The Verdict (1946) - full transcript

Mr. Grodman was a respected superintendent at Scotland Yard until a mistake in an investigation caused the execution of an innocent man. He takes the blame, is dismissed, and replaced by the obnoxious, gloating Buckley. Feeling vengeful, Grodman would like nothing more than to see Buckley look foolish on the job. His friend Victor Emmric, an artist with macabre tastes, wouldn't mind either and soon a mysterious murder occurs that may provide them with the chance.



May God have mercy
on his soul.

- Good morning, Supt. Grodman.
- Good morning.

Leaving so soon?
It no longer delays.

Would you want to see a man die
knowing that you doomed him?

He has what he deserves. He was
found guilty of murder.

Guilty, no doubt.

...grows and is cut
like a flower...

Escape from a
world of shadows...

In life we ​​are dead.

Who can we turn to
but you, Lord?

It was a difficult case,
but you handled it successfully.

This profession is
full of contradictions.

For those who build a ship
or compose a symphony,...

...success is sweet.

For us, success is
the lives we take.

Success is very bitter.

- But...
- It's nothing personal.

We are instruments of
justice, like the court.

The black flag.
Everything is over.

May his soul rest in peace.

- Good morning, Superintendent.
- Good morning.

Sir, your assistant
has been looking for you.


Good morning, sir, where have you been?
If you allow me.

I followed the impulse to walk
in the park...

- What is the urgency?
- The Commissioner is expecting you.

- Sir William?
-In his office with Buckley.

What is it about?

I think Buckley is
up to his tricks.

He doesn't fit in his pants anymore...
but he'll have a hard time filling mine.

Good morning, Sir William.

- Good morning, Mr. Buckley.
- Good morning, Governor.

I have something that
will surprise you.

He sent an innocent man
to the gallows this morning.


I suppose some madman wants
to attract attention by confessing.

He made a terrible mistake.

Harris was found guilty
of killing Hannah.

The evidence was only

I investigated the case
very carefully.

Harris was an ex-convict.
Hannah hired him as a gardener.

When she fired him,
he threatened her.

His nephew, whom I know,
heard the threat.

She called the police, and the next day
they found her with her throat cut.

His defense was false.
The jury did not waver.

The mistake was that he never
presented the witness.

The priest who could vouch
that he was with him that night.

About the priest who traveled to Wales
the next day...

...obviously it was a lie.

He didn't even remember
her name.

And he did not have the imagination
to invent one.

However, we inquired
about the priest in Wales,...

...and it didn't show up.
There never was such a cure.

Such a cure exists.

- What happened Mr. Holbrock.
- Yes sir.


Mr. Holbrock,
Superintendent Grodman.

Mr. Holbrock is in
the parish of Kent.

Yes, I know him.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

Just got back
from Wales?

From New South Wales,
in Australia...

...this morning.

New South Wales.

I heard about Harris from
the press and came right over.

I'm sure Harris thought
New South Wales was in Wales.

Were you with Harris
the whole time?

That night we packed up books
to send to my sister.

She is missionary.

Did you know Harris?

No. He stopped me on the street.

He wanted to know how much
a dinner would cost.

I needed help and his
presence was timely.

I see. How are you sure it
was the night of the murder?

The night of July 21?

I left London at 8am
on the 22nd of July.

I can't forget it, as I traveled
to New South Wales that night.

He took my luggage
to the station.

There we stopped him.
At Waterloo.

We thought he was lying. He insisted
that you had traveled to Wales.

There are no trains to Wales from there .

I am very shocked.

I feel like I'm

I want you to know that I imagine
what you must feel.

- I can retire?
- Sure, Mr. Holbrock.

If we need it,
we'll let you know.

Welsh. New South Wales.

Knows? It occurred to me that
Harris might be confused.

If it occurred to you,
why didn't you say so?

He had no certainty,
just an instinct.

But it was about saving
the life of an innocent.

Don't try to blame me.

It seems to think that I want
to replace it.

You have justified that idea.

- Gentlemen, please.
- He makes a serious accusation.

The fact is that
an innocent man was hanged.

I am obligated to hold him
responsible for that mistake.

I accept responsibility.

It will be a scandal when
the press finds out.

Public confidence
will be shaken.

New methods are required,
greater efficiency,...

...younger men

I must take drastic measures

I'm sorry to have to accept
your resignation.

I'm sorry. I have no

For now, Buckley
will be in charge.

- I'm sorry.
- On the contrary. He is delighted.

