The Way Back (2020) - full transcript

Jack Cunningham was an HS basketball phenom who walked away from the game, forfeiting his future. Years later, when he reluctantly accepts a coaching job at his alma mater, he may get one last shot at redemption.

Okay, Jackie,
your total is 67.85, please.

All right.

Here you go, my friend.

Hey, yo, Jackie.

Hey, Sal.
What's going on, man?

What's up, man?
How you doing?

All right.
How you doing?

- Good to see ya.
- You too.

Yeah, what's going on?
Where's your turkey today?

Uh, my sister's house.

My mom just moved in
over there,

so we're doing Thanksgiving.

Oh, nice, man. Nice.

Well, say hi to your mom
and Beth for me.

I will. You still reffin'
the Catholic League games?

Little bit, here and there.

Yeah, my oldest
is at UC Santa Cruz.

So, you know,
every little bit helps, right?

You bet.
Well, happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie.
Good seeing ya.

- You too, Sal.
- What's up, man?

Give me a couple
of scratch-offs, please.

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Don't fill up on bread.

You gotta eat
the rest of your beans. Okay?

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving.

- Hey, Uncle Jack's here!
- Look who's here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

How you doing, man?

Glad you could make it.

No problem.
How's the car business?

It is going good.

- Thank you for asking.
- Good.

Would you like some wine?

No. I have some.
Thank you very much.

Hi, Uncle Fart-Poop.

Uncle Fart-Poop!

Don't tickle me!
No, no, no.

- Uncle Jack's getting tickled.
- Hi, sweetheart.

- Hi, Mom.
- Mmm.

- Hello, sweetheart.
- All right. Good.

- Hey. Happy Thanksgiving.
- Hi.

- Sorry I'm late.
- Really?


Some people call
when they're late.

I didn't have
my phone with me.

Oh. Well,
then why have a phone

if you're not gonna use it?

I don't know.
That's a good question.

How you doing, buddy?

- I'm good.
- Good to see you.

I don't understand
why somebody has a phone

if they don't ever answer it.

Can I have
some of those potatoes, Mom?

Do you want
some potatoes?

Thank you so much.

Did your mom ever
tell you about our fish tank

- when we were kids?
- No.

Well, your grandmother
took us to the pet store

and we got a fish tank,

you know,
a bunch of cool fish.

And I came from school
the next day,

and the fish tank
was filled with shampoo.

And all the fish were dead.

And your mom was there crying.

And Grandma said,

"Why'd you put shampoo
in the fish tank?"

And your mom said,

"I wanted to give
the fish a bubble bath."

Why'd she give
the fish a bubble bath?

You're gonna have to ask
your mom. I don't know.

I guess she always wanted
to take care of everybody.

Mwah. I love you.

Don't let your mom
near those fish.

Good night, Uncle Jack.

Good night, chief.



How's Mom, uh, settling in?

Uh, good. Yeah, really good.
She seems to be.

Can't believe
you got her outta Seaside.

Right? It's different now.

It's just all,
like, young kids...

- Yeah.
- ...and little couples...

running around, families.

I think she was feeling
like a castaway out there.

Yeah, you did good.
I'm glad she's here.

What's going on with you?
What's new?

Not much.

Are you seeing anybody?


I wish you would.

I really do.

I would feel much better.

I hate the idea of you

down there by yourself
all the time.

What do you hate
about it so much?

That you're,
you know, just alone.

Just drinking
all the time and...

I'm fine.

I appreciate it.
But it's... I'm fine.

I know that Ang worries
about you, so...

What does Ang
have to do with it?

Why do you know
what Ang would worry about?

Because she called

and she wanted to see
how you were doing.

- She called you?
- Yeah.

- Why?
- Is that okay?

I don't know.

I mean, what, she called you
to talk about me?

Why didn't she just
call me directly?

She just wanted to see
how you're doing.

Well... I...

I'm fine.

Look, I know
Kathy Collins says

she sees your car outside
Harold's bar every night.

Well, if Kathy Collins
says it,

- must be true.
- Mmm-hmm.

You know that
something must be wrong.

So, I go to work,

and then after work
sometimes I go have a beer.

I'm just saying...

You better start
calling people.

- Okay.
- Better get on

- this fucking case.
- Okay.

She has other things maybe
she ought to be worrying about

instead of worrying
about how much I drink.

I mean, she needs
to worry about staying out

- of her fucking refrigerator.
- Nice.

She's losing a huge war
against the refrigerator.

What are you talking about?

She needs to find
the fucking treadmill.

Stop it. That is so mean.
She's my friend.

Well, she should
mind her business.

- Okay.
- That's why I don't come here.

'Cause it always turns to...

Which one of the 20 bedrooms

am I supposed to be
staying in?

Take the second one
on the left.

Hey, Ang, it's Jack.

I'm just, uh...
Happy Thanksgiving.

I wanted to call you,
see how you're doing.

And also because
my sister told me

that you had called her

and wanted to know
how I was doing.

I'm just saying, if you want
to know in the future

how I'm doing,

you can call me,

as I still have
the same phone number

that I had...

when we were married.

Hey, Jack, it's Miguel.

Haven't heard from you
for a while, so...

Sofia was asking about you.

Thought I'd give you a call
and see how you're doing.

Thought maybe
we'd have you over...

Hello, Jack,
this is Father Edward Devine

calling from
Bishop Hayes High School.

Will you give me a call
back here at the rectory

when you get a chance?


And I'll be up until
about 10:00 this evening.

If that doesn't work,
we can chat in the morning.

Thanks, Jack.
God bless.

Hello, Jack.


How are you?
Come on in.

Thanks so much.

So, did you have
a nice Thanksgiving?

I did. How about you?

Oh, it was very nice.

All the kids
and the grandkids were in.

- I was in my glory.
- I bet.

- Good for you.
- Oh.

You can go right in here.

Father Devine
is just finishing up a call.

So, he will be out
in just a couple of minutes,

so just make
yourself comfortable.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

We are all so excited

at the idea
of you possibly coming back

to be with us at Hayes.

It's nice to see you again,

Hello, Jack.

Hey, Father.

It's good to see you.
Thanks for making the drive.

Sure. No problem.

Sit down, please.

So, been a while, hasn't it?

Yeah. Since, uh...

my father's funeral.

- That long?
- Mmm.

My goodness.
Where does the time go?

If I knew, I would tell ya.


I'm separated now.
For a while.

Any children?

No kids.


Well, Jack, it is really good
to see you again.

And I suppose you're wondering
why I called you over here.

I'm a little curious. Yeah.

Our basketball coach,
Tom McGarrity,

had a heart attack
the other night.

Oh, no.

He's expected
to make a full recovery,

but his wife doesn't think
it's a very good idea

for him to return to the team.

