coach?

I need no one at the brewery.

I've been there for 40 years now

and now I should listen
to someone else's orders?

-I'm doing a great job.
-I agree.


I know, dad.
But these are different times

and we need to evolve with it.

I understand, son.
But that's brand wise.

The essence
is what really matters.

The coach may not
even like beer.

Well, I'm a beer fan.


How are you, Ana?

-I'm glad you came.

This is Ana Melo,
the new coach we hired

to modernize Brüderlich.

Hi, how are you all?
Nice to meet you.

So it's a "she" coach.
I thought it was a "he".

I'm sorry to let you down.
I'm a "she" coach.


This is my brother Mario.
He's just arrived from Rio.

And he got an MBA in Business.
That could come in handy.

Great. I'm Ana.

I'm Mario.

Excuse me. Lunch is ready.

Good! The partridge
should be eaten hot.

-Come on.
-After you.

Dad, now I understood the joke
about the flight attendant.

Ana, what do you do exactly?

I develop effective strategies
to provide financial growth

and market safety.

Mario is good with that.
He may give you some tips.

I'll keep that in mind.

-Are you married?
-Why do you care, Salvador?

No, sir.
I rather be independent.

How could she find a husband
working like that?

I'll remember that
if I ever look for one.

So children
are out of the question?

-I thought about it once...
-Did you?

But then I quit the vodka,
if you know what I mean.

I do know,
but I raise my children

so they'd know their place
in this world.

I see. The place you believe
they should occupy?

-You know, girl...

Ana. It's Ana.


Dad, please.



Shut up, Salvador.

-Don't worry, Vicente.

Ana and I are talking.

If she's gonna work with us,
we should

get to know each other.
Right, Ana?


You father was showing me
Brüderlich hospitality.

It's quite interesting
to enter the realm of the Alphas.

Who would know?

Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt
whatever this is...

-What, dad?

-What the hell?
-I have an announcement...

-Another one?

I'm sorry, Mario.
I have some things to say.

-I'm not done yet.
-Wait a second.

If you have something to say, do it.
We are having lunch, after all.

I'll tell you a story.

Once upon a time
a boy who felt different.

He was one-legged?

He had a nasal voice.

He liked other boys.


He's a faggot.
Like daddy's flight attendant joke.

-It was a good one.
-Yeah, but Vicente can't tell jokes.

The boy was terrified
people would find out.


what do we have to do
with this miserable chap?

He's miserable indeed, dad.

A man who trade his happiness
for his family's values.

And today
someone special told me

that we should
be brave to be happy.


I'm gay.

Sweet Lord.


Oh my!

I'm glad you're laughing.
I wasn't expecting that.

Did you hear what I said?

Not really.
What do you mean by that?

Dad, Vicente is pranking us.

He wouldn't say that.

It's not a joke.

I'm done living the life
you want me to live.

What I meant is that
I'm homosexual, faggot, gay, queen.

That's what I meant.

Like a nancyboy?


if this is a joke,

it's in a bad taste.

It's not a joke, dad.

I'm really gay.
I'm a homosexual man.


You're embarrassing me
before my family.

Get out.

-Dad, don't do that.

Off you go! Now!

-Dad, please...
-Get out of my table!

Out! Now!

Go away.
You're not welcome here.

What's wrong with you?
This is our family.

Shame on you. A gay son!

Uncle Vicente!

Pack your things and leave!


Guys, this is the 21st century!

Are you really that surprise?

In my class, there's a boy
with two dads. Both gays.

No one judges him for that.

Okay, dear. Go and sit.


There are worse things than that,
right, daddy?


God dammit!

God dammit!

Stop calling me...

Dad? Dad!

-Oh my!
-What's wrong?

Breathe. Call a doctor, please.

-Breathe, daddy.


-What's going on?
-Breathe, daddy.


I don't understand
why we can't go inside.

I wish...

I wish they'd tell us
how daddy's doing.

-I wanna talk to daddy!
-Stop calling him that!

-He's not here now.
-It's annoying for me too.

-How's daddy doing?
-Mr. Antônio is doing well.

-Don't worry.

It was a minor angina.
Nothing to worry about.


Your father wants to see you.

Only him.

The word is out, isn't?

What word?
Of your heart-attack?

The word of the shame
that came upon our family.

I'll never be able to leave
the house again.

Everyone knows, right?

Oh, so you mean that word?

How could I be so blind?

I should've realized
that your brother was a...


It's not something
written on people's foreheads.

Maybe not, but the grimaces...

The way he crossed his legs,
I don't know.

The way of walking
or the clothes.

He sounded like a man.

But that combed hair...

Dad, you don't need
to dress like a women

to be with another man,
you know?

How do you know that?

Me? I know nothing of it.

People just say that. Right?

You knew, didn't you?

Only if I did...

No, I didn't know.

Cross my heart.

Mario, you're charge
of the brewery now.


You're my last hope.


That's too bad, dad.
I can't.

I can't.
I don't have the time...

What about Bianca?

She'd be great at it!

-Yeah. Bianca.

Come here.

Come here!

Are you suggesting a woman
should manage our company?

And her

jerk of a husband.
A pain in the ass...

Dad, breathe. Breathe.

You should manage it.
My only man child.

-Easy, dad.
-My only proud.

-Son, take over the company.
-Easy, easy.

I'll stay, okay?
I'll stay. I'll stay.

-Will you?

I'll stay.

-How's daddy?
-He's fine, it was just a scare.

Did he ask for me?


I'll be at the brewery tomorrow
to take over.

About that, Salvador...

