The Year of the Plague (1979) - full transcript

A terrible disease is found in a Mexican town. A doctor tries to alert the authorities when he discovers its epidemic nature. No one listen to him and soon after the disease spreads. The government tries to control the information in order to prevent panic. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Script by
Gabriel García Márquez

Based on
"A Journal of the Plague" by Daniel Defoe

Dialogue by José Agustín,
Gabriel García Márquez and Juan Brennan

Directed by
Felipe Cazals

"It has been a good day for everyone,
even for God."

"No signs of rain. No evidence
of disease or blood." (Henry Miller)

Hey you!
Are you OK?

I need help!
This man is sick!

- Let him breathe!
- Give him some air!


- System alerts.
- Railway control, here.

System alerts, here; we hear you,
railway control.

We have an alarm:
line 3, sector 23.

Check it and maintain isolated
15 to 25 sectors, west ending.

I repeat: Check it and maintain isolated
15 to 25 sectors, west ending.

Already checking, Control.

- Code 2-02 to railway line 4.
- Roger that, Control.

Feb. 12, Wednesday, 10:15 am

Salazar... 12 years old.

School student.
internal bleeding; visceral damage.

Those kids, maybe he was in a fight.

Sonia Raimondi, actress.

25 years old.
She is gorgeous.

Used to be...
Barbiturate poisoning.

She left more than four broken hearts,
that's for sure.

- No doctor, her heart is broke.
- Sure thing.

Let her an autopsy.

Alvaro Mбrquez, 53 years old.

Repo man.
Pulmonary thrombosis.

- Come again?
- Pulmonary thrombosis.

Already seven, and counting.

"Eva Aponte - 26 years old
Endemic diseases expert"

Do I have to let
Dr. Genoves know about all this?

Dr. Genoves, 48 years old.
Plastic Surgeon.


Dr. Abasolo, 50 years old.
Principal Officer judicial medicine.

We were able to assess expectations...

In the north of the country.

- Yes?
- Yes...

Jorge, this is Dr. Genoves.
We've a new case in the emergency room.

- It is within our jurisdiction.
- When?

- Any time.
- Give me one hour.

I'll see you in the
confinement of corpses.

I'll be there.

Miss, cancel all my appointments for today.

- Even your dinner date?
- No, only warns him that I'll get delayed.

- I'll see you there, Genoves.
- See you.

"Municipal Public Health"

- Please be very careful, Doctor.
- Why?

- The Comet will pass near the Earth.
- That does not matter.

Anyway, I never leave my house at night.

Jimenez - 32 years old.
Canal 5, Intervision (newshound)

The signs are all the same.

Blocked bronchus,
infected respiratory tract.

lymphatic system is clean.
The tongue looks healthy.

No visible spots on the body.

- Then, what?
- We are at an impasse.

Sure. Where to fucking start?

As I told you last month,
jack-in-office monkey.

The medical history of each patient tells
a better story than their guts.

- Don't you think so, Miss?
- Me? I only hear what you say, Dr.

Anyway, tomorrow I will send an agent to
talk to the relatives of the dead.

But not only this one,
but all the others.

So, What has happened
with the pen and watch?

He was carrying that
stuff when leaving home.

- This was all they gave me, ma'am.
- And the ring?

Where's the rest of his stuff?

Look, It was a great
achievement to get the body.

Now, Lady, please listen to me.

How long has your husband sick?

About maybe two weeks ago.

He had strong shivers.

Then high fever.

Then a very strong headache pain.

- As if he had been kicked by horse.
- And there was any coughing?

Hum, yeah, very much. Poor thing.

And what did the doctor said?!

Nothing. I thought it was just a cold.
We did not visit the doctor.

I just bought some pills.

He was weak, but...
Who would have imagined that he will die.

Ma'am listen up!
He said about some underarm or groin pain?

- Where?
- The groin... here!

No... he didn't say about it.

He was in bed for three days;
And then he said feel better.

On Monday he went to work.

And then...

Alvaro! I said. Let
Tere drive you to work...

Tere is our daughter, you see.
She has a car.