And I tend to agree.

We need a new coach, Jack.

You're the first person
I thought of.

Try to suppress
your enthusiasm.

No, I appreciate it.
I just... It's, um...

You know, it's just,
I've been away

from the game for a long time.

I understand. I understand.

You know, I've never
even coached before.

I just played, so I don't...

Is the, uh... I mean...

Is the team any good?

No. No.

We haven't been competitive
for quite a while, actually.

In fact, the last time
they made the playoffs?

Back when you were playing.


Well, I really appreciate you
thinking of me, Father.

It's just, I...

Go home
and think it over, Jack.

I got a lot going on
in my life right now.

It's very busy.

Go home, think it over.

Call me with your decision
in the morning.

Tomorrow morning?

Our next game
is Monday night, Jack.

I don't have a lot of time.

Hey, Father,
listen, I...

Thank you so much

for thinking of me. Um...

It's just not the right time
for me to take this on. Um...

You know, my life's very full
right now. Very full.

I just, um...

I've just been away from the
game for so long, you know?

I've just been away
from the game for so long.


Listen, I've given it a lot of
thought, and I appreciate it.

It's just not the right time
for me right now.

I've been away from the game
for so long.

I don't think I can help you.

I don't think...

I don't think I can help you.

I don't think I can help you.

Father. Jack.

Not gonna happen.

What the fuck
am I supposed to do?

The team can't play.

They're no good.
They're no good.

I can't wave a magic wand,

turn them into
fucking Michael Jordan.

I mean, just...

I don't know.


I don't know.

I can't help you with this.

I can't help you
with this team.

Father, I've given it
a lot of thought.

I just have no interest

in coaching
your fucking basketball team.

That's all there is to it.

Oh, fuck.

Get back on D!

Make up for it.

What the fuck?

Hey, G. G!

D up! Hey, get back!
Let's go! Let's go!

Move! Go quick!
Quickly, quickly, quickly.

Stop him up top.
Chubbs, go to the wing.

Watch it.
Screen, screen, screen.

Yo, get through,
get through.

Get through that.

- Hey, Freeze.
- Go!

- Good pass.
- Come on!

- Hey, nice job, D-boy.
- What's up, Chubbs?

Hey, Coach.

Dan Espinosa.
Nice to meet ya.

- You're the assistant?
- I am.

Uh, I also teach algebra
here at the school.

Uh, I really appreciate you
stepping up like this.

It means a lot to the boys.

Um, do you want me
to call everybody in,

- do some intros?
- No, that's okay. Just, uh...

- Take the layup, Marcus!
- Money!

Just get a feel for
what I'm working with here.


This the whole team? Ten kids?

That's all we've got.

A lot different than
when you played here, huh?

Yeah. No shit.

We got 100 kids just try out.

104 my senior year.

Play ball here?

Well, not like you.

Spent most of my time
on the bench,

holding a clipboard
like I am now.

I was a couple of years
behind you. Uh, class of '98.

Enrollment's really taken
a dive since then.

Freeze, Freeze, Freeze!

I can run down
the starting five, if you like.

- Box out!
- Sure.

So, uh, the kid with the ball,
that's Brandon Durrett.

Relation to Russ Durrett?

Yeah, that's his son.

He's a great player.

Really has a good feel
for the game.

Easily our most talented guy.

And then, um, playing
besides him in the backcourt,

that's Chubbs Hendricks.

His, uh, real name's Ronald.

- Oh, yeah.
- Right here, this man.

And, um,
Kenny Dawes out on the wing.

Bit of a showboat, but, uh...

Yeah, he's a solid shooter.

- Whoo!
- Good long-range stroke.

Get back! Get back!

And Sam Garcia,
he's our senior captain.

Not much of a scoring threat,
but he's a solid defender.

Good kid.

And then Marcus Parrish.

- Money!
- That is our center.

What the fuck
are you doing, bro?

That kid's the center?

- Yeah.
- What is he, 6'4"?

Shut the fuck up, man.


You guys must get murdered
on the boards.

Yeah, it's not
been good at all.

You're giving 'em
open buckets, Marcus.

This is practice, man.
I don't care.

Who's that kid there?
The white shadow.

Oh, yeah,
that's, uh, Bobby Freeze.

He's our sixth man.

He's actually
a starting strong safety

for the football team.

Then the rest of the guys, uh,

Dearborn, Daly, Carter,
and Amato.

I had to bring
those guys up from JV

just so we could
hold a practice.

- Take the layup!
- Money!

Come on, box out!

All right.
Blow the whistle for me.

- Freeze. Chill out, man.
- Yo, take it easy, man.

Stop grabbing me.

That's clean.
That's clean D.

Bring it in. Let's go.
Hustle, hustle.

All right, guys.
As discussed,

I am honored to turn things
over to your new head coach,

Jack Cunningham.

What's up, Coach?

- How you doing, guys?
- Good. Good.

What's up, Coach?

You're Marcus, right?

That's right. Get used
to calling my name, too.

All right. All right.

Marcus, tell me
what you see out there.


I see Nikki's
fine ass keep looking at me.

Saw she was bending over.

She tryin'
to get my attention.

just be respectful, please.

He asked me what I saw. What,
do you want me to lie to him?

- You know what I see, Marcus?
- What?

You're the tallest player
on the team.


Makes me wonder why you're
putting three-pointers up

every time
you come down the court.

Oh, that's 'cause I got
a candy-stroke, Coach.

Ask Coach Dan.

I made the most threes
on the team last year.

Coach Dan, how many threes
did Marcus make last year?

Um, Marcus...

made 34.

Outta how many attempts?

Out of 130.

What's that
a percentage of?

For a percentage of 26.


26%, Marcus.

You wanna know why
they're leaving you open?

It's 'cause they don't think

you could hit the ocean
from the beach.

Oh, shit.

Yo, he just spit facts
at your ass, bro.

Man, shut up.

Look it, come on, man.
Don't get all butt-hurt

just 'cause he droppin'
some knowledge on you.

You wanna see butt-hurt?
Keep talking shit,

- watch me beat your fat ass.
- Shut the fuck up, yo.

- You ain't gonna do shit.
- Hey.

I don't need any help.

Who is second in threes
on the team?

Number two would be
Kenny with 25.

- Outta how many attempts?
- Sixty-one.

Percentage of?


Snap. You hear that?

Give me the rock,
let me go HAM on some bitches.

Yeah, more like
ham and cheese, man.

Nah, actually, ham and cheese
is what your sister

fries me up after I'm done
fiddling her bean.

Yo, show some respect.
Coach is here, man.

Watch your mouth, man.

- Kenny, get in line.
- A'ight.

All right, run it back.

Marcus, this time your feet
don't leave the paint.

