The Whole Shootin' Match (1978) - full transcript

Lloyd (Lou Perry) and Frank (Sonny Davis), two lifelong friends and self-styled entrepreneurs in Austin, try to find the get-rich-quick scheme that will actually get them rich. Lloyd has developed a new invention that he's sure will finally lead to the success he and Frank have been chasing their whole lives. Their golden ticket is a combination mop, vacuum cleaner and floor polisher, but before prosperity arrives, reality intrudes on their plans.

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Hey, sleeping beauty.

Hey boy, rise and shine!

Leave me alone.

C'mon boy, rise and shine.

Hell, I might've known.

I don't see how you can
sleep on something that hard.

I tell you worse places to sleep.

Come on, gonna make some money?

– Light hauling!
This early?

I'd a known it be second floor.

It ain't worse than that though.

210 ought to be down here.

Morning ma'am. Loyd
and Frank's Light Hauling

I'm Loyd, this is my partner Frank.

Frank, I've been reading this book called
"The Secrets to Success"

written by a man named, J. Paul Winfield.

And he's the president of a
company now, a big company.

And they can't even say which one.

But what he says is that
you got to get your mind right.

It's the first thing you've got to do
if you want to get somewhere,

is get your mind right.

My mind ain't right I guess, huh?

Says, first get your mind right,

set your mind on some goals,

set yourself a program
to reach those goals,

and me and you could start a program.

In the first year we'd be
making 15,000 dollars.

Oh, now what kind of
program are we going to be on

making us 15,000 dollars a year?

That's what I'd like to know huh?

Well they can't tell you what to do.

They tell you how to get your mind right.

After you done that it's up to you
to go out and figure out what to do.

How much you pay for these
little gems of wisdom here, huh?

Paid about $14.95, sent off for it.

It's been worth every penny of it.

$14.95? Only person that's got a good

program is J. Paul Snootfield making
15 bucks a whack off of turkeys like you.

They can't tell everybody what to do!

If they told you what to do
everybody's go out and do it

and then it would be a flooded market!

I don't know why I waste my words on you.

You don't know nothing about big

business or high finance.

Oh I don't know anything about big business

because I dropped out of high school, huh?

Didn't go to college? I tried to go to

junior college, Loyd.

You don't even have
to go to junior college.

It sounds real good, Loyd, but you know,

how's that going to put
food on the table? You know?

Gimme something to bank
on... How much...? You know?

Well I got me an idea.

Got me an idea about us going
into the polyurethane business.

You serious?

Yeah, it's the new thing.

I've got it on good information,
it's going to be the coming thing.

We can get in on the ground floor

'cause there is nobody
else around here doing it.

They use it for insulation,
put it up in attics.

They put down in the middle
of, you know, in between walls.

And these rich hippies like it too.

They put it over their houses.

They like it because it
covers up their houses.

Now this is a real good one Loyd.

You want me to get in a business

I can't even pronounce the name?


This is like the chinchilla business, Loyd.

How much did we lose on that one, huh?

That was our program.

It was them air conditioners.

I should be driving a
Chinchilla Cadillac by now.

How about the frog farm?
How much you drop on that one?

Now that was a case of
getting in the market too late.

Just about the same time we got in,

the market fell out.

How about the flying squirrels,
the flying squirrels, Loyd?

Well that town, this town didn't even have

a mosquito fogger
when we got them flying squirrels.

Sure as shit killed our squirrels.

(Radio) There are a lot of you out there

listening to my voice right now

and you're saying I'm too old
to accept Jesus

I've wasted too much of my life.

And then some of you young
people out there, you're saying

Brother Bob, I've got too much to live for,

I don't want to accept Jesus now

and live a goody-goody
life, miss out on all the fun.

I'll accept Jesus just before I die,

give me a chance to have a little living

Let me tell you, you never know,

you never know if you're
going to be here tomorrow

Let me tell you Jesus can
come into your life

at any time and give you the fun,

the enjoyment and
fulfillment that you want.

You don't have to wait until you're old.

Gonna make money in
this polyurethane business

like we gonna find gold on
Boccera Mountain, you know what I mean?

There's gold on Boccera Mountain because
I know them Indians put it there.

And there's gold in this
business, gold money.

There's gold money in
the polyurethane business.

We're gonna get rich! We can get rich!

just like all these other people!

Man come today from
the finance company.

What'd he want?

He wanted his money or he wanted my washer.

I got some money for him.

The rent's due.

I got paid today. I got some money.

How much?

115 bucks.

Oh, Frank!

It's something!

T-Frank's bicycle got stolen today.

From where?

From school.

School. School for thieves down there.

I can get T. Frank another bicycle.

Me and Loyd are going to have
some money coming in here.

A little project.

This is a nice little place here.

Yeah it is.

God damn it.

What's wrong?

I got T. Frank's lunch
again. Peanut butter and jelly.

All right, how bout this?

Oh just pull up a little bit.

Oh this is all right. This is
as good as it's going to get.

Well I can't see very well, Frank.

Just squash down a little bit,
Paulette. These speakers never work...

Ten little Indians, we drive
like a madman to get here

and they got ten minutes
left before the movie starts.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Well, here's the popcorn right here.

Give me a cigarette honey, would you?

You're always bumming a cigarette.

Oh T. Frank.

I bum a cigarette because your daddy

don't smoke cigarettes, T. Frank.

Cause you can't afford 'em.

Hey I can afford 'em.
Don't you worry about that.

And don't you worry
about cigarettes either.

I don't want to catch you
with a cigarette in your mouth

You do as I say and not as I be.

Oh that is good advice, isn't it Frank?

Let's see put a little bit of this on
make it feel better. Here, there ya go...

And don't scratch them mosquito
bites, you'll get 'em infected.

Here Frank.

I don't want that on me,
nuh-uh, Paulette, no, uh-uh.

You'll be up all night
scratching keeping me awake.

It's making me smelly now,
make my beer taste weird.

Everybody get a little of this and
then them mosquitos won't bother us.

All right now, what did
we come to see anyway?

Robert Newman.

Mamma, I'm thirsty.

Well we've got some
Kool-Aid right here for you.

I don't want no Kool-Aid.
Can I have a Coke?

Not right now, you just hop...

You all got beers...

you just hop out and
clean up this windshield.

All right, gimme that dumb rag.

That's a good, yeah.

Git over here in front of daddy, T. Frank.

Right here in front of me.

He's doin' all right.

That's right. Come over here. You've
got a little smear in front of you...

...give you a headache if
you try to look through that.

That's right, yeah you got it.
That's good. That's real nice.

That's good. There you can
have some of this Kool-Aid, baby.

