There Is No Sexual Rapport (2011) - full transcript

French porn director and performer, Herve P. Gustave (HPG), and the highs and lows of the business.


For more than 10 years,
an extra camera with a tripod

has been installed
on each of HPG's sets.

Thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage
have been recorded.

This film is based solely on this material.


"Check me out without this
on the Play Channel."

We'll shoot this way.

Last one.

Final one.

Facing you.

- Facing the camera?
- Yes.

- You need another soft shot?
- Yes, let's do it quickly.

No! I've got a better idea.

We'll do a fake blow-job.

You'll just pretend to come
in her mouth.


Please make me happy,
try to...

Wait. We'll try to...

Ok. Soft-core.
Clap your hands! Now!

Let's go!

Good! Go on!
Fake an erection!

Can you air the room
for a few minutes?

I'm waiting for the room
to cool down.

When I sell a scene, I never...

You already have them.
Just copy them.

- Nothing came out?
- I didn't see anything.

Look, there's a bit there.

Want me to zoom in?
That's good! Beautiful!

But I won't come.
There's a bit there, but not much.

- Did you see something?
- Only a drop of snot.

We could shoot you
coming on top of her?

Tell me when you're about to come.

- Ok, that's it!
- Are you sure?

Wait, I want to check.

Give me...

Some of this footage
will have to be cut.

- Do you want a tissue?
- No, that's fine.

Fuck, you shoot well.
It's well framed.

Fuck, I shouldn't have
done this alone.

Maybe with a budget of
10,000 euros for special effects...


I love sex!
I love making young boys hard.

- Do you like my breasts?
- Yes, they're nice.

- And my tight ass, do you like it?
- Your ass is really pretty.

- So, you like young boys?
- That doesn't surprise me!

I adore initiating them
in the joys of sex.

I'm here for that.

You have to change hands.
That hand there has to be on top.

You can hide it better like that.
It's a pain in the ass.

No! It has to be like this.

That's it.


That goes there.

- On the other side?
- No, put your mouth here.

If you put it that way,
it can be seen.

No, it's simple:
Put your hand like that.

- My left hand?
- I don't care.

Your hand has to be here.

It'll be easier afterwards.
It's simple!

Ok, Don't worry. Relax.

Put your hand there.
Look at the angle here.

Put it there.

No! You do like this...

Open your mouth!
And put your tongue there.

See! It looks like you have
a dick in your mouth.

I'll show you.
Stand up with me.

Close your hand like this.
And you put that here.

Perfect. I'll film you
from this side.

Do you get it?
Put your tongue here.

Now we can see your lips

and your hands hide it.

That's what we're going to do:

come over here.

Don't worry. This is the hard part.
After it's easier.

Soft porn is boring.
Lie down, please.

Put your hand here.

And your other hand here.

There you go!

Open your legs.

I know faking a blow-job is
a real pain in the ass.

Show me!

That's it! Great!
Try to hold the towel.

Turn your ID over, please.

She can't find hers.

- We'll find your ID later, Joelle.
- At worst you make a copy.

I'm gonna teach you how to work.

You're living with a guy who's
always getting into trouble

and you want to teach him a lesson.

You come from upstairs and
you say: "You don't give a shit."

And you say: “But I'm fed up."
"I have to get him back."

Now you say:
"Excuse me? I don't know you."

And you say:
"Did he try to hustle you again?"

"Has he tried to con someone?"

You: "Listen. I was supposed
to sleep with a mature chick...

and he gave me a USB key..."
No: "He told me to come."

That line is important.
I'll make the story clearer later.

"He told me to come here
and meet a mature chick."

And he thinks he's going to bang hen

But the guy passed him
porn videos on a USB key and...

He masturbated to them instead
of getting with a mature chick.

And I'm sick of it.

And then you say:
"So he's still fucking around,

bringing all these guys
in here to con us."

"He's messing with us."

"So, we're going to teach
him a lesson."

"You're going to sleep together
and we're going to film you."

"I promised you that
you'd sleep with hen"

Wait! I want to make it clear.

I'm starting over, sorry...
I'll start again.

You meet this guy who tells you
you're going to sleep with her.

So, you go knock on the door.
But he gives you a USB key instead.

