The Wild Life (1984) - full transcript

Eighties teen romp involving Bill and his new apartment, Jim and his rebellious antics, Tom and his crazy self, and Anita with her older man David.

¶ Get your motor runnin' ¶

¶ Head out on the highway

¶ We're lookin'
for adventure ¶

¶ In whatever comes our way

¶ Yeah, darlin',
gonna make it happen ¶

¶ Take the world
in a love embrace ¶

¶ Fire all of your guns at once
and explode into space ¶

¶ I like
smoke and lightning ¶

¶ Heavy metal thunder

¶ Go racin' with the wind ¶

¶ Yeah, darlin',
gonna make it happen ¶

¶ Take the world
in a love embrace ¶

¶ Fire all of your guns at once
and explode into space ¶

¶ Like a true nature's child ¶

¶ We were born,
born to be wild ¶

¶ We can climb so high

¶ I never wanna die

¶ Born to be wild

¶ Born to be wild

¶ Get your motor runnin' ¶

¶ Head out on the highway

¶ We're lookin'
for adventure ¶

¶ In whatever comes our way

¶ Yeah, darlin',
gonna make it happen ¶

¶ Take the world
in a love embrace ¶

¶ Fire all of your guns
at once and ¶

¶ Explode into space

¶ Like a true
nature's child ¶

¶ We were born,
born to be wild ¶

¶ We can climb so high

¶ I never wanna die

¶ Born to be wild

¶ Born to be wild

All right,
what are you doing here?

Sitting, sir.


There's a sign out front
says no trespassing.

You read that?

Yes, sir.
Absolutely, sir.

School doesn't start
till next week.

Get out...

the same way
you got in.

Yes, sir.

Thank you very much.

Is Dickie around?

Dickie doesn't
work here anymore.

He got fired.

Shit, that's too bad.

Let me get
a fifth of Jack Daniel's,

half pint
of mescal and rum,

couple of daiquiris
in a can,

some Bloody Mary mixers,

and... I'll get
a 12-pack of Bud

while you
ring it up.

Is there a problem?

Not if you have some I.D.

Oh, yeah.

There you go.

Thomas Drake.
The wrestler?


I know.
I saw you at the invitationals last year.

You were great.

Thanks, my man.

Didn't you used to go out with Mary Moseley?

Oh, yeah!

I nailed her
in the backseat of my car.

Oh, boy,
was she a hose beast.

Mary Moseley's
my little sister.

Did you say
Kleinman or Moseley?


Oh! Mary Moseley's
a terrific girl.

I'm amazed I even got her
confused with Mary Kleinman,

because Mary Moseley's


she's a fabulous girl.

She... she is.

Tom, I find it hard to believe
that you're 28

and still in high school.

It's for my dad.

See, he's kind of
an alcoholic.


It's casual.

Hey, hey, kid,
we've been waiting here for 20 minutes!

I'm sorry, sir.
One at a time.

What is goin' on?

Bill, this is
a league man.

How many times
do I have to tell you

league people don't wait?

Where's the other kid?

I'm sure Tommy's on his way.

On his way?

I don't pay him
to be on his way.

Now, I am fed up
with his act.

If he isn't here in ten minutes,
he's out.

I'd rather cut him loose
and give you the raise.

I could use a raise.

Ten minutes.

Hi, Tommy.

Did you see
that bulge he had

in the wrestling
team photo last year?

I can't believe
they print those pictures.



Two, three, four and five.


Yo, man.

Been doin' your job
for two hours.

Get to work.

It's casual.

You guys okay?

Excuse me, miss,

but could I check the security
on your back entrance?

We've had some prowler reports in the neighborhood.

Sure, Officer.
Go right ahead.

Sorry to bother you, ma'am,

but we'd rather pay
a precautionary visit like this

than endanger your safety.

Well, that camera
above the door

photographs everyone
as they come in.

You may photograph
everyone, miss,

but, uh...

does everyone know...

how to make you...

squeal with pleasure?

David, please.

Mr. Carlton only left
a minute ago.

I know.
I saw him go.

I missed you tonight.

There was a huge explosion
by the high school.

Hell of a lot
of damage.

I grabbed the punks
who did it.

You okay?

It's a job.

David, I thought maybe
we could go out tonight.


It's dangerous.

Don't worry about it,
all right?

I'm a cop.

Hey, Jim!


Hey, Tony, what's up?

How's it goin'?

All right.

Where have
you been?

Just hangin' out.

All right!

Not bad.

At least you don't look
like a flamin' geek anymore.


Hey, did you see Apocalypse Now on cable?

Eleven times.

Just keep that back entrance
double-deadbolted, miss,

and I wouldn't worry about the prowlers.

Okay. Thank you, Officer.

You're too young
to smoke, son.

Hi, Jim.

Hi, Anita.

What do you got
that's fresh?

Oh, everything's fresh.

Lady, please don't disturb
league lanes.

Thank you.

Sorry, Bill.

He is so nice!

You know, Bill,
you're a lucky guy.

You're moving into
the woman palace of all time.

I'm proud of you.

'Cause when they talk about
the Bill Conrad years,

they'll say,
Bill Conrad?