Dad asked me to take over.

Say what?

But I'd appreciate your help.
Tomorrow. At the meeting.

Is that okay?

I'll be there.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I saw your calls,
but I couldn't answer.

You have no idea
what just happened.

Oh my God, it was...
A tragedy.

Yeah. Call me
when you hear this.

Is everything okay?
How's your father?

He's fine, it was just a scare.

-Mr. Antônio is strong.

-Is there anything I can do?

Do you guys need anything?

Oh, no. Bianca will stay.

I was going home.


I could give you a ride?

Yeah, sure. Cool.

I just left the hospital
with zero intention of going back.

Chill. In this speed,
we wouldn't go to the hospital,

we'd probably die.

Good to know.

How's your brother doing?

-I don't know.
-Didn't you talk?

-About him being gay.

You grow up with someone
and suddenly...

-May I say something?

-I admire his courage.
-Son of a bitch.

But Mr. Antônio taught you
the intolerance speech.

No, of course not.
Actually, my dad...

wants me to take over
the brewery now,

but my plan was to go back
to what I love.


Yeah, drama.

I love drama.

-I'm a writer.

Yeah, I left for Business school
and graduated as playwright.

My father kicked me out.
I'm leaving.

You know your father.

He'll forget.

I gotta go.

God dammit.

Let me get you straight.

So, see you tomorrow?

Tomorrow, right.
I have no idea what I'll do.

-Shall we?

Vicente hired me until
the annual party, so I'm here to help.


Yeah, but...
Are you okay with that?

Sure, I'd love it.


And my guts tell me
amazing things may happen.

Don't you fell it?



If I know him well,
he's into Ana.

No way.
Ana is not his type.

You think?



-See you.
-Bye. Good night.

Good night.

For God's sake!

You son of a bitch!

I spent seven years
in that brewery dealing with him!

Our father! I did!

While you only cares about
your dreams, Mario.

You're too selfish.

Playing of writing in Rio
whilst I'm stuck here.

You're being an ass, that's it.

An ignorant hillbilly, just like dad.

Just like him!

-What did you say?
-An ignorant hillbilly.

This ignorant provided for you
all these years. Not anymore!

We're done!

Darn it! Darn it!

Damn you, Mario.

Can't you see

that we lost our dignity
because of our family?

We're fighting a fight
that isn't ours.

This is not our fight.

Stop you two!

Your brother made a decision
and he should be respected.

But grandma...

Okay. Yeah, sure.
I got it.

Bye, grandma.

One day your father
will come around.

The bright side is...

your brother led the way,
now they know what to expect.

One gay son took him to the hospital,
two will get him killed.

I know it's not my place,
but that's super lame.

Back home we are two gay sons
and one lesbian daughter.

Jeez, how will you procreate?

We bought a Chihuahua.

I'm serious.

Mario, will you come
to the show?

Nando, I dunno.
Everything has changed.

I must help them out
at the brewery.

Are you honestly considering
suit up and manage the whole thing?

No, he'll wear a bombacha.

Knock it off, Xande.
This is serious.

His brother came out
and his dad had a heart-attack.

-So much drama!
-I'm a realist, dear.

He likes to write, right, babe?

Tell me, what about your novel?
I'm dying to read it.

You'll be the first to read it
when it's ready, okay?

-The first.
-I'm sure it'll be great,

because you're great
and your writing is great!

You are great.

Okay, but only after
the annual party.

-Not before.
-You'll crash the company.

No, babe.
Ana will help me.

-To crash the company?

Ana? Who's Ana?

-Who's she?

She's a coach they hired.
Didn't I mention her?

-This is a pussy alert.
-Dangerous in heels.

They come like cats
and then...

Furtive felines! Ask more.

Stop that! Knock it off.


Tell me, Mario.
Is this Ana person single?

What is this, Fernando?
She's a professional, okay?

And the poor thing is ugly.
A bagger.

Mario, you have a mission.
Tell your father,

and come back to us.


-Miss you!
-Bye bye!

Miss you so much.

Poor kitten, found his own brother
in the closet.

Is his brother active or passive?

That's so lame.
Everyone is "flex" now.

Maybe today. Back in my days,
it was called "pud".

-Passive until you die.

Don't do that!

Get out of this bed, Antônio.

Quit the act.

A man of your age
acting like that.

The doctor discharged you.

What a shame!

Ashamed of your grandson?

No. I'm ashamed
of your prejudice.

A homosex... son...


You can't even say it.

Such ignorance!

Did you know that homophobia
is a crime?

Vicente ruined our family's name!



Get out of this bed!

So help me God...

This is where
the Brüderlich magic happens!

Come on, Mario.

Excuse me.


Mario, what's your plan?


Ana, what's our plan?

My plan is revolutionary.
Think big, Salvador.

I believe a company's growth

relies on innovation.

Knowing its customers.

Customers are fussy,
they don't buy anything.

We need to follow their demands
as much as possible.

The most successful segments
invest on the Pink market.

That's the LGBTQI+ community,

By essence, these products
break the usual patterns.

My suggestion is a Pink Beer,

to promote representativeness
and valorization,

so they can be
whoever they wanna be.


She's absolutely clueless.

Salvador, tell us
what's the startup mentality?

-Start to what?
-Try that again.

Are you trying to kill daddy
with a pink beer?

I'm sure Mr. Antônio
likes to make money.

Mario, I was wondering...
is there a rosé lupulus,

a reddish malt or some berry
that could make it pink?

I believe that...
The lupulus.

-The lupulus?

Okay, and we'll also need
an appealing strategy

to attract people
to the Brülich experience.