Recognition for 30 years
of service. From Her Majesty.

From his fist and letter.

I'll send for my stuff.

I'll go through the file
on the Kendall case.

I will review what is

Your professional instincts
will surely find a clue.

There is always a clue,
if you look for it.

this case ends...

... tragedies like today's will not be repeated ... that I'm in charge.

Since my retirement I will watch
your career with interest...

...and maybe with fun.

- Superintendent Groodman, there's...
- Mr. Goodman, now.

An innocent man...
Terrible mistake...

We need new methods,
younger men.

Tragedies like today's will not be repeated .

There is always a clue!

There's always... a clue...
if you look for it.

Hanged innocent man!

- An innocent man!
- What a disgrace!

Who is responsible?

- They should hang him.
- What a shame!

A disgrace to hang
an innocent. Flowers?

Hanged an
innocent man!

Scandal at
Scotland Yard.

The latest edition.

hang me!

- What a disgrace!
- Hang an innocent.

- Who is responsible?
- They should hang him.


from 1881.

Either you're with a new girl
or an old bottle.

You do not get tired?

Do you know better?

He always arrives at 6.
Out of habit, I suppose.

How many medicines!

Grodman worries me.

Ever since he hung an innocent man
for your aunt's death,...

...seems like a different man,
as if obsessed.

You will not think that
he will die.

No. But I would like to help you.
Let's cheer him up.

Knowing him,
it was a tragedy for him.

Good evening, Mr. G.


...Kendall, what a surprise.
Is someone's birthday?

Victor thought that with wine
and good talk,...

...would be distracted.

If I were Irish I would feel
at my own funeral.

Health. This will be an evening of
wine, women, and song.

Victor, you flatter me.
You know I can't sing.

Sr. G.

- It's good to see him relaxed.
- Perfect.

He has been very depressed.

You should not accept
all the blame.

My testimony supported
the conviction.

It seemed simple. My aunt
had no enemies...

...except that man.

Can't you forget it?

I can't forget either. Today
I discovered something important.

Are you still working on the case?

Off the record, of course.

It is in the hands of my successor,
Superintendent Buckley.

- Maybe a fresh mind...
- Yes, fresh mind.

I decided to write a book about
the famous cases I had.

I hope it becomes
a support book,...

demonstrating the danger of
circumstantial evidence,...

...and save another from the gallows.

Marvelous. Great idea.
Let me illustrate it.

I draw the corpses

I take the word.
Your illustrations will help.

It's a deal.

- Is there someone?
- Russell, good to see you.

- Good evening, Russell.
I wouldn't have missed this...


I didn't know you would come.

- I'm wondering the same.
- The same, again.

The political differences
between them...

...demonstrate a
healthy situation.

If you'll excuse me, I just came by to
say hello. I must go... business.

And those businesses are related
to the Brockton miners.

I will force you to give them
decent working conditions.

Being a parliamentarian does not give you
the right to criticize my family.

Of course he doesn't criticize
your family.

The Brockton miners
are your constituents.

And it is my duty to improve their
conditions. They are deplorable.

Go with the other crazy people in the
park if they accept it.

- I won't take this.
- "Gentlemen", do you understand me?

- He'll regret it.
- I suggest a truce. A drink?

Let's drink to the solution
of our problems.

Gentlemen, I invited you to
cheer him up, not to fight.

Do you always have to talk
about politics?

Do I always talk
about my painting?

Maybe yes. But
it is not politics.

- Here you have.
- No, thanks.

- And you?
- Thank you.

Excuse me.
I have a meeting.

I'm leaving on the first train
to Brockton.

- I'm sorry.
- No apologies.

Good night. Victor.

The train to Brockton
crashed once.

It's a lot to ask for
lightning to strike twice in the same place.

What I like most about you is
your tact and your sympathy.

It's not my fault. Everything was going well
until Russell threatened me.

- I say good night.
- Come back soon.

When you get home,
try not to fall.

Annoying and I have
to get up early.

- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.

For men who live in the
same house, they get along very badly.

Next time, instead of
barking, let them bite.

Let's forget them.
Let's go for a drink.

- What's going on?
- I warn you. You've gone too far.

You warn me!

I know things about you that would be
good reading in the press.

If you keep slandering me,
I'll make you shut up...

...once and for all.

- Mr. Kendall.
- Lottie, what are you doing here?

Waiting for you. I called you
but you weren't there.

- I said I couldn't see you.
- Oh no!

- What will your friends say, right?
- For God's sake, keep your voice down.