- Brandon.
- All right. Let's go.

- Come on.
- Let's go, y'all.

You're the point guard, right?

Put 'em in a motion offense.

- Chubbs.
- Call it out, Brandon.

Don't just wave your hand
in the air.

Doesn't talk much, does he?

I have been coaching
that kid for three years

and I can count on one hand

how many times
our conversations

have gone past,
"Yes, Coach" and "No, Coach."

- Good shot, baby.
- And that's money!

Here you go.

Keys, game balls, and then
I put together a flash drive

just in case
you want to get familiar

with the sets
we've been running.

I'm also gonna give you
my phone number

if you have any questions.


Hey, why didn't you
take the job?

- Huh?
- Would've made sense.

The assistant coach,
step in, take the job.

My mom has MS, so...

My sister takes care of her
during the day,

but she's got
three kids of her own.

So I take nights.


Then with practices,
and then you have scouting...

Yeah, no. Of course.
It makes sense.

There just aren't enough hours
in the day.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to pry.

No, no, no. It's cool.

We all have our own cross
to bear, right?

Um... So you should be good.

Thank you very much.

No problem.

- Oh, Coach.
- Yep?

What's the dress code like
these days?

Oh. Coat and tie
for the head coach.

- Great. Thanks.
- Sure. No problem.


Right here,
right here. Yeah!

Here we go!


Take the shot.

That's you, Marcus.

Hey, Jack. Nice to see you
in the gym again.


That's you.

Jack, this is
Father Mark Whelan.

He is our team chaplain.

Pleasure to meet you, Jack.

You too.

Any first game jitters?

Fuck. I'm nervous as shit.


- What's this?
- Oh.

They do it before every game.
Gets them psyched up, I guess.

Let's go!

All right, let's go.
Bring it in.

- Ready?
- No.

Let's go.

All right, guys.
Let's see what we're made of.

And the big burly inmate
says, "Don't worry about it.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I just want to play
a little game."

He goes, "Okay."

And he says,
"In this game, you can pick

whether or not you want to be
the husband or the wife."

And he says, "All right."

"Well, guess I'll be
the husband."

He goes, "Okay.

Come on over here
and suck your wife's dick."

That's a good one.

"Suck your wife's dick."
I fucking love that.

Hey, Doc.

How'd opening night go, ace?

Yeah, our boy got sent
to the woodshed.

Hey, get Doc a drink, will ya?
And hit me with another one.

Doc, did I ever tell you

the one about
the nerdy accountant

who does 15 years
for embezzlement?

- Don't worry about me.
- I'm not. I know.

Just let me do... do my thing.

Do your thing.

All right. I appreciate it.

- Okay.
- I'm just gonna...

- All right. Good night, Doc.
- Good night.

Get your man!
Get your man!

Come on!

Watch him.

Jackie! It's Miguel again.

Just checking in to see

if you got my call
about David's birthday party.

Give me a call
when you get a chance.

Hey, it's me.
I know it's late notice,

but I'm gonna be down by you
for a client visit tomorrow

and wanted to see if you
wanted to meet for lunch.

Anyway, call me
when you get this.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Sorry I'm late.

Damn bus broke down on
the 710. It was a nightmare.

I just got here.


You look good.

Thanks. You too.

How's the new job working out?

It's insurance. It's boring,
but it pays the bills.


Heard you're
coaching basketball.

Beth tell you that?


So, you having fun?


I'd be having more fun
if we won a game...

...but keeps me occupied.

Keeps my mind
off other things.

Good. I was worried about you.

What were you worried
about me for?

You weren't
moving on with your life.

You were seeing the world
in some dark ways.

Why? Are you?

Seeing the world in dark ways?

Moving on with your life.


What's his name?


How'd you guys meet?

Through mutual friends.

How long has it been
going on for?

Few months.

Few months? What, like,
six months? Eight months?

Okay. All right. Come on.

You know
what we want for lunch?


Just give us a second,
actually. Thank you.


I wanted to tell you myself

before you found out
through one of our friends.

Say something, Jack.

What do you want me to say?

- "Congratulations"?
- No.

Completely fucking blindsided
by this.

Not "congratulations."

Blindsided? We've been
separated for over a year.

Will I see you
at the birthday party?


Miguel and Sofia.

They're having
a birthday party for David.

Said he called you
a few times.

Let me know
if you want to go together.


Jackie hits
his second free throw

and he just holds his hand
like this in the air

for like 30 seconds.

Purcell says,
"Jackie, you keep holding

your hand like that and
Eric's gonna ask you out."

Fifty-five points, man.

- To the legend.
- Yeah.

You gotta dim the lights
for the man.

- To the legend.
- To the legend.

Get the fuck outta here.

Why the fuck
do I need a sausage?

He was like, "It's a PK.
It's a Polish kielbasa."

Ah. Yeah.

Fellas. Evening, boys.

We're talking
old times here.

I know
what you're talking,

and I'm telling you it's time
for him to get going.

Come on, let's go now.
Come on. Let's go.

- I'm up.
- No, you're not.

Now you are!

I'm up.


- Shit.
- There you go. That's it.

Where are you
taking my friend?

Where are you
taking my friend?

Okay, okay.
Uh, where's Kenny?

Kenny is the only one missing.
Kenny and Coach.

I just want you to know
that I respect you, a'ight?

- And I love you.
- Hmm.

Every time that ball
goes through the hoop,

I'm gonna be
thinking about you.

- Kenny.
- Okay? And that goes through

- the hoop a lot.
- Kenny, let's go!

- The bus is waiting.
- Okay.

Hey, what up, Coach?

- Bye.
- Uh... Yeah.

- You'll text me?
- Yeah, I'll text you after.

- Okay. Cool.
- Okay.

Hey, what's going on, man?

Good luck!

Oh, thanks.

You better watch out.

Priests catch you doing that

and you're gonna be spending
your weekends here.

Nah, but it makes
my game better though, Coach.


Memorial! Memorial!







Let's go.

Hold on, hold on.

I want to talk to you.

These scrubs ain't worthy of
being on the same court as us.

- Hey, Coach.
- Hey, Coach.

How are ya?

Good, good. I heard you got
a new general in charge.

Yeah. Jack Cunningham.

Yeah. I'm surprised you could
keep him out of the bar

long enough to hold practice.

Coach Lombardo.

Jack Cunningham.

He says that
like I don't know who he is.

He's the best
high school basketball player

I've ever seen.

Listen, I was front row when
he hung 47 against Trinity

at the Catholic League semis.

Got quite a team there, Coach.
21's a hell of a ball player.

Yeah. So, how ya liking
coaching so far?

Great. Just getting
used to the players.

What players?

Ah, I'm just breaking
your stones, Jack.

- Good luck.
- You can have the luck.