So I thought, why not
present the Pink Beer

at your annual party?

The Brüderlich Annual Party?


Ms. Ana, what do you know
about beer?

I think she should focus
on a rosé wine.

-I think you should grow up.
-I think you...

I think we should wrap it up.

It was a very
stressful day, right?

To all of us. And I'm...

Hungry! Very hungry.
Let's have some dinner?

No. Thank you.

I'm afraid I'll have indigestion.


Since Salvador declined
your invitation, I'll go.

...really tasty.

Thank you for showing me
the cultural aspects

of the Serra Gaúcha.
I couldn't thank you enough.

-Cheers to that!

-Tell me...

Do you really think
this Pink Beer

is a good idea?

Of course.
I'm good at what I do.

But we didn't come here
to talk about business, right?

-We didn't?

Then what?


I'd love to know more
about Mario Brüderlich.

-Do you have a girlfriend?

Girlfriend. Do you have one?


You're so cute.
You're embarrassed.

You are blushing, Mario.

Your love has trapped me

-It's Pabllo.

My niece chose it,
I don't kwon how to change it.

-How sweet.


No, I can't talk right now.
I'm in a business meeting.

Excuse me!

Okay, sure.

Deal. Me too.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interfere
with your hooks-ups or anything.


I can assure you.
There aren't any women calling me.

-Nando, relax.

Maybe it was a serious meeting.

Mario is so uptight. Chill.
He must be working like a dog.

-A shot?
-I'm can shout!

It's tequila. Drink up.

I know this author
that reminds me of your work.

You should read her.


-I can't believe you know her!
-I do.

I love her work!

No way!

I thought I was the only one
who knew her!

That's the universe putting
the right people in our paths.

Don't you agree?

Spray your perfume, girl

Go crazy
No one can resist

Your intoxicating love

Come, honey, cuddle me

I'm a baby,
I need kisses to feel better

Give me the pleasure
To satisfy you

Warm me up

Turn me inside out

Wear me down

Put me on all fours

Fill me up with love
With love

Spray it!
Spray your perfume!

Spray it!
Spray your perfume!

Spray your perfume!

One for the road!

I didn't think the "road"
meant your hotel room.

It's cozy, isn't it?

So, you know...

I've never been very brave.

I'm more of an unresolved,
quiet person.

And whenever I see trouble,
I run away.

I just run and don't look back.

But when you find something worthy,
we become brave, you know?

Doesn't it?

It does, yeah.

It does.

So, Ana, I...

There's something
you should know.

I have someone else
in my life.

It's okay.

I have

a boyfriend.

I'm gay.

Of course you're gay, Mario.

No straight guy could be so fun.

"She couldn't decide
whether to kiss him or leave.

Smashing the door so loud,
it would scare him away.

So she opted to stay put.

Right there.


"And life would decide for her."

You write beautiful things
on your blog.

Mario Brüderlich.

Or is it Mario Fraterno?

Feelings are showing up

It's better if you don't resist

And give it up to me
Give me your hand

You're gonna be my star

It's complicated
But it's easy to understand



I tried to avoid
Looking into your eyes

But I couldn't react

So, I got comfortable

I think it's silly

To try and hide

And deny my intentions

I'm sorry to show up like this.

I was in the neighborhood
and Mario mentioned,

since we've been friends forever,

that you were hospitalized.

But I'm better now.
Ready for another round!

Daddy is a rock.

And Mario isn't here, is he?

He is, sure.
But he's sleeping.

-He had a hot date last night

and got back late.

God only knows.
He hasn't got up yet.

It was a long night...


Sure. Punch.

Punch all the way.


He's a ladies man,
a five-star gamer.

So tell me...

Are women from Rio really hot?

-Smoking hot, you know?
-And tanned.

But I'm in a relationship.

I have this girlfriend,
so I can't really...

She's a writer!

A good one.

I wish Mario had a girlfriend

involved with art and culture,
you know?

He will, Mr. Antônio.
He will.

I really wish I could talk to him.
It's been so long.

Maybe we could just
wake him up.


Guys, come one.

Calm down. Calm down.

I'll ask Janaína to wake him up.

A friend of my son
is like family to me.



Yes, sir.

Wake Mario up, please.

-Mario! Wake up!

Don't yell. We have guests.

Go to his room
and wake him up.

Got it?

-Go on, dear. Go.

Always me.
"Janaína this, Janaína that."

Always me.

Who's house is this?

Dear God.

Up and downs these stairs.
I can't take it anymore.

Look at the time.
And the boy is still sleeping.

Sweet Lord.


Always me.


Your father is calling downstairs.

Your friend is here.

A handsome one.


So tired.


My throat is sore.

It's the humidity. I guess.

Who would've thought?

-And Sunday there'll be a match.
-We could drive there.

We gotta leave early
because of the traffic.


Look who's here to see you, son!

What's up, lady-killer?

Playboy! Womanizer!

Come here.

Where were you, jerk?

What are you doing here,
are you nuts?

Nice seeing you, bro.

Now that's a real friend.

He came all the way from Rio
to visit you, son.


-Are you the famous Fernando?

Uncle Mario
told me all about you.

-I'm Camilinha.

I'm well aware of who you are.

-You told her?
-I did.

You did!

What about your hot date?

Wait, wait.
Tell him all about it

and I'll start the fire.

Go, Mr. Antônio. Do it.

Today you'll taste
a traditional Gaucho barbecue.


-You what!

-What are you doing here?
-You were evasive!

I'm doing my best
and you keep...

Quiet, girls!