We never knew just what a wild man he really was...

until he moved in
to the house of love.

Thanks a lot.

So I guess
the first party's

tomorrow tonight...


Not a chance.


¶ I'm tired of wasting
all my precious time ¶

¶ You got to be all mine

¶ All mine

¶ Foxy lady

¶ Here I come

Hey! Turn
that shit off.

Maybe you didn't
hear what I said.

I said
turn that shit off.

Okay, come on. Let's go.

Get outta here.

You really scare me.

He's pretty tough, Glen.

Think you can
handle him, buddy?

Come on. Hit me.

Who is this kid?

You're too young,

and too little
for me to execute.

Then don't
give me shit.

Fuckin' muscle-heads
grow up to be cops.

You almost
got us killed.

Hey, as soon as you're scared,
you're dead.

Just like Charlie said
about 'Nam...

we went in sloppy
and we came out sloppy.

You told me
I was gonna meet Charlie

two weeks ago.

Can't just barge
in on him.

Man, Charlie's a vet.

Hey, Jim,
come here.

Mom's been
lookin' for you.

You're supposed
to be home.

I'll be home later.

Your brother's
sort of a strange kid.

You seen Anita lately?

Sure. Why?

She's a hot babe.

I think dumping her was a major mistake on your part.

Anita was nice.
I really liked her.

But there is something so exciting about complete independence.

Like what?

Well, you'll see
how it feels

when you graduate.

You move on.

I don't know.

You look for something more than you get from high school girls.

Like blow jobs?


Like a mature

See, I'm almost 19.

I can't still be hangin' around Alexander High

waitin' to pick up
my girlfriend.

It's embarrassing.


Good night.


Did you know that Anita
had another boyfriend?


I think
it's an older guy.

Wow. Good for her.

I'm really happy for her.

Good night.

All right.

Okay, who's your
new boyfriend?

Who told you
I had a new boyfriend?

It doesn't matter.
Just tell me. Is it true?

Listen, Bill,
I'm trying to work here, okay?


The receipts
are in the drawer.

Okay, babe.

We're just goin' out.

Great. That's great.

I have to find out
from other people.

I found out from Tom Drake.

You're the one
who needed your freedom.

How you
doing there?

Okay. Well, I didn't know
that was an excuse for you

to start goin' out with the entire male race.

Look, Bill, you're not
my boyfriend anymore, okay?

Fine. We don't go out
for three months,

and this is what happens.

Three months
is a long time

when you don't have
anybody to go out with.

Well, since when do you
have to go out all the time?

We used to have fun
just stayin' in.

Look, Bill,
I gotta go, okay?

Call me sometime.

Bye, Reggie.

You got it.

Have a maple bar, brother.

They're fresh.

It's great stuff.

Thanks a lot.

Good night.
Good night.

Great sale, kiddo.

Listen, this isn't
a criticism, okay?

I'm not
comin' down on you.

It's just,
as well as selling pieces--

Like, what'd you sell,
pants and a shirt?

Two shirts.

Two shirts is great,

but we're goin' for
a whole look thing here, okay?

So think beads and belts
and bracelets--

whatever else you can sell for the whole ensemble thing,
ya know?

I tried. She didn't
have the money.

Well, you know,
go with your instincts.

It's workin'
for you. It's great.

Hey, Anita, I'm almost
outta here, okay?

I saw David tonight.

You did?

Let me just close up
the register.

We'll get outta here.

You said you wanted
an adventure.

I just can't believe
it's with a cop.

He doesn't act
like a cop, though.

Do you realize he could arrest you for being underage?

Bill was nice.

We only did it
about... four, five times.

But David...

The way he just
grabbed me and kissed me.

I didn't even
have a choice.

He just
had to have me.

Tommy used to be like that...

sort of.

Well, every book I read

said it wouldn't happen
till I was 25.

And then... it happened.


My first orgasm.



Could you please
turn off that music?!

Mom says you came home with beer on your breath tonight.

So what?

Look, Jim, I'm not
in the mood for your shit.

What do you care?

You're moving out.

You're too young to be out
running around all night.

You have school next week.

I haven't decided if I'm going yet,
all right?

Why don't you
get real, Jim?

You're 15.

You have no choice
in the matter.

Mom doesn't need
the grief, okay?

You care about Mom?

That's a laugh.

You're the one with
the Playboy apartment, not me.

Hey, I earned it.

I'm five years older
than you.

But I'm here for you
anytime you need me.

Don't give me
that older-brother shit.

Man, why don't you
just go bowling?

Everybody's a comedian.


If you want to hang around
here all day long

playing army,
it's fine with me.


I can't believe you!

I can't believe you.

Who do you think
you are?

You can't just come
walking in here.

You can't keep
doing that to me.

Eileen, I've been thinking about you all day.

Let me give you
a back rub.

No way!


You'll wake up
my mom and dad.

They love me.
Give me a kiss.


if you wanna see me,
you have to call first.

And don't just come by
work, either.

You'll only get me
into trouble there.

Eileen, I only wanna stay for a few hours.

I'm serious, Tommy.

