The Virgins (1963) - full transcript

The story of five girls that lose their virginity.

The Virgins

- Aren't you coming to my party?
- I don't have the time!

Come on! It's Robert's birthday!

You have a nice fiancé,
but I have my man too.

Marie-Claude! It sounds like
he is your husband.

Not yet, but... precisely!

- Precisely what? You're not gonna do it?
- I can't wait to be 127 years old.

- You are ammoral!
- It's neither moral, ammoral nor immoral!

It's a physical need,
can you understand?

You're not an animal!
Control yourself.

I'm tired of being under control.
I can't sleep anymore!

- You are depraved!
- Maybe. Well, ciao!

The guy will get impatient,
it's a big night for us! Ciao!

Hi, My Love!

You drank a bit too much, it seems.

It's a big day for us tonight.

And you had fun alone, without me?

It's clever, as you always are.

No, I'm still in a great shape!

It's stuffed!


When he wakes up, please tell him
I went to a little family party.

Very well, Miss.

The way this girls is dancing is obscene.

How can a man respect such a girl?

Look at Geneviève.
How graceful!

How dignified!

I'm so glad Robert went for that girl.

Your son would never fall in love
with a nobody, he's too serious!

That's the reason why he was
the second top of his class.

Weren't you wearing this dress
the day we met?

- You remember? It was 6 months ago.
- I can't forget anything about you.

Look! How curvy!

Curvy, but virtuous.

- You know her?
- An old flirt. She's getting married.

And this one! Look!

Oh my God!

- Go?
- Go!


Such a girl is a whip in the eyes.

- A wild animal.
- Let's lasso her.

- You or me?
- Head or tails?

Head, you. Tail, me.

- Me!
- What if you can't?

- I'll send her to you, my friend.
- My friend! Attack! Good luck.

- Thank you!
- Go. - Go.

The more we are,
the lonelier we feel.


The more the people are, the more
accompanied I feel. Isn't it weird?

You must be a happy girl.

And you, by any chance, aren't you
playing the great melancholia?

- We're all playing a role.
- I can tell.

I can't find a guy
who make straight attacks.

Are you sure?

Really sure?

- I'll see how things are going.
- You'll be a wonderful lady of the house!

- Hey girl, you forgot your ex?
- Hi, thanks for coming.

- I'll come with you.
- Don't.

Is the past really dead?

- I'm engaged, leave me alone.
- Sure!

Too bad!

You are made for love.

Not the kind of love you mean.

I don't mean to be Prince Charming!

- Is he your friend?
- Yes.

He doesn't look happy.

He's bored, he has no girlfriend.

Surprising, he's good-looking.

He's cold. He's freezing.

Is he that cold?

- Maybe we can reheat him.
- He is shy.

- He talks but never gets into actions.
- He's that shy too?

Let's see. Hey, the shy one!
Are you inviting me?

I'm sorry I take the initiative,
but I was told you are too shy.

Honey, you're direct!

You are not at all like as described.

My friend made a mistake, probably.

There's a little funfair nearby.

That's a good pretext.

- I have a car.
- In this case, let's go.

- Where are you going?
- To the funfair.


- Marie-Claude left with a guy!
- It's her business.

- You don't know who.
- Who?

A lout. Come, she'll make a mistake!

- I'm begging you.
- Okay, let's go.

Will you take me?

Keep dreaming!

- Where are you going?
- The funfair.

I'll find a girl there!

- Shall we take him?
- Of course!

This one is so cute.

Come, lonesome.
Come near me, come.

- Cover yourself, don't get cold!
- Am I making a mistake?

No, it's great.

Are you crazy?

- Look at these faces!
- A bunch of Kafka's!

There's cotton candy!

- Say, this girl's a pyromaniac.
- A bomber, man!

- Who's bombing here? You should give up.
- I still have good chances.

The two of us won't get anything done.

- Let's restart from scratch then.
- Okay. Heads or tails?

Again? No man!

May the best win.
Get her with your rifle!

Okay. A few bullets.


- Are you hitting it?
- We're shooting pigeons.

- Who's the winner?
- Who's the winner?

This one.

I'm sorry dear,
I can't be all yours.

- That's the way it is. I get the award.
- What award?

This is a men's business.
Come with me, beauty.

- Oh! What are you doing here?
- We needed a walk.

A walk, really?

This Rémi seems to be
a weird guy. Who is he?

I barely know him.

Look, they are riding a carousel.
They look well-behaved.

Let's keep an eye on them.
Come with me.

Have you known many men so far?

I've been flirting quite a lot.

That's all?

- What were you thinking?
- It changes everything!

- But you look rather open.
- Don't trust appearances. Hey!

Come with me to the swings.

Keep running, man.

Keep running.

I'm sorry, Sir.

- What's wrong with Rémi? You ditched him?
- I only ditch hesitant persons.

Okay, I get it.

Well, well! People enjoy your legs.

They are pretty, I have to show them!

Seeing them is not enough.

This is precisely what I think.

Does Marie-Claude have nice legs?

Yes, but I wouldn't like
my wife to behave like this.

- Don't tell me! - Men don't want
people to enjoy their wife.

A man shall always watch his wife.

- But there are still some pure girls.
- Tell me about it!

Come, François! to the planes!

- Leave me alone. Don't be a pain.
- Let me tell you something.

François! Come! Come!

Let me tell you.
I swear you want to hear it.

This little cock-teaser...

- She is a still a pure girl.
- No?!


Don't think you'll get an award tonight.

She'll just take me
from one merry-go-round to another.