We need to practice
to help Mary out.

And remember,
we are a traditional family.

Miss, shoulders up.

Watch your posture.

Why are you swagging?
You should walk manly.

-And what's with the gum?
-No, I can't do it.

I'm extra queer,
Kiko is even worse.

Lana, go by yourself.
You're convincing enough.

Of course, it's easier for her.
She's a woman.

-She hasn't been a man in ages!
-Not exactly.

I still have some man in me.

"Some" man, indeed.

Mind your business or else...

And dear, size isn't all that.
Depends on the man.

The guy. The prey.

I didn't sleep with her, okay?

A bagger! Bagger!

So where were you?

We had dinner.


She needed to see
some company documents,

and that was it.

I was stressed.

I stopped at a bar
and got hammered.

-Smells like pussy.

-I smelled it miles away.


do you fancy a sausage?

-I love it.

-Mario, are you still into it?
-I am.

Hey, Rio guy, the South has
the best sausages.

Thick ones, you know?

I do know thick ones.

-Thanks, dad.
-Thank you, Mr. Antônio.

Camilinha gave me this perfume.


Now drop it.

-I've got a hangover.

I don't wanna argue.

You know you get drunk easily.

Why would you do that, silly?

I missed you.

You look adorable
with a hangover.

You think so? Do you?


I brought a mate tea.

Put it on the table.
We'll drink all of it.

I like mate tea.
It's strong!

With some sweetener, maybe?



Thank you, Janaína.

First the lipstick stain,
then the arguing,

and now the sweetener.

Tell me, babe.

How are you going to tell them
so we can go back home?

So lads, grill or stick?

Kill... grill.


-Yeah, stick.
-We have both.

-Thanks, dad.

-Thanks, dad.


About that...

My family is going through
some hard times right now.

As you can see,
they need me...

And there's a new beer
coming up, so...

What do you mean?
You wanna stay here?

-What about me?
-Don't be selfish!

My dad almost died.

Stop thinking about you.

You're hiding something.


I know it.


"When two people
are no longer a couple,

one hurts,
and the other doesn't.

But it's useless to fear
going away,

because what really matters
never leaves us.

Even when we don't want to.

So, in the end,

you leave nothing

nor no one in fact."

May I help you?

Good afternoon.
We're Mario's friends from Rio.

Me and my boys
were just in the neighborhood,

and decided to pay him a visit.

Is he home?

Yes, they're all by the pool.

-Go ahead.
-Thank you.

Sneaky Mary.
Rich as a bitch!

Fernando, have you tried
our beer?

Sure. When we hit the club,
we only drink Brülich.

Fernando, my dear son!

I've missed you so much.

Come and give your mamma
some love.


I've missed you! Mamma.

I was worried about you.

Hi, Mario.
It's so nice to see you.

-Are you okay?

-Welcome, ma'am.
-Nice to meet you.

It's my pleasure. Come.
I'm Antônio Brüderlich.

-Mario's father.

-Mario's father!
-Come and join us for lunch.

You're more than welcome.

Oh, I love peperoni.

No, ma'am.
That's a local sausage.

We're screwed.

So screwed.

-Here's a palette.
-Let me see.

Do you think it's possible
to make the beer look like that?

-This reddish?

To make it this reddish
the special malt won't do.

You'll need another element,
like a fruit or maybe hibiscus.

You should be working here.

-I used to, as chemical engineer.

I made new formulas once,
but dad didn't approve it.

Then I met Salvador
and Camilinha came, so I quit.

I see.
I'm sure he'll approve this one.


-Great house.
-It is, isn't?

Very pretty.


What a beautiful lot!

Mom, I'm glad you came.

I'd like you to meet Lana.

She's Fernando's mother,
Mario's friend from Rio.

My mom.

Helena. Enchanted.

This house is like a palace.

It's my pleasure to make
your acquaintance, Mrs. Helena.

It's not actually a palace,
Mrs. Lana.

That's true, grandma.
No, I mean...

We are just
an ordinary family, right?

-Yes, sure.
-Just ordinary.

Keep it down, mom.

Mrs. Helena, these are my brothers.

Kiko is the youngest.

-Nice to meet you...
-He's aphonic at the moment,

due to a pharyngitis.
A severe one.


And Xande.

My eldest.
From my first marriage.

What's up, royalty?

It's hot.

-It burned.
-It did?

Did it?

-Guys, weren't you off to...

Wait, wait.
Why so soon?

We better go before the storm.

That's Saint Peter telling you
to stay for the night.

I'm sure it's just a drizzle.
Let's go.

Sweet Lord, it's a torrent!

Mrs. Lana.

Your husband couldn't come?

-My husband?

Actually, I became a widow
13 years ago.

Kiko's father.

I'm so sorry.

And you never thought
of remarrying?

I haven't find the right man yet,
you know, Mr. Antônio?

-Not yet.

Mrs. Lana.

What's does Third Force mean?

Third Force?

Yeah, it's written on
your VW van.

The VW van belongs
to my brother's MMA school.

Which brother?


-Really, Kiko?

What do you fight?

-Oh my!

Jiu-jitsu! That's wonderful!

Hi there, Cami girls.
Today my dad will give you a speech.

Tell us, dad.
Did you take jiu-jitsu classes?

It's been a while, I was young
and very good at it.

A while, indeed.
Like 20 years ago, right?

So, lad...

Shall we try some movements?

Come on. Let's do this.


Time to fight.


An honor to the family!

What's going on?

Out, out!

Are you crazy?
You'll hurt your back!

-Up! Up!
-It's okay.