But he refused, said he was well and
went to the Tube.

Do you know if any relative,
friend or neighbor

Someone close with the same symptoms?


"March 21"

- What do you want?
- Looking for Mr. Garcia.

On this floor there are seven Mr. Garcia.

- Did I hear Garcia?
- Yeah, Sergio Garcia.

That's me.

I'm a Municipal health
employee and I want to ask

you some questions,
regarding the death of your wife.

It is routine.

Sure... You see...

I go to school to pick up my other son. If
you come with me, we can talk on the way.

Sure, no problem.

- After you.
- Thanks!

Do you have any symptoms
of the common cold?

No, we are good.

The only death in the family
has been Andrea, my wife.

And as you see,
I am now both father and mother.

Oh, I see. Don't you have any friend or
relative, someone to take care of the kids?

No, we are foreigners.
We arrived here just three months ago.

Sorry. Your Spanish is very good.
I didn't notice.

Come on, Ma'am...
In my country, we speak your same language.

- Hello.
- Say hi to the lady here.

- Hello.
- Hi. You're very handsome.

Okay Mr. Garcia. That's it.

Thanks and in case you remember
something, please give me a call.

- So long.
- Hey!

- What is happening? - Nothing.
- And then, why the interrogation?

I don't know anything. Ciao.

- You gave me a fright!
- I thought you were sleeping, dear.

- What? Worried about something?
- No.

I didn't feel sleepy.
Did you have dinner?

No. I had a lot of work in the clinic,
and then I go to the General Hospital.

Magdalena, from morning
you need to boil milk.

Ewww! No way. I always
buy pasteurized milk.

- And you believe that?
- Sure.

Please boil the milk.
Just like the grannie did.

Have a kiss, grannie!

And so for the drinking water.
And you must not eat raw vegetables.

Wow, have we been invaded by the gringos?

Don't be silly!

There are some isolated
outbreaks of typhoid.

It would be a good idea
to take a daily Sulpha pill.

Just as a precaution.

What about you?

I've already taking them.

Yeah? Really?

April, 19

147, please.

Hello. This is Mr. Garcia.

Send the samples to many laboratories.
We must be sure.

We may have the first X-rays today.

Analyze them and send me a summary.

- Remember the CBC.
- It'll be ready for tomorrow.

Handle it it yourself.

Same as usual; this looks like a
simple bronchopneumonia.

However, forensic states that the mother
died with the same symptoms.

It is my opinion that we should
intensify surveillance of the patient.

We should make a report every 30 minutes
during the next 12 hours.

This boy should not stand alone.

If it is only a bronchopneumonia,
antibiotics may do their job real fast.

Yes, we will see what happens tomorrow.

Well, no use to remain here.

"Dr. Zermeсo - 60 years old.
Director of the General Hospital."

Hey Doctor;
How are things going?

The infection appears to be controlled.

The clinical evolution
of the child is satisfactory.

Dr. It is the same disease that
happened to my wife?

We are not sure.
We must wait for laboratory confirmation.

In the meantime, you must be under
medical observation for the next two days.

- Dr. I must go to work.
- So I do.

Do not worry about it,
that can be arranged.

A quarantine does not hurt.

Don't you think so, Doctor?

What the hell is your point here?

We are facing a much more serious disease
than expected, Doctor.

If I ask the question is because
I can anticipate the response.

I have more experience
over your years of study.

This is a simple bronchopneumonia.
Only that.

We are not in the dark ages!

Do you think so, Doctor?

Is the music bothering you?

Only that kind of music.

What genre do you like?

Do you mind if we reach an agreement?

We met before?

Dr, We've have performed
73 autopsies as a team.

I don't remember your face.

It is said that you only have

self-awareness. I do
not believe it that way.

What is so funny?

My wife keep saying the same.

Tell me, why a joyful woman as you practice
autopsies and lugubrious things like that.

I'm doing my residency,
and preparing my thesis.

What is your thesis about?

"Comparative statistical analysis of
the epidemic incidence of asymptomatic

variants of infectious diseases in
Europe during the Middle Ages."

That can be said in one word.