- But in the end... No! Nothing!
- She'll say she's tired and go home.

- Dad, Mom and everything!
- So?

- What do we do?
- You tactful. You ditch her.

You hard worker. You find two others.

- Where's Rémi?
- He asked to be excused.

What do we do now that we're all alone?

Listen, Marie-Claude. You...

You're very young.

You're very pretty.

You're very very exciting. Too much!

But Rémi and me are no bastards.

What story are you telling me?

I'll marry someday, right?

I'd like my wife to be pure.
You get it?

No. I don't understand at all.

Well, the guy that will marry you
would like the same.

You want me to wait for Prince Charming?
It can take a long time, you know!

- One must be ready to wait.
- Because I'm a woman. Do you men wait?

No! Freedom is not a one-way thing!

This is unacceptable. Bye.

These two punks finally let you alone.

Yes they did, all alone.

These events must have made you thirsty.

Ol' Robert will buy
these ideal girls a drink.

Let's go to the maze of mirrors instead.
It looks funny.

- You ditched her?
- Maybe she ditched us.

Are you insane?

- Man, if you had heard what she told me!
- What?

- I'm just beginning to realize.
- What?! What?!

I can't say I'm having fun.
But at least we can watch Marie-Claude.

I think she's calmer now.

Oh! Sorry, Sir.

Robert! Did you see that?

Over there! Marie-Claude! Hurry up!

- So she was ready to do it?
- Yes! She wasn't pretending!

- We have to find her right away!
- Every man for himself!

- The one who finds her gets her.
- Okay. Good luck!

- Go?
- Go!

- She has disappeared!
- No.

- We have to find her.
- This way.

- So much sugar! Cooking jam?
- Paulo! The kid wants to chat.

- What is it about?
- Nothing urgent.

Get out of here!

Say, Marie-Claude! You being unfaithful!

Looking for troubles?

- Where is she?
- I don't know. I don't know!

Here she is!

- Marie-Claude!
- Marie-Claude!

She has to be nearby.
Go this way, I'll go that way.

- You're not searching. You gave up?
- No, I'm recharging my batteries.

Marie-Claude! You didn't...

I'm so hungry!

Here you are! We were so worried.
Where did you go?

Here she is! I saw her first!

- At your disposal.
- At your service.

- What made you so hungry?
- Exercise.

This is your emancipated girl?
Hanging out with these nitwits?

- What a mystery.
- Enough. Let's chase some women.

- Real women.
- Go?


Well, good night.

- Thanks again for this great evening.
- Good bye, little devil.

Why didn't you greet her?

She disgusts me.


As we were looking for her, earlier...


With this guy...

It can't be! How do you know?

She told me.

She's a whore!

And she's your friend...

- You won't see her again, I hope.
- As you wish.

Astonishing... Dear Geneviève,
I don't know what to think anymore.

God, it's so saddening.

Robert, aren't you and me happy?

We want different things for our lives.

Girl, when I hear such things,

I appreciate you even more.

- Wait, I'll walk you to the door.
- You don't have to.

I do, so I can spend
a few more seconds with you.

One more kiss, Geneviève.

Robert and me

have the same ideas,

the same taste.

Both of us want to have children.

Are you happy when you're together?

Very much.

So why are you worried?

Here is the thing, Father.

Before Robert, I had met another boy.

- Rémi.
- The first is not always the best.

The thing is...

When Rémi kissed me...

You were moved.

Baffled, maybe.

A lot.

It never happened with Robert.

- Do you love Robert?
- Yes, I think so.

Listen to me, Geneviève.

This young man who moved you,

he only wanted to trouble you.
He had an impure aim.

On the contrary, Robert is respecting you.
That's why he doesn't want to trouble you.

When the time comes to share this pleasure,
which is normal for a happy couple,

be assured that Robert will not
disappoint you. I even think that...

his current restraint is the sign
of a marvelous future.

Go in peace, Geneviève.

You will know joy.

My dear friend, what a great day!

Nice day, yeah. Nice weather.

- Your little Geneviève is radiant!
- She's gonna explode!

Marchaix, be serious
at least once in your life.

- Isn't marrying your daughter important?
- You know...

I attend marriages every weeks.
I'm used to it.

- Are you Geveniève's Dad?
- Yes, can you believe it?

- Whose little daughter are you?
- I'm Robert's cousin.

That tall penguin
has such a pretty cousin?

- Are you married already?
- It's been three years.

An old couple then!

- Is your charming husband here?
- He is on a trip.

How bad of him!

You must be bored all alone.
A little girl like you.

- In your small house. No?
- Sometimes.

Look at my father. He's impossible!

This billy goat is terrible.
I have to intervene.

I wasn't expecting this kind
of offer from a step-father.

You know, the night of a marriage,
step-fathers feel all alone.

- Odile, somebody's calling you.
- Excuse me.

- See you later.
- Odile is very young.

Yes! Geneviève was even younger
when you got her.

This is unrelated.

You're a knight in shining Armour!

A good man. But not a funny one.

My cousin's honor concerns me.

I hope there are not too many women in
your family. Or you'll have a lot of work.

- Will you watch my daughter like this?
- No need. Geneviève is irreproachable.


I guess that means
you haven't been very eager.

I respect marriage enough
so as not to rush things.


Still, you...

have experience.

I don't think this kind of experience
is what a man should be proud of.

My dog probably has more
experience than you have.

And he's only a dog!

Don't be mistaken, my dear Robert.

I'm so proud of myself.

One good point for you.

You'd deserve a good slap.

