The Weather Station (2011) - full transcript

Two veteran meteorologists spend their days on a remote mountain weather station, accompanied by a young boy working as a cook. Their every-day lifestyle, made of creating matchstick models on one side, researching the big-foot myth on the other, and the boy's constant need to find places for hiding is briefly interrupted by a visit from two tourists: husband and his young wife - traveling to visit a cave near the weather station, so they'd mark their five year anniversary. Their arrival is the primer for an unknown series of events that puts an experienced inspector and his young colleague where we find them at the beginning of the movie: on a deserted weather station, where everyone seems to have vanished into thin air. The hank slowly unrolls as viewer discovers the truth behind everything, step by step, until the final loop of a long story line unravels and present him the final surprise. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
TV Channel Russia

CTB Film Company

With Amselfilm Productions

Sergey Garmash

Vladimir Gusev

Pyotr Logachev

Don't even think about it.
Dump it further away.

Marina Alexandrova

Aleksei Guskov

Anton Shagin

What the hell are you doing?

I slipped

It was freezing last night.

You still don't know how to heat the place.

Vladimir Petrovich!

What will I do if I meet the Yeti?

How could you meet him?

You never go further than the garbage.

What if he comes to eat our leftovers?

Piss off!



- Hey Kolya
- Hey

No sleep last night?
You look awful.

Drank too much.

- What's up?
- We don't know.

We got a garbled SOS message last night.

But there's no-one here.

Seems like the weather
men just disappeared.

I'll take the helicopter
and check out the plateau.

Hello, Andrey Vladimirovich.

We haven't found much, but there
are some interesting things.

Were they shot?

Yeah, God knows why

Maybe there were hungry?

There's plenty of food in the station.

Take photos of them.


Hello, Mashenka.

- How are you up there?
- Everything's fine.

I'm ready





Since you arrived, all the
sweet milk's gone missing.

Did they not give you anything
sweet in the orphanage, huh?

Not going to answer me?


I'm not Romaha

- Who are you then?
- Romash

Yesterday I reached the 2nd
level of the Eiffel tower

Well done.

It'll be ready next month.

Slava, I have some bad news for you.

What news?

So Romash,

were you a follower or a
leader at the orphanage?

A leader.

One of the cool guys, huh?

You're not cool.

You're an oddball. Always
hiding everywhere.

In the navy, you'd be called a Rat.

They're closing down the
station. Masha just told me.

- What?
- They've sold the land.

What do you mean?

They sold it last month.

And they're converting it into a hostel.

You knew?

You're getting the chop.
And I'm staying on as chef.

Bastards! They've sold us!

Sold us out, bitches!!

Have you gone mad? What
the hell are you doing?

They sold us out, the bastards!

- Stop it! Do you hear me?
- Romaha!

Throw the bird on the garbage.

- I'm not your dog.
- Just do it, don't mess around.

What'd I tell you?!

- Are you completely mad!?
- Go on!

Go on! Go!

Get a move on!


Go on! Go on!

Their office is downstairs.
The living area upstairs.

There's no sign of a struggle
except for the broken radio.

And these?

...and these bullet holes

From a handgun?

Yeah, a Makarov. They were
only licensed for a rifle.

One of them must have hidden it.

Or they had a visitor.

There were two meteorologists
in the Weather Station

plus a 19-year-old boy.

All they had to do was take measurements

and report them a few times a day.

Had the boy been here long?

Only 2 months.

The head meteorologist is Ivanov.
10 years of flawless service.

Head of the weather service
said he was very reliable.

- You'd go mad living here.
- Maybe that's what happened?

The boy took care of the place

He was the cook and the general handyman.

- Was he a qualified cook?
- He's from an orphanage

- probably took a course there.
- What's his name?

Roman Shilov.

Apparently, he caused a lot
of trouble at the orphanage.

The director described him as
conceited, vindictive and ruthless.

Sound like the perfect housemate.

The other meteorologist is
Drozdov, Vladimir Petrovich.

50 years old.


Just like Ivanov.

He's been here for 7 years.

He's actually highly qualified.

Even more so than Ivanov,

who's his boss.

He's been everywhere

from the Urals to the Far East.

What's this he's left behind?

You'd kill a bear with one of these.

What could he be hunting? Huh?

There's nothing here!

- What's that?
- A yeti.

- What?
- A Yeti. It's a giant snowman

One of Drozdov's hobbies.