Sure, but it's a word
that no one dares to say.

Unless you are not sure.

Are you?

- I am.
- Can you prove it?

Not yet.

Then, that word is useless.

- Another false alarm.
- Luckily, no Doctor?

How are the father and brother.

- Eating very well. Can they leave?
- As soon as possible.

And you, young dude,
school tomorrow.

I will not make fun of you, doctor Genoves.

Now I have some doubts. Nobody
heals that fast from bronchopneumonia.

May 14

National intoxication Prevention Center

Do open your mouth.

This hurts?

It hurts to swallow?

Gentlemen, first of all, parents
of children must remain calm.

The resolutions taken and all of our
government, aim the health of children,

at the risk of an
outbreak of a mass sickness.

we believe that there are no risks.

children and teachers can return home.

Good news, but you have
not said what is more important,

what caused the death of those 11 kids?

These questions you must answer,
Mr. Martinez.

All of you are misinformed, you see...

2 boys are dead,
but the little girl is recovering.

We don't know the specific causes,
but we suspect food poisoning.

And we are investigating
all possible sources.

In short, we will present
an accurate and detailed report.

And that would be it, gentlemen.

Move on, quickly! (Budillo - 43 years old
- Deputy Managing Director of Health.)

Whatever it is, Mr. Martinez,
you should ask my board before deciding.

I did nothing but follow the protocol.

You acted according to the book;

but remember, our
duty is to prevent that

things happen in the
way that books described.

The matter is very serious.

Serious? Your actions
are serious, Martinez.

To Evacuate and isolate a school!

Isolating students
and teachers as if it was...

I don't know, a war!

* City Hall * * Social and
Economic Research Unit

* District / Population /
Urban preferences / Date

Torres - 52 years - Mayor

Dr. Abasolo and I have found that in recent
weeks, we have seen an increase in cases.

In just 15 days, we had 57 cases,
all proven, within the limits of this city.

Only 57 cases? That is not alarming.
(Dr Zavala - 53 yrs old - Iberoamerican Monetary Fund)

They are not just numbers,
but what they suggest.

It is a number that
can grow without control.

Remember, Dr. Genoves,

In this city, 800 people die weekly from
gastrointestinal diseases.

Between 500 and 700 for heart problems.

The same number
from respiratory complications.

Because of the
poisoned air we have in this city.

And hundreds more die in car accidents
or because of the violence.

57 cases: arithmetically,
they suggests nothing.

50 or 60 bodies don't count
in a city of 13 million people.

I insist that a purely numerical analysis
tells us nothing, Dr.

Well, tell me your hypothesis, Dr. Genoves.

Is not an hypothesis, Dr.

Ah, you're going to
formulate a new universal law.

No, just the result of months of work.

And it is based on solid background.

The history of an epidemic
can be traced back to biblical times.

First book of Samuel, XI century B.C.

Ephesus books speak
of an epidemic in North Africa,

200 years B.C.

Europe, XIV century: 25 million dead.

Mongolia, China, India...
countless deceased.

Prague, Netherlands,
Vienna, more than 170,000 deaths.

In 1894,
in Hong Kong over than 100,000 deaths.

The list is endless, Dr.

The organism that causes this
disease is mutable, active and is alive.

Always lurking.

You're not a pretender?
Are you fully aware of your speech?

I am. As much as you,
being the both of us epidemiologists.

Do you need more data?

Hold on! We want to understand your
language, what are you trying to say?

The scholar Dr. Genoves here,
warns us of an epidemic

An allegory, represented by a man
with very long legs, covered by a red cape.

In its wake,
death and desolation were sprouting.

Impossible today.

Impossible, but too serious subject, sir.

Well gentlemen, as nobody speaks clearly
at this table, will be me who says it.

It is the plague, Mayor.

The plague, here in our city.

The plague, it's a general concept,
it can be anything.

Yes, but in this case it could kill 8
million within a period of only 3 months.

Damn. You forgive me Doctor,
but I think your math is wrong.

I think your concept of history is wrong.

In times of Emperor Justinian,

a pandemic of these proportions,
killed half the population.

