The Wager (2020) - full transcript

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Get out!


Did you eat the
last creamfilled?

Yeah, I left you a glazed one.

I don't know how you
can eat those things

every day like that.

They don't even seem
to do anything to you.

Yeah, I guess I'm
just blessed like that.

I guess.

Hey, you see this?

See what?

That Cincinnati baseball
team made the front page again.

This player right here?

He's gonna be in the Hall of
Fame before it's all over.

You mark my words.

Oh, yeah, no,
he's a great player.


You need to come in here
and take a look at this.

Got a new APB today.

Looks like he resurfaced.

I tell you, this
guy is bad news.

Seems like every time
something crazy goes down,

somebody has a description
that fits this clown.

Now, today we have a sketch,

but all we know is that he
goes by the name of Luc.

Yeah, he is a
shadylookin' character.

To say the least.

The guy came outta nowhere,
I don't know about

Who's that?

I don't know, but
the door's unlocked.


Gabe, it's a baby.

I'll wager I save that soul.

What was that?


Nothing at all.

So, what're you gonna do?

What am I gonna do?

What're you gonna do?

What do you mean,
what am I gonna do?

Don't stress it, kid, I'm
gonna walk you through it.

The first thing you're gonna
do is contact Children Services

and I wouldn't waste any time,

'cause it's gettin'
a little late.

Unless you don't mind
babysitting all night?

It's a tough break, kid.

And you know, since
you found the baby,

you have to do the report, too.

Look, I gotta
break you in right.

One day, you're gonna
be running this place.

Yeah, how do you know that?

I know stuff.

Hi, this is the 32nd Precinct.

We, uh...

We have an abandoned baby.

Yes, he was left on the
front steps of the station.

Yeah, in the rain.


All right.

Thank you very much.

So, how long, Ike?

Well, that was the
case worker on call.

It's gonna be at
least an hour or two.

With it being so
late, they don't know

if they're gonna have a
home for him tonight or not.

How does someone do that?

How can you do that
to your own kid?

There are plenty of reasons.

None of them right, though.

I mean, they might be devoid
of moral foundation or,

down and out, strung out, drug
addict, you get the picture.

Whatever their frame of
mind, man, it's always sad.

But you are going
to be all right.

Yes, you are.

Yes, you are, you gonna be
all right, yes, you are.

Hold on, man, what's this?

What is it?

Baby has a tag
tied to his wrist.

What's it say?

It says Brucie.

His name is Bruce.

You gonna be just fine.

I mean, is she coming or not?

It's been a while.

Calm down, Ike.

These things take
time, she'll be here.

I know, but we're not,
we're not equipped to...

Yeah, I know what you mean.

But everything's
gonna be all right,

now that you found the lad.

Now, if you hadn't
had found him,

that would've been
a different story.

He could've been out
there, laying around,

hour after hour in the cold
rain and then hypothermia sets

I don't even wanna
think about that.

I mean, Gabe, you
know how I feel.

You know.

Hey, I do.

I know you were raised...

Look, at least you were adopted.

Think of it this way, at
least we heard the knock

at the door and you found
him the way that you did.

You know, that,
that could've been me.

I mean, that was me, really.

It's not you, kid.

You did good, look at you.

It's gonna be all
right with him, too.

You may wanna put him
on your prayer list.


Of course I will.


I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Ike Ramsey, that's
Chief Angelus down the hall.

So, this is the little guy.

Someone actually left him
here at the precinct, huh?


His name's Brucie.

There's a tag tied
around his wrist.

So they did.

Well, Little Brucie,
let's get you out of here.

What's, uh, I'm sorry,
what's going to happen to him?

Foster care's
already lined up.

I have preliminary
supplies with me.

I'll be dropping
him off tonight.

So, he's gonna a foster home?


In fact, they're
waiting on him now.

Oh, by the way, I'll need a
copy of the report tomorrow.

Of course.

But, uh, before you go.

This was given to me on the
day I was adopted by my mom.

It says, "I will
always watch over you,"

and it has my name, Ike.

I guess it kinda reads like,

"I'll be the one
watching over you now."

I hope that's what
my prayers do.

It's yours now.

Good luck.



It smells good.