And you say: "You're going to sleep with her,
so he'll be really pissed."

"I'm fed up with all your bullshit.
Mean what you say."

- See?
- Yeah.

We need to make a coherent story
out of this. Let's do it again.

You two just slept together
This is your house...

Let's say you live here.

You say: "I'm not getting
fucked with anymore."

And: "He tried to rip him off again."

And you say to Elektra:

"Listen, I was supposed to knock on
this door and sleep with a mature chick."

"Maybe that's you, I don't know."

"But anyway I got ripped off.
The dude gave me a USB key

instead of getting me a mature chick to fuck."
Do you get it?

And Elektra, you say:
"I know what we're going to do."

"We're all going to fuck.
You, the mature chick too."

"We're going to film it and send
it to him. Then he'll stop lying."

Does that work?
Isn't it too incoherent?

Let's give it a try?

Go ahead, act it out quickly for me.

Where should I go?

Oh! What the fuck is this?
Don't mind me!

Robert fucked up again!

- Hello... I don't know you.
- Well, I live here.

All right... I came here 'cause I met
someone in the street.

I gave him money.

People said in Paris
everything was possible...

My fantasy was to fuck an older woman.

And he gave me an address...

- Here?
- Yes. So, I came.

I got a USB key...

- I masturbated to it. That's it.
- So he ripped you off again?

Personally, it's the first time.

He has already ripped of
tons of people.

Listen, I know what
we're going to do.

We're going to film you two fucking.

Then you'll have your fantasy
and we'll have gotten him back.

- Ok?
- Ok. Let's go.

Go ahead!

Ok, we'll do it once more.
That was really good...

But one last thing...

Before she films, you say:
"Do you have a camera?"

You say: "Yes, I have a little camcorder.
Let's put it..."

You insist because everything
looks too easy.

You say: "Wait. What are
you talking about?"

And you say: "I've a camera
and we're going to film it."

Her idea seems weird to you.

Because all of you agree
at the same time.

You say: "We'll keep the
movie for us, right?"

"Yes, but I'll show it to him."
That's what you forgot to say.

"We're going to film it but we'll keep it
for ourselves and I'll show it to him."

"Next time he'll watch what
he says before talking bullshit."

"And he'll stop lying."

- Otherwise it was good.
- We mention we're at your place?

No. Don't mention it.
But try to look more surprised!

Let's redo it.
You were really good.

- Really?
- Yes, great!

For the two lines that I have...

You say:
"Wait... I have a camera..."

"I have an idea:
we're going to film it."

"We'll show him that the bullshit
he says can become a reality."

Pretend to be thinking about it.

You say: "I'm going to film you."
And you say: "But what for?"

You say: "No! It's only to fuck with him."

"So he'll see that his lies
can really come true."

I can't stand it...
No, it's alright. You're good but...

Take back the camera.

Let's do it in a behind-the-scenes style.

The camera is on, take it.


Ok! Now, come!
You say: "Now he'll learn his lesson!”


Must she come now?

Look, squeeze your legs
together and come.

Wait. Put yourself like this.

You come and give a good scream.
Then you kiss.

And when I get closer with the camera,
you say: "Now he's learned his lesson!"

And that's it.
Action! Let's go!

Wait. I can't hear you.
Give me a real scream.

No. Wait! Get like this...
Show her snatch.

- But I'm going to fall off!
- Focus, Joelle!

- You aren't going to fall!
- Wait, Joelle!

- But I'm going to fall!
- Who cares, Joelle!

When I do this, you come
and then you relax. Ok?

Hide your pussy.
You, pretend to be in her.

And when I touch you,
you scream. Ok?

Let's go!

I know we're wasting time
but I can't sell such a film.

Let's go! Action!

Start over! Action!


Put it down or keep it in hand.

Don't pay attention to me!
Keep doing your thing!

Get closer!

Get your face in there please, sweetheart!

Go on!

- I'm trying not to frame it.
- That's it.

Keep going!

Give me some blow-job poses,
William. Then you can move.

What if they stay in position,
and I'll come in perpendicular?

I just need a bit more of oral.
Then do whatever you want.

I could put my head upside down like this.

Just one minute of oral.

Oh shit...

No! Make some noise.
It's not in sync. Action!

- Oh shit...
- One more thing!