You sacristan!

I'd rather be a sacristan
than a pervert.

I may look too soppy but I don't care.
You are something else.


- What?
- Disgusting.

- Good evening Roland.
- Hello.

- Your husband is not well-mannered.
- Was he disagreeable to you, Father?

No, that's a lot to say.

- He only said I'm disgusting.
- You probably misheard. - No, no.

I know I have been
a distracted young father.

I know I have been a husband
who played the field a lot.

- Every man once played the field.
- Not Robert, he is too serious.

Is he?

That's exactly what worries me.

Your father doesn't believe
I respected you during our engagement.

Well, my father doesn't respect nobody.

- I'm serious, people think I'm a fool.
- It's just in your mind.

The idea in my mind is: I have my own wife
and nobody will touch her before I do.

Not even myself.

But now I can.

It's good, isn't it?

God, you're so pretty!

Everybody's looking at you.

You are mine.

Here it is! The sugar!

- Oh! Just married!
- No man, this is adultery.

- Why would you say that?
- I'm tired of people laughing at me.

- We have rooms for newlyweds.
- Three cheers for the bride and groom!

The room is quiet
and newlyweds enjoy it.

The cuisine is extra and
the chef is quite something!

Everything is brand new!

- Linen sheets, hot water...
- I see. Everything is ready.


- Thank you, Sir.
- Thank you, everything will be fine now.

Everybody's looking at us
as if we were beasts.

I'm tired, you know.

Since this morning, the ceremony,
the lunch, the road... everything.

Let's have some rest then.

Come here.

Come lay down near me.

Aren't we fine here?

Won't you come near me?

- I feel all stiff.
- Because of the car.

- Go take a shower.
- No, I don't want to.

Well I'll take one.

I want to be in good form.

- Then, we will have diner.
- Yes, I'm very hungry!

We'll order an omelet with
mushrooms to our room.

With rosé from Provence.
Do you like that?

- It will be fun to eat in our room.
- You want to have diner here?

- It will be awful here.
- You prefer to go down?

I'll reserve a table for the two of us.

I'll be right there.
Have something in the meantime.

You ordered thee plates
and haven't eaten a thing.

The menu!

Dessert, lady and gentleman?

- Dessert?
- No.

The Soufflé Au Grand Marnier
is our specialty!

- Is it...
- Extra!

Unfortunately, you'd have to
wait for 20 minutes.

One soufflé Grand Marnier!

One soufflé to be baked!

Geneviève, I can tell you are uneasy.

Is it because I undressed
in front of you?

We are husband and wife.

We shall have no secret for one another.

- We still had some yesterday.
- Of course, the first time is surprising.

- But we often swam together.
- It was different!

But naked men are all around the world.
There are billions of us on the planet.

There are...

billions of women who look at
naked men everyday.

And I swear they don't dislike it.
Love is natural after all.

I understand your reluctance.
You are a true girl.

I never talked you into this kind of
thing before. What are you afraid of?

Don't be too much of a little girl.

- My studies took most of my time but I...
- Stop!

I'm neither a Cossack nor a seminarian.

Stop talking! I need some fresh air.

And your soufflé?

- I don't want to stay here.
- You want to leave now?

Why not? Roads are so pretty at night.

- They are mysterious.
- What mysteries?

- You're a weird little girl.
- Why do you say so?

Maybe I was wrong never to talk
about it when we were engaged.

But I'm not the first man
you have kissed.

I flirted with a boy. Only one.

- Did you dislike it?
- No, I liked it.

So you like when I kiss you!

You don't feel anything?

- You think I'm ugly?
- No, you're good.

- Not as good as that boy.
- You're good enough for me.

So what's the matter?

I'd like all of this to be pretty.

What do you mean?
It's pretty, we love each other.

- Robert, you don't understand me.
- Not at all.

What else do you want?

I'd like... I don't want it
to be only this.

I'd like...

I don't know.

- I'd like you to enchant me.
- Enchant you?


So it is as if...

as if you were taking me
to another world.

- What world?
- You should know.

Oh, okay, I got it.
I won't bother you tonight, don't worry.

I will behave, I swear.

Let's go back in now.

Excuse me.

These young persons are delightful.

Take their bill upstairs! Right now!

- Oh! Champagne!
- I ordered it earlier, before diner.

- But now...
- No, let's drink some.

Go! Go little girl!
Wash yourself while I get changed.

So you won't see a naked man.

You are... ravishing in this outfit.

It was a present from my Mom.

- Don't you regret?
- What?

Well, your promise.

I told you, we will wait
as long as we need to.

- A long time?
- As long as you need.

You are so nice.

You are pretty, Geneviève.

Can you turn off the light? I'm tired.

As you wish.

Enough with your childishness now!

Director! Is your Geneviève happy?

- I hope you don't doubt it.
- You seem to be the one having doubts.

I may be a better father than I seem.

What a jewel!

Dear friend, we have an appointment
with the board in 45 minutes.

45 minutes are way enough!

Waiting, Miss?

As usual.

Let me solve your problem

No need, here is the person
I was waiting for.

My respects, Director.

- You know me?
- Xavier de Brétevielle.

- Marchaix studies.
- Excuse me?

- Marchaix studies.
- Ahhh!

The eccentric they send us.
I've heard of you.

- They are too kind to talk about me.
- You are not highly regarded.

A dilettante, hardly working, right?

I don't have time to lose.

You're not expecting a bright future.

I have a bright present.

Your father must not
expect anything from you.

But I expect something
from his bank account.

I will let him know.