It's almost finished.


How was your night?


Someone left a
baby at the precinct.

A baby?

I was the one who found him.

Are you all right?

Yeah, it just...

Just brought a lot
back, you know?

Just stuff I kinda buried.


I remember you talking
about some of those things.

His name was Bruce.

They left a name tag
tied around his wrist.

I just hate to think
about him having

to go through the same thing.

And they just left
him on the steps?


They didn't even hang around
to see if we'd find him.

I can't even imagine what
was going through your head.

I didn't know what to think.

Even Gabe was shaken up,

and he doesn't get
excited about anything.

Are you done?

Yeah, I'm sorry, I just...

Guess I don't really
have much of an appetite.

It's okay.

Hey, buddy.

How's my little man?


Please watch over my son.

Steer him clear of things
that may cause pain,

or misfortune or death.

Please keep him in your
grace should he stray.

Please help lead
him back to you.

And please watch
over on Brucie, too.

Let him find a home
and love and care.


He's so peaceful.

Yeah, he is.

Oh, God, what a night.


Let's not think
about that for a bit.



Dagnabit Brucie,
you won again.

Who's next?

I am.

Bring it.

Oh, trust me. I am.

I got this one.

I beat you last week.

I'll be spending your
lunch money this week.

In your dreams.


I got next.

All right.

All right, what is this?

Should've known it was you.

I wasn't the only
one, did you see them?

No, no, you weren't, but
since you like betting so much,

I bet you're the ringleader.

Now, get to class!

Do you know what we're
doing in science today?

I have no clue.

I guess we'll find out soon.

Yeah, I guess so.

I'll see you later, okay?

Hey, Brucie.

Oh, hey, Suzy, what's up?

What's up with you?

I haven't seen you all summer.

Well, you know,
little bit of this

and a little bit of that.

Yep, so, up to no good then?

Aw, come on,
Suzy, you know me.

I ain't no trouble.

That is, as long as
I don't get caught.

Yeah, that's
exactly what I mean.

You're such a cutup.

You need to stop, you know?

You don't have to act like that.

Why don't you let other people
see you the way I see you?

Yeah, right.

You know I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

I know I believe in you.

I know you have your
troubles, but I know you.

No, you don't.

That's just how
I act around you.

I don't, I don't think you know.

Just stop!

I know what you're trying to do.

You're just trying
to make excuses

instead of accepting yourself
for who you really are,

and you know where that starts.

Yeah, yeah, I know what
you're trying to say.

It starts with me going
to church with you.

Yeah, I know you've
heard it before,

but you need to hear it again.

You need to know it's the truth.

Look, I told you
before, I'll go.

I just don't know when.


Heard that before.

I know.

Well, you need to decide
when and let me know.

Well, saved by the bell.

We gotta hurry.

Lisa, can you lead
the Pledge for us today?

I pledge allegiance

To the flag of the
United States of America,

and to the Republic
for which it stands,

one nation, under God,

indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.

Thank you.


Lunch money then.

Thank you.

Good morning, Lincoln Valley

Middle School students.

This is Mrs. Moore with
the morning announcements.

The PTA meeting is this week,

so your teacher
will be sending home

a reminder for your parents.

Remember, this Friday
is the Sweetheart Dance

at seven o'clock.

Gentlemen, you must
wear a shirt and tie,

and young ladies, you must
wear a dress or a skirt.

Please, no sneakers
or blue jeans.

For today's lunch, we're
having hamburger, french fries,

pears, and a
chocolate chip cookie.

Have a great day.

Cafeteria, please.

Brucie, what are you doing?

Brucie, stop!

Suzy, come here!

Take this to the office, please.

You wait right here, young man,

till I decide what I'm
going to do with you.

What are you laughing at?

No, no, no, no, you are not
touching me with that thing.

What did you think was
going to happen, Brucie?

First, the incident
from earlier.

Now, you insist on
disturbing the class.

I have tried and tried,
but you won't listen.

Now turn around and put
your hands on the wall.

No, no, you can't make me!

Let's go to the office.

This isn't fair.

Boy, you really did it today.

Did what?

Got caught.

I don't know about
you sometimes.

You don't need to rub it in.

So what're you gonna do?