Don't be so conceited.

I curse the day I
met you. a cheater

- Please.
- You are a cheater.

The jewels you gave me
are garbage.

- You're wrong.
- Lie.

I wanted to pawn the necklace for
2 pounds and they gave me 2 shillings.

The same the rest.
My uncle says that she is garbage.

If they are false,
they are very suitable.

Very good, Arthur Kendall.

But give me back the expensive
fob I gave you.

It has a good luck charm on it,
which I don't wish on you.

We'll fix this tomorrow.

You go? I have friends who
wouldn't hesitate to eliminate you.

- At the Royal Music Hall.
- Yes, Mrs.

Too bad we couldn't
continue. Maybe next time.

The air has
sinister currents today.

It was exhilarating. I distracted myself
from my problems. Thank you.

The night is still young for
wines and women. Goodbye, Mr. G.

Good night Victor.

Sra. Benson.

Yes, Mr. Kendall...
I'm coming.

Don't forget to call me
at 6.

I will not forget.
Good night.

Good night.

Mr. Kendall,
it's after 6.

Mr. Kendall,
it's after 6.

Mr. Kendall,
why don't you answer?

I've been knocking on
Mr. Kendall's door for a long time.

It's locked.
Something is wrong.

It will wake everyone up.
Why do you come to me?

Please come.

I'll get dressed.

- What a dirty morning.
- I called and called...

Keep calm.

hurry up I know something
bad has happened. I know.

If something...

If something happens to him, I...

It's going to be 6:30.

Responde, Kendall.

Bust the door.

How awful!

Did you hear that scream?

Shout? None.

- Where you live?
- Here. Number 32.

This is the 31st, Mr.

Mr. Kendall...
is dead.

What happened?

What happened?


The door was locked.
How could someone get in?

Your aunt Hannah was murdered,
and now...


- Call Supt. Buckley.
- Yes sir.

I wouldn't be surprised
if it's very easy.

- Police, do I take note?
- Yes sir.

This Mr. Victor Emmric,
does he live in the house?

Yes, I live on the
top floor.

Clive Russell, from
Parliament, lives downstairs.

- Shall I question him?
- He's not in town.

Represents Brockton.
He left early by train.

Who else lives here?

Just me, sir.
I live in the basement.

How will I continue renting with
all this? Poor Mr. Kendall.

Murdered in a
locked room.

It's hard to know
where to start.

It will be the same one that killed
Hannah Kendall.

Some madman taking revenge
on the whole family.

- Excuse me, I'm leaving.
- Clear.

Don't hesitate to call me if you think
I can help you.

I think I can manage
just fine. Thank you.

Coroner, give me your report.

The door and windows were
locked from the inside.

- And the fireplace?
- Very small.

There is no other way to enter.
Walls and floors are solid.

It was impossible for the killer
to get in and then get out.

Suicide was also impossible .

There were no traces
of weapons.

- It's disconcerting.
- We won't say that to the press.

It is a murder carried out
with diabolical mastery.

We'll figure it out fast or the
press will revive the Hannah case,...

...and they will try to relate them.
What is this?

- I want to call an expert.
- Isn't that you?

Expert in penetrating houses.

Maybe it explains how
someone got in.

A thief! The police
asking a thief for help.

Alright. Forward.

You. did you find the body?
Mrs. Swenson.

I helped break down the door.
The name is Benson.


It was a horrible sight.
Stabbed in the heart.

I can't do it
while moving.

Go to the morgue and
interview the corpse.


- Mrs. Benson, come out, please.
- What does it say?

you too.

- You watch the door.
- Yes sir.

Barney, these are the rooms.
The corpse lay on the bed.

The windows and the door
were locked from the inside.

How did the killer get in and
how did he get out?

A serious problem, gentlemen,
but it is not impossible.

What do you do with this?

I took them from
a sinner last night.

I never thought they would be
useful today.


Let's see. If I were in
this situation, our killer...

...rather, his murderer...

...was able to close from the inside.

Then... he was able to remove
these hinges.

So, he was able to lift
the door up and take it out, see?


...was able to slide

Then, with a wire,
he replaced the hinges.

Sounds reasonable.
Is it your solution?

No sir. These hinges
need a screwdriver.

But there is another way.

Your killer ties a wire
to this barrette.

And lead the wire to
the window.


...take some tweezers
like these...

...walks out the door...

...and turns the key
in the lock.


...he goes out and stands
under the window...

...insert the wire and
activate the pin.

Is there room for the wire
if the window is closed?