Strange, but Drozdov's
supposed to be a normal guy.

All this story needs is a Yeti.

Has he recovered yet?

He's not there.

Probably scurrying around
the place like a cockroach.

We have to do something.

We should write a letter.

They can't just do
this. It's illegal.

Write to whom?

To the Science Academy.
After all, science is the reason we're here.

I don't know. Maybe
to the governor.

The academy sold us out!

And the governor's probably in on the deal.

So we just do nothing?


you think they care about us?

They couldn't give a shit!

Let them rot in hell.

The pigs.

Kolya, found anything?

Nothing on the plateau. There's
something else, though.

Two tourists have gone missing around here.

- Who are they?
- A couple called Penkovsky

He's some kind of big banker.

The authorities are all
over us because of them.

The bastards should have gone to
Bali with the money they have.

- Anything here?
- No.

We've had a look. We'll
do some analysis later.

Time to go. It's getting dark.

How many of you are coming
back? - All four.

There's no space for
four. One has to stay.

I'll stay. You guys go on!

- Let me stay with you.
- What for?

It's risky. Something
might happen

Get outta here, go on.

Have you gone crazy?

You forgot the radio.

You should have done what I said.

They won't be back till the morning.

At least we're in contact with them.

Did it take long to get up
here? - About 12 hours

Was it rough?

Couldn't have done it
without the military jeep.

I'm not surprised. The weather
up here changes every minute.

We wanted to come up by foot,
but you'd need a week.

Well, we rarely have guests.

Even mountaineers don't
come here. Come on in.

The only visitor we get
is our monthly supply man.

Ever feel like escaping?

We've gotten used to it somehow

- Just the two of you here?
- There was five of us.

They got rid of three.
Now there's just us two.


and him


- Irina
- Romash.

How was your trip?

- Fine, thank you.
- OK choir boy.

Go make the fire and lay the table.

- Please, sit down.
- I brought come cognac

Great! We'll celebrate
your visit.

Where are you off to?

We're going to a cave
near here in the morning.

Are you speleologists?

Just amateurs.

We went caving around here a few years ago.

And our trip evolved into
5 years of marriage.

We want to have our anniversary
in the same cave.

Can we spent the night here?
I'm happy to pay.

No need to pay. Just relax.

You can sleep in the boy's room.

He'll sleep out in the generator room.

I just spoke to the Mountain Rangers.

They won't be back tonight.

Maybe not even tomorrow.

- They're expecting thick fog.
- Serves you right.

I was right not to leave you alone.

Well, just get that generator going.

Andrey Vladimirovich!


I'll check it out.

It's a bit like a prison.

Maybe they held the Penkovskys here?

"Around the World". You think they
gave them magazines to read?

- Why not?
- Fried sweet milk...

We ate this stuff in the scouts.
Tastes great heated on the fire.

There's something drawn here.

- Where?
- There.

It's a tree.

I think I've seen it before.


I don't know, but I'm sure I have.

What was the boy's name again?

Roman Shilov.


- I think I've heard of him.
- Oh yeah?

14 years ago a police colonel named Shilov

was killed at home with his wife.

The killer didn't see their 5-year-old son.

The kid spent two days
with his parents' bodies

before they were discovered.

And then he was sent to an orphanage?

I guess so

What if it's the same kid?

It means we're dealing with someone
severely emotionally scarred.

So, we have the matchstick sculptor,

the yeti fantasist,

and the kid who saw his parents killed.

Do you think the weather service considered

their psychological compatibility?

I guess not.

So, you're the cook?

I'm the head housekeeper.

Like Cinderella?

More like a ghost.

Been here long?

About a month, why?

- Need a hand?
- No, I'll manage.

- What are you doing?
- Check it out.

What's up there?

The transmitter

Hasn't been used for 15 years

Looks like the lock
hasn't been opened since.

Look... there's that tree again!

If we found the Yeti,

it would be a worldwide sensation.

We could make a lot of money.

We'd just need to fund an
expedition. Think about it.

Ok. I'll think about it.

A lot of people have tried to find him.

But they're mostly amateurs.

They do no research. They
don't understand him.

- And do you?
- Yes I do.

I've studied him for 20 years.

Where does he lives?

He lives near the caves you're visiting.

Is he dangerous?

He's very dangerous.

You think it's funny?

You don't believe me?