I'm gonna become president.

No, silly.

That's not what I meant.

But you could, you know.

You could, if you really wanted.

I mean, you would
have to work at it.

My parents told me
you can do anything,

if you put your mind to it,
and you're no different.

Well, I don't know about that.

Pat, my foster mom for a
couple of years said that

everyone has a different
purpose and a different path,

and everyone has
different genes.

The necessary genes to do
what they're destined to do.

Wow, I never thought
about it like that.

Well, it makes sense.

If someone's no good at math,

it isn't likely that they'll
grow up to be an accountant,

but everyone has to learn
what they're equipped to do

or what they can do and that's
what they can grow up to be.

See, you are smart, Brucie.

So, what is it you think
can do or wanna be?

I told you already, president.


You must really think
you have some good genes.

Yeah, I do have
some good jeans.

That has to be the least
funny joke I've ever.

I'm still holding
you to your promise.

Promise, what promise?

Yeah, I wonder.

You know exactly what
promise I'm talking about.

Why don't you go to
church with me on Sunday?

Fine, I'll go.


I'm holding you to it.

See ya.


Tiberius, that's
him, right over there.

Man, touch me again!


So that's the one
you picked out, huh?

We've been watching
him for a while.

We think he's a good fit.

All right, same
background as the others?

Oh, yeah.

He's been in and out of more
foster homes than I can count.

Yeah, but that don't
necessarily mean nothin'.

In and out a few you say, huh?

Quite a few.

Yeah, that's what's up.

There ain't gonna
be no man hunt,

'cause ain't nobody
gonna even miss him.


We still need somebody to cut
and run the product, though.

But him?

Yeah, he gonna
work out just fine.

All right, make it happen.

You bet.

Suzy, how are you today?
I'm fine, thank you.


Hey. Hey.

You made it.

Well, I said I
would, didn't I?

Yeah, I know you did.

Well, we have a few
minutes before we start

and I wanted to show you around.

I'm good with that.


Hi, Suzy. Hi.

How are you? Good to see you.

I'm good.
Excellent, who's this?

This is Brucie, he
goes to school with me.

Hi, welcome, glad to
have you here today.

Thank you. Have a seat.

Okay, guys, today
we're gonna start off

with just a short lesson.

From there we're gonna move
into the trivia contest

that we talked about last week.

You'll catch up, don't worry.

Who remembers what we
were talking about?


David and Goliath.

David, that's
excellent, very good.

So if you remember,
David's father Jesse

sent him to be with his brothers

who were preparing to do
battle with the Philistines.

Anybody remember what
he took with him?


Bread and cheese.

Yes, that's it.

So when David got there,

Goliath came out and
challenged David's people.

And David, who was but a
youth, a young boy, he said

The President of the
United States of America!

I would like to welcome
everyone who came out today,

and those of you who are
watching by television.

I wish to extend my
heartfelt thanks to everyone

who has supported us in
the midst of what you know

is a heated campaign, which
is ultimately why we won

the election is
because of your vote.

Now, you know it has been
our promise all along

that the great country that
we live in shall realize

its full potential,
but in order to do that

we must empower the people.

Now, homelessness
and unemployment

shall be a thing of the past

and division in the workplace
shall be nonexistent.

It took Goliath's own sword
and he takes the victory.

Okay, well that's it.

Time for church, you
guys have a great day.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming.

Trust is the cornerstone of
every successful relationship.

Proverbs chapter three
verses five and six say,

"Trust in the Lord
with all thine heart."

"Lean not unto thine
own understanding."

"In all thy ways,
acknowledge him"

"and he will direct thy paths."

It is our great hope that
God is who he says he is.

We often hold fast to this
hope when we're anticipating

the life to come, but we
also hold fast to this hope

when we're talking
about things that deal

with this life as well.

In this life, we
have the same hope,

that God is exactly
who he says he is.

We often put our hope and trust
in God with the anticipation

that he won't fail us.

When we fail, we cry out for him

because we have hope
that he will hear,

that he will answer,
that he will rescue,

that he will provide.

Why do we call on God?

Because we know he
is always faithful.

We know that our
God is trustworthy.