Hey! No one cares if your camcorder
is actually on.

Look at this space.
Your head has to be over there.

No one gives a shit if
you're not actually filming.

Everybody knows you're getting fucked.

Keep getting sucked off!

Wait, open wide!
Like that!

Show me your pussy!
Like that!

Everything alright back there!
Watch out buddies!

William is doing some good work
here while you're screwing around!

Let's go, action!
From the top!

Spread your legs,
I want to see everything, go!

It's so good getting fucked by strangers!

Go get over there!

- It's for the behind-the-scenes.

Don't film, cause you're going
to get their faces accidentally.

Stop setting up your stuff,
it's the behind-the-scenes!

I don't want you to frame the faces.

- How old is your daughter?
- Five.

Come squirt on my face!
Now! Come!

Cum on my face, you too!

I want your sperm!

- Now, reverse shot!
- Shit! I zoomed in there...

- We don't give a shit!
- That's not the problem!

- It's in close up...
- Shut up! It doesn't matter.

It's not that we don't give
a shit... Whatever...

Great job, bros! Awesome!
Bravo Miss Leona!

Take a photo!
Get your dicks in there.

Leona, we need some saliva
to make some foam.

It's ok. We have more than enough!

Even me, I did a cumshot.

Did you?

When you yank on your dick daily,
there's nothing left in it sometimes.

Like when you have to fake
it after 3 or 4 scenes.

And plus, at night...
I have a girlfriend!

- Go on! Make some foam!
- Sometimes, it's 7 hours a day...

Wait ! Come see...
Stroke your penis!

Don't move!

It has to whiten!

Make some foam!
It's lubricant.

Make some foam!

Oh fuck! So horrible!
Like she's got rabies.

Not sure if that's better than before.

You need to give her a shot,
she's got rabies!

Go on! Here's good
condensed milk...

Make some foam!
Mix it!

Photography always tones it down.

Come on, put your dicks in there.
Open your mouth, Sweety!

There you go, not bad!

Well, except for the tongue,
it looks pretty fake...

Open your mouth!

- Of course the dudes are buying it!
- Fucking dumbasses!

Go over there:
it's not easy for her. Please!

Open your mouth!

Your leg!
It's hiding your face.

Eyes wide open!
Pick up your head even if that hurts!

Again please!
Put your dick down!

We got it!
Open your mouth!

Ok ! That's good for this take!

Wipe yourself off a little William.

Only 2 poses left.

First you fuck.
Then you pretend to come in her.

William, in the last pose you come
together with your legs crossed.

Are you ok, William?
Go on, sweetie!

Can I borrow your towel?

- I have some toilet paper.
- It's ok, use my towel.

Yeah, toilet paper might stick.

- What now?
- You are getting pissed off, right?

- It's a fucking hassle but it's fine...
- What? Soft porn?

- That's work, William!
- I know! So, let's go!

Smile! With a beginner
you have to smile.

Lie down!

William, that's not ok!
It's obvious it hurts hen

- Oh, that hurts?
- You picked me up too fast!

Don't pick her back up,
leave her flat on the ground.


William, get on your knees!

She can't follow it and
I don't want a puppet show.

There you go! Action!
That's it!

Let's go. Action!

Get down a bit.

Last pause, then orgasm
and that's it.

I'll do the photos at the same time.

For the orgasm,
we need three soft positions.

Let's go.

- William, that's work. Just as usual...
- No, don't worry...

I don't have to be happy.
Give me a break, I'm doing it!

Let's go, then.
Ok, keep talking...

Don't move and go on.
I'm doing the finale.

That's filmmaking...

Don't move.
William, look!

Reenact the build up to the orgasm.

Don't make such a face!
No we're redoing it...

Pretend to be happy!
Smile! Go on!

Take his dick, because it
looks like a snuff film.

I know that we're sweaty and stinky, but...

And you say: "Oh, no!"

Masturbate him. Action!
And smile!

I say "Action" then
you wait three seconds.

Put your head over there.
We can't see anything. Turn that way.

No, the other side.

- That way?
- No, the other way!

- Like that, so!
- There you go!

- Yes, the sun is over there!
- Of course.

Move your foot a bit.
It won't take long.

Like that?

- No, I'm in the shadow.
- It's not ok?