But he knows already. He knows.

- Tell me, dear...
- Who's this Xavier de Brétevielle?

We use him as a decoration.

- You laughed at his face!
- Where should I laugh?

- You will never get a promotion.
- What do I need it for?

A bit rough.

This one?


But a bit pervert.

The Insolent.

Oh my God! This one totally
suits your freshness, Christine!

No foolishness.

Try this one, men says it tops them all.

It tops quite a lot, I must say.

But you'll admit, Miss,
it's for worldly women.

- I'll take the freshness.
- Thank you, Sir.

I'll blindly trust your taste, Xavier.

Just open your nose!

- Have nice the style of the vendor?
- I bet everybody like her kind.

It's clear. One man can't keep such a
beauty for himself. It'd be grotesque.

So I...

You are a virgin.

What if I weren't when you met me?

You know I'd never
have chosen you then.

I can't imagine Xavier de Brétevielle
marry a second-hand girl.

- What if there were no pure girl?
- I'd be a priest!

You'd have been a good one.

I'd chose chastity over promiscuity.

Don't worry, Honey,
you know I will only be yours.

- God! It stinks here!
- It's me.

- You're using fragrance now?
- Why not?

- This is no cheap smell.
- Insolent, by Millot.

- You have money for this kind of thing?
- Xavier bought it for me.

- How, Don Quixote is supporting you?
- Hands off, you lecher!

- I'm gonna trick him.
- But I want to grope you.

I'm a manual worker.

If I let you have me now,
I'll lose Xavier.

Big deal!

My dear, the idea came
to my mind to meet

the rich amateur of well-raised girls.

All I have going for me is
being a well-raised virgin.

I can't waste years of sacrifice now.

- Better give up on me?
- What?

I'm fed up.

It's nice to enjoy being with artists.
I know you are bored with bourgeois.

But that's no reason for me,
the artist, the creator, the visionary,

the be driven nut.

I'll be your lover
the day after my marriage!

That's it! I'll have the scraps!
No, dear, I have my own pride too.

I won't go after this aristocrat.

- What else can I do?
- Don't come here no more.

But I'll be bored to death
if I stop seeing you.

Agree to the request then.

- But I'll lose Xavier.
- Find a solution.

Me first, then him.

Otherwise, I don't want to
see you here again.


The brush!

Seeing you eating is a pleasure for our
eyes. Your elegance has become scarce.

Elegance is the only quality
our family has.

The elegance of our gesture
conveys the elegance of our souls.

Then we'll go to paradise.

I've been told that...
you don't often go to the bank.

I go there everyday.

- And leave as soon as you arrive.
- Because of the parking meter.

My wage is low,
I can't afford a fine every day.

And you think you will get
a promotion at this pace?

This is the pace my motor
has during peak time.

Always in second gear.

Warming up.

So you're waiting for
my body to be cold.

This is no parricide.
You raised me well, Dad.

I'm not dead yet. Thank God!
Or am I, doctor?

You don't seem so sure.

I don't fear death. I know the Lord
reserved a place for me near him.

But don't give my son false hopes.

Shut up. You have a stroke.

Dead or alive, I won't give you anything!
Earn it with hard work and seriousness.

One has to deserve
the inheritance of the Brétevielle.

You make such good jokes, Dad!

I decided you won't get a penny
before you show us what you're capable of.

We can't entrust a crackpot
with the goods of our family

Can we, doctor?

Are you taking his side?

See, Xavier?

You seem very strict.

My Dear, this is your role to convince
your husband to do things seriously.


Don't expect anything from us.

Hardship doesn't scare me.

First of all, the villa in Saint-Cloud
we had promised you.

It's become a garret room.

- With tap water in the corridor?
- Xavier, this is no time to joke.

You really want me to get a promotion?

I demand it.


It's an order!

You know me. Right, doctor?

I'll get a promotion
one day or another.

In one year or two.
Maybe more, but I'll get one.

- Only then will we get married.
- No, let's get married right now.

- We'll just have a tough life.
- I don't fear poverty.

I'm just thinking of you.

Indeed, I have been used to living well.

Too much. It handicaps me.


What do you want?
I'm not the centerpiece of the bank.

The director knows that.

Why would he give me a promotion?

Don't you have any way
to please your boss?

None. Only my work.

Working is not everything in life.

Didn't you tell me
Marchaix loves women?

- But I'm not a woman.
- No, I am one.

- You are a little girl.
- Precisely. A little girl could move him.

Do you think it's that easy
to trick a bank director?

I'll tell him our situation in the more
pathetic way. Tears will come to his eyes.

He will get rid of you and fire me.
That will be the icing on the cake.

Don't be so sure.

I know how to handle it. Trust me.

What do you plan to do?

Nothing special.

But, do you know this Marchaix
is a dangerous guy?

- He can have any girl he wants.
- But he won't have me.

- You're just a child. I can't accept.
- If I'm a child, what can he do to me?

- What will you tell him?
- I'll improvise.

Just try. There is one chance
in a million you can succeed.

All the better. I like danger!

- So you chose me.
- In a way, yes.

- Come in then.
- No, not yet.

But I'm working on it.
I just came to let you know.

- Don't you cheat on my in the meantime!
- Cheat on you? Get lost!

- So you keep waiting for people.
- I'm not waiting.

You're intriguing me.

You too. This is second time you are
good enough, Sir Director, to care for me.

It's natural.

I think our first meeting
had been interrupted.


- Let's get on with it then.
- In this hubbub?

Would you enjoy the tranquility
of the countryside?