We know that we can trust him
because he will not betray us,

he will not lie to us,
he will not leave us,

and he will not forsake us,

and we know that
he never changes.

We all have that friend
that we know is trustworthy.

And we know that if we go to
them, will be there for us.

If we need something,
they'll help us.

They won't betray us,
they won't lie to us.

These are the attributes
that we expect from God

and depend on from God.

But the question I
wanna ask you today is,

what does God say
when he sees you?

How do you become a person
that is absolutely trustworthy

and reliable, dependable?

How do you get to be a
person that God can trust?

It takes a step of faith,

and in a moment, I'm
going to open this altar

to everyone who would like
to put your faith and trust

in Jesus Christ as savior,

not just for this lifetime,

but for eternity.

I'm going to invite everyone
here in this congregation

that would like to receive
Jesus as their savior

to make your way to this altar.

We'll pray, God will
hear, God will answer,

and your life will be changed.

Wanna go down, Brucie?

I don't know,
people are watching.

Since when do you care
what other people think?

I don't know.

I can tell you want to,
come on, I'll go with you.


God, I come to you, a
sinner in need of a savior.

I believe Jesus
is the son of God

and died on the cross for
the forgiveness of sins.

I've committed sins and
I ask your forgiveness.

I declare and decree
that I will live for you

as you show me how.

In Jesus' name, I pray.


Hey, kid!

Can you tell me how to get to.

Herb's garage on
Livingston, I think?

Yeah, sure, that's easy,
you've just gotta head down

Get in.


Get in the car, man.

You heard him, get in.

Man, Ti, we pulled that off
like a boss, baby, we pulled

Man, get him put away.

Come on, young Bruce.

Hey, we're your family now.

All right, check it out.

This was your predecessor's,
now it's all yours.

We'd like to file a
missing persons report.

Of course.

Please, sit down.

I know you.

Yeah, I remember you from
the night we found Brucie.

The baby we found on the steps.

Yeah, believe me, I remember.

I've dealt with Brucie on
and off over the years.

He's been in about
17 foster homes.

I believe that may be a record.

In fact, that's why we're here.

He's the one that's missing.

Oh, no, you're kidding.

I hate to hear that.

You know, I've been hoping
and praying things would've

turned out differently for him.

No, unfortunately not.

In fact, we don't know where
he is, if he's run off or what.

Either way, we have
to assume the worst,

and that's why we're here.

Of course.

Is Chief Angelus still here?

Oh, Gabe?

No, he's been gone
for some time.

No, he left for some kind
of special assignment.

I have no idea what
that was about, but uh,

he acted like it was some
kind of top secret thing.

Haven't seen him since.

So, Brucie, when
was he last seen?

This morning, when
he left for church.

He's been missing
since this morning,

and you're just now reporting?

Well, you need to know Brucie.

He, uh, isn't one to
come straight home,

and, well, for all it takes
to get him to stay there,

he's always on the go.

So does he just kind
of do as he pleases?

No, no, we let
him have freedoms.

He's 14, and he can
go visit his friends,

and as long as he checks in
before supper and is home...

So when he didn't
check in after church,

we called our caseworker
and she suggested waiting

to see if he came home
for supper, but he didn't.

So, I called her back and I
just knew something is wrong.

Who was he last seen with?

Suzy, he went to
church with her.

It's a girl he goes
to school with.

Does he go to church often?

No, this was his first time.

Suzy had been asking him for
a long time to go to church.

He was just so happy and
he was nice this morning,

and it doesn't make
sense, you know?

Suzy brings out the best in him.

Do you know how I
can get a hold of Suzy?

Yes, Brucie had her number
written down and I already

called her house and talked
to her parents today.

They asked Suzy if she knew
where Brucie was, but um,

she last seen him
leaving church.

You don't have that
number on you, do you?

Yes, I do.

Great, thank you.

So, Brucie.

Was he given a last name?

Yes, the state gave
him the name Bruce Stern.

Kind of appropriate.


I suppose.

It could be assumed that
he's been through a lot.

You know, it's hard on a kid,

being moved from one
environment to another,

from one influence to another,

and it's not always
the best influence.

Do you have a recent photo?


Here you go.

Well, I'll put out
an all points bulletin.