Over a 100 million victims.

The sanitary conditions of our time
are completely different.

Yes, they have worsened. The population
explosion facilitates the spread.

Just imagine.

I'm picturing the
terror that this news will unleash.

That may be even more
serious than the epidemic itself.

Everything depends
on the approach to the news.

I suggest sharing the news,
take the necessary measures,

and... well, that is basically our duty.

My duty is to prevent
an outbreak of panic, Dr.

This issue must be handled
with extreme discretion.

Do you mean, total concealment?

I fear not the words.

If you want to interpret
it that way, so be it.

Total concealment, then.

Okay, Mayor; I recommend you to
be very careful when shaving.

The plague can still squeeze
through a slight scratch.

Are you trying to intimidate me?

I am, Major.

History proves that the plague has killed
many mayors and kings, even one Pope.

And how come you speak
fluently about history?

I thought you were one of those doctors...
who operate film actresses.

- A plastic surgeon.
- Indeed.

Dr. Genoves has three international
doctorates, two of them magna cum laude

And the third one for
being a great gourmet.

Agree. Let's take some
preventive measures, just in case.

Without scaring citizens, I must say.

Some fumigations here and there.

And mainly, concentrate any
"funny" case in the General Hospital.

So we can handle any situation.

I wonder if I become a believer
in your fevered imaginations?

While the political
bureaucracy manipulate public

institutions, as if
they were its property,

only to benefit the class of the powerful,

this Country will remain fucked up, Jorge.

June, 15

*** "C.N.P.I." Stands
for "National Commission

for the Prevention
of Infections" ***

We still have time to undo
this unnecessary trip.

It is for the protection
of our children, dear.

It's a simple precaution.
Two months at most.

Your best quality is
that you're a little lunatic.

But I know you will no rest until
you become paranoid to us all.

Who, me?

Magda! You forget passports!

- What about vegetables?
- We have not been stocked for days.

** Silvia Turrent - 36 yrs old.
School teacher. **

Everyone talks about the Comet,
but still no one has seen it yet.

I have, Ma'am; the comet appeared in
the sky in the early hours of the morning.

It was as big as the sky itself.

It wore long hair, completely disheveled.

It was a female Comet. She was crying,
her face was covered with tears.

It reminded me of the Spider Woman.

I'm sorry you missed it.

Rodrigo! What a shame!

Stop! You can not pass!

No way! I live in that building!

Today it were
reported 11 gas leaks,

classified as very
dangerous, around the city

the eviction was necessary
to protect the lives of tenants.

Authorities are investigating
the causes of these leaks.

Remember that 5 years ago there were
huge penalties against those responsible.

It seems that there is still no
awareness among distributors of gas.

This can have fatal consequences
for the inhabitants and consumers.

- Yes?
- Mr Julian, engineer Medina is calling.

- He is the leader of the gas companies.
- Let me talk to him.

** Julian Arango - 50 yrs old.
Television host **

Good evening. This is engineer Medina.

Yes engineer, I just report gas leaks.

I'm aware of that, so I'm calling.

I want to clarify some points.

We are listening.

We carry a strict control of each gas leak,
its causes and control measures,

I can assure you that today, we are far
below the number of leaks that you mention.

I have the numbers of the
leaks for the last 3 months

I can prove that at that time, we only had
some minor and inconsequential gas leaks.

So, you are irresponsible
to call us irresponsible.

However, this information reached us
through an official source.

I repeat that we can prove all I've said.

I ask you that this matter will be
immediate and properly clarified.

I understand you. I will do my best to
clarify this matter.

Thank you for calling us.

Jimenez, I demand an explanation!

Sir, this has nothing to do with me.

The head of municipal press
has given us this information!

I give a flying fuck!
I can't act like a misinformational jerk.

Why you doubt the official information?

Don't be silly? Do you know Medina?

You think he's going
to jeopardize his head?

But there has been a press conference!

Tomorrow that note must be either denied
or confirmed, before we go on the air!

Yes, sir.

One moment!
I'm not done.

Two hours ago the
conference in Vienna has ended.

