The Yakuza (1974) - full transcript

American private-eye Harry Kilmer returns to Japan to rescue a friend's kidnapped daughter from the clutches of the Yakuza.

Where do you stay in Los Angeles?

Usually downtown.

Is that your favorite part of the city?

No. I like Westwood.

You must return to Tokyo
within four days, Mr. Tanner.

And settle your business with Tono
at that time.

If you don't, of course,
I'm instructed to return again...

...only with more than a piece of cloth.

Is this necessary, or even very wise?

Put it away.

I'm sorry.

Tono is waiting, Mr. Tanner.

- Yeah?
- Harry, this is George.

Hey, old buddy,
what are you doing in town?

Nothing. Just taking care of a sick friend.

- What are you?
- Harry, I gotta talk to you.

I got trouble, real trouble.

- The Yakuza's got Louise.
- What?

If I'm not back there in four days, they're
gonna send something else from Louise...

- ... and it's not gonna be part of her dress.
- Have you been to the police?

With that story?
This is a Yakuza outfit I'm dealing with.

- What the hell can the police do?
- They can do a lot more than I can.

There's one thing you can do they can't.



You can see Tanaka Ken.

I haven't seen Ken in 20 years.

Tanaka Ken will do anything you want.

Whenever you say or he'll die trying.
You know that.

I hate like hell to ask you.

I don't want you
to put yourself through this.

Have you seen Eiko?

Yeah, Christmas.

I go by Kilmer House every Christmas... know, have a drink
and drop off a couple of presents.

As soon as I come in the door,
she always says, "How's Harry?"

So once a year, I tell her how you are.

How does she look?

Great. She hasn't changed a bit.


I'm sending Al Hoekstra's kid
along with you.

Dusty, you remember him?

Remember? I used to babysit him
when Al and his wife went to the movies.

Well. He's a big boy now.

He's my personal bodyguard.

Nothing's gonna happen to me.

Harry, you know these guys.

- You think I can't handle myself?
- I didn't say that. Did I say that?

You think I'm too old?
You son of a bitch.

No. You old son of a bitch.

- Okay, when you get there...
- Personal bodyguard?

I'm gonna fly tomorrow.
We shouldn't be on the same plane.

This is the final request for departing
passengers for Cathay Pacific Airways...


Harry. Hey.

- Harry, for God's sakes. How are you, man?
- Oliver, how are you?

You look good.
Here, here, let me take those.

I just can't get over it, Harry.
You look damn near the same, man.

- What the hell's a few years at our age?
- Yeah.

Oh, Oliver Wheat, this is Dusty Hoekstra.
Dusty's Al's son.

Oh, my God, of course.

Dusty came to hold my hand,
make sure I don't get run over by a Honda.

Yeah, fine. He can stay with us.
Come on. Come on.

We're great pals during the war,
through the occupation.

- Harry and your father were the tough guys.
- George and Oliver were the brains.

I got a car and a driver out here.
Where's George?

He didn't think
we should be on the same flight.

- Oh, I can't.
- Sure you can.

- You waiting until closing time?
- Yeah.

- How do you feel about seeing her?
- I feel just fine.

What the hell.
We're two different people now, aren't we?


- How's your game?
- Can't play anymore.

- Can't play?
- Doctor's orders.

- Oh, come on, Ollie.
- It's the truth.

Had a coronary couple of years ago.

Doctor advised me to lay off chess.

It excites me too much.

Just playing chess?

If you take it seriously, it's very exciting.

So now I play other people's games.
Keeps me out of trouble.

You got quite a little armory here.

Rougher coming back
than you thought it would be?

Well, I can't call it rough.
Nothing's happened.

You don't see George anymore.

- Not much.
- How come?

Who knows? He's busy, I'm busy.

I teach Japanese-American History,
he's out there making it.

He's tremendously successful.

Everywhere I look,
I can't recognize a thing.

It's still there.

The farmers in the countryside
may watch TV from their tatami mats...

