The Vampire Combat (2001) - full transcript

One character gets their neck snapped, as the lifeless body is flung straight back to their colleagues with one of them replying with the subtitles "How are you"? And this happens more than once. Obviously something lost in translation there. "THE VAMPIRE COMBAT" feels like something that's 10 to 15 years late to the party. Looking at it, you'd think you're watching a film from the 80s or 90s. You can't help but think it was purposely filmed that way, almost homage in its styling, but I'm not arguing.HK horror-action-adventure that sets up occult cannibalistic ghouls, vengeful spirits, a pasty looking vampire master known as Devil Monster and supernatural hunters(?) with rollicking martial arts, ruthless acts of violence, moody atmospheric lighting and cheap, yet charming special FX all wrap up in a neat bow. Well, that's within the first 20 odd minutes, after that the plot confusingly chops around, stalling too often, by becoming that invested in its layered narrative of fate and future life's incarnations. There it centers on a couple of characters, as they try to understand how they connect to all of these deaths, visions and supernatural occurrences. While at the same time, the master's evil followers are trying everything to find and break the seal that traps their master. I was at a lost to what was happening, as my interest did begin sway.Not helping either is the flat acting, as the lively bit parts overshadow the drab, straight-talking leads. And there's not enough Devil Monster... even though when around he doesn't get up to a lot, but his eccentrics were much needed, some blood sucking, eye gouging and especially towards the end when he goes about confessing his undying love for the male heroine. Shouldn't surprise you though. The anticlimactic climax provides CGI that doesn't look out of place in the scheme of things, yet what occurs is dumbfounding, which is only matched by its sudden ending. This would be one of Lo Lieh's last films. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In Chinese calendar

they take 60 years as a Yuen

Triple Yuen is made up of 180 years

namely upper, middle, and lower

and 7 stars and planets will align

Sun and moon, and 5 planets form a line

Sun, Moon, Mercury,Venus, Jupiter

Mars and Saturn

When they align, disasters or evils

will appear on Earth

Devil Monster

The great time is arriving

I'll be as great as eternity

I'll have the greatest power

I'll become the grestest God of Darkness

Devil Monster

Eclipse, the time has come



Let's go

Wait, Colleague Brother

we're to save people

We mustn't stand against Maolung
our Mentor

but he said his wife is a Yin woman

and wants to suck his blood

This is too much

We're doing good for people
by killing him

We mustn't let him become
Devil Monster

But we are not up to defeating him

Right we know nothing about
Dunsun Magic

one which he practises

Anyway he still has Wuchie to help him

Piuhung is my wife

I must kill Maolong to rescue her

I only have this reason

you can still retreat

Hsu Yaotu

Yin Woman

Mentor, Yaotu has come, I'll kill him

You hate him so much?

He comes to get Mentor's Dunsun Book

Catch him here, you'll get the book
sooner or later

Thanks, Mentor

Yin Woman, you're a gift for me

I'll see if Tinyao wants you

or the Book


Piuhung, I've come late

You've always come late since I met you

I'm wrong, Piuhung


Your blood is as sweet

as blood of your wife

Why killed Piuhung?

Why sucked her blood?

I'll compensate to you

you know I pamper you most

I'll only leave the Dunsun Book to you

I'm Devil Monster, you're my Assistant

We'll unite and never leave each other

We'll never leave each other

Never leave each other

This world is a dark world

I'll become Devil Monster

who rule this world in an hour

but you mess up?

I'm so good to you, but you dare
betray me?




Sherin How are you?



Colleague Brother, run

Colleague Brother, I can't see anything

How are you?

How are you, Colleague Brother?
How come?

MY eyes

Colleague Brother, Sherin is dead

Sherin is dead

Whoever act against me must die

kneel down

Colleague Brother, The Nail


Why must you do this?

You want me to become a vampire?

If it's fate, we'll still be couple

in the future life

I love you forever

you must become my wife
in the future life

The star and planets will align again
60 years later

and I'll come back, I'll become
the real ruler

I'll come back and revenge

You can never become the ruler

Maolung, you'll be damned

Colleague Brother
you've found anything?