If you don't get outta here right now,
I'm gonna scream.

You won't scream.

I'll wake up my dad,
I'll wake up my mom,

I'll wake up everybody.

You won't scream.

I'll scream.

You won't scream.

Look, Anita's boyfriend
brings her champagne,

and you...
you just come crawling in through the window.

You take me for granted.

That's not true, Eileen.

What about your birthday?

I was there.

What about
your tonsillectomy?

I was there, Eileen.
I was the only one there.

When you thought Esther Davidson had a better body than you,

I was there...

to comfort you.

You're right, Tommy.

Whenever I feel terrible,
you're always there.


You don't really
wanna scream.

Gimme a kiss.

I'll be back!


Billy, where are you?

Oh, there you are.

Mom, what are you doing?

Isn't this wonderful?

I borrowed it
from the Thompsons.

It's so easy to use.

Oh, that's nice.

You don't have to make
such a big deal about this.

I mean, I'm still
gonna see you.

My eldest son
is leaving home,

and I want
a record of this.

Oh, that
looks wonderful.


Billy, are you sure
you wanna do this?

Mom, you said--

Fold them very neatly.

Fold them neatly.

Mom, you said
when I was 18,

I could do
what I wanted.

This is what I want.

I mean, I saved up
all summer long for this,

and I already
have the place.

Take the hanger.

Stop. Take pictures of Jim.

Oh, Jim!
That's a wonderful idea.

He should be
in this shot.

Jim, come here.

I want you...

Jim, would you
come here?

I want you to stand
next to your brother.

That's good.
Stand right next...

No, just look at
each other.

That's nice.

Gimme a break.

Oh, the blanket!

Oh, Billy,
you look so young.

You don't even have
any hair on your chest.

Mom, Dad left home
when he was 17.

Your father left us
when he was 40, remember?

Go back in the closet.

Bill, you don't
have to do this.

You could stay here,
you wouldn't have to pay rent.

Mom, I love you.


Bill, say that
in the camera, dear.

Mom, I love you.

No, the way you did before.
You know, with more feeling.

Look, it's only
14 blocks away.

Ooh, big man.
14 blocks.

Hey, get lost, Jim.

You're really
takin' off.

Screw off.


Jim, this is
a permanent record.

You shouldn't do that.

Billy, get back in here.

Geez, Mom.

I'm not gonna
bullshit you, Bill.

I know it's tough
for a guy like you

to afford
a place like this,

but you seem like the kind of guy that can handle it, huh?

Thank you, Mr. Davis.

Oh, lots of girls!

This way, Bill.
This way, boy.

I thought I was
getting Unit 32.

We had to rent
that one out.

But listen,
since you're a first-time renter,

I'm gonna do
you one better.

I'm gonna put you in the northern corner-- Unit 93.

You're gonna love it.

The northern corner?
The northern corner. Whoa!

It sounds all right,
but I'd like to see it first.

Okay. Now,
if you like it,

it'll mean a slightly larger security deposit.

About 950-- that's not including the pool key.

That's about $100 more
than I brought.

Hey, no problem.
Are you kidding?

We'll just put it
on the next rent check.

I've really been looking forward to living here,
Mr. Davis.

We've been looking
forward to having you.

It's quiet,
it's spacious here in the northern corner.

On top of that,
a lot of doctors live here.

Prepare yourself.

I don't wanna say
too much, Bill.

Just stand here
a moment.

You feel it, Bill?

It's the wild life.


I love it.

Sorry I'm late.

I had to go
to the hospital

and donate some blood
for my dad.

It's amazing
he's still alive.

I moved in
this morning.

It's great.

I can stay up
as late as I want,

I can sleep in.

I can do anything.

I know I wasn't the most outgoing guy in high school,

but I really think this experience is gonna change me.

I'm in
the real world now.

I can do whatever I want at home right now.

No, it's not the same.

You'll know
when you get there.

It's different.

You missed a piece.

I know.

I don't need
this shit, man.

I'm a specialist.

I could be teaching
little kids how to wrestle.

Be right back.

Do we know you?


Where's the war?



You know
this guy?

Not really.

Get outta here.

Do you see this?

Next time,
it's your face, clown.

See ya later.

You're up.

Five orders of fries,


Guys, live it up.

It's on me.

I have something
very important to tell you.

Are we talking
about a party?

I've been up all night.

Eileen and I
are gonna be married.


It's true.

I've nailed
my share of babes.

They call me,
they hang around.

They sit on
my car.

It's gotten old.

Yeah, but you don't
have to get married.

Yeah, why buy the milk
when the cow is free?

Yeah, well, I didn't say
I was getting married yet.

I just said
I was getting engaged.

Get our pictures
in the paper.

Scholarship guys see it.

It's good for
the relationship.

It's good all around.


Hey, Eileen's
a great girl.

I love her.

Congratulations, buddy.


Where's the stag party?

Where else? Les Girls.

Les Girls?!

You'll never get in.

It's all set up.


I knew a guy
who knew this guy

who got in there once.

They have girls
for everybody, man.

You can have a girl
and a steak

and put them both
on a credit card.

Visa or Mastercharge.


Guys, I'm late for work.