Here we are. This is my
countryside pied-à-terre.

- I come here to recharge my batteries.
- I bet you often come here.

When you age, love can become
exhaustive. I must take care of myself.

- Oh, you have a dog!
- Yes I do.

- A brunette this time.
- Yes.

I put blue sheets on,
I thought she'd be blonde.

Come on! Yellow! Yellow!

Nothing is sweeter
than brown over yellow.

- What the menu?
- Bisque, Saint-Louis kidney, sweetbread,

- And escalope with cream.
- Add Chablis and Nuits-Saint-Georges.

Tell me!

I suppose you didn't come here
just to breath some fresh air.

- I do hope we will go for a walk.
- Of course!

But tomorrow morning.

I won't tell you I love to see
these candles reflecting in your eyes.

That is a bit outdated.
On the other hand...

I suppose you didn't come here
for my eyes either.

I'm here because you invited me.

Dear friend... People use to
say I'm attractive.

I know they overplay it. I'm a good
talker, but look a this embonpoint.

Don't act like you're innocent.

I know you have noticed my paunch.

Young people are often too slim.

Yes, but that doesn't mean
we have to be too fat.

Or do you really think I'm attractive?

Laughing, huh?


Maybe this appetizer made you hungry?




For me...

a bit more pepper.

I'd like us to settle a little detail
before we get to substantial things.

I'm listening attentively.

Did I tell you I'm engaged?

How funny!

What does your fiancé do?

He works for a bank...

May I happen to be
the director of that bank?

Yes, I think so.

Things become clearer.
What is the name of this gentleman?

- Xavier de Brétevielle.
- I remember!

Ancient nobility. Remarkable family.
Influential father.

But the offspring is a bit...
indolent, I'd say.

He won't get a promotion
with his hands, for sure.

I imagine that if I offer him
a good job opportunity...

As soon as he gets some experience,
he could work for another bank.

His father's one, maybe. They don't want
to hire him yet. I understand them.

I could trick this old Brétevielle.

I bet you can.

I love girls of your kind.

No superficial feelings.
You now what you want.

I'm a bit like this myself.

I really like you.

I'd be so sorry if you can't get
the comfortable life you are looking for.

The situation of your little fiancé
is going to improve considerably.

- Do I have your word?
- Of course you have.

- No condition.
- Marchaix only has one word.

- In exchange...
- In exchange?

- You mentioned substantial pleasures.
- Substantial things. It's different.

What do you mean?

What could a young girl mean?

- I don't understand you.
- Neither do I.

This deal is a trick!

- I gave you my word!
- I didn't give you mine.


Let's go back to Paris then.


- I'll put the yellow sheets on.
- You can put them back in the wardrobe.

I took the bait as if I were a virgin.

You have your promotion.
Are you happy?

It's very nice of you.

I only have one word.

It adequately rewards your brilliant
intellectual capacities.

This is so nice of you! Really!

It's amazing! I'm the most
important employee of the bank!

Christine! Christine!

I always knew what you were
capable of, Xavier.

The director finally acknowledged
my above-average capacities.

- I'll leave you alone.
- I did it! I crushed them all!

Aren't you happy?

- We can get married now.
- I'm very happy for you, Xavier.

- But we can't get married.
- Why?

Sit down.

I went to see Marchaix.

I spent one weekend with him and
I told him about our situation.

- He got it right away.
- Right away.

He took me to a little cottage.

He talked to me... very kindly.

He gave me drinks. Many drinks.

I lost my mind.

It can't be true.

I can't.


You didn't...

I did.

I will never forgive you.
I will never see you again. Never!


Think of me, sometimes.

I did it because I love you.

I will never forget you.


I will kill him. I'll slap his face in.
I'll have a quick word with him.

It will be useless,
I won't be a virgin again.

I can't forget.

My marriage is ruined!

Please, I'd like to say
goodbye to your parents.

- Tell your mother what happened.
- No, don't tell her anything!

I'll look like a fool, like a swine.


I shouldn't have let you meet Marchaix.
It's my fault.

- I'm an abominable man.
- Talking to your mother will be a relief.

- She won't tell anybody.
- Her?

She can't hold her tongue.

She even told Dad she had a lover.

He hadn't asked anything!

I promise I will try
not to tell anything.



- Did you have pleasure with that man?
- Xavier!

It was nothing but disgust.


If I look at it that way,
I could forget, I guess.

But you wanted to be the first.

Of course, of course...

Anyway, instead of the Grand Prize I...

I can have the blue ribbon.

Tell me. Not that...

Maybe we...

don't have to wait for our marriage.

- Now you think I'm a whore!
- Well! Well! Let's do as planned!

Let's pretend nothing happened!
Let's wait for our marriage!

- You are so good!
- No, it's normal, only normal.

- Why do I have the honor of your visit?
- Silly question.

What about Xavier?

- He thinks I sacrificed...
- Your virginity?

Yes, Darling. So he could
have a promotion.

How did he react?

With magnanimity.

What if he got mad?

I'm still pure.

You're too much!

It's so easy!

I had him forgive me
for something I hadn't done.

- But I'll do it with you.
- Well, you're quite something!

If you can't handle me,
I can go home.

No, no, no...


This fragrance is a jewel.
I will take it.

Leave it here, Honey.

It's enough.


We won't have this one. Pack the rest.

Very well, Sir.

You're humiliating me in front
of this girl. It's rude.

It's even ruder to think
of who I married.

- 110,000, Sir.
- Put it on my bill.

I think, my love, that your future
is not as bright as you think.

