The Vault (2021) - full transcript

Thom, a genius engineering graduate is interested in the Bank of Spain's safe. The Bank building is more than 100 years old, with no building blueprints available and a security system that...

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

We take over from here.

Enjoy your meal.

My new assistant.

It's okay, forget it.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

Will do.

Congratulations, man!

Especially now
with the World Cup going on.

The whole city goes crazy
whenever it's Spain playing.

Good morning.


This is the voicemail service
of the Bank of Spain.

You have a new message.
Enter your access code after the beep.

The original son of a bitch.

This is the Integrated Cleaning Services.

Good evening. This is the maintenance
department of the Bank of Spain.


We're having some problems with the alarms
that are annoying people here.

We need to cancel your
cleaning time slot for tomorrow.

Very well.
How about the day after tomorrow?

We don't know yet.
We'll call you back, okay?

Okay, no problem.

It's ready.

What do you think about it?

It's perfect.

As always.

...passes it on to Villa.
The referee looks at his watch...

...and it's the final whistle!

The spectators are going crazy!

- How are you?
- Fine.

It's just you two?

Just be glad we're here.

With the World Cup going on,
everyone calls in sick.

The game with Paraguay
wasn't easy yesterday.

With that already being difficult, we
don't stand a chance against Germany.

You'll see.

You know what's funny?
It was the English who invented football...

...but in the end,
it's Germany that always wins.

Says who?

I prefer our own Torres.

Torres, he says.

Park further on the left.

- Good morning.
- Hello.

Nice to meet you.

You want to see it?

Nice to meet you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Our most precious Goya.

- It's amazing, no?
- A Goya is always amazing.

Yeah, sure, but I meant...

You and your sense of humor.
I'll understand it one day.

We'll see about that.

Thank you.


The first topic of the day:

it was brought
to our attention that...

Yesterday, we discussed
July and December operations.

The development process
of assets' index is stable...

So the bank can move forward
with the investment of 211 million...


- It's the fire alarm.
- Quick, get out.

Attention, everyone.

Where is it, Muñoz?

The vault.

Close the perimeter.

You go to the vault.

Nobody comes in or goes out
without my permission!

Come on, move it.

Step aside! Step aside!

Second battalion, right flank!


What are you doing here?

You scared me. I didn't hear the alarm
because I had my earbuds on.

You have to get out of here quickly.

Come on.

What the hell is going on?

Nothing, Gustavo,
the basement is completely empty.

The alarm doesn't go off on its own.

I think there was a power outage.

If it's okay with you,
I want to let people go.

Are you happy now?

"Spanish soldiers
scare the hell out of tourists."

We just followed protocol.

Think before you involve the army
during the World Cup.

And for what?
A simple power outage.

I am not so sure about that.

Haven't you seen what's outside?
The TV screens? The generators?

- I have. We need to take them away.
- I already thought about that.

The semi-final is in a few days.

Enough time to move
that playground elsewhere.

People can watch it
in a pub, as always.

Gustavo, they won't move
the TV screens.

Football is everything.

...corner kick!

Come on, come on, come on... goal!

Goal for Spain,
goal for Puyol!

Spain 1, Germany 0!

- Want another coffee?
- Show me number 4.

With milk?

This is disgusting.

Any intention of emptying these bins?

We weren't allowed in for two days.

And now we are getting complaints.

The day before yesterday,
there were two cleaners here.

Weren't ours. You canceled on us.
And now you're saying...

- Here's your "power outage."
- Who are these?

Neither the police, nor the Civil Guard
have any files on them...

...but they are
definitely not cleaners.

They entered with fake IDs.

Holy fuck!

I thought we were invulnerable
with our latest gadgets.

We are.
And now we know who they are.

What are they after? Gold?

It would be impossible
because of the weight.

Too heavy.

- What's in those shipwreck crates?
- No idea.

They are sealed
until the Ministry investigates them.

You're not allowed to
smoke in here and you know it.

They are quite blurry,
we can't see much.

Do you have any better photos?

Yes, but I prefer
we get it done with these.

The ship left America at the time...