If he shows up or if
you hear anything,

contact me immediately.

Will do.

Yes, sir.

All right, listen up!

Anybody seen Reggie?

Oh, so ain't nobody seen him?

Well, look, if y'all see
Reggie, tell him to come see me.

Y'all got that?


Hey, let's go, young Bruce.

Where are we going?
We've got some work to do.

All right, little Brucie.

Shut up, do exactly
what I tell you,

and you might not get hurt.

Now, you're gonna
get out the car,

and walk over to that
corner over there.

A guy gonna come over
to you and he gonna say,

"Look like a nice night."

You gonna say, "No,
it look like snow."

He gonna hand you a package
and you gonna hand him this,

and then you gonna walk
back over to the car.

That's it.

You got it?

Yeah, I think so.

Man, do you or don't you?

Bruce, you have to be sure.

You can't mess this up.

Remember, "No, it
looks like snow."

It rhymes.

Man, get him out of my
car and put him to work.

Hey, remember, "No,
it looks like snow."

It looks like a nice night.

Man, don't give it
to me, give it to him!

Good job, Bruce.

Oh, yeah, we good.

Good job.

Hey. Hey.

Do you want something to
eat before we go to bed?

No, no, thank you.

Okay, well, um, if you
don't want something to eat,

we should probably
gets some sleep.

We've got Taylor's game
later today, remember?

I remember.

Hey, um...

Do you remember
about 14 years ago

when I found the baby
outside the precinct?


Yeah, um, what was his
name, it was, uh...


Yeah, it was Bruce.


Well, he's resurfaced.


Yeah, the same
caseworker came in tonight

with a foster mom to file
a missing persons report,

and it's Bruce.

Oh, my gosh.

Yeah, apparently
he's been in and out

of 17 different foster homes.

Some kind of record.

So, I guess he's a
bit of a problem.

Probably easily
influenced to being

in that kind of environment.

You know, that, that sounds
a lot like being in jail.

You've got these people in
there for minor offenses and

they end up so much worse off

because of the influences
they encounter there.


Some of those places are,
yeah, they're pretty awful.

Yeah, I know.

There's good ones
too, like the Ramsey's,

and I guess he didn't
get that lucky.

Poor kid didn't
even stand a chance.

So are there any leads
on where he could be

or anything like that?

No, no, we don't have that.

We don't have anything solid,
but I've put an APB out.

Hopefully he turns up.


I know how much stuff
like this affects you

and I know that
you get attached.


I need you to not take
it personally, okay?

I know.

With Bruce it's...

You know, I was there from
the beginning, you know?

I know.

Let's go to bed, okay?

You're gonna need your energy
if you wanna keep up with

Taylor and the team
tomorrow, okay?

Yeah. Come on.

What's up, Reggie?
Hey, Boss.

You kick it at the crib today?

Boss, I was at the bone
yard looking at these rides.

Okay, all right,
so they have any?


Cars, man, rides!

At the bone yard!

Man, what's up with
you, where your head at?

You know what, they
have a red TBird,

and they got a Chevy.

All right, TBird
and a Chevy, huh?


Well, they've been
there for three days.

I know what they just got in.

Well, I mean

Let's just cut to the chase!

If you was at the bone yard,

then why we see you on the
corner of Third and Main?

Third and Main?
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

You been made, stool pigeon!

Now what?

Look, Boss, I didn't tell
them nothin' about this place.

See, that's good,
that's real good.

Listen, the cars is one
thing, the drugs is another.

But Brucie?

Man, we're crossing the line.

Somebody has to make a
stand, and you know what?

I ain't standing for it.

You ain't gonna stand
for nothin' ever again.

What, come on, man, really?

Come on.

It's me.

Hey, let's just get this money

and get outta here real quick.

Here he is right here.

Hey, what up, Brucie?

What's up, Bruce?

Got that for you.

You didn't get that from me.

You didn't see us.

Have a good night.

Ty, it don't matter
what we do, man.

We ain't making no
money off these pills.

Man, 'cause I keep
telling you, man,

them pills is for little girls.

What's moving out
there on the block

is that hard right
there, all right?

That's what we need to focus on.

You right on that.

Good job, young Bruce.

