The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967) - full transcript

In his remote Asian hideaway the evil Fu Manchu plots the death and discredit of his arch rival, Inspector Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard, as the first step in his plan to become leader of the world's most terrible criminals.

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My Lord, we welcome you
to the home of your ancestors.

Fu Manchu, your arrival is well timed.

There are among us some
who desired to prevent your return.

They shall now be brought forward,
to learn their final punishment.

Let the judgement begin.

Bring in the prisoners!

For you, there can be
only one punishment:


The method, Father?

The choice is yours.

For this one, Father,

I would suggest a slower death.

You have no will of your own.

You will obey my command.

Kill him!

Let rumours be spread
amongst the villagers below

of a terrible earthquake
that has destroyed

- all pathways over the mountains.
- Yes, Master.

Now, the world will believe
our isolation is complete.

We are yours to command, Father.

Now, my work can begin.

A work of infinite pleasure.

A work of vengeance.

Vengeance against one man!

- Ah, good afternoon, Jasmin.
- Good afternoon, sir.

- Is tea ready yet?
- In a moment, sir.


- Oh, Dr Petrie's waiting for you.
- Oh?

I think he's fallen asleep.

Oh, has he?

Good gracious, what are you
doing with that thing?

For a moment, I thought
you were going to shoot me.

Well, you know, my dear fellow,
stranger things have happened.

Nayland Smith
arrested for murder?

That would hit the headlines,
wouldn't it?

But why the pistol?

I'm going abroad tomorrow.

And, as you know,
I always travel armed,

ever since our last
little encounter with Fu Manchu.

I thought we'd agreed
never to mention that name again?

Quite right, Petrie, as ever.

- Where are you going?
- Paris.

I'm going to see Inspector Javal,
and one or two old friends of mine.

And we're planning
something quite new.

It's an international organisation
of police chiefs.

- We're going to call it Interpol.
- Interpol?

- Mm-hmm.
- Sounds like a patent medicine.

Well, to a doctor,
I suppose it just might.

Pathologist, if you don't mind.

Ah, Jasmin!

- Evening paper, sir.
- Thank you, Jasmin.

Ah, muffins!

Jasmin, you're an angel.

- Hello! An earthquake in China.
- Oh?

One of the Northern provinces.

All communications cut off
from Peking and Shanghai.

Might interest Jasmin.

The province in question
happens to be Kwang Su.

Kwang Su?

Haven't I heard of that
before somewhere?

Quite possibly.

It's the birthplace of Fu Manchu.

My dear fellow!

He's dead!

- Jasmin, will you pack my bags at once, please?
- Yes, sir.

I think I'll catch that aeroplane
for Paris tonight.

Ah, good morning, gentlemen.

Ah, bonjour, mon vieux.
Ça va?

- Welcome to you all.
- Thank you.

We here in the Sûreté,

are happy to be the hosts of
this first international conference.

We owe a great deal

to the distinguished member of the
Vienna Police Force, Kommissar Strauss.

- Kommissar.
- Kommissar.

At whose suggestion,
this meeting is taking place.

I would also like to introduce you
to another good friend.

Most of you know him already.

Commissioner Nayland Smith
from Scotland Yard.

- Commissioner.
- Commissioner.


Now, I think that, er... all of us
here today are conscious of the fact

that we're living in a changing world.

Fast liners cross the Atlantic
in five days,

and, only yesterday evening,
I myself flew from London to Paris

in just under two hours.

Now, unfortunately,

it's not only the innocent who
live in this ever-speedier world,

but also the guilty.

And if we are to continue our fight
against organised crime,

and prevent it from reaching
a world-wide level,

then we, too,
must organise ourselves

- on a world-wide basis.
- Hear, hear.

Now, for that reason,

I am particularly glad to
welcome to our conference today

a visitor from the United States.

Now, he is a member of that organisation
of which you will doubtless have heard,

the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Gentlemen, Mr Mark Weston.

- Welcome here.
- Welcome.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Gentlemen, we at the FBI

don't have the same history
as Scotland Yard,

but I hope, before long, we can
establish the same fine traditions.