That'll be 5.50.

You really think
this looks good on me?

It makes you look
like Sting.

This is all right.
Yeah, yeah. I'll take it.



Is it yours?

Well, no,
but it's my father's,

and I reimburse him, so...

great-looking jacket.

Oh, you like
this jacket?

Oh, yeah.

Actually, and Eileen,
you can tell me if I'm wrong,

I think it looks better
on him than it does on me.

You know,
you're gonna get tons of use outta this thing.

I wear mine
all the time.

You know what
I really like?

It fits really nicely
across the back on you.

Why don't you have a look in the three-way mirror?

It's a nice garment.

Listen, Eileen,
I'm gonna go on my dinner break.

I thought maybe
you'd like to come along.

It's on me.
We can spend a little time...

Harry, man, you hassling
my woman again?

Maybe some other time.

You gonna buy something?


Are you gonna buy that?


I think it's too short.

Think so?

Yeah, I gotta agree with him.
This does not work.

I don't think so.

Definitely not.


Why do you do
this to me?

Eileen, I was
trying to help.

I told you
not to come here

when I'm trying to work.

Here you are.

Why are you smiling?

Because I love you.

You are a mess.

You never think you're good enough for the one you love.

But you aren't
good enough.

Aren't you gonna
say something?

It's go time,
right now, you and me.

Go back
to Alexander High

and instead
of being my woman,

you be my wife.


Eileen, I want you
to marry me.

Absolutely not.

I just wanna get engaged.


It's casual.

What time did your flight
get in last night?

Mm, really late.
I'm exhausted.

Have you talked
to Ron yet?

Yes, I talked
to Ron.

I told him
he could go jerk off,

but I thought his hand
would reject the merchandise.

You did not.

Of course I did.
I can talk to him any way I want.




I'm Bill Conrad.

I'm up in Unit 93.

And you are...?

Not interested.

Hey, girls.

Hey, Louie.

Well... better get back
to work.

Marriage. Hm.

I'm not getting married
until I'm at least 35.

I mean, married to some guy
still in high school?

Forget it.

No, I am not getting married
until I have my own car,

my own place,

and my own money.


I totally agree.

God, you look great!

David's gonna
lose his mind.

I thought you said
the place was phenomenal.

It is phenomenal.

It's great.

I'm finally my own boss.

But the problem is it's costing more than I figured.

I need money.

What you need
is a big raise.

You think Park'll
give me one?

Uh, no.

What you need
is a roommate,

a guy who can
take care of himself,

stay out of your way
and pay his own rent.

Girls, please keep the ball
in your own alley.

Come on,
getting a roommate kills the whole idea

of living by yourself.

Maybe you're just
not ready yet.

My cousin's 33,
and he still lives at home.

Maybe a roommate
isn't such a bad idea.

There you go.

I know who.

Ronnie Silverman.

The guy idolized me
in high school,

his parents are rich.
It's perfect.

No, no. Ronnie Silverman
got a scholarship.

He moved away last weekend.


Fuck, yeah.

Huh. He didn't even
call me up.

You need
a roommate, Bill.

I got it.

John Simms.

Bill, man, John Simms
moved to San Francisco.

He's a fag now.


Well, Tommy,

would you like
to be my roommate?

I thought
you'd never ask.

Bill, it'd be an honor
to be your roommate.

See, it's not
totally great yet,

but it's
almost there.

Are you kidding?
It's fantastic!

It is a nice spread.

It's the best place
I've ever lived in.

Are you sure you can afford this, Tom?

My dad'll pay half.


He'll be glad to have me
outta the house.

We're gonna party
every night.

Oh, no, Tom.

Contrary to popular opinion,
I'm not on summer vacation.

It was hard
to get into this place,

and I wanna
stay here.

So what we have to do

is we have to lay down
some ground rules.

Fantastic shower!

Tom, can you
come out here

so we can talk,

See, the thing is,

a lot of doctors live at this end of the complex,

so we have to be quiet
if we wanna stay here.


Fantastic microwave, Bill!
This is great, man.

Did you hear about that lady who put a poodle in the microwave?

It blew up.

Gotta try that

What are you doin'?

Hey, don't go
through my drawers.

This is my room.

The big room's mine!

No way, Drake.

That's not fair, man!
Absolutely not.

You're the guy
who needed a roommate.

You're the guy
who needed the bread.


So, let's flip.



You lose.

Two out of three.

Come on, two
out of three.


I found this place.

For you.


You lose.

You wanna clear
your stuff outta the room?

I can't believe--

Hey, Bill.

Conrad, wait a minute.

Listen, I'm gonna
make it up to you.

I want you to go
to my stag party tonight.

Isn't a stag party
supposed to happen

right before
a wedding?

Eileen and I
are engaged.


All Charlie's buddies--

everyone in his outfit--

he's the only one
who never got shot.

He's been on something
like 20 missions, too.

Charlie must've kicked
some ass in 'Nam.

Hey, don't say 'Nam.

You call it Vietnam.

Vets don't like it when regular people call it 'Nam.

I wanna meet Charlie.

I don't know if he
wants to meet you.

a secretive guy.

