Their First Mistake (1932) - full transcript

Mrs. Hardy is irate that her husband Oliver spends more time with his friend Stanley than with her. Oliver decides to adopt a baby, hoping that it will keep his wife occupied so that he and Stanley can continue to carouse. But upon returning home with the infant, they find a process server with a divorce summons, and spend a sleepless night caring for the squalling baby.

- 180 days.
- All right, come on, you.

Next case.

Laurel and Hardy.

Take off your hat.

You're charged with vagrancy.
Are you guilty or not guilty?

Not guilty, Your Highness.

On what ground?

We weren't on the ground,
we were sleeping on a park bench.

lf the jail wasn't full,
l'd give you both 180 days.

ln as much as the jail is full,
l'm going to give you both just one hour.

- Thank you, sir.
- To get out of town!

And never let me set eyes on you...again.

Case dismissed.

Does that mean that we can go back
and sleep on the park bench?


Or l'll build a jail for you.


- What's the matter, neighbour?
- l lost the key of my car.

- Can't you find it?
- No, that's why l'm looking.

- Maybe it fell down the grating?
- Maybe it fell down the grating.

- Maybe it fell down...maybe it fell down...
- Here it is, down here.

- Where?
- Right there.

Hold him while l get it.

Gee, this thing is heavy.

Say, wait a minute, l think l've got an idea.

All right, l'll hold him.

l'll get it out of there.

- We'll have it in just a jiffy.
- We'll have it in just a jiffy.

l got it!

- He's got it.
- He's got it!

Here, hold him. l'll get it.

Hold this while l get it.

-..fell down the grating...
- Yes!

-..down the grating...
- That's right. Now, walk.

- There you are, sir.
- Jump in, fellas, and l'll take you home.

l'm sorry, sir. But we have no home.

Get in the car!
You fellas are coming home with me.

l wouldn't see a dog
stay out on a night like this.

Thank you, sir.

- Give us the key, give us the key.
- The key?

- The key.
- The key?

- You got the key?
- Hold him while l get the key.

Give us...give us the key.

The key... Are you the key?

Shh! Here comes a policeman.

Fell down the grating...

- lt's a policeman.
- A policeman.

Hey, come on, let's get out of here.

Hello, hello, hello.

Home sweet home.

lt's awfully nice of you
to invite us to spend the night.

Don't mention it. What's mine is yours.

Bless me...

- Did you lose something?
- l lost the key to the house.

Maybe it fell down the grating.
Maybe it fell down the grating.

You mind if l help you look for it?

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

Someday l gonna have
all my pockets in lace.

That will be a good idea, l think.

- ls there somebody home?
- Not a soul. Only the wife.

- Why don't you ring the bell?
- Oh, we can't do that.

You hold him while l'll look for a window. hold me, will you...

Lean him against something
and come and help me.

- l wonder where he went to.
- Maybe he followed us through the window.

Let's see if he's in there.

Get on my back and take it easy.

Where are you?

He's not in there.

l can't get down.

Come on.

My room is upstairs to the left.

You palsies go up
and make yourselves comfortable.

l'll go and put the car away and then
l'll make a little drink and l'll be right up.

Thank you, sir.

Might l ask what you are doing here?

- lsn't this my house?
- lt certainly is not.

- Ooh. Maybe l'd better go, then.
- Maybe you had.

- What was that, Hawkins?
- A drunken man, madam,

who thought it was his house.

lt's a good thing my husband wasn't home,
he'd have killed him.

You know how he detests drunken people.

- See that he's out of the house.
- Very good, madam.

Ah, divine!

See what a little kindness will do?

lf we hadn't helped him,
we wouldn't be in a spot like this.

l wonder where he is.
We better go and look for him.

That's a good idea.

Come here.

Do you wanna wake his wife? Come on.

Hey, get some water quick.
l think it's his wife.

Get some water.

Come on, quick, hurry up.

What are you doing in my house?

Don't be alarmed, lady,
we're friends of your husband.

- Where is he?
- He went to put his car away.

He'll be right up.

You've got my husband's pyjamas on.

Yes, ma'am. You see,
we helped him out of a little difficulty

- and he invited us to spend the night.
- What for?

Well, you see, it's raining outside
and we got all wet.

- ls my husband wet too?
- Wet? He's soaked.

Oh, the poor dear.

Well, won't you gentlemen
come in and sit down?

- Won't you make yourselves comfortable?
- Thank you, ma'am.

- Mr erm...? We've never been introduced.
- No, ma'am.

- l'm Mrs Beaumont.
- l'm Mr Hardy.

- How do you do?
- This is my friend Mr Laurel.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Stop it! Stop it, stop it.

How's about a little dance?

We'd rather not.
Your husband might not like it.

l wanna dance!

- Come on and dance!
- l don't wanna dance.

- Yes, you do. You wanna dance with me.
- l don't like to dance. You better go to bed.

Oh, if you don't wanna dance, we'll wrestle.

Oh! Careful!

Do something to help me. Stop it!

- Will you...
- Cut this out.

Don't do that!

Stop it, don't do...

Oh! l'd better have another glass of water.

lf l give you another glass,
will you go to bed?

OK, boy.

You go to bed and we'll go
and look for your husband.