In America, as you know,
organised crime has become

a threat to our way of life.

We've enjoyed some success,
but our latest information is

that the gangs of America
are seeking to reorganise,

and to appoint a new leader.

A super-criminal,

whose organising ability
and resources

might enable them to
dominate the world.

A world of crime.

This very morning, I learned
by cable from Washington

that one of the most powerful
criminals in the United States

has left San Francisco.

We believe that
he has been appointed

as an ambassador
from the criminals of America,

to seek, and find,

this new mastermind.

His name is Rudolph Moss.

His destination, gentlemen,

is unknown.

Rudy, what's wrong with you?

Since we left America,
you're so strange.


It isn't the holiday trip
you promised me.


a beautiful girl like you

shouldn't talk so much.

Rudy, why don't you trust me?

I trust nobody.


don't make any mistake.

The time is coming
to break up your...

...beautiful romance.

Oh, but Rudy...

Come on, stop that!
I have a job to do, and you, too.

Here's the contract.

You're guaranteed a leading spot
in the show at Shanghai.

The Paradise Bar.

The owner's name is Kurt Heller.
He's one of my men.

He will look after you.

But remember,

no female tricks.

You see, I haven't forgotten
the ambition you had

when I picked you up out of
that dreary little club in Copenhagen.

Very well.

But couldn't you at least tell me

where you are going,
and what for?

I'm going to the ends of the earth,

to meet the devil himself,

and, if the devil agrees,

we will become partners.

Come on, darling.

Tell me, who sent you
to spy on me?

Fu Manchu.
It was Fu Manchu.

- Fu Manchu?
- Be quiet!

- But why?
- Ssh!


No-one must know my mission.

I'm sure that guy was
sent to spy on me.

Sorry he didn't succeed.

To Wooi!

Two hundred miles from here,
in a village called Pan Soo,

there lives a Christian missionary.

His name is Dr Lieberson.

He has a daughter.

- You will bring them here.
- Yes, Master.


Sit down.

Lock the gates!

Seize him!

Who are you?

Come with us.
Take his instruments.

Take him away.

Burn the village! Burn it!

For the last time, Dr Lieberson,

will you work for my father?

I've told you ten times already.



I'll work for you.

So be it.

- You know my orders?
- Yes, Father.

Take the doctor to his room,
which has been prepared,

- and bring the prisoner, too.
- Yes.

This man is the subject
of our experiment.

Your task...

is to transform him
into the man in this photograph.

It's possible,

but it will take time.

Your instruments are here.

You have exactly 48 hours.

But, er... I...

I must remove the skin.

The pain will be unbearable.
I must have anaesthetics.

That will not be necessary.

He will feel no pain.

Still, it's not possible.

May I remind you, Dr Lieberson,

that the branding iron is still hot?

I will try.

You have completed your work?

You can look for yourself.

Remove the bandages.

Question him!

The place of your birth?


Your name?

Nayland Smith.

The face of Nayland Smith.

The mind of a murderer.

Smile! Life's full of fun.

Come on in!

Oh, Captain.

- The junk's alongside now.
- Very good. I'm ready.

Remember, when you get
to Shanghai, go to Heller.

- Do exactly as I told you.
- Yes.

Yeah, good.

Oh, yeah...

Thank you.

You needn't bother to count it.
Honour among thieves, Captain.

We'd better go.
They're waiting.

Don't forget me.

Goodbye, Captain,
and thank you.

And this, gentlemen,
is our Communications Room.

Radio senders, receivers,
even the latest teleprinter,

which, as you know, now extends as far as
the United States, and even the Orient.

Ah, a message from Yokohama.

By coincidence, Mr Weston,
it's for you.

Oh? Thank you.


- Bad news, I'm afraid.
- Oh?

The Ambassador from
the American underworld.


You remember, the man
I was telling you about.

- Rudolph Moss.
- Oh, yes.

He's been traced to Japan,

where he's been in touch with
the Japanese underworld.

Is he still in Japan?

He left yesterday,
aboard the SS Orient Star.