- Let me show you something.
- Vadim, maybe you shouldn't.

We're getting up early tomorrow.

So what's your hobby?

- Listening to music.
- In his little hiding place.

- His hiding place?
- He likes to hide.

Go get some logs, invisible boy.

I've photos of him, even
sound recordings of his voice.

Here. These are from last year.

Look how big his footprints are.
He must weigh over 300 kilos.

Look at this. Here.

I'm sorry, we need some fresh air.

Stupid bastards!

I'm wasting my time with them.

They're just having a romantic holiday.

They're rich but at least they
didn't go to the south of France.

- They should have gone to hell.
- Come on, Volodya,

Just because they're rich.
We can't all be rich.

They're rich because of what they stole.

Why did you bring me here?
Who are these people?

You want to ruin everything?
Why did you walk out like that?

Go back in there and talk to them!
- Don't tell me what to do!

I agreed to go to the
cave. Not this place.

Please Vadim, just go in,
wish them a good night.

Shit! We're wasting time here.

Either way, they're coming after us.

Strange weather.
What will it be like tomorrow?

Dunno. The weather
constantly changes here.

Even the meteorologists don't have a clue.

Why are you going to the caves?
- Huh?

- They're coming after me too.
- What?

They're coming for me too.


- Did you take my rifle?
- No.

- What's going on?
- How do I know?

- Is the front door locked?
- Yes.

They shot someone who was behind the door.


It's too near to miss.

The bullets would've stayed in the body,

but they went through the door.
It means someone was behind the door.

That's logical, but unclear.

Why would they want to shoot someone

who was behind the door?

Out of fear.

Whoever was behind the door
was trying to get in.

- The Yeti?
- Maybe.

But how did they keep the door shut?

Logical, but still unclear.

Don't shoot! It's me! Open up!

I was only joking.

Idiot! - What did you think
you were doing?

You halfwit! You
stupid bloody halfwit!

- What if he shot you?
- Don't you understand a joke?

What? You call that a joke!?


Where are you going?

What's so funny? Huh?
What if he shot his head off?

Where did you get the gun?

I've a license for it.


- Don't move!
- Don't shoot. It's me!

- What are you doing?
- I'm running. It's cold.

- What are you shooting for?
- So you could find me!

I thought I heard someone so I
came out to look, and I got lost.

I tried shouting. But had to
shoot the gun to signal to you.

Andrey Vladimirovich, lets go back.

Andrey Vladimirovich!

You're the real thing.

- You're a true professional
- Thanks.

The way you figured out the door!

When I was a kid, I used to dream
about being an investigator.

What a bizarre dream! - I
imagined being just like you.

You're my mentor. To you.

You might as well have
become an undertaker.

Everyone dies. It's natural.

Those we deal with die unnaturally.


What's wrong? What happened?

Where's Vadim? - Don't just
stand there, help me!

- What's wrong with her?
- How the hell do I know?!

Irina. What happened?

Irina, where's Vadim?

Her arm might be broken

Vadim's dead


We were attacked in the cave.

Who attacked you?
Did you see them?

They came from behind.

Vadim fell into a pit.

This will help her sleep.

Here, drink it.

Could it have been the Yeti?

We need to go there and see.

At night? Are you crazy?

What if he's still alive?

She said he fell somewhere.
Maybe he's not dead.

We should call the mountain rangers.

They won't get here till the morning

- She's OK. She's asleep.
- This is a disaster!

First the gunshots.
And now this!

We don't have to tell anyone
about the gunshots, OK?

What are you sneering at?

Let's move her to Romash's room.

Come on.

The radio's broken.
Where's the lamp?


Where did you put it?

I didn't touch anything!

It was either you or her.

How could I have unscrewed
the lid in that time?

It's been unscrewed for ages!!

Put your hands up. Come on.

Maybe you'd like to give her
a full body search too?

Someone has to go to the cave.
We'll get our answers there.

- Nobody is going anywhere!
- I'm going.

I said no! Don't forget,
I'm the boss here!

Come on, Slava, what kind
of boss are you really?

Nobody is leaving this place.

Confess all and we'll forgive
you, Vyacheslav Igorevich.

Shut up!

Want me to put on some music for you?

- Have you got a light?
- Yeah.

- Does it hurt?
- It's not too bad.

What are they doing about the radio?

- How did you know about that?
- I could hear them.

So you weren't asleep?