I'm okay, sweetie.

Salvador, go straight
to your room!

Have you lost it?
I'm sorry, guys.

Numbnuts took him down.

Save by the bell, Kiko.

The rain has stopped.
Let's go, mamma.

So soon?

It might get worse.

I think you should
stay for the night.

-You're so kind.

Mrs. Lana can stay
in the guestroom.

-Right next to mine.


The boys can stay
in Vicente's old bedroom.

It's already disinfected.

-Jesus, grandpa. That's awful.
-I'm just kidding.

And Fernando can stay with Mario.
Is that okay, son?

Sure, dad. It's okay.

It's settled then.
Let me show you the rooms.


Do it, girl Yell!
Playing mute is the worst.

Lana must be so proud of us.
We nailed it.


-Don't twist your wrist.

-Shoulders up.

-Kiko plays mute.

I can't believe it! We did it!

-We were great!
-They were clueless.

We're real actresses.

"And Fernando can stay with Mario."

What about that brother-in-law?
He was like,

"I'll show you my leglock later."

-He's so hot!
-Focus, friend.

Come and give me
a massage.

-Posing as a man is awful!
-Is it?


Come on, relax and breathe.

You gotta breathe to relax.
It'll be good for you.

I brought you some towels.

"I brought you some towels."

Dinner will be served
in one hour.


You missed this, didn’t you?

-Did you?

It was so cute of your dad
to put me in your bedroom.


He knows and he's fine with it.
Just tell him.

He's fine with it?

If he knew there's a gay community
in his house,

he'd drop dead.
I mean it.

-Don't laugh.
-This is so absurd!

How could he believe
Kiko and Xande were straight?

And Lana a worried mamma?

It's absurd.

Thank you for being here.

Things get confusing
when you are not around.

I love you.

I just can't
not to be around you.

I missed you so much.

Me too.

Your love dragged me
And you dragged me along


You knocked me out
You made me go crazy

What the hell?

-We were just...
-Who's singing?

Who could it be?


-Just go.


No, no, no.

It's not coming from there.
It's coming from the bathroom.

-The bathroom.
-I can hear it too.

What, guys?

Karate Kid!

Is your voice back?

The hot bath must have helped.


And what a voice!

Would you sing some more?

Well, I'm not quite...

I'm not okay.

So... I'll go now.

-He's still hoarse.

And what about you,
in your underwear?

-We were working out.

-Lifting some weight.
-We gotta finish it, okay?

I could use some exercise.

Your love dragged me

And you dragged me along

I'm gonna drag
this damn queer to hell!

Kiko, are you nuts?
Stop with the singing!

All night I'm...

What the hell?
What the hell?

Good evening.
Sleep well.

Lana, did you hear that?

I heard nothing.


-Is there a larger one?

You and I are alike.
I fancy the larger ones.

And the longer and thicker ones.

Here, dear.
This is how you do it.

There you go.

Fernando? Here.

Your mother is a special woman.

Yeah, real special.

Real special!

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

The roach is here.

-The punch, daddy.

Hi, good evening.


No. It's Ana.

Diane Von Furstenberg.
Your dress.

My girlfriend has one.

Well, then she has good taste.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to interrupt your party.

-You're not.
-Don't worry.

Darling, you're not
interrupting anything.

We were the ones
who showed up unnoticed

-to visit Mario.

Oh, sure!
So you must be Fernando.

And she's the bagger?

Bagger? I never...

-Fernando is your boy... friend.
-From college.

-From college?

Mario told me
amazing things about you.

What a coincidence!
He told me great things about you.

Good! Then we'll be friends.

I'm sorry to show up like this,
but I need to talk to Mario.

-Is that okay?

-Let's go outside.
-Five minutes.

Let's go that way.

-Go on.
-Hi, gorgeous.

-I needed to talk to you.

-I read your book.

I read it a few times.
And I'm dying to show you this.

Mario, I'm in love with it.
It's so promising.

There's still a lot to do,
I made a few notes for you.

You refer to Vizma
in the first paragraph,

you could do that
throughout the story.

-"Rewrite it with emphasis on..."
-The Barth dialectic.

Have you read it? Read it.

Oh, look.

-This page is excellent, Mario!

You are very talented!


No one has ever been
this honest and sensitive.


Good! So you liked it?

-I loved it.
-So, there's a chapter...


I know it sounds crazy...

I can't stop thinking about you.
I don't know why. I just can't.

I can't stop thinking
about you too.

What a beautiful scene!

I'm not directing it,
but it's so appealing!


-I just...
-Just what?

You were wrong.
I mean, she's not a bagger.

I think I'll let you talk
and I'm gonna leave.

No, bagger.
I'm the third wheel.

-Excuse me.
-No. Fernando!

-Look, Fernando.

Nothing happen. Nothing.

-Nothing happened?

Oh nothing happened.
Everything is fine. Perfect!

Sorry, guys.
I'm overreacting. My bad.

No! Everything happened!

What the...?

Now she...
she is your consultant?

-About the things you write?

-Can I see it?
-It's not...

Proofreading by Ana Melo.

Nice name.

Really, this is great!


But it can improve.

Look, Nando...

What happened was
an accident.

I didn't ask her to do this,
she just did it.

-I think you...
-I didn't...

Back from the top?
Shall we?

This movie isn't mine.

Excuse me.
But you're great actors.


Why don't you jump
from the balcony and die?

Enjoy it.
I thought you'd like it.

But I did.


You're jealous!

Nando. Wait.

Wait. Let's talk.
Hear me out.

I'll run over you!