I don't want no Kool-Aid.
I told you I wanted Coke.

Oh, let him go get a Coke.

Here, bring me back some
change, all right?

All right.

Be careful.

You watch out. Oh, look what I done.

You watch out now, them
cars don't have their lights on.

Don't make me come looking for you.

And don't you go into that bathroom.

All right, mom.

All right.

Look at those Mexicans
over there in that Chevrolet.

Must be forty of them over there.

Yeah it's a whole family.

Hey Senor!

Frank, don't you do that.

Want to buy a tortilla?

Frank stop it, they'll come over
and stick you with their knives.

They got as much right to
come to movies as we do.

All right. Just giving
them a little trouble.

There goes Dave, look at him.

Oh my goodness.

She's going to get it tonight.

Hey boy!

Frank stop it, for..., what are you doing?

Getting any?

I'm going to go home I swear.
You don't even know how to act.

You act like you're drunk already.

I ain't drunk already. You're the one
that's all giddy on one beer.

You've been giggling
up like a little school girl.

I know how much beer I drink!

What's that say directed by?

Vino something something.

They never leave those things up there
long enough for you to read them.

I'd like to know what those
people do for a living though.

Well they do that directing.

No, that ain't work
though, I mean for a living.

Why it is too work. I mean they've got
to get that room so it looks like

it's a real thing. They've
got to get them, them clothes

for them guys to wear,
that's a lot of work.

They do that on the weekends
or something.

No they don't, Frank, that's a lot of work.

They've got a lot they've got to do.

Robert Newman. Mr. Pretty-boy.

Yeah. He is pretty.

He's bald as a cue ball, you know that?

He is not.

Yeah, he wears a toupee and everything.

Oh Frank, he does not.

He does too.

He does not wear a toupee.
He's got a big ol' mop of hair.

Well yeah, it's not his
though. He's about 5 foot 2

and bald as a billiard ball.

You're just jealous.
You just jealous is all...

I read that. You watch. Nobody
will touch his hair this whole movie.

They don't never touch their hair
even when their hair's messed up

they don't touch it because they got it

fixed in it's messed up way.

...there's a reason for it.

How's it look?

Well there ain't no place
to turn around down there.

There isn't? How far is it?

150 feet.

Not bad.

Not bad? You gonna back
this all the way down there?

Yeah, I can back it down there.

I'll back it!


Come on, first day on the job.

Whoa! Whoa! Pull up.

Okay now straight back.

The trailer straight back.

Which way do I cut it?

The other way, left.



Yeah, you're getting there.
Yeah, yeah, straighten it out.

Is that straightening it out?

Naw, hell, come on yeah.

God dammit, you drive.

All right, I'll show you how to do this.


It was close.

It's like a jungle out here.

Get out of there.

Don't run over me back there,
wait a minute.

Pretty close.

You're doing great,
Loyd. You're doing great.

Come on, getting close
over here, getting close.

Cut it back, Cut it back, god
dammit. Wait, ahhh... god dammit.

Cut it back the other way.

You're way in the bushes over
here. Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

Watch me over here now, watch me, watch me.

I can't see you.

Get it back in the road Loyd,
you're way up here in the bushes.

I got some leaky windows... some weird windows.

Yeah, these work real well though until

you get a little old summer
shower like we had last week.

It just poured through on the edges here.

And there's another one down here farther.

That one up there.

Washed half of my room away.

I tried to get a hold of the guys

that sprayed it for me in the first place

but - gone, skipped town, who knows.

Well you never can tell about
those people that don't advertise.

Yeah, well I saw your classified ad,

how long you been doing this?

We're here to stay. We're
in the business to stay.

Quite a while.
– Good.

Don't touch that trigger!

Take the kink out of
it. Twist it round there...

All right.

All right.

Don't step back.

Frank, you ready?

Yeah put it on.

All right, go.

It ain't working.

What do you mean it ain't working?

I mean nothing's coming out.

We got pressure.

Got the valves open?

The valves are open.


Try it again.


Oh hell, you're gonna have to come on down.

The valve's stuck. It may be leaking.

What's the problem?

I don't know what the problem
is. Maybe the air... Give it a try.

Do it again.

There's something gooped
up around that shaft there, man.

Yeah. I need something
to scrape it off there with.


Wasn't leaking before.


Second hand crap.


Understand you got your bike stole.

What are you going to do about it?

Ain't going to do nothing about it.

Well maybe this'll help.

Olan, we can't accept this.

Oh you can too.

No we can't.

What do you think about that, huh...?

Keep your hands off it.
– Is it mine?!

Want to ride it?

No! Frank just wouldn't want us to do this.

Paulette, I'll take care of Frank.

I don't think you can...

Look out. Okay.

T. Frank - daddy ain't gonna like this.

All right climb on there, boy.

Give me a push me

You ready? Here we go, hang on.

Olan, I just don't think
it's going to work out right.

Yeah, I see you!

Well I figure if he didn't have that

bike to ride he'd be getting in trouble

and getting in your way.

Well that's nice, I, I...
Honey, I don't think

your daddy's going want you to.

This is great. You
anywhere near finished, huh?

Well I'm a lot closer than I
was when I started, thank you.

"Frank and Loyd's Light Hauling" my butt.

We've been out here all day long

on half a day's job again.

I'm hungry. We're supposed to pack a lunch.

You said we'd been finished
by lunch though, huh?

That lady's going to shoot
us when she comes back here.

Here it is. This is the
problem right here...

That's what's wrong with it?

I think so.

Can you fix it?

Yeah, I think so.

Well howdy, I didn't
make it back for lunch time.

Now it's darn near quitting time.

I guess y'all are packing
up ready to go, huh?

Well, ma'am we're uh,

Yes, you're're what?

We had a problem here.
This is real new equipment.

It's new design equipment...
– Yeah, well, what's the problem?

...and it's this thing here...
–It's just fouled up.

Well it's this thing here. It's
this thing – it's a thermostat

and we couldn't get another
one today, and but we'll get it...

...we're about to get it.

Try to fix this one...
– It won't take long.

I'll tell you what. I'll let you get it.

I'll give you a little time to get it.

And when y'all get it and you got it
right – well, you just give me a call.

I'll get someone else to take care
of this and when you learn your

business, call me back.
You seem like nice folks.

So you just do that all right?

And we'll forget all about today,

chalk it up to experience.

Well, ma'am, we can do
this job, a good job for you,

if you give us another chance, ma'am.


Pack it up, Loyd.

Let me take you out there this afternoon.

You can give me some ideas
about how to decorate that place.

I may, so...

I'll count on it.

All right.

Sure am glad you came by to visit.