Shipping Intelligence, quickly!

Ah, here we are.
Orient Star departed Yokohama 29th.

Next port of call, Shanghai.

Oh, that's my old territory.

Oh, of course, the International
Police Force you commanded.

You must have many friends there.

One or two.

I'm addressing this
to Inspector Ramos

of the Shanghai Police.

He's the son of
an old colleague of mine.

The boat will be met.


- Could you send this for me, please?
- Of course.

If we know his ultimate destination,

we have a chance of identifying
this new mastermind.

If I wasn't absolutely sure
he was dead...

It could be another
old friend of mine.

But, happily for us,
that's impossible.

Anyway, I'm off on my holiday
in a couple of days.

Oh, you're a lucky man.
Where are you going?

I'm meeting Dr Petrie in Ireland.

Oh, I'll be in London myself
at the end of the month.

- Splendid, my dear fellow.
- Shall we...

You must give me the pleasure
of showing you around Scotland Yard.

Thank you very much.

Come in.

Thank you.

Give me the Harbour Police.

Harbour Police speaking.

This is Inspector Ramos.

Has the Orient Star docked?

- She's due in two hours.
- Good.

I want a fast launch at the
Settlement Pier in fifteen minutes.

I'm going aboard before
she enters the harbour.

Come in.

Oh, good morning, Miss Svensson.

I've just had a wireless message
from Leone's agents in Shanghai.

It seems that the International
Police are interested

in the, er... missing Mr Moss.

There's a police launch on its way.

- And what do you want me to do?
- The pilot's boat is still alongside.

The sooner you're ashore, the better.

Very well.

Oh, Miss Svensson...

I understand you're a singer?

Yes, I'm going to work in Shanghai,
at the Paradise Bar.


Are you familiar
with that establishment?

No. Why? I just have a letter
of engagement from the owner.

- Kurt Heller?
- Uh-huh.

Pal of your friend Mr Moss, I believe?

That's right. I'm told
it's a very popular place.

Yes, you might call it that.

Well, thank you, Miss Svensson.

You may be hearing from the police,
so be on your guard.

- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Paradise Bar.
"The hottest spot in Shanghai."

♪ ...drop of a hat.

♪ And I must admit

♪ I'm proud about that

♪ When they look at me

♪ They love what they see

♪ But not one of them knows

♪ The real me

♪ They hear me laugh

♪ And I do, for a while

♪ But not one of them looks

♪ Behind my smile

♪ Yes, they only see

♪ What they want to see

♪ But not one of them sees

♪ The real me

♪ They tell me they love me, but

♪ I know it's a lie

♪ How can they really love me

♪ When they find it so easy

♪ To say goodbye

♪ It's easy to find

♪ A man that's new... ♪

- Good evening, Heller.
- Good evening, Inspector.

Big night tonight.

Every night is a big night
in the Paradise Bar.

You should know that.

After all, you know everything,
don't you?

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

But I did hear that you have
some new talent.

We have always new talent here.

I was referring to the, er...

I see.

♪ ...the real me ♪

You are interested
in this little Swede?

Only in her friends.

Well, she has just arrived.
She hasn't had time to make any friends.

I was referring to
the old ones.

Excuse me.

- You are the singer, Ingar Svensson?
- Yes.

Good evening, Miss Svensson.

I would like to ask you
a few questions.

And your friend.

Throw those two in the jail.
I'll question them in the morning.

- Looking for someone, sir?
- Yes, a lady.

And, through the lady, a certain man.

- You are Rudolph Moss?
- Yes, I am.

Known throughout the world,
by crooks and cops,

as "Rudy the Beauty".

I have been waiting for you.

I bring greetings from
my father, Fu Manchu.

Yeah, I slipped overboard
two nights ago,

and it has taken
two days to reach here

on that miserable little dinghy.

Listen, I'm not Marco Polo.
How much further do I have to go?

It is a long journey
across the mountains.

It will take many days.

Hey, hey, don't shake
that case around, you clumsy fool!

It's full of my favourite cigars.

Fu Manchu awaits you.