The Meridian is transferred

which means there'll be strange

Evil energy gather

in 6 directions

and we only hear

the noise of female animals

It's Yin year, Yin month, Yin Day
Yin Hour and Yin weather

It's also Yin land here

must be here

It's here, come

Open the door

Let's go

He manages to escape

I just fear we are no longer up

to him next time

Where are you going?

I know you don't want to, let me help you

What do you want?

Want to set him free?

She's a Yin Woman, you still take her
as Mentor's wife?

She is Piuhung

I've sealed her third eye already

then Wuchie will never find him

I hope she won't remember her past life

and be happy in this life

Even if you must do it

With our never changing appearance

we cannot raise her up

It's millennium year

and 7 star and planets get align

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

and 7 stars

get align in 45 degrees

History says that at every such a year

disasters will come on Earth

Fire, earthquake, flood, storm, draught

cold front etc. will attack the Earth

Wars, coup d'etat, revolution

financial storm, recession

will also strike the world

Everyone will be in panic

and turn to religion

so as to feel comfortable

And heresy will also appear

They fool people

cheat money

Inspector, Waitung speaking

it's not big deal

It's not heresy either

It's only Addict Man, whom
you once arrested

I've fixed it, come and follow up, it's all

I've said it's not of heresy

I can't help if you media must say so

Mr. Waitung, everyone say
you have supernatural power

and have been helping police
crack mysterious cases

What do you think about this comment?

I'm a private detective

and have been on good terms with police

Mistress, see how smart that detective is

They say he has supernatural power

He's my idol

Such a gl-IY

always cheat naive girls like you

They're swindlers

Thanks, sir, pay here, bye


I've asked you

not to call me Mistress

Mind your steps

Come with me for dancing tonight

You know I hate dancing

You mean it?

You still don't have period?

You never get boyfriend

are you female eunuch?

How dare you say such a thing?

Kill you


Are you OK?

A man in dark glasses

seems to be watching me

but vanishes now

Where? You look unwell these days

Take a rest, I'll see to business

We only have one life

Stop bothering me from now on

Don't ask me to check into
kidnapping cases

That mad girl bit me hard

But that girl

is daughter of a millionaire

He offers you big reward

Take it

So generous

You know, there're many odd cases
this year

some involved heresy

Police cannot easily crack

such cases

And you're expert of them

What's there again?

You send me a cheque?

Don't you see I'm eating hamburger?

Let's chat while going

What do you want again?

You've made such a big sum

so you must invite me to dinner OK

Shen, are you OK?

I'm OK

I'm back

You've scared me, why didn't you
answer my call?

I called off all appointments

thinking you've blacked out


I've searched all the toilets

What is it?

I want the stuff you need every month

I know, it's all used up

You mean your period comes finally?

Don't' say on, find it for me

OK, but I have a condition

Let's celebrate tonight

What to celebrate?

To celebrate you've become

a real woman today


Great, I must call up Peter

Let's go dancing, come on

This blind is very famous

Many people wants him to tell fortune

The rich people

take him as a fairy

He is good at predicting stock market

He always made accurate prediction

seniors want to check him

You check a fortune teller?

No, we've failed to check his past

A man like him

You always want to check anyone, right?

It's you?

What are you looking at?


You're sure he's blind?

Of course

A blind comes to disco, funny

Where to?

Hold on, I'll ask someone to come

Say, which is faster,

your bullet or my stagger?

Want to try? My dagger can kill

The moment we die is meaningful

You can catch glimpse of the soul

flying out of the body, very fast indeed


It's true

I'm blind, I don't know

ask Aunt Hwa

I've found Aunt Hwa soon
and two colleague brothers too

They can't run away

Devil Monster will come back this year

they remember, so do you

Man, sorry

Let's play again

Don't go

Don't move, I'll ask for help

Whoever comes is my client

You're the last one today

I'll offer you free service

You're sort of colleague

You can see something

others can't see

Though you don't like that

Right, I don't like that

You were born with it

It's a gift for you

And you will run into disaster
but luckily

you can escape

you manage to get a lover

You know, dying is not scaring

I used to fear death,

but something is more horrible

You mean Devil Monster? Where is he?