- You know what were the conclusions;
- I don't know. They all sleep there.

Oh, really? Fuck! We've to go out
with the full note, before channel 15!

Paty, my dear... I have some important
task for you.

Today Dr Clemente arrives
to Mexico, and no one

has obtained an interview
in more than three years,

You will be able to
achieve the interview.

- Not me.
- How come?

Because I know Clemente, and he wants
me in his bed, as a requirement.

Then do what he wants,
That's why we give you your check.

I thought to give some information,
but decided to discuss it with you.

Mostly everything.

Evacuated and sealed buildings.

People wrapped in plastic.

Military hospitals,

You're so naive.

You should not get involved in this.

Not so easy, Bernardo. And the
manager of the gas came down on my neck!

He has also barked at us.

But that is not important.

I mean, not worth as much as panic.

The riot, the consequences
if this gets to see the light.


It was not my call.

Cry me a river; I have a job to do.

The public has a right to be informed.

And since when the
public is important to you?

Since it is for you.

At any rate, something
this big can't be hidden.

You've done it in the past.


Okay, but I have to know.
What the fuck is this?

I don't know. But I know for sure
that it should not be disclosed.

August, 2

- Did we meet before?
- Sure, in a bazaar in Istanbul.

Thank you, but a friend of mine is coming.

Thank you, anyway.
You know where I live.

Fourth floor, the door is always open.

- What is his zodiac sign?
- No clue.

He looked like an Aries.

Do you think so?

Well.. well.

Send my love to him.

Give this to him.

Many children take their parents to
the movies, the park or the restaurant

But my daughter has decided to take
a bath in my house, which I appreciate.

Nothing more beautiful than a
woman bathing outdoors.

- What do your boyfriends say?
- I don't know, dad.

Maybe soon.

In this case, you must let me work.
You know I love you.

Keep it up!

21st August

Yesterday, Sept. 12,
a spokesman,

Ministry of Conservation of Public Property

has been reported that hundreds of people

went to the pyramids

Forward the tape fifty feet.

To celebrate rituals and ceremonies

as the only resource

to protect themselves from the plague

that threatens the country's capital

Meanwhile, other sources

from the public health ministry

They have strongly denied

the existence of such
an epidemic in the city

Erase the tape.


He is not here.

Who called?

Who called?

Who called?
Do I call back?

Jimenez, for the fuck sake!
What should I do?

We have received
official communications,

where calm is asked to
the general population.

And people are asked to not be
guided by subversive ideas

who insist on spreading lies and rumors.

Emergency / Phone / Areas

Dr Genoves, you have a call from Chicago.
Do you accept the collect call?

Sure, Miss.

Hello my dear!
How are you?

How are the girls?

Me? All is fine.

My dear, the house seems huge
when home alone!

I was about to sleep

Yes, wearing pajamas.

Come again.

Even I have my bottle!

You control freak!

Sure. Sure my dear!
I send her a kiss!


Forgive me.
I just crashed, but...

I brought you a book for your thesis.

You know this author?

I can't read English.

I knew it! But since you do not have phone,
I have not been able to ask you.

As you have noticed, there
are no elevators or phones.

But no phone can overtake telepathy.

I've put an extra flour to this,
in case you've decided to show up.

- Come inside.
- Ah, thanks.

Do you like potato omelet?

Sure. I do.
But I've had dinner.

Do not be a liar, doctor.
You have not yet dined.

Excuse me.

You usually only have a
piece of bread and a glass of milk.

That's what I was trying to say.

How do you know?

Rich people eat the same at night.

And if you were different,
you'd be fatter.

Nevertheless, you're Ok.

I can tell.

Yeah, that's life, some do not eat
because they have no money,

while others want to stay thin.

But tonight does not count,

Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.

Can you help me with this?

Use your right hand.

- Make yourself at home.
- Thanks.


All the man, just the same.

Women should always do everything,

and pretend that you have done it,
so you do not feel useless.

Eva, you are a lame intellectual.

On the contrary, doctor...

Quite the contrary.

Either way, you are a bizarre bird.

Where the hell did you come from?