- Hello, old boy.
- Here we are, my dear fellow.

- Did you have a good trip?
- Yes. Hop in.

- Thank you very much indeed.
- Thank you, sir.

Right, we're away.

- Well, that's funny.
- What is it?

It's as dry as a bone.
I filled her up last night.

By Jove!

I'd say we're in luck!

Can I be of help?

We've run out of petrol, I'm afraid.

Could you give me a lift
to the nearest garage?

Good man!
I'll stay here and mind the bags.


What is it, old man?




I bring you here a sworn statement
from America, Europe, and the East,

signed by the men of power
in those countries.

We know of your desire
to build up an empire,

in which you would command
the criminal masterminds of the world.

All right,

We offer you now this role,

if you will become our leader.

I accept your offer.

You, in your turn,
must accept my authority,

and my leadership.

My objective is vengeance.

The means...


- Death?
- The death of our enemies.

I intend to destroy all those
you have cause to fear.

Those who have made it their business
to fight crime.

But... But that's impossible!

It is not impossible.

And I will prove it to you.

At this very moment,

some ten thousand miles
away from here,

my vengeance is about to begin.

I thought you were in Ireland, sir,
with the master?

So we should have been.

Now, listen.

- He's been taken ill.
- Is it serious?

I don't know.
It's as if he were in a trance.

Never speaks a word.
Shows no emotions.

Ah, my dear fellow.

Will you wait downstairs, please?

Come along in.

Come and sit down.

Stay with him, Jasmin.

- I'm going down to see to the luggage.
- Yes, sir.

♪ Where are the men?

♪ We cannot find them anymore

♪ The true gallant men

♪ That's what we're
always searching for

♪ The ones who
pick up handkerchiefs

♪ We ladies drop... ♪

What news?

She hasn't been
out of the bar all day.

I think you're
wasting your time, Inspector.

We will see.

♪ Where are the men?

♪ They do not make them anymore

♪ Proud chivalrous men

♪ It seems they're
not worth waiting for

♪ That's why we do not care

♪ If they're thin, fat, short, or tall

♪ For any kind of man is better

♪ Than no man at all ♪

Excuse me.

Ramos has his eye on me.
The whole place is being watched.

We have to get out of here
as soon as possible.

But where can we go?

There's only one place to go.

- And we'll go together, all right?
- All right.

Send your men in, Sergeant.

Where is Heller and the girl?

They left about three minutes ago.

- In which direction?
- North Gate, sir.

Good. Carry on, Sergeant.

So, Rudy Moss
leads me to the singer,

and she secretly meets a girl,

who resembles
Fu Manchu's daughter, Lin Tang.

And now, both Heller and Ingrid
leave hurriedly by the North Gate.

The direction to Kwang Su province.

Have this information
cabled to London.

- Immediately!
- Very good, sir.

Come in.

Mr Weston, sir.

- I'm very glad to see you, Mr Weston.
- Doctor.

What's this I hear
about Nayland Smith?

Bad news, I'm afraid.

He got taken very ill in Ireland.
I just brought him back to London today.

- Well, what's the matter with him?
- Well, it baffles me.

He seems to have changed
his whole personality.

Hardly speaks a word.
Shows no sign of life. I...

Come in!

It's a cable, sir, from Shanghai,
for the Assistant Commissioner.

Very well. I'll take it, then.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Oh, yes.

I'd be very grateful if you'd
come with me and see him.

- Well, of course.
- Fine.

I have a car waiting outside.

I really am most worried about him.

My God!

I've been here for a week already.
You promised me news.

I've heard nothing.

You will be patient.

Word has reached us from London
this very day.

Within this palace, we have a modern
receiving and sending system.

"Last night, in London,

"Assistant Commissioner
Nayland Smith, of Scotland Yard,

"was arrested for murder."

- Impossible!
- But, nonetheless, true.

There is also a second message.

"Assistant Commissioner Nayland Smith

"left for Shanghai
this morning, by sea."

Sorry, I don't understand.

I will explain.

This is Dr Lieberson,

one of the world's great surgeons.