Who is Devil Monster? Lau Yun?

Don't let Yin Woman meet

Devil Monster

Lau Yun

Waitung, are you OK?

I'm OK, but something happened inside

Two lunatics killed Lau Yun

So serious?

That's why I bring help here

I tell you

there's more serious incident

After Lau Yun died

he turned into an old man

Must be at least 80 years old

OK, you take charge of here

I must go home for a rest, keep in touch

Waitung, I should have seen this person

He's an informant of police

He helps them crack mysterious cases

Newspapers say he has supernatural

He has this power

but I read about this not in the

You must be careful of this guy

I don't want him to ruin our thing

I'll kill him tomorrow

definitely must

No, don't do that

I think he'll be involved in this

I think he'll help us find the one we want

Mr. Hsu, Mr. Li wants you urgently

How is Chairman Li?

Why sell IT stock?

Well, Green stock is in trend

Will it bring profit?

What about IT stock?

You'll make profit by buying companies

going bankrupt

It's a deal, bye

Colleague Brother


You go Yes

What is it?

Have you read the paper?
Lau Yun is dead

I've read papers today

I asked him to move here

but he wanted to make a fame

After Lau Yun died

he would look his actual age

How come?

When Maolung practised hard
on Dunsun Magic

he could have made a success

but he wanted faster result

so he made use of vampires

It was fast

but he became devil

We ruined his power with The Nail

and we were all there
we sucked his energy

We would grow a long age
but we'll still die

Piuhung get reincarnation
with the vampire energy

Though you sealed her third eye

my power is not up to Maolungfs

It's like putting a chip into her mind

It'll start working sooner or later

What do you mean?

I've only got half of Dunsun Book

but Wuchie must know

otherwise he wouldn't have tried
to get Yin Woman

Are we up to Wuchie?

Then we must die?

He cannot find Yin Woman

If he can't, we have time to deal with him

Why bite me?

But you kissed my ears hard

OK, I'll kiss elsewhere

Wait, no


You won't let me kiss you

No here

What again?

I must check my period

No, I'll use condom

Good boy, come on




Come here

Come here

Yaotu, come

Shen open the door

You want me?

You shouted loudly

I thought something happened to you

I'm fine, go to sleep

You've scared me


What do you mean?

What? Go away

go home and wank off

I have no mood
What do you mean?

Go away

How is it?

I'm fine you work on

How are you? I'm fine

Sorry, this hair stylist will help you

She's very good OK


Sir, every hair stylist has his skills

I assure you'll be contented

Here's a plastic tape
Good, thanks

Thanks No, thanks

Sorry for that

Shampoo or haircut?

Mistress, you know how to do business

How come you know I'm Mistress?

Why stare at me? Somethingfs wrong?

I saw something that day
maybe I made a mistake

Use this to cheer girls

it won't work for me

Idol, I watch every time you go on TV

I love looking at you

You have no case today?

Give me autograph then

Here, wherever you like

Judy, it's working hour

You've injured your hand
let me do it for you

Clients are waiting
work or you'll be fired

OK, you won't help me?

OK, bye

Sorry, she's lousy

It's OK, here's my name card

call me if you need help


I'll call you up if I need help

I don't know your relation with the blind

but you should know he's dead

The papers didn't say

he was more than 80 years old

What is it?

Sit down now, listen to me

If I'm correct

this will be the most dangerous case ever

It's mysterious and complicated

You've said nothing indeed

Inspector, every case has a clue

I'm waiting for the clue to show up

Waitung Detective House

OK, I'll come right away

What is it?

A client asks me to see him

What shall I do?

I have no time for you

help me clean the place, thanks

Miss Lam

You told me

blind Lau Yun used to watch on you

and you dream of a man holding a sword

He followed you

OK, I'll take it

but I charge a lot

I forget to tell you one thing

Money comes naturally

whenever I need it

I don't understand

You don't believe?

Call up your bank and
check your account

If so, you've made a fortune

I'm not greedy at all

Mr. Lam, Waitung speaking

You're looking for me?