From the Garbage container.

While studying, I was maid.

And thanks to that, today
you will dine like a king.

While studying, I did
all kinds of odd jobs.

Even a strained whore.


It shouldn't be as bad
as cutting dead bodies.

Believe me, it's worse.

It is like cutting living bodies.

I'm quoting Laura, the
person who lives here with me.

She is gorgeous.
What instrument do her play?

Philosophy and Letters.

In fact, she suggested
the topic for my thesis.

Her theory is this: in a huge and
primitive city, like ours,

authorities might be able
to hide, even for years,

a pandemic like that
happened in the Middle Ages.

Well, that's exactly what they try to do.

I'm not part of that.

The plague ends up spilling all over them.
Don't you think?

No. I don't believe
we are facing a plague.

I think it is the natural
way of die for 15

million, squalid, overcrowded
and underfed souls.

One consequence of human misery,
which you have recorded and baptized.

Hey you.
Why do you dress like an old man?

Quit formality and enjoy life.

* Closed by the plague *

October, 19

F. Hudlen - 60 yrs
Minister of Economy of Norway.

The Minister of Economy of Norway,
Hudlen, died at 18:15 hrs.

A tribute was paid in
a hall of the embassy.

A crowd come to pay their condolences.

A report says that the cause
of death was cardiac arrest.

The Norwegian had remained in Mexico
for two weeks on an official visit.

The embassy confirmed
that the man had a heart

condition and had
undergone several surgeries.

This morning, the remains
have returned home on

a plane provided by the
Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Washington, agency
"S": Firefighters have

rescued 13 bodies from
the rubble of a brothel.

The brothel was devoured by fire.

This is Dr. Genoves.

- Are you watching the TV?
- No, why did you ask?

No matter, it's over.

Do you know if an autopsy was made to the
Norwegian minister who died at the airport?

No, I have not heard anything about that.

Do me a favor, could you?

Check out the result of the
autopsy and send me a copy.

- I am very interested.
- OK, tomorrow I'll send you the copy.

But if your suspicions are correct, it
may not be possible to make a copy.

Honey, you have the taste of coconut.

Anyway, the Norwegian
government will not

be satisfied with the
report of our autopsy.

They'll perform their own autopsy,
we would do the same.

Dr. Garzon - 46 yrs.
Minister of Public Health.

The only thing they can prove is that
the cause was not a heart attack. No more.

Dr. Genoves is sure that
they will know the truth.

He has seen the results of the autopsy?

He tried, but we
prevented it, just in time.

He is a very intelligent, educated man,
but with a tendency to delirium.

Yes, and I can not stand his pedantry.

I know him from medical
school, he was always so.

And he has always been a rabid extremist.

For now he is nothing
but a bourgeois in slippers.

And very wealthy one.

The problem is that many
respectable physicians,

some of those
belonging to this hospital

they agree with him in
saying that it is the plague!

And the cause of death of the Norwegian.

Say no more.
You heard what?

The Academy of Medicine,
does not have a final call.

There is some possibility
that they deny the hypothesis?

So far,
we have been able to silence the majority.

What you do think, colleague?

In this hospital, we take a rigorous
control of each case presented.

As well as the whole situation.

We can say without hesitation

that this malady is anything but not
the one that broke out in the Middle Ages.

This is a very acute respiratory disease.

Very contagious.

Aggravated by our high
levels of air pollution.

But never the plague!

But there are many affected, anyway.

We already have 100 cases a day,
with a trend to increase.

Approximately 70% of
them recover completely.

Well, we must communicate preventive
measures, of course without causing alarm.

Preventive measures to avoid infection
in respiratory diseases.

On the other hand, we will
forward the school holidays.

What do you think about it?

This reduces to half a
million people on the streets.

What about the press?

Official statements
coming out from this hospital.

So, you keep the control of the matter.

We'll support you.

I have understood that Dr. Badillo
is doing a great job in that regard.

But there is something
essential not to be missed,

In a country like this one,

We can't, in any way, take the
responsibility of managing the plague.