Ana, listen to me.
Let's talk.

We can talk, but not now.
I shouldn't have come.

And the girl?

She left.


He left.


Mario, Mario...

Just because you're
ruining your relationship,

and the life of the crew,
and of those who backed you up,

doesn't mean
you feel guilty, right?


-No, absolutely.

First I must give my father
a heart-attack, then I'll feel guilty.

Don't. Don't kill him.

Leave him to me. Look.

He's not exactly
a golden ticket,

but I do fancy sauerkraut.

Don't be like that...

-It'll pass.

It'll pass, you'll see.

I'm sorry.
Good evening, Mr. Celso.

Hi, Valquíria.

-Good evening.
-Thank you.

Whiskey, please.


I'll have the same. Double.

But on the rocks, please.


-Are you cold, Lana?

-Can I call you Lana?

Of course.

You know, Lana.
I'm a little upset.

And I could use a good friend.

You know?


My son Vicente,
you haven't met him, he...

I found out that he is...

Anyway, he's gay.


Well, it happens. Right?

I keep imagining two men
kissing and making out...

Some things we shouldn't mention.

Sweaty bodies tangling...

So sweet... I mean, weird.

Declaring their love
with that deep voice.

Antônio, please. Please!

Let's avoid the temptation.
That is, the probation.

I'm sorry.

But not you...

You're different.
A different kind of woman.

There's something about you...

Oh! Really?

That's a way of putting it.

You are astonishing.

Antônio, you have no idea.

I haven't met someone
like you in a long time.

Antônio, stop it. I'm shy.



I was wondering,

maybe I can give them
a ride to the hotel.

-What do you think?

Don't call me "daddy".

-You stay here, Salvador.
-Yes, stay with Bianca.

I can drive them myself.

But I... I...

I couldn't even

know your technique better.

Sorry. A fly.

Jiu-jitsu is so fascinating,
isn't it?

We should get going.

You can show him
your grips and chokes another time.

That would be great!
I haven't seen it yet.

Oh, you sure have.
It's just another name for things.

-Get in, Salvador.
-Come on.

I'm glad to hear
you'll stay a few more days.

Brüderlich's Annual Party
is coming.

And I insist that you...

I mean all of you

to be there.

And I won't take no
as an answer.

-Bye, Antônio.

Thank you so much.

Good evening.

Before that,

you'll eat my carreteiro rice.

And you'll love it.

-Mamma loves carreteiro.
-Does she?

Good to know.

-Goodbye, then.

Good evening.

-Bye bye.

"Before that you'll eat
my carreteiro.

You'll love it."

I liked you better
when you were mute!

I found you in a maelstrom

Where are you, my love?

Oh dear!

Did you just see
that divine being?

Can someone pinch me?

I can pinch you all right.
Now move quietly.

No, no, no.

Guys, that was not
an ordinary man, okay?

That was a gift I've been
asking for Gay Fairy for ages!

But it's not yours, sassy.
I saw him first.

-Back off!

Take your giant hands off
my boo, got it?

He'll fall for my jiu-jitsu.

I'll show you my version
of jiu-jitsu, you whore!

Quiet, you two.
Before they threw us out! Go!

Can't sleep?




I'm gay.

-I know.

-I figured it out.

Why didn't you say something?

And say what?

You like men. Vicente too.

I wondered if maybe
I were gay too.


I'm not gay.


You're into Fernando, right?


But he's jealous of Ana.

Should he?

Ana is the most

arrogant, like super arrogant...

And she...

And she's also

free, honest

and she makes me feel things that...

That I never felt before.

New things are always scary.

Grandma. Take a seat.

Look at all this sugar!

-Mario did it.
-I went overboard.

-You did.
-Here's a strudel, grandma.

Thank you.


is it possible to love two people
at the same time?

Everything is possible, dear.


You should manage the brewery.

-Of course!

You've always been
the strongest of us.

You still are.

I tried.

It's not my thing.

I have a plan.

Wow! Tell us, grandma.

Tomorrow. When we wake up.

Good morning, sunshine.


-I didn't mean to wake you...
-It's okay.

I gotta go.


See you soon?







Good morning!

You have 20 minutes
to have breakfast

and review the plan with me.
Grandma told me her plan.

Ouch, the light hurts.

-It hurts?

Now you have 19 minutes.

-Good morning. Hurry.

What is this?

Bianca, what are you doing here?

-It's a family meeting, Salvador.
-I'm family too.

I'm practically a son!

Dad gave me an urgent task.

It's so urgent, that maybe
you should do it.

I'm not daddy's right-hand
for nothing.

What is the task, anyway?

The new beer barrels.

-Beer barrels?

We need to know the exact number.
And you know why?

Because dad suspects
his supplier may be lying.


I'm on it.


Well, now we can start.

There's one person missing.


Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
I had this...


I'm sorry I'm late.

I get a little frightened
whenever I'm late.

That's why I screamed.

I'd like to thank you all
for coming.

Now we can start.

I give the floor to Mario.

Before we start,
I'd like to introduce Vicente

and Fernando.
He's the one I told you about.

Fernando, Vicente
is my oldest brother.

-I'm very...

It was great.
It's my pleasure.

-How are you?
-Great. You look great.

Nice to meet you.

Well, I know I had some issues
with some of you,

most of you,

but grandma Helena and I
have a proposition for you.

Regarding the launch
of the pink beer.

-Ana, please. Go ahead.

This is the project.
Bianca, can you hand out?

I'll present you a new concept
for Brüderlich.







This is our project.

Brülich Pink it's a beer
with an idea.

