There Will Be No Leave Today (1959) - full transcript

Soldiers undertake the perilous task of removing a stockpile of World War II bombshells discovered during roadworks under the ground of a small village.

VGIK presents with occasion of the 40
anniversary of the foundation of the "Komsomo"

POSITIONS..." or There Be No Leave Today

Screenplay: A. Gordon, I. Makhova, A. Tarkovsky

Directed by: A. Gordon, A. Tarkovsky
Workshop by M. Romm

Image: L. Bounine, E. Iakovlev

Scenery: S. Peterson
Sound: O. Polissonov
Music: I. Matskevitch

Assistant of direction: A. Kouptsova
Assistant of the operator: V. Ponomarev


Military advisor: I. I. Sklifus

Executive producer: A. Kotochev

A production of the VGIK and of the
Central Study of the Television (1958)

Everybody want that the
city to be pretty. But, how?

Let us take the Kirov street.
It has been asphalted.

Two months of work!

The asphalt was still hot when
a municipal brigade arrived

and rip it off to do a trench.

and You speak of planning.

But, what to do if each one goes to his?

The municipal committee!

- Don't worry. Stop screaming.
- The municipal committee! Give me Verchinine!


Verchinine speaking.

What? Missiles?



Very well.



On Sovietskaia street,

near school 34, they have found missiles.

- Are there many?
- Around thirty tons.

- And the problem is really mine.
- What do you think we shall do?

It has been prohibited to touch them. The
missiles have been 15 years under earth.


- Are they as dangerous as before?
- More than ever!

It is not possible to touch them.

If they explode,

they will do it with the same
violence as fifteen years ago.

Would it be necessary to
explode them on the spot?

- It is what the instructions say.
- And then?

You know what it means to explode them
in this city? Thirty tons of explosives?

- Stop.
- Stop.

- What is it?
- A new building.

Well, after the explosion of this
building, it will be all ruins.

- What do we do then?
- I have no idea.

The only thing to do is to
transport them far away.

But it will be with risk of our lives.

Yes, today we will not be
able to leave our positions...

Citizens, circulate! There
is no danger, circulate!

Do not remain here, circulate!


There are already ruins here.

We are not in war, I cannot
send my men to death.

And for us... it is inconceivable
that our city flies in pieces.

Pardon, comrade colonel but if I were able,

- I would transfer those damn missiles myself.
- But you are not able to!

No. And you?

- You cannot pass!
- I have to.

- It is prohibited. Did you not see the cord?
- I know it, I know the orders...

You are not needed here.

You cannot pass, understand?

We shall go, Morozov.

You want to send these men to clear mines?

They are fed up to keep this zone!

What do you want?

I want to work with you.

I was fireman during the war.

For seven years.

Then... do you take me?

To do what?

To transport the missiles.


It would be too much responsibility.

Go away.

Comrade, one missile makes a noise.

It is because of the sun. Take off your jacket.

Shall I regroup people?

It's bad.

A sparrow settles and...
it salutes to the company!

Who is of permission?

- I.
- I.

This does not concern you...

Those that want to follow me must reflect this.

This is going to be very hard.

If I understand it right, you want to help us.

If you are serious, yes.

But tell me frankly: yes or no?

One monent.

Then, Galitch, what do we have?

Thirty tons.

More or less.

The rest is clear.

- It will be made tomorrow, if it goes well.
- Well.

It creates problems for me
to choose the conductor.

I think about Sadovnik, but I do not know.

He is a novice. He just arrived.

- I understand, captain!
- Comrade colonel!

Do you come? It is necessary to do something!

I come.

Vassili Makarytch... No.

You have been a soldier... you know
perfectly well that I cannot take you.

Let the captain do his job
and everyone else do theirs!

I understand.

Good luck!


What happens?

Calm, comrades!


a group of soldiers directed by captain Galitch
will transport the missiles far from the city...

You envy them?

I am going away to water the flowers.

- Don't you sleep?
- I wanted to smoke.

Let us hope that it does not rain tomorrow.

- Do they sleep?
- Yes.

- Have you seen the conductor?
- Yes.

- And...?
- I do not know what to say... he is young.

- Sleeping?
- Surely.

Good, I leave.

- Good night, captain.
- Good night.

- I hope it does not rain tomorrow.
- It will not.

- Can I speak with you?
- Yes.

Authorize me to not have to be
with the operation tomorrow.

I cannot. Before I could, but not now.

They await me at home, I
have my ticket in my pocket.

Let's assemble the guard to me

Well... rejoin the guard tomorrow.

Attention! Attention!

Comrades, in this difficult and decisive hour in
which we left our city, we called you to be calm,

to be organized and have discipline.

At eight in the morning, there shall
not be a single soul left in the city.

The transports are mobilized

in order to evacuate the patients,
the disabled and the children.

Everybody must remain outside the limits of
the city, near the towns of Lebiaji Proudy and...

Take your raincoat.

No, it will not rain today.

- What?
- Nothing.

Close and go away.

- I will go...
- Good, I leave.

What happened?

- How did he arrive?
- By a bus...

- How long ago?
- Around two hours.

It has been impossible to find a vehicle.

On a table!

- How?
- Operate him in the hospital of the town.

- Impossible, it's already too late.
- But things can happen here with

- the trucks transporting the missiles and...
- What do you hope for?

- Ivan Nikolaevitch...
- Calm down.

We remain here all four.

Now, nothing depends on us any more.

Say something to them...

on behalf of all the city a
monument of honor will rise.

One moment...

Good, you know what is
necessary to say to them.

I know. I will say it.

Tell me...

Is there anybody left in the city?





- Breathing?
- Respiratory shutdown. Shock.

Alcohol, iodine.

We are prepared to fulfill our mission.

Can we begin?

- Go ahead, Galitch!
- Prepare!

Comrade colonel, according
to the instructions...

I'll leave... I'll leave.

Do you got matches?


Stop it, Tsignadze.

Why worry?


Calm down... calm sown.

And there, my husband...

There it is, Kourierski.

Slowly then.

- Stop. Do you have it?
- Yes.

Slowly... gently...

- Boys, what day is it?
- The twenty-fifth.

- What do you think about?
- It is my birthday.

- How old are you?
- Twenty.

So young and already bald!

- Happy Birthday!
- Thanks.

It is not the 25th, but the 26th.



Good, I go.

- Be careful, Kolia.
- Good luck.

Comrade Captain...

A cable.

Stop the work.

Volga, answer... Volga, answer...
give me Colonel Gvelissiani.

Vassia. Come here!

Tell me.

What is it said one shall
do if there is a cable?

Stop the work and explode
the arsenal on the spot.


I must think.

Ah, these Germans...

Quit chattering.



Are you sure that the accmulators are damaged?

Volna... Volna, what happens?
Volna, Volna respond!

Why don't you respond?

Come, it is an order!

Hello, Galitch, stop the work immediately!

Volna! Volna, what happens?

Why this silence?

Are you deaf?

Comrade Colonel.


Well... is it the last trip?


Go ahead.


- Is this the one that sounded?
- Yes.


What happens?

The trailer is open. But it will arrive.

One second!

I have blocked it with my boots.

What happens? Are they insane?

Holiday makers...

Move away the truck!


Now we are going to make some noise!

"Received by the Lieutenant Colonel"

- Vassia, shall you return immediately?
- No. Afterwards, with the Lieutenant Colonel.

"Given by Captain Galitch."

This is going to blow.

Let it rip.

- Are you tired?
- No, no.

What are you doing?

I thought that the brakes released...

Subtitles: Jakob
Edited, Synchronized and make
more completed by Klaff2004