...and you can't see Fuji
through the smog.

But don't let it fool you.
It's still Japan...

...and the Japanese are still Japanese.


I barely touched it.

Whoa, I'll get something for you.

Try not to mess up the carpet, will you kid?
I'll see you later.

- Hey, where you going?
- I'll be back.

Sit down.

- How old is that what-do-you-call-it?
- A katana.

It's just over 500 years old.

Here, I'll do that.

Where is Kilmer going?

For a Zen master...

...the sword is not to
destroy other human beings...

...but his own greed, anger and folly.

The forger and the user of the sword
should live in such a way...

...that it comes to stand
for the annihilation...

...of anything in the way
of justice, peace and humanity.

It's sacred.

He's gone to see someone he loves.


Who is she?

Tanaka Eiko.

During the war,
Tokyo was swept by a fire storm.

More people died here
than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Her whole family was wiped out.
Only Eiko and her baby daughter survived.

When she returned to Tokyo...

Some became "pan pan" girls.

Eiko, however, was more resourceful.

Her daughter needed penicillin... she became a black-market runner
to get it.

About this time, Harry became aware
of her, what she was doing.

He was with the military police then.

One day, in a skirmish with some
American troops, Eiko was nearly killed.

Harry prevented that.

Nearly wound up in the stockade
in the process.

Anyway, that's how they met.

In 1949, third year of the occupation...

... Harry was crazy about her,
it was obvious...

Harry wanted to, but Eiko refused.

She said she'd live with him forever,
but she could never marry him.

Then in 1951, Eiko's brother,
Tanaka Ken, returned from the dead.

He had been living for six years
in the jungle caves of the Philippines.

He thanked Harry for rescuing Eiko
and for saving her daughter...

... but he told Eiko
he could no longer talk to her.

She had placed him forever in debt
to his enemy and it was torture for him.

Ken left his sister, became one of the most
successful yakuza in occupied Tokyo.

Eiko, meanwhile, would no longer see Harry,
much less marry him.

So when his enlistment was up,
he borrowed $5,000 from George...

... bought a coffee shop and bar
and gave it to Eiko as a sayonara gift.

She called it Kilmer House
and she still runs it today.

What about her brother?
Where is he now?

Tanaka Ken?

That is what Harry has come
a very long way to find out.

Hello, darling.

Yeah, it's me.



Thank you.

Excuse me a moment. We just closed.

I know.

Jack Daniels?

It's all right.

I don' t drink anymore.

They were right.
You haven't changed a bit.


Welcome home.

It's so good to see you.
You haven't written in such a long time.

We missed you.

Hanako, you're a knockout.

A knockout?

Thank you.

- What are you doing now?
- I'm a teacher at Meiji.


- Will you be here for a while?
- Well, for a few days, yeah.

And you won't go away
without saying goodbye?

No way.

Okay, I better be going.

You look just like I remember you.

Oliver took that one, remember?

Yes, I remember. How is Oliver?

Oh, he's fine. I'm staying with him.

How's your brother?

My brother?

Yeah, Ken, your brother. How is he?

- Why do you ask?
- Because I have to see him.

- But why?
- Look, it has nothing do with you.

We've been all through that
a long time ago.

Then why?

Are you still afraid of my talking to him,
after all this time?

Is he that crazy?

I don't think it's a good idea, that's all.

Well, it's not exactly my idea of a good
time either, but I have to see him, Eiko.

It involves a debt I owe someone.

Why do I always have the feeling
that you're hiding something from me?

- Oh, you've always felt that way.
- Yes, and I always think you have.


...I haven't told you
everything in my life.

But I haven't made a secret of that,
have I?

- No.
- Well.

Goddamn it, I'm getting too old for this.

- Of course, I'll always...
- Always what? Love me?

Then marry me.

Well, now that we've got that over with
for the next 20 years...

...where's your brother? Where's Ken?

He's not living in Tokyo anymore.

Oh, he keeps just a little apartment,
but his home is in Kyoto now.