I get kind of lonesome around here.

Frank's just busy all the time.

Busy, hell, busy at Shorty's.

You know he sure does
treat you bad, Paulette.

A woman as pretty and good natured
as you, you deserve better than that.

I don't know why you put up with it.

Oh Frank don't mean no harm, Olan.

He's just got a wild streak in him.

That ain't no excuse. Look
at this place, just look at it.

The only reason it looks like a home

at all is cause what you done for it.

Well, Olan, this is my home and I
don't appreciate you talking about it.

You know what I mean, Paulette.

Well the lord teaches us to
accept things the way they are.

All things work together
for good, temper of God.

Well he sure works in strange ways.

Listen Olan, Frank's going to be
coming here pretty soon for supper.

So, I think I better get
it finished up right here.

Well I can't stay long, I got
work to do out at the house.

Hi Frank.

Well, speak of the devil.

What the hell is going on here?

Nothing to get riled about.
Olan just come by for a visit.

What's this about a new bike?

Olan gave T-Frank a bike to
replace that one that got stolen.

He's been out there riding on it
up and down.

I don't want nobody
buying nothing for my boy.

I was going to buy him one to replace it.

Tell your pie-eating boyfriend
to get his ass out of here.

You can pick up that spray rig over
at Loyd's which broke down over there.

It's not worth a shit.

Well I showed you how to
run it Frank. What's the matter?

Alcohol and polyurethane don't mix?

What the hell's that supposed
to mean, Olan?

Well, Frank, everybody
knows you ain't worth a shit

unless you got 4 or 5 beers in your belly.

There's the door Olan, you gonna walk out?
Or are you going to get thrown out?

There's nothing to get mean about, Frank.

Somebody's got to look
after Paulette and T-Frank.

I don't think that boy knows
he's got a daddy

Don't give me that shit, Olan.

You've been poking
your nose around here for

years trying to get in Paulette's
pants ever since high school.

Just paying a neighborly visit, Frank.

Just because we're cousins, Olan,
that don't give you no right

to poke into my personal affairs here.

Well I don't have to sit
here and talk no crazy man.

Thanks for the pie and coffee,
Paulette. I'll be talking to you.

Excuse me if I don't see you out.

What did you go and do that for Frank?

'What did you go and do that for Frank?'

What the hell am I supposed
to do, Paulette?

I come home see him in here
eating my food

sitting in my chair, acting like
the king of the hill around here.

What am I supposed to
say? 'How's your pie Olan?

Are you comfortable?
Here, screw my wife.'

I can't reason with you because
you're so damn bull-headed.

I catch that boyfriend of
yours around here again

I'm going to fill his ass with buckshot.

You've got a lot of
room to be talking, Frank.

I mean you's out running around with

somebody most every night.

That's different, Paulette. This is my
home. This is supposed to be my castle here.

I've had a long hard day. I'm tired and
hungry. I'd like to get something on the table.

I'm going to shower off.
We'll talk about this later.

All right.

See my new bike?

No I haven't.

Well it's got custom breaks.
It's even got a banana seat with


I don't know about that bike, T-Frank.

See, it's not right for you to get a bike

from anybody but your own daddy.

Frank, let's just save it, all right?

This is as good a time as
any to bring it up, Paulette.

Just hang on to it till after supper.

T-Frank, I'm think that bike's
going to have to go back.

No, he gave it to me!

Yeah, well I'll get you one just
as good as that one, you know.

It's not right for him to
give that thing to you.

Well, it's mine.

No it ain't yours, it's Olan's.

Yes it is he gave it to me.
– You're going to have to give it back.

I'll get you one just as good as that one.

There's only four like it
in town and Billy's got one.

Don't carry on, don't
carry on about it T. Frank.

That's it on that bicycle!

Golly, he gave it to me!

T Frank. The bike's going
back. Now quit crying.

See what you done?

What I done?

Yeah, what you done.
There ain't no good reason

why that boy can't have that bike, Frank.

The hell there isn't when
it was given to him by Olan

just a foot in my door is all it is.

I can't reason with you cause you ain't got
the sense you was born with.

T Frank. Can't you shut him up?

No. I can't shut him up.

Well I will. T. Frank...

No, no, Frank, you leave him alone.


You hush, hush, you're not going
anywhere if you keep this up – you hush.


That make you feel good?
Whipping up on a little boy?

If he don't mind that's
what has to be done.

That's ridiculous Frank.
That's the silliest thing

I ever seen you do.

Well I'm not going to sit around
here and listen to this all night long.

I'll be at Loyd's house. God dammit.

(singing) Oh my darlin', oh my
darlin', oh my darlin' Clementine...

You are lost and gone forever.
Oh. my darlin' Clementine...

You want one of these?




How you doing, boy?

I've been better.

Get that spray rig working?

No. it's still down, but it, it's
going to come around. It's all right.

What the hell's that supposed to be?

This here's my own invention.
It's gonna make us a million dollars.

Another million dollars, huh Loyd? Hell,
what are we going to do with all our money?

Get rich, I'd say on this
automatic blood bait dispenser.

You know there are 4 1/2
million people in the United States

and everyone of them has
to dig down in a jar of bait

every time he wants to salt
that little old fishing hole?

Every one of them can have one
of these – and just have in his boat

and turn it on and salt down that hole.

That's a good one, Loyd.

You and Paulette have another run in?

Hell yes. Olan gave T. Frank
a brand new bicycle today.

Can you believe that crap?

After all we've been through about that.

He's not very well
schooled in the social graces.

No, he sure as hell ain't.

He's been sniffing
around there trying to get in

her pants – for years!
Ever since high school.

Ever since I kicked his little butt
and took Paulette away from him.

My own goddamn cousin.

I say the god damn thing has to go back

and I'm Mr. Bad Guy.

I'm the bad ass.

Goddamn I can't take this shit
much longer. You know what I mean?

This is a dry hole we got here, Loyd.

We ought to high tail it to
a greener pastures.

Well we could go to Dallas
where every house is a palace.

Hell I'm serious Loyd.
Look at me. Look at me.

I'm on the wrong side of thirty.

If I don't get something going quick,
it's never going to get going.

You ain't got it so bad, boy.

Shit, I had a chance
one time to do real good.

A fella I was with in Vietnam

had a real good idea about a
lumber company business in Waco.

We had a bank roll to choke a
horse when we got out of that service.

He wanted to go fifty fifty on it,
me and him.

Hell, I piddled around
and piddled around and

he finally found somebody
else to go in with him.

Now he's makin...
I spend all my money

in bars and cheap honky tonks around town.
Now he's making a million dollars a year.

He's got a chain of them
all across the state.