Turn over more like that...
William! Just like that!

- Or else facing the cam...
- No! Like this!

I've already shot that pose,
but not this one.

Look William! More like this.
There it is!


Just a little bit more William.
I'm sorry...

No! Turn that way!
There you go!

Start again that way! There!

There! That's good!

- Shit! That's not good...
- Just do what you want.

- No, I thought...
- Or we do it in the shade?

- You want to do it in the sun?
- Didn't you have a clear shot over there?

I already have that shot.
It's a fucking hassle with the sun.

Fine, we're doing the
chandelier position...

No, she's tired.
The chandelier won't be pretty.

In the shade, then.
Whatever you want...

It's kind of dumb
'cause we're in the sun.

It's kind of dumb
'cause we're in the sun.

You're right!
How about you do an easy doggy style?

- I'm not sure you'll see any better.
- We're going to try.

Put your hands on the hood.
But don't scratch it up.

No! Forget it!

- We'll just face the field then...
- There, go on!

- You need to be on all fours.
- I don't even need you to fuck her.

If you want, you can. But...

- It will look nicer if I do.
- Go on then!

What is nice here is
the depth of field.

Get in position to see,

Get back down, with your head
completely on the floor.

Like before.
Put your head square on the floor!

Completely on the ground.

- Both your hands behind.
- Like this?

No, let your hands go.
Put your head.

- Like this?
- Open your butt cheeks.

You see something?

I'll jerk off after.

Not that good:
you're putting a shadow on her face.

Would you knee behind her
and do her from the side?

- You'll have the same lighting issue...
- Go ahead, it's good for me.

Open your ass...

When you're on-top of her
the lighting is worse.

Get in position!
Sorry, it's a lot at once.

- Go on, William! I'm starting.
- Wait! I'm not ready!

You want a condom
or not, William?


For the hard photos too, no?

Yeah, to finish the hard shot.

When I'm speaking to you in the film,
look only at the camera lens.

- All right.
- And you look at William naturally.

William, seeing you
makes me want to drink!

Two things turn you on: making your
fantasy come true and filming it.

Try to say all that, and we're good.
Don't move...

Don't move.
Start when I signal you.

Hi, I'm a cheerleader.

I'm here to experience
one of my biggest fantasies.

- To be fucked by two guys... No, I can't!
- But it was good. Don't stress!

- I can't!
- No, it was great.

- I can't say it...
- Do you want William to wait over there?

He's got nothing to do with it at all!

I just can't.
It has nothing to do with you.

Hang on, I'm going to help you.
Don't worry.

- It was very good...
- Really?

- We're going to start like this.
- I'm going to try again.

Take your time.

You can just say: "I'm stressed."

Or I could say: "Is it rolling?"

Why not! Do this.
Don't move!

Keep laughing like an idiot.
Like that!

- Is it ok? Is it filming?
- Yeah, it is!

I'm here to get off
on my biggest fantasy.

I'm a cheerleader and

my fantasy is to get fucked
by jocks in the shower.

Since I've never been filmed
before or gang-banged,

I'm a little nervous.
But I hope it will go well.

You've never been filmed?
That's why you're shaking a little?

Yeah, I'm shaking.

Look at me!

Come on, let yourself go!
Open your pussy!

- Stop!
- Are you ok?

- Let's go on like this.
- Wait!

Wait a second, William.
If she stops being open...

What's wrong?
You don't like it?

William! It's too fast for her,
give her a second.

What's wrong?

- Is it going too fast?
- Yeah...

- Fine, rest for a second.
- Sorry, I really didn't mean to...

It's no big deal...

- That scared you a little?
- A little.

- You had never done that?
- No!

- Let me tell you there are lots of...
- Let's record this!

Keep crying! Tears of joy!
Go on, action!

Make her talk, William!
Talk to her.

- You've never come like that?
- Oh, no!

When I say "Action" ask her again.

- You've never squirted?
- Oh no!

- That scared you?
- A little, yes.

Now that it happened once,
it will happen again.

- Was it maximum pleasure?
- For sure, I've never come like that!

- Isn't he good, my sports buddy?
- He's a pro!

You want him to do
a little more? Slower?

- Later, not right away!
- I'll do it to her after with...