How can I find him?

He teaches kendo at the Kendo Hall.

Thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot.
These are for Hanako.

Thank you. She'll be very happy.

- Harry, will you?
- Just a couple of days.

I'll see you before I leave.

It's very pleasing to see you again.


- Good night, darling.
- Good night, Harry.

Hello, Tanaka Ken.

What can I do for you?

I need to ask you a favor.

I have an obligation to you
I can never repay.

How long have you lived here in Kyoto?

Eight years.

- It's very pleasant here.
- Yes.

- All of Kyoto is pleasant.
- Yes.

- Pardon?
- Nothing.

I know Tono and his clan.

They are not what I call honorable.

But they would not kidnap
an American student.

Well, apparently, Tanner and Tono
had some business dealings.

Apparently, Tono coerced Tanner
into smuggling some guns...

...and Tanner can't deliver the shipment.
As a matter of fact, he lost them.

Tono doesn't believe that,
and money doesn't interest him.

He wants those guns.

And he's given his word
that he will cut Tanner's daughter up... four days,
unless he gets them.

This man, Tanner, he is a close friend?

Very. He loaned me the money
to buy Kilmer House for your sister.

- Are you police now, Kilmer?
- No.

What is it you want me to do?

Well, I would like you to see Tono.
Talk to him.

Tell him that Tanner's telling the truth
about the guns, he doesn't have them.

That he'll accommodate Tono
anyway he can... long as Tono
does not harm his daughter.

I'll try,
but I don't know how much I can do.

I am no longer yakuza.

I had no idea.

I have not picked up my sword
in 10 years.

You've had no dealings with yakuza
in all that time?

But they might listen.

It's impossible. I can't ask you that.

You already have.

- I'll need a.38 for Dusty.
- Second drawer.

- Harry, I wish you wouldn't...
- Come on, everything's gonna be all right.

- George, you got rounds for a.45?
- Right here.

Take it easy, Ollie.

Don't you guys realize
I'm not supposed to play chess?

- That guy doesn't like you.
- No, not much.

So how come you figure
you can trust him?

- Giri.
- Giri?

Yeah. Giri, obligation.

You mean,
he figures he owes you something?

Yeah, sort of.

Well, I can work two ways, Kilmer.

If you ain't alive tomorrow,
he don't owe you shit.

I don't want them to see you.

One of them has moved.
I can't see him anymore.

Take the window.

Watch it!

It's gonna be okay.

Just relax. Nothing's gonna happen.

I think they've been drugged.

Oh, my God.

Oh, man. Oh, Jesus.

Well, how is she?

She's gonna be all right.

They gave them both
some kind of tranquilizers.

She's gonna sleep it off
by morning, he says.

Goddamn it. I don't know
what to say to you guys.

I really don't.

That's the greatest, goddamn thing
anybody ever did for me.

It's not gonna help in your negotiations
with Tono. Two of his men are dead.

I'll handle him.
Son of a bitch goofed and he knows it too.

You'll handle him?
How will you handle him?

He already lost face, didn't he?
He doesn't want to lose any more.

- Excuse me, Mr. Tanner.
- Right.

Okay, there's no flight out
until 12:30 tomorrow... I'll send Louise on JAL and
you and Dusty can go on Pan Am, all right?

Well, the survivors
won't talk to the police.

Your friend from the monastery
is sure to talk to Tono.

The sooner you get out, the better.

They take it very hard when
an ex-yakuza interferes in yakuza affairs.

I'm sure Tono will take it hard
and he'll try to nail Ken.

Then you better get your ass out of here
and him too.

If they want me, they will find me.

I don't think it's so serious.

Tono violated the yakuza code
by this kidnapping.

He can't move against me
without the approval of the other clans.

In this case, I don't think he will get it.

I don't think he will even ask for it.

I'm not worried.

If Mr. Tanner thinks he can satisfy Tono,
then it's all over with.

I can do it.