Goes to south America every year.

I can't even go to god damn
Round Rock on the weekend.

He's a goddamn millionaire.

I've got little T. Frank and
Paulette to think about though.

Well it's a little bit one of
these gadgets of mine, Frank.

Cut up some spare parts,
stick 'em together and live with it.

All right, you want to see this work?

Is that going to work?

Real slow, here we go.

God damn, Loyd! Uh-uh! Stop! Stop!

Hey, hey, hey! You're going to
put somebody's eye out with that

damn thing. That's dangerous!

What are you going to do?

Hit the fish in the head with it and

and let them float to the top?

Well hell that'll do
it if nothing else will.

You got you a real winner
there Loyd. Uh-huh...

Hell yeah. I been thinking about

putting up a board right here

to keep people from staring
in on me seeing what I'm doing.

Yeah right, they're going to steal that
number from you for sure. Jesus Christ.

Boy how long has it been
since me and you went out

and had a good time on the damn town?

A good time?

A good time. I'm talking
about a hell-raising time.

It's been too long.

I think it's about time.

Are you ready?

Yeah I'm ready.

Get your hat there, partner.

"I'm just a wanderer of the wasteland,
Singing 'bout my cowboy days gone by..."

There you are, Olan.

Hey Frank, what you been up to
all this time?

I'm here with Rhonda Lynn.

You Devil. You're a devil.

I'm ready to dance my way to hell.

Come on Loyd, what do you say
to a dance?

Hey all right, wanna dance?


I tell you what, I got one of those
IUDs, those things are marvelous.

Bonnie, take it out! Those
things'll mess up your insides.

Well you've got to use something.

Honey the only way to
prevent "It" – is not to fuck.

That's a great solution.

Well, you can use rhythm.

Rhythm? Are you Catholic?

Hell no.

Rhonda Lynn is a nice Methodist girl.

Why isn't there ever any goddamn
Kleenex in any of these places?

Because that Wayne is a
cheap old redneck, that's why.

Hey Rhonda Lynn, I think
Frank's kind of cute, don't you?

Yeah, I do, but I really like
Loyd, you know, he's been so nice.

He's been telling me
about the chemical business

and all that. He's really... I'm really
impressed with him, I really am.

Well did you see that
sneaky little rodeo tramp

trying to horn in on Frank?

I should have slapped the tar out of her.

Here's your chance, loud mouth.

If I wanted to talk to turds,

I would have put a phone in the toilet.

Mighty fine, cause that's
just where you're going.

Now stop it. What is wrong with you?

Would you two stop it? Get off me.

Hell boys what's happening
in there? Hey Frank come here.

Dottie, come here.

Would you help?

All right Frank, I won you fair and square.

Come on Loyd, grab that girl, let's go.

Come on gal, let's go.

Hate to think about you and T
Frank here all alone. Not safe.

People like The Choker running around.

Olan, don't go saying that to me.

It's the truth.

Sometimes at night,
I'll be lying up in that bed

and I'll hear a noise outside

and I'll think, oh Lord, here
comes somebody after me.

I used to keep the gun. I'd
tuck it up under my pillow.

After a while I go to sleep.

That ain't safe.

You need somebody around
here to take care of you. All the time.

You don't need no gun then.
Somebody, uh, like me, maybe?

Olan? Olan?


Wait. Wait. Get off of me.

What's the matter, Pumpkin?

I, I think we've got to stop
this Olan. This ain't right, Olan.

Well of course it's right
if that's what you want.

That's what you want, aint it?

Only part of me wants it.

That makes it right.

No, no, Olan.

Just what do you want?

I don't know, but that ain't it.

Well, why not?

Cause it ain't right.

Well I don't understand you called me up

and woke me up out of a sound sleep to
have me come over here and entertain you.

I, I, I don't know what you want.

I called you because I
thought you was my friend.

I am your friend. Look at
all the things I bought you.

Done give you everything
I've gotten my hands on.

Well, do I have to pay for it with that?

Pay for it? Hell, it's a little
gratitude. It's the least you can do.

Get out of my house.

Get out of your house
what do you mean go on

and get out of here?

Get away from my house!

What about that bicycle?

What about the curtains on that wall?

I don't want your stuff, I
just want you to go away.

Go away?

Go away.

Go away. You're going to tell that to John
T. Frank when he turns out like his daddy?

He ain't going to turn
out just like his daddy.


He's not.

Just like his daddy.

He's not gonna turn out
like... You get out of here.

Ungrateful bitch

You get away from my house.

And you take that god
damn bicycle with you.

I don't want that...

You take it.

Take it anyway. Take it!

(radio) Let me tell you the story of a
businessman who came to my office

just a couple of weeks ago and he said,

"Brother Bob, he had tears
streaming down his cheeks,"

he said, Brother Bob, "I've
been drinking my life away.

Says, I'm making my family miserable.

I'm drinking a pint of whiskey every day.

And I'm drinking just old beer and wine.

He says, I'm making
my associates miserable.

And I've even been unfaithful to my wife,

my loyal wife of 30 years,

And I've been running around on her
and cavorting with all kinds of women."

And he says, "Brother Bob,
it's making me miserable inside

and I need help. Isn't
there something you can do?

Please reach out and help me." And I said,

there's nothing I can do for you,

but Jesus can come into
your life and he can change

your life. Can we pray together?

Yeah, that's the big hacienda, huh?


Got a bathroom? I sure have to go.

We have one though.

Y'all watch out for this wilderness.

Okay, there we are. Come on.

Come on, this is it.

Damn! What the hell is going on?

Daddy! Don't shoot. It's me, Rhonda Lynn.

Tell him we're not poachers
and put that god damn thing down.

Let's get out of here.

I ain't getting shot over
no damn bacon and eggs.

Oh no, no, no, daddy!

What was that Loyd, a twenty gauge?

Hell I don't know, but
he's going to have to get

on top of that house to shoot me.

Daddy, it's me!

That you? Rhonda Lynn?

Daddy. How are you? I
brought some friends with me.

Well you stand up now where I can see you.

Huh? ...well come on y'all,
stand up. Come on. We're coming.

Okay, come on. Don't
be scared it will be all right.


I'm sorry I took a shot at y'all,
but, you know,

you can't be too careful.

Yeah, you bet. That's the important thing.

You never can tell when
them government men gonna

throw down on you. You know?

You see there? I feel better already.

You know I like to take the
BC powder and all such as that

until I get to feeling better.
Once your health goes, oh,

that is the end of the
hump. Man, I used to go

chase them mavericks up
in Bocera Canyon all day.

All night too, if need be.

Was you raised up on Bocera?

Oh yeah, I worked up
there as a boy and all my life.