What do you mean?

Don't worry, a Brétevielle
would never divorce.

We are just very talented at giving
our wives the silent treatment.

For a lifetime!

That girl must be so smelly
after she put all of that on her.

- Are you coming to the swimming pool?
- Sure, it will be refreshing.

These guys can swim for sure, can't they?

They're strong!

I won't faint because a guy has muscles.
I want to know what's in his head.

Nothing, sometimes.

You seem funny.

- I'm just laid back.
- Funny guys are rare.

Guys usually are engaged, with a lot of
problems. They get on my nerves.

I won't get on yours.
Come have a drink with me.

- But I don't know you.
- Come on, be modern!

- Arthur, two pschts!
- Okay, Boss.

- Not too long. I must be home at 9.
- So soon? You can never go home later?

- On Sundays at 11.
- Crap! Your father is not modern.

- He's strict!
- When can you see your lover, then?

- I have no lover.
- Impossible!

- It's true!
- So you're not modern either?

Do you have a girlfriend?

- Yes?
- I didn't say so.

So you don't.

I'm a widower. I'm single, but...

I kissed a boy, only once.
I know it's not a lot but I'm not ashamed.

- Did you enjoy that kiss?
- It was ticklish!

It's not much, but it's normal.
Love is something you have to learn.

- I need more experience.
- Can I give you more experience?

I'm not against it.

You kissed a boy just like that,
as if it was nothing.

You're too romantic!

I think a kiss is a proof of love.

I think so too!

You can't love him,
you've known him for two hours?

So what? I like him.
At least he's a funny one.

I need to be sure. I will only
love one person in my whole life.

I don't want to love ten guys neither!

- Know what, Mr. Saton?
- Give me the screwdriver.

- I got a girl yesterday!
- Blowtorch.

- It's working hard down there.
- Weld.

She's just a kid, she's young.

32mm wrench.

She knows nothing.
I'll have to teach her.


The thing is, we often talk about girls
with my friends. But we never had one.


I should make it real this time,
don't you think?


For a woman, a man, a real man,
doesn't beat about the bush.


- One has to be modern.
- Open the tap and see if it works!

Shut up!

- It's better, right?
- Yeah, we're getting better.

My granddad kissed my mother
for five years before it.

- Before what?
- Their marriage.

And my father dated
my mother for a year.

- They were not fast movers.
- Do you think we are too slow?

- Indeed! You'll marry me someday, right?
- I hope so.

But we have to try it first.
It's not worth it if we have to divorce.

I've heard divorce are expensive.

- So what do you think, Sophie?
- I think we should be modern.

Where? My place? There's too
many people, there's always somebody.

My parents go out on Sundays, sometimes.
But their neighbours stay there.

- If they see you, they'll tell my father.
- So where? Where?

What are you doing here?

Don't you get it?
There's nobody here!

- It's forbidden, go somewhere else.
- All the bushes are taken!

Well plant trees then. Move now, rascals!

- What if we bought one?
- Where would we put it?

- It's a bit hard.
- You have to make the best of things.

- And it's not very hot.
- Well this is November.

Who's licking my foot?

- Get lost! Get lost, little thing!
- Go away!

Go away! It's was already very difficult
to get in here. Go away!

You were fed with good things, mate!

- Pass it to us.
- Pass it to us!

Your turn. Give me your hand.

- There's no need thanks.
- We'll find our way, thanks.

We can't let you be imprisoned here!

Come on! Lean on this.

- Holy cow!
- Here it is again.

- It's too late now, I must go home.
- We'll come back next Sunday.

- We have a place! And a nice one!
- Great! It's a sure thing then.

We'll feel like home, you'll see.

- You're so resourceful!
- I'm just modern.

- This is my cousin's place, a great guy!
- We're so lucky!

- Hey Justin!
- Hey kids!

- This is Sophie.
- Hi, you good?

- We good, you good?
- I'm good. You good?

- I'm good. Your folks?
- Still alive.

I'll cook some nosh,
stuff it down and clear off.


You're amazing.

I get it, I'll be going.

- Bouboul's in the place!
- We brought whiskey.

We'll spend the afternoon here.

- I'm sure you'll find another place.
- They are really not modern!

- Are you sure nobody's here?
- Can't you see it?

- Are you afraid?
- A bit. And it's not the perfect place.

We'll it's not the Ritz,
but we have to be modern.

- Crap! The police!
- What's wrong? We're just kissing.

Hey, you here!

We saw you.

Come out of there.

You again.

Under a car again.

- Did you use to be a mechanic?
- No, an oculist.

- Who is this? We didn't call him.
- Well, some people can't be discreet.

We'll take care of him. You go away.
Go be in love somewhere else.

- See? It's impossible outside.
- Day or night, we can't be all alone.

We have to find a new tactic.
Otherwise we're stuffed. Totally stuffed.

It's time, I must go home.

This one is too pathetic.

- The other one over there seems better.
- And it's been renewed.

- Shall we go in?
- Are you chickening out?

You know I'd never.

I'd like a room.

A room?

For one person?

Two single beds or one double?

One double.

Get out of here, you rascal!

I don't want troubles
with the juvenile squad!

You're really not modern!

My poor Mickey, it's stuffed.
I have to go home.

I will find something
for next Sunday, I swear!

I'll try to find something too.

- We can still go in, it's free.
- And it will be warm.

We won't stay in a café for once.

Come on in.

...populate the shady
side of the mountains.

Their foliage and their wood exhale

a very sweet smell.

Now, let's talk about the rhododendron.