That's it then, Kilmer-san.

I ought to do something for him,
shouldn't I?

Not to offend him,
but I ought to do something.


You owe him something you can never pay.
And I'm real sorry about that.

- Would you listen to this?
- Will you stop it?

I know what happened.
You don't have to read it to me.

I just thought you might like
to hear your reviews.

- Did you use anything besides the.38?
- No.

You can hang on to all except the.38.

I'd get rid of that as quickly as possible.

- Maybe the car for the airport.
- Yeah, maybe.

- Good morning, Harry.
- Good morning.

- Can I talk to you?
- Well, we were just... Yeah, sure.


I don't mean to be rude,
but could we go for a walk?

- We can leave, we were just...
- No. No, it's all right.

- I'd prefer to walk, if you don't mind.
- Sure.

- We leave for the airport in 45 minutes.
- Airport?

We'll make it. I'll be back.

But you just arrived
and Hanako is teaching now.

She'll be terribly upset.

I know.

Eiko, what is it?

Ken came by last night.

What time?

After midnight. He waited for Hanako
to come home from a date.

Was that unusual?

Somewhat. He...

No, we don't talk much, as you know.

He visits when he's in town.

What did you ask Ken to do?

Why, what did he say to you?

He was just evasive, like you.

- You saw Ken last night.
- Yes.

So can you tell me why he feels
he's in some sort of danger?

- Did he say that?
- Of course not, you know what he's like.

Goddamn it,
he must have said something...

But I know him!
He feels he's in danger.

He's not in Kyoto.

Maybe his brother could help.

Where the hell did he come from?

Wait a minute. Is he yakuza?

- Powerful?
- Yes. He's a kind of oyabun.

Adviser to all the clans.

Does he care about Ken,
about what happens to him?

I think so, very much.

They just don't talk to each other.

Well, Ken has a great habit
of not talking to his relatives, doesn't he?

- Where could I find him, this brother?
- It's very difficult now.

- He's in Kyoto for a business conference.
- Kyoto.

It is very pleasant meeting you,
Mr. Kilmer.

I have heard a good deal about you
over the years.

- Oh. Really? Who from?
- Eiko, of course.

Even Ken has mentioned you.

Ken once spoke of you
as giri-gatai gaijin, the strange stranger.

Now, how can I help you?

- Do you think Tono will try to kill Ken?
- Oh, yes.

- But Ken is your brother.
- Yes.

Then I take it you're not interested
in what happens to him.

On the contrary, Mr. Kilmer,
I'm very interested.

- What about you?
- Why do you think I'm here?

Why are you here?

Look, you're a man of position
and influence.

Your brother's life is being threatened.

I just assumed that you'd want to know
and want to help him.

Tell me, what significance
does this have for you?

It looks like an ideogram.

Very good. Can you say which one?

And what does michi mean?

A road, path in the country,
a lane, street.

It can also mean duty,
obligation, even God.

When my brother spoke of you
as a unique stranger...

...I took it to mean
that you were a Westerner...

...who held values
consistent with ours.

That a man pays his owns debts,
discharges his own obligations...

...that they are all that make him a man.

You have an obligation to my brother
and yet you ask me to assume it.

I thought that by coming here to you
I'd fulfill part of that obligation.

- You don't like Ken.
- Does anyone?

He's a hard man to warm up to,
face it.

Yes, yes, he is insufferable at times.

Honorable men usually are.

But Ken is also unique in
one other respect.

He is a lone wolf of sorts,
something very rare in Japan.

He neither takes nor gives orders.

Years ago,
he broke away from our family...

...when he was to become the youngest
oyabun in all of Japan.

I'm ashamed to admit that, when he broke
away, I neither assisted nor protected him.

He survived, but as a result,
he is under no obligation to me...

...and would not accept my help.

Even if he would, this affair with Tono
has put me in an awkward position as well.

You? How's that?

Tono has alerted every oyabun in Tokyo
that my brother has interfered in his affairs.