No, there is not.

This is ridiculous. He wasted
valuable time for nothing.

A very comfortable murder.
It happened in front of my house.

I have a front row box
to follow the process. Luck.

I need her.

- The thief didn't tell us anything.
- As I expected.

I thought I might
discover something.

Don't you see?
There is no clue.

There's always some clue,
if you look for it.

It's like the perfect crime
we always talk about.

- That's me?
- It is not?

- And those horns?
- They only exist in my imagination.

I see. I would like to know more
about her imagination.

Why did he leave the house
when he found the corpse?

I didn't really walk away.
I just didn't know where she was.

He had been at a party.
I drank too much. He was drunk.

I walked home and...
everything's a little fuzzy.

That being the case, he could have been in
Kendall's room and not know it.

I was not there.

You're not accusing

How do I know you were
at a party?

Do you have witnesses?

Yes, and lovely. There were
some ladies from the choir.

I'll talk to them.

You will enjoy it.

If you're looking for a clue, how about
Kendall's girl?

- What a Girl?
- Lottie.

- He works at the Royal Music Hall.
- Lottie?

They had a violent argument.

- Are you making this up?
- Because I would do?

I can support what you say.

We heard Lottie threaten
Kendall that night.

He said he had friends who
would eliminate him like this.

Why didn't you
say it before?

He didn't ask me for help.
I thought I didn't want it.

I will investigate.

You sir.
Don't go out of town.

You might want to see it

What do you think of the

If you want to know,
I really dislike him.

How many mistakes
will he make?

He already made one.

He dismissed... the size...

...of my pants.

- Good night, Lottie.
- Good night.

Did you find what
you were looking for?

He followed me! Who is it?

- Why did you follow me?
- What is he doing here?

I have a right to be here.

- Who killed Kendall?
- No...

I'm Superintendent Buckley
of Scotland Yard.

- Was it you?
"No. Why would she come back?"

That happens. They heard
her threaten Kendall.

Many people who love
each other fight, say things they don't mean.

Maybe it was that.

We were very friends.
We often argued.

what did he come for?

I'll tell you the truth.
I gave him a fob.

He had a pendant with an affectionate
inscription from me to him.

That's what I was looking for.
Maybe it was stupid...

I do not believe you. Everything was recorded.
We didn't find any of that.

You must believe me...

Listening, Mrs. Benson?

Who with greater right?

Always listening.

I didn't say anything about her before.

Protecting Mr. Kendall's good name

He was never the same, after
meeting this creature.

Old busybody...

If you ask me, I'd say
he's guilty.

I'll catch you...

- He's got enough trouble already.
- Can not...

You can't stop me
for what she says.

Thanks for coming
so soon.

You are welcome. I am always
willing to help.

How lucky you
are not in charge of the case.

Sit down.

- It's not as easy as we thought.
- As you thought.

You know I arrested the
singer Lottie two nights ago.

Because he threatened

She denies it. She says it was
an argument between lovers.

They would love each other with great

I arrested her in Kendall's room
. Did he receive her there?

If it were my case, I would not ask
that of an old bachelor.

I ask because I think she
knows more than she's letting on.

He's very clever at cross-examining
stubborn witnesses.

He says he went to retrieve
a fob he gave him.

He was looking for her for sentimental reasons

It's not very convincing.

We searched everything
but we can't find her.

I remember that Kendall was wearing
a beautiful chain that night.

So the killer
stole it.

Or it would be on his clothes
when they buried him.

To find out
, you would have to ask... the one who prepared the corpse
for burial.

Just what I was going to suggest...
Would you like to join me?

Just what I
was going to suggest.

Good idea.

The problem is that you may
not remember anything.

We will know soon.
Someone is coming.

- ¿Sr. Robertson?
- She, Sr. Buckley.

Sorry to bother you. They said
that he would not return to his office.

TRUE. I have been very busy.
Two funerals.

Do you remember Mr. Kendall's funeral ?

Oh yeah.

Do you remember if he was buried
with a fob and a watch?

Let's see. Leontina and clock.

We put on his evening dress,
black pearl cufflinks...

We don't want an inventory.

Maybe they weren't black pearl.
Or were they?

The watch and the fob.

Yes I'm going. She was wearing a
signet ring with a crest.

...on his
right little finger.

- The fob.
- I don't remember.

Clocks are not usually included
in the shroud.

I don't remember if it was buried
with or without the time.

But the pendant with inscription
shows beautiful feelings.