I pass his place
almost every day.

I never see him.

He's not out playin' in the sprinklers.

He's gotta come out

It's not that easy.

When he came back
from 'Nam,

he tried to cash
a veterans' check.

Someone spit on him
in his own bank.

Did he kill the guy?

It was a girl.


That's cold.

Man, no one gave a damn
about us back then, Tony.

Hey, so what'd Eileen do
when you asked her to marry you?

She went wild.

All right, man!
All right.

Cop patrol.

All clear.



after Les Girls,
you'll never be the same again.


Bubba, how ya doin'?
I'm lookin' for Steve.

I'm Steve.

Hi, Steve.

You guys got I.D.?

I'm gonna be straight
with you.

I'm gonna be 30
in a couple of weeks.

This is a very important
night in my life.

You see, this is
my stag party.

Aren't you Tom Drake?

Friend of the community.

Hey, you were great in the regionals last year.

Thanks, my man.


it'll be 20 bucks
for the four of you,

and a three-drink

Thanks, bud.

Don't touch the girls.

Live it up, guys.
This is stag night.

Ready to order now, honey?

We'll have four
of the Pineapple Surprises.

¶ ...can't quench my desire ¶

¶ Don't you know that
I'm burnin' up for your lovin' ¶

¶ You're not convinced that
that is enough ¶

¶ I'll put myself
in this position ¶

¶ And I deserve
the imposition ¶

This place, man,
it's just like I pictured it.

¶ And this pounding
in my heart ¶

Come here, baby.

¶ I'm burning up ¶

¶ I'm burnin' up,
burnin' up for your love ¶

¶ I'm burnin' up, burnin' up
for your love ¶

¶ I'm burnin' up,
burnin' up for your love ¶

Let's see your tits, baby.

¶ ...closing the door

¶ Well, it only makes me
want you more ¶

¶ Day and night,
I cry for your love ¶

¶ You're not convinced that
that is enough ¶

¶ To justify
my point of view ¶

I love you!

¶ Want me to do

¶ I'm not blind ¶

Watch it!

Wise asses!

¶ I'm burnin' up,
burnin' up for your love ¶

¶ I'm burnin' up, burnin' up
for your love ¶

¶ I'm burnin' up,
burnin' up for your love ¶

¶ For your love

¶ Oh, do you wanna see me
down on my knees? ¶

¶ Bending over backwards,
now, would you be pleased ¶

¶ Unlike the others,
I'll do anything ¶

¶ I'm not the same,
I have no shame ¶

¶ I'm on fire ¶

Come over here, honey,
and show it to us.

Keep your pecker
in your pants, cowboy.

Evenin', girls.

I waited all night
for you last night,

and you didn't show up.

Honey, what kind of job
you think I have, huh?

I'm a goddamn public servant.
I just can't leave.

Look, I told my parents you were thinkin' about stoppin' by this week.

Oh, really?

Yeah, like we talked about?

That might be good.

You look nice
tonight, David.

Got some sun today.


Look... I mean,

why can't we have
a regular date?

Can't we just
go somewhere?

Honey, this is
a regular date.

I work nights.

Oh, yeah!

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ If she walks by,
the menfolks get engrossed ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ If she winks an eye,
the bread slice turns to toast ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

Watch it, sonny.
Okay, Dad.

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ The girl can't help it,
she was born to please ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ And she's got
a figure made to squeeze ¶

Kinda like Anita,
huh, Bill?

That's not funny.

I thought
it was pretty funny.

¶ She mesmerizes
every mother's son ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

¶ If she smiles, the beefsteaks
become well-done ¶

¶ She can't help it,
the girl can't help it ¶

Who wants some?

Who wants some?!

¶ She was born to please

The ice cream man
is here!

It's as big
as my apartment, man!

That's it, asshole.

Get him, honey!

Hold me down.
I'll kill you, man!

Whoo! Go for it!

Hey! Oh!

Oh, wonderful!

I got Visa
or Mastercharge!

I got Visa!


I told you not to touch the girls.


It's casual.

¶ Bad luck, baby,
the drink's on me ¶

Okay, I'd like all this,

and some blowtorch fuel.

Let's see what
we've got here.

This is okay.


You know what this is?

This is a field bomb.
No way.

Sorry, little man.

You've gotta be 18
to purchase weaponry.

You know that.

Those are dummy grenades.

How about an authentic marine jungle jacket instead?

44th Regiment, Vietnam.

There was no 44th Regiment
in Vietnam.

This jacket is new.

You're mistaken.

Look, man,
my buddy's a vet.

I should take him
down here

to see this shit.

This is bullshit.

Please exit the store.

This is the best summer
we ever had.

Quit moping, man.
What's the problem?

It's not like
we have prison records.

They let us go.

We power partied, Bill.

What's the problem?

Excuse me.

You have to be careful
in this lovely pool area

because of the sun-- it stays way,
way late into the afternoon.

Come here, sweetheart.
What an adorable dog.

Oh, God!

Are you all right?
You okay?

Please go.
I'm very sorry.


Fashion Dynasty.
Can I help you?

Okay, there's a woman in 14 stuffing pants into her bag.