He has let them know that the only fit
punishment for my brother is death.

Tono is now home, hoping that I will
try to prevent him from killing Ken.


He wants to compromise my position
as counselor.

My policy has been one
not only of maintaining peace...

...among the oyabun and their followers...

...but moving them
into legitimate business.

If he can say
I have let my personal considerations...

...get in the way
of my professional judgment...

...then be stands an excellent chance
of upsetting my policies.

Ken knows this. That is another reason
why he would avoid my help.

Well, what can Ken do by himself?

He can go to Tono
and ask his forgiveness.

Which would place him
under obligation to Tono.

- Yes.
- What else?

- He can wait for Tono to kill him.
- Yeah.

Or he can kill Tono.

What chance would he have?

Ken is skillful and any man can be killed.

Tono of course, is oyabun...

...and if one is old-fashioned,
and Ken most certainly is...

...then honor dictates
that an oyabun be killed with a sword.

And if Ken does that, then Tono's men
are free to kill Ken any way they please.

He would be no farther away from them
than the length of his own sword.

On the other hand, you, Mr. Kilmer,
are not yakuza.

You are not bound to kill
Tono with a sword.

- I can't do that.
- Perhaps.

In any case, Ken felt he had
an obligation to you. He fulfilled it.

You now know the consequences
of his actions.

Whatever obligation you now have to Ken,
Mr. Kilmer...

...if you don't feel it, you don't have it.

What the hell was that?

- Are you all right?
- Fine, Ollie.

Everything's okay.
Just unpacking, that's all.

Bob, go on out.

It was my daughter's life.

I'm sorry about what happened to your men.
I didn't want that to happen.

Maybe I can help
with the families, huh?

You promised me guns, take my money,
you fail to deliver them.

I take your daughter.

Your friend Kilmer and Tanaka Ken
take her back and kill several of my men.

Now I must face the rest of them
and continue to command their respect.

I know that.

To begin with, you must tell me the truth,
even if it humiliates you.

What happened to the guns?

You never lost them, did you?

No, I never lost them, Tono.

I lost the goddamn money,
that's what I did.

I never bought them in the first place.

I've been living way over my head
for about two years, more than that.

Not so you'd know it.

I put up a real good
million-dollar front...

...but I haven't had any money
in a long time.

And the banks have been on my back
real good.

So when I got that money from you,
I thought I saw a big chance...

...and took a flyer and some futures,
you know?

No, you don't know.

It's investment. I bought on the margin,
I bought too much, and they sold me out.

It's all gone,
all the goddamn money's gone.

Why didn't you tell me this?

What did you tell your friends?
This man, Kilmer, and Tanaka Ken?

Tanaka Ken? That's Kilmer's friend.

I just told them you were trying
to extort some money out of me.

- What about Goro?
- All clans know that Ken broke his vows.

- His brother cannot protect him.
- That's it, then, huh?

Just a moment.
We'll take care of Ken.

There is one thing you must do.

This man, Kilmer, he knows Japan.
He knows too much about us.

Look, he's... He's halfway to Honolulu
right now.

He left on the Pan Am flight at noon.

That's not good enough.

Well, what is good enough?

- Let me do that, that last one.
- No.

That's what a husband's
supposed to do in the U.S.




- Children?
- No.

Oh, that's too bad.

Hai, Oliver-san.

Oh, Oliver.

Oh, looking at you,
it's like old times, Eiko.


Hey, I saw some guys
without any little finger.

Does that mean that
they don't have a wife or she's dead or?


Well, what is it?

That's yakuza.


Yakuza gangsters have a ritual... which they sometimes cut off
their little finger.

Like this.

That's sick. Why do they do that?

If a yakuza commits a very great offense,
or breaks his word to his oyabun, his boss... offense so great
that it demands his life be taken...

...then the only way
that he can atone for his crime... by offering
his finger as a symbol of repentance.

They really do that? Today?

Well, guess you can't afford
to commit too many offenses.