Half a million has just been deposited

into my account?

OK, thanks

I don't know you charge so much

You didn't deposit the money

no one knows you come for me

You said you grew up in an orphanage

Let's go then

Where to?

Since I charge so much, we'll start work

let's go to the orphanage

Dean, I know this all

this man never came again?

No, I asked his name

but he wouldn't tell me

I remember he didn't want to leave you

I still remember his face

A magazine recently interviewed
a rich man

who looks like him

but the age is not the same

maybe they're relatives

Dean, you still have the magazine?

At my office

wait, I'll get it for you

Put it there

It's this one

Say, why does Waitung come?

Tell me at once

Somethingfs happened

Wait for me


At least he didn't turn old

Why you said so? Damn you

It's him, he's the guy who appears
in my dream

Time's up

Don't leave this place


Please look after Piuhung for me

Colleague Brother, don't worry

you believe in that Waitung?

I meditated but failed to find his past life

but I sense his righteous energy

He must be right man

Are you ready for the incident today?

Yes, ready

Colleague Brother, it's still time
to change idea

Anyway, she's innocent

Let me take up the sin

Sherin and Lau Yun are both innocent

If Wuchie doesn't get the half Book
in my hand

or find Yin Woman

Devil Monster won't return

Just let me meet Maolung in hell

Down the authoritarian

Vampire, he's cruel

you suck all our money

You cunning business, go to hell

Go away

Now news report

Hsu Yaotu, the famous businessman

ran into angry demonstrators

on his way to press conference

One of them took out a pistol

and shot at his chest

According to eye witnesses


Hsu Yaotu can't have been killed

It's true

I saw it myself

It's fate that Devil Monster returns
this year

nothing can change this

Mentor, we can go and find Rock

Hsu Yaotu is dead, Rock is only
an ant now

We can kill him easily

And there's still Waitung

What? There's another girl?

Why don't you sleep more?

Why come out?

I'm fine, I feel hungry

Hungry? I've eaten everything

let me get you some food then


I almost forget to tell you

A lawyer named Ho

wants you to call him up tomorrow

Who is it so late?

My idol

Delivery? Please sit down

You come so late?

I was having supper and I remember you

I wonder if you have eaten

so I buy some for you

Do you like?

She will eat it, as she said she's hungry

I've bought some for you too

Great, but I have to work early tomorrow

Hey, are you happy?

Take for you, I won't disturb you

Judy, you understand, bye

Very good Very good

Eat fried stick

You eat too

I've checked with hospital

Hsu Yauto didn't turn old

It means he was not the one
who sent you to orphanage

What's his relation with you?

Luckily you won't dream of him

Don't scare me, I'll get angry

but I've neglected a place

What place?

Lau Yun's Fortune House

You two youngsters come to see me


I have never seen you

Even if I have, I won't remember
I have bad memory

I tell you, they keep feeding me
with medicine

saying I'm bad

Granny, you're pretty and good


You mustn't cheer me

Granny, what's your relation

with Lau Yun?

We worked together

He was good to Sherin and me
but better to me

with Lau Yun?

I mustn't think so

It's OK

You knew Hsu Yaotu?

Sure, I knew him

He cheated everyone in order
to save Piuhung

He said he'd protect me, but he didn't

He will definitely come back

Who will come back?

He will definitely come back?

Who will come back? Hsu Yaotu?

Wuchie? Or Maolung?

Who are you? How come you know
so much?

Grandma doesn't fear death

life is not worthy

Tell me Waitung

Who do you fear? Who will come back?

Grandma has sworn not to tell

Tell us

It's you, I know you
no wonder you know all

None of my business
I want to rescue you too

But I can't help

spare Grandma, don't take my life

You come too? He sent you here?

You want to eat Grandma's meat
and suck my blood?

No way


I want to fly, don't stop me
I want to fly

We mustn't check on, let's give up

Promise me not to check on

OK, I promise


Morning, welcome

but we're not yet open

Sit a while first

Miss Lam, No need, this is my name card

I've called you many times

but you didn't call me back

so I come for you

Sorry, I forget it

what is it?