It was he who created
the false Nayland Smith,

who will assuredly be tried,
condemned, and hanged.

Thus, with their chief discredited,

we shall have achieved
our first victory over Scotland Yard.

And on the day of the execution,
my followers all over the world

will rise united in their
strength and power.

What about the real Nayland Smith?

He will arrive here shortly.

A man without a name.
Without a country.

He will be presented
with a simple choice.

He can either become my servant,
and assist me in my plans,

or he can die beneath
the executioner's sword.

But, before he dies,
he will endure the agony of knowing

that, in the eyes of the world,
he is already dead.

Convicted, and executed,
as a murderer.

My compliments.


the doctor's work
has onlyjust begun.

Our next objective
is the Austrian police,

a certain Kommissar Strauss.

Already, my daughter has been looking
for a suitable replacement.

Ah, yes!

The doctor's daughter, Maria.

His Achilles heel.

Last time, Lin Tang persuaded
the doctor to change his mind.

Perhaps, on the next occasion,

you would prefer the privilege?

It would be a pleasure.

Very well, take them away.

You know, Weston,

I still can't believe that Nayland Smith
is in Wandsworth Prison,

awaiting his trial
on a charge of murder.

The only thing I can say
is how sorry I am.

But the police case
seems so conclusive.

Well, that's the damnable part of it.

And he wouldn't even
protest his innocence.

I hope to heaven he changes
his mind at the trial.

No, no, there's only one alternative.
We'll have to plead insanity.

But the trouble is to get
the medical evidence to prove it.

What about yourself?
You're a doctor.

You know very well
I'd swear my life away to save his.

The pity of it all is that I...
I can't do any good.

Everyone knows I'm his best friend.

Look, look, you wouldn't
appeal to him, would you?

Perhaps he'd take your advice.

Send him a note, and tell him
to do as I ask.

- Very well.
- Look, I...

Great Scott!

I'd forgotten all about this.

This is the cable that came for
Nayland Smith at Scotland Yard.

You remember?

"Moss presumed bound
for Kwang Su province,

"to meet man
who seeks world domination.

"Inspector Ramos, Shanghai Police."

World domination?

That means Fu Manchu.

Well, if Fu Manchu is alive,
from what you tell me,

the one thing in the world
he most desires

- is to destroy Nayland Smith.
- Right.

Doctor, I must leave
for China at once.

There's a flying boat leaves
for Hong Kong tonight.

I could be in Shanghai
in ten days' time.

Ten days,

and Nayland Smith's trial
starts tomorrow.

Denis Nayland Smith,

you stand charged
upon this indictment that,

upon the third of March
of this year,

you did feloniously, wilfully
and with your malice aforethought,

kill and murder Jasmin Fu Shen.

How say you?
Are you guilty, or not guilty?

Prisoner in the dock.
Do you plead guilty, or not guilty?

Enter a plea of "not guilty".

May it please your Lordship,

members of the jury,

I must admit to a feeling of sadness
as I open this case

against the distinguished prisoner
who stands before you.

However, my personal feeling can play
no part in the role I have to perform.

It is my duty to demand of you

a verdict of guilty.

The prisoner stands charged

with the murder of a young
Chinese girl in his employment,

who was known as Jasmin.

I am convinced

that you will be satisfied,
from the evidence to be produced,

that the prisoner is guilty

of the crime with which he is charged.

I shall now adduce evidence
as to the cause of death.

Members of the jury,

you have heard that a plea
of insanity has been entered

on behalf of the accused.

This has been influenced more
by the friends of the accused

than by the
accused's own desires.

The medical evidence
which I shall call for you,

is the best that is available.

The witnesses to the accused's
previous character

are men of integrity and distinction.

Call Dr Petrie.

I swear by Almighty God
that the evidence I shall give,

shall be the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,
so help me God.

My Lord, I now propose
to call the accused,

from whom, so far,
I've had little cooperation.

Will you take the stand, please?

Take the book in your right hand,
and read the words on the card.

That's all right, Mr Healey.

Now, Mr Nayland Smith,
please tell the court,

in your own words,
exactly what happened.