What's gonna happen now?

I'm scared.

I don't know.

Drozdov's gone to the cave.

My husband ripped off some serious people

and transferred the money overseas.

We were going to leave the country.

We wanted to disappear in the mountains

so no-one would come looking for us.

Myself and Vadim havn't been
lovers for a long time.

Whatever we had was over
as soon as it began.

and now he's lying there.

Here we are at the fireplace.

just like Sherlock
Holmes and Dr. Watson.

What would they think of all this?
Maybe everyone's alive and well

And it'll all turn out to be a big mistake.

Or there'll be no witnesses,

investigators will spend years
trying to figure it out.

My dear Holmes, please explain
your train of thought.

Think about it.

A beautiful woman comes up here.

Madame Penkovsky.

And there's a 19-year-old boy here.

So what do you think happened?

The 30-year-old woman arrives.

And there's a kid here.


- They have sex.
- And?

And they kill her husband.



I just came back from the cave
and I have some questions.

What questions?

Why are there are no tracks?
No tracks at all?

How would I know?

Where's the boy? - Probably
out in the generator room.

Without his jacket?

Who do you think you are?

I already told you we were attacked.

How did you manage to get
away? - I ran away.

- Did they chase you?
- I don't know.

Somebody hit me on the shoulder.
Very hard. I fell.

Then I heard Vadim screaming.
He fell into the pit.

I escaped and just kept running.

Your husband was lying in a 10-meter pit.

And you didn't even check
to see if he's alive?

I was scared.

And what's this?

It's Vadim's knife.

You think the Yeti stabbed
Vadim with a knife?

Look at it. It's
covered in blood

- Maybe you know better!
- Maybe I do.

I've been studying the Yeti for 20 years,

but I've never heard he can use a knife.

- Leave me alone!
- I'll leave you alone

if we come to an arrangement.

What arrangement?

Take it easy, Slava.
I'll explain later.

No-one will ever find your husband's body.

He was in the mountains. He
disappeared. That's all.

Think about it. I'll give
you till the morning.

Let's go

You killed him, didn't you?


This is our chance.

She killed him. It's
as clear as day.

And she broke the radio.
It's all playing right into our hands.

We'll hide the body and keep
the knife as evidence,

so she won't cheat us.

- That's helping a murderer!
- What do you mean helping?

Did you see anything? Did you
see her kill her husband?

We just have to be calm. That's
all! Everything will be fine.

But maybe it wasn't her?
Maybe it was the Yeti?

The Yeti?


There is no Yeti.

He doesn't exist!

What do you mean?

He only exists in here,

where I made him up!

- But what about the tracks?
- The tracks?

I did them myself.

I'm the Yeti!

I didn't mean to kill him.

It was self-defence.

He was psychotic - he attacked me.

He was shouting that he
didn't need me anymore.

I said it wasn't so easy to get rid of me.

Then he grabbed me.

I could feel the knife in his belt.

I stabbed him, threw him off.

He fell into the pit.

So what happened you?

When I was 5, a man came into
our House and killed my parents.

But he didn't find me.

He will find me
though. Definitely.

We should both go away. Abroad.


Don't you trust me?

You've wasted 20
years on it. Why?


I have no idea what I spent
my life doing and why.

You've been making this crap for 20 years!

- Put it back!
- Why?

- Have you been to Paris?
- No

Have you seen The Eiffel
Tower? - No

Well, now you can see it.

If we make that bitch pay up.

You're retiring soon.
Where will you go?

To your daughter, who's seen
you twice in her whole life?

We've toiled our whole
lives for those bastards.

And she's one of them!

And now they're sending
us to the rubbish dump!

Do you want to go to the rubbish dump?

What about the boy?

Stubborn little runt.

What if he also fell into the pit?

Don't be afraid, no one will find us here.

Why did you return to the weather station?

For you

Tell me the truth.
I have to know.

There's $40,000 in cash in Vadim's pocket

I can't get it, but you can.

That's all you had?


We had a safety deposit box in a bank

We need two electronic keys to open it.

The other one is hanging around his neck

You want me to get it?

You can't imagine how much
money there is in that bank.

We can be free. We can live
wherever we want. Together.

Romash, is that you?



You're doing my head in with your games.

If you don't come out,
I'll rip your head off.





It's the station.

Masha, we have a problem.



- What's going on?
- Come on. I'll show you.