Mr. Hsu Yaotu has assigned you

the only heiress of his heritage

As it's involved to billions of dollars

we hope you can settle with it soon

Wait, Hsu Yaotu? Right

I don't know him, are you mistaken?

Miss Lam, we

Sorry, hello

Waitung, I want to talk to you

I want to talk to you too, but

OK, let's meet in an hour, bye

In the restaurant

Miss Lam

I have to go out

let's find a place and chat OK


Sit down please Thanks

Miss, what for you?



Miss, have some water


Sir, please

Miss, you can consider again

No one can tell you

how to deal with the heritage

I'll call you up

You can find Rock

secretary to Mr. Hsu, for help

This is key to Mr. Hsu's house
it belongs to you now

Can I consider whether to go or not?

The house is not bad, take a look
if you have time

You can renovate it too

You can move in anytime, I'll leave now


Sir, what for you?

Coffee Sure

You've waited long? No

You have an appointment?

I must talk to you

Listen, I have an uncle

who is a monk

He seldom sees guests

I visited him this morning

and I've told him everything

Listen to me first

You listen to me

I don't want to check on anymore

Why not check on

as there's a way out now?

When shall we go?


N ow?

Come on, let's go

What you did in past life happens
to you now

What you do now happens in future life

There's enough trouble in this life

so Buddha is merciful

and don't let you remember your past life

as it'll only increase your pain

Uncle, you've promised to help us

You both carry

what you did in the past life to this life

Since you get together
there must be reasons for it

Miss Lam, for you, you'll be
in big trouble

Master, anyway to solve?

Miss Lam, someone sealed
your third eye

though I can unseal it, but it's hard
to say correct or not

I have supernatural power
but is she more powerful?

Master, can you help me unseal it?

I have rights to know the truth

I can't tell whether it's correct or not

You must consider again

I won't regret OK

Don't touch her



How come?


What's on?

Tell me clearly, tell me, OK?

Take your hands off, I'll tell you now

Please don't come for me again

I will not respond, is it clear?

Two keys here, one for the house

one for hair salon

You're leaving?

I belong to this key

Someone's picking me up
please stay, bye


Well done

I feel that Yin Woman has shown up

We're not far from the target

If we follow Waitung

we can find the answer

If Devil Monster returns

the world will be ours


You don't know

I do this so let Wuchie lose hope

It's all for the sake of your safety

If you're safe, then we'll be happy

but you must make it clear


You mustn't leave this place

I know, I'm tired, I want to sleep

OK, go to sleep

I have to talk to Rock

What are you doing?

Look at you

you don't look human at all

What are you doing?

I want you to take action at once

All clues are broken, how to?

What about your clue?

She asked me not to see her

You got dumped?
You do whatever she says?

What shall we do?

Show your sincerity

there must be a reason she dumped you

You must admit failure

Just like a poet says:

Whether you know or not

Bring her a future

We fly together

OK, l'll try

This is it




A man and a woman died
at Shen's house

send men

Not her, she's not in

get me Hsu Yaotu's address please

Mentor, shall we catch them?

Let's not hurry, wait on

Colleague Brother, I know you
can defeat Wuchie

but if they find Maolung

and that he comes to live, then

Don't worry, I'm prepared, look

What is this?

Five-coloured bullet, refined
with rare herb

If we manage to shoot them

into his organs

then he will vanish forever

So powerful? Where you get them?

It's a secret formula

You timid bastard

why pretend dead?

I pretend dead to make Wuchie lose hope

then Piuhung will be safe

But you let Wuchi caught Piuhung away

I won't spare you

if anything happens to her

Hsu Yaotu, but for you

people wouldn't have died

ls Shen really Yin Woman?


Maolung can come to live

with Yin Woman?

I don't know, Wuchie must get my Book

With his half Book

he can then figure it out

I'm not sure

if Maolung can come to live

But if he's Devil Monster

he can then come to live

Does Wuchie know where Maolung
was buried?

He can't find easily, as I've put
amulet there

Besides me

only Rock know where he was buried

He won't spare Rock

Where are you going?