- Lie back, I'm going to...
- Did you achieve your fantasy?

Oh yes! I am proud.
I'm happy!

The thing is, he's never
been sodomized.

- He's never done it?
- William, get over there.

Get there, so you'll be framed.
And he gets there.

Don't look at the behind
the scenes cameras.

- Let's pretend we're not being filmed.
- No problem!

I need to drink!
I need to get high!

So, he's never gotten it
in the ass?

- Never. Nor blown anyone.
- Well, what can he do then?

You know what happened
to me today?

Today, I fucked up
the roles for the shoot.

If you put two givers together,
you won't have a scene, right?

Hi, I'm William.

So! We could make a scene...

The story of a guy who's
never been sodomized.

It won't be violent
or anything. See?

You blow him a little.
All in all, one hour.

- One hour?
- As you want...

And once I have ten scenes
they go onto the internet.

I don't know where yet...

But once I put them on the net,
on my site, or whatever...

Once it's on the net,
you can't control where they go.

Because people rip the files...

But it's pretty discreet...
You really have to go on a porn site.

It's even more true with gay porn:
no one sees it but gays.

It's even more true with gay porn:
no one sees it but gays.

When I'm speaking to the camera,
I'm talking to the editor. Don't worry.

- You think you can suck him off a bit?
- I don't know.

You're going to try!

Can you yank him off and all?

Can we start?

Hey! Are you ok?
You look like...

- Hi, I'm William.
- Hi.

- I messed up with the cast...
- What's the problem?

First, sit down!

- What's the matter?
- Well, the thing is...

- This guy is only a giver.
- Damn, no luck!

Our receiver never came.
This guy has never been filmed.

What do we do then?

- I told him that...
- You've never tried?

- No.
- Never?

You think watching a little porn
while we're doing it would help?

You're ready to try or not?
We don't want to force you.

- I can't promise anything...
- Don't worry about that.

But we need you to suck
him off a little. Can you try?


If it hurts you, tell him.

If you don't guide me...
Put it in there!

I don't know if it will go in.

Don't move.
We'll try it another way.

Go slowly.
Jerk off. It will relax you.

There it's in!
I don't need more.

Let's see if you're an actor
Action! Go!

Go slowly.
Go on, jerk off.

- What do you want to be in life?
- I'd like to succeed at this business.

- At porno?
- Yeah...

We've been only ten dudes
for ten years, you know.

Don't think things are that simple.

So, you admit...
You know how to act a little or not?

A little, yeah...

You think you could be a pro now
or you need some more experience?

You think if I bring you on a set with me,

I'll try to steal your part

so you won't have a hard anymore
and I'll act the next scene...

It's not that simple, buddy.

The more simple it seems,
the more difficult it is.

You think you can just say "hi"
and you're in business?

Earning 8.000€ a month with your dick
for banging the hottest chicks...

You really think life is like that?
If it was, everyone would go for it.

- No, it's not what I mean.
- The simpler it looks the harder it is...

That's not what I mean.
I know it's difficult, but...

- What?
- I know it's difficult, but anyway...

You think you can do it?

- Yeah, have to go further.
- Today you went far! No doubt!

I think you can do it.

But you need to get confidence.

'Cause, when you meek
a great Wed pom star,

who looks at you like shit
because of her personal problems,

you have to stay erect.
You take her!

You show her that with
your dick you can do it all.

You stick her against the wall.
Because if you listen to her,

she'd rather do as little as possible.
- Basically, you need self confidence.

There you go!

The chick only wants a partner
who makes her look good on screen.

You know your dick is not that huge...

better than the average though...
So, you need to have sexual skills.

Imagine I bring you to Prague...

It's expensive: I rent lofts and
the girls cost me money.

You have to be confident like a beast
'cause I can't sell a mediocre scene.

You have to come on demand
after three hours.

And sometimes she doesn't
even want you.

But you've got to make
a great scene, you see?

I'd really like to have confidence
and get the girls from my high school.

Don't worry about the girls...

Forget about the fancy snobs.

Those pretty idiots with
no muscle, or who do judo...

- Fuck 'em up.
- Yeah.

So the dude shows up. He's fat,
his whole body is sagging.

He wants to be like his daddy
but he doesn't know how to fight.