I'll take the thoroughbreds.

What an asshole this guy is.

Yeah, big time.

Let's go. Bring it in.

Let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Holy shit.

Here we go,
here we go, here we go.

Chubbs. Hey!

No more dancing.

Coach, are you serious?

Yeah. I'm serious.

We're one in nine.

You're out there
jumping around

like you hit the Powerball.

You're embarrassing yourself.

Win a few games, we can
talk about bringing it back.

But for now,
that act's retired. Got it?


- One, two, three.
- Memorial!

Hey. Help, help.

Let's go!

Motion, motion.

Let's go!
Bring him through.

Hey, hey.

Back up, back up.

Oh, yeah!

Show hands.
Let's go, guys.

You guys gotta move.

Oh, yeah!

Let's go.
Lock him up. Lock him up.

- Fuck.
- Come on.


Get over here.
All right. Listen up.

Come on. Fuck.

Get back. Get back!

Defense, defense, defense!

Back screen,
back screen.

You guys gotta move!
Set picks!

Then squeeze!

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.


Watch the clock!

Five, four,
three, two, one!


- Full time-out.
- Let's go. Bring it in.

Come on. Let's go.

Nobody sits down.

Stand up. Stand up.

I thought I said
to force him left.

- Coach, I'm trying.
- Try harder.

What did I say about
fading off your man?

Why's shit always my fault?

Freeze, sub in for Marcus.

- You taking me out?
- That's right.

Sit the fuck down.

This is some bullshit, man.

Listen to me.

I want every one of you to
reach in your shorts right now

and tell me
if you find a pair.

'Cause right now,
you're playing like

a bunch of fucking pussies.

And that's the truth.

Next time 32 goes over
your back like that,

put a fucking elbow
in his stomach.

Yes, Coach.

And if Childress tries to
put you on a poster like that,

you hit him so fucking hard

he never comes down the lane
like that again.

I got you.

Have a little fucking pride.

I don't give a shit if we lose
every fucking game this year.

I will not coach a team
that has been out-toughed.

All right? Let's go!

Fuck yeah, man.
Here we go.

"Team" on three.
One, two, three.


I'm in for 50.

Come on.
Switch up, switch up!


Let's go, 3.

Come on!

Hey, hey, hey. Chill.

Get back here.
Get back here.

Get the fuck off, bro.
Hey, get the fuck off, bro.

I'll beat your ass.

I'll fuck you up, bitch.

That is a flagrant foul.

that's enough. That's enough.

I didn't do fucking anything,
man. Watch yourself.

- Get back there.
- Get over there!

What the hell is that?
That guy should be out.

Control your players,

That is bullshit, man.

What the hell? Come on!

Right. All right.

- I'm feeling a comeback.
- Come on.

- Jack?
- Yeah.


Just wanted to have
a little chat with you

about something
that was on my mind.

Um, I don't know if you recall
from your days as a student,

but we have
a code of conduct at Hayes.

Part of that code includes the
use of appropriate language.

I understand you're trying to
motivate the team,

I just wonder if maybe
there's a different approach.

So, you would, uh...

You would like me to be
a little more, uh...

Christlike on the bench?

I... I'd like you
to keep in mind

that our mission at Hayes
isn't to win basketball games.

It's to develop
men of integrity and faith.

Just give it some thought
for me. Will you do that?

- Yes, I will.
- Thank you.

Father, let me
ask you something.

With all the terrible stuff
going on in the world,

you think who's ever up there

really gives a shit
what I say to these kids?

As Christians,
we are called by God

to integrate our faith
into our daily lives.

So, yes, Jack. I do think
he really gives a shit

about the example you set
for these young men.

Don't underestimate the impact
you can have on them.

All right. I'll take
a look at the game tape.

We can talk about if we
wanna use that 1-3-1 zone.

Got it. Sounds good.

Have a good night.

- Hey, Jack.
- Yeah?

I noticed some empty beer cans
in the office earlier.

Do you...

You've been sneaking
around the office?

Well, Garcia lost a contact
lens, so the solution...

A friend came by.
He wanted to look at some...

And we were hanging out.

I mean, you're not
gonna break my balls

about a couple of beer cans,
are ya?

Just don't let it
happen again, okay?

Yeah, no problem.

Hey, hey, Jackie!

I'll set you up inside,
all right?

All right. We're gonna
change things up a little bit.

We're the smallest team
in the league

and our half-court
offense sucks.

We're gonna score some points
with defense. We gotta press.

Call it the diamond press.

Requires two things,

toughness and quickness.

We're gonna be picking up
after every dead ball.

Full court, all game.

Keep your clothes on, Marcus.

Talking to me?

Come late to the game,
you don't play.

We'll talk about it
at practice tomorrow.

What are you talking about?
I'm, like, four minutes late.

You know what?
Forget about tomorrow.

Go home. You're off the team.

Coach Dan, what the hell is
his problem? I'm barely late.

You heard Coach, Marcus.
Go home.

Are you
fucking serious right now?

I'm barely fucking late.

Y'all fucking stupid, man.
This dumb-ass team.

you're starting tonight.

Means you're gonna be guarding
the inbounder, okay?

Got it, Coach.

Ah, this should be fun.

- Evening, Sal.
- What's up, Jackie?

Give us some friendly whistles
tonight, will you?

Yeah, right.
That's funny.

They ain't paying me enough
for that.

Let's go. Here we go.

Freeze, Freeze, Freeze!

- Hands up. Hands up!
- Freeze, help! Help out.

Freeze, help!

That's it!

- What? Come on, ref.
- What's the call, ref?

White 23 blocked.
Two shots.

Oh, bullshit!

Come on! That's a fucking
horseshit call, Sal.

Jack, settle down

- or it's gonna cost you.
- It's bullshit.

And you know
it's fucking horseshit.

That's why I didn't make it.
All right?

- Tell him to go fuck himself.
- I'll tell him after the game.


God damn it!

Box out. Box out.

Let's go, y'all.

Box out.

Come on, fellas.
Hey, let's box this out.


Come on, Hayes!

Time-out! Time-out!

Sal, time-out. God damn it.


Full time-out here.
Full time-out here.

God damn, man.

Bring it in. Sit down.

All right.
Come on, guys. Let's go.

Let's win this fucking game.

We've got 15 seconds left.
We're gonna go on 8.

Gives us time
for a rebound or a tip-in.

Brandon, 20's gonna pick
you up full court. All right?

Freeze, you're gonna come up

and set a ball screen
for Brandon.

Brandon, you roll around
to the right.

Garcia, come up,
set a back screen for Kenny.

Kenny, come out to the wing
for the three.

That way we got three options.

Brandon attacking right
will look for Freeze

coming off the screen.