- Did you speak to Ken?
- Yeah.

- Does he know we're here?
- Sure.

- Is he unhappy?
- I'm on my way over to see him now.

But is he unhappy?

Of course. He's been unhappy
ever since he lost the war.

I try to tell him it's not his fault,
but he won't take my word.

What's up?

You stick around
and keep an eye on things.

I'll see you later.

If you don't care about yourself... least let me take Eiko
and Hanako away from here for a while.

Just a vacation.

- You still love her?
- That has nothing to do with this.

I don't understand.
What's going on in your mind?

They're going after you.
Do you want to die?

My brother exaggerates.
He worries too much.

That's why he is effective at
keeping the peace.

I will go back to Kyoto and live my life.
You find that so hard to understand?

- What about your family?
- They won't hurt them.

Even if they wanted,
the other clans...

Fuck the other clans!

Suppose they find out you're visiting,
like you were at 3:00 the other morning.

You know.
You know what's going to happen.

- Eiko told you.
- Of course she told me.

- What else did she say?
- What difference does that make?

Does she have your permission
to go or doesn't she?

Eiko can do as she pleases.

- She always has.
- That's a lie.

Eiko is afraid to breath
for fear of offending you.

That's all that ever worries her.
Why? I don't know.

- This is Japan, Kilmer.
- Well, even for Japan, it's strange.

In any case, it's not your family.

No, no, it's not.

Wheat was telling me about
how the Japanese use the katana.

We when we cut, we always slash out.

Japanese slashes in, you know,
butt end towards the belly?

American saw cuts on the push stroke.
Japanese saw cuts on the pull stroke.

When an American cracks up...

...he opens up the window
and shoots up a bunch of strangers.

When a Japanese cracks up,
he closes the window and kills himself.

Everything's in reverse, isn't it?

Last night, I was watching Hanako
making supper.

Yeah, so?




This giri.

It means obligation, right?



It's called "the burden hardest to bear."

Yeah, well, suppose you don't bear it?

- No one's gonna come down on you.
- No.

Well, you guys believe in
some kind of heaven or hell?


Then what is it that you believe in
that makes you do it?


Don't worry about that, Dusty.

What are you thinking?

About George.

George Tanner is an opportunist,
a survivor.

He's always been.

Yeah, but you used to like him,
didn't you?

I knew you thought he was your friend.

- He was.
- Perhaps once.

Harry, sometimes, you're very naive.

Oh, hi.

Come on in, I'll be right with you.

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

George Tanner.

Yeah, so am I.

- Harry, I think you better listen to this.
- Why don't we forget about it?

You'd better not forget about it.
Dusty's got something to tell you.

When Tanner sent me over here,
it wasn't just to watch out for you.

- It was to watch you too.
- Watch me?

- Did you ask him why?
- I knew why.

I knew he was smuggling guns for Tono.

He even cut me in
on a piece of the action.

See, they've been fighting,

But underneath it all,
they're really very tight.

- What?
- Yeah.

Tanner's been trying to help Tono
take over this guy Goro's position.

And he thought
maybe if you found out about it... might make more trouble
than you cleared up.

I feel like an ass.

Okay, hot shot,
you better get yourself out of here.

Yeah, that's what Tanner said.

I'd like to stay here now
and do what I can.

How about it, huh?

We gotta talk about a couple of things.

- You feel like a walk?
- Is that a good idea?

Dusty's here. You'll be safe enough.

I didn't mean for us, I meant for you.

We'll be gone 10 minutes.

- Doesn't your side bother you?
- No, it needed a little trimming anyway.

One of us should leave.

You mean this town isn't big enough
for both of us?

I mean, someone should take Eiko
and Hanako away.

And it should be you.

- Well, what about you?
- I can manage.

She's waking up the gods, isn't she?

Kilmer-san, believe me,
it isn't necessary for you to stay.

Really, it's not necessary.

Maybe not for you.

All these years...

...what have you been doing?

Oh, quite a few things.