Yeah. Listen to me.

She was over
at sunglasses.

Now she's stuffing
pants--men's pants.

Where are you, Harry?

I'm over here
near the escalator.


She started off
with sunglasses.

Now she's stuffing
men's pants

into her bag in 14.
You see her?

Harry, this is
not a good time.

I'm really busy.

Could you do this?

Look, this kind of thing happens all the time on this floor.

I really think it would be
a good experience for you

if you handle
this confrontation.


I'll be watching you.


Excuse me, miss,

but could you either put the merchandise you're carrying back

or pay for it?

I don't wanna
have to call for security,

but if I have to,
I will.

Guess who, baby.


I can't believe
what you just did!

That was a shoplifter, Tommy.
You let her get away.

Now I'm gonna get in trouble
again because of you.

Shoplifter... big deal.

Would you get
outta here?

Hey, Eileen,
I love you.

You only say that when you think it's gonna take you places.

That's not true,
that's not true at all.

Do you know where I was
last night? Huh?

I was depressed, alone.
I was thinkin' of you.

My friends wanted
to take me to a strip club,

but I didn't
wanna go.

I want you, Eileen.

Tommy... I have work to do.

Do you know
what I give you

that no other guy
can deliver?

What's that?


May I help you, Tom?


Tommy, I think
you'd better leave.

I think you've
bothered Eileen enough.

He wants me
to leave, Eileen.

I'm not
kidding, Tommy.

I'm sick
of your act.

Either you leave or I'm gonna get somebody to throw you out.



I think you
better leave, Tommy.

This could be
yours, Eileen.

I thought I told you...

You didn't.

It's empty.

I know.

But it could be filled with a ring for you.

It's over between
you and I.

There he is there--
the guy in the blond hair.



This could be you.



Good night, Harry.

Eileen, hang on
for a second.

I'm just doin'
the sales from today.

You're doing
terrific work.

Sit down.

I'll tell you--

you're doing a lot better
than I did when I started here.

Well, thanks.

You know, Eileen.

You know, Eileen,
I gotta tell ya.

I think you're a real
special salesperson,

I really do.

I think about you

and I wonder what it
would be like to have you.

Oh, no.

I'm not kidding, Eileen.
I'm crazy about you.

I think about you
all the time.

I really do,

I don't
think so, Harry.

Look, there's a place we can go here in home furnishings.

It's totally secluded.

Nobody will know
we're there.

No, Harry, I don't
think of you that way.

I turned you off.

No... not really.

I like you.
I like working with you.

No, I turned you off.
I know when I turn somebody off.

I turned you off.

I think I better go.

I'll just go.

Is it my hair?

It's not your hair.

Good night, Harry.

I broke up with Tommy
in front of 50 shoppers.

At least with Tommy,
you know where you stand.

David-- I can't
depend on him.

Sometimes he shows up.

Most of the time,
he doesn't.

I think he just comes by
when he's horny.

You just can't let men
take advantage of you.

Have you tried calling him?

I wanted to.

But he told me
I should be discreet.


Discreet... that's
for other people.

Not you.

I know.

Well, the lights
are on, Anita.

Maybe his roommate
Rick's there, huh?

I think I'm gonna stay here in the car, okay?

Can I help you?

Hi. Is David here?

He's out on patrol.

What about Rick?
Is Rick here?

This is Rick.


Are you sure you don't want to write a note or something?


I'm sorry if I bothered you.

That's all right.



I know how you feel.

I can't believe I let him lie to me like that.

I have this poem that I've saved for a really long time,

and... it used to mean
a lot to me.

I'll read it to you if you promise you won't laugh.


"If you love something,
let it go.

"If it comes back to you,
it's yours.

If it doesn't,
it never was."

That sucks, Eileen.

Yeah, you're right.

I guess I haven't
read it for a while.

No cop's gonna
take me alive!

Well, this is refreshing.

You're a bigger slob
than I am.

Shut up.
Magnum Force.

I take it
the cable installer came.

This is him.


I'm starvin'.

He's right
behind you, Clint.

Did you know
we had ants, Drake?


I don't care.

I'm gonna make myself
a huge roast beef sandwich.

Blow him away!

Blow him away!

Blow him away!


Where's my food?

Oh, I know.

This is all
that's left.

You're gonna need
some more food.

We got babes
comin' over later, too.

They'll probably
be hungry.

I thought
you were engaged.

That's before we got
this place.

Now it's bachelor-rama.


This is not gonna work.

Come on, Chief.

We'll bring a girl
for you, too.

I don't want a girl.



You know I partied before you asked me to move in here.

Well, yeah, but it
hasn't even been a week,

and I've had partying
up to my ass.

Why so tense?

Listen, when
is the last time

you've experienced the pleasure of a woman?

None of your business.

Hey, dude,
you can tell us.

Okay, I'm not the one goin' out with high school girls.
He is.

Listen, I'm going
into my room.

When I come out,

I want some of my food
back in the refrigerator,

some of this trash
picked up off the floor,

and can you put some of my albums back in their covers, please?


Okay, I will.

I promise, Bill, I will.

Thank you.