- Have you reached the urn yet?
- Is very close.

Good evening, Supt. Buckley.
Beautiful night.

I prefer others.
what did he come for?

I always wanted to see
an open grave.

Especially at night.
It is exciting.

You seem to have more interest
in Kendall after he's dead.

That's it.

Pass me the rope.


Tomb desecrators . Stop!

By what right
do they violate that tomb?

He had enough with
such a horrible death.

go away Let him
rest in peace.

That's enough, Sra. Benson.

Something horrible will happen if you open
that grave... Mr. Grodman.

Mr. Grodman, you can
stop them. Please.

Come on, Mrs. Benson.
We are not desecrating anything.

Police. Take Mrs.
to the entrance. take care of her

Don't let anyone in.


keep working.

Do you see something Victor?

They will not let me. So badly that
she wanted to see Kendall.


Buckley, did you find anything?

I found this
in a pocket.

Mrs. Benson!

Of those who love him
from a distance.

Very anxious to accuse Lottie,
and her hysterics tonight.

He sure didn't want
us to know his secret.

I would put that up during the funeral
without dreaming that this would happen.

It may be, but
I'll question her again.

And the fob?

I found her just as
Lottie described her,...

...confirming his statement.

I guess it
won't stop her anymore.

On the contrary.
I think he knows better.

I will keep you under arrest.

Please leave everything
in order.

Good night.

Strange man. He likes to have
people under arrest.

Come on, Mr. G.
Let's follow Kendall.

I suppose your interest in this
macabre matter is artistic.


There is a cute stabbed
for you to illustrate.

I did 3 stabbings in a row.
How about a strangled?

Lottie returned to the Royal
Music Hall.

They announce their return after
a successful tour.

Buckley's sole suspect.
How did she let go?

I don't know, but we can
figure it out.

We work a lot. It will do us
good to have fun.

- Evening dress, Victor?
- But of course.

Give me a little.

A little bit will hit
the spot.

I can't with a lot.

Only a little.

...It's enough.

My eyes widen,
my hips move.

And then, my self-control
goes from here...


So give me a little.

More than a little

...can make me happy.

Don't despair
if I kiss your cheek.

Don't be mad
if I pinch your nose.

Let's be fair,
what do you think I'm looking for?

You know I have

...of everything I want...
except love.

So give me a little.

A little...

...of love.

Show me your friendship.

Well, love and friendship
go hand in hand.

A smile can be
the way to a kiss.

And each kiss, they say,

...A repeat.

love me a little.

And in a little while
we will love each other a little bit more.

- You like me?
- Clear.

Here it comes.

It was wonderful. More
charming than ever.

I should go home, but...

But he thought to cheer up
two loners.

Yes, rejoice.

Waiter, a glass.

When I saw you, gentlemen,
I said to myself...

...that looked like champagne.

Big and
small bubbles.

More than a little

...can make me happy.

Don't despair
if I kiss your cheek.

- It doesn't matter if I pinch your nose.
- I don't mind.

Let's be fair.
What do you think I'm looking for?

You know I have

Of everything I want...

...less love.

- I think I'll sit down.
- Very good, Miss Lottie. Good.

It's very early.
It's too late.

I haven't had this much fun since
poor Arthur died.

Poor Arthur.
I used to like that very much.

I like you too,

And you to me, Lottie.

- You too.
- Nobody likes cops.

You like me. He is the nicest
of all.

The next time they
arrest us, let him do it, right?

Clear. Mr. G. and not that
evil Buckley.

It is awful. He detained me for a week
because I liked Arthur.

Now it's something else.

I told him he has no
right to bother me...

...while freeing
the parliamentarian.

Don't tell me you suspect
a member of parliament?

Why not, if so?

- I know some things.
- I'm sure you do.

Some things, but not about
Clive Russell.

I know a lot about him. I heard him
threaten poor Arthur.

I liked Arthur a lot
even though he didn't turn out very good.

I always get the bad guys.

But I assure you that I
am very good.

There is no good man

Maybe not, in our

But Russell is
a good man.

It is not. I know more about him
than I told Buckley.

He is not very clean. Do you know
what Arthur discovered?

That Russell was seeing a woman...
on the sly.

- Don't do me like that.
- Do not do it.

He even found out her name,

- Frieda what, dear?
- Frieda... something. I don't remember.

But I remember that Russell told
Arthur that he would silence him,...

...once and for all.

Now the poor thing
is dead.

Poor Arthur.

Poor Victor.

Don't let Russell find out
that you know.