So you know about
that Indian gold up there?

Well of course there's gold
up there. Everyone knows that.

They've been talking about it for years.
Sterling and me used to hunt it.

Sterling's the one that knew where it was.

Before Sterling died,
he give me the map, see.

Well I'd go up there myself now and get it,

if I didn't have these
useless things for legs.

Yes sir, me and Sterling
would have gone up there

and got that if he hadn't gone
and got hisself shot, you know?

I guess that gold's still up there.

Ain't nobody going to go up
there and move it or anything.

Can we look at that map?

I never tried, and I
ain't ever going to stop...

Sterling? Is that you?

Well now put that down now Sterling.

Now wait a minute, I tried to do right
by you but they caught up with me.

See, they drawed straws on me,
Sterling, and if it be the short straw

and then you got to do
it or they gonna kill you.

That's the way it is.

Now put that down now. Come on now.

Now come on over here and sit down
and have a cup of coffee.

Now Rhonda Lynn, get
Sterling a cup of coffee. Sit down.

Pull your table in there.

Got to be going.

Well, this is where I get out.

Yep, I guess so.

Sure have enjoyed it.

I did too, Frank.

Hang loose now.

We'll do it again sometime.
Take care of yourself.


I'm glad you didn't bring no
smelly things home with you.

Frank, ain't you even gonna kiss me?

How you doing?

I'm okay.

You want to help me? Crank the ice cream?


All right. It's peaches.


Paulette, I'd rather us just get it over now
if you're going to start hollering at me.

Let's just get it out in the open now.

I ain't going to holler at you, Frank.

Ain't no point in me doing that.

You know? I could rant
and rave at you all day

and I wouldn't be changing you none.

Frank, I'll tell you something.

This morning, I was real upset
and I went out of the house,

I just felt like I was dead
inside, and I started walking

down the street. It was like this
voice was saying to me, it was saying,

Come on. Come on over here.

So I just kept walking and finally,

Frank, I come to that big old tent
down there.

You know the tent meetings they're having?

And I went in there and that
preacher's preaching, Frank,

and he's just preaching right to me.
He just lifted me right up out of my seat!

He said, he said, Sometimes
we're like little lost sheep

that have just gone astray.
Everyone's just following after

their own ways and the Lord
has laid on Jesus all of our sins.

Paulette, all that religious
is – a bunch of crap

for the people waiting for the big
pie in the sky, a bunch of losers.

That's not right, Frank. It's a
way to get through this world when

things ain't the way you want it to be.

You got to live and learn.
See I can't be changing you.

I just got to take care of making
me the way Jesus had have me to be.

I've been doing me some thinking too.

What about?

I think Loyd's right. I think
I need a new program.

I been thinking about how I've
been treating you and T Frank,

haven't been a daddy to him,
haven't been a husband to you either.

Paulette, I've been cheating on
you. I've been lying to you for years.

I ain't been no man to you. You
deserve better than me, Paulette.

I'm wrong.

I've been wrong for years,
honey, and I'm sorry, I'm wrong.

I'm going to change. I
swear I'm going to change.

I'm so sorry. Honey, I'm so sorry.

Jesus will take care of us.

I swear it, Paulette, I'm
going to change. I'm so sorry.

Hush. It's going to be all right,
Frank. Jesus'll take care of us.

It'll be okay.

I'm going to change,
Paulette, I swear it I am.

Things are going to be
different around here.

I know it.

They are.

I know.

Here's your 5 bucks worth. Ten
gallons I'll give you a free car wash.

All right. Could use it. Why not?
Why not? Make old Bill feel proud.

You could use it all right.

Looks like you've been
jumping through mud puddles.

Let me see some of that.

You've seen it.

Split it up, 50-50.

Alright. $50, $100, $150, $200, $250.

There are no expenses this time is there?

Yeah there's been expenses, but we
can take it out later. Plenty of cash...

Aww... you made me forget
how much I counted out.

Another shot here... 50, 100,
150, 2, 250, 3, 350, 4, 450, FIVE...

...hundred dollars.

That's right, how bout that?

This looks pretty even though it
does have a Yankee on the front of it.

I don't care. I don't care what he did.

We better put this thing away.
We're out here facing the road...

Yeah, let's not that out here.

I could get a new chainsaw.

Hell yeah.

Chainsaw, you could have a chainsaw.
I'm getting me a new set of clothes,

new boots. Start dressing
with class instead of

being a slob in these rags.

You're going to waste your money again.

Loyd, I take it all back what
I said about J. Paul Winfield.

You got you a good program here
and you got your mind right too, buddy.

I thought you'd see the light
once the cool green come along.

Put it there partner.

All right. All right.

Let's go get drunk. Buy us a
bottle and ride around all afternoon.

Get in and let's go!

Thank y'all.

He sells it on TV. They're going
to sell it on TV like that Ronco deal.

Yeah, that's what he does. He
puts it out there right where the

housewife can get it.

Well you gonna give me one or am I going

to have to buy it at K-mart?

We'll give her one, won't we partner?

Sure, we have you out
for the first one off the line.

Yeah, you get number one, honey.
You get the number one off the line.

You bet.

Must have been that
phone call I made, Frank.

What phone call?

Well I wasn't going to tell you about it,

but I called Brother
Bob in Oklahoma City...

That preacher on the radio?

Yeah, and I told him things
weren't going very good for us

and could sure use some mercy.

Well he said, you just keep
praying and I'll be praying.

Look what Jesus done.

I don't know if Jesus did it or J.
Paul Winfield. Loyd did all the work.

He's the one...

Yeah I did it.
– Well Jesus did his share.

Well we need all the help we can
get though, don't we partner? Huh?

Sure, sure.

We just gonna have to celebrate.

Yeah, let's do something.

I got a piece of round
steak in the refridgerator.

I'll just fry it up for
us. What do you say?


You want some chicken fried steak?
– Yeah..

Can I play with my glove?

Sure there you go buddy.

Chicken fried.

With gravy and mashed potatoes?

Yeah, you ready for that?
– Come on in the house, partner.

I'm so tired of my own cooking.

Hey buddy, I'll help you oil that
up, we'll break that glove in right.

Come on in the house, partner...

So the hot air'll go off the porch
instead of right up on the roof up there

cause it'll get hot. We don't need it now,
but it's going to be getting cold pretty soon.

Yeah, that'll be good.

Then what I'd like to do
is clear off all this crap

off the front porch here.

Yeah, we got lots of bottles.

Cash in the bottles. And I
was thinking about putting a 4x4

across here and putting that swing
that Loyd has over at his house.

You think it will hold it?