"Be brave to be happy."

Thank you.

So, let me get this straight.

You want my help
to produce the pink beer

here at Brüderlich,

behind dad's back,
to sell it to gay customers,

and launch it at the annual party
with your management?



Even though I'm a...
How did you put it?

An ignorant hillbilly and...

son of a bitch?


I overreacted
and I was rude to you.

-Quite rude.
-I'm sorry.


Yes, grandma?

This is your chance
to stay in the company

and keep with your dream
of modernization.

And you want my help
to launch the beer,


Despite your recent actions
and side by side

with your partner in crime?

Think hard before
making up your minds.

These personal problems

will be sorted out

Even before the launch.

Fernando, what do you say
we do it for the greater good?

Much greater.

Mario told me how good you are,

we need you to produce
the launch campaign.

So what do you say?

Well, I'm in!

But I'd like to hear
Bianca's opinion.


Well, I think...

I'm in because grandma asked.

That's the only reason, okay?

And you couldn't do it alone.

-But I think...
-I'm in!

It'll be good for Third Force.

-But we should...
-I'm so glad you agreed.

You won't regret it.

We just need to decide...

What's the use of being gay
if you won't let a woman speak?


I'm in.


the formula is mine.



Why didn't you tell me
you were Mario's brother?


Why didn't you tell me
you were his boyfriend?

Yeah, we failed
on the talking part.

We failed on many things.

-Your carreteiro, ma'am.
-Thank you.

Antônio, I'll finally eat
your carreteiro.

I'm sure you'll love it.

I never saw a lady
eating a carreteiro with such...


You're the first.

Bee, boo, bae, big,

bae, bae, bae, bae




-Hi, Vicente.

Let me introduce you
to the crew.

-This is Vicente Brüderlich.

Mario's brother.

It's a pleasure.

The pleasure is ours.

Back off! Sassy! Hello.

-Hi, there.

-Easy, easy.


-Look, he's your type.
-Are you nuts?

This town is awful.
A run-of-the-mill.

-A match!
-A match!


-We're a match.
-Not happening.

Hi! What are you up to?


I'm afraid this one

-is big.

-Exactly. This is more delicate.
-I like it.

Simple aroma,
soft hibiscus flavor.

I'm sure grandpa
will not find out.

-Me too.
-Let's hope so.

I call this one Soft Love.
And Intense Love.


A toast to the pink beer!


Taste it.
I want your opinion.

-Pink beer?
-Just taste it.

Oh, dear.

Okay. It's good.

I knew it.

Breakfast is served.






Hi. Hi.

-You good?

-What is that?

Let me see.

-Let me.

The advertising script.

-I'll rehearse it, okay?

"You know I'm not
a resolute guy.

Man 1: "I just want you
to acknowledge our love.

Is it too much to ask?"

Man 1:

"Asking can be much

when talking about love."

"Should I earn that love, then?"

Because I know you want me.

And now you want a kiss.

That's not in the script.

I'm improvising.

I'm not good at improvising.

What are you good at?

Ana, I wish things were simpler.

Things are simple, Mario.

You know what that is?

Prejudice for me being a woman.

Because if I were a man,

we'd have settled it
ages ago.



The script.

-For your rehearsal.
-We'll do the dance.

-But doesn't it follow...?
-Get the script.

I need your help
with the choreography.

The boys have a question.
We need you there.

No? Can we do that?

-I can.

-Can you?

Then we can...

Go then... and dance.

One, two, three, four.


Hand down.


Slowly. Slowly.


Push! Back.
Up ahead.

One, two, three.

Cambré. Chassé.


Oh, God!

This is beautiful, guys.

Go on.

Kiko, come here.

-I think that's it.
-I think we're done.

What? Wait?

-What the hell was that?

This scene was fabulous.
And I wasn't directing it.

-I was the clown.
-Calm down.

-Let go of me.
-Let's talk in my office.

-What do you want?

Let's talk in my office.

First the intolerant family,
now her?


My name's Ana.

You wanna know what I want?

Okay. I'll tell you.

-I don't know what I want!
-Me neither!

Look. When I left you
that night,

-I met someone else.

What are you talking about?


I didn't know he was
your boyfriend.

-I didn't know.
-I didn't know he was your brother.

But it happened, you know?

Look at what we're doing
to each other.




I trust you.

I know you'll do your best.


Don't. Nando.

I'll get some water.

And I'll eat something.

-Mario, let me...

Not now.


Calm down, Mario.

What a mess!

Vicente, don't...
Calm down.

We're all stressed out.

We're all stressed out.

Tell me.

I screwed it up.

I thought I was...

handling the situation, but...

When the time comes,
I never know what to do.

I don't know what to do.

Yeah, that's true.

I remember when mom

asked you to pick
the prettiest flower in the garden,

and it took you
an entire day to pick one.

-I remember that.


We should chose
what makes us happy.

Only you'll know what it is.

Look. That pastry is good,

but the flight to Rio
leaves at 20 pm.

Look what you did!

-Love you.
-Love you.


-What are you doing here?
-Your father invited me.

-Okay, I need a ride now.
-Where to?

The airport.
We have two hours.

-Come on.
-Okay. Mario!

-I'm good at driving.

Come on, Lana!

Honey, did you forget
that I'm a pilot?

-Then go!
-Let's go!

Come on! Hit the gas!

-Are we there yet?
-No, we're getting there.

-Lana, are we there yet?
-Calm down. Almost there.

-Lana, are we there or what?
-Dammit, boy. Knock it off!

Nando! Nando!

Out of the way, dammit!

-Go! Go!