Watch the clock!
Watch the clock!

If neither of those
are there, go to Kenny

for the three in the corner.
You got this, okay?

No, don't just nod. I wanna
hear your voice. Yes or no?

Yes, Coach.

Set it, set it, set it!

That's you, B!

Go, Brandon!

Watch the clock!
Watch the clock!

We won!

Brandon, you need a ride?

No, I'm good, Coach.

Where do you live?

Uh, Los Codona Ave.

Come on, get in the car.

You walk home alone
every night?


Where's Mom or Dad?

My mom died three years ago

and my dad's at home
with my little brothers.

That's why he didn't come
to any of the games?


You played
a hell of a game tonight.

Next time, shoot the ball.

On the last play?

That's your shot, not Kenny's.

Yeah, the defense
collapsed on me,

so Kenny was open
in the corner.


So that was a smart play.

Sometimes a smart play
is not the right play.

You're the best player
on the team.

The game's on the line,

100 times out of 100
I want you taking that shot.

Why is that so hard
for you to believe?


That you're the best player
on the team.

You understand this game
in a way these guys don't.

I saw you get frustrated
at Chubbs

when he didn't go backdoor
on the ball reverse.

Or Freeze, when he didn't
duck under on the Atlanta set.

Why didn't you call him out
for not making the right play?

Uh, it's not really my thing
to call someone out.

I'm not, like, the
team captain or nothing, so...

So, if I make you the captain,

are you gonna chew Chubbs out
when he doesn't go backdoor?

Yes or no?

I'm just up here
on the left.

Night, Coach.

Hey, son.

Who that?

That's my new coach.

All right.
Go on, get with that homework.

Yes, sir.

Atlanta high, Atlanta high.

Stop, stop, stop. Reset.

- What set are we in, Brandon?
- Atlanta high.

- Did you call it out?
- Yeah.

- Did you guys hear him?
- Nah.

We're in an empty gym,
and nobody heard you.

Do it again.

Atlanta high. Atlanta high.


I still can't hear you.

You're gonna be
our point guard,

people need to be able to hear
what you say on the floor.

You hear how loud
I'm talking right now?

- Yeah.
- That's how loud

- you need to be.
- All right.

You can do it, B.
Come on, Brandon.

I can't hear you, Brandon.

Come on,
break that press.

B, break that press.

Call it out.

Brandon, I can't hear you.

Yo, are you
fucking serious? Get off me!

There's 3,000 people
at Memorial

screaming their heads off,

and I don't know
what set we're in!

Fuck you!

Can you hear me now?

Can you?

I can hear you now.

What's up, Coach?

How'd you find my house?

I looked you up on my phone.


What do you want?

Uh... So my momma, she works
till 7:00 every night.

And she was like,
she doesn't want me

really being out on my own
after school.

So she was wondering

maybe if you'll let me back
on the team.

I already told you, Marcus.
I don't want you on the team.

If it's about finding
something to do after school,

I'll talk to Coach Dan.

We can set you up with study
hall or something like that.

All right? Sorry.

I thought that was
a pretty fair offer, Marcus.

My momma ain't
sent me here, Coach.

I'm here
'cause I wanna play ball.

I miss it.

I don't fucking like
nothing else, Coach.

Don't swear.

There's a code of conduct
policy at the school.

- You know that?
- My bad.

There's a big section in there
about swearing.

I'm sorry. I won't swear.

Be at practice
tomorrow at 4:00.

- You serious?
- Don't be late.

Ah, fuck no...
I mean heck.

I'm sorry. Heck no,
I'm not gonna be late.

I'm sorry about cursing,

Let's go. Bring it in.

- Oh, my gosh.
- It wasn't me.

A few things
before we get started.

As you can see,
Marcus is rejoining the team.

Judging by that reaction,

I expect it'll be some time

before he regains
your respect.

Second thing is,

Sam and I discussed...

we're gonna make a change
to the captain spot.

Brandon, you're gonna be
our captain going forward.

That's it. Get to work.

All right, fellas.
Let's go. Let's work.

Let's hustle up.
Let's do it.

Good shit, B. I'll follow
your lead. Come on.

Every time that ball
goes through the hoop,

I'm gonna be thinking
about you.

- You know that?
- Yeah.

Yo, let's go.

- Bro, what?
- Come on.

A'ight. I'll see you after.

Bye, Kenny.

All right, let's go.

What did we discover
last night at Baptist?

That defense
creates offense.

We have to maintain

pressure for
all four quarters.

- That's right.
- All right.

Discovered that
we're a pressing team.

We don't take any plays off,
we don't let 'em breathe.

As soon as they get
over half-court, we trap.

Even if the ball's
in the middle of the court?

Anywhere and everywhere.

You can't trap
if the ball's in the middle

of the floor.
You need the sideline.

Who says?
We can do whatever we want.

Get up!

There you go.
There you go. Stay with him!

Pressure, pressure.
Don't let him breathe.

- There you go.
- Trap, trap, trap!

Bring it around. Stay on him.

No! Bullshit!

That's a chickenshit
fucking call.

God damn it!

- I'm working on it.
- Work harder.

Come on!

If we're gonna keep
winning games,

we gotta make our lack of size
an advantage.

We gotta speed the game up.

We gotta play every possession
like it's a war.

Oh, come on!
You've gotta be fucking blind!

That's a horseshit call!

We done yet, Coach?

We're a pressing team.
It's not even the third quarter.

We're just getting warmed up.

Motion, motion.

What did we discover
last night at Downey?

We gotta take charges.

We gotta play
with chips on our shoulders.

Play with a chip
on your fucking shoulder.

Goddamn right.

Marcus. Come on,
you're going in for Chubbs.

Marcus, I want you
to cover the inbound, okay?

Big arms. Force him
to pass into the corner.

That's it!

The little things add up.

Let's do
all the little things right.

Loose ball gets us two points.
Tip pass gets us to four.

Steal gets us another two.
Now we're at six.

Turnover out of our press
gets us to eight.

All this shit adds up.

Every box-out, every hustle,
every loose ball, every trap.

Put all that shit together,

all of a sudden we're pretty
fucking tough to beat.

Hit that!

- That's how we do it.
- Got that candy-stroke.

What quarter
are we in, Coach?

The fourth quarter.

The other team's gassed.

Let's see what we got left
in the tank.

Hayes, let's go!
Bishop Hayes, let's go!

Hayes, let's go!

Bishop Hayes, let's go!


Coach, why you gotta do me
like that, man?

Good luck tonight, Kenny.

What quarter are we in,

Holy shit, look at that.
We just went into overtime.

What did we learn
about ourselves last night?

That we have to
respect the game.

That's right.


Yo, Coach,
how many more I got?

Well, Kenny,
it's not up to me.