Yeah it will hold it if
I support it real good.

Oh, I'd like that. That'd be good.

Yeah, that'd be good. Come around
back I want to show you some stuff too.

We'll clear all this out, haul that old
thing out and mow it back over here.

I'll give them toys to my sister.
Her little kids can use them.

Yeah, they're at that age, I guess.

T. Frank'll have to get
all this stuff around here.

Yeah, if I can get him
away from the television set.

You will when you start making money.

I want to get back on this,
get T Frank to help me.

I can get all my tools out
and store a bunch of this stuff.

See my tools are just lying around out
in the rain like this. It's ruining them.

T Frank drags them out,
that's why they're rusty.

Yeah, well it's just ruining things.

Do you think we could
fix them steps, Frank?

Yeah, that's what I was fixin' to say.

It's all rotted out.

– Someone's gonna fall
on 'em one of these days...

See? I got to take the whole thing down...

but it won't take long
to fix that, that's for sure.

- Bye-bye.
– Good-bye

Don't forget to get to
get the coffe sweetner.

I won't.

Don't let anybody stick you up.

I won't.

Remember my sister and her
husband are coming for supper?

Yeah, I remember it.

You better hurry you gonna miss that bus.

I'm trying to hurry. If
you'd shut up for a second.

Hey good-lookin!
Alex! It's me, Frank!

God, I didn't recognize you.

This is quite a surprise, how you doing?

I'm doing okay.

How you like my new car?

Oh, it's gorgeous!

How about hoppin' in and let's go
get a drink or something somewhere?

Go for a little ride.

Okay. Yeah.

What do you think? Come on...

That sounds alright.

Let's get a table over there by the bar. I
like to watch the bartender pour our drinks.

Frank, could we sit over...
how about over here?

Sure. It's all the same to
me. It's secluded over here.

Another thing is I wanted
to set you straight on

Frank Rogers, you know? I'm
not just an ol' cedar scrubber

out there handyman.
Me and Loyd are what

you might call independent
oil men. We do a lot of oil work.

Yeah. That's what we're into now.
We do real well usually, you know,

uh, but just lately we've
had some hard times.

We got a place up in
Dallas me and Loyd go to

every now and then.
We got an office up there.


Yeah, we spend a lot of time,
just go up there for business.

Dallas, I could do without the place.

We got us a box out at the
Texas Stadium, you know,

for the Cowboy games. We go out there...

It's a company box, you know, but...

Hey, uh, speaking of nice
places, we got a, I'm building

a little house out here in West Lake Hills.

It's in the construction stage now.

Uh... Yeah, look I left my
wallet in my glove box I guess,

if I left it. I might have
left the house without...

Can you get these and I'll
pay you back when we get out?

I'll write you a check. I got
my checkbook out there.

Oh yeah, sure, sure, I'd be glad to.

We'll settle up out in the
car. Uh, as... You know...

Yeah, keep the change. Thank you.

I need to be getting back.

Well I don't see the big hurry. I
haven't even shown you the inside

the other end there where the bedrooms are.

Frank I need to leave,
I really do. I need to go.

Well what's the big hurry?

Well, uh... I just, ...I know a lot
of people in this neighborhood.


And, uh, it's just better for
me not to be seen out here.

Well I don't see anything wrong with
taking a drive out in the nice afternoon.

There is something wrong. There
is. Come on, I want to go back.

All right. You're the boss.

Thank you.

Well, take care of yourself...

...and bye-bye, Frank.

Have fun at your tennis lesson.

Frank, I was busy with that
middle linebacker making the hole

you was supposed to go through.

Yeah, well, it got kind of clogged
up in there so I took an alternate route

with nobody helping me out there.
Didn't even see that son of a bitch.

I saw you drop the ball, Frank.

Yeah, well, so did everybody else.

That's not all that got dropped that
night though if I remember correctly.

Wasn't you supposed to meet
Paulette out in ont of the Get it N' Go

ard go to the drive in with her?

She didn't show up, did she?

Hell, I can tell you where she was.

Yeah, we were thinking about old Olan,

sitting by hisself when we were
steaming up the windows at the drive-in.


Look like you come into
some money there, Frank.

Yeah, I'm doing a little bit better.

Or did you just borrow that suit?

No, paid money for it.
Good money for it too.

What is it this time? Chinchillas or frogs?

Ain't neither one, Olan.
Ain't wrecking cars either.

You look awful scruffy over there, Olan.

You been out tracking bears
through the woods for the last

couple of weeks? No wonder
you ain't got no women around you.

Smell like a bear.

Must got awful lonesome out
there with that big new house

and nobody to keep you company.

Oh I don't know Frank,
I got 'em calling me.

Hell I can imagine what's calling you up,

some ol' dirty lay from
an old bar somewhere.

Sure wouldn't talk about my wife that way.

Now what the hell is that
supposed to mean, Olan?

You tell me, Frank. I only say what I mean.

I been meaning to give you
something for years, Olan.

Something you been asking for.

Take it easy now fellas,
don't start nothing...

What's that old buddy, old cousin?

Just this. You son of a bitch.

Why she's the one that
makes my fingers stink, Frank.

Oh come on... Knock it off.
Frank! Come on, Olan, knock it off!

You get up again, you son of a bitch,
you'll get more of the same.

Come on. Get on top of him. Yeah,
come on! Frank, you got him now.

You son of a bitch I'm want to kill
you. God damn it I hate your ass.

I hate your ass. I'm gonna
kill you. I'm going to kill you.

I hate your ass. I hate
you and I wanted to kill you

for a long time. Son of a bitch, son
of a bitch, I'm going to kill your ass.

Son of a bitch I'm going to
kill you. I'm going to kill you.

Goddamn it. God damn you.

Goddamn you! I've hated you
a long time you son of a bitch.

Olan. Olan, are you all right? Hey.

Olan, god dammit, why'd you do this?

Olan, you all right? Hey.
Olan, I'm sorry. Come on.

You all right? Come on buddy.

You all right?

You all right, Olan?

Frank, I never touched her.

Hey it's all right buddy.

Come on, cousin, let's get some beer.

– Set 'em up there, Shorty.

Here you go boys – Olan, Frank.

Olan, it's wrong for us to fight –
hate each other for so many years.

Let's startover, huh?

– Looked like he was out for the count.

– You okay, Olan?

You bring that polyurethane machine by

I'll give you your money back.

Oh cousin, don't worry about that.

Man, he hit me just right in there, man.

I think I like you better when you're poor.

Here's to you cousin.

Here's to tomorrow.

All right let's start over.

Every time Dallas screws up
they pan to the cheerleaders.

Yeah I could do without that.

They do have big tits.