The rhododendron comes from
the Ericaceae family.

The most common Ericaceae plant
is the heather.

The rhododendron comes in every color.

Except black.

Nice try. There are hallways over there.
They seem to be calm.

- Hey, while the savants are talking...
- This is so modern!

Let's go!

Many persons evaluated

the benefits of phosphate fertilizers.

And nitrogen fertilizers.

Phosphate fertilizers.

And nitrogen fertilizers.

- How lucky!
- A bed! Greek for rose.

Oh, rhododendron!

What a magical poetry!

A smooth alliance.

And refreshing.

A smooth alliance.

- Can't the man shut up!
- He's so annoying.

He turns me off!

These prestigious

Greek names.

Oh, he shut up.

In parks and garden...

I can't stand him, it's physical.
I'm sorry, Sophie.

- Too bad, we had finally found a place.
- What can we do?

We're so unlucky.

I'm very unhappy, Mr. Saton.
The kid and I can't do it.

Give me the elbow connector.

We went everywhere.
We tried train stations.

Even catacombs!
There's nothing we can do.

Close the tap now.

This would have been perfect.

With my wife,
I do it wherever I want to.

One moment, Darling.

Go have a drink, boy,
I have something to do.

This is such a flat!
You're lucky you can receive girls here.

- Are you ill-housed?
- I don't know where to take my girl.

I'll give you an address.

You'll tell them I sent you.

I used to go there before.

Oh thank you Mr. Playboy!
It's all done thanks to you!

- Finally! And we had a discount!
- That playboy is really nice.

She is out-posted. Take cover!

It's outrageous! This brothel
will soon host babies from kindergarten!

Come! Come quickly,
before it's too late.

You rogue!

- The wardrobe, in front of the window.
- Better than the mattress on the ground.

- It's nothing, we are done already.
- Open up!

- Crap! Sophie, the cops!
- To the police station.

- Don't worry, I'll watch this Mickey.
- No need to, I won't leave Sophie alone.

- Goodbye Sir.
- Goodbye Sir.

- We'll find a way, Mickey!
- Don't worry Sophie, we are modern!

I dreamt that Mickey and me
had found a marvelous place, a palace.

A garden with golden walls
and jets of water.

If you want to see Mickey again,
wait for Dad to calm down.

See you tonight.

Hello, Mr Berthet.

Mrs. Gauthier,
you went to the hairdresser.

- You're the first to notice.
- A good superior notices everything.

- Are you asking me out tonight?
- No, Mrs. Gauthier.

I have a conference very late tonight.

You need to sleep.
Very well, Mr. Berthet.

Still no good, Miss.

Do you think this company is
paying you to waste time and money?

I'll explain to you one last time.
Listen carefully.

Go get a test tube.

Don't break anything!

I'm waiting!

What's wrong with Berthet? He lectured
me because I missed a crystallization.

- When he's tired he is easily irritated.

- He chases too many girls.
- You're one to talk!

He never tried to seduce me.

You're too young to interest him, Nora.

- He needs solid pleasure.
- I can understand him.

You're a pervert!

These ladies need some.

All I can get from him are
continuous reproaches.

Even when I do my job properly.

It's weird. Everybody knows Berthet
easily shouts at someone making a mistake.

- But he always compliments a good worker.
- So why does he has a grudge against me?

Ask him. He will tell you
and it will stop.

- Mr. Berthet!
- What is it, Miss?

I need to talk to you.

This is not the right time.
We'll talk tomorrow.

What's wrong, Nora?

Why are you so mean to me?
Am I really a bad worker?

- You know I often shout at people.
- But you always shout at me.

I'm not martyring you.

I'll drive you home. I can't let you
take the subway in this state.

Come on, you will explain me on the way.

I know why you're doing this to me.

It's because I'm young.


I tell people what I need to tell them,
no matter how old they are.

It's not what I mean.

If I were a few years older, you'd
smile at me like you smile at the others.

I don't understand.

It's not because they are good
workers that you are so nice

with some girls from the lab.

- It seems you have investigated.
- Absolutely.

It has nothing to do with our work.
My private life is none of your business.

It is!

You imagine things.

If I were Mrs. Gauthier...

I don't care about Mrs. Gauthier.

It's not true.

Nora, do you know what you sound like?

A jealous woman.

In a sense it's flattering.

But if you were as old as Mrs. Gauthier,
since you talked about her,

you'd understand why
I'm acting this way with you.

You don't understand, do you?

All the better for you.

And for me too.

You know, I'm too old
for sentimentalism now.

I think we'd better stop here.



You'd better go away now.

You will see,
it will come back to bite him.

- You won't tell him, right?
- You'll keep living in a dream.

You'll have to tell him.
When will you see him otherwise?

I see him everyday at the lab.

You think it's enough?

No, we'll go out at night.

And you think Dad will
let you go out at night?

And he will have to lie to his wife.

You have too much common sense, Sophie,
you'll never know what love is.

All I know is that I'm a prisoner.
I can't see Mickey anymore.

- You look like a young girl today, Miss.
- And you look like a scamp, Sir.

You'll never learn anything.

So, did you ask him
why he was so rude with you?

He's not very pretty but...
he is quite charming.

Don't make fun of me.
I don't want people to see us.

- Would it be a problem to you?
- No, Sir. For you.

I thought...


I want to see you all the time.
Can we go out together at night?

- I thought your father was very strict.
- I'll make something up.

Then I'll come to see you, at night.

I must go home, at night.

I'm married, you know.

I know. But you don't love your wife.
You love me.