In other news, medical
authorities have announced,

that a significant drop in
temperature is expected,

all those who do not go on vacation
or staying in the city,

authorities recommend
some routine measures,

first: the houses
should be well ventilated,

raw fruits and vegetables
should not be eaten,

water and milk should be boiled,

If rats or mice are observed, you must
immediately notify the health authority.

It is imperative to observe rules of
personal hygiene, or at home.

It must be prevented any outbreak of
infection that prevents appropriate action.

If possible, people should
avoid going to crowded places,

because the crowds can lead contagions.

The government reminds
people that all health centers,

will work 24/7 to handle
any unusual symptoms

for the protection of citizens.

If some unknown symptom is observed,

It's suggested isolating the patient
and their personal belongings,

- until you can notify...
- Cut the crap!

This is nonsense.

That bulletin will never spread!

It is a federal order, sir.

But not expressed in
this barbaric language.

That tabloid is even worse than the plague!

I'll talk to the feds.

And if they want to see me on fire,
it will be worse for them.

They will need another mayor.

And a new health officer.

This is the end of the line for me, sir.

We can't do anything when the government
has no guts to face reality.

We've done a terrible thing:
we've sent the plague to the rest of

the country because we decided
to close schools and vacationing.

And besides, we have
sent the plague to Norway.

You must respect authority.
Decisions are made by the chief.

Ok. But I make my own decisions.

I don't want the plague find me sitting
at my desk, covering the sun with a finger.

I prefer to fight in the streets:
I could die, but I may beat the disease.


If you want to be a hero,
go with health workers

who collect sick people
in the poor suburbs.

That would be a worthy fight you.

Believe me, I appreciate
your arrogance, Martinez.

You had hidden it very well.

It is not arrogance, sir.

Just fear.

October 26th.

- We are breaking without a warrant, sir!
- Fuck the papers! Go on.

Who knew I'd end up in a place like this.

And it's only the beginning.

With Eva You know how things start,
but never how is going to end up.

It is disconcerting.

We hide things here and there,

But the instinct of the
people can not be deceived,

They suspect the truth,
and defend against lies

Have a look...

This will only cost you 3 bucks.

Take that shit out of here.

If you lived in my village,
not be surprised at anything.

I have a neighbor who is
known as "The Prophet"

He steals the most beautiful women
and makes what he pleases to them.

He wields the argument that they are
sacrificial virgins to end the plague.

I regret to say this, because
your contribution here is invaluable

but I forbid you to bring
the plague to this place.

But we agreed that there
was no such thing as the plague.

Do not joke. We all know that it exists.

And you know that we are well informed.

Get to the point.

This is a clinic for wealthy
people, they have the

assurance that there are
no contagious diseases here.

Yes, we both know that wealthy
people have the liver green.

Yeah, It is a current
fad to hate the wealthy.

However, this clinical lives of them and
they live thanks to these facilities.

And especially you; So I ask you to
take that poor sick woman off here.

Morell, you know that here we have
resources we do not have elsewhere.

This is the opportunity to prove to
the system that we have the right!

Well, in that case... she can stay here.

And you have my support.

However, I must warn
you that this is the most

serious decision you
have made in your life,

it will turn against you, you'll see.

November 9th

Dr. Nunez - 40 yrs Secretary of
the National Academy of Medicine.

All these people did not have time or
means to go to the general hospital.

Or maybe they were
hidden by their families,

to prevent health patrols
to taken them away.

I imagine there are no records of death.

Indeed. They are still alive, officially.

Somehow, this is a consolation.

It is a new form of immortality.

But useless.
The press does not even address this.

We represent the fourth estate.

If the three that are upon us
conspire against us, we can do little.

This is so huge it escapes from our hands.

We must lovingly watch the next sunrise,
perhaps the last of our days.

Wow, if you were a journalist,
surely you would write in a tabloid.

I'm sorry Jorge, but there is
something I do not understand.

Some rumors came to
the Academy of Medicine,

but I never imagined
such a huge horror.

We must act.
We should probably must act reckless.

But now I do not know where to start.

Fuck! You know the Academy of Medicine,
a pot full of crickets.