Son of a bitch!

Just a second.
I must talk to him.

-I can't...
-What the hell, Mario?

I know I screwed up!

I know I screwed up,
and you hate when I get insecure

and hesitant, but...

our life...
My life with you in it

it's much happier.
Please, don't go.

I don't feel this emotional
since Alfredo had a heart-attack.

Alfredo had a heart attack?

I'm being brave

to do what you can't.

Excuse me.

Fernando! Fernando!

Now I'm confused.
Who's she?

Hi, I'm Ana.

That's polyamory, Clotilde.

If only I knew polyamory

back in my days.

What's going on?

-I'm here to talk to you.
-What now?

Do I look like a laundromat
to do your laundry?

I'm not here
to talk about Mario.

I'm here to talk about you.

Because you're essential
to this project.

Our cause is bigger than that.

Listen to me.
It isn't about you.

But an entire generation
that grew up

with their queers in the closet.
Right, friend?

And now they'll come out,

Peeing pink across the nation.

Fernando, pink beer
is a liberating.

Pink beer is the key.

Stay here.


I don't know if I can
forgive and forget.

But of course I'll stay.

I'll stay.

But I'll need a refund
for my ticket.

Guys, clear the hall.

I'm a diva, darling!
Guys! What's this?

Hey, sir!




Bring me an eggnog
mixed with black beer.

Dear God, why? Why do I even try?

Gosh, you nag!

What are you nagging about?

I'm also going to the party.
Can't you see I'm getting ready?

-You look beautiful.
-Thank you.

Excuse me.

-Looking fabulous.
-Thank you.

Excuse me.

So, daddy. How are you?


my son,

let's talk.



I'm glad to see your excitement
for the annual party, daddy.

But that's not the only reason.

It's not? You have news?


I'll ask Lana
to be my girlfriend.

Daddy going back to action
after all these years...


-Do you think I can't do it?
-No, no.

-No, no.

Do you think Bianca and Mario
will be against it?

I think they'll respect
your choice.

Because they want
to see you happy.

-Yes, sweetie.

And you should want
the same for Uncle Vicente.


Now we have to convince dad.

Do you know your speech?

This is great!

So fabulous! Hi!

Lana and the boys
are getting ready.

Guys, this is going to be huge.

-Let's hope so!

You guys are amazing!



We'll be late. Come on.

In a minute, son.

Janaína, pour me some whiskey.

Some or some?


Good evening, everyone.

Thank you.

I'm happy to see you all here
for the annual party.

It's a little different
this year.

Because we have
a few surprises for you.

Why is Mario on the stage?


What can you tell us
about Brüderlich's pink beer?

Pink beer?

Yes, the first beer dedicated
to the gay community in Brazil.


-Brülich Pink.

-It's message...
-Will you excuse me?

"Be brave to be happy."

Wait, wait, wait!


This could only be your idea.

Is this a revenge?

Not everything is about you.

It was my idea.

Mr. Antônio, your children
are amazing.

Look around you.
It's a success.

I knew this coach thing
was a scam.

This lady will ruin
my company.

-My company.


-Take everyone out.
-Daddy, calm down.

You too, Bianca?


Have you seen what they did?

What they did? Come on.

Antônio, you have to accept
your children for who they are.

Will she convince him?
And we rehearsed for nothing?

Have you seen her fail before?

Antônio, the world has changed.

People change.

I've changed.


I led the project.

I know it'll be difficult
for you.

Okay? We all know.

But it's okay.

In times like these,

when you least expect it,

you meet someone

who changes everything,

who believes in you,

who gives you a little push

to make you believe
in yourself.

And look at it, dad!

It's beautiful!


you always believed
that I lived in Rio

to study Business
and get an MBA.

I didn't.

I came back here

to tell our family

who I really am
and what I'm passionate about.

I'm a writer, dad.

Say what?

I write plays, dad!

Plays performed

by Lana, Kiko and Xande.

And that are wonderfully directed

by Fernando.

Say what?

By the way,
I should say that Fernando

was the one

who understood me,

and made me happy
all those years in Rio.

Dad, I...

I love people.

Not gender.

Say what?

I love Ana

and I love Fernando.

What are you saying?

Hey, Fernando.

Didn't you have a girlfriend?

So, he was the...


One more thing.

The formula
of the new beer is mine.

You always say that the essence
is more important than the label.

Forget the labels, dad.

What's the problem
of us being gay?

Your sons
will always be your sons.

And you, dad?

You'll always be our dad.

If there's one thing

that I'm proud of...

Please, listen.
I'm really proud

of the way
I raised my children.

They're brave.

They fight for what they want.

I won't prevent you
from doing anything.

Give me a hug.

Come here.
Give me a hug.

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

If you wanna loosen up

I'll teach you how
To see all the colors

The best way to party
Is going to a pub

And drinking Brülich Pink

I found my place

Come toast with me

Drinking a pink beer

Everyone asks for Brülich Pink

Everyone asks for Brülich Pink

The best way to party
Is going to a pub

And drink!

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

Brülich Pink, Brülich Pink

One Pink, please.


I'll have two.

Oh, dear.

-I'll get us more.

So, and the jiu-jitsu?

No more Jiu-jitsu.

I'll show you some moves.

What is this?

I can't find the words

I must figure out who I am

Mirror, I unveil you my heart

Because the world
Isn't ready for freedom


Uncle Mario?

Won't stop what is to come

My inner strength

Lana, my dear.

You touched my heart
since we first met.

I have something to tell you.

-You do?
-I do.

Something good?

Be brave to be happy