Who are you?!

Tommy said
it was okay.

It's not okay!
Get out!

Tommy said
it was okay.

Stay loose, Tom.

Come in.

Oh, yeah,
Unit 87, right?


Craig, you guys
got my check, right?

Oh, he's here...

Yes, yes, we did.
Bill, right?

Yes, we did.

Uh... you've got another fella
living there with you, right?

Yeah, we're splitting the rent.
Works out pretty good.

He's loud, isn't he?

Well, I can talk to him
about that.

He listens to me.

You see, you better
look at your lease.

We got another rate
for two people.

Wow. See, I didn't want
a place that big

to begin with.

You knew that.

Now look, Bill,

we provide
a service here.

Either you pay for it
or you leave.

And if you leave,
we keep the deposit.

State rule,
not mine.

Well, that's bullshit.

Listen, I like it here,
and I wanna stay here.

I've put up with every deposit
and every increase

because I wanna stay here.

But I will not pay
another cent.

Don't get carried away.

I'll talk to the owners
about it, huh?

All right?

But do me a favor.

Tell that kid to keep
it down, and, hey,

no parties, all right?

No problem.

Come on, Brenda,
let's go back to my place.

I don't wanna go now.
All my friends are inside.

Forget your friends.

Well, then I have
to go home.

Don't worry.
I'll get you home.

Get in the car.

I don't wanna go now.

I said get in the car.

Hey, it's that
army kid again.

Oh, my God.

I'm gonna run
his ass over.

Eddie, don't!
Shut up!

Grow up, pinhead.
Nobody likes you!

Was she laughing?


Fashion Dynasty.
This is Eileen speaking. Can I help you?

Hi, baby, it's me.

Oh, it's you.
Don't hang up.

I just wanna
see you tonight.

That's impossible.

Look at you.

You're never gonna change.

Why change?

Eileen, I just
wanna see you.

I'm busy.

And don't try coming by the department store.

You're barred.

Eileen, you're leaving
me no alternative

but to go out
with other girls.

All right.

All right. Good-bye.

I'm goin'
to the coffee shop.

You want anything,
love god?

It's casual.

Be right back.

Hey, Robin.
Hi, Bill.

Can you make me a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich?

Oh, I suppose
I could do that.

Thank you.
How's your boyfriend?

He's okay...
as boyfriends go.

I would not know what to do in a situation like that.

This is what you do:

you clean it up,
you pull your pants up,

you say,
thank you, ma'am,

and then
you bust her old man.

Where's David?
He's supposed to be here.

You know
where he's at.

He's up fuckin' that skinny little girl at Donut City.

He likes 'em
in uniform.

Well, he is
from Sacramento.

I wonder if he's got anything left for his wife?

Give her
a nice handshake.

I'll have it drilled
for you in 20 minutes.

Thank you, Tommy.

Where you goin', bro?


What are you
doin', Conrad?

I'm leaving.

What do you mean
you're leaving?

You gotta work till
10:00 tonight.

We got leaguers
comin' in.

I have to go.

This is our bread
and butter.

You can't walk out
on a league night.


I'll be back later.

Tommy can take care
of things.

You know I don't let Tommy
touch the register.

You're workin' late

I am sorry, Park, man.
I got plans.

You got plans?

Want some coffee?

So, uh...

What's fresh, huh?

It was a joke.

All right, look,
I know I'm late.

I got hung up with a four-car over on Lakewood.

Are you married?

Ha! What, are you
kiddin' me?!

I went to your house.

Why did you do that?

Because I missed you.

Well, that's great.

That's superb.

Look, I didn't mess things up
for you.

You didn't have
to go to my house.

You had your fun.

91 Baker, 10-8.

I wanna talk to you.

What's the problem, son?

Get out of your car.
Let's talk about it like a man.

I'm gonna arrest you like a man if you don't shut your mouth.

Oh, big man.

Foolin' around
with a high school girl.

I could have
you arrested.

Like I said, shut up.

Get the hell outta here...

You can do
better than that

for your little
girlfriend, can't you, son?

Listen, I don't know
your girlfriend.

You hear me?

Fuck you!



I think he's asleep.


Um, Charlie,
I brought a friend of mine to meet you.

I don't wanna bother
you or anything,

so if it's a hassle,
we can come back.

No. Come on in.

Tony, Charlie.

How you doin'?

You got a new TV.


Some new ink, too.

You don't wanna
touch it.

Charlie was
at Khe Sanh, man.

The 77-day siege.

The V.C. buildup
was so extreme,

no one thought
they'd make it.

Right, Charlie?

That's right.

They shot at 'em
for, like, 26 hours straight.

Never got hit though.

Isn't that right, Charlie?

Jim, you probably know everything there is to know about Vietnam.

Yeah, except what it was like
to be there.

Except what it was
like to be there...

and you're lucky
about that, man.

You know, you better
get somethin' straight.

I do not want
to go back there.

You keep thinkin' like that,

you're gonna end up in
El Salvador or Nicaragua, man,

and you won't be watchin'
Hueys and goin' "bitchin'."

I've gotta go
to the bathroom.