Poor Victor.

Sra. Benson.

- Mrs. Benson, are you there?
- Yes, Mr. Russell.

- Was someone in my room?
- Just me... cleaning.

Did someone come to the house?

No, sir. Only the Supt. Buckley
of Scotland Yard...

...asking me horrible questions.

Supt. Buckley.

I'm coming.

- Good morning, Mr. Russell.
- Are you Mr. Grodman?

I'm waiting for it.
Do you want to wait for it?

Thanks, yes.


- What's up, Russell?
-She was waiting for him.

Sure, is something wrong?

I think so. It could be
my imagination...

...but for days I think
they follow me.

I just got to my room
and someone had searched it.

It was probably the police.

Does it amaze you?

Of course. What can
the police want from me?

Buckley heard that you had an argument with
Kendall the night of the murder.

He got mad because
I didn't tell him.

Why do you suspect me?
She was in Brockton.

Maybe I can help you,
if you tell the truth.

Buckley found out you didn't go
to Brockton.

You got there 3 days later.

Where were you?

I can not tell.

So I can't help you.

I can't say where I was.
It would involve... I just can't.

Would it involve a lady's honor ?

This is not the time
for that.

Maybe the lady
doesn't care.

Sometimes they enjoy it.

- It's not that kind.
- I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

It... Frieda Pendelton.

Her husband denied her a divorce.
They have not lived together for 3 years.

- We are looking for a solution.
- I understand.

Maybe I exaggerate. The police
will catch the culprit.

If Buckley's still suspicious,
I thought you could talk to him.

It would be wise to tell him
about Lady Pendleton.

I don't want to involve her.
No, Mr. Grodman.

Give me your word that
you won't tell anyone about this.

You have my word...
as well as my respect.

Let's go to the club
for a drink.

I think you need it.


I know it's an imposition. But
I could only go to you.

No imposition, son.

I'll think something.

- Hello Victor.
- Hello, Mr. G.

I just saw our
friend Buckley.

Still suspicious of you?

Not just me, but
Lottie and Russell.

Suspect everyone.
He is a bit crazy.

Perhaps soon he will also suspect
the Queen.

He thought he was very clever. He tried
to question me about Lottie,... it cost him
a lot of liquor.

Lottie again?

He says they're watching
his every move.

- All his movements?
- A disturbing thought.

He's going to question her tonight...
about Frieda Pendleton.

He thinks that she knows more
than what she has said.

- Who?
- The Supt. Buckley.

In between.

Hola, Lottie.

I'm glad to see you. Someone
threw this out the window.

Don't talk about Frieda.

Let them search the street.

Who threatens her?

I don't know. It will be the same one who
murdered Arthur.

Now he's coming for me.
I'm afraid.

Who is Frida?

Orchids suit me.
I don't want them to kill me.

Was Kendall pressing Russell
about Frieda?

- I don't know.
- Tell me.

If not, I won't be able to protect her.

It's true. Why does it
keep bothering me?

Arrest Russell before
he kills me. I'm afraid.

I'm taking this.

Will it stop him?

For your safety, do not tell
anyone about this.

Nothing suspicious
outside, Mr.

Who is it?

Goes into.

- Good night.
- Hello.

- I bother you?
- I'll be ready right away.

Take your time.
There's no hurry.

I saw Buckley outside.
What does he want now?

The police? He consults me
on all his cases.

Oh yeah?

- Did you bring me something?
- Only this.


I thought you are doing
very well.

Of course. I always look
in case there is a surprise.

Victor, it's beautiful.

I'm glad you like it.

- Victor.
- Yeah?

Come here.

- Help me.
- I will do that.

Give me a little,
a little...

...a little bit.

...of love.

Give me a little...

Who is at the door?

It's you, Mr. Emmric.

Yes. I think it's me.
That's how it is.

I want to close the door.

I'm so sorry if
I woke you up.

I was just resting. I haven't slept
well since what happened.

The press brings a lot
about murders,...

...and about the Kendall case.

- Close well, sir.
- I will do that.

I should have a
police whistle, just in case.

I should, but how do I whistle
if someone slits my throat?

- Had not thought of that.
- Go?

It doesn't blow.

- Goodnight Mr.
- Good night.

Sweet dreams.


Give me a little...

Good night.

A little bit.

...of love.

...and my self control...

...goes this way...

...and over there.


Someone entered
my room.

Call the police.
I'll search the house.

Help! Killer!

Someone tried to kill
Mr. Emmric.