I must go rescue, I won't waste time

Good, let's go together

I wonder if I should help you
during the fight

I have this

Mentor, what shall we do

if Hsu Yaotu's ghost comes?

My Colleague Brother is mighty

He has excellent power


Don't panic, we'll rescue you

Mentor, he's human, not a ghost

You needn't pretend you're dead

Either you or I can survive

this is fate

Have you taken the half Book with you?


Hsu Yaotu, your kungfu is getting worse

Mentor, no need to fight

I'll kill Yin Woman if he won't give us

Piuhung, remember me?

I'm not late, I come to help you


Piuhung, it's good you're OK

I remember I've said

we must be couple in this life

Right, we agreed this 60 years ago

Good, you want a reunion?

It's too early

Rock, are you OK?

I'm fine

Rock, leave with Piuhung
never mind me


Colleague Brother, I don't want
to harm Piuhung

Just give me the other half Book

Good for both

Rock, you got hit with magic?

Colleague Brother, fate makes
Devil Monster come back

We can't stop it,

why must you stop that?

Take it easy

we don't' want Yin Woman to get hurt

OK, let her go, and I'll give you
the Book

I've said you'll lose

no bargain for you, give me

Take it easy, take it

Rock, let's go, thanks

Yaotu find Waitung, he'll help you


What's on? Where Shen? Where is she?

Wuchie caught her

and got the half Book too

You're useless

I warn you, I find you disgusting

I'd have killed you if Piuhung
hadn't asked me

to find you for help

You can't run away

don't make me worried about you

Are you cheating?

Why it takes so long?

I can't remember clearly

it's so long ago

OK, I'll give you 5 more minutes

or I'll kill you

I'm here let me out

I nearly forget Yin Woman is here

say, where's Devil Monster?

Tell us

Over there

Over there

There, dig

Devil Monster, you've come back at last

Devil Monster

Yin Woman, we meet again

Devil Monster, suck her blood

and you can get back your face

Yaotu loves this woman a lot

I must wait for Yaotu

and let him see I suck her blood
where's he?

Devil Monster, you have Wuchie already

why want Yaotu?

He's already dead


Devil Monster

Yaotu, it's Rock

Rock, I'm to blame, I know this
will happen

I should die with him

Colleague Brother, I'm willing

We're not up to him, but you still want
to save Piuhung

We're forever buddies

You're forever my buddy

so he knows all this

Listen, after being chopped more than
30 times

I've found his weak point

And it's behind his brain

Behind his brain


It's all your plot

Look, you caused the death of Rock

and let them dig Devil Monster

Can these five-coloured bullets

kill Devil Monster?

What about Shen? How can I rescue her?

You still don't understand? This is fate

It's fate Devil Monster comes back to live

I only hate myself, I don't have this power

to rid Devil Monster

not 60 years ago, and not now

I don't care about fate

I must rescue Shen, this is my fate

I went to hell once

I should have sent them present

and my present is you

Yaotu, Waitung, don't come

you're not up to him

You've broken my point

Ghost of Rock blesses me

Shen, hold on

Yaotu, I do miss you

There's misunderstanding

I'm to blame

Everyone is sinful in this world

and heaven sends me here

They want me to set a dark world

a vampire world

Only you

can help me fulfill this

ls it?

No, I mustn't leave Yaotu alone

All your friends are dead

The woman linked to you

loves another man

No one loves you now, except me

Will you come back to me?


Then we can stay together

and won't part, right?


You still love her? Yes

You still don't understand?
Human is nothing

Human body is food for us vampires

You still love her? You make me


Yaotu how are you?

How are you?

Are you alright?

Sherin, so it's really you


Waitung, fire at once, load it


You were my Colleague Sister
in the last life

to save Piuhung

you were killed by vampire

you killed Maolung as you're righteous


Fate brings you and Piuhung together

in this life

because she must pay back to you

She must pay back what she owes you
it's fate

And this is destiny

Go away, take good care of her

No, Yaotu, we're agreed

to be couple in this life
we must get together

I'm late again, you'd better go away

No way

Go, when she wake up

she will forget all about the past life

Go away

Go, go away at once