You guys wanna drink a beer,
there's some in the icebox.


Let's go.


We're gonna
head out, Charlie.


Charlie, we're gonna go now.

Hey, okay.

Come back sometime.

And bring your friend.

He was cool!

Everything about
his place was cool!


I should've said

I blew it.

No. He liked you.

I could tell.

This is where I live.

Looks expensive.

A lot of doctors
live here.


It's pretty quiet,

especially over
on the northern corner.


Yeah, it's nice.

thanks for, uh...

stickin' up
for me tonight.

It's really great.

The guy pissed me off.

Well, maybe now
is a good time for us

to try and get
back together.



But on a trial basis,

Oh, yeah.
That's what I meant.


Because then
we can be

completely independent
yet together...

Excuse me.

Pardon us.

Can't wait to show you my apartment.

It's great.

We can be alone.

Can I ask you
a personal question?


Are you a virgin?

Do you hear

Yeah. Sounds
like music.

Look, you don't
live here.

We live here and we're
trying to concentrate.

Please turn
the music down!

Hey, what is this?

Hey, man,
this guy Billy Conrad's having a party.

It's great.



You throw a great party;
just not enough room.

Great party.

We gotta get
these people outta here.

I'm gonna get thrown out.


Hey, Mack!

Mack... have you
seen Tommy?

I think he's
in the laundry room.

By the way, Chief, dude, man,
you throw a great party.

But I think you need
a bigger pad.

No! No!
Vincent, no!

You're not puttin' a poodle in the microwave.

I just wanted
to dry him out, man.

Where's Tommy?

You're lookin'
really foxy, Penny.

Tommy, I didn't even
think you knew me.

I know you.
I do.

Listen, I like you,
but I don't think so.

What's wrong?

I just think
you'd tell everybody.

Penny, me?

Do you know
how that makes me feel,

girl as beautiful as you
sayin' that to me?

That really
hurts me, Penny.

I never knew
you were so sensitive.

Well, I am.

Tommy, listen,
don't you have a girlfriend?

She doesn't
like me anymore.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go
back out to the party.

I think you invited
too many people.

Hi! Oh!

Bill, man!

Tom, where have
you been?

You really fucked up
this time, Tom.

We're doomed.

It's not my fault, man.

I just invited a few people.
Look what happened.


Hey, face it.
We're popular guys.

Oh, God.

See, everybody's
enjoying themselves, buddy.

Tom, they are going
to throw us out!

Anita, you are
lookin' really foxy.

Thanks. Where's Eileen?

She doesn't like me

Tom, have the cops come yet?

What about Craig Davis?

This is America, Bill.

We pay, we stay,

and they can't do
anything about it,

so I want you
to live it up, stud man.

This is
the last summer blast.



Tommy, Tommy!

Tommy, I got me
a woman!

I got me a woman!

I know a place that's a little more private.

You lose.
Take it off.

Come on, Frank.
Come on. Get 'em off.

All right.

All the way!

Hey! Hey, Tommy!

We're gonna split.

There's no room
to dance in here.

No, you can't split.
No, don't split.

There's plenty
of room here.

What are you
talkin' about?

There's room here.
There's room.

We'll make room.
Back it up.

Back it up,
back it up!

Move outta the way!

What am I talkin' about?
We got a dance floor next door.

We can do it again.

One more time!
Come on.

That was
only practice.

We're gonna get it
this time.

Thomas! Thomas Drake!


You're comin' home with me right now!

Don't you ever stay away
all night like that.

Your mother's worried sick about you,
for Christ's sake!

Dad, I'm sorry.

Come on!
Get out.

Bill, I'm sorry, man.
I forgot to tell my dad I got my own place.

It's casual.

Don't you ever...

don't you ever stay away
all night like that.

Follow me.



Holy mother!

Anybody hurt?

That's too bad.


Oh, God!

Wanna start
with the kitchen?

Ya know, somehow
I had the feeling

that things were gonna
end up like this...

just not so soon.

Conrad, do you realize what went on in there last night?


We had a major blowout.

Well, so what?

I mean, look where
it got us.

If you ask any one of those people ten years from now

what the highlight
of this year was,

they'd have to say
Bill Conrad's party.

We gave them the best time they've ever had.

So what?

Don't you realize
what you've done?


You've made
the transformation, buddy,

from average guy
to the Bill Man.

You're a legend.

No, no, no, no, no.




How you doin'?

Will you look at me?

I've changed, Eileen.

I heard about
the other night.

That wasn't me, Eileen.
That was another guy altogether.

Tommy, you're immature.

Listen, I really
care about you.

Just give me
another chance.

Another chance for what?

For a relationship.

Come on. I'll give you
a ride to History.

I can be a gentleman.

I'll see ya later, Tommy.


Bill Man!

Can I, uh,
call you at home?

Are you kidding?

I'm gonna have a new place
by this afternoon.


When's the first party?

Just you and me.

This year's gonna
be so excellent!

Hey, when we hang out
this year,

you gotta stop
saying "excellent."

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

Thanks for getting
my books.

I'm so clumsy,
I can't believe it.

It's all right.

Maybe I'll see you
later... Jim.