Oh, you noticed, huh?

Yeah. I noticed.

Hey y'all. How you doing, Jimbo?

How's it going buddy?

Pretty good and you?

Pretty good.

Who's winning?

We ain't.

We ain't?


What's the score?

21 - 14


What did you do to your face?

It's not what I did, it's what Olan did.

You and Olan been fighting?

Yeah, we had it out.

What about, Frank?

It's about 15 years, 30 years
of hating each other you know?

It's, we ironed it all out though,
you know, we buried the hatchet.

Did you hurt him?

No, he's all right. Well hurt him
worse than he hurt me I think,

but it's, you know...

Want some ice on your face?
– I'm all right, I'm all right...

But you know, it's all over with now.

Go? In the middle of the
Dallas game?! Are you kidding?

Come on, Jim. Let's go.

We talked about it for
the longest time and,

You know, buried the
hatchet and that's that.

Where'd you get that new suit?


I said where'd you get that suit from?

You like it?

Yeah it's nice.

I bought it this afternoon. I thought it
looked good on me. Huh? Doesn't it?

I needed a suit.

Our money?

Well yeah, I needed a suit,
Paulette, didn't I?

Yeah you did. You
got dirt all over the legs.

I know it's brand new too.

Did you spend all of our money?

Every last nickel of it.

You did?

Oh there'll be a hell of a lot more
money coming in, Paulette, you know.

Not for sure, I sure don't.

Well it's gonna be all right, isn't it?

Hell it'll be all right.
Don't worry about it.

What the hell's that? Is that
that old ...that new dress?

That's that skirt that Jeanie and I
bought, that they said it's too long

so I'm hemming it up so you
can see a little more of my leg.

A little more leg, yeah.

We're gonna look real snazz, y aren't we?

We will. Look I'm gonna,
is y'all already have eaten?

Yeah, we ate every bit
of it but you didn't come.

I'm hungry. Is there anything?
– Well, I'll fix you something.

I'll fix you a sandwich.

Yeah that's fine. I'm gonna go
watch the game with old Jimbo in there.

You wanna watch it with us?

No, I don't care nothing about football.

Well hell, come on in here.

No, I don't like it.

Bacon all right?


He get a hand on that or what?

Yeah, I think somebody did. He might've
just shanked it. We'll see it on the replay.

That's the break we needed though.

All right boys, let's get
the rain game going here.

Get to cooking. Plenty of time left,
plenty of time. We got this game, I think.

– March it on down.
Right on down there.

There's my man, go, Newhouse,
Newhouse. Yeah! Yeah!

Punch it in there! That's
the one-two punch.

Dorset and Newhouse. Dorset and Newhouse.

Can't go wrong with Dorset
kid, you can't go wrong.

Oh God. Throw it, throw it,
throw it! Yeah there we go!

I can't believe it!

Yeah! There we go. Now we're talking.

That should put you in the clear
there buddy, shouldn't it, huh, Jimbo?

After I pay my hospital
bill maybe I don't know.

Why do they always do
that, wait to the last minute?

God, it scares the shit
out of me every time.

They haven't won yet.

I know he's gonna fumble
it the way he's carrying it.

– Like it was a loaf of bread or something.
He can get away with anything.

You like him, huh?

Yeah, you know I do.

Extra point make seven points, all
right, all right. Just Hold 'em. Hold 'em.

You want a date with him? I know a
guy works up there with the Cowboys...

You want a date with Bill, with your boy?

...and I'll get you a date with
one of those cheerleaders, OK?

Now you're talking!

Look at this, look at this, hey y'all this
is my commercial. This is our thing here!

This is our mop!

Look at this! This is our new
mop! It's on television already!

What do you mean?

That's our mop that Loyd
invented right there! Look at that!

Loyd? You and Loyd did that thing?

Yeah. Wizard Mop... I can't believe
that. Paulette, that thing's on TV!

I can't believe that.
I hope Loyd's watching.

You boys work fast.

Boy they sure do. He said he was
going to have it on TV before Christmas...

But my god it's only been like
well 3-4 weeks, a month or so.

How much you getting on this deal?

Well we got a percentage
off the gross, or I don't know.

Loyd knows all that figuring stuff.

We got a thousand dollars off of it.

Up front?


You got a contract?

Yeah, we signed a contract. He
hasn't sent us our copy yet though.

But you know, I can't believe
it's on television already.

When did you sign that contract, Frank?

About a month ago, about
two weeks ago. At his office...

He hasn't sent you the contract yet?

No, no, we were talking about that too.
We were going to go see him or something.

Frank and Loyd, Had to
go to the Coast on business.

Be back next year. Thanks for the
mop. Keep your chin up. R.L. Meyers

I could change that where it could
adjust and it would go up and down

and you could adjust it down to the
floor or pull it up away from the floor.

You like that? Well we ought to
get together and talk about those.

All right. Going out of town?

All right, how about next week then?

Oh yeah, there's one
other thing, right next week,

we don't have any paper
work yet? We didn't get

anything in the mail, uh-uh.

What can I help you boys with?

We're here to see how
production's going on our mop.

That's out of my Department.
Y'all let me call somebody.

Think you better get Meyers down here...

Gentlemen, I am Lance Morgan.

I don't understand what
this means. Speak English.

Tell me something I can understand.

This Kitchen Wizard Mop.

My records indicate that on that
date Mr. Meyers has paid in full.

In fact, Mr. Johnson, I'll put it to you in
simple English, and to Mr. Rogers also.

If you'll look at the last copy
here... The last paragraph...

You will note that it says, quote:

Seller hereby agrees to forfeit all claims to
legal tender or purchase upon full payment...

and signature notarized by the
proper official and so on and so forth...

End of quote, Mr. Johnson.

This don't mean Jack Shit to me!

Where I come from someday do
that deserves a goddamn good licking!

You ever come back, I'm gonna slap
your scrawny ass clear to next week!

You hear me? Get the hell out of here.

Sons of bitches...


Hey there partner. It's
starting to get cool out there...

I was just about to go down to Shorty's
and get a beer. You want to go with me?

Hell no...

What the hell you got there?

What are you drinking?

Some fair to middlin' Tennessee Whiskey.

Oh, yeah...

Want some?

Midland, hell. That's more like Odessa.

Guess who I saw this afternoon.


Rhonda Lynn. She was asking about you.

She likes you I think
Loyd. She's kinda cute.

I been doing some thinking myself
and they're holding all the cards.

They got the lawyers
and they got the big gorillas

behind them and there's
nothing we can do about it

except learn from it and
make better next time.

Next time. That's just
it. I can't do it again.

Just a fluke.

The one time I could do it.