Tell me, do you really love me?

You love me, don't you?


I'd like to be your wife.

Don't you want me?

If I didn't talk to you
the other night...

would you have talked to me?


You're more into
women like Mrs. Gauthier.

They can make love.

But I know nothing.

Nora, I have to tell you...
You have to understand.

Look at me, straight in the eyes.

You own the most precious and
rare thing in the world. Purity.

When I'm with you, I feel like
I'm as young as you.

You can't imagine how it feels.

Let's be together all the time then.
You can go out in the evenings.

Of course!

We could go out everyday then.

I will be yours.


if you want to see me again and often,

I don't want you to talk
like any other woman.

I love you the way you are.

Don't change.

Will you promise?

I promise. We will do as you wish.

We can never be all alone.

Did something change
since the other day?

It's not that. But when we're in the lab
it's as if we were strangers.

- And now?
- Of course it's different.

But it's cold and we just keep walking.
It's as if we're hunted.

Where do you want to go? A café?

The lot of the lover is
to never be all alone.

It was the same for my sister. She had
no place to go to with her boyfriend.

Still, we're together, Nora.
We are happy.

Not as much as we could.

- When you were going out with other girls
you knew where to take them. - True!

It seems you don't need
intimacy with me.

Do you realize what intimacy means?

- Yes.
- No you don't, you're too young.

Where did you take the other girl?

Girl, you know, Dad starts to
question your night school.

- I don't care.
- Soon, he'll wait for you at the school.

When he realizes you never went there
you will be punished, just like me.

- I'll run away.
- Where to?

Your man is like Mickey,
he only takes you to cafés.

He may be 40,
he's not smarter than a teen.

You're wrong.

- He has a secret place.
- A secret place? He took you there?

Not yet.

- But the time will come.
- You'll make a copy of the key!

The night you won't go there, I'll use
your key to go there with Mickey.

Never. It will be my place.

- This is what you call my secret place.
- It's pretty.

- It's chic.
- Not at all.

It was nice for their kind,
but not for you.

Because I'm not a woman, maybe?

No, you are not a woman, Nora.

That's why we will leave this place
and never come back.

Where will we go?


I will sell this bachelor pad.

And we will settle down
in our own place.

And in the meantime?
The street? The cafés?

Why not here?

I will not live hand to mouth with you!

Nora is only 18. If her father
wants you to be in trouble...

- He will.
- So wait for Nora to be of age!

I can't wait for three years.

I'm not saying you shouldn't
see her in the meantime.

Not while I'm still married.

- Hi, Mrs. Gauthier, is everything fine?
- Hi Boss.

- Do you have problems?
- No, everything's fine.

I went to see my lawyer yesterday.
Things won't go as fast as I expected.

We won't be able to live together?


Was he mean to you again?

Come with me,
let's take some fresh air.

You could go somewhere else.

You could knock before you come in.

Is that so? I knew there was something
between you and this animal.

- Don't speak ill of him.
- I know him better than you.

I know.

- Maybe he loves you.
- I know he loves me.

Not the way you think.

He is 40, he enjoys
being with a young girl.

You are fresh and pretty.
It flatters his masculine vanity.

But he doesn't want any trouble.
So he won't touch you.

- It's not that!
- Nora...

When a man loves a woman,
he overcomes all obstacles.

- But he went to see his lawyer.
- You are 18, it's 3 years before freedom.

In three years, things can change.

- Things won't change between me and him.
- Probably.

In three years, old Berthet will still
walk his little girl, holding her hand.

He will be living his true love,
his pure love, his old dream.

But he will still have extra-pleasures
with his old lovers, and maybe some new.

Where is his respect for you
in this situation?

You believe this girl.
You're doubting me.

- I don't believe her, but...
- But?

- I'm acting as if what she said was true.
- Nora...

I want you to love me
as if I were a woman.

I want to be yours, now.

Just for an hour, anywhere.

- And I don't want to hastily
make love with you.- You're afraid!

You are afraid of getting in trouble,
because I am too young.

You don't love me.

- You are free to leave your marital home.
- And live with Nora?

Be careful. Separated
does not mean divorced.

You will still be, for the law and the
moral, a married man living with a teen.

I don't care about moral.

And the law too?

I don't want to wait.

- Nora, aren't you coming for lunch?
- No, I'm not hungry.

And I'm late for my work.

- If you have troubles, you can always
talk to me. - Thank you.

Hey sweetie!

Aren't you coming to have lunch?

Tell me...

You're growing.

I shall take care of you someday.

Are you scared?

Are you in love with me?

You look peculiar.

Well you!

But Mr. Berthet, your decision is
sudden, unexpected, without prior notice.

Understand me, it's not because
I don't like being here anymore.

It's something else.

Well take a sickness leave and
write a resignation letter.

Thank you.

I'll leave you here.


I arranged everything.
We can be together now.

There's nothing to be afraid anymore.
I'm not a girl anymore.

This is the only gift I could give you.

- I can go out on Sundays again!
- Holy shit!

Since Nora had this thing,
she is not well at all, she needs calm.

My parents don't want me to stay home.
They say I'm too noisy.

Perfect! When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade.

We couldn't try anything
since we had been arrested.

- Do you have an idea for Sunday?
- A great one. One has to be modern!

Hurry up, ladies and gentlemen,
we are closing.

The Queen's room.

The setting.

The comfort.

The calm. Everything is here this time.

I'm a real queen!

Mickey, you handled it like a King.

I had to be modern!

Subtitles: tadanobu@KG
Proofreading: flipflink