If you will not answer
your counsel's questions,

he will not be able
to help you.

Remember, your life
is at stake.

I must ask you
to answer my questions.

My Lord, I really must suggest that
this performance be brought to an end.

It is clear that the accused has no intention
of answering his own counsel's questions.

How much less chance is there
of his answering mine?

Stand down the accused.

You find Nayland Smith
guilty of murder.

And that is the verdict of you all?

It is, my Lord.

Nayland Smith,

you stand convicted of the
wilful murder of Jasmin Fu Shen.

Have you anything to say
as to reason why

the court should not pass sentence
of death according to law?

Denis Nayland Smith,

you have been found guilty
of that crime

for which the law
appoints one sentence,

and one sentence only.

It is that sentence which I now
propose to pass on you.

It is that you be taken from hence
to a place of lawful execution,

and you be there hanged
by the neck until you be dead.

And that your body afterwards be
buried within the precincts of the prison,

in which you shall last
have been confined.

And may the Lord have
mercy on your soul.


- Speak.
- Father, good news from London.

In three weeks,
Nayland Smith will hang.

And the news from Shanghai?

The ship has docked,

and the consignment
has been put ashore.

- He is still alive?
- Yes.

He will be brought here,
by the secret route,

and should arrive in two weeks.

When we pass the next village,

we shall enter the
province of Kwang Su.

And how much further
do we have to go after that?

Beyond those mountains over there

lies the palace of Fu Manchu.

- Do you think we're being followed?
- No.

The Shanghai police
cannot touch us here.

Don't worry, darling.

Everything will be all right, okay?

Come in.

Mr Weston, sir.

- Mr Weston.
- Pleased to meet you, Inspector.

- I trust you had a good journey?
- Very good, thanks.

- Please, be seated.
- Thank you.

I'm afraid that I've just received
some bad news from Dr Petrie.

Nayland Smith's appeal
has been rejected.

Oh, no.

Tell me, Inspector, how long would it
take us to reach the Kwang Su province?

At least two weeks.

But surely you know
that an earthquake

has cut off all communication from
the province to the outside world?

Yeah, but there must be some way.


Some of my colleagues know China
like the back of their hand.

Or maybe just a few of us
could get through in time.

You forget one thing.

We are members of the
International Police Force.

We have no jurisdiction
outside Shanghai.

In fact,

I am not even allowed to wear
my uniform inside China itself.

I appreciate that, Inspector,
but for the sake of Nayland Smith,

I'd like to have a go.

- I'll ask for volunteers.
- Thanks.

To look at that motley crowd,

you wouldn't think that
they are the finest men

in the International Police,
would you?

Let's hope their disguise
is as good as you say.

How much further
do we have to go?

Another six days' journey

beyond those mountains.

Well, today's the 24th. The execution
takes place on the 30th. Let's go.

Come on!

Hey, what are you doing here?

You know these people?


The girl's mine.

The man works for me,
or, better,

used to work for me.

- Used to work for you?
- Mm-hmm.

I have no further use
for this idiot.

Shut your big mouth!


Take him away.

What's going to happen to him?

It does not concern you.

He has been good to me on the journey.
He mustn't be harmed.

We will hold him safe.

He will not be harmed...


He may be useful.

All right.

You and your friends have
paid the penalty for that little trick.

Unless you want to
join them in hell,

you'll guide us
for the rest of the way

to the palace of Fu Manchu.

Mount up!

How much longer do we have to
stay in this dreadful place?

Until Fu Manchu can tell me the first stage
of his operations has succeeded.

And then?

Criminals all over the world
will be convinced,

and accept Fu Manchu,
beyond question, as their leader.

The time has come
for the second experiment.


do we have yet a candidate
to replace Kommissar Strauss?

Yes, Father. Chances have
brought us the very man.

His physical characteristics
are identical,

and, in Dr Lieberson's hands, I'm sure
the transformation can be made.

Bring him here.

What... What are they
going to do to him?

He has a most important part to play.

He will be suitably rewarded.

You mean you'll
make him a murderer,

like the other one,
and then have him hanged.