Play by their rules and all these
other ideas I got out of a magazine.

That was something that was mine.

Those bastards stole it from me.


Ever since I grew up
in a damn river bottoms

I been thinking I was
gonna be somebody else.

I just couldn't wait to get out
of there and come to the big

city and get rich and be somebody.

All I got to show for it is a
bunch of half-baked projects and...

You know what, I'm just
a ignorant country boy.

And all the scheming ain't
gonna do nothing about that.

That's why I'm just going to
pack the dog and go somewhere

and do somebody else's job. Do
something I can do. Just get money.

Like where?

Like Alaska.

That's supposed to be
the new frontier up there.

Pay double time on that pipeline.

And those little boom
towns are full of whores.

Get you a little Eskimo
girl up there, Loyd.

That's just what I
need: one that don't talk.

What you say me and you go out
today and find us some real money,

a lot of it?

How does that sound to you?

I ain't interested.

Look at this, look at this.

You know what that is? Look at it.

I don't know what it is.

God damn treasure map is what
it is. That old man's treasure map.

Rhonda Lynn got it for me. Look at it.

Things a 100 years old.
Look there – 'X' marks the spot.

I got me a dowsing rod out there.

It's gonna tell us how to
find it once we get close

and this article tells us
how to operate that thing.

Look at that.

Dowsing rod...?
– Yeah.

What do you think? Wanna go with me?

Thing just crumbles in
your hands. This is old.

You don't have to do nothing
just come along with me.

Is this Sterling's map?

You're goddamn right it is.
That old man gave it to me.

Course you might have to

help me bring the gold
back down once we find it.

You wouldn't mind doing that would you?


Come on.
Get your hat and your bottle there.

You don't have to do nothing,
just come along with me.

What do you say partner?

Shoot, why not? I could use
some of that fresh air and sunshine.

It would be good to get
out of this town for a while.

You with me? Come on.

Let's go get rich. Grab your hat.
Get you a blanket or something too.

All right.

It was nice of them to put
this bridge here, isn't it?

That old Sterling didn't
have one to come across on.

This must be the Blanco, I guess.

Yeah, hell, he had a burro.

Missed it...

Aw, turtle soup!

You could've got a turtle.

Be careful with that damn
thing when you're behind me.

All right...

Jesus Christ! I ain't never seen so
much goddamn cedar in all my life.

Hey, you know where you going?

I'm trying to stick to this
side of the river and go east.

That's east up there isn't it?

I don't know. Where's that compass?

If the sun was out it would
make it a hell of a lot easier.

No, that's west.

That's east.

That's east.

Let's go that way.

Shh-shh. Wait...


What was that?

Basset dove.

I don't know about this creek bit, Loyd.

It's turning back the other direction.

I don't think it's going to
take us where we want to go.

We ought to start heading up.

Yeah, let's get up where
we can see something

at least and get out of these damn trees.


It's so goddamn thick. You got that water?

Yeah, it's in the back on the right.


Hey wait, I didn't bring
that up here for you to drink.

Partner... should have brought that bottle.

You should have brought that bottle.

I don't really know where we are, Loyd.

Or which way to go from here.

Take a break.


Sure, stick this in there.

We're just like a couple
of boy scouts out here.

Let's see. I'm tired.

This thing is making
less and less sense to me.

Feel that?

I did.

– Yes.



What did I tell you?

Could be...

– All right!
Could be it.


That's it!


All right. All right!

We finally made it.

We're coming to get you, gold!

Well, let's get down to business.


We're on the right ridge.

Zooming in on it.

Look at this. Huh.

What is that?

Dowsing rod. I told you I had one.

Looking for gold, got to have gold bait.

Is it gold?

Yeah, Mexican gold. Cost about 5 dollars.

Well, that's what we're looking for.

Mexican gold, I hope we find
more than 5 dollars worth of it.

...of course you son of a bitch...


That gonna do it?


Look at that.

Grab that stuff, Loyd, come on.

That thing does it!

Uh-huh, you got to believe in it though.

But mostly you got to to believe in it.

It'll go around in circles
when we get over it.

Found the scent.

I believe it did...
– Huh?

Getting warm.

See what I mean, it goes around in circles.

I'm not doing that.

Well, hell...


So what's that mean?

That means we're
sitting right on top of it.

Damn, I think there's something down here.

You think it's made out of gold?


Shit. Jesus.

Well, that's some damn Dowsing rod.

Well, give it time.


I don't think that's it.
Throw that thing out.

Why don't you give it up, Frank?

Piece of shit just
points out into thin air.


Hell I can't believe this. The
gold's got to be some place, Loyd.

Somebody didn't just
come up here and move it.

You just grasping at straws,
Frank. You gotta give it up.

Grasping at straws, huh?

How many times have I grasped
at your god damn straws, huh?


Give me that. You've been shooting
that son of a bitch all day long.

I'm gonna kill something.

Shit. Grasping at straws.


You got a lot of nerve to say that.

Grasping at straws, I said.

What the hell – you had
to forgot that damn bottle!

I didn't forget it. You forgot it.

I didn't forget it.

Worthless son of a bitch.

Hit anything?

Hey Frank!


Hey, Frank?

Hey Frank?

Slip down?

Gimme that thing.

Gimme this thing!

You slip down?

I couldn't do it. Chickened out.

What the hell you want to go
and do a fool thing like that for?

Everything's gone to shit.
Seemed like the thing to do.

I couldn't do it.

Thinking about that boy of mine.

Well you got a good boy.
It's a good thing you didn't.


Hell, it's a good thing they
took that money from us.

Shit, we're lucky.

Hell, if we'd had that
money I'd have moved up off

somewhere in the suburbs

living with electric dishwashers,

I'd have been bored.

You wouldn't have been able to go
drinking in all of your favorite places.

You like to go drinking at a discotheque?

Damn, boy.

This is - we've been
working together a long time.

We've got strong backs
and good arms and legs.

I know it.

We don't have to tell
anybody about this okay?

No, we don't have to tell anybody.

I'll just tell them you slipped.

Oh Jesus.

We're still partners.

Are we?


All right.

Matter of fact, I was laying around
there on the other side of this mountain

thinking about an idea.

I think what we gotta do is
come up with a better idea

to fuel automobiles.

Take water, separate it
into hydrogen and oxygen

and pull hydrogen off and burn it

and discharge oxygen
right out the tail pipe.

You like that?

Sounds good.

Well, what do you say we
get off this damn mountain?

Hell, we've had a lot of fun.

We done looked for this Mexican gold...

What do you say, boy?



Let's go to Shorty's and get us some beers.

Boy, I am so dry I can't even spit.