Wake up, Mr. Grodman!
Mr. Grodman, wake up!

you again.

It is the evil one.
Mr. Emmric shot him.

Mr. Emmric, are you there?
Do you listen me?

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

Someone tried to break
into my room and... look.

The window is open.
Let's see if he's behind.

Mr. G. Glad
you're here!

Somebody broke into my room.
I don't know how I could fail.

Are you OK?

I am very afraid. I feel
like I'm marked.

Did you see it?

No. I only saw a
gloved hand,...

...who slowly opened
the door.

- What is happening?
- Did you find the evil one?

- What evil?
- They tried to kill Victor.

It is the evil one.

I fired at him, but missed.

- My aim is bad.
- There's no one behind, sir.

Where is Mr. Russell?

A Brockton.

Good. I have important
news to give you.

Let's go to
Kendall's room.

- Hi, Russell.
- They tried to kill Emmric.

I thought you were
in Brockton.

He was going to give a talk to
the miners. It was cancelled.

Or missed the train

- I don't understand.
- Come with us.

I know exactly how
Kendall was killed.

It will interest everyone.

It was not evil. The
killer knew Kendall well.

He knocked on the door and
they let him in.

So, he murdered

To mislead his crime,
he closed from the inside.

Then he yanked hard until
he broke the pin.

He left the room, closed
the door behind him,...

...and with a pair of tweezers he turned
the key from the outside.

When they broke the door
and the lock,...

...looked like
the pin was broken.

I searched the killer's room.
I found a sharp knife,...

...a purchase receipt dated
the day before the crime,...

...and a ticket to Brockton
that he never used.

The killer is Mr. Russell.

- This is a trick.
- No, Mr.

What you say can be
used as evidence.

You won't believe it's true.
He couldn't do it. He's not the type.

There is no typical murderer.
you know it.

He hated Kendall, threatened him
and killed him.

Police. Arrest
this man.

Russell, you're under arrest
for Kendall's murder.

Do you think it is possible?

Very smart, yes. But not
enough for Scotland Yard.

When we left court
I thought we would take 10 minutes.

We've already been 9 hours.

Isn't it breakfast time?

What's wrong with you?

That you 11 think he's
guilty doesn't force me.

- He had many reasons.
- Everything points to him as guilty.


Let's go over everything again.

The girl from the theater
heard when she threatened him.

And Messrs. Grodman
and Emmric.

They are your friends. They didn't want
to testify, but they did.

Russell was enemies with Kendall
because of the miners.

Kendall found out about
the woman.

The scandal would have ruined
his political career.

Russell insists that he went to
Brockton and never took the train.

For the unused ticket
they found in his drawer.

Yes. Which led
to the train employees being questioned.

They know him but did not
see him that night.

One minute.

Don't forget this knife.

They found it in
the drawer too.

That's it, gentlemen.
That is exactly.

Do you think someone so skilled would
keep the ticket and knife?

He didn't get rid of them.
That is the test.


Russell, a gentleman
with a brilliant career,...

...loses his head, makes a
serious mistake. Murder.

With devilish inspiration
he fixes the door,...

...and you think you covered everything.

While the
most obvious signs are ignored.

If I hadn't
missed them...

...we wouldn't be here right now.

I would have committed
the perfect crime... directed
by Superintendent Buckley.

9, culpable.

10, culpable.

11, culpable.

12, culpable.

The verdict is unanimous.

Clive Russell, the judgment
of the court,... that he return to the prison
from which he came,...

...and from there to a place
of execution,...

...and there he is hanged by
the neck until he dies.

May God have mercy
on his soul.

The appeal was denied.

The date was set
in three weeks.

Three weeks.

As a kid, 3 weeks
seems like an eternity.

Let it be three days
or three hours.

There's nothing to do.

Yes. There is one thing we can
do. Lady Pendleton.

I tried to talk to him. He's not in
London. He traveled I don't know where.

Don't put her in this.
He gave me her word.

And I have fulfilled it.
But it's her life.

If you love him, you won't care
about the rest.

You must tell me where it is.

- He went to France a month ago.
- Where to?

Last I heard, he
was in Cannes.

But it will no longer be there.

She paints. Pick the spot
on the Riviera at random.

It shouldn't be that hard.

He doesn't know what's going on.

And you're unfair to her
by not telling her.

I'll find her... and I'll bring her back.

- ¿Lady Pendleton?
- ¿Lady Pendleton...?

Where is?

- Can you hurry up?
- I do, sir.

¿Lady Pendleton?