- Let's keep him moving.
- Come on.

Hey, y'all. How y'all
gonna do me like that?

I loved each and every one
of you girls.

- Have fun.
- Bye, Kenny.

- Hayley, you know I...
- No, keep going.

you're all in my heart.

You each have
your own little section.

Hurry up!

I'm going!

- Bye!
- Bye, Kenny.




- Hi.
- Angela!

- Hi.
- Oh, my goodness.

So, the doctors
are optimistic?

So far, so good.


They told us,

"Let him do all the things
any normal kid would do."

But you know
what remission's like.


Living life
waiting on pins and needles

for the other shoe to drop.

Spoke to Ethan lately?

He called me
a couple of times.

I haven't gotten back to him.

Andrew's not looking so good.

And now they're, uh,
talking about hospice.


Can I use
a different bat, Dad?

Pick any bat
you want, son.

But first say hello
to Mr. Cunningham.

- Hi, Mr. Cunningham.
- Hey, how you doing, pal?

Michael's dad.

You remember Michael.

we were in the hospital.

- It's all right.
- Halloween, we...

No, no, no. We put you two
in a wheelchair...

and then we pushed you
all around the hospital

- collecting candy.
- Mmm-hmm.

Doctor was gonna
kill you for that.

- Yeah.
- That was your idea.

- Michael was Dracula.
- That's right. He was Dracula.

Who's ready to sing
Happy Birthday?

All right, buddy.
Let's do this.

Who wants cake? Whoo!

- Cake, cake, cake.
- It's cake time.

Come on, son, let's go.

Cake, cake, cake.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear David ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Hi, Michael.

Please, Lord,
look after my son.

Please let him be happy.

I miss you, pal.

Thanks for coming
to the party.

I know
Miguel and Sofia invite us

'cause they don't want us
to feel


but I just end up feeling like

even more of an outcast.

It's like I just get angry
all over again.

Look around at all the boys,
and wish it was one of them,

not Michael.

Does that make me
an awful person?

I never stop being angry.

I know you're suffering.

Yeah, I'm suffering.

And I miss my son.

And I don't believe
he's in a better place.

I believe
the best place for him

was right here
with you and me.



We're both suffering.

I don't know, Ang, you seem
to be doing pretty good.

A new job,

fucking some rich guy
while we're still married.


You could go
to the library.

They have a book club there
every Friday.

- The library? Really?
- Yep.

Would you go with me?

- Well...
- It's for senior women.

For heaven's sakes,

I don't have a problem
making friends.

I don't. But it's just
a whole new place.

I've only been there
a little while. Give me...

Well, it's called
a two-way street, though.

- You gotta get out a little.
- Uh...

You think maybe it's time for
a new shower curtain, Jack?

No, I hadn't thought about it.

Oh, well, you should,
'cause that thing smells.

Anybody want a drink?

- No. No.
- I'm good.

So, what does
the scout report look like

for the team today, Jack?

Uh, well, they're
struggling a little bit.

Trinity has lost six in a row.

They have one good shooter,
TJ Edmonds,

but Uncle Jack's team
should win.

And they kinda have to win.

'Cause if they don't
win tonight,

their next chance at getting

into the playoffs
is against Memorial.

And Memorial's the number one
ranked team in the state.

You should see him,

Every morning,
the night after your game,

he wakes up early,
he goes downstairs,

checks the stats
on the computer.

Maybe I should be the
assistant coach tonight.

Number 41. Get your head
in the fucking game.

Come on, Brandon.
Let's go!

Push up!


All right.
Motion, motion, motion.

Don't stop.

41's the shooter.
Watch the drop screen.

Push it up. Let's go!

Look out.


Playing with their heads up
their fucking ass.

They're just really nervous
right now.

These guys have never played
a game that's ever mattered.

One stop. No threes.


- Switch up, switch up.
- Defense!

- Move! Move!
- Defense!

Here we go,
here we go! Go!

Come on, Kenny! That's stupid.
It's the back court!

- I know.
- Yo, commit to the top.

- We had an open player.
- All right, all right. I know.

Let's go! 22! 22!

- Watch the screen!
- No threes!

- Any time-outs?
- None.

Push it, push it!

Get through,
get through, get through.

Hayes, look up.

Oh, that's bullshit.

What's the call, Sal?

Offensive foul,
number 23.

That's bullshit.
He was moving his feet!

- Offensive, number 23.
- He was moving his feet.

He was already set, Jack.

You don't make that fucking
call at the end of the game!

- It's the end of the game!
- His feet were set, Jack!

It's a chickenshit call.

- Come on. That's a pussy call.
- Listen, that's a warning.

And you're a fucking pussy
for making it.

All right, you know what?
That's it.

Fuck you.

Hey, Jack. Jack!

Technical foul,
right here.

You don't fucking
decide the game! Okay?

The players
decide the fucking game.

- That's bullshit.
- Jack, Jack, Jack.

You don't
fucking do that now!

The players
decide the goddamn game!

- Hey!
- You've gotta calm down.

Technical foul.
You're outta here.

♪ Na na na na ♪

♪ Na na na na
Hey hey, goodbye ♪

Take a breath.

♪ Na na na
na Na na na na ♪

♪ Hey hey, goodbye ♪

Sorry for
losing my temper tonight.

I shouldn't have done that.

You know what my dad told me
last night?

He said that you got
a full ride to Kansas

and that you just quit.

No reason.


My father didn't like me
very much.

And then someone told him
I was good at basketball

and he paid
a lot more attention to me.

And the better I got,
the more love he showed me.

Then I realized
it wasn't me that he loved...

it was what I could do.

So, you just quit playing
as a "fuck you" to your dad?

Yeah, I guess so.

I made a lot of bad decisions,

I got a lot of regret.

Went away from basketball,

got into a different life,
got into drugs.

Spent a lot of time
hurting myself,

trying to hurt my father.

It was my wife
who got me outta that.

I never picked up
a basketball again.

Yeah, go ahead
and lower it in.

Russ! Yo, Russ!

You got a visitor.

Yo! Dump that. Dump it!

Let's go! All right. Back.

Excuse me,
are you Russ Durrett?

Yeah, can I help you?

Yeah, I'm Jack Cunningham.

I coach your son
over at Bishop Hayes.

Get this tuna
on the scale now.

Yeah, man, I know who you are.

Yeah, I used to come watch you
play down at Cheviot Hills.

You and Benny Green
and YaYa Davis.

Yeah, man. YaYa and Benny,
man, we used to do our thing.

So, how can I help you?

Well, I want to talk
to you about Brandon.

Has he shown you any of

the recruiting letters
he's been getting?

Brandon ain't
shown me nothing.

Well, he's getting a lot of
attention from good schools

that want him
to come play ball for 'em.