Slick talker with his fashionable
little hairdo, you know...

He hits on her...
He has cash to take her out.

But you're like me.
You're a worker.

So the dude's like a big larva.

Anyway he'll get the chicks. Not you.
Still, that's just the beginning.

Because you're going to become a porn star
and all the chicks will come to you.

I can imagine...

Don't look up to those idiots,
those daddy's boys.

You're a worker.
You're tough as leather, right?

See what I mean?

Be confident. That dude's self-assured
'cause he's got daddy's cash.

Great for him, but we're not like that.

See what I mean?
Don't look up to those fuckers!

He's dressed in the latest stuff.
But with no muscle. You know?

Or maybe he does horseback riding.

But he rakes in the chicks
like your little girlfriend

who wants to escape from the hood.

But that's just the beginning
of this sucker's life!

You're only 19 but you'll crush him.

The pretty chicks, really pretty,
those are for you and not for him.

'Cause when he turns 25,
what will he have done?

Succeeded on his final exams?
You've already fucked up high school!

Then, the guy is in 2nd year
of accounting school.

Fuck! With your face,
you'll be a porn-star.

You're going to get the babes.
See what I mean?

- You have time, bro! What's that?
- A cookie.

Fuck! When I go to shake your
hand, put out your hand!

I go to shake and there's a cookie
where my hand should be!

You're mature for your age
and you're good looking.

The babes I date: from Crazy Horse
Saloon, models, the best...

The chicks I date in my private life,
if you come out with me tonight,

They'll be more into you
than that loser

Those fuckers, so at ease hitting
on girls at 19, talking bullshit...

They're always hanging out
with their buddies.

All together with their
fashion hairdos. The idiots...

You may not know how to talk to
them but you can fuck them up.

If the chick gets fucked with,
you defend her, not him. See?

She's going to be like:

"Fuck, I'm leaving you, dumb-ass!
He defended me!"

And he will be like:
"Whatever! He's black anyway!"

Maybe he's a little racist.
Maybe not at that age though,

'cause it's not good to be
a racist at that age...

- At that age, of course there is some!
- Really?

He'll say:
"Fuck, you're dating a black guy!"

She's is going to say with her pretty eyes:
"He defended me. Fuck off!"

And you'll jump her.
And what can he do with no muscles?

He can't do a thing!

If he gets hit, he cries.

And how does he fuck her?
With a dick like his muscles, so soft...

- Meanwhile, you are a warrior!
- It's true. You have to be a warrior.

Look: type "HPG", "List of HPG films".
I do lots of stuff...

Anyway, I don't want
to start bragging, but...

- This chick is ugly...
- You did her?

Of course! I've banged them all!

- She's got great tits.
- I'd like to succeed at that too...

Yeah, but you are only 19...

You're already ahead.
One: you can fight.

That's pretty good. Can't mess with you!
You can defend your chick.

Two: you can keep it up,
even in hard or extreme conditions.

Three: You don't talk only
about porno, you do it.

Now, you're in the business with me!

- I want to play more than just a small role.
- Of course!

So, you know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to write it down.

Next Saturday...

We're shooting a scene with 3 other guys
and you're a giver, ok?

- Do you do anal, sweety, or not?
- What? Yeah.

Don't worry about this camera,
it's for the behind-the-scenes.

I'm going to film you like that.

Don't look at me over here.
Look at me through the camera.

Otherwise, it's like you're looking at
the guy jerking off in front of the TV.

So, look at me and
look at William.

But don't look at me here.
Look at me in the camera.

Sophia, 22 years old...

I want to get taken by
several guys at once...

that I don't know.

Here I feel safe,
so I'm going to do it.

You look nervous.
Tell us why you contacted us...

Explain to us
what your fantasy is.

It's one man in the front
and one behind...

- Really!
- To suck and to come.

So you contacted us for that?
You're ready?

- Never been filmed before?
- No, never.

And you're ready to do it?
You want to have a great time?

And you asked me to give you
some photos of the scene?

- Alright?
- That's right.

- You're ready?
- Yes.

And there's a little extra.
Show us what you want.

I'm going to put this
on over my eyes.

So I won't see anything.

- It's your first, then?
- Yes, my first.

And you do that because...
You told me that your private life was...

It was flat.