He shows me the path
of truth,...

And though I walk through the valley
of death, I will not fear.

Only 4 hours.

Patience, son.
There's still time.

Mr. Grodman
will not let you down.


Wait here.

Grodman, ¿es Ud.?


- He didn't find her.
- I found her... too late.

She's dead.

- Dead?
- I'm sorry to give you such tragic news.

It doesn't matter, Mr. Grodman.
He already gives the same.

Nothing matters now.

Thanks for everything.

Come on son.

Excuse me, haven't you had
enough to drink?

Yes, but... sometimes enough
is not enough.

Enough knowing that the
dawn will bring death?

- I don't know, sir.
- Sees it? Nobody knows.


Good night.

I suspected Emmric
knew more...

Come in, Victor.

I was waiting for you.

I saw your light.

- It's a sad night.
- Maybe you're the sad one.

I want you to help me with the
last chapter of my book.

It deals with the Kendall,
Russell and Frieda Pendleton cases.

I don't think my hands
are steady today.

I found this button
in my closet,...

...after you
were there.

So do you know the ending?

The last chapter?


You do not?

I want a drink.

I prefer to work
another day.

There won't be another day.

Things will happen between us
that we cannot control.

Arthur Kendall killed
his aunt Hannah.

That night I found out
they had argued.

She threatened to disinherit him
and was murdered.

I knew you were suspicious
of him.

Fabricated a false case of
circumstantial evidence,...

...against an innocent man,
and sent him to his death.

He took advantage of my friendship.

Nobody will do that again.

Yes. I hated him for that.

For causing him so much shame
and humiliation. I hated it.

I realized.

I once thought that your case
would be an unsolvable mystery.

To save Russell, all that
remains is to reveal the murderer.

you wouldn't have come.

I'm afraid that...
I'm very afraid...

...the drink is watered down...
maybe it's me.

It's you. Alcohol
does not overcome fear.

I suppose not.

Come on Victor.

- We have a commitment.
- Where?

Newgate Prison.

- Mr. G., does it have to be like this?
- Yes, Victor. It must be so.


Come on. It's getting late.

To Newgate Prison.

Hurry up, coachman.

We should have left earlier, but I wanted
to wait until the last moment.

Thus Buckley's defeat will be
as bitter as he made mine.

You knew the answer
all along.

Why then was he giving her
false leads?

Privileges of a
vengeful mind.

He supposed Buckley
would blame Russell.

Playing the fool
by trying to convict him.

Would have been fun.

But one man's honor
changed everything.

Now, the Supt. Buckley
comes off as very cunning.

Yes, very clever...

...for now.


Messrs. Grodman
and Emmric, Mr.

Good morning.

Good morning gentlemen.

- Was the execution stayed?
- Of course not.

What does your presence
here at this hour mean?

Supt. Buckley.

Do you assume responsibility for
the execution to be carried out?

- Clear.
- Do you know anything else about this case?

Something very important.

He has no idea who
or how Kendall was killed.


Despite himself, my theory
was correct.

It was supported by the judge
and jury.

Little knowledge is very
dangerous. you had very little.

He searched for evidence to support
his ridiculous theory.

Gentlemen, Russell is not
the culprit.

I'll tell you how Kendall
was killed.

He was still alive when Mrs. Benson
knocked on his door.

But he did drink something in his last
drink the night before.

Something that would make him sleep despite
the knock on the door.

When Mrs. Benson came,
I wasn't sleeping.

Although I made him believe so

Buckley guessed that the killer,
after killing Kendall,... magic, he left
the locked room.

He actually killed him after
breaking down the door.

Mrs. Benson is very

He thought he saw more than
he actually saw.

In the time I was alone
with an unconscious Kendall,...

...I killed him.

One stab was enough.
Exactly as I planned.

He not only killed his aunt,...

...but allowed an
innocent man to pay for his crime.

It was double murder. There was no
other way to execute him.

With this, I built
a crime without solution.

I exposed
Buckley's inefficiency,...

...who foolishly believed that
such a crime did not exist.

You will find the details
in my book.

Russell! Governor,
stop the execution.

Why does it stay there?

See that the editor
gets this,...

...after the police
verify it.

It is a summary of my
professional experience.

I tried to enter your room.
I knew you were suspicious.

I wanted to scare you.

It doesn't matter.

They will say that I committed an act of
incomprehensible evil.

Whether it is so or not, is something
that will remain without a verdict.

Goodbye Victor.


Goodbye, Mr. G.