Mommy's home!

Troy, you okay?
No, he's good!

Seth, come on, come on, come on!

Don't shoot, man.

Shut up! I'm not with them!

God, I wanna shoot you so bad,

but I don't need excess baggage.

Seth, let's go, the
cops are coming, man!

You're lucky the hit
was for Tiberius, John,

and his goons outside.

I suggest you get out of town,

and you never let me see
you again, you got me?

Let's go, come on!

I know you.

I know you.

I see you, Satan.

This one does not belong to you.

He's ours.

He's mine.

No, you are the lie.

I know you.

I know you.

I know you.

You look like him.

You look like him.


That stuff you put in your
veins, that's not you!

That's the lie.

No, you look like
him, that's the lie!

He take a piece of himself
and put it inside you!

Yes, inside.

Inside, yes.

You look like him.

You look like him.

You look like him.

Inside, inside.

You look like him.

Yes, please, breathe with him.

Breathe, breathe with him.

Breathe with him,
breathe with him.

Yes, breathe with him.

You look like him.

You look like him.

I know you.

I wanna talk to you
guys about choices today.

Life is about choices.

I want you to think about
the choice that the Father

made for you and
I, to send the son,

Jesus Christ, to die for us.

And I also want you to
think about the choice

that Jesus had to make
in going to Calvary

and shedding his
blood for you and I.

Life is about choices, but
none greater than the choice

you and I have to make today.

Will we make Jesus our master?

And now it's your turn.

You have a choice to make.

Hey, buddy, you up?

You up, buddy?

Do you have any guns, do ya?

Nice painting. Yes, it is.

What do you think?
I'll take it.

Thank you.

What can I do for you?
How much for the painting?

Hey, Bruce, how's
your week been?

Imagine seeing you here.

Yeah, blackjack
table's calling my name.

Well, please don't
let me hold you up.

Hey, tonight's my night.

You know that guy? Bruce?

Yeah, he's a regular here.

Bruce, you say? Mmhm.

Thank you.


It's Bruce.

Suzy? I can't believe this.

Aren't you a
sight for sore eyes?

Hey, where did you go?

I mean, nobody knew
if you'd been taken

or even if you were alive.

All the above, I believe.


I mean, Bruce.


You can call me Brucie.

Man, it seems like
only yesterday.


Takes you back.

Yeah, it does.

I can, I can still
remember my mom yelling

upstairs to me that day.

Hey, Suzy?

Do you know where Brucie is?

I just got a call that he didn't

come home after church today.

I don't know.



I remember running out
there, looking for you,

but I couldn't find you.

You were really gone.

Bruce, I never thought
I would see you again.

So what's going on with you?

I mean, this is the last place
I would expect to see you,

out of all people.

It's funny you should ask.

I actually worked here.

It was then that I saw
firsthand what addiction does,

whether it be drugs,
alcohol, or gambling.

So I started an outreach
called No Excuses.

It helps people get free and

take authority over
their situation.

So you actually worked here?

Yeah, I mean I had to survive,

and this was the only
place hiring at the time.

Gosh, I prayed every day
that I wouldn't have to do

anything that went against
my faith and God made a way.

So you don't work
here anymore, then?

No, no, it was my mission
field and it still is,

but, you know, after starting
the ministry, it just,

I don't know, I didn't
feel good about it.

It just wasn't sending
the right message

to those I was helping.

So what's your
mission tonight, then?

Well, I was looking
for a girl named Alicia

who's in the program,
I think she relapsed.

She wasn't at home, so that
pretty much leaves this place.

You do realize it's
not a coincidence

we ran into each other
tonight, don't you?

Oh, boy, you haven't
changed a bit, have ya?

Well, it could be
that you're my mission.

Believe me, you don't
wanna go down that road.

Pretty rough, huh?

Yeah, I was pulled from the
street against my will and

Bruce, how did
it happen, I mean,

I saw you at church, we said
goodbye and that was it.

Do you feel like
talking about it?

Well, let's just say
I didn't get very far.

Maybe a couple
blocks, that was it.

A car pulled up and,


the leader,

he was there.

And he asked me for
directions to Herb's Garage.

Yeah, I remember that place.