Go ahead, touch yourself
and ask the guy to come in.


- No, louder!
- Come!

- Come on darling...
- Tell us how much you want it.

I really want it.
I truly want it!

- Again! Scream it!

Touch yourself...

Ask it again!

I want it!
I want your dick in my pussy!

I want it!
I want your dick in my pussy!

- Ok, getting there.
- And another dick in my ass...

You asked us to shoot it,
is that right?

Filmed and photographed?

Filmed and photographed,
or just filmed?

- Both.
- Both?

Welcome to your fantasy...

- I'm going to come!
- Look at me and speak! Action!

- Oh, I'm going to come!
- Wait! Don't move!

- Say it again...
- I'm going to come!

It's really good... Seriously!

You're having a great time?

Seriously, so good.
That guy's so good!

It was awesome!

- Seriously! So good!
- Really?

- It's really what you wanted?
- He made me squirt! So good...

- You've never done that before?
- No.

But voilà, I did it!

- You never squirted before?
- No never... and voilà!

I'm giving you the photos now.

Want to say something to the guys
who'll be masturbating to you?

Come hard! Have fun!

I'm made for this.

No! Do it again without
the "Ciao, bye!"

- Oh no!
- Ok, that's fine! Wait!

Cut out the "Ciao, bye" and
just keep: "I'm made for this!"

- You were really good!
- Thank you !


I'm just making a copy for the client.

That way, I'll see if it works.
After, I'll make one copy for you.

- You've ever been in love?
- Yes. I...

Uh no.

- Yes or no?
- I've been, but it wasn't reciprocal.

You deserve for the dude
to be in love with you.

Was he a good dude at least?

I mean, I've had many but...


- I don't know...
- Stroke my dick...

I want to do you.

You're turned on too, aren't you?

Go on!

Why doesn't it want to...
Oh shit! You're kinky!

Aren't you kinky?

There's a little cum
down there, you feel it?

Wait. Excuse me.

You're a kinky girl!

One, two. Go on!

Get like that while
I'm cleaning this stuff.

- You'd never squirted before?
- No.

- I've seen an actress...
- Put down the toilet seat and sit down.

I saw an actress do it.
Several even.

- You're really getting off making that scene?
- For sure.

- Well, good for you!
- Now I know I'm a squirter.

- I didn't know I could.
- You really let go. That's why.

But he fucked me
damned well too!

- He's a pro!
- That's William!

He's not just anyone, that guy.

So, my dear friends!

- Let's get started!
- I come in and say: "Happy Birthday?”

No! Come out and do it!

Really sexy.

I'm going to set my camera.
Close the curtains.

You come in like this,
look at me.

- You Say: "Happy Birthday Luc!"
- Happy Birthday Luc!

You get on your knees and say:
"Do I blow you guys or not?"

Maybe I could give this first...
'Cause it's a little too much.

We're going to say...

You come out...

...of the curtain.

- What a surprise...
- And you do the strip tease for me.

- I do it in here...?
- With the bottle.

Hide the label.
Yeah, get in the middle of the room.

So, let me explain...

William, remember to shoot me
for the behind-the-scenes.

- Hervé must be seen, for sure!
- Don't worry.

'Cause if you don't see him,
it would be a real tragedy!

You don't have to record it all.
Catch the big moments.

You come out...

and dance.

I'll guide you a little.
Imagine there'll be music added in.

Let's go? Hyper sexy!
Show me how you're going to dance.

- Tell me what do you want me to do.
- Dance! Look!

You come out and you do like this.

Go ahead, show me!

Come on, it's just us!
Do it!

- I do some cheesy thing like this.
- Great, fuck!

If everyone were like you,
it would be a lot easier! Let's go!

- Come out of the curtain?
- With the champagne bottle.

That bottle again!
That thing is my biggest co-star today!

We haven't finished yet!

- You see how she puts us down?
- What?

- You see how she puts us all down?
- "My biggest co-star"...

People say: "I fucked your daughter,
I fuck you, I'll fuck your mother"

What a behind-the-scenes!
Let's start!

- Are you ok?
- Super!

At least you don't have to
dance like a dumb-ass!

- Believe me, I've had to do worse shit!
- I believe you.

2000 scenes... I imagine you've done
every possible and imaginable thing.