Everything OK?

- Yes
- Let's go

We'll take the bodies to the cave.

And leave the impression that
everyone just disappeared.

We're running out of time.

Start with the door.

Lets go.

Are you ready?

The weather keeps changing but
we're still stuck in the fog.

All we have are unexplained clues:

The washing machine

in the dining room,

The tree

which he drew everywhere.

I've seen it somewhere.

Have a taste.

Let's stoke up a banya,
Andrey Vladimirovich?

12 years ago a police colonel Shilov

was killed at his dacha with his wife.

The killer didn't see their 5-year-old son.

I'll go make the fire.

Are you cold?

It's warmer down there

I'll bring the bodies in.

Give me the rope. I'll
climb down to him.

I'll get the key, and
we'll leave when its dark.

Thank you.

- Don't move!
- Seryozha!

- You're alive.
- Where's Vadim?

- Down there.
- Put the torch away!

- Who's he?
- He's from the weather station.

Hands against the wall - both
of you! - Seryozha, I...

Against the wall! Right now!

Don't move.

- Hands up!
- I'll explain it to you

Everything went wrong.

I can see that. Put
your hands up!

Turn around. Tell
me what happened.

- Put down your gun
- Stand still.

Put it down! I'm not joking!

- Where were you?
- I got lost!

I slept rough for two nights like a tramp!

What happened you?

We spent the night at the station
and came here in the morning.

Everything went according to plan,
until I realized you weren't here.

I had to do it myself.

You killed him yourself?

And who are they?

They're the meteorologists.
He did it.

- Did you sleep with him?
- Seryozha!

Andrey Vladimirovich!

Andrey Vladimirovich!

Is the weather affecting you?

What's gotten into you?

Nothing's gotten into me

I just remembered

When I mentioned the banya, I remembered.

He knew your birthmark.

That's why he drew it everywhere.

I used to send him money

You know yourself what
kind of a salary I have.

I'd scrape money together for
his birthday and New Years.

I did it every year until he was 17.

Then he left the orphanage,
and I lost track of him.

Who cares about the money?

You killed his parents!

I worked with his father.

The boy was left alone.
It was my duty to help him.

The colonel got caught
up in the crime wars.

It's hard to explain,
Slava. The world's bad.

Just get the key and the money
and come straight back.

Anything goes wrong,
I'll leave you down there.

And if everything goes right?

Get going.

I trusted you.
You were like a father to me.

Slava, we all trust somebody sometimes.

- I trusted you!
- Put the gun down.

Your arms will get tired.

You hear me? I trusted you!

It was only the colonel I was after.

I didn't know his family was there.

But I didn't find the boy.

I was in charge of the case.
I questioned him later.

He said he saw nothing.

Then two months ago I met
him in a cafe and I realized.

- Major.
- He saw everything!

- Major!
- He knew everything.

And I sent him all that money.

Hand over the gun...

or I'll shoot.

Hold on a second.

I have to think.

Let me think about it, Slava.

- It's not going to work.
- What?

Hand it over!

The money.

- OK. That's it.
- Wait!

- What?
- There's more money

Hand it over.

Put the gun down.

Put it down!

Don't shoot!

There's a first aid kit in the rucksack.

We have to return to the station.
A rescue team will be there soon.

They'll rescue us and
then they'll put us away.

We'll blame it on Seryozha, don't you see?

That won't work, Romash.

Why didn't you tell me about him?

I thought he'd abandoned me

In the end everyone does.

Don't abandon me, Romash.

Promise you won't abandon me.

Get rid of them.

Don't you understand?

I didn't kill the old men

It was him.

If you don't come out,
I'll rip your head off!

He came to kill me, but
again he didn't find me.

The old meteorologists

just got in his way.

You were in the basement.

If he had found you, he'd
have killed you too.

That's why I hid you.

I knew he would never give up.

He was always going to come

and get me in the end.

I've spent my life running from him.
But now I'm ready to face him.


Is that you, my boy?


Where's madame Penkovskaya?

She's dead.

I'd really like to see you.

What for?

Your father was a great man.

I learnt a lot from him.

He taught me how to kill with purpose.

Then why did you kill him?

I had to choose between my death
and his. And I chose the latter.

It was a choice I couldn't escape.

Same with you, Roma.

You can't escape it either.

You're wrong. There's one place
where you'll never get me.




The washing machine.