Thanks for coming by here
and letting me know,


How come we don't see you
down at any of the games?

'Cause I got responsibilities
at home.

I got two boys
that need to be bathed,

fed, and helped
with their homework.

Well, we got a big game
this week.

If we win it,
we go to the playoffs.

Listen, I don't come
to any games

'cause I don't support
my son's ideas

about the game, okay?

I don't want him relying on
basketball to make a life.

That was my mistake
and it ain't gonna be his.

These schools are offering him
full scholarships.

Oh, come on, man.
It don't matter.

They offered me the same.

Putting your faith
in basketball,

it don't work out.

And if anybody ought to
know that, it oughta be you.


Your son loves the game.
He's gonna keep playing it.

Let's do this!

Let's go Bishop!
Whoo! Let's go!

It's the Tigers, baby!
Let's do this, Hayes!

Um... So, are we gonna stay

in the press
the whole game or...

Yep, right from the tip.

I'd better get the lineup

out to the scores table.

And, uh...

I know nobody expected us
to be here

and we got no business
winning this game,

but I really want
to beat these fucking guys.

Come on,
Coach Cunningham!

We love you, Coach!

- All right.
- Let's fly.


Let's go. Bring it in.

All right.

We're on Diamond press
right from the tip.

Keep that pressure up.

They break it,
fall back into 22.

Look, you're nervous.

I get that.

The truth is,

they got more talent
over there than we do.

Probably got a better coach.


But I promise you,
they are not a better team.

I would take anyone
on this bench right now,

for any one of those players.

You worked hard to be here,
you earned this.

Have some fun out there.

Now go out there
and earn the playoffs.

All right, do it!

Win on three.
One, two, three...


Up! Up!

- Get your man.
- Hands up, hands up!

Gonna eat us alive,
if we give that shot.

Push him to his left.

Atlanta high,
Atlanta high.

Quick, quick!
Switch, switch, switch!

Get back, get back!

That's it.

Box out!
Watch it! Watch it!


Switch up. Come down,
come down, come down!

- Corner, corner, corner.
- Hey!

Go, go, go!

Help out!

Time-out, time-out.

Get up and yell "Bishop!"

We need stops.

So let's double-team Childress

every time he comes across

Make somebody else
fucking score.

Stay on him! Press!
Pressure! Don't give up!

Watch the pick.

Pick left.
Switch off to the side.

Go! Let's go.

Throw it in!

That's it! That's it!
Here we go, here we go.

- Put it in there.
- Go on, go on!

You guys gotta move.
You can't stand around.

Switch, switch,
switch, switch, switch.

Let's go.
Bring it through.

- Here we go!
- Pick him up. Pick him up.

Look, we're not gonna make it
all back in one possession.

You gotta just keep chipping
away, and chipping away at it.

Watch him, watch him.
Down the rail.

- Up!
- Come on. Come on.

Little things,
do the little things.

Take it to the rack.
That's you.

Let's go, baby. Let's go, huh!

Let's go, son.


There you go.
All right. Up, up, up!

- D-up, D-up.
- Let's go.

Get your man,
get your man.

Get up in their faces.
Get in their face.

Bobby, Bobby,
watch this guy. Watch this...

Let's get a trap!

Pass it.

Yeah! There you go!

Too easy.
That's too easy.

Switch, switch.
Get through it.

Motion, motion.

Here you go,
here you go, here you go.

Hey, coming through,
coming through.

Pick left, pick left.
Go through, go through.

Nice pass.

Time-out! Time-out.

Keep pressing, trapping,
taking charges.

Make our lack of size
an advantage.

Play like
we've got a fucking chip

on our shoulders. Let's go!

Go, go, go. Lock up.

Oh! Offensive!

- Offensive.
- Yeah!

Come on!

Jesus, you guys. We're playing
right into their hands.

Move the ball.
Move the ball.

Let's go!

Diamond, Diamond, Diamond!

Zach, he's six inches
shorter than you.

How does he make that shot?

Chips on our
fucking shoulders. Let's go!


- Defense!
- Stay on your man.

That's it. Beautiful.

I don't even know
who I'm looking at.

Go, go, go.


Ran out. You ran out.

Get him, get him.

- Hey, Diamond! Diamond!
- D-up!

- Pressure!
- Come on,

- break through.
- Pressure!

Reach. Shoot.

Attack this.
Attack their pressure!

Switch, switch, switch.
Come on! Box out.

Plot it out! Plot it out!

That's it, that's it,
that's it. That's it!

Yeah, that's a great call.

That is a bullshit call.

How many time-outs
do we have?

- One time-out left.
- His hands were all over 'em.

- It's a home job.
- All right. Time-out!


All right.
Bring it in. Bring it in.

- What's up? Say something.
- Hey, hey, hey. Chill. Chill.

- Bring it in.
- Chill, man. Come on.

What're you gonna do?

I'm gonna run Atlanta
for Brandon.

But Childress is on him.

You gotta expect
a double-team.

So, is he gonna get
an open look?


All right.
12 seconds, no time-outs.

We're gonna run the Hawk
for Kenny.

Marcus, set the high pick.

Freeze, Garcia, come round,
set a double screen.

Brandon, go right,
look for Kenny on the wing.

Three, we're stopping three.

He gets the ball,
he doesn't go five feet.

We lock him up. One stop.

Stay focused,
run our set.

Get out there and win this.

- Team on three.
- Win on three.

One, two, three...


Let's go, man!
Let's do this.


Forget that.
Take the shot.

Don't nod your head at me.

I got this.


Hey, it's me.


I just got off the phone
with Miguel, and...


- Hey.
- Hey.

What happened?

A few weeks ago,
he was hitting baseballs.

Yeah, he, um...
He had a fever at school.

Sofia picked him up, and
then he just started seizing.

Is he conscious?

He's sedated.

Is he, uh,

gonna be okay, or...

They don't know.

They did a scan this morning,

they're just waiting
on results now.


No! No!

I can't. I... I gotta go.

Just wait.

- Where are you going?
- I gotta go. I gotta go.

Come on. Come on.

Just a few more.

You should see my moves.

They're better
than my old man.

Your old man
didn't have moves.

I used to carry him
up the stairs.

Got the key? Huh?

Let's go.

No. No, no, no.

Give it here.

There you go.

Look at Marcus!

Come on, man,
I'm right here!

Let's see
the ball move, okay?

- Double back to me.
- Go, go, go!

Snap it back through!

Nice, Sam.

Call 'em out! Call 'em out!

Get through, get through.

Come on, get through,
get through.

Nice, Kenny.

- Come on.
- Come on.

- Hey, Jack.
- Coach.

Are you all right?
Where you been?

Yeah. Had a power outage
in my, uh,


Alarm didn't go off so...