...with a cargo of gold
and silver, and then it sank.

Total value of the cargo?

15 to 20 million. Maybe more.

Wait a moment...

If this is what it seems like,
we are not talking about 20 million.

It's worth more than that.

Much more.

So the Ministry doesn't know
the content of the crates. As always.

But those two men who entered with
fake IDs know. And they want to steal it.

Next Sunday.

- And ruin the final for me?
- I'm serious.

It is not a coincidence
that they came 3 days ago.

The country's state
gives them the perfect diversion.

They will be coming when everyone's
looking the other way, including you.

We need to double up the security.
And close Cibeles, Prado and Alcalá.

If we do that, we will have
a huge problem mainting the order.

That's your problem,
mine is the security of my bank.

- Your bank? Don't make me laugh.
- Gentlemen, calm down.

Tell me.

We sent the photos
to Interpol and Europol.

We just received a message from
the British intelligence service MI6...

...those two men were
arrested yesterday at Heathrow Airport.

One of them had a USB stick
with a map of our bank.

There were also maps of banks in Zurich,
London and Hamburg.

- The problem is solved.
- This does not change anything.

Someone tried to get in here
and this arrest does not change anything.

Gustavo, you were right.
But now it's over. End of the story.

Sir, with all due respect,
you are missing the point.

Fill the bank with soldiers
and increase security.

You're in charge now and I won't interfere.

But people will watch
the final in the square. Period.

Here they are.

Take into account that these
are very rare pieces.

How much?

20,000 for the entire set.

I want to have them engraved.

Spain's football team is
now in Johannesburg.

This is our main goal since
the beginning of the World Cup.

We wanted to keep that dream alive,
and today, it is within our reach.

Our hearts are with our
players who are now resting.

And yes, Spain is
the favorite of this final.


And the final match begins!
The match of our lives begins!

Listen, Gustavo, I have two teams
standing by.

And the bank is sealed off airtight.

The lobby is secure.
Our shift has ended.

- What's the score?
- 0-0.

The next person
that talks about football is fired.

People are excited, no point
in making them any more nervous.

Don't fuck around, Muñoz, focus!

End of the first half!

Spain 0, Netherlands 0!

- Yes, sir?
- Have we been robbed yet?

No, Mr. Director.

Then they have to hurry,
the second half starts soon.

but the Dutch are ruling the game for now.

Check all the cameras and sensors again.

Did he say anything about the score?

And the second half begins!

You can do it, you can do it...


The sensors in the lobby are triggered.

Patrols 6 and 8 to the lobby.

Movement has been detected.

We found the intruder.

A pigeon.

How the hell did that get in?

There is an opening in the ceiling.

Show me the ceiling cameras.

No, there is no opening.

But I can see it.

- They hacked into our cameras.
- Check all the cameras!

The alarm is going off.

- Those bastards are inside.
- They are in the vault.

Check the system!
Code 1!

Come on, come on!

Come on, hurry up!

Hurry up!
Hurry up, man!

The vault is filling up,
but we still don't see anything.

- How is it going?
- I'm doing what I can.

It's not enough! Figure it out!

It's done!


Come on, Dad, you can do it.

We go to overtime.
Spain 0, Netherlands 0.

Gustavo, the vault is being emptied.

Watch out, the vault will be unlocked
automatically when it's emptied.

Come on.

- They're gone.
- How are they "gone?"

No idea, sir.
There is no body. Nothing.

They must be somewhere...


Those bastards...

All units,
search all floors.

Also the service areas.
All exits are blocked.

Stop! Freeze!

They are running away to the 2nd floor!

- There they are! In the west wing!
- All exits are blocked.


They're heading to the 3rd floor!

- They're going to the principal's office.
- They have no way out.

Block the hallway.

They must not escape.

Go in.

...Ramos passes...
only 10 minutes to go...

Have you gone mad?
There are thousands of people there!

Gustavo, calm down.

To all units:
they escaped.

They are running in the crowd,
towards the TV screen.

There! There they are!

There! There!

...pass to Iniesta!

Goal from Iniesta!
Spain 1, Netherlands 0!