You haven't been here
long in the business?

- One month?
- Yeah, three weeks.

- How many scenes have you done?
- 1, 2, 3, 4... 5.

More than most.

- I'm talking about girls, of course.
- I understood.

- A little life detour...
- How did you end up here?


No, it's not confidence!

If I didn't have confidence,
I'd never put this outfit on.

That's precisely why I don't need to...

Oh no, fuck!

- You don't like seeing yourself?
- No, I can't stand it!

- And listening to myself is worse.
- I can understand.

It's horrible!
Can you stand listening to yourself?

- I never see myself.
- We agree, then!

- I only saw 2 films, that's all.
- I've only had a few parts till now.

But I've never been able
to watch these films!

Photos don't bother me...

But as soon as I'm in action,
talking or moaning. No way!

Can you present yourself, please?

I'm Anna, I'm 19
and I fucked earlier.

- Rather, I was fucked.
- By who?

- Oh, with people, not sure...
- Can you show us your breasts?

Talking about you,
I was saying that if you saw

this young lady at 2 o'clock,
her breasts would be bigger at 4...

Because you're so young,
and your breasts are translucent.

See, translucent...

Can you show the camera what I mean
by translucent breasts?

I didn't know we were going
to discuss my chest for hours!

The American army hires 19 year olds
because the brain is formed at 21.

You're like those young
19 year olds: you take risks.

But at 21, you stop taking risks...

So they hire them at 19

because they aren't conscious
of the risks they're taking.

The human brain stops forming at 21.

At what age do you think
the human body stops forming?

25, I guess?

- That's it?
- And the brain is at 21.

So do the American army!
Just like the French army, though...

No offense!

You worked with me but
are you conscious of...

Look at those!
Those are not fully formed!

They're so little. They're going
to grow, aren't they?

Yoyo, you think those
are going to grow?

- I think so.
- You can tell they're young!

You're keeping that for yourself
or do you plan to use it?

Don't you see how wonderful
it is for a man to know...

Hey! You're making fun of me
in this interview!

I'm just saying that your breasts
are growing before us...

And your brain is structuring itself.

- Don't you think she's a beautiful woman?
- No, you don't ask...

Hey! I'm not merchandise
even though I open my legs!

Why are you getting naked so cheap,
when everyone wants to get with you?

You're really a beautiful woman.

I'd never dare hit on you if I saw you out,
'cause you're so beautiful!

- 'Cause you're so drunk, you mean!
- And we slept together for a few Euros!

- Go on, tell everyone how much I make!
- It's none of the tax man's business...

- You're beautiful. Are you an actress?
- If you say so...

Why do you give
so much of yourself?

- Stop it or I quit!
- We're going to make Hervé cry!

They'll get back together
You'll see!

Are you filming? Focus on me
cleaning up this mess.

That's what I figured!!

Call me just before you come.

Does it bother you
if I clean up a bit...

That way it's casual.

William, can you stay a while
to watch the behind-the-scenes?

One, two, one, two...

Move your head please, Olivier.
Good technique.

Show me your head.
Put it like this!

Look at your dick, Olivier.
Come squeeze his dick.

Hide his asshole! With your hand.
Great, thank you!

Last one guys!
Go on Olivier

Olivier, don't get too close!
Your face, bro!

Hand on his asshole, Olivier!

Move your head. Good!

Can you come while
being sodomized?

Of course! With a guy like
Olivier! No problem...

Fuck guys, if you only knew
what a hard time I have!

Sometimes, you wonder:
"What the fuck?"

It's also that
Olivier turns me on.

You have to fake it sometimes
but with Olivier it's not forced.

Olivier, can you do
something for me?

- Could you spoon laying down over here?
- No problem!

I'll let you handle this thing.

After a short break,
you ejaculate and I'm out.

Come on guys!

- Hey!
- I can handle it.

Thank you, Olivier.

- Tilt your head!
- I'm fine!

Try a new position for me.
I'm going to rest for a second.

I'm gonna get some water.

' Hey, no!
' I'm joking,

- It's water, right?
- Yes.

Do one or two basic positions.

That's good Olivier, thanks.

- You had some vodka afterwards?
- What?

You had vodka after?

Did you drink again afterwards?