Yeah, we all did, and so
I didn't expect a thing.

I walked right into it.

He flashed a gun
and pulled me in

and that night they showed
me what they wanted with me.

Made me make my
first drop and...

The things they made me do.

Unspeakable things.

And maybe I didn't have a
choice, at the beginning.

Later on?

I'm not so sure.

Brucie, you don't have to
be a product of your past.

That's quite the
sentiment you have there.

You'd have better
luck selling that

to the greeting card
company than you would me.

Actually, I've been
down this rough road

with other people and
I've seen them get free

from their past and find
a hope then a future.

It doesn't happen overnight,
but with some help

And what?

And you wanna make me
one of your pet projects?

I don't think so.

Okay, I'm not
saying that your life

has to be like a greeting card.

Very few are, but you
don't have to let your past

dictate your future
or who you are.

Nature versus nurture would
argue with that one, too.

Wouldn't it?

Still smart as
ever, aren't you?

Hey, who you talkin' to?

Yeah, I know.

Look, you can bring psychology
or science into this,

but I still know you and aside
from whatever they made you

do or whoever they tried
to make you become,

that's not who you are.

There's so much more
for your life, Brucie,

and I know that with God

Enough with the
intervention, okay?

I've been down that road.

Twice I gave God a chance,

and it didn't go anywhere.

Well, I better see
if I can find Alicia.

You gonna be around?


I have some unfinished business.

It's good to see you
this evening, Bruce.

You too, Candy.

180 in!

Good evening, sir.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you.




I'm Gabe.



Would you like to
make a small wager?

I don't have
anything left to wager.

Oh, but you do.

If you lose, you'll see all
the things you've ever done.

I lived through
everything I've done.

I don't figure where
seeing it again would hurt.

What do I get if I win?

Untold riches.

Let's do this.

A cut of the cards.

Takes all.



Would you like to go first?



Very well, I'll go first.

Are you ready?

There was another
shooting down on Livingston.

It seem like shots
happen all the time now.

Sometimes it even
keeps me up at night.

I gotta get out of this place.

Yeah, me too, I'm
not too far from there.

Anyway, be careful out there.

Thank you, have a good night.

Give me your money!
Okay, okay, okay.

Give me your money
or I'll kill ya!

I don't wanna die,
please don't kill me!

Give me your money!
Okay, okay, okay.

I wanna talk to you
all about choices today.

Already since you
woke up this morning,

you have made a lot of choices.

You made the choice to
be here today, right?

And so, choices are a big
part of everything that we do.

I want you to think about the
choice that the Father made

for you and I to send the son,
Jesus Christ, to die for us.

What am I doing here?

Besides, what has
God done for me?

Shedding his
blood for you and I.

Oh, no, no!

Don't you give her that baby.

Why you looking at me like that?

I told you we can't afford
another mouth to feed!

Give it to me, I'll
take care of it.

I'll dispose of it
just like I said.

I'll take care of it.

You can't even get out of bed!

"Take care of it."

Get out!

Go get your dope!

Go get your fix!

Hey, let's just get this money

and get outta here real quick.

Hey, what up, Brucie?

What's up, Bruce?

I got that for you.

You didn't get that from me.

You didn't see us.

Have a good night.

Don't shoot, man.

Shut up! I'm not with them!

God, I wanna shoot you so bad.

Where ya going?

You're lucky the hit
was for Tiberius, John,

and his goons outside.

I suggest you get out of town,

and never let me see
you again, you got me?

Let's go, come on!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, God.

I'm sorry, forgive me.

Forgive me, God.

Forgive me.

The deuce.

It was the two times I
walked away from you.

Everyone back up, please.

Back up, go about your business.

Get out of here.

Excuse me, sir?

You all right?

You're Bruce.


But how do you know?

Because I've been
praying for you.

I've been praying for
you your whole life.


I will always watch over you.

I gave this to you on
the day you were born.

Hey, Brucie, is
everything all right?

Untold riches.

Untold riches.

Hey, um...

You think I could buy you a
cup of coffee or something?

I have some things I'd
really like to tell you.

Boy, do I have a
story to tell you.



I have a message for
you, from the most high.

You've been defeated.

You no longer matter.

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