I overslept.
I apologize.

Bring it in.

I had a power situation
at my place.

I overslept.
That's on me, okay?

Let's get into a Hawk set.

Brandon, take the ball.
Kenny and Garcia on the wing.

Marcus and Freeze,
start in the box.


Hey, Padre.
How's it going?

How are you, Jack?

I'm all right.
What can I do for ya?

Jack, I'm afraid
we're gonna have to ask you

to step down
from coaching the team.


It's come to my attention

that you've brought alcohol
around the players.

We're gonna have to
let you go.

And I'm gonna need
your office key.

I'm worried that this might be

part of a larger problem,

Would that be true?

You didn't want to
just come talk to me?

I did come talk to you
about it, Jack,

- and then you lied to me.
- I never lied to you.

I didn't lie to you
about anything.

You lied to me today
about your alarm clock.

I had
a power outage at my house.

- You were drunk at practice.
- Oh, bullshit!

- I could smell it on you.
- Bullshit.

The boys
could smell it on you.


All right, look...

Let's just get
to the playoffs, all right?

Guys, please.
Just don't do this. Okay?

I had a bad night. And,
I got it under control now

and I can take care of it.

Let's just, please...
I'm asking you, please, okay?

I'm sorry.
Please, don't do it, do this.

Jack, you've made
this decision for me.

I can't accept responsibility

for allowing you to be
around the boys anymore.

You know...


Look, please, just...

Please, don't do this.

Our decision is final, Jack.

We have
a zero-tolerance policy

- when it comes to alcohol.
- Fine. Fuck it.

I tried to do something good
with these kids.

You know...

It's your choice.

Who's gonna coach the team?

You? You're a fucking
math teacher.

I came to help you out.
Look what we did.

Tried to come in here
and help you.

You asked for my help.

And I tried to help you.
This is such bullshit.

I can't get this fucking...

I don't need this job.

We are trying to help, Jack.

You know what? Stick...

What's this?

From the blonde in the corner.

Says she knows you.

Another one
from the blonde in the corner.

Only this time it comes
with a message...

"Stop being a jerk-off
and come over and talk to me."

I think it's one of
the Pearson girls

from Saint Dorothy's.

Yeah, I think it's Diane.

I paid for you.
I paid for the whole bar.

You didn't pay for me.

I mean, if everybody...

Here, give me...
Can I have a drag of that?

- Mmm.
- Please?


Thank you. You know,
I'll tell you a secret.

- What?
- Give me a kiss.

No. You're driving.
No. Fuck off.

Yes, I am driving.
Give me a kiss.

Okay, just one.
Just one. Just one.

It's one kiss. My, God.


Oh, God!

Oh, shit. Shit!

- This is my neighbor's house.
- What?

You've gotta go
round the back.

- Hurry up! Just go round the back...
- All right.

I'll meet you there.

It's the third house
on the right.


Forget to pay
the electricity bill?

I think we made it.
Think we're safe.

Somebody's gonna come out
for a fucking surprise,

check their mailbox
in the morning,

find out their boat's


Pull your fucking pants up.

My wife's calling the cops
right now, asshole.

Yes, my husband's
speaking with him now.

Diane's your wife?

Who the fuck is Diane?

I don't know.


I'm in the wrong house, man.

Oh, you're goddamn right,
you're in the wrong house.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm real sorry.
I'm just gonna go home.

Nah, you're not
going anywhere.

Sit down. Wait for the cops.

Come on, sit down.
Sit down!



Can I get you anything?

Did they tell you

that they found you
unconscious in the street?

And that you broke
into someone's house?



You're gonna kill yourself
if you keep going like this.

That's why I'm gonna
get you some help, okay?

It has been decided
that he will no longer

be with the team

due to personal issues
that we'd rather not go into.

I will step in
as the interim coach.

And I don't see why...

During our family session...

...anything has to change.

...your sister
and mother said that

you've isolated yourself
since Michael died.

Would you agree with them?

Yeah. I mean,
I certainly don't see them

as much as I used to.

They also said you never talk
about your son.

I don't know
what they want me to say.

I could talk about the, uh,

tumors in his brain
and his spine.

Thirty rounds of radiation.

He used to scream
when he had seizures.

Nobody wants to hear that.

We can't change
the past, Jack.

What we can do is choose
how we move forward.

Think about Michael.

What would he want for you?



Thanks for coming.

Can I take your coat?

- Have a seat.
- Okay.

How's it going?

Good. Good.

Good. I'm really glad
you're here, Jack.

Yeah. Me too.

I shoulda come here
a long time ago.

I just want you
to know that, uh,

I know that I failed you.

And I know
that I failed our marriage.

I failed our son

'cause I didn't take care
of his mom.

And I hope that, uh,

one day you can see in me

the man that, uh,

that you once hoped
I would be.

I'm so sorry.


Hey, Dan.
How you doing?

It's, uh...

It's Jack.

Heavenly Father,

we welcome your presence here

among us
and your spirit of love

alive in the community
of Bishop Hayes.

Please help us
to be the best we can be.

To strive not so much to win,
but to play fairly and well.

We ask this in your name,
Lord Jesus. Amen.


Hey, fellas, let's win
this fucking game

for Coach Cunningham, baby.

I'll talk to him.

Let's go.
Bring it in. Bring it in.

Bring it home.

All right, we stay in press

- all game, okay?
- All right.

Nobody gets past you.

You stay in their faces,
all right?

Play with that chip
on your shoulder,

stay hungry. Who are we?

- Hayes!
- Who are we?

- Hayes!
- Right! Win on three.

Let's go.
One, two, three...


To the sharpshooter
Dawes in the corner.

He fires up a three

and it's good!

Hayes is hitting
on all cylinders tonight.

For a team that

hasn't made the playoffs
in 25 years,

they seem to be awfully
comfortable out there.

Full-court pressure
again from Hayes.

Dougherty has
just not been able to

figure out the Hayes pressure.

The defense has been
absolutely suffocating.

trapped in the corner.

He fires across the court
to Jenkins.

Pass intercepted by Durrett!

Brandon Durrett
is gonna take it by himself.

Reverse layup
and it's good!

- And he's fouled!
- Wow!

He has been

really special today,
hasn't he, Tom?

He has been magnificent.

And now Hayes is out to its
biggest lead of the game.

We said earlier
that Coach Jack Cunningham,

the man responsible
for this amazing turnaround

wasn't able
to be on the bench today.

But you have to imagine
he'd be very proud

of the way
these boys are playing.

I can remember
watching Jack as a player.

He was tough, intense,

and he has instilled
in these boys

all those qualities
that made him such a winner.

And you can see
Jack's imprint

all over this team.

a reflection of their coach.

I have never seen
a high school team

with this much composure.