Oh, Rudy,
you've got to stop them!

I have a feeling your friendship
is a little deeper than I first believed.

You bastard!

He's all yours.

Do with him what you want.

That was my intention.

You have the documents
concerning Kommissar Strauss?

Yes, Father.

Then you will
proceed with the operation, Doctor.

I will not.

I see.

In that case, Dr Lieberson's daughter
shall be handed over to you.

I shall expect to hear from you
by tomorrow, without fail,

that the good doctor is ready
to continue with his work.

The palace of Fu Manchu?

We meet again.

What do you hope
to gain from this?

A certain personal satisfaction,

Also the pleasure of
giving you the choice

of joining my organisation,

or of meeting the fate that you have
so often planned for me.

Fu Manchu already
knows my answer.

In that case,

Nayland Smith

has but five days to live.

You must be Nayland Smith.

How do you know my name?

Dr Lieberson.
I'm a surgeon.

My daughter, Ingar Svensson.

I know your name, of course.

Why are you here?

I must tell you.

I know you from your photographs.

Fu Manchu forced me to
create a facsimile of you.

And now he wants to transform Kurt,

the man in the next cell,
into another impostor,

a Kommissar
in the Vienna police.

- Kommissar Strauss?
- Yes.

That was his name.

He plans to eliminate police chiefs
all over the world, one by one,

and have their impostors
commit murder.

So that's what he meant,

when he said that "Nayland Smith
has but five days to live".

Yes. He's only waiting
for the news from London,

that the impostor
has been executed.

And then, unknown to
the rest of the world,

he will kill the real
Nayland Smith.

No, I'm sorry, Doctor,
there's nothing I can do.

If he refuses to speak to you,

I cannot accede to your request.

Well, couldn't I just see him,

even if he does refuse
to speak to me?

I'm afraid not.

Believe me, this is one
of the most painful tasks

I've ever been called upon
to carry out.


We've only got
forty-eight hours.

Yes, Doctor, but there's
absolutely nothing I can do.

What kind of a fool are you?

You know it's only up to you.

Either you carry out
this second operation, or...

Come on, Doctor,
don't be a hero.

All right, put him in.


Quick! Over there!
Over the wall!



No, Father!

Perhaps it would encourage you
to cooperate if others suffer.

Bring the other girl!


No, let me go!

Get his clothes off.

You're a very stupid girl.

Ah! Bring her down.
And be quick!

Let's see what's
going to happen to her.

Stand back!

Come on, get them!

Come on, you son of a bitch!

Do the other one.

- All right?
- Maria!

Come on, we must move!

It is my duty to inform you

that the law must now
take its course.

Your prisoner, sir.

When the last
grain of sand has gone,

it will be eight o'clock
in the morning in London,

and the false Nayland Smith
will be dead.

At the same precise moment,

the real Nayland Smith
will also die.

"...cut down, like a flower.

"He fleeth as it were a shadow,

"and never continueth in one stay.

"In the midst of life,
we are in death.

"Of whom may we seek for succour,

"but of thee, O Lord, who for
our sins art justly displeased?

"Yet, O Lord God most holy,
O Lord most mighty..."

"Forasmuch as it hath pleased
Almighty God of his great mercy

"to take unto himself the soul
of our dear brother here departed,

"we therefore commit
his body to the ground,

"earth to earth,
ashes to ashes,

"dust to dust,

"in sure and certain hope of
the resurrection to eternal life

"through our Lord Jesus Christ,

"who shall change our vile body

"that it may be like
unto his glorious body,

"according to the mighty working,

"whereby he is able to
subdue all things to himself.

"Lord, have mercy upon us.

"Christ, have mercy upon us.

"Lord, have mercy upon us."

Vengeance is mine.

Bring forth Nayland Smith.

Now, my vengeance
is complete.


Not this time, Fu Manchu.

Seize them!

Quick, before it explodes!

Quickly! Quickly, this way!
We have horses!

There goes the last
of Fu Manchu's palace.

But not the last, I fear,
of Fu Manchu.

The world will hear from me again.


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