The patient is entering a crucial stage,
give me the result of the blood count.

Cool, babe.
It's just mud, what I have on my boots.

Calm down, that nurse is a volunteer.
All here are volunteers.

I really sorry, miss.

The official staff at
this clinic fled in crowds.

They put the pretext of not having
experience in infectious diseases

- Go figure.
- Mother fuckers.

We still have hope.

Although a last one.

Yes, in the Middle Ages it was
believed that, without explanation,

something on the environment
finally contained the epidemic.

Something definitive. So the
malady went as quickly as it arrived.

But... oh, no.
Take her away from here, she has died.


You must sign this one too, doctor.


Gray jack-in-office.

They've got us asleep
while all this horror happens.

Nobody moves a finger. No one raises
his voice. Nobody dares to speak the truth.

Where is the authority,
where is responsibility?

Who has the guts to make
decisions or to decide?

What's going on here?

Is it the plague, or not?

I do not care. It is the
plague and that's all.

Talk is cheap.

In the end, he decides.

Autopsy has been performed,
and the result reveals

what we already knew,
but did not want to accept.

The Norwegian finance
minister has died from the plague,

by contagion during his
official visit to this country.

Despite the efforts of
the embassy in Oslo,

and the goodwill of
our international friends,

The bad news spreads in the world press.

Here I have the press:
the World Health Organization,

the United Nations... do I read them?

No Gustavo, it is not necessary.

Gentlemen, I think the situation
is unavoidable. Is not so?

Consider the possibility of
putting the city into quarantine,

with all that that implies,

What do you think, sir?

Mr. President. No need to be
finance minister to answer that.

The city collapses
economically in just two weeks.

And the next week, the lack of food
would be worse than the disease itself.

And we will have to rely on foreign aid.

I mean. Even more than now.

- I hear you, General.
- We can not even seriously consider.

We wouldn't contain the violence
and looting without an iron fist.

And even so, public order
could not be maintained.

However, if the state calls us,
we will not let go of the sacrifice.

We would spare the use of force.

At any rate, we are facing
a serious problem of public order.

The demands of the medical
system are compelling,

and civil society is
organizing to support them.

- We must do something.
- Quintanar?

What can I add? to rebuild the tourism
industry, it may take at least 20 years.

In fact, the actual damage is irreparable.

- Sir, may I...?
- We hear you, Dr.

In addition, it suggests that
school holidays are extended.

And that administrative
holidays follow the

same course, until we
come with an action plan.

That's too much; and Dr, you can calculate
that in terms of tax collection?

I remind you that our economy is depressed,

we are in the midst of a crisis.

The plague is also a crisis.

It is a matter of weighing between crisis.

Anyway, if this is indeed "The Plague",
the whole country is already contaminated.

Maybe the whole world.

At least we're making progress
over the overpopulation.

Nobody is safe, partner.

The disease has already
reached the privileged areas.

- I mean...
- We understand you, Dr.

Crystal clear.

What is not clear is how the decision to
anticipate the holiday period was taken?

Do you want to make a recount of the
economic mishap that decision cost us?

That wasn't my call.

That idea did not even cross my mind.

That decision was mine!

According to the protocol, in these cases
should be applied martial law.

Martial law! Come on!
Do you understand the cost of that?

Agreed, Martial Law
should be off the table.

That would be political suicide.

It amazes me that civilians
are quick to bear arms!

Stop there! This way
leads us to a dead end.

The decision is very hard. We need patience
and time to evaluate all possibilities.

I propose to sleep this over and
return to the table, tomorrow at noon.

We'll meet again, right here.

In case... we remain alive.

Dec. 24

Today is not my birthday,
but Jesus's.

We've already know that;
but this is your only night off.

To the plague treat us gently.

In my presidential term is no plague
nor ever shall be.

Hey Mister!
Hey Mister, please!

Come here, please!

Meow, what! Fuck!

132 days after, as quietly as it
had arrived, the Plague left the town.

Officially, the Plague never existed.

It was blamed for the
death of 350,000 people...

due to the illegal importation of expired
pharmaceuticals of an international brand.