Police work, private investigation...

...real estate, investments, you know.

You've done well?

That depends on
how you figure those things.


You have no family?


- Hanako?
- Yes?

I love watching you do that.

I'm glad.


Feel how warm the cup is.

Feel how it feels.

Now drink.

No. No, don't.

Come on, nobody's here, nobody's here.

No one's here. He's not here.

There's nobody here.

Eiko, get down!

Stop! Stop it!

Oh, God, stop it. Stop it, please.

Stop it! Stop it!

Please. Oh, God. Stop!

Stop it! Stop it, please.

Stop! Stop it!

Get Hanako, we've gotta go. Come on.

We gotta get out of here.

- Eiko is at hotel?
- Yeah.

Wheat's taking care of her.

- And Ken?
- Ken's there too.

When Ken saw Hanako,
he just came apart.

Were they Tono's or Tanner's men?

It could have been both of them.

Where can I find Tono?

Tono is my responsibility.

You told me what to do, I didn't do lt.

- If I had...
- Cease.

- The question is what to do now.
- Tono's death is necessary.

- You wouldn't have a chance.
- Tanner is also dangerous.

And he's my responsibility.

Very well.

Come, I will show you
what I can provide for you.

There is one other matter.

Small, but important to me.

I have a wayward son, Tanaka Shiro...

...who left the university
to become yakuza.

He is now part of Tono Toshiro's family
and a great shame to me.

You would not remember him.

But he now has a tattoo of a spider,

If you should see him,
try not to harm him.

Perhaps he'll return
to his repentant father.

Before Ken dies...

...there is something
I think you might want to know.

You may have been surprised to hear...

...that Tanaka Eiko and Ken
have an older brother still living.

I'm not Eiko's brother.

On the other hand, neither is Ken.

Ken is her husband.

When he returned five years after the war,
he found you with his wife.

He was enraged that she was living
with a foreigner...

...yet grateful to you
for saving her life.

In any case, Ken is a tormented man.

It is Eiko, of course, but it's also Japan.

Ken is a relic, a leftover from
another age and another country.

I'm glad you told me.

Under the circumstances,
I felt you had a right to know.

My God...

...then Hanako was Ken's child.

Hi, I'm Harry Kilmer, friend of George's.
He asked me to stop by.



Goddamn son of a...

I checked with Oliver. Eiko is fine.


- You'll join them now.
- I don't think so.

I'm going with you.

There is no way
you can keep the Tono clan from me.

Or yourself, for that matter.

I thank you, Kilmer.

But it's a futile gesture.

Well, it may be futile, but it's no gesture.

If I don't, I have nowhere to go.

I did it, Ken.

and more in the other rooms.



Well, the flight goes straight
to San Francisco.

I guess that's good.

At least there's no layover
in Hawaii that way.

Look, Eiko.

I have no more secrets, do I, Harry?

You'll never run out of those, darling.


You should know the police have discovered
through their network of informants...

...that George Tanner and Tono Toshiro
had a business feud last night.

A most violent one, apparently.

Now the matter seems to be closed.

Tanner and Tono tried to kill each other,
they succeeded.

How pleased they may be with
the success of their efforts... shall never know.
The police, at least, are satisfied.

- Where are you going now, Harry?
- Home.


I'll go back to Kyoto.

I guess that's a good idea.

Oliver, Hanako was Ken's child.

What are you talking about?

Eiko is not Ken's sister. She's his wife.

I destroyed his past and his future.


What are you? Are you all right?

Yes. But I'd like to talk to you.

Of course.

I'm sorry, I'm packing for Kyoto. Come.


I will get you some tea.


I have brought great pain into your life...

...both in the past and in the present.

If you can forgive me,
then surely, you can forgive Eiko.

You are greatly loved and respected
by all your family.

Mr. Kilmer, gate 11.
Sit where you please. Have a good trip.

- Let me help you.
- Thanks.

Flight 9-6-2 from Seoul
is now arriving at gate 13.